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Shadow of Death 2 WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Shadow of Death 2 is a role-playing game from Bravestars Games, in which you can feel like a real warrior. Choose a like-minded character, upgrade his abilities and develop your combat management skills. Fight demons and the strongest bosses, pass tests and earn rewards. Prove to everyone your superiority in the arena in battle with other players.


  1. Advice from experienced players?
  2. Guide for Beginners
  3. Tips for choosing a hero
  4. How to control the hero and fight?
  5. Hero Development Tips
  6. Weapons and Equipment Guide
  7. How to improve equipment?
  8. All about completing the Adventures
  9. Boss Fight Tips
  10. How to complete the Bloody Tower?
  11. Arena Battle Tips
  12. What tasks are worth completing?
  13. All about getting free resources
  14. What benefits can donors receive?
  15. Game Store Guide
  16. Is it worth playing?

Shadow of Death 2: Advice from experienced players?

1. Be active. To become an invincible warrior of the City of Light, you need to increase your level, get high-quality weapons and equipment. To do this, spend more time in the game and take part in all game activities. First of all, try to use all the daily opportunities to fight demons and bosses.

2. Study the game. When opening a new activity or additional function of the game, familiarize yourself with the rules and how they operate. Use the special information tabs to explore all the available information. This will help you quickly get used to the game, wisely distribute available resources and get into the top players.

3. Fight more. The game does not provide an automatic battle mode, so each time the outcome of the battle depends on your skills in controlling the hero. Set up a control system that is convenient for you. Change weapons to learn all the special attacks and determine the most effective weapon. Fight as often as possible, even if you lose, your control skills will improve each time.

4. Upgrade your weapons and equipment. One of the main factors on which your victory in battle will depend is the hero’s attack and defense indicators. To increase them, several types of equipment and weapons are used. Get high-quality items and increase their characteristics to further strengthen your hero.

5. Study your opponents. The game does not provide a Bestiary, which would store all the necessary information about demons and bosses, their characteristics and special attacks. Study your opponent, remember the characteristics of attacks and be prepared for the next meeting with him. Try different combat tactics, look for enemy weaknesses and take your own notes.

6. Watch advertisements. The game provides many ways to obtain free resources. Carefully study all the tabs, especially in the store, so as not to miss the opportunity to receive resources for development or items for completing the main game activities. Watching advertisements allows you to double your daily reward and resurrect your hero in case of death.

7. Take the Newbie Challenge. At the very beginning of the game you will have access to a special challenge for beginners. It will last 7 days, during which time make every effort to complete all 70 tasks and earn the maximum amount of resources for development. In addition, for successfully completing the test you will receive a unique weapon for your hero. Tasks are opened one after another every day. To successfully pass the test, follow these steps:

Shadow of Death 2: Guide for Beginners

Get familiar with the interface. In the center of the main screen of the game, the main character is displayed, with whom you fight battles while completing game activities. The top of the screen displays the name, current level and amount of basic resources. On the left side of the screen there are buttons to go to the list of main tasks and temporary event missions. Special promotions for donors are displayed on the left side of the screen. At the bottom of the screen there are buttons for moving to the main sections of the game.

What should you pay attention to? Shadow of Death 2 is an interesting and diverse game, so carefully study all the available options. To quickly develop the main character, be active and successfully demonstrate yourself in various game activities. The main ones are:

To quickly understand the process of hero development, study the game and try different activities.

Set up the game. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner to go to the game settings. In the Game section, adjust the sound, music and damage display. In the Controls section, determine the size of the control buttons and their location for a more convenient game. The game has been translated into several languages, so in the Languages ​​section, choose the one that suits you.

Log in. Open the Account tab in the game settings and link your profile to the game center or social network page. This procedure allows you to transfer saves from one device to another without losing progress in the development of the hero. Don’t forget to protect yourself and your purchases and get 300 soul points and 100,000 blood points as a reward.

What is this story about? The City of Light was a beacon of hope and prosperity, but in an instant plunged into the abyss of despair. The king made an agreement with the forces of evil and the demons began to hunt people. A spark of perseverance flared up in the hearts of 5 brave warriors. United by a common goal, the warriors gathered together, now the fate of the world is in their hands. Become one of the great warriors and drive the Devons out of the City of Light.

Shadow of Death 2: Tips for choosing a hero

The hero is one of the great warriors of the City of Light, who rebelled against the king and stood up for the defense of ordinary people. It is with its help that you will take part in battles with demons and bosses. Learn to control the hero and go into battle.

