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SODA DUNGEON 2 is an Android game with release date 06/25/2020 from Armor Games. Game genre: Adventure. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A beginner’s guide
  2. Characters and the best team
  3. Scenarios (scripts)
  4. Builds and Equipment for Characters
  5. Dungeon Guide
  6. Boss Walkthrough
  7. All Achievements
  8. "Don’t be such a dumb club" and other tasks
  9. How to find caps, rubies, relics, obsidian, magic powder

Soda Dungeon 2: A beginner’s guide

Soda Dungeon 2 is a game from Armor Games, a continuation of the famous Soda Dungeon, which has attracted the attention of millions of players with its interesting gameplay, ease of passage and funny adventures of heroes. The sequel turned out to be no less exciting, and the pixel design of the game takes the player back to the distant 90s, when the gaming industry was just emerging.

How to play in your native language? By default, the game is set in English. Many beginners at the start of the game cannot figure out how to start the game in their native language. To change the language, during loading, you need to click on the "globe" icon (in the lower left corner). After the action, a new window will appear on the screen in which you can select one of the proposed languages. I am especially pleased that the developers have performed a high-quality translation into another language. After selecting the language, you must confirm the action. Then the game will continue to start.

News. There is a loudspeaker icon in the lower right corner of the loading screen. By tapping on it, you will open an additional menu with a news feed. Here you can read not only the description of the updates, but also see your current progress. There is a gear next to the progress section, by clicking on which you will open the save game menu.

How can I transfer saves between platforms? In the title menu, go to the Save menu. Here are several options for saving and transferring game progress to other devices:

  1. "Download from Google Drive" - if you decide to play on another device running the Android operating system, then you can save the game to your Google Drive, and later download the file from it.
  2. "Download from SD server" - the game downloads from the developer’s server.
  3. "Send to SD server" - manually saving the progress of the game.
  4. "Get a one-time transfer code" - if you decide to play on another platform, for example, on Steam or BlueStacks, then you need to get a one-time code, and then upload it to a new site.
The game will automatically sync with cloud storage after completing the Dungeon. If after some actions in the game you have not entered the Dungeon, then these operations will not be saved, and you will have to save manually.

The main task of the player is to go through all Dimensions, destroying the main villain, the Lord of Darkness, who at the last moment of the battle constantly eludes the gamer into a new Dimension. At the moment there are 10 Dimensions in the game. After moving to a new World, the player will have to start the passage almost from scratch, since a lot of resources will have to be left in the previous Dimension.

To complete the Dungeons, you need to hire heroes in the Tavern. At the start, you are given 1 character - Soda Lover, with whom you will begin the passage. Gradually, you will unlock new warriors, build a town for yourself, and you will develop, upgrade your fighters, and assemble a team. We will analyze in more detail about all the activities of the game later.

In the process of passing, you will need game currency, there are 3 types of resources in the game, which are necessary for a comfortable passage of the game.

Game currency:

  1. Caps - bought for real money in the store. You can also purchase some advantageous kits to help you along the development process.
  2. Gold - earned through adventures. For gold, you can make almost all improvements and purchases in the game.
  3. Essence is an important resource, mined in the Arena, or exchanged for gold in the Fountain. Essence is required for some upgrades.

How do I set the game to run in the background? For the passage of Dungeons in automatic mode, it is recommended to set up the background operation of the application. To do this, you need to go to Settings (the gear on the main screen in the lower right corner). Then you should tap on the "More" button (at the bottom of the Settings window). Next, a new section will appear, in which opposite the line "Allow the game to run in the background" put the answer "Yes". After that, you can safely go about your business, and your team will independently go through the Dungeons, and bring you gold and other important items.

The encyclopedia is your piggy bank of knowledge. All elements of the game are concentrated here:

  1. Characters - you can see all the heroes of the game, their skills, an increase in characteristics at each skill level.
  2. Item catalog - shows all the items and resources of the game, what they are for, their indicators.
  3. Bestiary - Divided into zones in the Dungeon. Each zone has its own monsters. By clicking on a monster, you will see the statistics of meetings with it and what items are given as a reward for its victory. It also shows the characteristics of the enemy.
  4. Achievements - all your achievements that you will receive while playing the game.
  5. Records - This section shows your results, battle statistics, number of awards and much more.
  6. Developers - here you can find information about the company that invented and released the game.


The city has several functional buildings that will help you progress through the game. The Tavern and the Carpenter’s Workshop are given to the player at the start. In the Tavern, you will collect teams, and in the Workshop you will buy buildings:

  1. The Blacksmith’s Workshop is the main place for obtaining and creating equipment and various resources that are needed to enhance equipment.
  2. Sorcerer’s hut - allows you to move to certain points of the Dungeon.
  3. Arena - makes it possible to arrange special fights in which you can teach your team to fight independently.
  4. The pen is a place for keeping pets, which grant your squad unique bonuses for completing Dungeons.
  5. Mailbox - allows you to receive mail, mainly letters from various bosses and the Dark Lord. Sometimes it is possible to receive awards or messages from developers.
  6. Magic Fountain - makes it possible to turn gold into essence.
  7. Teleport - needed to go to the Dungeons.
  8. Portal - allows you to move to a new Dimension. To activate it, you need to fight and defeat the main boss of the current Dimension. In each World, the boss has his own skills and a variety of super attacks.
It is recommended to buy the magic fountain as early as possible, so that it becomes possible to exchange gold (which disappears during the transition to a new World) for essences. Essences need to be saved for upgrades that are given to you as a reward for moving.

Tavern Secrets

In addition to getting warriors here, the Tavern provides several necessary functions. Some aspects can be improved in the future. The main task of the institution is to hire heroes. At the beginning of the game, there is little furniture in the building, so it is not always possible to hire 6 characters. After you purchase the necessary furniture, many more fighters will come to you.

