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Score Match WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

SCORE! MATCH is an Android game with a release date of March 7, 2018 from First Touch Games. Game Genre: Sports. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. How to play
  2. Correct placement
  3. Tactics
  4. Guide to the professions of football players
  5. Player Leveling Tips
  6. Store Overview
  7. Main Menu Guide

Score Match is a mobile football simulator. The game was released by First Touch Games, which accounted for the famous simulator Score Hero. In principle, these two games are very similar, only in the first you will have to play for a coach with other players online, and the second is a passing game where a young football player builds his career.

In Score Match, all meetings take place with real rivals in real time. You play combinations, pass the ball across the field, select it from your opponents. You also need to collect and pump your team. Each athlete has his own skills and abilities that should be used in matches. The arrangement of players on the field depends on their skills. You will be offered a choice of several tactical placement schemes.

Score Match: How to play

So, you have entered the game and do not know where to start. To do this, you will conduct a short excursion and show several techniques for passing the ball. All trajectories of the ball during the match you spend yourself. Also, your ability to choose who should pass the ball will depend on the outcome of the meeting. The opponent does not sleep and at any moment can take possession of the ball!

Unfortunately, the choice of the flight path of the ball is limited to the selected area. For example, your football player has a ball, and you want to pass it back, but the area may indicate that you can only hit forward. In the allocated radius, your players may not be at all, or they will be under tight guardianship. This is probably the only criterion that overshadows the game.

Ball Pass:

  1. A straight line is drawn with a finger (mouse) from the athlete who currently owns the ball to the other team member’s legs to pass the pass.
  2. Aerial transverse pass - a line is also drawn, only not to the legs, but to the head of a comrade. Such a ball is more difficult to intercept rivals.
  3. Twisted ball - you should draw a semicircular line to the legs or head of your team member. This technique is performed during free throws, during the penalty shootout, or when passing the ball in a zone closed by opponents.
  4. Interception of the ball - if the opponents have the ball, then you should choose one or more nearby athletes of your team to try to intercept the ball. To do this, click on them. If you do not, then your players are less likely to engage in interception. The magic kick gives players more agility and excitement.
At the start of the match, it is proposed to make bets. But bets are placed not on the end of the meeting, but on whose team is playing the ball. Therefore, bets are simply a waste of game currency.

How to intercept? Players on the field will be placed in accordance with your chosen tactical scheme. After the throw, the ball will in most cases be with the opposing team. Therefore, you first need to take possession of the ball. To do this, you should appoint athletes to intercept.

Since the ball can be returned only in a certain area, when choosing a comrade to whom it is necessary to give the ball, the player turns to face him. Opponent for some time pondering options for the pass. At this time, you should roughly determine the path of the ball and assign the standing players to intercept.

If the opponent with the ball still passes the ball to a member of his team, then you still need to appoint athletes to intercept. After you have the ball, you will have a few seconds and a certain area for serving to pass the ball. If you do not have time to pass the ball to a friend, then the "Free throw" will be assigned.

Also, when passing the ball, you should pay attention to the trajectory of your players and opponents. Sometimes you can send a pass to a friend who is running in the opposite direction from the ball’s flight line. At that moment, especially if he is under the care of an opponent, he needs time to turn around and take the ball. The opponent, on the contrary, may be facing the ball, so he will have less time to intercept the ball.

Sometimes players move automatically to the field. For example, when a ball is received, an athlete may not pass a pass to an ally, but tear in any direction. At this point, you can’t even guess where your player will run.

If you want to always work in the pass and independently control the movement of your players, then you should put the guys on the field with the skill "Producer".

Match Interface The game is located in a vertical layout, which many players do not really like. But after a few meetings, you can get used to this layout. Also during the competition you can turn the camera to the right and left. It is very convenient for passing the ball, and when inspecting the pass area. You can also see the overall arrangement on the field.

During a meeting, you can zoom in or out. This is necessary in order to better view the field and make a more successful pass. Also, when zooming in, you can try to intercept more likely.

