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SEVEN KNIGHTS is an Android game with a release date of 10/14/2015 from Netmarble. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Hero Leveling Guide
  2. All About Hero Skills
  3. Pet Upgrade
  4. All Battle Modes
  5. Combat Guide
  6. Subject Guide
  7. Should I Join a Guild?
  8. Hero Account and Profile
  9. How to Earn In-Game Currency?
  10. How Do Automatic Travel Settings Work?

Seven Knights: Hero Leveling Guide

Level up. The hero’s level rises after obtaining the required amount of experience points. The maximum level is 40. With each new level, the characteristics of the hero improve.

Try your luck. You can increase the level of the hero at random by paying 30 rubies. In this case, the hero’s level will change randomly by several units, but not higher than the 40th level.

Increased strength. The hero’s strength increases gradually from 1 to 5 units. With each increase in strength, the characteristics of the hero improve, and upon reaching +5 strength, the rank increases.

Raising the rank. To increase the rank of a hero, you need to increase his strength by +5 and use the element corresponding to the hero. You don’t need to have a maximum level 40 to increase your rank. There are 6 ranks in total, but for some heroes there is no provision for obtaining rank 5 and 6, for example, for Surtr.

Transcendence. The ability to increase the maximum level of the hero by 2, up to the 50th level. To transcend a hero, you need an exact copy. For example, to level up a rank 6 Nia, you need another rank 6 Nia.

Normal heroes can only be transcended through Fina and must have +5 strength.

Enlightenment. The ability to increase the characteristics of the hero and open a new ability. To get enlightenment, the hero must be of the 6th rank and have +5 strength, after which the hero receives a strengthening of +10. For enlightenment, you must use a rank 6 hero / rice cake and amplification crystals.

Mythical enlightenment. The ability to significantly improve the characteristics of the hero, get a unique attack and an exclusive item. To achieve mythical enlightenment, the hero must reach level 40 and have a gain of +10.

Limitations of improvements. The characteristics of the hero can only be improved up to a certain level:

The essence of the soul. Can be obtained by selling heroes. The higher the rank of the hero, the more units of essence you can get. Below is a table with information on the proceeds of essence from the sale of heroes.

HeroRankSoul Essence
Seven Knights,
Dark Knights,
Four Lords,
Four Ancient Lords,
Hidden Masters,
Academy of Magic
4 stars3500
5 stars3800
6 stars4100
Mythical enlightenment5000
Night Crow,
Terra Confederation
4 stars1600
5 stars1800
6 stars2000
Mythical enlightenment2500
Usual1 star4
2 starsten
3 starsthirty
4 stars70
5 stars150
6 stars500
Mythical enlightenment1000
Fairy Leah’s Soul1 star5000

The soul of a warrior. The system of abilities of the hero, which allows you to receive various buffs (temporary improvements). In the menu under the Warrior Soul section, you can unlock and improve buffs using Soul Shards.

Once the buffs are unlocked, they will become available to all heroes of level 50. Improvements are not applied automatically, for each hero you need to manually activate up to 3 buffs.

You can reset all applied buffs using topaz. When you reset, all spent Soul Shards are returned, and you can re-select the warrior’s Soul skills.

Exclusive items. Each enlightened hero has his own exclusive item that allows you to discover and use unique abilities. Items are obtained in three stages, they can be activated for gold at 40, 42 and 44 hero levels. After the mythic enlightenment, the hero’s exclusive item is upgraded.

Gaia’s gifts. When the hero reaches level 42, 44, 46, 48 and 50, you have the opportunity to receive exclusive items, gold, rubies, topazes, special costumes and more as a reward. Gaia’s Gift can be obtained by leveling only some heroes, for example, Rudy and Rachel.

Seven Knights: All About Hero Skills

Mastery are hero skills that can be unlocked by reaching a certain level. Skills cannot be purchased, they can only be unlocked at every fifth level. The hero’s skill can be customized for each battle mode.

Skills play a key role in completing the levels of the game, so make sure to set up the skill of the heroes correctly before the battle.

Skill filter. By opening the filtering tab, all skills will be structured in order depending on the heroes you have. Here you can get all the information about any hero. Heroes you don’t have will be displayed based on their highest rank.