Tavern improvements:

  1. Chairs - Each chair has a 30% chance of attracting 1 more visitor. 10 chairs can be bought.
  2. Tables - each table has a 50% chance to attract another regular. You can buy 8 tables in total.
  3. Bed - allows you to change the choice of companions in the Tavern.
  4. Magic clock - doubles the speed of the battle.
  5. No Mandatory Ads - removes mandatory ads after going into the Dungeons.
  6. Kitchen - with each level adds 2% to the initial number of health points of each member of the squad. To increase the level of the kitchen, you need items that drop from bosses, so it will take a long time to improve.
  7. Refill Bonus Reward - Complements an additional reward to your Free Refill Bonus.
  8. Legacy - gives an additional 1000 gold for passing the level when entering a new Dimension. Can be obtained 6 times.
  9. Gnomes of essence - collect essence in the Dungeons.
  10. Wardrobe - allows you to customize equipment for warrior classes.
  11. All-seeing eye - makes the health points of opponents constantly visible. By default, they are not visible, but there is an artifact that can be taken into battle.
  12. Tap Selection - Allows you to change the selection of soda in the Tavern.
  13. Tavern modifications are changes to the appearance of the establishment and furniture. Conversion does not carry additional bonuses.

Soda Dungeon 2: Characters and the best team

All characters, except Soda Lover, you can get in the Tavern, with the purchase of the corresponding tap. You can select a faucet with soda by clicking on the bar in the Tavern. The soda lover will show up anyway, regardless of the syrup choice. The amateur is given to you for free at the start of the game.

Soda faucets:

  1. Slaughter Ale - attracts carpenters.
  2. Miner’s hardening - miners love it.
  3. Ambulance Cola - needed to call a nurse (doctor).
  4. Mystical Pop - attracts the Seer.
  5. Trophy beer - when choosing this tap, Thieves will come to you.
  6. Wild Berry Blast - she is loved by the red-haired Huntresses.
  7. Ugly Cola - Summons Warlocks.
  8. Double bubble - needed to summon the Blademaster .
When you move to a new Dimension, all purchased sodas are discarded and you will have to buy them again. Therefore, it is recommended to buy only the necessary cranes so that you have the heroes you need.

Mastery level - increases during the passage of Dungeons. At each level, you can get additional strengthening to the main characteristics. At levels 1 and 25, heroes receive active abilities that can be used during battle. These skills are player activated. If the battle takes place in automatic mode, then the heroes use the abilities at their discretion. Also, some heroes have passive skills that work constantly. They are not activated, but can be applied under certain conditions.

How can I see all the leveling of a hero? To do this, go to the Encyclopedia, then go to the Characters section. Here you need to click on the avatar of the warrior that interests you. After that, a list will appear, which indicates in detail which indicator is increasing at a certain level.

Characters and their skills

Lover of soda - has 1 skill that turns the enemy back, while having a chance to stun the enemy. A very useful skill at the start of the game, while other warriors are pumping.

Carpenter (has 2 active skills):

  1. The highlight of the program - makes an attack in double volume against the opponent.
  2. Sharpening - the target receives 100% critical damage for 3 attacks. To open, you need level 25 and 57,000 experience points.


  1. Pickaxe - Deals increased damage to Ore.
  2. Transformer - turns a common enemy into Ore for 1 battle.
  3. Prospector (passive skill) - adds +15 to ore mining.
  4. Excavator (passive skill) - increases the likelihood of collisions with Mines in the Dungeons.

Nurse (she has 3 active skills):

  1. Biothreat - the attack increases by 1.2 times, there is a chance of poisoning the opponent.
  2. First Aid - Heals allies completely.
  3. Group Heal - Heals the entire team completely.


  1. Torture - the attack increases 6 times, deals massive damage to all opponents.
  2. Magic Master (passive skill) - increases magical attacks by 25%.
  3. Recharge - over time restores team members.


  1. Search - the attack increases by 1.2 times on 1 enemy, there is a chance to steal gold or an item from the target.
  2. Theft - steals gold or an item from the target.
  3. Greedy (passive skill) - opens all the chests in the treasure room while traveling through the Dungeon.


  1. Mark - Marked target takes 1.5 times more damage for 2 turns.
  2. Spiritual Link - after killing an enemy, it deals increased damage to enemies of the same type. The number of kills is added up for the entire duration of the passage of the Dungeons. How much damage will increase in this case can be found in the encyclopedia in the Bestiary section (Number of kills by the Huntress)
  3. Leader (passive skill) - gives a good chance to avoid dangerous places in the Dungeons (when choosing a portal - a mirror).


  1. Toxin - increases damage several times, there is a chance to poison the enemy.
  2. Master of magic (passive skill) - gives + 25% to magic attacks.
  3. Curse - there is a chance to turn the target to stone.

Blademaster (cannot receive or use magic):

  1. Double hit - hits the target twice, but misses 1 turn.
  2. Two weapons (passive skill) - can use 2 weapons.
  3. Stun - has a high probability of stunning the enemy, skips 1 turn.

The Lord of Darkness (yes, yes, you will never kill him, because at the end of the game he will go over to the side of the Light, that is, to you):

  1. Shadow Slicer - increases the team’s attack by 5 times. The damage increases with the size of the unit.
  2. Dark impulse (passive skill) - increases movement speed by 50%, so it always goes first.
  3. Dark Savior (passive skill) - saves an ally from a deadly attack. Lasts 1 time per battle.

The best team for gold mining (suitable for all stages of the game).

At the start, it is better to download warriors who will bring more gold.

As soon as the opportunity arises, we recommend building a team of 3 Huntresses and 3 Thieves. Huntress, when killing an enemy, receives additional damage, and she also has a good attack rate. Has a high chance of avoiding dangerous mirrors in the Dungeon. The thief can open all 3 chests in the Treasury, which appears at every 10th stage of the passage of the Dungeons. The girl can be programmed to steal gold from the enemy (but at the same time she misses the blow). At the start of the game, she has a high amount of mana (which allows her to heal more often).

Best Team Against Bosses:

  1. Blade Master - hits 1 target 2 times. But it is worth remembering that after a double hit, he misses a move.
  2. Carpenter - always hits 1 target.
  3. Huntress - puts a mark on 2 turns, on which the damage of other allies increases by 1.5 times.
  4. Nurse - Has Mass Healing.
Against bosses, it is best to take fighters who hit 1 target.

Soda Dungeon 2: Scenarios (scripts)

Arena - there are 2 activities and the ability to write an automatic battle script for each fighter. It is also a place to earn additional resources. Levels for passing open after certain floors of the Dungeon passed. The levels can be switched. At level 1, opponents are weak and the reward is simpler. With each level, the strength of rivals increases, and the rewards received improve.

