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Squad Alpha WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Squad Alpha - Action Shooting - a tactical shooter from SayGames. You have to act as a special agent and clear this world from bandits. Develop the skills of the selected agent, get and upgrade unique weapons, destroy enemies in various game activities. Set up a spy base, look for allies and defeat evil together.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. How to choose a special agent for a mission?
  3. All about the weaponry of the agent
  4. Weapon Leveling Guide
  5. How to use the workshop?
  6. Enemy Elimination Tips
  7. Is it worth taking part in the expedition?
  8. How to win fights?
  9. How to get through the rift floors?
  10. All ways to get resources
  11. Why is it necessary to improve the base?

Squad Alpha: Beginner’s Guide

Interface. When you enter the game, the main screen displays the current location, indicating the zone in which you complete campaign tasks. At the top of the screen is information about your level, the number of rubies and money earned, seasonal progress. At the bottom of the screen there are buttons to go to the store, inventory, missions, world activities.

Account. Click the icon in the top left corner to access your gaming profile information. Here is your current level, nickname, information about the current special agent, clan and progress in passing the rift. To change the avatar, click on the pencil icon and select the image of any of the open characters.

Level. Getting a new level occurs by accumulating experience points. The main way to get them is to complete campaign tasks and participate in additional game activities to destroy enemies. Leveling up is necessary to be able to participate in new activities and unlock additional game features.

For reaching each new level, you will receive money and rubies that can be spent on the further development of agents.

Combat power is the main indicator of a special agent, which determines his ability to destroy enemy units. The fastest way to increase your Combat Power is to level up your weapons. The higher the combat power, the more competitive you are in the world of Squad Alpha.

Main activities:

Settings. To go to the game settings section, click on the gear icon in the upper left corner of the main screen. Here you can adjust the volume of sounds and music, enable vibration and select the appropriate language. The game has a special game mode for left-handers, which can be activated by checking the box in the right place. If necessary, you can restore purchases, contact support.

To keep your battery charged longer, turn off Best quality and lower your frame rate. This will reduce the amount of energy consumed.

Authorization. At the beginning of the game, or through the Settings tab, you have the opportunity to register your account by linking it to the game center. This way you can save your progress and play on multiple devices at once. Connect to the community server on Discord and team up with the best agents around the world. For connecting you will receive a bonus 50 rubies.

Squad Alpha: How to choose a special agent for a mission?

Special agents. In order to defeat strong opponents, you will need the best special agents. Each hero has a unique fighting style, so you can play the game in your own unique style.

Receipt. There are 6 unique Special Agents in the game, however, at the beginning of the game, you can only complete challenges with the help of Number 7. In order to hire another Special Agent for your team, you need to collect a given number of fragments. After expanding the team, you will be able to choose heroes depending on the task.

The main ways to get fragments:

Characteristics. The main function of each special agent is to destroy the enemy, while not dying himself. The effectiveness of the hero is determined by his characteristics, bonuses and skills. The main characteristics of special agents include:

Level. In order to improve the main characteristics of a special agent and activate his abilities, it is necessary to increase the level of the hero. You will need money and special agent cards. The quality of the requested materials will depend on the current level of the special agent.

The main ways to get cards:

Gain. After leveling up a special agent to level 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30, you will have the opportunity to activate passive and higher hero bonuses. At levels 5, 15 and 30, you must choose which of the passive bonuses you want to apply to the hero. The highest bonuses are unique for each hero and are available after reaching level 10.

