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SPADES ROYALE is a game for android with release date 01/03/2018 from Beach Bum Ltd. Game genre: Card. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. All The Ways To Get Free Coins
  3. Basic Game Rules
  4. How To Play?
  5. All game flavors
  6. How do I get prizes during events?
  7. All About Arenas & Leaderboards
  8. How to complete the album?
  9. A Guide for Donators
  10. Is It Worth Playing?

Spades Royale: A Beginner’s Guide

Spades Royale is a simulator of the popular American card game. You get the opportunity to play cards with players around the world in real time. Learn the rules and take the first places in the leaderboard.

Main screen. The main screen contains all the buttons for switching to gaming activities, the store and additional information. In the center of the page there is a menu of arenas and game tables in different game modes, to the left, game events and special offers are displayed.

At the top of the screen there is a button to go to the menu, an indicator of the game level, a roulette wheel and the user’s balance. At the bottom of the screen, there are buttons to go to the game room, the list of daily tasks, album, friends and a time bonus.

Name. You start the game as a guest, so you need to enter your name or nickname so that other players can identify you. Click on the avatar in the upper left corner, then on the pencil icon and enter your name. If you write any insult instead of a name, the developers may block you.

Avatar. The game provides fairly detailed settings for the avatar, including appearance and clothing. Choose gender, skin tone and face shape, then choose hairstyle, clothes and accessories. Some of the accessories are available for use only after reaching a certain level.

Remember to click the Apply button in the lower right corner to save your changes.

Settings. Through the tab in the upper left corner, you can adjust the volume of music, sound effects and sending notifications. You can also contact support if you have any problems or questions about the game.

Level. To increase your game level, you need to earn experience points. After each game you will receive a certain number of points, their number will depend on the victory and the bet made. The availability of game activities also depends on the level, for example, at level 10 you will get access to Missions and the Album.

Statistics. Click on the avatar icon to view the winning odds in different game modes. It will also display the statistics of your last 5 games, the letter L stands for a loss, the letter W for a win.

Spades Royale: All The Ways To Get Free Coins

Daily bonus. Every day you enter the game, you can get free coins. Their number depends on three factors:

Time bonus. At the bottom of the screen, in the center, there is a timer that counts down the time until the bonus is received. Every 4 hours you have the opportunity to receive free coins. Initially, the amount will be 250 coins, then the amount will increase depending on the level.

Try to log into the game every 4 hours to get as many free coins as possible in a day.

Level. A small reward is provided for increasing the game level for the user. Each time an additional 150 coins will be credited to your account, thus, at level 10, there will already be 1,500 free coins in your account.

Daily missions. Every day you will receive three tasks that must be completed gradually, one after another. For each completed task, you will receive coins. If you manage to complete all three tasks in 24 hours, then you can get a mega prize.

Facebook. For connecting to a social network, you can receive an additional reward of 500 coins. To do this, go to the Free coins tab in the lower right corner and go through authorization. After that, you can also use the photo as your avatar.

Connecting to Facebook will also help you save your game progress so you can play across multiple devices.

Invitation. For each friend you invite, you can get bonus 10,000 coins. To do this, a friend must enter the game using the link you sent him, or enter a unique number to confirm your acquaintance. After your friend completes the specified actions, you will receive a reward.

Friends. Every day you and your friends can send gifts in the form of coins to each other. To do this, go to the Free coins tab in the lower right corner, send coins to friends and collect your gifts.

Advertising. A clapperboard icon appears in the upper right corner, clicking on which you can watch a commercial and receive 100 coins as a reward. Also, an offer to view ads may appear when loading the game.

Be sure to watch the commercials marked Extra, as the reward for watching them is twice as high.

Spades Royale: Basic Game Rules

Players. The game in any mode is designed for four players who are sitting at the same card table. At the end of the game, the best players will be awarded first and second places.

Cards. The game uses a standard 52-card deck of four suits. Piki is always the trump card. Each player is dealt 13 cards, which will be used during the game.

Croupier. The first dealer is selected by drawing a card from the deck. The player whose card is higher starts the deal. Next, the queue advances clockwise.

Bargaining. Each player places a bet from 0 to 13, the selected number will indicate the number of tricks that the player plans to receive during the game. The first bet is made by the player to the right of the dealer and further clockwise.

Bribe. The first player makes a move and lays down any card other than spades. Further clockwise, each player puts one card of the same suit, or in the absence of such a card of spades. The player whose card is higher on the playing table takes the trick.

