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Ronin The Last Samurai WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Ronin: The Last Samurai is a fighting game developed by Dreamotion Inc. You play as a brave ronin who is trying to take revenge on his offenders. To complete all rather difficult missions, you need to level up, pick up equipment, and learn new unique skills. The game features nice graphics made in the style of charcoal sketches, interesting plot twists, and a variety of game modes.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Ronin The Last Samurai Walkthrough
  3. Weapons and Equipment Guide
  4. Essence Guide
  5. Tips for Choosing Skills in Battle
  6. Walkthrough Game Modes
  7. Boss Fight Tips

Ronin The Last Samurai: Beginner’s Guide

The first thought when downloading a game is a project made from the movie "The Last Samurai" with Tom Cruise or "47 Ronin" with Keanu Reeves. But the game pleasantly surprises from the first minutes, as this is a completely different story that you can find out by going through all the chapters of the adventure. At the start, you will find out that you have become the object of the evil intent of the shogun, and begin to take revenge.

The most important thing at the beginning of the game is to completely complete the Tutorial without "Skipping" it. Even if you are an experienced fighting game player, you should not ignore learning. It will tell you about the purpose of 2 main buttons that you will have to learn how to play with, and 1 additional:

  1. Left button - blocking and parrying enemy attacks. If you press the button and, while holding it, pull it to the side, then the ronin will begin to move around the field. A quick press on the block at the moment the enemy strikes is called a parry.
  2. Right button - attack and counterattack. If you press and hold the attack button for a few seconds, you can make a strong attack.
  3. Skill button - located to the left of the attack button. The skill is filled gradually, over several stages of the chapter. Filling speed depends on successful lunges and successful power moves. Ronin’s skill cannot be upgraded or changed. It’s best to use it on bosses.

We have written more about each technique below. It is worth noting that if you missed the tutorial, and do not understand what is happening, we recommend that you uninstall the game, install it again and go through the tutorial. In the tutorial, you will be taught about the basic battle techniques.

Do not be afraid to die, this is how you will remember the main tricks of your opponents, learn their movements, learn how to parry attacks in time or strike back.

At the start of the game, you will receive resurrection scrolls that you can spend in battle. We do not recommend doing this, as this is a rare resource that is difficult to obtain. At the beginning, you need to learn how to wield all types of weapons, taking turns passing the opponents of Chapter 1. Do not rush to go through the entire chapter, especially to spend scrolls on resurrection. Your task is to learn the basic mechanics of battle, parrying and counterattacking the enemy.

Where to start the game? To get started, just go through half of Chapter 1. After defeating 1 boss, we recommend that you constantly go through it, open chests, collect items. Next, you can combine and get a green item (it can drop from the level). Most importantly, don’t use Merge, use Awaken. Because a 50% chance, using 5 items, to increase the quality of equipment, is not effective in this game. You can lose all 5 items and get the same item, only 1.

Collect things, wake them up, and level up. Moreover, the game has a "Collections" section, where you can get a good bonus for items of equipment. Many players advise to "Deconstruct" unnecessary things. You should not do this, since you will receive all the materials for pumping in the battle, and items that are currently unnecessary will serve you to improve the quality of other things.

Collections. This is a special mode where you can start getting additional bonuses from the items you have. You will receive a reward for each new item in the collection. Also, a prize can be received for every 10 levels of pumping elements of the collection. In the section, you are offered to upgrade equipment from normal quality. But this is not necessary, since you will spend resources, but you will receive simple prizes. We recommend that you start pumping equipment with epic (purple) quality. At the beginning of the gameplay, you should simply collect gifts for getting a new item.

The "Collection" section is divided into 3 tabs:

  1. General view - this shows your progress in collecting items of equipment and essences. At the bottom of the window, you can see the total bonus of the collection, which increase the characteristics of the hero: attack, health points, concentration and critical damage.
  2. Equipment - here you can awaken all the items of equipment that you get during the gameplay.
  3. Essences - here you can view and upgrade all the essences you have.

Play styles. At the start of the game, you need to decide in which direction you will play, since you should not awaken those items that you will not play on. We do not recommend spending currency and any parameters that suit your play style:

  1. High critical damage and damage - you can use the weapon Crescent Blade.
  2. Concentration - here it is better to use Whirlwind Blades and a tramp suit.
  3. Counterattacks are the best weapons for this style of play the Shura sword and the Hakama Samurai costume. They have great bonuses that complement each other.

At the start of the game, you will receive all types of weapons on day 2, so we recommend trying each blade on different opponents. Since there are only 3 types of weapons in the game, choosing the most suitable sword for you will not be difficult.

Mastery is one of the ways to improve a ronin’s stats. To increase the level of skill, you need to go to the "Ronin" section. Below (under the image of the hero, there is a button in the form of a circle burning with a blue-purple flame. By clicking on the symbol, you will be taken to the mastery section. To improve the presented attributes, you need the Spirit of Mastery, which you receive during the transition to a new character level.

The experience of the hero increases in battle - these are blue lights that are collected at the end of each stage. As the level increases, the main characteristics of the hero increase. The skill level cannot exceed the level of the character. The level of mastery increases during the leveling of mastery abilities, and allows you to select several skills before the battle. We recommend upgrading the following skills:

  1. Taijutsu-fangs - increases the attack. This parameter must be pumped as much as possible, after which we recommend pumping the next attribute from the list.
  2. Taijutsu - tailwind - increases attack speed.
  3. Taijutsu-iwa - Increases the chance of evasion.

Mode "Training". It can be found in the "Ronin" section. Here you can randomly boost one of your character’s stats. This will require several thousand coins. This action is available after raising the level of ronin. The maximum number of trainings depends on the level of the hero.

Game currency:

  1. Onigiri is a special game currency that allows you to complete adventure chapters and some modes (for example, Altar of Nightmares). The currency has a certain limit, and is replenished over time. If you do not have enough onigiri, then you can get it for gems or for watching a commercial. Also, currency can be obtained for completing daily missions.
  2. Gold is the main type of currency that can be earned in almost every activity, obtained from daily quests, by winning raids and other places. Despite this, gold will always be scarce, as you will use it to upgrade equipment and improve its quality.
  3. Gems are a premium currency that can be obtained with real money. The game also gives you the opportunity to get stones in adventures, in various tasks, for a collection and in other places.