Examples of passive bonuses:

The selected passive bonus can always be changed in the special agent upgrade section. Therefore, if during the course of the activities you realize that it is better for you to increase the damage done than to increase the health of the special agent, be sure to change the settings.
AgentNumber of fragmentsPeculiarityHighest Bonus
Number 7For free.Has a 10% increased chance to pierce an enemy when using a Pistol, Assault Rifle, or Assault Rifle.Ricochet madness. When firing from a pistol or assault rifle, bullets have a 100% chance to ricochet to the nearest enemy. Action time 10 seconds.
Toxic RickfiveUses Element-X model explosives (2 stars). When using any model of explosives, the explosion radius is increased by 20%.Toxic puddle. The agent leaves a toxic puddle that grows in size over 5 seconds. Enemies caught in the puddle are gradually slowed down and take a small amount of constant damage. When the toxin wears off, the puddle splashes, dealing a powerful blow to all within range.
badd tech10Uses a Tension pistol (3 stars). After each recharge, there is a 10% chance to receive a stunning explosion.Instant jump. Time slows down by 95% for 5 seconds so that you can select the right point for the special agent to teleport. you can select any location in the visible area. After moving, the special agent releases a lightning bolt that stuns all nearby enemies for 2.5 seconds.
Colt Bro15Uses a shotgun model Fury (3 stars). Every 8th shot guarantees a critical hit.Explosive barrier. For 2.5 seconds, the special agent is completely invulnerable to enemy attacks. After the end of the specified time, a powerful explosion occurs, which is able to throw back and destroy the enemy. At the same time, the damage indicator of the special agent is increased by 2 times.
ice baby20Uses a submachine gun of the Freezing Point model (4 stars). Enemies that are slowed take 75% more damage.Freezing. The special agent is able to freeze nearby enemies for 5 seconds. During this time, the frozen enemy will receive 3 times more damage. The freeze effect is reset on the first hit on an enemy.
Shurry Ken25Uses a shotgun of the Razor Strike model (4 stars). At full health, deal 25% more damage to enemies.Death Throw. The Special Agent gains 3 Special Charges. with which you can attack enemies in close combat. When the bonus is activated, time slows down a bit.

Cloth. In the special agents upgrade section, you can see the new skins for each hero. Clothing simply changes the appearance of the special agent, you will not receive any additional bonuses. Clothes can be purchased for game currency, real money, or after reaching a certain VIP level.

Purchasing clothes is an expensive purchase that does not justify its high cost. Invest in game currency to increase the level of a special agent and improve his characteristics.

Squad Alpha: All about the weaponry of the agent

Weapons - items necessary for a special agent with which he can attack any enemy and complete his mission. The game features an unlimited selection of weapons of various types. Each model has its own characteristics and advantages, so you can choose exactly the weapon with which your agent can clear the world of bandits.

Receipt. There are several ways to get new weapons. First, you can get a new weapon item after destroying an enemy. Secondly, almost all chests with rewards contain weapons of various rarities. Thirdly, you can purchase the weapon you like in the game store.

Characteristics. All weapons are divided into 6 categories, in each of which you can get models of 5 rarity levels. The category and rarity indicator is fixed and cannot be improved in the process of upgrading weapons. Each model has basic and characteristics and additional, which depend on the category of weapons.

Main characteristicsadditional characteristics
Damage.Rate of fire.
Range.Damage dealt over time.
Critical hit chance.Bullet quality.
Critical damage.Explosion radius.
The amount of ammo.Aim time.
Reload time.Hit accuracy.

attributes. Each weapon has up to 5 additional attributes depending on its rarity. Attributes improve the main characteristics of the weapon, for example, the Pump Shotgun deals more damage to elite enemies, and when using the Glock, there is a chance of a double shot.

When choosing a firearm, pay attention to the amount of ammunition. You may have a powerful weapon that can fire just a few shots, this will not be enough to effectively complete the mission.

Choice of weapons. At the initial stage of the game, due to the wide variety of weapons, it is very difficult to determine which weapon is most effective in destroying bandits. In the arsenal of a special agent, there can be 4 models of weapons. It is not advisable to use models of one category of weapons, since it is necessary to be able to act according to the situation. So add the best models from different categories to your arsenal, WiseGeek’s choice is assault rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle, explosives.

Weapon comparison. Getting new weapon models is quite simple, but choosing the best one is already more difficult. Use the compare button in the weapon information window to compare it with another model in the same category. The comparison is based on indicators of combat power and attributes at the same level of pumping.