Spades cannot be used while you are holding cards of suitable suits.

Scoring. When you execute a declared bid at the auction, you get points multiplied by 10. For example, if you execute a declared bet of 4, you will receive 40 points. Each extra bribe received is worth 1 point.

In the event that you were unable to receive the declared number of bribes, the number of your points will decrease by 10 for each bribe. For example, if the declared bet 3 is not fulfilled, you will receive -30 points.

Special rates:

Winning. The winner is the player who scored more points in all rounds than the other players. In the Solo game mode, the winner of the first place receives 75% of the prize fund, the second - 25%. In the Partners game mode, each player of the winning pair receives 75% of the prize pool, for example, if you bet 250 coins, you will win 750 coins.

Spades Royale: How To Play?

Game mode. Spades Royale has two game modes, Solo and Partners. The first mode provides for three opponents, the second mode provides for the game of a pair for a pair. The scoring and calculation of the winnings depend on the game mode.

Rate. After choosing the game mode, you need to determine the size of the bet. The higher the bet, the more coins, experience points and cards you can get at the end of the game.

Consider your balance and do not bet all the coins you have in order not to lose all your savings.

Bargaining. Examine the received cards and calculate how many bribes you can take for sure. Aces almost always guarantee that you will receive a bribe, a combination of an ace and a king of the same suit guarantees that you will receive two bribes at once. The presence of spades and the absence of cards of one of the suits will also allow you to take a bribe.

If the layout of the cards is bad, then bet 0, but be careful not to accidentally pick up the bet and get -100 points.

Move . If you play first, start with aces, then kings and queens of the same suit. In the absence of such combinations, fold the cards of the suit that you have the least in order to then use the trump cards.

If you go after another player, pay attention to the cards of what suits you can use, the game will help you with this. Place the cards of a higher value to take a trick, but if you understand that you cannot take this trick, then put the card of the lowest value.

Be careful and keep track of which cards are out of the game, so as not to miss the opportunity to pick up a bribe.

Emoji. During the game, you can use any of the suggested phrases, or choose an emotion to chat with the players at the table. To do this, click on the message icon in the lower right corner and check out the menu.

Spades Royale: All game flavors

Jokers. A pair of special cards is played that replace the deuce of crosses and spades. Both jokers are considered spades and can beat any card, however a larger joker can beat a smaller joker.

Mirror. During the bidding, the player declares the exact number of spades in his deck. This value will determine the number of bribes that the player must take during the round in order to score more points.

Suicide. Used only in the Partners game mode. The peculiarity lies in the fact that one of the partners during the auction must make a bid of 0, and the other at least 4.

Whiz. During the bidding, the player must either bet 0 or indicate the exact number of spades in his deck. This value will determine the number of points that the player can score in a round.

Coins4Points. Used only in the Partners game mode, jokers are added to the deck. For each difference in points between the teams at the end of the round, you can get additional coins, or lose them.

Lucky Slots. Additional gaming activity, which is a bet on slot machines and is available for players of level 15. There are five paylines, three rows and two diagonals in total. Additional information about the game can be obtained by clicking on the information icon.

Your bet is divided into five parts, and the winning will depend on the number of lines formed after the slot machine is launched. For example, if you bet 250 coins, then each payline will bring you 50 coins.

Spades Royale: How do I get prizes during events?

Events. Various in-game events appear periodically in Spades Royale. The mechanics of completing tasks and receiving prizes are similar, so we’ll tell you how to get prizes using the example of the Enchanted Forest event.

The goal of the game is to play cards, complete the progress bar, complete stages and collect rewards. The time for completing tasks and receiving prizes is limited, you have five days to complete the event.

Momentum. When you win the card game, you will increase momentum, which allows you to quickly fill the progress bar for completing stages. The impulse value must be constantly maintained as it decreases over time.

Awards. The player goes through all the stages one after another, filling the progress bar. For completing each of the five stages, a certain reward is provided:

Spades Royale: All About Arenas & Leaderboards

Arenas. Each gaming arena provides the player with access to three card tables with different rates. You can access the arena after reaching a certain game level. The higher the status of the arena, the higher the stakes you can place.