Who to play for? The game features 5 different warriors of the City of Light. Each of them is unique not only in appearance. Heroes have special fighting styles and skills. If you do not plan to invest money in the game, then the choice is simple - only Maximus is available to you. With proper upgrades, he can also withstand any opponent.

Maximus. A renowned general and master of swords, versatile in everything. During the war, he lost his left arm, which crushed his pride. No one knows how he managed to regain his hand, but it gave him a chance to go to the City of Light, achieve redemption and exact revenge.

Who to buy? If you still decide to make an in-game purchase, you should take a responsible approach to choosing a hero. We recommend starting the game with Maximus and fighting in the Arena with the warriors of the City of Light that interest you. This way you can evaluate the appearance of the fighters and their basic combat skills. Select a hero based on the fighting technique you prefer to use.

Quinn. A master of ranged combat, she strives to find her true self and resists dark thoughts. She is able to protect both people and demons, since mixed blood flows in her veins. Capable of delivering precise, deadly attacks with her daggers and dealing area damage with her spells.

Mount. A fierce warrior, an unsurpassed master of close combat. Just the sight of the hero’s legendary armor makes enemies tremble. This is a real war machine, capable of attacking with additional arms, crushing the enemy with thunderous hammer blows and deflecting attacks with a shield.

Lunae. A flexible and graceful warrior who prefers to use various combat combinations. Her mission is to return a stolen relic, the powerful artifact Well of Souls. Has high speed, uses strong and long-range strikes, and destructive combinations of spells.

Adrius. A true killer, his blows cause critical and fatal damage to the enemy. As a child from a poor family, he strove for secret knowledge, which gave him superiority over the enemy. A persistent and dexterous hero.

Shadow of Death 2: How to control the hero and fight?

How to move the hero? You have to independently control the hero to move around the location, attack and dodge the attacks of demons. During battle, at the bottom of the screen there is a control panel with which you can perform various actions. To move around the location, use the joystick on the left side of the screen. Click on the center of the circle and move it in the desired direction to look around or take the desired position for an attack.

How to attack an enemy? The largest button located on the right side of the control panel is responsible for making strikes. Click on the sword icon to attack the demons. The action does not require waiting for an activation time, so try to hit as often as possible to deal the maximum possible damage to the enemy. If the hero uses melee attacks, you must get close to the demon to deal damage.

If the enemy glows red, then at that moment in time it will not be possible to stun him with a regular attack or combo.

Perform special attacks. Each weapon allows for 3 unique attacks. The activation buttons are located to the left of the main attack button; they schematically depict a special blow that will be performed by the hero. To perform an attack, press the strike button when the enemy is in the affected area. Repeated use of a special blow is possible only after the button has been recharged; this will take about 10-15 seconds, depending on the characteristics of the skill.

Change weapons. The hero’s equipment system allows you to place 2 types of weapons at once. The first will be primarily used as a main weapon, the second can be used to perform special attacks. The control panel contains a button for changing weapons during the battle. Having 2 high-level weapons will allow you to constantly change them during the battle and perform more special attacks without waiting for the activation buttons to recharge.

How to evade enemy attacks? On the right side of the control panel there is a special button with a right arrow. Use it to make the hero make a dash, dodge the enemy’s attack and go to a safe distance. There is also a button with an up arrow icon. With its help, the hero will be able to jump to avoid a long-range enemy attack or a blow over a large area. Be sure to use evasion capabilities to maintain your hero’s health and increase your chances of success.

Use medications. If you have special elixirs at your disposal, they will be displayed on the main screen on the control panel. Keep an eye on the health bar in the upper left corner of the screen. When your health points are below 1/4, click on the elixir icon and restore some of your health. This way you can stay in battle longer and pass more difficult challenges. The game provides 4 types of elixirs: S, M, L, XL.

Shadow of Death 2: Hero Development Tips

Why improve the hero? Any of the selected heroes has three main characteristics: attack, defense and health. To fight a strong opponent and win, your warrior’s performance must be at a high level. It is for this purpose that it is necessary to use all possible methods to increase the indicators of the main characteristics of the hero.

Level up. The standard way to develop a hero is to gain a new level. Each time the attack, defense and health indicators will increase. To do this, you need to earn experience points, which fill the hero level up scale. This can only be done when completing the Adventure stages.

51 24171410 260
61 24171410 340
71 25172410 420
81 25172410 480
91 25173410 550
101 26173410 610
eleven1 26173410 670
121 27174410 720
131,5531 32823 304
141,5531 33823 359
151,5631 33823 414
161,5631 46624 820
191 8801,69933 492
202 2641,69935 237
To quickly level up your hero, use the raid function. Enter the activity daily, use energy and watch commercials to gain hero experience.