  1. Challenger - Here you need to survive 10 waves of the enemy. The battle takes place 3 on 3. With each wave, the enemies become stronger.
  2. Warrior - 15 waves of enemies await you here. The opponents are much more serious than in the "Challenger", but the rewards for passing are very pleasant.
In the Arena, you should not try to pass difficult levels for you. Better to go through those levels that are easy.

Soda scripts

Scenarios are used to help characters decide what actions to take during automatic combat. This is done by setting up a list of triggers (in computer games, a mechanism that checks for the presence of any objects in the game world in a given space). As soon as it comes to the script hero, the game checks the list from top to bottom, and then performs the action on the first line if the condition is true (is True). If for some reason all lines turn out to be False (the condition is not met), the game will act based on the default scenario. Scenarios are created / edited in the Arena menu (assuming, of course, that you have built it), and work for both the Arena and the Dungeon.

A script is a script that automates a task (in our case, an autobattle) that the user would do manually. The scripts can be installed in the Encyclopedia. Here you should select the character for which you previously wrote the script. A list of scenarios will be located under the hero’s avatacre, you need to select the scenario created for the warrior and "apply it".

After such manipulations, your heroes will easily go through the Dungeons on the machine. Remember, you can only use one script per class.

How to set up an auto battle scenario? You should go to the Arena and go to the "Soda Scripts" menu. One script consists of several commands (triggers). On the left side of the menu screen are the names of all the scripts you have. On the right side - you can select one of the proposed actions. If you want to create a new Scenario, click on the "+ New Scenario" button.

When creating a new script (you can call it whatever your soul desires), several lines appear - this is the choice of action:

Best scripts

Scenario for the passage of the Dungeon. It will allow you to go far and not die, while you can earn a lot of gold. It is advised to put a Healing Stone on the heroes (+ 20% health points). It is better not to use this assembly on cool bosses, as bosses take more health points than you can heal in 1 turn. In general, bosses are recommended to be completed in manual mode.

Soda drinker. Many people underestimate this guy, and he has a good ability to control the enemy. He prefers to use this skill only on bosses, and then in a chaotic manner.

Option 2 (the scenario is intended for a good team, where the fighters are above level 25):

It should be remembered that the Soda Lover is best placed on the 1st and 4th positions in the team.

Carpenter - this character is not often used in units, it is better not to put him in the team for the Arena.

The miner is an interesting fighter whose main goal is to extract resources (ore).

With this scenario, it is recommended to put the Miner on 1 position in the group, since with his skill he will turn 1 enemy into Ore.

Nurse - there is an exorbitant amount of mana, but this is your only way to get to the main villain. She can perfectly heal her own, and perfectly poison other people’s warriors.

Option 2 (if you have a Seer above level 25 in your squad):

It is better to put your sister on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th position in the team.

Mystic - a fighter, in fact, after level 25 is put into the team to replenish mana, after eating it by the Nurse.

It is appropriate to put it on 1 - 3 positions, and put on it an item that will replace its massive attack with a single one.

Thief - many people think that a girl can only steal things from the pockets of her rivals. But she can perfectly hit him at the moment of searching the target with the first skill "Search".

According to experienced players, you should not put the Thief in the 1st slot of the team (you will be left without mana). It is better to put it on 2 - 3 position, and it is recommended to send it to the Seer at the first. If you have a team of weak warriors, then the Thief can be seconded to the 4th - 5th place, and put less powerful heroes in front of her.

Huntress - needed on every team so that you don’t get into trouble when choosing a mirror. She also hits and marks well.

If she is not very pumped, then her place is 5-6 in the team, if this is your strongest hero - in 1 place. It is also recommended to put it in 1st place in the battle with a cool boss. She will put a "mark" on him, and allies will receive an increased attack.

Warlock - According to experienced players, she is one of the most useless heroes. Why? Soda is expensive, both skills don’t work 100%. After turning an enemy into stone, only 50% of the damage will pass through it. But if you decide to put it in a command, then there is a simple scenario for it:

The swordmaster is the second most stupid warrior. He is useful on the boss, but his soda is expensive, after using both skills - pass the move. The stun does not always hit the enemy. Cannot use mana, respectively, and equipment with additional skills. You can equip it with 2 pans or a Poisonous Sword.

The Lord of Darkness is a tough pepper, only boiled eggs are cooler than him. He doesn’t need a lot of equipment, he uses only 3 slots.

Soda Dungeon 2: Builds and Equipment for Characters

Blacksmith’s workshop

All items that are in the game can be viewed in the Equipment section of the Encyclopedia. You can buy, create or upgrade uniforms in the Blacksmith’s Workshop. Having built this building, you will have the opportunity to perform basic actions with equipment:

  1. Upgrades is a section for upgrading the building itself. "Reforging" allows you to improve items. "Locksmithing" makes it possible to enter the Dungeons with 1 key. "Bag of Abundance" is pumped up to 5 levels, each level allows you to save 10% of your resources when you move to a new Dimension.
  2. Crafting - The section has several tabs for what you can craft. There are some things in the game that can only be crafted (you cannot find them in Dungeons or buy them). You can create: swords, shields, armor, materials (necessary for forging equipment) and gems (inserted into certain items of equipment). There is a special recipe for each item.
  3. Buy - Items are sold here. They can be purchased in limited quantities. To reset the purchase limit, you must manually enter the battle in the Dungeon (you can enter and exit immediately). In this case, the assortment will change, and you can buy something else useful.
  4. Sell - a section for selling unnecessary items.
  5. Sell off - an item for the wholesale sale of accumulated items. You can sell everything with 1 click, except for a certain amount (indicated in a special line). It is necessary to sell "below zero" before moving to a new Dimension (all the same, everything should be reset to zero). Equipment is sold for gold, which can then be exchanged for essence (it does not disappear).
  6. Item level - allows you to improve the parameters of things for blacksmith crystals. Swords, shields and armor have 5 levels of pumping.
Before the battle with a powerful boss (at hundredth levels), it is recommended to pump equipment as much as possible.