LevelBasic skillOffensive skillDefensive skill
fiveIncrease in the amount of gold received in Travel by 5%.Increase the speed of obtaining items on the Journey by 5%.Increase your hero acquisition speed on the Journey by 5%.
tenReducing hero cooldown by 5% in PvP and PvE battles.Increases heroes’ attack by 20% in PvE battles.Increases heroes’ defense by 10% in PvE battles.
fifteenReduces enemy attack speed by 10% in PvP and PvE battles.Increases the critical strike chance of heroes by 10% in PvP and PvE battles.Increase the speed of death of enemy heroes by 10% in PvP and PvE battles.
20Increases hero attack by 10% in PvP and PvE battles.Increases critical damage of heroes by 10% in PvP and PvE battles.Increases the lethal damage of enemy heroes by 10% in PvP and PvE battles.
25Increases the health of heroes by 10% in PvP and PvE battles.Increase the confrontation of heroes by 10% in PvP and PvE battles.Increases the chance of heroes to reflect an attack by 10% in PvP and PvE battles.
thirtyReduces enemy defense by 20% in PvP and PvE battles.Increase hero attack by 20% in PvP and PvE battles.Increases heroes’ magical attack by 20% in PvP and PvE battles.

Seven Knights: Pet Upgrade

Rank. To increase the rank of your pet, you must use a second similar pet of the same rank. For example, to level up a Rank 4 Windy, you will need another Rank 4 Windy.

Enlightenment. You can improve the characteristics of rank 6 pets and unlock new skills. For enlightenment you have to pay in gold.

Mood. The pet’s mood can be improved up to level 10. The higher the mood level, the better your chances of success. The mood is improved by rubies or pet essence. Essence can be obtained by selling pets.

Seven Knights: All Battle Modes

Journey. Learn the history of the Seven Knights as you travel through Asghar and the Lunar Isles. With each completed stage on the map, heroes will receive experience points. Also in the Travel you can get the necessary resources: rubies, gold and items.

Arena. Fight other Seven Knights players, win and increase your ranking in the standings. All battles in the arena are automatic and last one week. At the end of the season, depending on your rating, you can receive a reward: rubies, topaz and shards of a warrior’s soul.

Ares Cup. A special tournament between users in the Arena battles mode. The tournament is held every 4 weeks between 32 players. Those users who do not participate in battles can follow them and make predictions on the outcome of battles. Correct predictions bring good rewards.

Special dungeons. You can get access to the dungeons of growth, or to the dungeons of events and earn the resources necessary to develop your game profile. The rewards in the dungeons of events are always different. In the Dungeon of Growth, you can get items, items and gold. Only 4 difficulty levels, the higher the difficulty, the better the reward.

Roundup. The main opportunity to get items, jewelry and accessories. Reflecting enemy raids, you earn points and receive rewards. You can use automatic clearing of the enemy 3 times a day.

Reflect all normal roundups to gain access to an additional level. This quest will be open for 24 hours. For completing an additional level, you can get a higher reward.

Heavenly staircase. There are 10 floors available for battles. Each floor has its own ranking of the best players, which is reset every two weeks. Your reward will depend on your place in the leaderboard.

The rating depends on how much time you spent on the passage of the floor. You can go through the floor an unlimited number of times, so you can always improve your time indicator.

The battle conditions on the Heavenly Ladder change every week, so do not forget to change the strategy of the game.

Storming the castle. Daily battle with one of the Seven Knights. Your task is to score as many points as possible in the allotted time. There are 4 difficulty levels of the castle assault. The higher the difficulty, the better the reward you can get.

If you play multiple times during the day, your highest score will count. When calculating the guild rating, all points earned for several attempts will be summed up.

Seven Knights: Combat Guide

Battle. Within one turn, you and your opponent take an action. The speed of attack and counterattack does not affect the number of moves. The type and amount of damage inflicted on the enemy depends on the type of attack.

If the hero is under the influence and is in a state of inability to perform actions, the turn will be skipped. If there are restrictions on a certain type of attack, then you must use the basic attack of the hero.

Conditions in which the hero is incapacitated and unable to attack the enemy:

Additional negative conditions:

Immunities in which heroes become immune to external influences:


Special effects:

Content statistics. The game analyzes all user actions and displays the most successful combinations of heroes for a specific battle mode. In this section, you can familiarize yourself with the teams of other players and automatically apply their layout to your heroes.