Choose the best equipment. Good equipment also allows you to improve your hero’s stats. Use weapons to enhance the attack, helmet, armor and pants will increase the defense indicator, and the ring and amulet will improve the hero’s health. The higher the quality of the equipment, the stronger your warrior becomes.

Collect kits. All equipment that you can get in the game is divided into corresponding sets, which consist of 5 items: helmet, armor, pants, ring and amulet. Use more items from one set to activate the bonus and further improve the hero’s performance. It is not necessary to use 5 items from one set. For example, take 2 items from one set and 3 from another, so you will activate 2 bonuses at once.

Equipment set.Bonus use of 2 items.Bonus for using 3 items.Bonus use of 5 items.
Tower.Health + 20%.Attack + 20%.Immune to stun when below 15% health.
Wraith Howl.Double the hero’s experience gained.Speeds up skill cooldown by 30%.Increases attack speed by 30% when health is below 15%.
Old Knight’s.Critical damage +20%.Defense + 10%.Increases health by 5% when health is less than 15%.
Allhallows Visage.Defense + 10%.Speeds up skill cooldown by 20%.Reduces skill cooldown by 30% in the first 15 seconds of battle.
Avarice.Critical hit chance + 5%.Critical damage + 40%.Damage in the Arena + 15%.
Naga.Normal damage resistance +5%.Health + 10%.-
Broad.Critical hit chance + 5%.Increases attack speed by 20% when health is above 80%.-
Headsman.Damage with skills + 10%.Reduces skill cooldown by 40% in the first 15 seconds of battle.-
Cathedral.Critical damage + 10%.Health + 10%.-
Leviathan.Defense + 5%.For 10 seconds, health is 25% higher when health is below 15%.-
Eric.Skill damage + 15%.Reduces skill cooldown by 30% when health is below 15%.-
Damascus.Health + 10%.Attack +20% when health is less than 15%.-
Mortal.Attack + 10%.Defense + 10%.-
Wyrm.Normal damage resistance +10%.Health + 10%.Damage to bosses + 20%.

Evolve your pet. An additional way to gain an advantage in battle is to get a strong pet and further develop it. Add your pet to the appropriate slot in the hero’s equipment section, and it will accompany its owner everywhere. To develop your pet and increase its attack characteristics, use eons and oculi.

Shadow of Death 2: Weapons and Equipment Guide

What equipment is needed for? The hero’s weapons and equipment play an important role in the process of becoming a great warrior in the city of light. Equipment allows the hero to acquire new skills that will help him fight various monsters. The game features equipment of different quality, the better it is, the higher the characteristics. Use every opportunity to upgrade high quality items.

Equipment quality:

Go through Adventures. Study information about the stages of the adventure; the cards indicate what equipment can be obtained during the raid. In the first stages, any equipment will be useful for its further disassembly and extraction of valuable resources. Once you have made some progress in completing the Adventures, go on a raid in those stages where you can get higher quality equipment.

Buy items. Soul points earned can be used to purchase equipment. Open the store and go to the "Equipment" section. You can purchase a random item of magical quality. The number of daily purchases is unlimited. The store offers the following offers:

Summon equipment. The main way to obtain new items is by calling using special cards. Use the Golden card to summon weapons, the Shadow card to summon armor and accessories, and the Wing card to obtain unique wings. We recommend accumulating 9 identical cards to simultaneously summon 10 discounted items.

Chances of receiving items:

Use the free summoning feature by watching an ad. In each summon category, you can receive 1 free item once a day.

Equip your hero. Open the "Inventory" tab and place all equipment items in the appropriate slots. Use the hero’s auto-equip feature to equip your warrior with the best pieces of equipment in an instant. The game independently selects equipment with the best performance, but does not always take into account receiving bonuses from using equipment sets. Therefore, before the battle, be sure to check how your hero is equipped.

How to choose the best? First of all, pay attention to the quality of the item, since the initial enhancement indicators of the hero depend on it. Next, pay attention to the purchased bonus that a piece of equipment gives the hero. To make sure of your choice, take part in the simple Adventure stage, try out the selected weapons and equipment.

Buy a weapon. The most powerful weapons with an additional bonus to the attack indicator can be purchased for donation. You will receive a spectacular weapon with a high damage rate. If you want to get into the top players, then you simply need it. To make your choice, use a special test mode. In the generated location, hit the sword in the stone, after the enemy appears, try out all the special attacks on him and evaluate the mechanics of combat with the selected weapon.