The best equipment for mining gold, items and essence


NameEffect DescriptionAbility to insert a gem
Staff of Greed+ 10% to magic attacks, + 15% to gold miningNot
Keybringer+ 40% critical chance, + 80% damage, + 20% chance to find the key to the DungeonNot
Assassin dagger (will help you complete levels faster)30% critical chance, + 125% damageNot
Dagger30% critical chance, + 100% damageNot
Ancient ax+ 20% critical attack chance, + 80% damageYes
PanChance to get food on hit, gives the chance to inflict Burn on the enemyNot


NameEffect DescriptionAbility to insert a gem
Golden shield+ 20% gold miningNot
Space shield+ 15% to magic attack, + 3% to finding itemsYes


NameEffect DescriptionPlace of extraction
Radioactive suit+ 200% Damage Reflection. + 5% ATKIn Dungeons 1000+
Bone mailAdds 6 health pointsIn the Dungeons at the Prison stages, created in the Workshop
Meat suitAdds 7 health pointsIn the Dungeons at the Kitchen stages


NameEffect DescriptionPlace of extraction
Lucky clover+ 10% to gold mining, + 5% to items miningIn the Dungeons at the Kitchen stages
Silver necklace+10 item finds, + 10% reduction in incoming damageCreature
Geode+10 to Ore findsIn Dungeons at 300+ levels
Essential magnet+5 to the extraction of essenceIn Dungeons at 700+ levels


NameEffect DescriptionPlace of extraction
Precious eye+10 to Hidden ObjectIn Dungeons at 600+ levels
Gold gem+ 10% to gold miningCreation, in Dungeons at 150+ levels

The best items for passing the Dungeon


NameEffect DescriptionAbility to insert a gem
Rusty sword+ 30% to critical attack chance, + 75% to damageNot
Mace+ 15% critical chance, + 50% damageNot
Saber30% critical chance, + 50% damage, + 20% dodgeNot
Blade of Gantu30% critical chance, + 85% damage, prevents speed reductionNot
Great scepter+ 30% magic attackYes


NameEffect DescriptionAbility to insert a gem
Iron shield+5 units to health pointsNot
Apple+6 units to health pointsYes
Prismatic Shield+25 units to health pointsNot
Force shield+35 units to health pointsYes


NameEffect DescriptionPlace of extraction
Bib+15 units to health pointsManufacturing
Leather armor (at the start of the game)+1 units to health pointsCreation, Dungeon
Chain mail+5 units to health pointsIn the dungeon at the Prison stages


NameEffect DescriptionPlace of extraction
Healing stoneGives 1 unit of mana, restores 20 units of healthIn the dungeon at the Prison stages, creation
RockDeals increased damageIn the dungeons
Ghost clawRecovers 2 units of mana and increases attack for the whole teamCreature
Magic ring+20 units of mana, + 10% to magic attackPurchase
Power glove+ 10% attack powerIn the Dungeon at the Throne Hall stages


NameEffect DescriptionPlace of extraction
Triangle+ 10% to gain experience pointsCreation, passage of the Dungeon at 250+ levels
Target stone+ 50% critical damageIn Dungeons at 700+ levels

The best items for passing bosses


NameEffect DescriptionAbility to insert a gem
Skull blade+ 25% critical chance, + 75% damage, + 10% reduction in incoming damageNot
Blade of Virtue15% critical chance, + 70% damage, + 15% damage reflection (back to the enemy)Not
Royal sword15% critical chance, + 130% damageYes
Whirring Blade5% critical attack chance, + 135% damage, chance to stun the opponentNot
Soul Guardian10% critical chance, + 150% critical damageYes
The spoon+ 100% damage reflectionNot


NameEffect DescriptionAbility to insert a gem
Golden eye+10 units to health pointsYes
Frog shield+28 units to health pointsYes
Stop signal+35 units to health points, + 15% regenerationYes
God’s shieldReduces incoming damage by 10%Not


NameEffect DescriptionPlace of extraction
Ossein Armor+30 units to health points, 15% reduction of incoming damageIn Dungeons at 400+ levels
Karuta+27 units to health points, 25% evasionIn Dungeons at 600+ levels


NameEffect DescriptionPlace of extraction
Copper bracelets+ 30% status resistanceCreature
Back guardPrevents attack from behind, + 10% to health pointsCreation, passing the task
Adorable doodlesPrevents SleepCreation, passing the task
Dark amuletPrevents turning to stone, and burnFor completing the quest


NameEffect DescriptionPlace of extraction
Dark pearl+20 mana, deals 2.2 times more damage to 1 targetCreation, passage of Dungeons at 500+ levels
Pearl+ 10% attack, + 5% magic attack, + 10% health pointsIn Dungeons at 500+ levels
The Stone of Sight is an essential accessory in every combat activity. Must have 1 member of the squad, as it allows you to see the bar of enemy health points. This is important in simple walkthroughs and in boss battles.

Wardrobe. This feature can be purchased at the Tavern. Allows you to save your preferred equipment for the entire selected class (for example, all Huntresses). When there is no Wardrobe, the best equipment in the arsenal is automatically put on the warriors. But this is not always necessary, as sometimes items with low starting stats are more useful than better items. If you hire a second fighter for a class with an existing Wardrobe, then the equipment will be matched to him according to your settings. If such equipment is missing, the game will dress him with the best things that you have at the moment.

Soda Dungeon 2: Dungeon Guide

At the start of the game, the passage starts from level 1. You can try the auto battle mode at the very beginning. Even if things don’t go as smoothly as you would like, you still need to go through the first floors and hire more Soda Lovers to go further.

When you build the Wizard’s Hut, you will have the opportunity to move to any level, up to the maximum passed, for a small amount of gold. In the Dungeons, the ability to complete a Quick Battle for a special currency - Battle Credits - has been implemented. Like teleportation, Rapid Combat only works on the stages you completed earlier.

Dungeon Settings

Key settings - check the box next to "Save the key for healing fairies". Good fairies are one of the best opportunities to go far in the Dungeon (by putting the Huntress in the squad, who will always choose good sorceresses). The fairy will fully restore health and mana points to the whole team.

Treatment can be given when HP is less 40-50%.

Section "Allow keys for" Here you can choose 3 out of 4 options:

  1. Healing Fairy - to restore the team. Better to leave a check mark.
  2. Prize treasure is an additional opportunity to earn gold and resources.
  3. Mine - if you need resources.
  4. Teleport - you skip 5 levels, but you won’t get anything for them. It will be more useful to go through these floors.