Do not take onigiri immediately after it becomes available in the daily quest track. Wait for it to reset a bit. When you run out of it, you can take bonuses (for tasks, advertising). That is, fill the energy as needed.

Gems are best spent on pet paint, as this will be your best buy. At the start of the game, we recommend spending diamonds on onigiri (energy), thanks to which you can enter the battle. For other items that the game offers you (or discount offers), you do not need to spend stones. You can use stones to buy paint for samurai equipment "Vagabond’s Green Cape" (or other equipment), which will give you additional skills.

We do not recommend spending stones on training in the Ronin menu.

Farming is all about doing the same things to get in-game items and currency. In Ronin, you can farm in adventure chapters or Shura’s Path mode. Normal farming starts from Shura chapter 4 or normal chapter 8. Everything that you received before, you can not take into account. If you have not yet reached this level, then we advise you to go through the 1st chapter of the Shura several times.

To get a lot of gold, you should not rush forward. You can stop at chapter 6 at boss 2 for now, since chapters 7 and 8 won’t give you that many resources. Even if you lose at stage 10 of chapter 2 to the boss, you will receive around 32,000 gold. But this chapter should be completed under high gains. Choose +25% damage increase at the start of the stage, especially if you do not have a damage bonus (if such an attribute drops out). But first of all, we recommend pumping critical damage. Pump the attack in the second turn, as it is very long and expensive to increase it. That is, if you find any item for critical damage, after which you begin to increase its level. Every 10th level you will receive a reward. If this equipment is in your collection and maxed out, you will receive a bonus from it in battle.

Collect all the items that you will come across. In the future, you can awaken any collection, which will significantly increase your performance.

Ronin The Last Samurai Walkthrough

Battle Techniques

Concentration is your reserve of strength, which is very easy to lose. The concentration bar (yellow) is located above the heads of the characters in battle under the red health bar. It is difficult to recover in battle. If the entire concentration bar is full, you will receive a stun.

You must have a lot of concentration so as not to lose it for more than 1 stage of the chapter. You need to take skills that increase your concentration. In battle, you should not expect a huge amount of damage to fly at you, try to parry the attacks of opponents.

Attack - hitting an opponent. It is carried out by pressing the "Attack" button. You can perform a combination of strikes. Combinations have a certain number of hits. The last hit in a combination deals increased damage to the enemy.

To cancel the animation, you should click on "Block". This must be done if you have an old mobile device or a weak connection to the Internet. The lack of animation will make it possible to clearly execute all the strikes.

Blocks - you should keep them constantly, otherwise a lot of damage may fly at you, and you will not have time to react. By clicking on the "Block" button, you can safely move around the battlefield and repel attacks in a timely manner. This will help you reduce the loss of concentration in battle, and resist enemies longer. Concentration will gradually recover if you are in a state of blocking.

Parry is a special move that requires you to press the "Block" button before the opponent’s weapon touches you. To do this, you need to know all the tricks of your opponents. You can see all the actions of opponents in the "Training" section. Parry is used in 2 cases:

  1. If you want to knock out the enemy’s concentration.
  2. If you do not have enough concentration to stand on your feet.

Counterattack - when the enemy uses a strong attack, a red hieroglyph lights up above his head. A counterattack is the infliction of damage to the enemy until the weapon touches you. That is, you must be the first to strike at the opponent. Counterattack is the hardest move in the game and deals a lot of damage to opponents.

Counterattack should be used constantly, as you deal damage and defend yourself from an opponent’s attack. It is worth pressing the attack button at the moment when the opponent’s sword almost touched you. A large number of beginners ask for more details about when to counterattack in order not to receive incoming damage. Below we talked about the main opponents of the game and their manner of fighting.

You need to know the timing of counterattacks. That is, do not just press the "Attack" button, hoping to deliver a sure counterattack.

Stun - When your concentration bar fills up (or the opponent’s concentration bar), you get a stun effect. Not only are you unable to move for these few seconds, but you also take increased damage. To reduce the stun time, you need to press the block or attack button several times. You can stun the enemy by inflicting several accurate blows on him.

Strong attack - it is not difficult to perform it: you should hold down the attack button for a few seconds, then release it. If you use a strong attack immediately after parrying, then its charge time is significantly reduced. Remember that a strong attack is launched in the direction of the ronin’s eyes, so you need to be careful where the character’s eyes are. You can often miss your opponent by forgetting this simple rule. Opponents who are ready to carry out a strong attack have a red hieroglyph above their heads.

A stylish attack deals more damage than a normal attack, breaks through the opponent’s block and parries the retaliatory blow. When you learn how to properly charge a strong attack, you can completely switch to it in battle without using regular attacks. If you fail to sustain the charge time of a strong attack, then a normal attack will be carried out.

Attack in a dash. If the enemy is far away from you, then he can be attacked in a dash. If you do not want the animation to work, then click on the block button while dashing. If you are using a bow (on character 2), you can’t dash attack. A dash attack can prevent an enemy that is shooting at you from a distance.

It is also important to approach such opponents by holding the block button. If you manage to parry the shot, then you will not be damaged, but at the same time, the enemy also does not receive negative effects (for example, his concentration does not change, like that of melee opponents). If you move in a block, hitting you will deal only 50% of the possible incoming damage. But rivals with guns and cannons can be destroyed with one strong blow.

When parrying attacks from a distance, remember that your character will prefer to parry a melee enemy that is close to you (if they start attacking at the same time and you click on "Block"), so you need to make sure that ranged attacks deal you take less damage (for example, increase evasion from attacks).

Fighting tactics with different opponents

Unfortunately, in order to complete 1 adventure chapter, you can spend a lot of time on it. Since you need to go through 20 stages, where every 5th round you come across strong opponents, and at 10th and 20th stages you meet with the boss. When you die, you can be resurrected with a scroll of resurrection or for advertising. If you do not want to use both options, then you will have to start the passage of the chapter again. The only plus is that all the items and gold received before your destruction will remain in your inventory.

At the start of the chapter, you will have a certain number of lives that you can spend without additional penalties. Before death, you have 1 health bar. But you can pick up blood bags in battle that will replenish your health points. You can also take the skill at the beginning of the stage, which will return 60 or 30% health.

In order for you to die less and be able to learn how to choose the time of counterattacks, we decided to use a few examples to tell you at what point you should counterattack the enemy. Some opponents in the game do not have a specific time when they need to be counterattacked. There are few such characters, but they exist. Therefore, it is worth just attacking them at the time of their strong attack.