Motivation. For each match, an "Arena package" can be given, which you can open and receive game currency, gems, new tactical schemes and player cards. To find out what you get from the package at this level of the Arena, click on the icon with the letter "i" in the upper left corner of the cover. Also, according to the outcome of the meeting, stars are awarded that are necessary to move to the next Arena.

For each goal (not counting the penalty shootout) 1 point is given for opening the "Goal Pack". To open the package you need to score 10 points. Game dollars, gems (rare game currency) and player cards fall from the package.

And of course, as is customary with the developers, after each match you can read about the achievements of the team from the global tabloids.

Score Match: Correct placement

There are several types of tactical schemes in the game. First you get two classic football schemes. During the game you can open all the schemes.

The arrangement in Score Match depends on the basic skills of the players. At first you will have only a few classes of athletes, gradually for promotion in the Arenas.

How is the arrangement? Each number in the diagram indicates the location of your team players on the field. Lines are counted from the goalkeeper of your team. But since the goalkeeper is constantly standing in his place, he does not participate in the arrangement, so the countdown is carried out immediately from the defense line. If 3 numbers are indicated in the diagram, then they indicate defense, midfield and attack. Midfield is on the center line of the field, the defense in the penalty line of your goal and the attackers are located in the opponent’s penalty area. An example of such a scheme is 4-4-2 or 4-5-1.

But if tactics have more numbers, then the coach gave each player an individual setting, placing them slightly higher or lower than the main lines. For example, circuit 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-2-2-2.


The classic English scheme is almost never used by coaches in big football, but this is a good tactic at the start of the game.

Players arrangement:

  1. Defense - 2 extreme defenders - Locomotive or Explorer. 2 central defenders - Security.
  2. Midfield - central midfielders: it is better to take Lokomotiv, extreme midfielders: Scouts and Producers behave well here.
  3. Forwards - it is best to put the first forward - Producer, the second - Scout.

Pros: ease of placement, 2 attackers can independently attack the gate, without waiting for the support of midfielders. 2 extreme defenders and 2 extreme midfielders make it possible to play along the edge of the field.This makes it possible to build a line of defense well during the onslaught of the enemy.

Cons: predictability. Central midfielders constantly get tired, because they need to be in defense and in attack. It is better to put Lokomotiv in these places, which have good endurance. 2 players in the center cannot control the ball, so if there were 3 midfielders in the center.


The classic scheme once brought grandiose success to Jose Mourinho. It is popular in big football. The main objective of tactics is to play a pass at the opponent’s goal to create sharp moments.

Players arrangement:

  1. Protection - it is recommended to place 2 Guards in the center, and locate Locomotives or Researchers at the edges.
  2. Midfield - to place Researchers or Producers on the flanks. Central midfielder - it is advised to place Lokomotiv here.
  3. Central Forward - Scout.
  4. Flank Forwards - Producers or Researchers.

Pros: having 1 center and 2 extreme forwards, you reduce the threat from the defenders of the opponent to a minimum. While the attackers are in their places, it is dangerous for defenders to advance to the center of the field to support their team. With this technique, you can restrain the onslaught of enemy attacks. 3 central midfielders make it possible to dominate in the center of the field over 2 enemy midfielders. Cons: the central striker is recommended to put the most pumped player, since he has the greatest responsibility. Using this scheme, it is necessary first of all to pump the attacking football players, who must interact with each other on the field. At the start of the game, it is difficult to pick up a good roster with the necessary characteristics, since the players’ cards drop out in a random order.


This is a very good option for placing athletes on the field, as it allows for reliable protection in the center. At the same time, the team can work in the attack with a light heart, not being afraid for their gates.

Players arrangement:

  1. Protection - 4 athletes (Guards or Locomotives).
  2. Support zone - here it is advised to put 2 Producers.
  3. Midfielders - here it is better to put 3 Researchers.
  4. Central forward - pumped Scout.

Pros: here, the main players are 2 central defenders and 2 midfielders. Central midfielders provide an opportunity to attack the extreme midfielders, defenders keep the center of the field. 4 attacking football players provide flexibility in attack. 4 defenders will give a reliable defense at the gate.

