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Standoff 2 WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Standoff 2 is an action game from AXLEBOLT. Players are divided into 2 teams and play short matches. A wide variety of weapons and skins make the game more exciting and interesting. The game has a system of rewards for various achievements, there are tournaments, additional modes are periodically introduced to distract players from the main combat modes. It’s that simple! The player chooses a weapon and rushes into the map to defeat the opponent. No storyline - users build their own careers in the game.


  1. Working promo codes
  2. A beginner’s guide
  3. Game Settings Tips
  4. Geometry Maps
  5. Tips on how to move around the map
  6. Tips for Beginners from Experienced Players
  7. Tips for Basic Positions on the Sandstone Map
  8. How to use polygon correctly
  9. All About Knives in the Game
  10. How to get gold?
  11. Case Guide
  12. In-game Avatars

Standoff 2: Working promo codes

How do I enter a promo code? To do this, go to the "Store" menu from the main screen of the game (the pistol icon on the left side panel). In the window that opens, select the "Store" tab, and then go to the "Promo code" section. In the active line you need to enter the code symbols and confirm your action "Apply".

How do I get a promo code? You can get a gift code only from developers, but not from bloggers who are trying to lure you out of likes, subscriptions and comments. For example, a promotional code can be obtained for winning contests at various official events of the project. Also, the code can be sent in the newsletter to your registration mail.

There is another option - to get a promo code from bloggers who collaborate with game developers. It should be understood here that most bloggers do not work with the administration of the project.

It is also important to remember that not all players can activate a promo code, but only the number of people for how many this promo code is designed for. For example, if the gift code is designed for 100 activations, then the first 100 people can successfully activate it once to their account.

Attention! Never buy promotional codes from various ads on the web and on marketplaces. This will be a deception, they will only take money from you and throw off the wrong code. Also, in no case give your account data to unauthorized persons, even if they offer you free gold or cool skins for weapons. Do not do this, as your account will simply be stolen.

How do I get a gift from the developers? As we said above, project administrators often run various contests on their social networks. To get to the official page, you should go to the game settings, where you will see the section "We are in social networks". It is on these pages that the current event can be found.

From time to time, the developers organize esports tournaments based on Standoff 2, which are broadcast on the YouTube site (the transition to the channel is located in the game settings). You will be notified about the upcoming match by a letter to the game or registration mail, and there will also be announcements on the game pages. At tournaments, you can get not only a promo code, but also a gift from the developers.

Watch the progress of the event on a device that does not have the game installed, since there are a lot of people on tournament broadcasts, then after publishing the promo code, you need to activate it in the game as soon as possible, otherwise you will not receive a useful game item or gold.

Standoff 2: A beginner’s guide

Since Standoff 2 is a mobile action game, it is important to use the joystick and combat control system correctly. And since the main menu is not replete with sections, there is no point in discussing them, any beginner will be able to understand all the points. We will discuss the most basic questions and problems that arise for beginners who first encountered a mobile action game.

How to hold the phone correctly? We are writing this paragraph for those people who have problems with reaching their device, and for those who cannot get used to how to properly hold their gadget. This is a very sore subject, and everyone is familiar with it. The most important thing in order to hold and have the correct coverage of the device is the movement of your fingers, hand motor skills (it must be developed). You don’t have to randomly move or jerk your fingers from side to side, your fingers should float across the screen. Your fingers should have clear, articulated, correct movements so that you can aim perfectly.

Have you ever held a game console joystick in your hands? You don’t hold it, you don’t hold it, you grab hold of it. You also need to grab onto a phone or tablet. You must hold your device in the position shown in the picture above. The edges of your device should be supported by the inside of your palm. These are the pads that are located between the little finger and the thumb. The edge of your device is placed in this "pocket" so that the coverage is more correct. If you are not comfortable in one position, try another. If you have cotton fingers, we advise you to take some piano, guitar or violin lessons. This will help you not only have good control of your fingers, but it will also help you develop and change the environment.

As you develop in the game, it is not enough for you to know the basic basics, you need to get a feel for the game itself, its mechanics, time periods in different situations and much more. And most importantly, you need to get a feel for your game character.