Unique weapon.Bonus to attack indicator.
Jade blood blade.4%
Christmas tree sword.4%
North warden sword.4%
Jade blood sword.4%
Shadow sword legacy.4%
Jade allhallow sword.4%
Golden cleaver blade.2%
Golden wootz blade.2%
Golden bone blade.2%
Golden broad sword.2%
Golden church sword.2%
Golden leviathan sword.2%
Golden executioner sword.2%
Golden eric sword.2%
Golden wailing sword.2%

Shadow of Death 2: How to improve equipment?

Why do you need to improve your equipment? Equipment performance indicators directly affect the hero’s combat skills and vital indicators, his ability to fight strong opponents and perform well in the Arena. The higher the quality and level of weapons and equipment, the more powerful the hero becomes.

Level up. Use earned blood points to increase the level of weapons and equipment. The higher the quality of the item, the more expensive it will cost to obtain a new level. Keep track of the overall characteristics, increase the level of all equipment evenly to balance the hero’s combat performance.

Develop your equipment. After reaching every tenth level, the item requires additional development. You will need essence, which can be obtained during boss battles. With each new level of development, resources will be required more and more. For example, after level 10 you need to spend 300 essence for development, and after level 20 it’s already 1,000 essence.

Types of essence:

Sell ​​unwanted equipment. At the initial stage of the game, feel free to get rid of ordinary equipment, then start selling unusual and magical ones. You will be able to return all the resources spent on the development of the item or its built-in cost in blood points. Also, after each sale, a certain number of ascension coins will be credited to your account. Open your inventory, select an unwanted item and click the Sell button.

The amount of permissible equipment in the inventory is limited to 50 units. Don’t forget to sell gear to make room for better ones.

Elevate your equipment. Use Ascension Coins earned from selling equipment to obtain a special gold level. You will need 20 coins of the corresponding color. Select a piece of equipment and press the Ascend button. The characteristics of the item will be significantly improved, and a gold mark will appear on the equipment card.

Types of Ascension Coins:

Shadow of Death 2: All about completing the Adventures

Adventure is the main game activity of Shadow of Death 2, in which you have to fight various demons and learn the history of the warriors of the City of Light. Gaining access to other game activities and increasing the difficulty of battles depends on the progress of completing the Adventure levels.

Study the map. To go to the game activity, click the Adventure button in the lower right corner. You will be taken to the map of the current chapter, which consists of 10 intertwined levels. After completing a level, the number of stars earned and the location of the bosses will be marked on the map. The game features 4 main adventure maps:

Use food. To begin the adventure stage, you need to spend 5 units of food, which is used as energy for the hero. This resource is restored automatically over time, 1 unit of food per 6 minutes. The maximum amount of accumulated food is 60 units. Additional items can be purchased for soul points, 30 units of food - 100 soul points. Watch the commercial to get 10 extra food units.

Earn stars. For completing each stage you can earn from 1 to 3 stars. To do this, complete all the tasks that are displayed on the left side of the screen. Familiarize yourself with the conditions for obtaining 3 stars at the current level using a special information card.

Examples of tasks:

If you didn’t manage to achieve the maximum the first time, start developing your hero and return to this level a little later.

Go on a raid. Complete a level with 3 stars and gain access to a quick pass to gain additional blood points and increase your hero’s experience. Spend 5 food and watch the promotional video to complete the raid on the selected Adventure level.

Get rewarded. Earn 10, 20 and 30 stars to gain access to 3 special chests with special rewards. The contents of the chests will change depending on the current chapter of the Adventure. You will also receive blood and soul points for completing each stage. In addition, it is possible to receive new weapons and equipment.

Shadow of Death 2: Boss Fight Tips

Boss mode is a special location where you can fight the most powerful Shadow of Death demons. The enemy category depends on the current season and the given conditions for completing the levels. This gaming activity is an excellent opportunity to get to know the bosses and prepare for battles in other modes.

Use the keys. To go to the battle location you need to spend 1 special key. Every day you have 3 free keys at your disposal. Additional items can be purchased for soul points, 1 key - 50 soul points. Watch the promotional video to get 3 more additional keys.

How to pass levels? The season involves fighting the same boss on 20 levels. The higher the level, the more valuable the reward for completing it. To move to a new level, defeat the enemy on the previous one. The demon’s health bar is displayed at the top of the battle screen. Make every effort to reach 0, after which the level will be completed.

Please note that level access is also dependent on your progress in completing the Adventure levels.