You can save up to 3 different sets of weapons to quickly prepare a special agent for a specific mission.

Submachine guns. The positive qualities of this category of weapons are high rate of fire, accuracy, fast reloading and a capacious magazine. Compared to other categories, submachine guns have low damage and range, but thanks to the rate of fire, you can destroy the enemy before he attacks you. The best representative is the Fighter model.

Assault rifles. This category of weapons has a high rate of attack range, rate of fire, accuracy and damage. Thanks to a capacious magazine, it does not require reloading for a long time. The main disadvantages are low accuracy when attacking from a distance and the reload time. An assault rifle is necessary for every special agent to repel massive enemy attacks. The best representative is the Apocalypse model.

Pistols. The positive qualities of this type of firearm are fast reloading, medium range and high accuracy. However, pistols do not have a high rate of fire, have an average amount of damage and magazine size. The best representative is the Cowboy model.

You can use the pistol as a backup weapon while reloading a more powerful model.

Shotguns. This category of weapon is distinguished by high efficiency in close combat. Thanks to the shot attack, if all the bullets hit, the shot will deal devastating damage to the enemy. Shotguns have average reload speed, low rates of fire and attack range. The best representative is the Pounder model.

Sniper rifles. An indispensable category of weapons for attacking the enemy from the longest possible distance. Compared to other weapons, it has high damage and critical chance. The main disadvantages are a small supply of cartridges and the duration of reloading. In this case, the hit accuracy is 100%. The best representative is the Demonic Strike model.

Explosives. The positive qualities of this category of weapons are high damage and attack range. Explosives are unique in that they lack rate of fire and accuracy, and deal damage to the enemy over a set amount of time, making explosive attacks deadly. The best representative is the Demolition model.

Be sure to use explosives, with its help you can attack opponents in shelters without harming the health of the special agent.

Squad Alpha: Weapon Leveling Guide

Pumping. The weapon that the special agent uses must be constantly improved in order to increase its combat power. To level up and improve the star status of a weapon, you will need money, parts, and special parts of the corresponding category. You can get the necessary resources by destroying enemies in all game activities.

Level up the available weapons of the special agent evenly and use every opportunity to improve its characteristics and increase the overall combat power indicator.

Level. To increase the level of weapons, money and spare parts of the appropriate quality are required. The higher the star status, the more resources you will need and the more expensive it will be to improve the characteristics of weapons.

Overcoming the limit. After reaching level 10, you must overcome the limit in order to increase the potential of the weapon used. To do this, you will need money and a special part that you can get as a reward, or you can create it yourself in the workshop.

Rank increase. After breaking the limit, more modern technologies will be required to improve weapons. Level up a weapon by another 10 points and with the help of money, parts and special tools, you can increase the rank of this weapon.

Disassembly. An additional way to get parts for upgrading weapons is to dismantle weapons that you do not plan to use in the game anymore. Go to the appropriate section and select the weapon you want to dismantle. After completing the disassembly, you will receive a certain set of resources, and when dismantling an improved weapon, all spent resources will be returned to you. Valuable parts will have to be redeemed for rubies so as not to lose them in the process of disassembling weapons:

After disassembling a weapon, all selected items will be permanently lost.

What to parse? After you start using weapons with 2 and 3 stars, feel free to dismantle all ordinary weapons. When recruiting a new special agent, a special weapon will be added to your inventory that cannot be obtained in any other way. Therefore, be careful when disassembling so as not to accidentally lose the exclusive weapons of agents.

Squad Alpha: How to use the workshop?

Workshop. Upon reaching level 4, you will gain access to a workshop where you can make equipment for a special agent or parts for upgrading weapons. The higher the level of the workshop, the more items of various quality you can create.

To level up your workshop, craft more items and upgrade weapon parts.

Equipment. With the help of special items of equipment, you can additionally strengthen the special agent and increase his chances of successfully completing the mission. For example, body armor can increase an agent’s health, and unloading increases damage when using a certain weapon category.