How to learn to shoot? The first thing you should pay attention to is the movement of your character. Strafe is the movement of your hero to the right and left while shooting, constantly remaining facing the enemy. But when calculating your shooting, you must remember the principle of counter-strafing. This is a stop while moving forward. If you’ve played games like this (for example, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), then you may have noticed a little momentum after releasing your finger from the joystick. Then in Standoff it is not, and you stop at the moment when you release the button. You do not stop abruptly, but the spread of your weapon remains for a split second, as when walking. And in order to avoid this, and to shoot at the moment of stopping, experienced players use the counter-strafe technique.

It is performed as follows: when attacking, you click 1 time to the left, and then you should quickly pull the joystick to the right. This is necessary so that there is no scatter that appears for a split second, and your bullet will fly straight into the center of the sight. But if you do not practice this technique, then it will not work. It is better to train in the "Training" mode so as not to get into an unpleasant situation.

How to clamp correctly? To begin with, you need to decide with which weapon you play most often. But you should have experience with 3 types of main weapons - AKM, M-16 and other barrels of your choice. Each weapon has its own spray pattern (bullet marks on the wall). For example, for AKM it is the number 7. And you must control this spread when shooting.

In order for you to be able to control the spread of bullets, you need to constantly train. For training, it is recommended to select the "Arcade" mode and, then, any map convenient for you. After loading the map, you should go to any wall, choose the distance from the wall according to your own feelings. Then you need to squeeze the entire store into the wall. Then you need to move a couple of steps to the left or right, and again hold down the shot. You can spend 10 minutes on this. During this time, you get used to your weapon, after which you can go into the battle mode with real rivals. During training, you should aim at one point and paint spray with minimal spread.

A dangerous situation may arise in the game when 3 opponents come up against you. If you killed the first with a spray, then you should not release the button, you need to transfer the sight to another enemy, and put a burst into him, then the same thing (without releasing the button), transfer the barrel to the third opponent. By acting in this way, you will collect 3 frags (kills) in your piggy bank.

To train such destruction of enemies with a spray should be in Team battle on the "Stand Yards" map. In this case, you only need to play as terrorists, and stand only at the spawn point, since opponents are distributed throughout the entire descent, you can kill up to 4 players with 1 spray.

How to choose the right scope? Each device has a certain even number of pixels on the screen, and there is a central pixel - this is your crosshair. If you set the crosshair to "dot", then you find your center pixel. But if you start to increase its size, it is natural that this center pixel will no longer be the center one. Other pixels will be added to your crosshair so your crosshair shifts slightly.

The scope must have an even number of pixels. If you increase your scope, then it starts to stretch, with an odd number of pixels, the center will shift, and you will stop hitting the head. If you are playing on the iPad, then in the setting select "point 5", and then make the crosshairs. If you play on Android, then you can download the "Custom AIM" application and add the "dot" sight.

The main mistakes of beginners:

  1. Shooting on the run - Since shooting on the move is always an accident. You can move in small dashes. But running all over the map without controlling your clamp is not worth it. This makes you easy prey for more experienced players. This will never improve your playing skill.
  2. Not knowing the positions on the maps is also a very important aspect in the game. When playing as a team, you should know the basic gaming terms that players use, as well as the gamer names of places on maps. We recommend that you find friends in the game who can tell you the correct names, go into conversations on social networks, and also watch training videos.
  3. Chasing the settings of professional players - if you watched a video with recommendations for settings, then, of course, you can try to apply them for yourself. But it is best to choose the sensitivity and other parameters yourself, since many factors (for example, FPS) will affect the movement, the smoothness of the transfer of the sight. Everything should be selected individually, taking into account the peculiarity of your game and the reserves of your smartphone.

Standoff 2: Game Settings Tips

How to set up the game correctly?

Before entering the game, you need to turn off all notifications, Bluetooth, and clear the RAM on your phone, and if you have iOS, restart the gadget, this will help for smooth movements in the game. Since smoothness decides a lot on the map. In order to customize your gameplay, you need to go to the "Settings" menu (gear at the bottom of the left sidebar).

Game tab. You are advised to uncheck the box next to the item "Weapon selection", as this automatic action will greatly interfere with you. Imagine this situation: you are running with a pistol, trying to shoot a person, and under your feet, for example, a P-90 or, do not bring the system, a new machine gun added in the last update, and your character picks it up, and you no longer you can kill this enemy. Therefore, it is better to turn off this function, as it interferes with the game. The rest of the settings must be done at your discretion, since they will not affect the gameplay.