Shogun Soldier (Sword) - First he makes a normal attack from above, then he slowly swings his sword over his head, which precedes his strong attack. Immediately press the attack button after he put his foot forward. If you do not have time to strike, then parry it.

Shogun soldier (spear) - the enemy has 2 types of attack: a blow with the back side of the spear, then a counterattack, and the front side of the spear. You must click on "Attack", carefully watching his legs. As soon as he began to move his foot forward (after the stance), immediately attack.

Shogun Soldier (Rifle) - He has no strong attacks, but he shoots from a distance (such attacks cannot be completely parried). After each shot, he reloads the gun. Can hit with a butt (when you get close). Parrying him is simple: first the gun turns red, then the soldier brings the scope to his eye, and pulls the trigger. At this point, you need to press "Block" (there is a parry).

Samurai - at the beginning of the battle, he makes 2 quick attacks that are easy to parry. Then the samurai, putting his sword forward, moves across the field. At this point, he expects an attack from you. You need to wait until the samurai jumps back and lunges. Then he makes a strong attack. At the moment when the samurai puts his foot forward before a strong attack, you will click on the block, and then on the attack.

Wolf - he has 1 attack. You need to wait until he rushes up, at this moment you should click on the block. Then click on attack. This is one of the easiest opponents in the game. But the battle with the wolves is complicated by the fact that they do not walk alone, and attack the ronin at the same time with the whole pack.

Ninja from the Crow Clan is not a very easy opponent, but not a difficult one either. He draws around, then punches, does somersaults. The ninja unleashes his super attack after doing a somersault. Just expect when, after the somersault, he will take his hand behind his back. At this point, press the attack button. Don’t forget to press the block first.

Enchanted Ogre - has 2 attacks on the right and left, and a strong poison breath attack. He has no timings for a counterattack, so attack at the moment when he begins to carry out a power attack. Before this, the org will put his foot forward for a lunge.

Enchanted Ninja (wind) - first she teleports behind her back to you (releasing smoke before that), after which she inflicts 2 quick attacks. You can parry 1 attack, counterattack the second. If the parry failed, then on the 2nd strong attack, you should still counterattack the ninja.

Enchanted Ninja (Poison) is a very simple enemy, has 1 attack animation, and a very weak super attack. This attack is easy to counterattack. But toads are more dangerous when there are several of them. Therefore, we recommend to move away from them in a circle, and not to hide in the corner of the field.

Shaman - he has unique abilities in each chapter. A simple shaman summons a circle that takes away your concentration. The closer to the center of the corner you stand, the more it will be removed. Then, he starts to summon any creature that can have high attacks. But in training this moment is not shown. You should attack the shaman at the time of the call.

Shogun Soldier (cannon) - can shoot upwards, after which the core falls to the ground. It lights up, dealing damage in an area. You just can’t get out of the burning area, as you will be surrounded by opponents. He carries out the rest of the attacks in the same way as a soldier with a gun. The timings are also the same.

Corrupted Monk (Taijutsu) - has 3 normal attacks, and 1 strong attack. It is easy to make a counterattack on it: at the moment when the monk strongly pushes the leg back, you should wait for the peak. It is worth counterattacking after he put his hand behind his back. That is, before he hit. You should carefully monitor the enemy, and press the attack button in time.

Monk with a staff - he only has 1 strong attack that you can counterattack. You should choose the moment when the opponent puts his right foot forward. It is you that moment you need to press the attack button. But this does not always work, because of the loading of the animation. Therefore, we recommend that you first press the block before the oncoming lunge. This will cancel any animation, stop you in place, and you can safely get into timing.

How to make a quick attack? After your counterattack lunge, you need to click on "Block". Then hold the attack button until you have a red circle in the center on the parry button. At this point, you should release the "Attack". If you drop early, it will do a normal attack and dash towards the enemy. To do this correctly, perform this exercise in the "Training" mode.

Dark bamboo forest. This is the 5th chapter of the adventure, which leaves a lot of difficulties in passing. The skills we recommend picking are Critical Chance Up, Attack Up, and Evasion (if you get them). If possible, take equipment to increase attack speed. At the start of each stage, attack your opponents while they are confused. Hit non-stop, by this chapter you should already have enough attack to play quick matches. Try not to fall into various traps from enemy skills that cause damage over time (that is, you are gradually losing health points).

Battle Tips

Learn the timings of enemy maneuvers. Basically, all opponents behave according to a previously established algorithm of actions that are easy to remember (fortunately, there are not many of them in the game). Timings - this is the time that the opponent spends on a particular action. Above, we described the main manipulations of enemies. If you do not want to die often, then we recommend that you often go to the "Training" section in the "Sacred Scroll" menu, where the video shows the main maneuvers of enemies.

Don’t be afraid to back off. It is better to be cowardly and alive than to be brave and dead. This saying is perfect for some battles. Remember that you are just a ronin without your master, and this does not require you to be extra brave. If several opponents are attacking you at the same time, the best solution would be to step back while moving in a circle. Then enemies that have different movement speeds will approach you one at a time, and you won’t have to hide from everyone at once.

Don’t let yourself be driven into a corner. When several enemies are coming at you at the same time, the first thought you might have is to retreat to a corner of the battlefield. Don’t think about doing it! Even if a crowd of weak wolves goes against you (a strong and independent ronin), they may well bite you with a pack. Also, weak swordsmen and spearmen can easily shut you up, even if you have an advantage over them.

Do not fuss during the battle! At the beginning of the game, all players make mistakes. Much more important is whether you will use them for your own good, or will constantly repeat them. The main mistake of beginners is to poke all the buttons at once in order to stay alive and defeat the enemy. Try to do everything thoughtfully. If you cannot make a decision right away, then put a block - it will always be relevant, for example, to regroup.

Don’t focus on 1 opponent. Watch not only the movements of the nearest enemy, but also inspect the entire battlefield. This is important, as some opponents summon shadows, ghosts, poison pools, and other unexpected tricks. There are also rivals whose algorithm of actions is prescribed in random order. In other words, you know what maneuvers the enemy performs, but in what order he does it, you cannot guess. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on such opponents.

Watch your opponents feet. Almost all opponents begin to make attacks, putting one foot forward. This step should show you what the enemy will attack. Therefore, it is important not only to remember the actions that the enemy performs with his hands and weapons, but also to remember how their legs stand during attacks.