We recommend that the item "Chance to choose an unknown path without a key" be set to 100% and take the Huntress with you. With the warrior, you have a high chance of choosing the right path.

"Additional gold for advertising" - when turned on after the battle, you will be able to watch a commercial, after which your mined gold will increase by 10%. In fact, ads are always loaded, but with the "off" position, it can be skipped after 2 - 3 seconds. When "on" - you must watch the video to the end.

Rapid battle

An important section that will help you collect gold and items instantly. 1 Battle Credit is earned for every minute outside the game. Each credit can be exchanged for 1 scrum. For 1 call, you can spend 100 BC, respectively, go through 100 levels. The maximum number of credits that can be obtained per day is 1440 units.

Fuck Quick battle, it is better to choose the initial levels of each hundred stages (101, 201, 301, and so on) for passing. This is important, since at the hundredth levels (100, 200, 300) you will find a Floor Washer who hits very well with his mop and can destroy most of your squad.

After the first 100 BC spent, you again need to go to the Tavern and recruit a new team, and then enter Rapid Battle again.

It is important to spend as much Battle Credits as possible, as they will not be added over time.

But the credits, before using, must be taken by clicking the "Take credits" button. They are located in a special menu, to open it you should click on any currency.

Dungeon Zones

Every 100 levels, the Dungeon is divided into 5 zones, each with its own unique monsters. On every 10th floor, a boss awaits you, and at stages multiples of 5 - a miniboss.

  1. Dungeons - from 1 to 20 levels.
  2. Prison - from 21 to 40 levels.
  3. Kitchen - from 41 to 60 levels.
  4. Arsenal - from 61 to 80 levels.
  5. Throne Room - from 81 to 100 levels.

At the start of the game, you start the passage of 1 Dimension, which ends at level 100, where you will meet the boss of the Lord of Darkness (Dark Lord / Dark Lady). In each Dimension there will be one more main villain, only 100 more stages will be added, and so on until level 1000, where you will fight the last boss. After passing the 10th Dimension, the Dimension War will begin, there will be no bosses in it, but the levels increase in the difficulty of passing.


Turn order - a team consists of 6 heroes, which by default have a base turn speed of 100. The order of turns will depend on the chosen position of the character (from 1 to 6). If the hero has an effect that increases the speed of attack (move), then he will hit in 1 turn.

Also, your opponents have attack speed (in a team from 1 to 4 fighters). They also have a base speed of 100. The secret character (Lord of Darkness) has a speed bonus of 50, so he has a privilege over the rest of the group.

Enemy speed:

  1. Dark Lord - 130.
  2. Dark Lady - 200.
  3. Cleaner - 120.
  4. Normal monsters - 100.

Also, the speed is affected by the slowing effects that you can impose on the enemy, or he on you. Once on the battlefield, you will always go first, with the exception of ambushes.

In a normal battle, your heroes are located at the edges of the field, and they cannot be stabbed in the back. In ambush - your team is in the center, and enemies are surrounding it, therefore, you can be attacked in the back.

Ambush. Dungeon Ambushes spawn with a 5% chance of 1 time in each zone, and there is currently no way to prevent them. You will not be ambushed on floors ending in 1, 5 and 0. There will always be a few monsters that ambush first. Some opponents will inflict dangerous status effects (such as poison and burn). In particular, there are several enemies in the Throne Room that can be considered dangerous due to their innate skills (cross strike, dark cut, confusion and poison).

"Double Ambush" is an unusual occurrence where a group encounters an ambush and moves to another zone, where 2 ambushes are triggered, with a small cooldown to heal. With the Nurse and the Lord of Darkness in your team, you enable the warriors to live longer.

Repetition of levels - the configuration of the battle depends on the last digit of the level number. Therefore, fights are repeated every 10 battles, with the exception of the first battles, which were made easier.

Soda Dungeon 2: Boss Walkthrough

General tips for boss fights:

  1. You should go to the boss with full health and mana points.
  2. The battle takes place manually (required).
  3. It is recommended to take warriors who hit 1 enemy (or the heroes have the effect of translating a massive attack into 1 target). But you can experiment with team members.
  4. It is advised to go through bosses several times, since there is a high proportion of randomness in the game (whether critical damage passes, the boss may miss, and so on). Therefore, you can go through the same team of the boss, which you stormed several times.
  5. All characters in the squad should be pumped as much as possible, since warriors with a high level are much stronger than fighters with low skill, although they can have the same equipment.
  6. The heroes must have the best ammunition available. You can view the combat power of items in the "Sell" tab in the Forge. All equipment effects are shown there.
  7. In the 6th Dimension you will be able to create the "Back Protection" accessory. It is necessary, since the boss during the battle turns your fighters back to him and hits them. The amulet will prevent the main villain from trying to turn you around.
  8. More pets should be pumped, which will give additional bonuses to the team. It is recommended to take the most useful animal into battle.

Walkthrough level 600

Command structure:


Item nameDescriptionHeroes on which the item stands
Blade of Virtue15% critical chance, + 70% damage, 15% hit reflection2 Nurses and Blademaster at 6 positions
Skull blade25% critical chance, + 75% damage, + 10% reduction in incoming damageSeer, Warlock
Blade of Gantu30% critical chance, + 85% damage, prevents speed reductionBlade master at 5 positions
Saber30% critical chance, + 50% damage, + 20% evasionBlade masters
Darkwing shield+8 HPNurse 4 position
Plasma Shield+25 HPNurse 3 position
Force shield+35 HP, +15 units to attackMystic
Frog shield+28 HPWarlock
Hossein’s Armor+ 15% reduction in incoming damage, +10 mana, increased attack by 0.8% for the group, there is a chance to inflict burns, +30 HPBlade masters 6 item
Bone mail+6 HPSeer, Warlock, Nurse
Sight stoneShows the amount of HP of the enemyMystic
Magic ring (2 pieces)+20 mana, + 10% magic attackWarlock
Copper bracelet (2 pieces)+ 30% status resistanceNurses
Power glove+10 attackBlade masters
Demon Stone in Force Shield+ 25% Damage ReflectionMystic


It is important to have a powerful warrior in the first three so that the boss does not pay attention to the other heroes. Difficulty - the boss has a high resistance to Poison.