"Graphics" tab. The graphics should be convenient for you, and match the characteristics of your device. If you have a good device and can handle any TOP games, then everything can be put to the maximum. And if your gadget is far from the latest model, then you will have to experiment and select comfortable settings yourself.

"Sensitivity" tab. Don’t forget to turn off acceleration. Experienced players are advised not to play with acceleration, it interferes with the game, and your character may behave strangely at any time. Be sure to include the second grenade throw button, this is a very useful feature. It is also recommended to enable the jump button. The layout of the buttons on the screen depends on your playing style. Here you have to choose left or right shooting, the location of the camera will depend on this (see the section "Geometry of the maps").

Sound tab. It is recommended to turn off voice chat and various sounds, except for environmental sounds (if you turn off, you will not be able to hear the enemy’s footsteps) so as not to overload your RAM. But if you have a powerful enough device, then here you should watch for yourself how your device will behave.

How to set up the most comfortable sight?

If you think that our choice of scope does not suit you, then you should not blame the author for this, since the choice of the scope is an individual matter. We offer you a scope that experienced players have used for several years of playing Standoff 2.

It should be remembered that the "free sight" is constantly in motion when you shoot or move around the map, and this can cause discomfort for beginners. This scope is designed to understand the spread of your weapon’s bullets, but it is completely inappropriate when walking. If you choose the type of sight in the form of a circle (even with a small diameter), then you can cover your opponent’s head at a great distance, although it is easier to hit from it, but not very convenient for beginners. A person playing with a static crosshair will shoot you.

When choosing a sight, it is recommended to choose a "static sight" and choose the color that will sharply differ from the color palette of the cards and the equipment of the opponents. For example, it could be an acid purple hue. Due to this, it will be visible from any point of view on your gadget. It is also advised to keep the crosshair to a minimum, so that at great distances it would be easier to shoot the opponent you met, while the crosshair should not overlap him.

How to get the maximum FPS on your mobile device?

How often have you died not because of your game error, but because of the low frame rate on the screen (FPS)? After all, while your picture is loaded, your opponent, with a more powerful device, will have time to discharge the entire store for you. But your phone can be overclocked to get the screen refresh up to 60 frames. In this case, it will not matter what operating system the gadget is running on: on iOS or Android:

Do not use various antivirus programs while playing, as they consume a lot of RAM.

Standoff 2: Geometry Maps

Many players know how to move correctly on the map, they know where and in what positions it is better not to get up, since due to the geometry of the maps you can be quickly destroyed. Map geometry is an important aspect of the game’s mechanics, but few players think about it. If you take a close look at the videos of gaming professional players, you can see how they move, how they earn kills (kills) from one hit.

Players know how to sit down with a rifle, slightly move the sight from the wall in order to remove it when an enemy appears - this is called the reaction zone. But if a professional comes up against you, then your reaction zone will not matter to him, and he will simply kill you, since he feels his character, knows in what positions he should get up, and he knows that you are setting the sight further from the wall.

Camera location. Your character (if you are playing with the movement joystick on the left side of the screen) is tilted slightly to the right side. If in the same CS, the hero’s camera is located on the head, then in Standoff it does not work that way. The view camera is located in the area of ??the left shoulder, that is, relative to the center of the character itself. For example, you go in and hide behind a pole in anticipation of an opponent, usually you see the surrounding objects from the same angle of view, which is shown in the picture above. That is, if the opponent sits behind the boxes immediately opposite the post, you do not see the boxes of the opponent. And he sees you perfectly. Therefore, it is easier to kill you when you are closely behind an obstacle.

Why it happens? It’s all about the cameras, which are your view, are located, as we said, on the shoulder. This makes it difficult to see the sides on which the camera is mounted. If you are going to take pictures of the enemy, being at close range to an obstacle, from the side on which the camera is located, then that angle of view when you start viewing the map is very small. And when you open up to the opponent with the side of the character on which there is no camera, the distance will play a very important role.

This can be easily confirmed empirically. Turn on video recording on your smartphone, after which you will slowly start driving in front of the camera: first point-blank to it, and then, gradually, moving your hand away. Thanks to this, you will notice that the further your hand moves away, the less you need to cover the distance with your hand to begin to see it in the frame. This is the easiest experience with which you can see how the card mechanics work.