Cons: almost empty flanks through which opponents can put pressure on defense. Also, great pressure is exerted on the center of the field. The scheme will work well at large levels of the Arena.


The arrangement allows you to control the ball and play in the attack. Tactics can be perfect against almost any opponent.

Players arrangement:

  1. Protection - 3 players, it is advised to put the Guard in the center of Lokomotiv and around the edges.
  2. Extreme midfielders are Scouts.
  3. Opornik - Lokomotiv.
  4. Midfielder Central - Researchers or Producers.
  5. Forwards - 2 players, it is recommended to put here either 2 Scouts, or 1 Scouts and 1 Producer.

Pros: strong attack, many attack options, ball control, timely midfielders moving to center field.

Cons: pumped central midfielders who need to be constantly monitored and sent to intercept the ball. Frequent pass game.


Scheme for experienced players, the control is well in the center and flanks of the field. An attacking midfielder may at a dangerous time provide custody of an attacking opponent.

Players arrangement:

  1. Defense - 4 players, the Guard is better suited for this role and 2 extreme - Researchers.
  2. Opornik - it is recommended to choose a locomotive here.
  3. Extreme midfielders - 2 Producers.
  4. Attacking midfielder - Scout.
  5. Forwards - Scouts or Producers are well suited for the role.

Pros: the tactics are universal, which allows for a good attack and defense. Ball control, you can conveniently assign players to intercept (most will automatically patronize opponents).

Cons: a large open area between midfielders and extreme defenders.


The old scheme, long forgotten by everyone, shone again in big football. The circuit provides reliable protection.Very important are air transmissions, or accurate passes over short distances.

Players arrangement:

  1. Defense - 3 players, Edge Guard and Explorer in the center.
  2. Extreme midfielders - here it is better to put 2 Producers or 2 Researchers).
  3. Central midfielders - 2 athletes, it is advised to choose Researchers.
  4. Extreme Forwards - 2 Wingers required (Producers who can set the pace of the game).
  5. The central striker is the Scout.

Pros: the game in the "triangle" is when the ball is passed between 3 players, but the dedicated pass zone may not make it possible to implement this strategy. Therefore, in Score Match this tactic has more minuses than pluses. Here you need to understand that your players will not run around the field the way you want it to. Yes, you give them an arrangement that determines their role in the match, but when the opponent has the ball, it is necessary to constantly monitor the entire field.

A big plus of this scheme is the implementation of the ball in the opponent’s penalty area, you can implement a pass between the attacking players, which can be found almost always.

Cons: the mechanics of the game does not allow to fully implement the scheme during a meeting. The limited zone of the pass in the direction and in the radius does not make it possible to play in full. You have to constantly protect the gate.


Scheme for experienced gamers with pumped characters. Better to play in the high Arenas. The strategy is intended for a team with a strong center, which can instantly go on the attack.

Players arrangement:

  1. Defense - 4 players: Security, Locomotives, Researchers - must stand in their places, not including in the attack.
  2. Central midfielder - Lokomotiv, which reliably guards the supporting zone.
  3. Flank midfielders - 2 Researchers, should also not run around the field, but only if necessary, participate in the attack.
  4. Central forward - Producer (he will cause panic in the ranks of the enemy).
  5. Extreme Wingers - Scouts will do this very well.

Pros: a very balanced tactic that gives midfielders the opportunity to defend themselves or advance to the attack.It allows you to almost always work in the pass (if the player does not run at the wrong time), you can find a member of your team in almost any area of ??the pass, convenient work to intercept.

Cons: the center will not be able to quickly move from defense to attack and vice versa. Players need constant monitoring to intercept.


The scheme is more suitable for a defensive game, which takes place to a greater extent in 5 defenders. In addition, a player located in the supporting zone can always go to the midfielders, making an overload in the center of the field.

Players Location:

  1. Protection - 4 guys, if there is, then it is best to put 4 Guards.
  2. Opornik - here Lokomotiv is better.
  3. Extreme midfielders - it is recommended to take 2 Producers.
  4. Central midfielders - you can put 2 Researchers.
  5. Forward is a good pumped Scout.