Walkthrough level 700

At stage 700, you will have a huge and angry phone - the boss. The team consists of the same squad members who passed level 600.


Item nameDescriptionHeroes on which the item stands
Magnificent staff+ 10% magic attackWarlock
Staff of Awareness+ 10% magic attack, + 10% hidden objectsDarkseer
Blade of Gantu30% critical chance, + 85% damage, prevents speed reductionBlade masters
Ancient ax20% critical chance, + 80% damageBlade masters
Force shield+35 HP, +15 units to attackSeer, Warlock, Nurse
Hossein’s Armor+ 15% reduction in incoming damage, +10 mana, increased attack by 0.8% for the group, there is a chance to inflict burns, +30 HPBlade masters 6 item
Bone mail+6 HPSeer, Warlock, Nurse 4 positions
Karuta (armor)+27 HP, + 25% evasionNurse 3 positions
Sight stoneShows the amount of HP of the enemyMystic
Magic ring (2 pieces)+20 mana, + 10% magic attackWarlock
Copper bracelet (2 pieces)+ 30% status resistanceNurses
Power glove+10 attackBlade masters
Demon Stone in the Nurses Force Shield+ 25% Damage ReflectionNurses
Starstone in Force Shield and Ancient Ax+50 HP, +25 attack, +20 manaBlademaster, Seer, Warlock

Passage - the boss has 8000 HP and immunity to poisons. The player goes first. The strategy is very similar to passing level 600. The main task is to leave the Warlock alive. If possible, you should put an amulet that prevents stabs in the back.

Passage of level 800

Command structure:


Item nameDescriptionHeroes on which the item stands
Skull blade25% critical chance, + 75% damage, + 10% reduction in incoming damageWarlock
Saber30% critical chance, + 50% damage, + 20% evasionNurses
Blade of Gantu30% critical chance, + 85% damage, prevents speed reductionBlade masters (5th position - 2 swords)
Ancient ax20% critical chance, + 80% damageBlade master at 6 positions
Blade of Virtue15% critical chance, + 70% damage, 15% hit reflectionA carpenter
Force shield+35 HP, +15 units to attackCarpenter, Warlock, Nurse
Hossein’s Armor+ 15% reduction in incoming damage, +10 mana, increased attack by 0.8% for the group, there is a chance to inflict burns, +30 HPBlademaster, Carpenter, 3-position Nurse
Bone mail+6 HPNurse 2 positions
Karuta (armor)+27 HP, + 25% evasionWarlock
Power glove+10 attackAll heroes
Demon Stone in Force Shield+ 25% Damage ReflectionWarlock
Purple Stone in Force Shield+ 5% evasionNurse, Carpenter

Passage - boss Dark Lord, has 10,000 HP, immunity to poisons. The villain has high defense. The strategy is the same as at level 600. But here the boss can throw randomly (not only on the magician), so it is necessary to heal the one on whom the Lord hit. At the beginning of the battle, it is better to use the healing of 1 ally, when the Lord does not hit with massive attacks. The carpenter must hit with the "Nail".

Walkthrough level 900

Command structure:


Item nameDescriptionHeroes on which the item stands
Saber30% critical chance, + 50% damage, + 20% evasionWarlock, Nurse
Blade of Gantu30% critical chance, + 85% damage, prevents speed reductionHuntress
Ancient ax20% critical chance, + 80% damageThief, Blademaster
Royal sword15% critical chance, 130% damageBlade master
Frog shield+28 HPWarlock, 3-position Nurse, Huntress
Force shield+35 HP, +15 units to attackNurse 2 positions, Thief
Karuta (armor)+27 HP, + 25% evasionWarlock, Huntress, Blademaster
Hossein’s Armor+ 15% reduction in incoming damage, +10 mana, increased attack by 0.8% for the group, there is a chance to inflict burns, +30 HPNurse, Thief
Magic ring (2 pieces)+20 mana, + 10% magic attackWarlock
Power glove+10 attackHuntress (2 pieces), Nurse for 3 positions, Blademaster
Copper bracelet+ 30% status resistanceNurse 2 positions, Thief
Purple Stone in Frog Shield, Force Shield, Ancient Ax+ 5% evasionWarlock, Nurse, Huntress, Thief
Demon Stone in Force Shield and Ancient Ax+ 25% Damage ReflectionThief, Blademaster

Passage - the Lord of Darkness has 12000 HP, resistance to poisons, high armor. Plus there is a BBQ with it, which has 13,000 HP. While the boss has his back turned to you, you should carry out a powerful attack in the back (cause more damage). The brazier does significant damage to 1 - 2 members of the squad. And the Lord hits the group. Therefore, the Huntress must first place a mark on the Lord. The main thing is not to let the soldiers die, the weakest allies or the whole group should be healed.

Passage of 1000 level

Command structure:


Item nameDescriptionHeroes on which the item stands
Saber30% critical chance, + 50% damage, + 20% evasionNurses
Staff staff+ 10% magic attackSeer, Warlock
Royal sword15% critical chance, 130% damageBlademaster, Huntress
Ancient ax20% critical chance, + 80% damageBlade master
Karuta (armor)+27 HP, + 25% evasionNurses
Force shield+35 HP, +15 units to attackEveryone has
Hossein’s Armor+ 15% reduction in incoming damage, +10 mana, increased attack by 0.8% for the group, there is a chance to inflict burns, +30 HPSeer, Warlock, Blademaster, Huntress
Copper bracelet+ 30% status resistanceEveryone has
Purple Stone in Force Shield, Staff Staff+ 5% evasionSeer, Warlock, Nurse
Starstone in Force Shield, Ancient Ax, Royal Sword+50 HP, +25 attack, +20 manaWarlock, Blademaster, Huntress

Passage - The lord of darkness has 12000 HP, costs one, has immunity to poisons, and has a chance to put your team to sleep (mass skill "Dark dreams"). It is recommended to beat the Lord with the Dark Flame, which the Armor of Hossein gives. In principle, the boss is not difficult to pass easily. It is required to constantly monitor the OZ of the detachment, and timely heal the team. The swordmaster should hit with the default attack so as not to miss a turn (it will be more useful). The Huntress always puts a mark, the Warlock poisons.