Reaction zone.If you assume that now the enemy will come out from behind the wall, then the distance at which you move the scope from the wall is the reaction zone, and the smaller it is, the better. But this does not mean that you need to glue your scope directly to the wall at point-blank range, and hope that you can react instantly. It doesn’t work that way. It’s easy to train this skill: ask your friend to run out from behind the wall and run back at any random moments, and remember when you can catch him. It is at the very moment when you move the sight to a certain distance, comfortable for you, from the edge of the shelter, and can take a suddenly running out friend with one shot in the head, you can say with confidence that this is your reaction zone. Gradually, the distance from the wall should be reduced to minimize the timespent on the speed of perception of the enemy appearing from behind the shelter, for a quick kill.

The outgoing opponent always has an advantage over the player who is just waiting for him. With a 70% probability (if a normal person with a good reaction is playing against you) he will shoot you. In this case, one more feature must be taken into account: if the players who come out from behind the shelter (and before that they were at close range to the wall) move for you a little faster than if the player is away from the wall and comes out on you. He moves much slower than usual. This is due to the geometry of the maps.

Standoff 2: Tips on how to move around the map

Many beginners often have a question: what can you train besides guidance and understanding the analysis of the game? An important aspect in mastering the game is training movements on the map. For some players, this side of the game may seem unnecessary, although in fact it is one of the most basic in the correct development, and on the way to success.

Beginners, without studying the game, begin to move around the map with a sight in the floor, which is why they cannot quickly find their way, and understand where they are shooting from, they cannot kill the enemy, let alone come out on him ready for shooting. But you can run with a sight at head level, and put it where a potential rival may be. in this case, the player can move so that other opponents on the point could not kill him (for example, leaving from behind cover, or moving along the wall). Experienced players look through positions on the machine because of the large number of games behind the back.

You should learn to catch opponents about which you have no information. How? With the help of a prefire (this is when you start shooting before the enemy came to you, it turns out he goes under the line of fire). But it’s not enough just to shoot at the opponent, you need prifires that will provide you with maximum survivability. That is, you need to view (check) positions in a specific order, while not opening for other positions.

To train this style of play is very simple: just go to a closed map, and aim in advance at those places where the enemy may be, while you should make sure that you do not fall into the line of fire of other rivals. To be more effective, ask your friends to help you. It will be useful for them too. But then on this map it will be easier for you to catch opponents in any positions. And due to the correct movements in training, your enemies will not be able to quickly drain you, which will ensure the majority of your team, and, possibly, further victory in the match.

Squat - Sometimes it can help you a lot in close-position gunfights. When squatting, your bullets fly more densely, which can give you an advantage in accuracy, even at close range. But you should be careful, as sometimes the opponent can kill you from the first bullet. But it is possible that he was waiting for you in the squat beforehand.

When it comes to long-range gunfights, it’s important to consider the distance you travel from the wall when you want to kill him. The best way to pick it up is with short lunges. At the same time, moving away from the wall a couple of centimeters, so you will be less visible.

Standoff 2: Tips for Beginners from Experienced Players

Polygon. As soon as you entered the game, it is recommended that you go to the training ground every time before the main matches and shoot the targets. The difficulty should be chosen according to your ability. You should take your aiming skill (AIM) literally 10 to 15 minutes. It is not advised to strain yourself too much and set the maximum level of difficulty right away. At first, it is recommended to start training at an easy level, then move on to an intermediate one. And act in an ascending order. You may be surprised, but the result will not keep you waiting long. Polygon is a very useful mode that experienced players would not recommend ignoring.

Train on different types of weapons so that your skills do not let you down in crucial rounds.

Sandstone map CT side (Counter Terrorists). Usually it is much easier for terrorists on this map to go to pick up point "A". In the game, landing on the balcony, which is shown in the picture above, will greatly help you. Listen carefully to the steps, and shoot at the expected place of appearance of the enemy in the head. You will be least expected in such a position, and it will be more problematic to kill you if you go out to your opponent right next to it. In case of an incident, you can jump off at any moment.

If your opponent decided to cheat and placed a bomb on the edge of the point, next to the canopy wall, then you can defuse it right through the wall by going under the canopy. In this case, you will be hidden from rivals by boxes. If the opponent hears the characteristic bomb defusing sound, he may think that his device has jammed or the game has crashed. This is an interesting move that works and allows you to complete the task. But it should be remembered that, having installed an explosive device, the enemy will be waiting for you nearby, so you should approach the canopy carefully, and as quietly as possible, without making loud sounds.