Ronin The Last Samurai: Weapons and Equipment Guide

The winning formula lies in the super strong blow and the huge damage that you inflict on the enemy. If you don’t have enough damage, pump up your parry skill, learn the timings of the opponents’ behavior.

Equipment parameters. Each equipment has a certain number of basic attributes that increase your hero’s performance. The type and characteristics of the item are determined randomly at the time of its receipt. You can view the equipment parameters in the section of the same name in the "Ronin" menu by clicking on the required item.

The main indicator is located in the description header in the right part of the window. For example, Attack 1245, Health points 3578 and so on. This indicator cannot be changed, but it increases during pumping ("Upgrades") of the item. The green arrow to the right of the parameter and the numbers behind it show how much you can increase the characteristic by pumping the item by 1 level.

Below the main parameter are additional attributes. Each parameter has 4 qualities, which can be seen by the color of the symbol located to the left of the characteristic:

  1. Normal quality (gray icon) - weak attribute indicators.
  2. Unusual quality (green icon) - indicators are higher than normal, but lower than rare quality.
  3. A rare quality (blue icon) is an attribute with sufficiently playable characteristics. If you do not have scrolls to change the indicator, then it is better for you to stop at this quality of the item for now.
  4. Epic quality (purple icon) - the maximum indicators that you should strive for when changing equipment attributes.

Crescent Blade. The blade has a property that allows you to strike, restoring a small amount of health points to your character over a few seconds (after certain conditions are met, written in the description of the blade). At the start of the game, when you will receive many different items, you should carefully check all the parameters of the weapon. At the blade of the crescent, you must select the following parameters (so as not to smelt them):

  1. Increase attack speed.
  2. Increased critical strike chance.
  3. Increased critical damage.

The infernal necklace is one of the best decorations in the game for all types of weapons. On the Crescent Blade in the Infernal Necklace, you should select the parameters: increased attack (by 10%) and increased attack of the blade. Since the Infernal Necklace can grant a 20% attack boost, it’s best to select it and then try to change its attributes to suit your needs. Yes, it can take a lot of scrolls from you, but in the end, you will get the indicators you really need. In this case, you can knock out attributes for all types of blades.

Raven Horn (summons a pet) - it is better to look for attributes on it: attack amplification and attack speed. The rings themselves increase the attack, so they do not have such characteristics. You can take the Bamboo Fan for the blade to increase attack speed and increase attack. The Fan also pairs well with dual blades.

Shura’s sword. This is a common katana that has a good attack speed (in some items it is recommended to look for an increase in attack speed on it), the sword also has 1 special property that turns 4 hits carried out one after one without interruption into counterstrikes.

This sword is best suited for the maximum increase in attack from counterattacks. We recommend choosing this particular attribute, since the sword is mostly great for counterattacks. If you have Shura’s mythical sword, but it does not have the necessary parameters, but there is a significant increase in attack and a high percentage of critical damage increase (lilac diamond to the left of the attribute in the weapon description), then you can leave these parameters.

Whirlwind blades. Their special property is to slow down time by 6 seconds. That will allow you to deliver swift attacks on your opponents. Basically, under them increase the concentration. They also come with a Rogue Cape, an infernal necklace, and a raven horn as equipment. Equally important parameters are the pumping of attack and critical damage.

You should never wear a health boost, since in each chapter the damage of opponents increases significantly, and you will not be able to catch up with them in terms of health (for example, you will not be able to collect a set that exceeds 300,000 damage in points). In this case, increase your attack and your game skill. The game is designed for you to constantly press during the button, so no amount of health points (without attack) will save you.

At the moment, the game is absolutely not flexible in terms of a variety of equipment choices. There is only 1 template, and only it works. For example, you’re going to gear up for crit chance, thinking that crit chance will get you through the game. But if you do not have enough critical damage (at least 250%) at a high chance to land a critical attack, then you will not be able to effectively conduct battles.

We recommend at the start of the game to see what the first few players of the season are wearing (the leaders of the list). According to this template, we advise you to develop. No need to waste the necessary parameters (parse or interrupt from). Attack power should be accumulated.

But when you choose clothes for your weapon, you should pay attention to the parameter that increases damage specifically for your type of weapon. This indicator can be viewed on the right side of the window in the "Manufacturing" section. If you do not have this skill on your suit, then go to the "Manufacture" menu and try to unscrew this indicator for yourself (if it is in the list of attributes on the right). If a different weapon is indicated in "Manufacture", then try choosing a different outfit.

For example, you have the Crescent Sword, one of its possible attributes is a 15% increase in critical chance for Rogue’s Cape. But if you are wearing a Shinobi Suit with an increase in critical strike chance, then you should change the equipment in order to get an increase in critical damage by default. If the cape also has its own chance of critical damage, then you will get a good percentage of the probability of inflicting a critical attack on the enemy. For the Shinobi Suit, you can take dual blades. Each weapon has 3 armors that it synergizes with and 1 suit that it doesn’t. Therefore, it is advisable not to combine your weapons with this suit.

Pets. You can take a pet with you into battle by placing a certain item in the equipment slot that summons a creature. The pet gives 1 random bonus, which is listed in the item description. Also, each pet has a unique ability that other types of equipment do not have.

Just like equipment, the pet can be painted in any available color. Coloring improves not only the characteristics of the pet, but also some parameters of your hero (changes are indicated in the description of each paint). For each creature, it is recommended to choose its own color, which will most fully reveal the potential of the pet.

Where to get equipment? The main place to get in-game items is through the story. If you have just started your ascent as a ronin, we recommend that you spend some time replaying chapter 1, setting the difficulty to x1. For passing, you will consistently receive 1 - 2 items of equipment as a reward.

If you want to get more things, then we advise you to complete the Desecrated Battlefield daily. You will receive a maximum of 5 - 6 items, 2 of which will be green quality. You should also complete all daily tasks, receive rewards for entering the game (you can simply enter the project, even if you do not plan to play that day). Periodically, various temporary events start in the game, which you need to close as much as possible, as far as your level of development allows you.

We recommend constantly coloring your pet in order to receive additional prizes. If you want to get more gems, then you can cover the pet with Golden Crow Horn Dye. Also, this paint allows you to get free keys to chests with various things.