Seven Knights: Subject Guide

Improving items

To increase the characteristics of items, you must use gold and special improvement stones. The maximum upgrade level is +5. The higher the level of improvement, the more expensive its cost. For example, for the first improvement, you need to pay 6000 gold and 100 improvement stones.

Enlightenment. The ability to significantly increase the characteristics of items of rank 6 with an improvement of +5. For enlightenment you have to pay in gold. For the subsequent enlightenment and improvement of the item to +10, you need to spend gold and improvement stones. Next, you can increase the rank of the item.

Upgrade stones can be obtained:

6 rank0982503325080040020010050

Mythical enlightenment. The ability to improve the characteristics of dragon items (SS) and boss items (S) after the first enlightenment with an improvement of +10. To upgrade, you need special mythical stones.

Mythical stones can be obtained:

You can improve the effectiveness of mythically enlightened objects by using polishing. You can polish an item with rubies or improvement stones.


A hero can have several items, for this you need to open the corresponding slots. The first slot can be opened with items, the second with gold and magic crystals.

A substation can be added to an accessory, but accessories of the same type cannot be combined. There are 5 substation levels available, the higher it is, the more powerful the item becomes. The substation level is detected automatically and does not decrease with repeated attempts.

If you use the Ring of Stubbornness or the Ring of the Guardian as a substation, then the level change does not occur.


Jewelry allows you to increase the characteristics of your heroes, they can be obtained in the Journey. After the hero reaches level 32, 3 jewels can be added to his equipment.

Jewels can be used in any combination regardless of their level and color. This allows you to improve exactly those characteristics of the heroes that are necessary for the battle in accordance with your tactics.

If you want to increase the damage taken by enemies, add more red gems to the hero. If you want to increase the health and defense of the hero, add more green and blue gems.

Remember that the values of the same jewels do not add up, only one item with the highest value is applied.

Enlightenment. The ability to improve the characteristics of jewelry for battles. To increase the level of one gem with a +5 boost, two more of the same enhanced gems are needed.

The enlightenment field of a jewel, its main characteristic can be changed, and the color of the jewel will also be changed. To change the characteristics, you need to spend gold and 10 crystals of light.

Two ways to enlighten a jewel:

Seven Knights: Should I Join a Guild?

By joining a guild, you get the opportunity to receive additional rewards by participating in the events and battles of the guild. When you level up the guild and build a tavern, you get discounts for purchasing buffs.

Battle modes

Guild War. The confrontation takes place in two phases: preparation and battle. During the preparation, the guild team is formed, and during the second phase, you can choose the enemy to fight.

The guild leader and officer assign posts and roles to teammates. Guild members can be assigned to 3 special positions:

The goal of the battle is to get as many coins of the opposing guild as possible. If you are not assigned to a special position, then you can attack the enemy only 2 times.

You can take part in the battle only by joining one of the guilds.

The season lasts 5 weeks, during which there are several guild wars. During a certain period of the season, some heroes will be prohibited from taking part in battles, so the composition of the team will need to be changed. At the end of the season, guild members receive rewards.

Guild dungeons. In order to open a dungeon, a guild must be at least level 5 and have at least 200,000 points. During the battle, try to inflict as much damage as possible, you cannot pause this battle.

You only have one attempt to visit the dungeon a day, so carefully form your team.

The season lasts 5 weeks. Guild rating depends on how many battles and how long it took. At the end of the season, guild members receive rewards.

Siege. For a certain period of time, you need to competently use the skills of your heroes and save the Guardian Crystal. Passing a level is not counted if the HP of the crystal drops to zero.

There are 3 levels of difficulty, the higher the level, the longer you need to keep the crystal. Season end rewards are based on guild results. The more guild members took part and successfully completed the battle, the higher the rewards.

Raiding guilds. Team up with guild members to repel the attack of new bosses. Participation in the battle will be available for a certain time. You will have 2 attempts to fight before the next billing period.

Guild tavern

After the guild has earned a certain number of points, it becomes possible to build a tavern and get guild improvements. Upgrades can only be purchased by a leader or an officer, but they apply to all members of the guild.

When choosing upgrades for your guild, remember that they only apply to PvE battles.

As the level of the tavern increases, the effectiveness of buffs and the amount that can be purchased at one time increases. Discounts on the purchase of power-ups are valid for guild members for 24 hours, in order not to miss discounts, you can set up an automatic purchase.