If you decide to defuse the bomb that you have installed in the center of the point, then experienced players recommend that you first clear the perimeter. To do this, you should climb onto the boxes located on the right side in front of the awning. Your position will be a surprise to your opponents, and you can calmly look around. After placing the bomb, players generally hide on the balcony, under the balcony, on the roof of a nearby building. Standing on the box, you can easily remove the terrorist examining the surroundings.

Province Map. You can do this trick if you are playing with your friend. It works great and has been proven more than once by experienced players. On the map, you should put your partner in the position shown in the picture above, and you should climb onto it. At the very beginning of the match, this is a great way to pick up 1 - 2 opponents. It will be much more effective to shoot from this position with an AKZ-12, M-16 or other rifle with a scope. The best part is that you cannot be seen from the opponent’s side at all, and if you are noticed, it will be almost impossible for your opponent to get you.

Try to find unexpected places on the maps to wait for opponents. Try not to use standard positions, train your playing skills, communicate with experienced players, do not hesitate to ask questions if something is not clear. Find allies who are comfortable to play with.

How should you study the cards? To study the map, you need to go to it in private mode. Your main task is to study all the aisles, how open spaces work, where there are some convenient positions. All this is necessary so that you can navigate the maps in order to understand where to move.

Then it is recommended to play in team mode for a few days in order to understand what positions the other players are in, how they orientate and move. But do not immediately go into tournament modes, where players are several times stronger and cooler than those who race in normal modes. You can also play with friends, and you must have a connection with all of them. You will inform each other about your location. This is necessary in order to find and remember interesting positions for shooting and gathering information. This will be the so-called peer education.

In order to increase your knowledge of the cards, you should look at several tournaments that were held on it. You should look at how professional players move on the cards and how they behave at certain points.

Standoff 2: Tips for Basic Positions on the Sandstone Map

Sandstone is the most popular card in the game, so we decided to talk about the main positions on it, and the peculiarities of playing in these positions. This map is for championships, so it is important to learn how to play it if you want to reach some heights in the game. Each player comes to Sandstone sooner or later to play a couple of matches. Players should have a ton of experience playing it, but experienced players often notice that people are doing something wrong. Today we will tell you not only what needs to be done on it and how to navigate, but what should be done while in certain positions. More precisely - what you need to know about the nuances of playing on them.

Counterterrorist Party (CT)

The ribs are the most ultimatum, and the hardest to clean. Therefore, you must remember - when attacking, terrorists always throw various grenades at this position. 2 grenades often fly. Therefore, to die in the ribs from an unexpected grenade, the chance is much higher than in other positions. But the ribs are the ideal lumbago position with an ally (crossfire with teammate). You stand opposite each other and crossfire. If the enemy hits one of you, your ally will instantly exchange it. Of course, this exchange can be counterattacked, but this requires special skills and a lot of experience in the game.

Also, this position is effective if no grenades are flying at you, and you can safely accept incoming people from different directions. This is a good position, with different uses, you can use it often, but in conditions where you are sure that you will not get 2 grenades.

Cases are the position closest to the ribs. It is not as straightforward as the ribs. It is quite inconvenient, since grenades can also fly into it. But the problem here is that terrorists often climb onto the balcony, and the cases are perfectly visible from it. Therefore, in the first minutes, it is recommended to get up in the cases if you are sure that you will have time to kill either the balcony or a person who can climb the stairs to the right of the cases. It is also worth watching the stairs above, as opponents often jump from it.

You can hide on the cases by sitting down behind the boxes so that you cannot be seen from the house. From behind the boxes, you can shoot players who are going to clean the ribs, or who just go to point A (upland), and you can also control your back, checking an opponent passing through the upland, provided that your whole team is with you at point "B "(bplend). From this position it is more profitable to enter the long (tunnel or corridor) than from the edges, since the geometry of the game is included here.

The perch is another interesting position at point "B". This is a stealthy position, at its core, as it is very rarely overlooked. It is easy to pick up the enemy from it, coming out on the cases and on the ribs. You can also view the entrance to the long. You can shoot them or throw grenades. Even if you are covered with a smoke grenade, you can get out. In this case, you will not lose mobility, but simply jump into the cases. Then you can win back from this position. The difficulty lies in the fact that you can open crossfire from the ribs if the opponents have occupied them.