We advise you to constantly set up raids at night (or during your absence from the game). In the Honor Shop, you can purchase chest keys if you are in dire need of equipment items. Also, from time to time, developers hold temporary game events in which we recommend participating.

Equipment leveling

Equipment improvement. You can level up each piece of equipment. To do this, you need to go to the "Ronin" section. Then you should open the "Equipment", and select the necessary item. In the right part of the window, a detailed description of the item is given. On the left side, you can upgrade an item by 5 or 1 level. Above the upgrade buttons is the cost of upgrading the item.

Materials. There are several upgrade materials in the game that you can get during battles in various game modes. If you click on each resource, you can see the things that this material is involved in pumping. Also, resources can be obtained from chests (the keys to them come across during the passage of the chapters of the adventure), in daily entry rewards, in raids, and in temporary events (they are periodically arranged by developers.

Awakening. Here you can get from 3 items of lower quality (with a certain chance of success), an item of higher quality. For example, out of 3 ordinary (gray) Shura swords, you can get 1 uncommon Shura sword. You can awaken an item in the "Awakening" section in the "Ronin" menu. It is located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Having entered the section, you can see a triangle, in the corners of which there are slots. On the right side of the screen, all items are displayed that can be sorted by name. The item you want to upgrade is placed on the top of the triangle. Those things that you are ready to sacrifice must be placed on the lower corners of the figure.

At the top of the triangle, you need to choose an item with good parameters, as they will be fixed for the future thing. Items that you put in the lower slots of the triangle will not affect the formation of new item attributes. Upon awakening, you will receive an item of the highest quality, but its level will be reduced to 1.

Manufacturing. In this menu, you can change one or more attributes of a piece of equipment. If you want to change a specific parameter, then you can block the change of other attributes. To do this, click on the lock, which is located next to the indicator in the left part of the window. But changing only 1 parameter will require 3 scrolls of changes, and if you change all the parameters, then 1 scroll.

There is a little trick to saving scrolls. If you are not satisfied with all the indicators, then you can catch the ones you need without closing the locks. As soon as 1 of the attributes meets your requirements, you can put a padlock on it. After that, you can continue to search for the rest of the desired parameters for 2 indicators. And only when there is 1 attribute left that does not meet your requirements, only then can you block 2 parameters. Changing indicators one at a time is not profitable.

You start using this mechanic only on the maximum quality of the item (mythic red color). For items of other qualities, we do not recommend spending crafting scrolls, as they are difficult to accumulate if you do not deposit real money into the game.

For example, take the legendary Red Phoenix Ring. After that, you go to the "Crafting" section, where you should select the desired item that you want to change. The legendary ring has 3 attributes, which you will see in the center of the screen. In the right part of the window, there are random parameters that can be placed on this item.

Some items have 2 types of attributes: basic (colored in red in the description) and additional. As a rule, the main parameter initially has high rates. There are items that do not have basic attributes, so they can be easily changed everything.

Merging. Above, we did not recommend this operation, but it is worth talking a little about it. You can go to the section from the "Ronin" menu. In the center of the window there is a circle with 5 slots. The percentages in the central slot show the probability of the merger being successful. You can put any items of 1 quality into the slots to get items of a higher quality.

If the manipulation was unsuccessful, then you will receive only 1 random item from the 5 items of equipment you have chosen. In this case, the remaining item will be of the same quality as the items missing from the slots. This is not a profitable occupation, very situational. Therefore, we do not advise you to use this method of improving the quality of things.

Removal of restrictions. Magic equipment that has reached the maximum level can be improved using the "limit exceeding" mechanic. To do this, you will need similar mythic quality equipment and gold. If you upgraded equipment to level 4, then you need to remove the level limit limit. You can perform this action for "nightmare fragments". Gold is not used here.

Color change. You can change the color of equipment in the menu "Ronin" - "Change color". At the bottom right side of the screen are the available dyes that can be purchased with in-game currency or real money. By tapping on a certain color, you can see the characteristics that the equipment will receive after painting.

You can only change the color of the equipment that the ronin is wearing at the time of dyeing. This color remains on her even if you change clothes. The paint works for several days (the time is written in the description of the dye). After the expiration of the specified period, the previous equipment settings will return.

Ronin The Last Samurai: Essence Guide

Essences are additional items of equipment that increase the characteristics of a character. They will be available to you after completing chapter 3 of adventures in the store. Stones can also be obtained by fighting youkai or from chests. Each stone has a certain number of energy points (shown in the item description header), which depends on the quality of the essence. The bonuses that you can get from the Essence Set depend on the total number of Energy Points. Essences, like other items in the game, have their own quality, which cannot be obtained through "Awakening" or "Merge". Good quality stones can only be obtained randomly.

Essences can be inserted into any equipment slot to enhance it, and increase the basic parameters of ronin. Essences are not subject to improvements. But you can put 3 or more essences in the slots to get a set bonus. Essences receive a certain amount of energy points, which depends on their quality.

When choosing a set, you should take into account your play style, and the main direction that you are pumping (increasing attack, critical damage, concentration, and so on).

The Power of Suffering:

  1. 3 gems - Reduces damage dealt by concentration during incoming damage by 5%. That is, less concentration will be taken away from you in battle.
  2. 5 stones - damage from strong attacks increases critical damage by 5%.
  3. 8 stones - a strong attack can be immediately used by the counterattack field.

Moonlight Power:

  1. 3 stones - during attacks, you take away more concentration from the enemy by 15%.
  2. 5 stones - every 3 attack takes 10% more concentration from the opponent.
  3. 8 stones - parrying a blow will take away from all enemies the concentration in the amount equal to 40% of your attack.

Life force:

  1. 3 stones - the chance to get an orb of replenishing health points is increased by 5%.
  2. 5 stones - maximum health points are increased by 20%. Only works on levels 3, 6 and 9.
  3. 8 stones - if during the battle the level of ronin increases, then your damage will increase by 3% of the remaining health points.

Sea power:

  1. 3 stones - the maximum level increases by 1, and experience gain by 36.1%.
  2. 5 stones - before getting hit, damage is increased by 31.7%.
  3. 8 stones - if during the passage of the chapter your level increases, then the attack will increase by 1.5%.

Plague Power:

  1. 3 Stones - Increases the duration of the stun on enemies by 0.25 seconds.
  2. 5 stones - after a successful parry, the opponent takes damage over time from a plague infection for 10 seconds, reducing health points and concentration by 5%.
  3. 8 stones - damage to opponents infected with the plague is increased by 40%.