After the Lord, there is another boss named Darkest Boy with 13,000 HP. May poison your team. To hit him in the back will fail (takes up almost the entire screen). It is necessary to fight with him in the same way as with the Lord of darkness. It is quick and easy.

Soda Dungeon 2: All Achievements

All achievements can be viewed in the Encyclopedia in the Achievements section.

Progression - These achievements are credited as you progress through the gameplay.

Achievement nameA taskReceiving
Step into darknessComplete 1 DimensionDestroy the boss on the 100th floor of the Dungeon
RuinBecome a witness to the destruction of the DimensionThe player gets automatically after the Prologue
OopsFail taskFailure of the mission seems counterintuitive. The quest you fail is given by the Dark Lord and you fail by defeating floor 300 by completing Dimension 3
Trample into darknessComplete 4 DimensionDefeat the Boss on Floor 400
Mistress of darknessComplete 6 DimensionDefeat Floor 600 Boss
The light in the darknessComplete 8 DimensionDefeat the 800 floor boss
Darkest darknessComplete 10 DimensionDefeat Floor 1000 Boss

While some achievement missions require you to defeat Dimension bosses, achievements will actually only be counted when you move to a new Dimension.

Semi - automatic is a mixture of luck and diligence. You need to keep playing and you will get them sooner or later. However, if you have completed Dimension 10, you may still not receive them, so you need to try.

Achievement nameA taskReceiving
You are a cowardly ratGet ambushedIt is counted when completing the Dungeon in Ambush mode (when you are in the center of the field)
Wow!Fill Bestiary 50%Easier than it sounds. Only the Throne Room takes time to fill it up because it has all the dimension bosses.
A rare opportunityFind a rare itemHaving a Thief on your team will speed up the process, as you will open all the reward chests, not just one. Using keys for bonus treasures will also increase the chances
Eat vegetablesReflect 100 Condition EffectsResistance to the negative effects of "bad" fairies does not count towards the task. To complete it, you should take heroes with the pumped "Resistance to conditions" skill into the battle. You can view the progress of the achievement in the Bestiary
Smoke outDefeat 500 enemiesThese achievements are counted as you progress through the Dungeons.
DestroyDefeat 1000 enemies
FighterDefeat 5000 enemies
Partial masteryReach level 25 with a heroAchievement counts on any character
Complete masteryReach level 50 as a hero

Automatic - These achievements are obtained without prior preparation, but they require certain classes of heroes to complete.

Achievement nameA taskReceiving
One of the bestFind a healing fairyYou should take the Huntress into the team, then all the fairies will become good
GuarantorRun the order
ShameBurp 50 times with Soda Drinker during battleIt is necessary to pump the Soda Lover to level 25, so more often you should put him in the team
AlchemistConvert an enemy to gold oreRequires a Level 25 Miner. Requires a high degree of luck to complete, as there is very little chance of turning an enemy into gold ore
Not a single chanceMark, stun or counterattack the enemyWe need a Huntress and a Blademaster of 25 level, if there is a sword Buzzing Blade, then you can use its skill on another fighter, and not use the master. Then you need to strike from behind

City achievements are achievements that can be obtained from buildings in your city.

Achievement nameA taskReceiving
FighterComplete 25 Arena BattlesFirst, you need to build it
Love of assignmentsComplete 10 tasksAre counted after completing quests
Quest hunterComplete 30 Challenges
Soda-brainCreate, apply and use a Soda scenario in battleYou need to write a script and apply it in any battle, you need an Arena
Luxurious mansionsChange the Tavern with a new lookYou can buy the most minimal decor of the hall in the "Tavern Modifications"
PupilCreate itemQuests are counted after the manufacture of items in the Blacksmith’s Workshop
BlacksmithCraft 25 items
Getting rid of old stuffGet at least 250,000 Gold from the SaleCan be performed before moving to a new Dimension closer to the end of the game

Hidden achievements

Achievement nameA taskReceiving
Wet floorDefeat the janitorThe boss of each Dimension can only be defeated once, after which you will find a janitor on this floor
Cleaning at level 10,000It is required to complete 10,000 levels of the DungeonGreat patience is required
Rock of combinationsIt is required to turn the enemy into stone, and then chop it with a pickaxeTo complete it you need a level 25 Warlock with "Curse" and a Miner with the "Pick" skill. You should take these warriors, first turn the enemy into stone, and then finish him off with a "Pick"

Soda Dungeon 2: "Don’t be such a dumb club" and other tasks

Quests are special tasks that can be taken from time to time from the characters of the game (not fighters). Tasks are divided into 2 types:

  1. Fetch - these must be done manually.
  2. Automatic - completed as the game progresses.

The character you need to talk to will be highlighted with an exclamation mark. After the conversation, you will receive the next task.

Home - the first game task, it is given automatically, you do not need to take it. You need to figure out why this soda is so special. To complete it, you need to talk to the Owner of the tavern. This quest is controlled, that is, it is necessary, and you cannot do other actions in the game until you complete it. There are several controlled missions.

Tavern Master Quests

Quest nameDescriptionPerformance
Adventure awaits (supervised quest)Accompany the Soda Drinker on his 1 trip to the DungeonComplete Level 1 Dungeon with the Amateur
Preparation for work (controlled quest)Take the Lover on a hike with weapons and shieldComplete level 1 Dungeon with the Amateur and have the equipment
Entrepreneur (controlled quest)Upgrade the Tavern with a couple of modificationsBuy a stool and Slaughter Ale
Moving forwardAdd Forge to town
By pressing the buttonGet to the next area of the Dungeon.Complete Level 20 Dungeon
About wizardsAdd a wizard’s hut to your city
The taste awaitsConfirm that there is a Kitchen in the dungeonComplete Level 40 Dungeon
Steady paceKeep walking through the DungeonComplete Level 60 Dungeon
FighterDiscard the local rat populationDestroy 20 rats (progress can be viewed in the Bestiary)
Don’t be such a clubThe tavern owner says that he received this assignment for you from the purple man (Dark Lord). The player cannot complete this quest and receives the achievement "Oops"The quest is completed automatically (fails) after the completion of the 3rd Dimension, upon transition to the 4th Dimension
A delicate situationHelp the Tavern Master with his plague problemYou need to kill 40 flies
This vintage lookHelp the tavern owner maintain the appearanceFind 25 pieces of firewood
Natural raw materialsTavern owner is looking for alternative sweetenersYou need to find 3 apples, 3 blueberry juices and 3 caramels
Additional loansAnger the Dark Lord by using Battle Credits instead of entering the DungeonRequires 500 Battle Credits
Sipping sodaBring a soda, relax a littleYou need to buy 8 soda
You deserved itLet the Battle Credits do all the work for youSpend 1000 Battle Credits
Unfriendly ghostsTavern owner thinks the tavern is hauntedDestroy 50 Friendly Ghosts
I close it with a lidTavern owner wants to part with his old collection of bottle capsGet 1500 essences