ArenaArena accessRateMap packages
Emerald1st level250 coinsOne and two star level cards.
Level 3500 coinsOne, two, and three star level cards.
6 level1,000 coinsCards of the level of two, three and four stars.
RubyLevel 102,500 coinsThree, four and five star level cards.
5,000 coinsCards are four, five stars. Ace card pack.
10,000 coins
SapphireLevel 2020,000 coins
50,000 coins
100,000 coins
OnyxLevel 40150,000 coins
300,000 coins
600,000 coins
AmethystLevel 701,000,000 coins
2,000,000 coins
4,000,000 coins
LegendLevel 1206,000,000 coins
10,000,000 coins
20,000,000 coins

Turbo arenas. The fourth level of the arena is the final test that you need to overcome in order to receive a special prize. The following rewards await you for completing turbo arenas:

Leaderboard. After reaching level 16, you will have access to the Leaderboard. The more coins you can earn in the allotted period of time, the higher your position in the ranking will be.

Reward. The best players will receive a cash reward. The size of the tournament prize fund is displayed in the Prize Pool column, the reward that is due to the player for a prize place is displayed in the Prizes column opposite the player’s name.

Trophies. After passing the 4th level of the arena, you will receive a special prize - one of the precious stones. For example, to get a Ruby, you need to win at the 4th level of the arena twice. The higher the level of the arena, the more times you need to win to get the trophy.

Avatar. After receiving the trophy, you can add it to your avatar belt so that all players at the card table can see your achievements. To do this, go to the profile editing section, select the stones in the Inventory tab and save the changes.

Spades Royale: How to complete the album?

Albums. Additional gaming activity that will allow you to earn additional coins for betting at the card table after reaching level 8. To complete the album you need to collect all kinds of collectible cards. Users are given several months for this.

Sets. Each album includes 16 sets, which consists of 10 cards of different levels. The higher the level of the cards in the set, the greater the reward for the assembled set you are entitled to.

Cards. Each album includes 160 collectible cards. Each card has its own level from one to five stars, the higher the level of the card, the more difficult it is to win and find it in a set of cards.

Receiving cards. To get cards you need to actively play cards and make big bets. All earned card packs will be placed in the Inventory section, where you can unpack them. You can also purchase card packs using donation offers.

The higher the stake at the gaming table, the more rare cards you can win.

Packages of maps. During the game, you can get one of six packs of cards, each deck contains from 2 to 15 cards of different star levels. The number of stars on the package indicates the card with the highest level in the deck. For example, a four-star package will contain at least one four-star card.

Present. If you come across a card that is already in the album, then the stars of its level will fill the Get gift indicator. After you receive 50 additional stars, you will be asked to choose one of three gifts, which will contain coins and new cards. You can also continue to collect duplicate cards and increase the level of the gift.

Wild card is a special card that can replace any collectible card in the set. Wild cards also have a star level that must match the card being replaced. Replaceable cards will be highlighted.

If there are no cards in the set that can be replaced, then they will be used to fill in the Get gift indicator.

Getting a Wild card. You can get special cards by participating in special events and quests. By completing certain tasks, you will get a chance to win a Wild card and complete the album.

Use Wild card to replace rare cards before its expiration date.

Reward. For obtaining all collectible cards, you will receive a major reward. For example, for the complete Animal Kingdom album, you can get 1,200,000 coins. You are also entitled to a reward for each set you collect:

Spades Royale: A Guide for Donators

Score. For players who want to invest real money in the game, there are several opportunities to get coins and sets of collectible cards for the album. To make a purchase, select a suitable offer after clicking the Buy button.

Shop offers:

Special offers. Sometimes players are offered to purchase sets at a bargain price. For example, when you purchase a Mega Bundle, you will receive 21,100 coins, 8 3-star and 4-star cards each, 1,000 free games vouchers and exclusive avatar accessories. Special offers will appear in pop-up windows during the game.

Roulette. Pay attention to the roulette icon to the right of the level indicator, clicking on it will give you access to the paid wheel of fortune. By paying the indicated cost, you will have the opportunity to try your luck and get your winnings.

The size of the reward will depend on the type of roulette. For example, Stars & Strips roulette will allow you to win from 15,800 coins to 738,500 coins, and Tropical roulette - from 21,300 coins to 1,183,000 coins, as well as 14 Ace cards.

Piggy Bank. After each victory won, coins are added to the piggy bank, which you can get at a bargain price. The more often you play, the more the total amount in the piggy bank will be. Pay the indicated amount, break the piggy bank and get extra coins.

Spades Royale: Is It Worth Playing?

Spades Royale is an addicting card game simulator that will let you have fun. The game will make you feel like at a real card table in one of the best casinos in the world.

The main advantages of the game:

The main disadvantages of the game:

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