Types of equipment:

Creation. To get a new piece of equipment, select the required amount of materials, add an enhancement module if available, and pay the specified amount of money. The higher the level of the workshop, the higher the chance of obtaining high quality equipment. The information is presented in the table below.

1----one hundred%

Melting. Out of 5 items of equipment of the same quality, you can get one item of a higher quality. For example, from ordinary equipment you can get titanium armor, which will allow you to get a shield for 5 seconds after each weapon reload. Add the items of equipment you want to smelt and get new and improved equipment.

Resources. In this section of the workshop, you can craft materials to improve weapons, as well as improve the quality of these items. Resources are crafted according to the available blueprints, which can be obtained after leveling up the workshop:

Squad Alpha: Enemy Elimination Tips

Campaign. Squad Alpha has over 200 levels of varying difficulty. Many locations and a variety of enemies will require you to apply certain survival tactics for each level. One level may include several stages, each of which is considered completed after the special agent reaches the elevator.

Control. At the beginning of the game, you will go through a small tutorial, it will help you understand the mechanics of managing a special agent. On the right side of the screen is a joystick, with which the hero is controlled. If necessary, you can activate the left-handed mode and move the joystick to another part of the screen. The attack occurs automatically, immediately after the enemy enters the radius of the weapon. The highest bonus must be activated manually after the application scale is filled.

Do not forget that the Special Agent needs time to aim and he cannot attack the enemy while moving.

Health. The special agent, depending on the characteristics and gain, has a certain indicator of health points. You can restore health during the mission with the help of a first-aid kit, which drops out randomly after the destruction of the enemy. If the health indicator reaches 0, then you have lost the battle.

Renaissance. By paying 30 rubies, a special agent can be revived and fully restore his health after death. The respawn feature is available to players 3 times daily.

Locations. Depending on the location, various covers will be placed on the level, which must be used to evade enemy attacks. So you can quietly get close to the enemy and attack him with explosives or a sniper rifle. Consider the height of objects, as not all of them will be of strategic importance.

Weapon. Depending on the situation, it is necessary to react quickly and use the most suitable weapons. It is best to start the battle with a sniper rifle, then throw explosives at an approaching group of enemies, and when entering into close combat, attack with a pistol or machine gun. After the magazine runs out of ammo, the special agent will begin to use the next weapon in the queue.

Remember to reload your weapon, to do this, press and hold the weapon icon until the reload starts.

Enemies. At each level, you will meet unique enemies that differ significantly from each other in their characteristics. Unfortunately, the game does not have a guide to enemies, you will have to learn by experience the methods and ranges of attacks. An important indicator is the speed of the enemy’s movement around the location, since depending on it you will be able to take cover in time or bypass the enemy and unexpectedly attack from the back.

Boss. Some of the enemies with outstanding characteristics and unique skills are the leaders of the bandits. Bosses are the most difficult to destroy, so you need to make every effort to get valuable prizes. When fighting with the Boss, there will be no other enemies in the location, however, after some time has passed, he can call them to his aid. Study the features of the Bosses’ attack presented in the table below to develop the right strategy before the battle.