Basic tips:

Choose difficulty. The game has 4 difficulty levels: normal, difficult, hellish, nightmare. The difficulty level affects the final reward for destroying the boss. To select a new difficulty level, you must complete all levels on the previous difficulty and overcome a certain stage of the Adventure.

Get rewards. Depending on the selected game activity mode, you will be able to obtain an essence of a certain color, which will be useful for developing weapons and equipment for the hero. You can also earn blood points and valuable catalysts of the corresponding color to ascend equipment.

Shadow of Death 2: How to complete the Bloody Tower?

The Bloody Tower is a special location where you can fight groups of various monsters and bosses. Complete adventure stages 5-7 to unlock in-game activities. You have to clear the floors of the Bloody Tower from demons, 20 floors in total. You can move to the next floor only after completely completing the previous level.

Use tickets. To go to the battle location you need to spend 1 special ticket. Every day you have 3 free tickets at your disposal. Additional items can be purchased for soul points, 1 ticket - 75 soul points. Watch the promotional video to get 3 extra tickets.

How to clear a floor? Each floor consists of 10 rooms; to complete the clearing, destroy all the demons in each room. Before the battle begins, you will be shown the opponents who are waiting for you in the room. In the 5th and 10th rooms, strong bosses will be waiting for you, which you will have to deal with in order to move on. Once the last boss is destroyed, the floor will be completed and you can move on to the next one.

The hero’s health will be restored when moving to a new room.

Use power-ups. After completing each floor of the Bloody Tower, choose one of three power-ups. Reinforcement cards have different quality; the higher it is, the more effective the bonus received. If none of the suggested options are suitable, watch the promotional video to update your offer. Carefully choose a power-up; improving the hero’s abilities and gaining additional skills can play a decisive role.

Possible enhancements:

Save your game. Floors will open one after another until your combat skills and hero performance allow you to destroy monsters. If you want to interrupt the battle, click on the "Pause" button in the upper right corner and click the "Save&Exit" button. The next time you enter the Bloody Tower, you will be able to start the game from the save point and continue on your way.

Go on a raid. The floor you have already cleared can be used to mine resources. Every day you can complete 3 raids to get blood points, aeon and oculos. The duration of the raid is 2 hours; after this time, return to the game activity and collect the reward.

Please note that during the raid you will not be able to go to clear another floor of the Bloody Tower. To reduce your waiting time by 1 hour, watch the commercial.

Complete tasks. At the beginning of each month, the start of a new season pass is announced in game activity. Your task is to take part in the battles of the Bloody Tower as often as possible and achieve your goals. Get special points and increase your pass level. For each new level you gain access to a special reward. Make an effort and earn as many blood points, soul points, aeon points, and oculi points as possible.

Examples of tasks:

Purchase the Premium Pass to unlock additional rewards for completing the Tower of Blood.

Get rewards. Completing this game activity will allow you to earn the necessary amount of resources to increase the level of weapons, equipment and pet development. You can also get good equipment for the hero and increase his level of protection. Use every opportunity and take part in clearing floors at least 6 times a day.

Floor.Reward for completing the room.Possible reward.
150,000 blood points, 200 aeons, 25 oculos.Ordinary ring and pants, unusual weapon.
253,000 blood points, 210 aeons, 25 oculos.Ordinary ring and pants, unusual weapon.
356,000 blood points, 220 aeons, 25 oculos.Ordinary ring and pants, unusual weapon.
459,000 blood points, 230 aeons, 25 oculos.Ordinary ring and pants, unusual weapon.
562,000 blood points, 240 aeons, 25 oculos.Ordinary ring and pants, unusual weapon.
665,000 blood points, 250 aeons, 25 oculos.Unusual ring and pants, magical weapons.
768,000 blood points, 260 aeons, 25 oculos.Unusual ring and pants, magical weapons.
871,000 blood points, 270 aeons, 25 oculos.Unusual ring and pants, magical weapons.
974,000 blood points, 280 aeons, 25 oculos.Unusual ring and pants, magical weapons.
1077,000 blood points, 290 aeons, 25 oculos.Unusual ring and pants, magical weapons.
eleven80,000 blood points, 300 eons, 25 oculos.Magic ring and pants, rare weapons.
1283,000 blood points, 310 aeons, 25 oculos.Magic ring and pants, rare weapons.
1386,000 blood points, 320 aeons, 25 oculos.Magic ring and pants, rare weapons.
1489,000 blood points, 330 aeons, 25 oculos.Magic ring and pants, rare weapons.
1592,000 blood points, 340 aeons, 25 oculos.Magic ring and pants, rare weapons.
1695,000 blood points, 350 eons, 25 oculos.Rare ring and pants, epic weapons.
1798,000 blood points, 360 eons, 25 oculos.Rare ring and pants, epic weapons.
18101,000 blood points, 370 eons, 25 oculos.Rare ring and pants, epic weapons.
19104,000 blood points, 380 eons, 25 oculos.Rare ring and pants, epic weapons.
20107,000 blood points, 390 eons, 25 oculos.Rare ring and pants, epic weapons.