Pros: good defense, the enemy can hardly break through to the gate. 2 flanking midfielders quickly go on the attack or defense, and the center can support the attack in the penalty area at any time. For Score Match, tactics are good if there are well-pumped players.

Cons: only 1 forward, who is always under the tutelage of opponents. To get into the goal, you must always be located in the pass zone, which sometimes does not always work. Sometimes the system offers to make a transfer back, which is not very convenient, and there is no one to give a pass to.


Tactics implies constant control of the field, good pumped players. The scheme refers to universal strategies, suitable for experienced players at high levels of the Arena.

Players arrangement:

  1. Protection - it is better to choose 3 Guards.
  2. Supporting Defender - must be on this spot Lokomotiv.
  3. Central midfielders - 2 disciplined Researchers are suitable for this role.
  4. Attacking Midfielder - Producer.
  5. Forwards - it is advised to take 3 Scouts, 1 central forward can be replaced by a Producer or Researcher. The latter you will always find in its place.

Pros: Control of the ball in the opponent’s penalty area, 2 central midfielders can at a dangerous moment drag themselves on the defensive. Balance of players on the field. For Score Match the scheme is good maneuverability, you can send several players at once to intercept.

Cons: opponents can hold the ball on the flanks, where large areas are open. Extreme attackers often have to pull themselves to the flanks of the center for defense, so players can’t always be found in their place.


Tactics used in the football club Real. Here the main emphasis is placed on the central attacking midfielder, who connects the supporting zone and the zone in front of the opponent’s goal.

Players arrangement:

  1. Defense - Security or Locomotives (who is), 4 players. These athletes must always be in their area. Only extreme defenders can be sent for interception.
  2. Central midfielders (oporniki) - 2 athletes. It is better to put Researchers who will not leave their area of ??responsibility for this role.
  3. The attacking central midfielder - immediately takes care of the midfield and the opponent’s penalty area. It is better that this player is a Scout with well-pumped parameters.
  4. The central striker is the Scout.
  5. Extreme forwards - it is recommended to put two Producers for maneuverability in an automatic meeting mode. It is worth remembering that these 2 guys at any minute can run wherever they want, and you probably wanted to work in the pass.

Pros: unexpected striking maneuvers can unbalance the enemy. Well protected area at your gate. But to intercept you should send only extreme defenders so as not to expose the penalty box. Strong attack. When attacking, the attacking midfielder will move closer to the opponent’s goal.

Cons: the scheme works only at high levels of the Arena, when the gamer already knows the strengths and weaknesses of his composition, and can rotate the players. The enemy can enter your penalty area along the flanks in the center, since there are only 2 maneuverable midfielders.


Defensive scheme. Defense players practically defend their goal with a wall. In this case, the flank defenders can go into midfield and participate in the attack.

Players arrangement:

  1. Defenders - 5 players. Of these, 3 central defenders are better to put the Guard. 2 extreme defenders - it is recommended to take the Producers. These are unpredictable guys who will greatly interfere with rivals.
  2. Midfielders - 2 players, it is better to put Lokomotiv, who will protect and control the center of the field with powerful bodies.
  3. An attacking midfielder - as in the 4-2-1-3 scheme, it is better to put a pumped Scout.
  4. Forwards are 2 players who can be Scouts or Producers.

Pros: the scheme is similar to the famous "double-ve", that is, the pass is transmitted in the penalty area through the attacking midfielder. Good defense. Basically, the game provides not only protection, but also an attack.

Cons: a large load on the extreme attackers, who can be put forward to attack along the edge of the field. There are also danger zones in the center and closer to the flanks through which the enemy will break through to your goal.

Score Match: Tactics

At the start of the game, the gamer will receive 2 classic schemes for placing players on the field and several level 1 athletes. There is not much to choose. Therefore, at the start you should pump all the available players.

First entering the field after training, you will immediately find yourself in a match with a real player. Now it all depends on your skill and strategy.