If you want to increase your survivability, you need to take positions that give you the opportunity to retreat in case of an emergency.

Darkness - position near point Behind CT. In the dark, there are often enemy teams that fire grenades at her. And you will almost always be cut off. This position is almost always visible from the long, but you can shoot through a unit, or hold the gate. The dark is often stitched by opponents who have already entered the land. Therefore, from this position, it is best to play for viewing, in order to quickly check the mid lane in the first minutes, collect information and quickly get out of there, since it is difficult to play in Temka: you can be crushed from two sides, thrown with grenades, and simply not given a chance to get out. This position should not be abused, but simply quickly check everything and leave it. It is not recommended to play on it for the entire round.

Meade (center of the map). If on Sandstone you want to clear the center for CT, then not everything is clear. You must understand that grenades occasionally arrive at mid in the first minutes of the match. Remember this! It is best to clean first from the position of the key, and then move out wider and check the boxes at mid. But it should be borne in mind that if you clean the boxes, the enemy will notice you earlier, if you go to him slowly. This is where geometry comes in again.

It should be remembered that the mid should be cleaned in a specific sequence:

Pocket - located next to mid and long. But you should leave your pocket right away when you feel that now you will be in pain. If you realize that five of your opponents are attacking a long with a full spreading grenade, then you will most likely be killed, since this position is often checked. Of course, you can hope for a successful outcome, and that your opponents will not check your pocket, or that you will remove someone, but the chance of this is very small. Therefore, if you see that a crowd of angry opponents is running at you, then reel in the fishing rods and run to the team, transferring the collected information along the way.

Upland - playing on it is not as interesting as on B. There are many interesting positions at point B, everything is much more modest here. Apartments (apartments, room with carpet on the floor) can be occupied from the second entrance (stairs to the right). You can take a seat at the window or at the entrance. You can stand on the bedside table. The whole team can choose every corner, and you will feel great. If you stand at the 2nd entrance, you should understand that you are in a good advantageous position here. It is rarely viewed by opponents. Most often, terrorists enter through the fountain or the lower passage, and not through the 2nd entrance.

Positioning on the carpet facing the corridor is a little more difficult. Here you can be removed 100% when leaving the 2nd entrance and from the apartments themselves. Here you have to rely only on your reaction zone in both directions. But the bedside table is a more insidious position. It is rarely viewed (checked). Those who come from the 2nd entrance can not immediately kill you because of the column. Those who come from the apartments themselves will often get it in the face, because they do not always have time to notice the CT scan at this position.

If you are standing and shooting through the window, then it will be easy for you to step back and switch to any position, since you will hear the opponent’s footsteps. This position is worth looking through, as curious opponents can enter the window and ask what you are doing there in your apartment. The position does not require special playing skills, you just need to react in time. Most likely they will not throw grenades at you, so you can stand there calmly.

Under the apartments - the position is situational, since it is also not always possible to implement it. You will not receive grenades, but you will be bombarded with flash drives that will fly from apartments to land. And if the opponent jumps out of the window and turns around, he will give you a shot in the head. Here you will not get out. If the opponent is not experienced and forgot to view the area, then you have a chance to have up to 5 frags (killed opponents) with one clamp. But here, too, as luck would have it.

Balcony - it is occupied by experienced CTs who can afford to jump on it in the first minutes of the match. If you didn’t jump onto the balcony the first time, then don’t try to take this position. You will lose precious time, and you will simply be removed without straining. If you understand that you have time to accommodate yourself on the balcony, then you can safely occupy it and receive everyone included in the apartment. This position is often fired at with grenades and overlooked, so you need to play it carefully. In this position, it is advised to play on the reaction and be careful.

Square - the player who stands on the square looks at the passage from the fountain to the land, and can also watch the one running through the window in the apartment. The problem with this position is that you are open from the lend and the apartment window. You can be withdrawn from any of 2 positions and you will not do anything. Therefore, one should play here only to gather information, as in the dark. You need to be careful and concentrated, and not ask for trouble.