Shadow of Death 2: Arena Battle Tips

The Arena is a special location where you can fight other Shadow of Death 2 players. Complete stages 5-14 of the adventure to unlock access to game activities. Go to the Arena, fight for valuable rewards and prove to others that you are the best warrior in the City of Light.

Rules of battle. The battle takes place one-on-one at a special gaming location. At the top, information about the participants in the battle is displayed. The most important thing is the health scales. Your task is to inflict so much damage to the enemy that his indicator is 0, then you will win. At the bottom of the screen is the familiar control panel. The only limitation is that you cannot use a pet in battle.

Choose your opponent. When entering the Arena, a list of 5 possible opponents will be displayed in the center of the screen. The higher the opponent’s rank, the more ranking points you will receive if you win. Don’t be alarmed if your opponent has a higher hero level or a higher power indicator, the main thing is your ability to fight. If a suitable opponent is not found, update the proposed list; this can be done every 30 minutes.

How to win a fight? Try to study the enemy as quickly as possible and understand what skills his hero can use. Dodge the blows and pay attention to the appearance of red areas of the impending attack. Be confident in yourself, make powerful blows to the enemy in time, and you will quickly win.

Don’t be afraid to lose a battle, even if you lose ranking points, you will still gain invaluable combat experience and be able to improve your hero control skills.

Increase your rank. The more victories and fewer defeats in battles in the Arena, the higher your rating. For each victory you receive ranking points, for each loss you lose. The current rank affects the amount of the daily reward. If you are successful enough, you will be able to constantly receive good equipment and a lot of arena coins. You will also receive gifts for obtaining a new rank and upon completion of the battle season, which lasts 2 weeks.

Rank.Required number of points.Daily reward.
Grand Champion.3,000 points and TOP 200 players.3,000 arena coins, rare ring and armor, epic sword.
Champion I.2 9002,600 arena coins, rare ring and armor.
Champion II.2 8002,400 arena coins, rare ring and armor.
Champion III.2 7002,200 arena coins, rare ring and armor.
Champion IV.2 6002,000 arena coins, rare ring and armor.
Champion V2 5001,800 arena coins, rare ring and armor.
Diamond I.2 4001,700 arena coins and a rare ring.
Diamond II.2 3001,600 arena coins and a rare ring.
Diamond III.2 2001,500 arena coins and a rare ring.
Diamond IV.2 1001,400 arena coins and a rare ring.
Diamond V2,0001,300 arena coins and a rare ring.
Platinum I.1 9001,200 arena coins, magic amulet, armor and sword.
Platinum II.1 8001,100 arena coins, magic amulet, armor and sword.
Platinum III.1 7001,000 arena coins, magic amulet, armor and sword.
Platinum IV.1 600900 arena coins, magic amulet, armor and sword.
Platinum V1 500800 arena coins, magic amulet, armor and sword.
Gold I.1 400750 arena coins, magic amulet and armor.
Gold II.1 300700 arena coins, magic amulet and armor.
Gold III.1 200650 arena coins, magic amulet and armor.
Gold IV.1 100600 arena coins, magic amulet and armor.
Gold V1 000550 arena coins, magic amulet and armor.
Silver I.900500 arena coins and a magic amulet.
Silver II.800450 arena coins and a magic amulet.
Silver III.700400 arena coins and a magic amulet.
Silver IV.600350 arena coins and a magic amulet.
Silver V.500300 arena coins and a magic amulet.
Bronze I.400250 arena coins.
Bronze II.300200 arena coins.
Bronze III.200150 arena coins.
Bronze IV.100100 arena coins.
Bronze V050 arena coins.
If you are confident in your hero development and your management skills, choose strong opponents to receive higher rewards.

Complete tasks. Check out the daily quests in the Quest section of the Arena. For each achievement you will receive valuable arena coins. Fight more, win battles, choose strong opponents and receive well-deserved rewards. Have time to complete all tasks before the quest list is updated.

Make your purchases. Spend your earned arena coins in a special store. Buy essence and catalysts to increase the level of the weapons and equipment you use. You can also accumulate arena coins to purchase one of the offered types of rare weapons. All offers in the Arena store have restrictions on the number of possible purchases.