First you need to carefully examine the field and determine the tactics of the opponent. This rule applies to any Arena. Since the players ’playing style will depend on the location of the players on the field.

The most common scheme that gamers love to use is 4-3-3. We talked about it above. The scheme implies quick attacks. Players can also quickly go on the defensive. The center of the field will always remain the epicenter of battles between rivals. But if you play the pass, while correctly positioning the athletes, you can beautifully win.An important criterion in every victory is a vision of the field. If your time is running out and you cannot constantly monitor the players, then it is better to postpone meetings until later.

Do not forget that some part of the game takes place automatically. For example, when the ball is at the opponent, your players automatically go on the defensive and try to pick up the ball. You cannot influence the movement of your guys. The only control over them is the appointment of a player to intercept.

In order for your players to know their roles more accurately, it is recommended to use more advanced schemes. Thus, they will work more clearly and harmoniously.

Captain. Basically, this is a Scout, although you can choose another hero. He will not only set the pace of the game on the field, but also perform more responsible missions. For example, a captain can be assigned to a penalty shootout or corner kick. The morale of the team will depend on how pumped your captain is. In the game, this is not indicated in numbers, but experienced players have noticed that the team behaves more aggressively in the attack, if captain Scout. If you assign the Guard, then the whole team will focus more on defense in any scheme. And this is not very good in some meetings.

Also, the captain’s face will be on the avatar of your account, it will almost always be in the center of attention of journalists. The captain can choose any role through the Player menu.

It is impossible to predict certain tactics for conducting a match. The game depends on the choice of the scheme for building players on the field, your attentiveness, the speed of choosing a player to intercept the ball and the level of athletes.

The roles of the players. In addition to the main positions on the field, it is possible to appoint an athlete to perform certain actions during the meeting. It can be:

  1. Free kicks - performed by a specific designated player. It is better to put the player with a good "Paz" and, preferably, he had a "Blow" in the region of 80 - 100%. Such strikes are performed after an opponent’s mistake.
  2. Penalty - here it’s worth putting a pumped Producer, who has developed "Blow". He rarely misses the target. Over time, it can be replaced by an Architect. A series of penalties or "Penalty Kicks" is made at the end of a meeting if there was a draw or no goals were scored.
  3. Corner - given after the opponent’s mistake in your penalty area. For this role, it is better to appoint a guy with good Strength and good performance in the main characteristics of Strength and Power.

During the game, it is recommended to change players who are assigned to certain roles if more pumped players come across. Cards are randomly drawn, so the first person you upgrade is unknown.

Score Match: Guide to the professions of football players

In the game, athletes have professions that determine the tactics for playing this guy on the field:

  1. A scout is an excellent mobile player, goes well to intercept, and he can perfectly hold the ball on the field. It should be placed in attacking positions. He should not be put in defense, as he can play a pass or tear only to him in a certain direction. He has a well-developed Stroke and Pass. Slightly smaller "Punch." Quite poorly developed "Reflection". It will not be able to patronize the Scout of the opponent. There is an indicator "Running".
  2. The producer is one of the most unpredictable players with a superbly developed "Beat". It is recommended to put on attacking positions. Likes to work in the pass. Good shots on goal. If you have a well-developed Producer - it is worth putting on a penalty shootout. His "pass" is developed above average, even less "Stroke" and very little "Reflection". There is no "Custody" and "Run".
  3. Lokomotiv - has great potential, a very powerful football player with an excellent "Pass" (he has developed it as much as possible). This is a fully team player. It should be put as a midfielder. But it can perfectly show itself in the role of an extreme defender or an attacking player. His "hit" is developed at 80%, the Stroke indicator is slightly less.His "reflection" is higher than that of the Producer and Scout. There is a "Custody" and "Running."
  4. The researcher is an extremely versatile player. It can act in any role. He has the highest Pass, Stroke, and Reflection scores.That is why it should be put in midfield or in defense. But since "Impact" he has only 40%, it is better for them to hit for short distances when passing the ball to a teammate. Well takes care of the opponent. There is a "Custody" and "Running."
  5. Security is a great player for defense. He has a "Custody" and a well-developed indicator "Pass". He conquers the ball very quickly. You can put a midfielder. The Guard has a poorly developed "Beat" and "Stroke". 50% developed "Reflection".
  6. The goalkeeper is a very reliable guy, well balanced. He has 90% developed Pass and 100% Reflection. True, it has a weak "Beat" and generally has no "Stroke" characteristics. There is no "Run" and "Guardianship."
  7. Goalkeeper Cleaner is another goalkeeper who will appear after a series of games in the Arena. He is constantly ready to act. He can organize attacks and provide support on his side of the field. He has developed "Pass" to 100%, but the reflection is only 50% (very little for the goalkeeper). Has a weak "Beat" and no indicator "Stroke". There is no "Run" and "Guardianship."
  8. An uninvited guest is a very strong player, he can play at a pace "gate to gate". Good at midfielder position. He has a well-developed Stroke and Pass. "Reflection" and "Impact" are not very developed. Therefore, this player is good at handling interception. Will be able to lead the ball through the entire field. It has a "Run" option.
  9. Architect - Available at High Arenas. Can perform passes that are not available to other players. Maximum indicators: "Beat" and "Pass". This is more of an attacking player, since he does not have "Run" and "Guardianship". The "stroke" is developed by 50% and by 10% - "Reflection". It can be put forward.
  10. The commander is an incomprehensible guy, available at high Arenas. It is assumed that he must stand in defense, as he has a high rate of "Reflection". You can set it as the central defender. He has a "Custody", but all other characteristics are poorly developed, and there is no "Running".
  11. Defender - another obscure player for the role of defender. Moreover, it has 100% "Pass" and there is "Custody". 60% developed "Reflection". Has a weak "Beat" and "Stroke".
  12. A tramp is a player in the position of an attacker. It has a terrific "Beat" and there is a parameter "Run".All!Everything else is practically absent from him. But, thanks to its skill, it can perfectly accept simple and transverse gears. Most suitable for the role of a central striker.
  13. Thunderstorm is the same as the Tramp, but has indicators slightly higher. Also well developed is "Beat". This player was created for the central striker, as his ability often makes it possible to get on goal from anywhere.
  14. Skorokhod is an attacking footballer. Has the characteristic "Running". It can be put on the position of strikers or midfielders. He will always break through to the gates of the enemy, using a high speed of movement. He has no "Custody" and practically no "Reflection" and "Pass". But he has a terrific Stroke and Stroke. A good player who will be available at high levels of the Arena.
  15. Hammer - you can sign the contract with him the latest. This guy was created to protect his goal. He has no "Run" and "Guardianship." He also has a weak Stroke and Reflection, but he has a powerful Beat. At the same time, "Pass" he only 50%. You should work with him only in the pass, but over long distances.
Experienced players are advised to put on the goalie, as he has a very high indicator of "Reflection". This characteristic is important in the penalty shootout and during the defense of the goal.

Score Match: Player Leveling Tips

In the game, football players are pumped for the players’ cards, which can be obtained:

  1. Arena package - after each match a special prize is given. It is located in one of the 4 cells of the main screen of the simulator. To open it, you must first unlock the package. To do this, click on it, after which the timer will start. After the required time has elapsed, you can get a reward. If you want to open the package immediately, then you can use gems.
  2. A free package is a reward for visiting the game. You can get it 4 hours after opening the previous package.
  3. Shop - it can be purchased for game bucks and gems Player cards.
After you collect the required number of Cards, you will need to raise the level of the player. To do this, go to the team menu and select the player who should increase the level. Level goes up for bucks.