Intestine - located a little further than the square. From here it is convenient to help a comrade who is standing in the square, to receive opponents from the mid lane, you can receive those leaving the apartments. But here you will be covered with flash drives and throwing grenades. If you are attacked from behind through point B, you will die, because you will not always have time to react.

Highway - this position is similar to the gut: you will often be thrown by grenades, and smoke bombs, from which you cannot get out. This place is often attacked and you should be careful with this too. But if you are an experienced player, then when smog appears, you rush into it, and you can take someone off.

Barn - practically no one takes this position, since it is very easily issued by the radar, and they will simply shoot you in advance. Even without grenades, you just get shot in the face.

Terrorist positions (T)

In principle, these are all the same positions that we listed when holding a plend. For example, if you kicked all the CTs, then you can safely take the same positions, and have the same nuances of playing on them as for the CT side.

House on B - here you can control not only cases, but also opponents moving around the site, a gamer from a pocket and a long. Overall, this position provides an excellent overview. But it should be borne in mind that 2 - 3 opponents can come out on you, and shoot you. You are unlikely to receive a grenade (only when entering). At the main points: mid, A and B land, the CT fountain will rarely throw grenades at you, but they will try to smoke you out with a quick attack.

Radar maps. When playing for either side, it is important to understand that the opponent can sit at any box, and if the player is a beginner, but has experience playing other similar projects, then he is dangerous not only by a good level of play, but also by ignorance of the map. That is, professional players know where and how to hide, while beginners are still poorly oriented, and, having found a suitable shelter, will be waiting for you. Of course, you will run past, since usually there is no one in this place, and you will get a queue in the back. You won’t even have time to utter a word. Therefore, it is important to constantly look behind the radar, and suddenly there is a suspicious point in the wrong place. The map, although small, is tricky enough, so you should move (if possible) in pairs to cover your back.

Standoff 2: How to use polygon correctly

Guidance. Many players think that training on the range is useless and does not work, and the range itself is cut and it lacks many things. But today we will try to slightly change your opinion about training. The main aspect that you can train as efficiently as possible on the training ground is the clamp. Your task is to stand at the farthest distance from the targets, choose the targets you need (moving or static), and thus, shoot far-away targets. So you train not only your clamp, but also your accuracy and aiming speed.

If your clamp does not go right, you start pressing too low (or high), you hit the mode selection bar, which interrupts your workout. Therefore, your main task will be to fill not only the maximum number of targets, but also not to interrupt your workout. If your workout is interrupted in this scenario, then you may know that your targeting is not the best.

The speed of transferring weapons to the second enemy. You can choose any difficulty of the workout (low or medium). Then aim at the dummy and shoot it. Then, when the next target appears, you should aim at it from the position in which you shot the dummy. That is, do not move the sight in advance to the expected place of the target’s appearance, but remain on the same one, and then shoot from it at a new dummy.

Strafe training. Since you are constantly on the move on the map, you should also train your shooting skill on the move. Therefore, you need to choose moving targets (all your opponents on the map do not stand still). Then you need to squat down to shoot the appearing mannequins. Try to train your shooting skill with different types of movement: to the right - to the left, in a jump, on the run. You should also experiment with the weapon to get a feel for it, and choose the most suitable for yourself.

Standoff 2: All About Knives in the Game

Best knives of this year

In the game, all knives deserve attention, since there is not a single completely bad blade. The choice depends on the preferences of the player, on the ability to play with this type of weapon. But since the knife is not the main weapon, many players rely on animation and ease of use when choosing it. Skins do not affect the characteristics of the weapon - it’s just a beautiful, and sometimes expensive, picture on your screen.

How do you get a knife? Knife models (not skins), you can get for seasonal events, which are updated monthly. Also, the knife can be taken out of the case. If the case belongs to a certain collection, then you will have a better chance of getting a knife out of it. Bloggers often play expensive knife skins (and other weapons) in their videos.

How to fight with a knife? To learn how to kill or finish off an enemy with a knife, you need a certain skill, which develops over time. It should be remembered that it is not always possible to drain an opponent with one blow, and he can retaliate by firing at you with a firearm. If you have a knife in your hands, then you will move much faster than an enemy who has a firearm (except for a pistol) in his hands.

But constantly running around the map with a knife is not good, as the enemy can be waiting for you behind any cover on the map. Therefore, knowing the map and secluded positions will help you survive. Approaching the intended place of the enemy’s caches, you should switch to more lethal weapons.