Shadow of Death 2: What tasks are worth completing?

Complete the tasks of the day. Complete 6 tasks daily to receive a valuable reward - a shadow token. Also, for completing tasks you will receive blood and soul points. To complete quests, summon equipment, destroy monsters, complete adventure dungeons, upgrade weapons, fight a boss, and visit the Bloody Tower.

If you achieve your goals every day, you can receive rewards for completing weekly and monthly tasks. For their complete completion, 10 and 30 shadow tokens are immediately awarded, respectively.

Buy goods from the Mystic Merchant. Take an active part in completing the tasks of this event to receive a set of rare equipment and good epic weapons. For completing the task you will receive a reward in the form of coins, your task is to collect 2,000 coins before the end of the event time. Tasks must be completed daily for 7 days, then you can get the maximum reward.

Examples of tasks:

Complete the Dragon Slayer challenge. Complete tasks during a special event to earn unique currency. Be very active to accumulate enough resources to buy unique equipment and get a real dragon to help your hero. To receive special currency, complete the Adventure stage every day, destroy bosses and clear the floors of the Bloody Tower.

Offers in the event store.Purchase cost.
Pet Dragon.2,000 dragon crystals.
Item of equipment.500 dragon crystals.
10 Wing Card.20 dragon crystals.
10 Golden Card.10 dragon crystals.
100 soul points.10 dragon crystals.
150 oculi.10 dragon crystals.
2,000 nectar.3 dragon crystals.
500,000 blood points.3 dragon crystals.
Please note that each offer has a limit on the number of times you can purchase it.

Shadow of Death 2: All about getting free resources

Log in to the game daily. There is a reward for a standard 21-day login to the game. Get blood and soul points, shadow tokens, essence, powerful weapons and good equipment. You can also receive rewards for logging into the game during special events. For example, during the Aeon awakening login event, in 7 days you can earn 2,000,000 blood points, 10,000 aeons, 3 shadow tokens, 1000 oculi, 10 gold cards, 500 soul points, 10 wing cards.

Keep an eye on the appearance of temporary events, because if you miss the start of receiving gifts, you will not be able to pick up the most valuable events in the last days.

Receive gifts. Watch commercials and get blood and soul points, health potions and shadow tokens. To do this, click on the Ads Rewards icon on the left side of the main screen and select the appropriate offer. Each gift can only be received once per day, so take the chance and get all the free resources available:

Use gift codes. Good equipment and the availability of resources to improve it are crucial for the successful completion of game activities. Use gift codes to get tons of free resources. Open the game settings, click the Gift Code button, enter a special combination of letters and numbers, and then click the Receive button.

Gifts are sent via in-game email, so don’t forget to check messages from the developers every day.

Visit the store. Carefully study all sections of the store, as many of them have special offers for free resources. So, every day you can get 25 soul points, 100,000 blood points, 50 oculi, 500 aeon, 100 random essence. Additional resources from each named category can be obtained by watching a promotional video.

Spend soul points. As an additional way to obtain the necessary resources, use the various store offers. Soul points are accepted as payment, which you will earn in various game activities. The higher the cost of the offer, the more profitable the purchase in terms of acquiring 1 unit of resource.

Store offer.Cost (soul points).
300,000 blood points.150
500,000 blood points.200
1,500,000 blood points.400
3,000,000 blood points.600
20 Shadow card.2 700
50 Shadow card.3,000
100 Shadow card.5,000
20 Golden cards.5 400
50 Golden card.9,000
100 Golden card.15,000
Elixir of health S.20
Elixir of health M.50
Elixir of health L.100
Health Elixir XL.150
200 oculi.100
450 oculi.200
5,000 eons.100
10,000 eons.200
50,000 eons.450
100,000 eons.800
1,000 red, green or yellow essence.500
3,000 essence of random color.1 200

Shadow of Death 2: What benefits can donors receive?

Is it worth purchasing Premium? When you download the application from the play store, you will find that there is a paid Premium version of the game. The main advantage of the purchase is the absence of built-in advertising, which you do not need to watch between changes in gaming activity. You will also get the opportunity to fight opponents in unique locations that are not available in the regular version.

Get rid of advertising. Since the game allows you to get various bonuses for free, Shadow of Death 2 is oversaturated with advertising. In this case, the fascinating process of developing the hero and fighting demons turns into watching videos, as they are launched during transitions between activities. To fully enjoy the game, donors are offered to purchase a special package that eliminates the need to watch ads. There are 2 package options:

Get rewards for your progress. To receive a huge number of soul points for making purchases in the game store, you just need to purchase a special pass. In this case, you will receive soul points for every 5th increase in the hero’s level. There are 2 types of passes available for purchase: Normal and Premium. You can take advantage of the offer and get an advantage even after the hero reaches level 30, in which case you will immediately receive the entire reward.