Force of a gust of wind:

  1. 3 stones - if your health is above 90%, then your attack speed is increased by 2%.
  2. 5 stones - after parrying, attack speed increases by 7.5%.
  3. 8 stones - after a counterattack, a normal attack has the power of a counterattack for 1 second.

Recommendations. For beginners, experienced players are advised to put the essence of the plague (and collect a set for it). Collecting 8 essences will increase your damage against plague-infected enemies by 40%. When you learn the skill of the game, you can move on to collecting a set of essence of the sea. Essence of Life - Good for raiding, but only at high levels when you fully upgrade your equipment. If you collect the essence of life from the start of the game, you can use it earlier.

Essence of moonlight - not effective, as it takes too little concentration from opponents. Force of Suffering is a popular set among experienced players, as is Essence of the Sea. It’s worth choosing based on your damage preferences.

Ronin The Last Samurai: Tips for Choosing Skills in Battle

Each stage in the battle begins with the choice of a skill that will help you further through. You will receive these skills in random order. Also during the battle, you will interact with allied characters who can give you a good skill. First, we decided to break down all the skills that you can get from playable heroes, since they do not have a large selection. In the table below, we have presented you with the main abilities obtained from the characters.

Wellbeing cat skills.blessing skills.Wandering skills.
Strength of steel - increases attack by 25%. Great skill for beginners. if you lack attack.Blessing of the Red Phoenix - Increases attack by 10% (up to 3 times) when you defeat all enemies on the battlefield without taking damage. This is a great skill for high attack players.Onimusha - increases attack by 30%, but reduces health points by 20%. This is the best skill for high attack players as they can take down opponents in 1 hit.
The strength of the meeting - increases the chance of obtaining equipment and equipment improvement materials by 30%. A skill for those who need equipment.Flaming Talisman - Increases attack by 1.5% when you destroy all opponents. Good skill for beginners.Killing - increases damage against strong opponents by 25%. Toward the end of the chapter, this skill can come in handy on bosses.
Life Force - Increases health points by 30%. If there is an attack when choosing, then it is better to take an attack (we wrote about this above).Rain Talisman - Increases health points by 4% after defeating all opponents. If there are first 2 skills to choose from. it’s better to take them.Infernal sword - sets fire to the enemy, imposing a long-term health loss effect (burning) on ​​him, and increases damage by 10%. But you can only take damage after 1 hit on the enemy.
Power of wealth - increases the amount of gold received + 25% on bosses and + 50% on ordinary chapters.Talisman of life - restores 10% of health points after winning a stage. If you have little attack and your health is rapidly approaching zero, then you can choose this skill.Self-Sacrifice - Your attacks cost 100% more Focus. but you lose 50% concentration. You can take it if you are well pumped and confident in battles.
Poisoned Blade - Poisons an enemy, inflicting a long-term damage effect on them, reducing attack by 20%.

Below we have described the skills that are given to choose from at the beginning of each stage, dividing them into 3 groups. In the table below, we have reflected the skills that will be useful to absolutely all players, regardless of their level of pumping. These skills are most useful in battle compared to other abilities. For some controversial skills, we have included comments from experienced players that explain why we put the ability in 1 group.

The name of the skill.Description.Comments from experienced players.
Strength increase.Increases attack by 15%.Worth taking for all players.
Breaking blow.Increases critical damage by 25%.If your critical damage is less than 200%, then it is better to take this skill.
Precise hit.Critical Strike Chance +25%.Increases the chance of critical damage, therefore, your attacks will be more effective.
Flow scroll (reverse flow).Empowered Parries increase Focus.A skill that increases your defense.
Scroll of Onslaught (Target).The first attack after a successful power attack deals 50% more damage.If you like to produce strong attacks. Since every 2 attacks you will have a strong one.
Scroll of onslaught (release).Increases the damage of your strong attacks by 20%.Mandatory application.
Scroll of Resurrection.Allows you to resurrect 1 time.This scroll should always be taken as a last resort. Extra life is never superfluous.
Eagle Eye.Makes it easier to counterattack and parry.Skills that increase your defense.
Stupefaction.Your attacks drain 30% more Focus from the enemy.
Agility increase.Increases concentration by 60%.
Counterstrike.Increases the damage of attacks dealt immediately after a successful Parry by 50%.
Revealed potential.Increases your level cap by 2, and increases experience gain by 60%.
Scroll of the flow (turbulent flow).Successful counterattacks restore 60% focus.This skill will come in handy against some bosses. outside fills concentration regardless of your parries and blocks.

Below we have described group 2 skills that are inferior to the abilities of their 1st table, but can be applied if no skills from group 1 appeared during the selection. These skills can be useful at some points in the game. It is worth noting that the use of these skills may be your priority, that is, you need them more than skills from group 1 (depending on your playstyle).

The name of the skill.Description.Comments from experienced players.
Ki flow.Speeds up the filling of the skill bar by 50%.If you can’t complete a chapter by dying from the boss and your skill cannot be activated, then select this skill. Then the skill bar will fill up towards the boss. Also good for dual swords.
Madness.As health points decrease, attack gradually increases to 30%.Depends on the situation, mostly can be used at the start of the game.
Living mind.Reduces Corruption damage taken by 75%.
Flow whistle (steep flow).You lose 50% less Focus when an enemy parries an attack.
Scroll of Onslaught (Shock).Strong Attack Focus damage is increased by 50%.
Scroll of Counterattack (growth).If you level up during battle, your counterattacks deal 15% more damage.You can take if you feel that during the battle your level rises.
Evasion.Increases evasion by 10%.It is mandatory to take, since you may not receive damage 1 time out of 10 attacks inflicted on you.
Health boost.Increases health points by 30%.If the ronin is about to die, then it is better to choose this skill, which will instantly restore your health by 30% of the maximum.
Swipe.Deals 30% piercing damage to a blocking enemy.A situational skill that allows you to inflict wounds through the block.
Last breath.As health points decrease, attack speed gradually increases to 30%.Depends on the situation and the opponents who will fight against you (if you go through the chapters more than 1 time). Basically, you can use it at the start of the game.
Crazy dash.Increases dash range during dash attacks. Such attacks have a 100% chance to critically strike.
Will to live.Increases the chance of receiving life spheres and enhances their healing effect
Smooth movements.Enemy attacks cost 50% less focus.Can be found in skill group 1 for a number of players, as it is a good defensive skill.
Flow Scroll (Fast Flow).Removes 30% of HP from attacks while parrying an enemy.You can use this skill if you feel good on the battlefield.
Scroll of Counterattack (Release).Increases counterattack damage by 75%.