BossAttack Features
1.Jamie Guns 2.Kyle The Dualshot 3.John The MoleUnlike a regular enemy, shoots a special agent with a double pistol. The attack consists of 6 shots following each other.
1.Chad The Knockout 2.Luke The Brute 3.Todd The Rod 4.Blake The Snake 5.Rick The ThugPossesses an exceptional melee attack. The boss begins a quick spin and rapidly approaches the special agent. If you fail to dodge the attack, then the hero will take damage after each rotation of the Boss.
1.Nina The Lightning 2.Kate The Checkmate 3.Rose The BoltWith the help of a unique ability, the Boss attacks the special agent with 4 lightning strikes at close range from each other, thereby minimizing the chance of dodging. Lightning strikes can bypass covers, so you need to constantly move to dodge the attack.
1.Trigger Nate 2.Bullet Joe 3.Shooty FrancisWhen attacking, the Boss makes a full rotation and fires 8 projectiles in all directions. If you do not get too close to the enemy, you will have the opportunity to dodge the projectile directed towards the special agent and then attack.
1.Tiny Tony 2.Nick The Stick 3.Grant The BangThe boss is armed with a powerful shotgun. Unlike a normal enemy, it fires twice at the special agent, doubling the damage dealt. It has a high speed, which allows your opponent to quickly close the distance to launch an attack. Use covers and attack the enemy from a long distance.
1.Selina The Swift 2.Killshot Maeve 3.Julie The BullyThe boss is an archer, he uses a special kind of arrows that create dangerous zones in the places where they fall. If a special agent enters such a zone, he will begin to take small damage for a set period of time. When attacking, the Boss fires 3 arrows at once, the attack zones are highlighted in red.
1.Bomber Jack 2.Careful Steve 3.Bob The BombThe boss is armed with a grenade launcher, with which he sends 3 grenades towards the special agent. The projectile explodes after a few seconds, so you will have the opportunity to dodge. As an additional attack, sends a powerful fireball at the hero. Not only does it deal massive damage, but it also leaves a dangerous trail of fire in its wake.
1.Kate The Grenade 2.Short-knot Quinn 3.Deathrow AubreyUnlike an ordinary enemy, it throws not 1, but 3 grenades at the special agent at once. If you do not manage to dodge in time, you will receive powerful damage and the successful completion of the mission will be in jeopardy.
1.Ted The Shred 2.Bigshot Bruce 3.Well-mannered EdThe boss is armed with a sniper rifle and, unlike an ordinary enemy, is able to shoot 6 times at once. As an additional weapon, he uses 3 grenades, which he directs at a special agent from a built-in grenade launcher.
1.Crimson Joe 2.Swiftstrike Ike 3.Eivor The Thorn 4.Nima The SlayerThe peculiarity of the attack is that the Boss does not move, but stands in one place. In order to strike at a special agent, he uses a unique projectile that passes at high speed through all shelters.
1.Matt The Mad 2.Relentless James 3.One-eyed VanceMost often, the Boss attacks with an assault rifle and releases 3 bursts at a special agent. Has a unique ability to attack with a built-in laser. The laser beam is directed towards the special agent, blocking the escape route. React quickly to the actions of the Boss, then you will be able to dodge his powerful attacks.
1.The Red Lilly 2.Jinx The Cursed 3.Scarlett The CondemnedWhen attacking, the Boss makes a full turn and fires 8 poisoned bullets in all directions. When hit by a special agent, the poisoning effect is activated, which takes away health points for a specified time. A toxic puddle is formed at the site of the impact of the projectile, which is also dangerous for the special agent.
1.Jumpy Philip 2.Beautiful Shane 3.Kain The PainThe boss has the ability to predict the future location of his enemy. Attacks with a jump, the hero, being under the body of the enemy, receives powerful damage. When landing, the Boss releases a shock wave, so try to move away from him to a safe distance.
1.Wicked Twins 2.Double Trouble 3.Duo The UndyingTo attack, the Boss uses a powerful projectile that explodes when it falls. Dozens of fragments can also cause damage to a special agent, so you need to quickly move to the nearest cover.
1.Talon The Darkside 2.Shady Shen 3.Rohan The PerilThe boss is able to attack a special agent with 7 shurikens or an oil grenade. After the grenade explodes and the hero enters the zone of its influence, he will receive a slowing effect.
1.Frank The Tank 2.Jax The Ironfist 3.Alberto The OxThe boss attacks in close combat, with the help of powerful blows to the ground creates a deadly wave around him. Has a low movement speed, so use a rifle to take out the Boss from a long distance.
1.Handsome Jack 2.Claude The Immortal 3.Fierce PierceTo attack, the Boss uses a special sword, from which a column of fire bursts out in the direction of the special agent. Watch out for when the enemy starts to swing, this will serve as a signal to seek cover.
1.Markus The Sensei 2.Chilling Chil 3.Jayden The StormThe peculiarity of the attack is to create a large bubble, which is placed on the ground. The Special Agent will get hit if they come into contact with him or his small copies scattered throughout the location.
1.Tyler The Terrible 2.Leo The Revenant 3.Ilya The WolfThe boss is armed with a sniper rifle and, unlike an ordinary enemy, is able to shoot 3 times at once. It has the unique ability to summon the spirit of a wolf, which follows the special agent through cover and inflicts damage on contact with the hero.