Specifications. With each level increase, the main characteristics of the character increase:

  1. Speed is the speed a character moves across a field. The higher the score, the faster the player can respond to a pass or ball grab. This characteristic is also important at the moment when the ball does not fly to a certain athlete (the costs of the pass zone, you just have to throw the ball into the area closer to your player).
  2. Height - a parameter that shows how high the hero can transmit through the air. Also, this indicator affects the distance of the ball.
  3. Strength - this characteristic determines the force of impact on the ball. The higher the parameter, the stronger the transmission. It is very important when the hero hits a long distance or on goal.
  4. Power - shows the general physical condition of the athlete, his endurance. The more powerful the footballer, the less he will get tired on the field, it will be better to make transfers and interception.
  5. Skill - Each athlete has a defining professional skill. For example, a Producer delivers accurate transmissions. Moreover, the higher the skill indicator, the more accurate will be his passes.
  6. The response is the response speed to your Intercept command. On the field, before running across the opponent for the ball, the player "freezes" in space for some time. The stopper lasts a few precious seconds. Therefore, the higher the characteristic, the less the player will "think" over your call.


Each character in Score Match has a specific behavior on the field. This behavior depends on the player’s profession.

It is worth noting that with an increase in the level of the character, only the main characteristics ("Statistics") of the athlete increase. Behavioral indicators are a stationary value that does not change. That is, it’s impossible to pump indicators.

Behavioral Indicators:

  1. Kick - determines how hard the hero can hit the ball during a pass or shot through the goal. This affects the range of the ball, as well as on the strength of the Characters with a maximum indicator of "Blow" can be put in the attackers (preferably the central striker) so that they can penetrate the opponent’s goal more strongly.
  2. Pass - this indicator will tell you how much the player interacts with his comrades, and how successfully he will be able to complete the transfer.
  3. Stroke - will let you know about the probability with which an athlete runs around the opponent and leads the ball across the field to the desired point.
  4. Reflection - the indicator will tell you how much the athlete can hit the ball, withstand the onslaught of the opponent, or catch the ball on the fly. The indicator is primarily important for goalkeepers and central defenders.
  5. Custody - if the indicator is turned on, the player automatically patronizes a free nearby opponent when the opposing team owns the ball. Important for midfielders and defenders.
  6. Running - if this characteristic is present in the player, then he can automatically, after receiving the ball, move with him to the opponent’s goal. Well, if this indicator is with midfielders and extreme strikers. But if you want to play clearly in a pass, then such players will ruin your plans.
If a player with "Running" also has a high "Stroke", then he will calmly bring the ball into the opponent’s penalty area, but how he returns the ball or hits the goal depends on your skill.

There is also a scale that shows what the player is more inclined to: attack or security (defense). According to the scale, you can determine the position of the character. If the scale is approximately 50% to 50%, then this player can definitely be an excellent central midfielder or defensive player (depending on the Profession). If the hero is more inclined to defend, then these are defenders or oporniks. If the attack dominates, it is recommended to put the champion closer to the opponent’s goal.

Score Match: Store Overview

Like most games, Score Match has a store where you can buy various useful items. To enter the store, go to the main screen and click on the grocery cart icon (at the bottom of the display).

What good can you get at this outlet? Firstly, these are player cards. They need to be bought first, as they will fall randomly from packages. And with each new level of cards for pumping requires more and more. Cards can be bought for dollars and for bucks. Each subsequent Card is more expensive than the previous one.

Secondly, here you can buy wonderful packages that are guaranteed to give you 50 and higher Player Cards. Of course, these packages are designed for purchase with gems, which in turn can be bought for real money (or accumulate, if you have enough patience). Gems themselves can be bought here, if you scroll down the range below. For purchase, the developers have prepared for you:

  1. Gold package - costs 230 gems. From it you can get guaranteed 56 Cards, 450 - 650 bucks and 11 - 21 gems. Also in additional prizes you can get the uniform, boots, tactical scheme and emotions. By the way, emotions can be used in chat to communicate with the enemy.
  2. Platinum package - costs 480 stones. Guaranteed, you can get 141 cards, more than 1000 bucks and some gems. In additional prizes, the chance of dropping an item is increased compared to the Golden bundle.
  3. Diamond bag - here you can immediately pull out 352 Cards, more than 2,000 bucks and about 100 gems. Additional rewards also have an increased chance of falling out.