Group 3 includes skills that can be useful at the start of the game, but become useless at higher levels. But, it all depends on the style of the game, you can successfully use some abilities at high levels, for example, during the passage of a difficult stage. But the abilities of group 1 should remain in priority. In the table below we have described all the skills of group 3.

The name of the skill.Description.Comments from experienced players.
Energy distribution.Reduces damage taken by 50% while stunned.Can be used if you fall frequently.
Scroll of Grounding (Protection).Blocking strong attacks reduces damage by 70%.If you have not yet learned to fend off the attacks of opponents.
Scroll of Onslaught (Absorption).A successful strong attack restores 5% health.If you miss a lot of opponent’s attacks, but you can deliver good attacks yourself.
Scroll of Counterattack (Absorption).A successful counterattack restores 10% health points.
Absorption of energy.Blocks replenish the skill scale.Recommended if you haven’t learned how to parry yet.
Overcoming.Your counterattacks against strong enemies deal 100% more damage.A good skill that can be used on bosses. Also if you know how to counterattack on the Shura sword with the Samurai Hakana.
Tripping.Increases movement speed by 100%.A very unusual skill that is rarely used anywhere, since, basically, your ronin moves in a block, which does not increase his movement speed.
Will of the SamuraiReduces the duration of the stun by 2 seconds.In fact, these seconds will not decide anything, so it is better to choose a more effective skill. Can be used if you fall frequently.
Scroll of grounding (thorns).Blocks take away concentration from the enemy.At the start of the game, a good skill that helps beginners inflict more damage on the opponent, and not receive incoming damage. Recommended if you haven’t learned how to parry yet.

Ronin The Last Samurai: Walkthrough Game Modes

The game has several modes that open gradually, as you progress through a certain chapter of the adventure. Since all activities are based on the main hits, we did not describe the passage of each mode. In the guide, we gave a brief description of the modes, and gave some recommendations and tips on them from experienced players.

Massacre arena. Unlocked after completing Adventure Chapter 7. Here you can fight with any player. The competition is held for 14 days - the duration of 1 season. At the end of the season period, each participant will receive a medal that corresponds to his current ranking. In exchange for a medal of honor, you can get useful items.

Your rank will be reduced if you did not fight more than one battle in the previous season. If you achieved the rank of "Master" or higher in the previous season, then you will start the new season with the rank of "Master". If your rank is below "Master", then in the new season.

Season rating. Unlocked after completing Adventure Chapter 5. When you complete chapters on the Shura Path, then all your results are entered into the leaderboard. At the end of the season, the game rating is made up of the received rating points that you have earned for the completed chapters. You will receive rewards for the overall ranking. If you could not complete the chapter, then the points received for it will not be taken into account in the final rating.

You need to play at least 1 Shura Path chapter on each weapon type. Therefore, you should receive some kind of reward for this weapon. So you will earn (at the minimum reward) 1500 stones. At the initial stage of the game, you will have enough gold for all the manipulations and improvements. But in each season one should strive for the award and the title of Shogun.

When you enter the mode, you start to fight with any of the opponents. You should not pay attention to ranks and TOP lists. It is important for you to get 1000 honor points. At the end of the season, you will be rewarded with 750 points. After that, you should go to the store of Honor and choose for yourself (at the start of the game) first a pet. You can take a crafting scroll or a key to a magic chest (depending on what you are currently collecting.

Altar of Nightmares. To enter the mode, you need to put a certain amount of onigiri on the altar of nightmares. With each level, the strength of opponents will increase. You will receive additional points after the completion of each battle. The number of points earned depends on the level of the fight nightmare. If you complete the fight at a high level of nightmare, you will receive a large amount of spirit of vengeance, the amount depends on the difference in the level of nightmares.

Raids. Unlocked after completing chapter 2 of the adventure. You can only go to the raid in previously completed chapters, where you have an automatic passage of the battle. To start a raid, a certain amount of onigiri is required. For each raid, you will receive some rewards (they are indicated in the description of each raid). If you send a character to a raid, then you will not be able to conduct battles with him and go through adventure chapters.

Land of Chaos. Unlocked after completing chapter 1 of the adventure. It has several sections, each of which has its own characteristics. Each section opens on a specific day of the week. In the Land of Flashes of Light, you will encounter opponents who are vulnerable to counterattacks.

In the Land of Thorns, each successful parry deals damage to the opponent. In the Land of Mutants, you need to use interesting tactics in battle, here each enemy has unique effects that are absent in other activities. Enemy effects appear randomly. The rewards you get for completing modes differ depending on the section you completed.

Yokai fight. The activity will become available to you after completing the 3rd chapter of the adventure. Here you need to fight dangerous demons and inflict the maximum amount of damage on them over a certain period of time. For the battle, you can randomly receive essences. You can simply go through the mode, gaining a certain amount of damage (all rewards are listed in the "Weekly Reward" section). Damage will be counted as a week. In the battle, you can go through 2 bosses.

Shura trail. After completing chapter 5, the Shura Path opens up for you. For completing the mode, you will receive an increased number of rewards, in comparison with the adventure. With each new level, the strength of opponents increases. At the same time, strong attacks of rivals will cause more damage to you than they do to you in an adventure.

On the Path, naturally, you should not rush forward. You go through chapter 1, and stop there for now. Then you start increasing its difficulty level. Then you increase the level of skill of the game in training.

If you want to go through further adventures, then go through chapter 6. But it’s better (at this stage) to earn items and resources in chapter 1 of the adventure. At this stage, we advise you to upgrade blue equipment only to level 20 (to get the collection bonus). It is also worth taking the sword of Shura and closing the events (if possible) "God of War Shura". To do this, as we wrote, go through chapter 1 of the Shura Path. The picture above shows the symbol, which is located on the left side of the description of the chapters of different modes, through which you can choose the difficulty of passing.

Ronin The Last Samurai: Boss Fight Tips

General Imagawa Dosan is not a difficult opponent. Has 3 attacks, 1 push and 1 super attack. It’s not hard to defeat him. First you stand in a block and wait for his super attack. After which you can carry out a series of strikes or concentrate on a power attack.