Wizard Quests

Quest nameDescriptionPerformance
This classic tasteGet some of the soda you previously ownedBuy 3 soda
The point isEarn some essence to power up relicsYou need to collect 20 essences
The least you can doQuery the item for the wizardYou need to find 2 magic powders
Fear of the darkThe GM can craft a defensive item if you spend enough time in the DungeonIt is necessary to pass 700 floors of the Dungeon
Spare little thingThe wizard is short on gold these daysYou need to get 35,000 gold
Watch your backThe Wizard can help strengthen your defenses against the Dark LadyYou must pass 1000 dungeon level
Our little secretKill multiple enemies to help the Lord of LightIt is required to destroy 500 enemies
Sleep soundlyThe wizard is working on an item to help you against the Dark Lord himselfComplete 2000 levels of the Dungeon

Blacksmith Quests

Quest nameDescriptionPerformance
Precious ingredientHelp the blacksmith build a new forgeFind 1 ruby
Every blow helpsUse the blacksmith to level up some of your itemsRaise an item to level 5
The more you knowShare some of your item knowledge with the blacksmithOpen 25% of the Item Encyclopedia
A little extra polishBlacksmith needs help polishing the Dark Lord’s armorYou need to find 2 candles and 2 demonic horns
Glue it to the little manEntertain the blacksmith by simply raiding the dungeonYou need to complete 1000 levels of the Dungeon
While the sun is shiningTake advantage of the special "Judgment Day of the Blacksmith"Raise an Item Level 30 Times

Lord of Darkness Quests

Quest nameDescriptionPerformance
A little too darkHelp one Dark Lord to overthrow anotherCompleted Floor 500 Dungeon
Light and darknessGet a sensation about Lord of the LightYou need to talk to the Lord of Light

Carpenter Quests

Quest nameDescriptionPerformance
Hammer and nailBuild a carpentry workshop
The art of fightingAdd the Arena to the city
Fighter in trainingUse the ArenaYou must complete 10 challenges in the Arena
Bacon - questThe carpenter needs some bacon to complete his stewFind 5 Bacons
Toddler botA carpenter needs help making a toyFind: 1 cog, 1 copper ore, 1 red forging crystal
nailed itThe carpenter wants to increase his damageYou must use the "Program Nail" skill 50 times
Glue it to the manBoycott the Industrialists in the ArenaComplete 20 Arena Challenges
The end is near!Help the carpenter prepare for the worstYou need to find 15 candles, 15 apples and 15 skins
Quests that require the player to clear a certain number of floors in the Dungeon cannot be completed in quick combat mode (for Battle Credits), but you can put the passage in the background.

Soda Dungeon 2: How to find caps, rubies, relics, obsidian, magic powder

Caps are one of the rarest currencies in the game; they can be used to upgrade or purchase any items in the game. But caps must be purchased with real money. This can be done through the store (the icon in the form of a basket in the upper left corner). The minimum set of lids (500 pieces) will cost 409 rubles. It’s not much for the game.

But the developers themselves on Google Play wrote that you can go through the whole game without depositing real funds. In this case, the passage process will take a little longer, and when buying covers, the process will be faster.

Receiving materials:

All the ingredients that are in the game and how to get them are described in detail in the Bestiary Encyclopedia. You should choose a monster and read information about it, including about trophies.


These are additional bonuses that you can get during the game. There are 3 types of relics.

Main shrine - after entering a new Dimension, you will be given 3 relics to choose from. Any relic that is not selected will be delivered upon entering the next Dimension. After completing 10 Worlds, you will unlock all the relics (there are 10 of them).

Relic of the attack+2 attacks per relic level for the whole team. Increases physical and magical damage, so it’s good for any build type
Relic of health+5 health points per relic level for the whole team
Mana relic+3 mana units for each relic level for the whole team
Golden find+ 1% to gold mining for each relic level for the whole team
Relic of Critical Damage+ 0.5% critical damage per relic level for the entire team
Entity search+ 0.2% to the extraction of essence for each level of the relic for the whole team
Relic of Regeneration+1 health point recovery per relic level for the entire team
Physical assault+ 0.25% physical damage per relic level for the entire team
Magic booster+ 0.2% magic damage for each relic level for the whole team

There are 5 secondary relics . They are unlocked upon entering a new Dimension. Relics are distributed in a specific order, and given to the player without choice. For example, the relic of the Dungeon keys is issued at the start of Dimension 2.

Dungeon Keys Relic+ 0.2% chance to find keys for each relic level for the whole team. The maximum can be pumped 300 levels and get a chance of 60%
Relic of Mastery+ 0.1% to gain experience points for each level of the relic for the entire team. Has 100 levels, adds a maximum of 10% experience
Relic of Ore+0.1 ore finds per relic level for the entire team. The disadvantage is that ore will spawn more often. It might be better to use to find Miner or items. Has 100 levels, maximizes production by 10
Remnant of resistance+ 0.25% status resistance per relic level for the entire team. Has 50 levels, maximum bonus - 12.5%
Relic of Reflection+ 0.2% damage reflection per relic level for the entire team. Has 100 levels, maximum bonus - 20%

Class Relics - There are 10 class relics, 1 for each warrior. They are unlocked when the hero reaches mastery level 50. Like the main relics, class relics will appear in their menu in the order in which they are obtained. These relics allow you to increase the base statistics of a particular class. All class relics give a +2 bonus to attack, health and mana. The exception is the relic of the Blade Master, his increase is +2 to attack and health.

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