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Shipping Manager WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Shipping Manager is an exciting simulator where you lead an international shipping company. You will have to effectively distribute cargo around the world and organize deliveries. As a company manager, you will be responsible for planning routes, purchasing vehicles, managing warehouses and maintaining constant contact with customers. Gain real logistics management experience and take on a new challenge.


  1. Guide for Beginners
  2. Secrets of cargo delivery
  3. Personnel Guide
  4. Questions from players
  5. Is it worth playing?

Shipping Manager: Guide for Beginners

Game features. Your main task will be to make the company profitable and efficient by optimizing logistics processes. You’ll choose the best routes based on factors such as fuel costs, availability of transport and equipment, and levels of demand in different regions.

The game provides a deep degree of customization and scalability to suit a variety of gaming styles. In addition, you will have the opportunity to expand your company by purchasing new warehouses, hiring staff and improving equipment.

One of the key aspects of the game is the international business aspect. You will work with clients from all over the world, ship cargo to different countries and overcome various obstacles such as customs regulations and geographical conditions.

Fundamentals of successful development. Welcome to Shipping Manager 2024 - an exciting simulation game where you will manage your own international logistics company. To get started successfully, here are some simple tips:

  1. Plan routes of approximately 1000 nautical miles - this is the optimal distance that will allow you to efficiently allocate resources and save your time.
  2. Buy fuel at an affordable price - hint: if the price is below 500, then it is considered cheap. Saving on fuel will help improve your company’s finances.
  3. Buy CO2 at a low price - remember that if the price is below 10 then it is considered cheap. This will help you comply with environmental standards and reduce your company’s impact on the environment.

As the gameplay progresses, you will discover how detailed and multi-faceted this game is. The strategy options are endless, and you are free to create your own or ask the community for advice. The road ahead is long and full of opportunities.

If you are passionate about logistics and management, Shipping Manager - 2024 provides an excellent opportunity to plunge into the world of international cargo transportation and become a successful logistics management company.

How to make money successfully? You will earn money every time your ship departs with cargo. However, before leaving, it is important to check the demand for goods for that day. If demand is exhausted, your ship may return with an empty hold.

To increase the number of cargoes on your ships, you need to maintain up-to-date advertising and a good reputation. You should also pay attention to the environmental friendliness of your company by purchasing CO2 emission credits. This will help attract more customers who care about the environmental aspects of logistics services.

Consider these tips to maximize profits and grow your logistics company.

What is bunker fuel? To keep your vessels running, it is important to purchase bunker fuel regularly. Please note that the price of fuel can change every 30 minutes, so it is worth buying when the price is low.

Increase your bunker capacity so you can buy fuel in bulk when prices are at their best. This way, you can save more money and keep your vessels running smoothly.

How does speed depend on fuel? Accelerating the vessel can reduce voyage time, but will also increase fuel consumption along the route. Depending on the circumstances, sometimes it may be beneficial to increase your speed to quickly reach your destination, and sometimes, on the contrary, to reduce your speed to reduce fuel costs.

What are CO2 emission allowances? To help protect the environment, you can purchase CO2 credits that offset the emissions caused by your vessels. Maintaining a positive quota balance will help improve your reputation.

Increase your CO2 footprint so you can buy credits in bulk when prices are low. This way you can optimize costs and ensure the environmental sustainability of your vessels.

Shipping Manager: Secrets of cargo delivery

How does demand work? Each route has a daily demand volume, which determines the number of containers or barrels of oil that can be transported on that route daily. If you reach maximum demand during the day, your ships have to operate without cargo until the end of the day, when demand is reactivated.

What is dry surgery? When conducting a dry operation, you have the opportunity to move your vessel to any port. In this case, the ship will enter the port without cargo and will not generate income. This is especially useful if you need to perform maintenance in a dry dock and move the vessel to a port with this capability.

What is reputation and what is its peculiarity? Maintaining an excellent reputation is of the utmost importance as it directly impacts the amount of cargo your vessels can deliver on routes.

Reputation depends on several factors, including your CO2 emissions balance, the quality of your fleet’s maintenance, the condition of the vessels you own, and the age of the vessels. There is also a small factor of randomness.

How to improve your reputation? You can improve your reputation by running marketing campaigns. The rewards for successful marketing campaigns can be significant, but be sure to plan your marketing efforts carefully as the rewards are only earned when the vessel is delivered and entered the market.

What is "Hours to Dry Dock"? To keep vessels in working order, regular and thorough maintenance is necessary. The frequency of these procedures may vary depending on each vessel.

When drydock maintenance is required, the vessel must be in a port equipped with a drydock. Neglecting to perform maintenance at a dry dock may result in the vessel being delayed in port by decision of government authorities.

What is "port control"? In every port there is a possibility of passing state control. Local authorities inspect the vessel and its documentation to ensure it meets the requirements. If inconsistencies are identified in the maintenance of the vessel in accordance with the manufacturer’s protocols, a report may be drawn up on the detention of the vessel in the state’s port.

What is a Port State Detention Report? If the vessel has not received the necessary maintenance and has not passed inspection by Port State Control, a detention report will be issued. In this case, your vessel will be impounded until the required maintenance is completed and the applicable fine is paid. This could have a negative impact on your financial situation and reputation.

What is the fee for crossing the canal? When planning your route, you have the option to decide to go through the canal or take a detour. There is usually a toll associated with going through the canal, but the cost of doing so is often much lower than taking the bypass route due to the additional distance traveled.