Hero level.Normal award.Premium Award.
1500 soul points.1500 soul points.
5200 soul points.500 soul points.
10200 soul points.500 soul points.
15250 soul points.550 soul points.
20250 soul points.550 soul points.
25300 soul points.650 soul points.
thirty300 soul points.750 soul points.

Take advantage of the Battle Pass. Each season, players have the opportunity to earn rewards for participating in game activities in Shadow of Death 2. Standard rewards are insignificant and are only an additional way to accumulate resources for development. But purchasing a battle pass opens up great opportunities for active players. Complete tasks, gain experience points and increase your seasonal combat level. For each new level there is a corresponding reward; some levels provide the opportunity to receive several rewards.

Be as active as possible. Some seasonal tasks must be completed daily, others during the week.

Examples of seasonal tasks:

Shadow of Death 2: Game Store Guide

Donat. Shadow of Death 2 is a free game, but for faster hero development, powerful weapons and equipment, take advantage of the offers in the game store. First of all, pay attention to the numerous promotions. Compared to regular offers, they are more profitable based on the ratio of price and content. For example, purchasing equipment set I allows you to get a set of magic equipment and 1,500,000 blood points for its development with a 300% benefit.

Make more calls. Special promotional sets provide an opportunity to profitably purchase cards for summoning weapons and equipment. The game offers several sets so that each player can choose the most suitable and profitable one for themselves. A larger number of cards increases your chances of summoning legendary equipment and significantly strengthening the hero.

Kit.Shadow card.Golden cardBenefit of the offer.
Arcana pack I.20101 700%
Arcana pack II.50251 800%
Arcana pack III.100502 300%

Buy soul points. This resource is used in the game as premium currency. Soul points can be obtained for free, but to make large purchases you will need a lot of them. Open the store and go to the Soul section to view available purchase offers. For beginners there are special bonuses that allow you to receive additional resources:

Buy soul points during the double purchase promotion. This way you can make a very profitable purchase and save money.

Get new heroes. The "All Stars" set is a unique offer for donors, which gives them the opportunity to immediately get 3 warriors of the City of Light. Take advantage of the offer and get the opportunity to play and develop 4 heroes at once: the standard Maximus and the elite heroes Mount, Quinn and Lunae.

Get a pet. Take part in the promotion and purchase one of the available Aeon packs. You will receive a rare pet, oculi and eons for its development. The benefit from purchasing such a set is about 1000%. These promotions are temporary, so if you see a pet you’d like is available, be sure to take advantage of the offer.

Get a unique costume. A special section has been developed for donors to change the appearance of the hero and obtain a unique costume. You will not only change the appearance of the hero, but also get an excellent boost to certain combat characteristics. At the bottom of the main screen, click on the mask image to go to the costume selection. You can purchase either a separate part of the costume - a helmet or armor, or a complete set.

Costume.Helmet bonus.Armor bonus.Set bonus.
Demonic warlord.+ 15% critical strike chance.+20% to attack.+ 10% to critical damage.
Pool party.+ 15% to attack.+ 30% to health.Gaining health points for successfully attacking an enemy.
King’s Guardian.+30% damage from skills.+ 15% to skill recharge speed.+ 5% damage in Arena battles.
Jack O’Lanterns.+ 5% to attack.--
North Warden.+ 10% to normal damage resistance.+ 15% to defense.+ 20% to health.
Wreathguard.+ 15% to health.+20% to attack.+ 15% damage to all bosses.
Valiant sentinel.+ 10% to defense.+ 10% to health.+5% to normal damage resistance.
The fated one.+ 3% to attack.+ 3% to defense.+ 3% to health.
Purchasing a full costume is a better purchase in terms of price and bonus received for the hero.

How to choose a suit? Since you are spending real money, you can’t go wrong with your suit choice. First of all, determine which bonuses are most important to you. Then, before you make a purchase, use the test mode and see how the hero looks on the field in a new suit and whether additional bonuses help in destroying opponents.

Shadow of Death 2: Is it worth playing?

Shadow of Death 2 is a great game for fans of the RPG genre. Musical accompaniment and original graphics allow you to create a special atmosphere that immerses the user in a world ruled by demons. Your task is to develop the chosen hero and improve your management skills. The ability to return previously spent resources essentially makes the game carefree. Go into battle, destroy demons and get well-deserved rewards.

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