At the same time, the guild can use no more than 5 buffs for battle. Buffs do not apply during battles in Guild War, Arena, and Castle Assault.

Seven Knights: Hero Account and Profile

Help. If you are a beginner and you have any questions about the game, or you just want to get information about all the functions of the game, you must click on News, and then on Help. Browse through the headlines of the white papers and open the one you want.

Support service. If you have any questions or problems with the game, you can contact the developers through the tab in the Information section. The message can be sent via Facebook or e-mail.

If you have been withdrawn money, but the purchase is not displayed in your profile, you also need to contact support. Please submit a screenshot of your receipt for a check on the status of your purchase.


When you log into the game, you create your account. To save gameplay, you need to link your account to your Facebook, Game Center or Google Play account. You cannot delete, disable or overwrite the account.

You can restore game data when you change the device only if your account was associated with one of the above accounts. Through the support team, you can add guest purchases to your main account.

Do not shop as a guest. If you are a beginner and are not connected to Facebook, Game Center or Google Play, then the game is automatically played in guest mode.

If you forget your Facebook, Game Center or Google Play password when you change your gaming device and are unable to enter the game, please contact support. You may need purchase receipts and gaming device information to recover your account.

Data transfer between iOS and Android devices is possible only when the account is connected to Facebook.

Hero Profile


Blocking. If a hero is blocked, he cannot be sold and used as material to improve another hero. Special heroes are blocked automatically. You can unlock / lock a hero at the bottom of the main hero profile, or in the inventory section.

Transcendence counter. In the lower right corner of the profile, information about the number of improvements made is displayed. When the hero reaches the maximum level of development, a rainbow-colored wing will appear on the profile.

Shrine of Heroes

By collecting heroes from a certain group, you can increase their characteristics. The sanctuary displays information about the rank of heroes, level and enhancements.

If you have the desired hero, then you can add him to a specific group by clicking "register". You can add heroes of a higher rank than required.

Shrine of Heroes UI:

  1. The sanctuary is divided into regular heroes, special ones, and event-related ones.
  2. Through the Heroes tab, you can get information about all the heroes you have.
  3. Get information about the effects of the sanctuary and their activation.
  4. You can use blocked heroes.
  5. Filter the displayed list of shrine heroes.
  6. Check the level of heroes and raise it to the required level.
  7. Receive a gift for applying the Shrine Effect.
  8. Increase the characteristics of the heroes of the sanctuary.
  9. Add a hero to the shrine.
Click on the hero’s portrait to get all the information about him.

Seven Knights: How to Earn In-Game Currency?

Rubies. This type of currency can be obtained as a reward for participating in events in the following battle modes:

Participation in the Journey is the main way to get rubies. You will receive rubies every time one of your heroes reaches the maximum level 40: 5 rubies for the first achievement, 3 rubies for each subsequent one. Rubies can also be obtained using the automatic cleaning system in the Travel.

Chloe’s gift. Each time you summon rubies in the store, you get miles points that can be exchanged for Chloe’s gift. There are 4 grades of gifts in total: B, A, S, SS. The rank of your gift is based on the number of miles earned.

Topaz. This type of currency can be obtained as a reward for participating in events in the following battle modes:

Also, topaz can be obtained from the hero’s transcendence. The higher the transcendence meter, the more Topaz you can get.

Gold. This type of currency can be obtained by selling heroes and gold ore. You can also get gold as a reward for participating in events in the following battle modes:

Seven Knights: How Do Automatic Travel Settings Work?

Automatic replacement. This function allows you to configure the automatic replacement of heroes who have reached the maximum level 40 with less pumped ones. You can select specific options for the autochange cycle.

Automatic sale. This feature allows you to customize the sale of heroes, pets, items, accessories and jewelry. In the settings, you set which objects will be automatically sold without your participation.

Automatic improvement. This function allows you to customize the process of improving heroes when the required materials first appear. In the settings, you set which heroes need to be automatically upgraded.

Customizing hero skills. This function allows you to select the skills of the heroes that they will use when autorepeating the Journey. You can set one skill set, or several for each attack wave.

Automatic settings. This function allows you to select the conditions under which the auto-repeat of the Trip will be disabled.

Automatic cleaning. This feature allows you to automatically collect rewards from the passed stages. However, this does not increase the level of the hero, and you do not receive rubies for pumping the hero. To run autovacuum, you must have free space in your inventory.

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