Squad Alpha: Is it worth taking part in the expedition?

Expedition. Every few days Squad Alpha hosts a unique event. Active participation will allow you to effortlessly obtain fragments of special agents, high-level weapons and the necessary resources for development. Your goal is to complete all the missions within the allotted time in order to get a guaranteed rare chest and an unusual weapon part.

Level. The expedition consists of 15 levels, which are located on the floors of a high-rise building. The blue color indicates the usual levels, where Purple is the battle with one of the Bosses. The higher the floor the special agent rises, the stronger the enemies he will meet on his way.

Pass. To enter the floor of the building you will need a special key card. The maximum number of key cards is 3, one pass is restored within 2 hours. If you fail and fail to complete the level, the keycard will be lost and another pass will be required to try again.

Autopass. With the help of special tickets, you can skip the passage of the level and immediately receive the promised reward. You will receive tickets as a reward for participating in various gaming activities. The cost of skipping one level of the expedition is 2 tickets.

Use tickets if you do not have time to complete all levels before the end of the event, or if you have difficulty completing a specific level of the expedition.

Battle. The battle with the enemy takes place in the same way as when passing through the levels of the campaign. A feature of the Expedition event is that the special agent receives a bonus before the start of the mission. You need to spin the Wheel of Fortune, which will select one of the following bonuses:

For watching the commercial, you can re-run the Wheel of Fortune and get a second bonus.

Squad Alpha: How to win fights?

Fight. After reaching level 7, you will get a unique opportunity to test your combat skills in special battle conditions. The fight lasts for several hours, the number of attempts to defeat the enemy is not limited. Daily participation in fights will be a good source for obtaining various resources.

Modes. Like other game activities, the fight is the passage of the location, the destruction of enemies and Bosses. However, the uniqueness lies in the skirmish mode, which will set you a specific task:

Complexity. After passing the level, the difficulty automatically increases and the transition to the next stage occurs. You can increase the difficulty and improve the loot for completing the skirmish level using tickets. Each level, your enemies will receive from 1 to 3 random modifiers that will make it even more difficult for you to complete the task.

Modifier examples:

After watching the commercial, you can try your luck and change the enemy’s modifiers.

Tasks. By actively fighting enemies, you can complete tasks for additional rewards. The maximum number of current tasks is 3, as soon as one of them is completed, you will receive a new one. To obtain valuable resources, tasks must be completed before the end of the specified skirmish mode.

Task examples:

Squad Alpha: How to get through the rift floors?

Faults. After reaching level 8, you will unlock an additional game activity in which you can face off against other Squad Alpha users. The break season lasts for several weeks. During this time, you have to actively fight against enemies and Bosses in order to get into the TOP players and get valuable prizes.

Floors. Rift levels are presented in the form of floors, each of which contains enemies of different difficulty levels. You need to go through all the floors gradually one after another, until you clear the floor, the rest will be blocked. Those players who have passed a greater number of floors in comparison with their rivals get into the TOP.

Battle. The passage of the floor consists of several stages, you can move between them using special portals in the location. Please note that on each floor, enemies will receive one random modifier. Destroying enemies, you will fill the scale of summoning the Boss. As soon as you defeat the Boss, the floor will be completed and taken into account in the rating of the players.

Try to destroy all enemies before calling the Boss, so as not to leave help for him. This way you will increase your chances of winning.