Saito Nobumasa, Japan’s First Spear is one of the easiest in the game. It has 2 phases of attack development. In the first - he delivers the usual sweeping blows. In the second phase - jumps. Just like with the General, you should shrug off the jump in block, then hit with a strong attack. Then, defend against new normal attacks. Here you can wait out the jump, or strike back.

Horane Sogen, Manhunter - is simple, as it has stealth attacks. Possesses ranged combat. You should block and parry his first 3 fast bow attacks, then parry his somersault. He then makes 2 sweeping attacks. After that, he makes a strong attack, then jumps away, and shoots with a bow (can make 1 strong shot or 2 quick ones).

The boss will then shoot 1 arrow upwards, the damage from the arrow can be avoided by simply counterattacking Horain. Do not panic, as soon as he begins to draw the string for this shot, the arrow will be painted red. At this point, you need to deal damage to the boss.

Kumabe the Unbroken - he has sweeping attacks, he also has the ability to inflict strong attacks, while he falls and jumps. In phase 2, he produces incredible things. To defeat us, you will have to practice, as the algorithm starts its actions in random order. The boss is slow enough, so you can dodge his blows, wait it out, replenish concentration.

His strong attacks are jumping, hitting the floor and falling in phase 2. Try not to drag out the battle, as in phase 2 the boss becomes faster and stronger. At the same time, he has new combinations of attacks. For example, kicking and falling, which can be counterattacked.

Oni of the Falling Nightmare - At the start of the battle, They curse you with a poisonous cloud that permanently lowers your focus. All his attacks are quite simple. The only problem is the constant decrease in concentration. Therefore, we recommend taking the Stormy Stream skill, which restores 60% of the concentration from each parry.

His first attack is a swing of the sword to the left, and then comes a blow that needs to be parried at the last moment. 2 attack - a quick blow from above. Strong Poison Breath attack that can be counterattacked. A very slow sweeping attack on the right and then on the left. Next comes a quick combination of attacks (right - left), which ends with a blow from above. His last strong attack is a sword strike.

Otae the Possessed (witch) - has a number of complex attacks. Curses you even when blocking. That is, regardless of your state of health points, you can die as soon as the curse bar (at the bottom of the screen) fills up. Has 1 strong attack that you need to constantly counterattack. The easiest way to defeat her is to constantly move in a circle, and counter-attack before a strong attack. Phase 2 doesn’t really change anything, it’s just that the witch gets faster and deals more damage. Take "Movement Speed" into the battle with her in order to have time to run away from her.

Elite Samurai Hirano Masanori - the boss’s first strong attack is a turn, then there is a slight delay and a blow that can be counterattacked. Further, there are sweeping blows with a sword from different sides. He makes a jump, followed by a strong attack. After losing 50% of his health points, he will slowly regenerate it. Parry on fast attacks, and counter before heavy attacks.

Shooter Kuroda Takanosuke is a ranged boss who fires a musket. When he pulls out a gun, he makes a strong attack that can kill. You should parry his shots or strike back. We recommend that you simply quickly beat him with a sword after a counterattack, preventing the boss from coming to his senses. In the second stage, the boss begins to jump and perform complex acrobatic moves. Parry when the barrel of the weapon turns red, or attack at that moment with a strong attack.

Kurohabaki, Dark Brawler - He performs a dash, 2 overhead attacks, another dash and a strong attack. Then fires 2 shots at a distance with shurikens. Jump from above and 2 quick hits. His skill - he goes into the shadows and summons 2 ninjas. After destroying them, you can replenish your health points. He also has a strong attack that he does after spinning, then dashes with 2 attacks. Almost every blow of his can be counterattacked, at the moment when the boss puts his foot forward before the blow.

Sword Master Katsushika Jinsai - has 2 quick attacks, and a strong jumping attack that needs to be counterattacked. Then, again, it deals 2 quick attacks, and makes an attack with a short delay. To defeat this boss, you need to lose to him several times in order to remember the time and order of his actions. Only a well-timed block and a successful counterattack will help you. Try to accumulate energy for a skill that can be used in the first phase of the battle.

In phase 2, the boss has a special ultimate ability that he produces from a turn, then hits the opponent with a short delay. At the moment of the turn, the wind will hit you, causing damage. Therefore, you should keep the block. He will still beat you, but in the block. You have to hit him when the boss raises his hands up and freezes in place.

Try to accumulate a few objection scrolls for the chapter 5 boss so that you can safely pass it.

They are the nightmare of death - the boss is similar in battle tactics to the boss of chapter 3, but here he does not take away concentration, but casts a curse on you that can destroy you even through a block. After losing 50% health, the boss summons 3 zombies. Try to kill them first, then hit the Oni. Difficulties arise due to the appearance of additional enemies, but the boss itself is not difficult to pass.

Kyogen, the Corrupted Monk - has a strong attack during which he spits poison at you. Before spitting, drinks the liquid from the bottle. At this point, you need to attack him. If you do not interrupt his attack, then you will burn for several seconds, receiving serious damage. He has regular attacks, but has complex combinations. They just need to be learned. It’s pointless to describe them. We recommend catching counterattacks by timing, try to remember them.

The boss has a strong type 2 attack, which must also be counterattacked. Although it can be blocked. The attack begins with a high jump of the Monk. In phase 2, he sets fire to his staff, and can set you on fire during attacks. In this phase, he can change attacks. The boss also has the ability to restore health points. So keep this in mind, as you may think that you are about to end the battle, and the boss can restore health. To fight him, you need a high attack speed.

Yamagarasu, the Lord of Shinobi is a fairly difficult boss to complete. In phase 1, you need to reduce the boss’ health points to 80%. After that, a shadow appears, which must be destroyed. Since after killing the Ateni, a sphere will appear with the restoration of health points for you. If the shadow is not destroyed, then the sphere will appear at the boss.

Phase 2 begins after the boss’s health points are reduced to 50%. In this phase, it will be difficult for you to predict the order of his attacks, since he will perform them randomly. You just need to know his attacks, then you can parry them, but you can block them too. When the Overlord has 30 - 40% health points left, he once again summons a shadow that will fight you with boss-like attacks. The shadow can slowly counterattack you. The main difficulty of the boss is his 2nd phase.

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