Yes, the packages themselves are very good, especially for starting the game. But whether you spend real money on the purchase of virtual buns is up to you. But on a gold package, you can really accumulate gems.

Next in the store are offers to buy gems for real money and buy bucks for gems.

How to get more gems? In fact, it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. From each package of the Arena, you will definitely receive at least 2 gems. You will get the same amount of stones from the Free bundle. If you are very lucky, then you can pull the gems from the package, which is given for watching the commercial. This package can be opened after each match, regardless of its outcome.

For advertising, you can increase one of the prizes received from Arena packages by 2 times for watching an advertising video.

Score Match: Main Menu Guide

The player who first entered the game, can definitely get confused and get confused in the icons. In the center of the main screen arenas are located in ascending order:

  1. Junior - the very first Arena, available from the very beginning of the game.
  2. Amateur - in order to get to this Arena, you need to collect 40 stars.
For each victory, the player receives 3 stars. For each defeat, 1 star will be taken from you.
  1. Semi-professional - to move to this League, you need to accumulate 90 stars.
  2. Professional - 170 stars in the gamer’s piggy bank serve passes to this Arena.
  3. Luxury - 260 stars are required to enter the League.
  4. Premiere - 420 stars should be accumulated.
  5. Supreme - the most patient and gamblers get here. To pass, you must have 670 stars.
  6. Elite - 1030 stars and you are at one of the most difficult arenas. This is where players who previously played by depositing real money into the game can drop out (they can pump their team members faster). After this Arena, you need to have brains to win.
  7. Workshop - for the transition should have 1520 stars.
  8. Legendary - 2160 stars.
  9. A legendary plus - if you get to this Arena - you will prove to yourself that you are a very cool player. Only the most intelligent gamers really play in this League, so it is the most interesting.

Account The main game currencies and their quantity are shown above the Arena. And also in the upper right corner is a photo of the team captain, that is, this is an avatar of your account. What is interesting here? Here you can see the statistics of your career: how many meetings were held, how many victories and defeats, the number of goals scored and so on. Why are we telling this? Since there are a lot of complaints and questions about the lack of game statistics. It is, you just need to go to the menu.

Customization. This is the first icon at the bottom of the screen when viewed from left to right. Here you can see the developers (FTG button), contact support if you have any problems. To do this, click on the "i" button and go to the "Graphics" section, then tap on the "i" button (information) again. You can also see legal information and set up receiving notifications on your mobile phone (bottom button on the right with a bell).

The center contains the main parameters of the game, which are recommended to be adjusted for the player. Here you can check or uncheck the box next to "Google Play Games". If the parameter is turned off, the game process will not be saved, and you may lose all data. It is also recommended here to connect a Facebook account.

Why do I need to connect the page to facebook?

  1. You can hire the players of your friends as a team. To do this, after registering the page, you need to find people playing (it is best to do this on the official developers page). After adding, you can hire a friend’s player in the Team’s menu through free cells at the bottom of the screen.
  2. In order to get more rewards, you can play for the team of your friends.
  3. Registering a page will save the game and continue progress on another device.
  4. You can challenge a friend through the Friends menu (located at the bottom of the main screen).
  5. For connecting to your Facebook account you will receive a one-time Platinum package! For a beginner, a good help in the game.

Repeat window. The section is in the lower right corner (camera icon). Here you can see the records of the most successful moments of your games. In total, you can collect a collection of 100 clips. Also, any video can be marked with a heart and viewed through the "Show Favorites" item. The most interesting thing is that the repetition of moments comes on behalf of the television channels that shot your meeting on camera. It is interesting to look at the behavior of players from different angles, then analyze and draw the right conclusions.

Conclusion: the game is dynamic and interesting. You can always try your hand at an impromptu soccer field with a real person. But the game is overshadowed by its incompleteness. The desire to fix so many points. For example, the ability to choose which way to pass, and not use the limited zone. I would also like to note that sometimes your shots on goal will go past the goal or the ball will fly right into the hands of the goalkeeper, although you have a different ball flight path. But, nevertheless, you can get used to these points. All the flaws will hide a pleasant feeling of victory!

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