How are cargo prices determined? When planning a route, you have the opportunity to set the price of a container or barrel for transporting goods. Using the automatic forecasting feature will set standard prices for cargo. However, you also have the option to lower your prices to attract more freight, or raise your prices to increase your profits.

It is important to note that too significant price increases may result in empty ships being transported. Therefore, it is important to find a middle ground.

Shipping Manager: Personnel Guide

How does the staff work? There are eight different types of personnel to choose from, divided into two categories: management with four positions and command with four positions.



The number of crew members you can hire depends on the size and type of your fleet. Typically the following command is required to operate one vessel:

How are staff salaries determined? It is very important that your employees feel satisfied. If you have unhappy management or crew, it can negatively impact cargo loading on every shipment. Empirical experience shows that the greater the dissatisfaction, the less cargo you will have on board.

Morale level. If morale drops below 50%, cargo loading will be significantly impacted, and benefits for disgruntled crew and management will be lost.

Salary increase. Ensuring that your employees are "fairly compensated" is always an important issue that is directly related to the prosperity of your company. The more your organization grows and succeeds, the more justified your employees’ demands become.

If employees’ current wages are below fair levels, this can lead to a gradual decline in their morale. However, if they start being paid a fair or even higher wage, their morale can improve significantly.

The greater the discrepancy between the current salary and the fair level, the greater the impact on employees’ daily morale.

Default salary increase. A default salary increase can increase employee morale by 3%, while a salary reduction can lead to a 7% decrease in morale.

To maintain team morale and strengthen your negotiating position with employees, it is recommended to train some of them. This type of training can have many benefits, improving not only morale but also communication, management and leadership skills.

A note from the game developers. The development team always strives for a "fair wage" that reflects the value and success of the company. Employees expect to be rewarded appropriately for their contributions, and the more prosperous and profitable a company is, the more demand there will be.

But it’s important to remember that unfair pay can impact employee morale. When their current salary is below the fair level, they begin to lose motivation and their enthusiasm gradually fades. Therefore, pursuing fair pay should be a company’s priority.

How to find the golden mean? At the same time, it is necessary to take into account that increasing wages is not always the solution to all problems. Excessive increases can lead to negative consequences and even upset the balance of the company’s finances. Therefore, it is important to find a balance between fair pay and the financial stability of the company.

What factors influence morale? Besides pay, there are other factors that affect employee morale. Opportunities for professional development, recognition and reward of achievements, as well as communication and leadership within the company play an important role here.

Pay attention to these aspects and ensure employee development through training to create a positive and productive work environment.

Ultimately, fair pay and employee development should be an integral part of your people management strategy. Investing in your team will bring not only improved morale, but also increased productivity and success for the company as a whole.

How does XP staff and CEO training work? Every employee in your company receives a daily salary and has the opportunity to participate in a training program that contributes to overall development.

To access training, you need to earn experience points (CEO XP) and level up. For each new level of CEO XP you will receive 1 training token. CEO XP can be earned by completing various tasks and achievements within the company.

For example, you can earn CEO XP by shipping more cargo ships and receiving bonuses for successful delivery. Also, purchasing more than 40 control points will allow you to earn CEO XP.

Shipping Manager: Questions from players

What is a bulbous nose? The bulbous bow is the section of the vessel that extends from the bow and is located below the waterline. Its design is aimed at changing the flow of water around the vessel in order to improve its hydrodynamic characteristics. As a result of such changes, the vessel’s resistance in the water is reduced, which reduces fuel costs and increases its maximum speed.

What are TEU and BBL? The term TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) is used to refer to containers measuring 20 feet. In a cargo delivery management system, vessel sizes are typically specified in either TEU or BBL. For example, a 250 TEU ship can carry 250 containers measuring 20 feet each, while a 10,000 barrel ship can carry up to 10,000 barrels of oil.

What is an IPO? IPO (Initial Public Offering) or initial public offering is a process where a company offers to publicly sell its shares on the stock market. As a result of an IPO, the company becomes public and the company’s shares are traded on the stock exchange. This allows you to attract additional investment from the general public and other companies.

Funds raised from an IPO can be used to fund company growth, expand the business, or pay out existing shareholders. At the same time, investors, including other shipping companies, can purchase shares of a public company and become its shareholders.

How is the value of shares calculated? The value of a stock is determined by many factors, including the account balance and the financial strength of the company. However, aspects such as the value of the company’s assets, including its fleet and other infrastructure, profitability and stability of routes, as well as the level of investment and long-term prospects are also important factors.

A company’s reputation also has a significant impact on share price. A strong reputation in the industry can attract more investors and maintain more interest. On the other hand, a bad reputation or unfavorable publicity can lead to decreased investor confidence and a decline in stock price.

Therefore, maintaining and improving a company’s reputation is an important part of the strategy to maintain a high share price. A company must focus on customer service, compliance with industry rules and regulations, ethical business practices, and transparency in its operations to strengthen its reputation and attract investors.

Shipping Manager: Is it worth playing?

Shipping Manager offers an immersive and realistic experience of managing a large shipping company. Players are given the opportunity to manage all aspects, including acquiring and managing ships, establishing and optimizing routes, hiring and managing staff, and making strategic decisions to expand the business.

The game is great for simulation fans and players who enjoy slow motion and strategic planning. It offers a variety of challenges and opportunities to expand your shipping company and achieve success in international trade.

Here are the advantages of the game:

Here are the disadvantages of the game:

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