Time. It is necessary to have time to destroy all the enemies on the floor in the allotted time. To get into the TOP players, it is very important to pass the floors in the minimum time. If both players have passed the same number of floors, then the first place will be taken by the one who spent cumulatively less time on the passage of the fault.

Squad Alpha: All ways to get resources

Resources. To complete most of the tasks to develop a special agent and increase your overall combat power, you will need various resources: in-game currency, materials for improving weapons, items for completing game activities, event currency. The advantage of Squad Alpha is the ability to get all the necessary resources for free. You will need activity and maximum involvement in the gameplay.

Game currency:

Season. During this event, you will receive stars for winning battles. With their help, the seasonal reward indicator is filled. Once you have accumulated the set number of stars, the reward will be unlocked. A total of 30 rewards are available to receive, then a bonus safe is unlocked from which you can get up to 50,000 money.

To get the most out of the event, purchase the Elite Pass to increase the quantity and quality of your rewards.

Gift chests. When destroying enemies, you can not only get basic resources in the form of money and upgrade items, but also special chests with rewards. To collect a chest in a location, a special agent needs to wait until the indicator is fully loaded. Gift chests for completing the campaign level are sent to special slots for opening. The higher the level of the chest, the more valuable rewards it contains.

Types of chests:

Connect the notification about the completion of opening the chest, so as not to waste time and immediately start the process of opening the next chest.

Buying chests. In the store, you can find a special offer to buy chests with weapons, resources or parts for rubies. When buying 10 chests at once, you will receive a 10% discount. Since players rarely get free rubies, and the cost of the chest is quite high, you will have an additional opportunity to open the chest at no cost. You need to collect special tokens that will allow you to open the chest and get good prizes.

Offer of the day. In order to keep players interested and draw their attention to the offers for donators, one free offer appears daily in the game store. Most often, players receive money as a gift. You can also earn rubies and battle pass tickets here.

Operations. After reaching level 5, you will be able to start performing daily operations to destroy the bandits. Missions are divided into 4 categories depending on the level of the enemy: green, blue, yellow, purple. You can complete the tasks in any order, the number of attempts is unlimited. The best reward is in the purple chest.

To get a chest without a fight, use a pass ticket.

Contracts. After reaching level 9, you will gain access to special agent contracts. Review the current list of tasks and start their implementation. It is necessary to fulfill the contract in a day, then the tasks will be updated. A reward is provided for the completion of each contract, and you will also receive special coins that can be spent in the contract store.

Task examples:

Donat. In the store, you can find various offers for donators that will allow you to develop much faster. Particular attention should be paid to promotional offers, in which the cost of one unit of the resource will be much lower. You can also purchase additional rubies and money for pumping a special agent.

Squad Alpha: Why is it necessary to improve the base?

The base is a secret place where the special agent can rest and restore his strength to continue the fight against crime. You can create your own shelter after reaching level 6. You have to equip the room for additional bonuses.

Base development is available only for authorized players.

Level. The level of the base affects the number of drawers in the cabinet with blueprints for interior items. The higher the base level, the more rare drawings you can get. To level up, experience points are needed, which can be obtained after opening and creating each new item. The limit of prestigious items depends on the level of the base.

Base tokens. To obtain drawings and open new interior items, you need to spend a special base token. You can get them during the passage of the expedition and the performance of operations. For one token, you will receive one random drawing of the quality that is currently available in the locker.

Prestige. Each piece of furniture brings your base a certain amount of prestige points. With their help, you can activate special bonuses that will help you get more resources when completing game activities:

Style. First of all, determine the style of the room, it affects the color of the walls and floor. The first 3 options are immediately available to all players. Subsequent style options will open as the level of the base increases. If you wish, you can buy a unique style for 1000 rubies.

Interior. To create a new piece of furniture, you will need hammers, which can be obtained from prize chests. The higher the item level, the more hammers you will need. After creating an interior item, place it in the room. Thus, you can create a unique base for your special agent.

Types of items:

The room will house bonus items such as a ruby, money, and ticket miner. To get resources, a special agent must be brought to the subject to collect.

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