If you are new to Standoff, and have played other similar games well before, then you should not expect that here you will merge opponents with one blow. Many players who come to the game from Counter-Strike notice that the mechanics of the games are very different from each other. Therefore, you should not rely on previous experience, but constantly train. Of course, such players will have an advantage over those who have not played "shooters" at all, but over professional players, they will sag.

A knife, like any weapon in the game, requires constant training and improvement in its use. The knife should not be treated as a minor weapon that should not be studied. For example, if an opponent with a butterfly is running at you, and you are with a scorpion, then, all other things being equal, the enemy will defeat you, since the butterfly has higher damage and armor. Yes, by a few units, but they also decide a lot in a duel.

Animation of knives is an important aspect when choosing this type of weapon, since it is similar in terms of its plus or minus characteristics. If the picture begins to annoy you, and you feel that this is not your model, then you should not force yourself, but you should change the blade. Many players like to buy various skins, especially for knives. But a good skin is expensive, and if you do not have the opportunity to contribute real money to the game, then you can participate in various contests from developers (we wrote about them in the "Promo codes" section).

Standoff 2: How to get gold?

At the start of the game, you get zero coins and gold (gold) and the usual case value, from which nothing worthwhile will fall to you. So you try to start training, then move on to team matches. But you still don’t have gold. The game has monthly events that include daily and weekly tasks. After successfully completing the task, you get a certain number of points, for which you can receive various gifts. These events are called "Free Pass" and "Gold Pass", for gold you need to make real money into the game. But you won’t get gold in them either.

Gold in Standoff 2 can only be purchased with real money! But there are several other ways that players use to have this very gold. The first way is very commonplace - it is begging for gold from players on various Internet sites. Yes, there are players who trade and do not disdain this type of earnings. But we will not take it into account, but will tell you about another, more efficient way to get gold.

Of course, to earn gold, you will need to buy a minimum package of gold for real money (or still poke around in the network and you will be given 5-10 gold). This is quite enough for promotion. As soon as you have 10 gold, you must go to the market (via the "Store" menu). This is where players offer a variety of skins. You need to choose a suitable (popular) but inexpensive weapon skin. If you do not know what to buy, you can consult on the official chat rooms of the game.

But since you have very little gold, then you will not roam here. We are not going to write about ways in which you can trick other players and quickly raise your gold supply. Now we are talking about a good and common way to make money. So you’ve bought a decent inexpensive skin. Now you should resell it, you (following the system prompts) put it up for sale, but adding only a few gold coins. In this case, you do not need to be a fan, since this is not a lasso, and if you sharply raise the price, they will not buy it from you. Look at the average cost of the skin you have and place it at the same price. Since there are more than 10,000 players in the game per day, your item will quickly be bought.

After you receive money for the product, we recommend that you buy another, better skin, and sell it again. The method is slow, but you can get a small amount of gold on a regular basis. If you have patience, then in a few weeks you will be able to save up for an expensive cool skin already for yourself. And during this time you will have time to pump your game skill, and not look like a cow on ice with a lasso.

Gold can also be obtained in all the ways that we described in the "Promo code" section. If you really want to pump in the game, then you have to watch videos, participate in various events, view tournaments, and so on. But in the early stages of the game, it is more important for you to earn the respect of other players, you can get acquainted with experienced gamers in order to get advice from them in the future, and sometimes a nice gift as an encouragement.

In the game, in fact, there are very few (relatively online) good thinking players who do not just rush around the map until the first keel, but try to benefit the team. Therefore, experienced players take such newcomers to their clan, train them, and encourage them to progress.

Standoff 2: Where to get skins?

What is a skin? Is it just an item adorning the weapon, or is it an advantage it gives over other players? Skins are just extra pretty pictures that give your weapon a nice look. They do not modify or improve your stats in any way.

What can skins tell you about the players in a match? The main criterion for a person who has a skin is interest in the game. If a player has expensive skins, then you understand that this person develops in the game and will strive to achieve high success. Players who contribute real money to the game mainly buy themselves various knife skins. If a person is not interested in the game, he will not contribute money to it.

The desire to stand out, a person wants to show his status with a skin (since at the start of the game, having not achieved anything yet, few people will buy expensive images), that he has achieved something in the game. For example, a gamer sets a goal for himself - to achieve a certain title, as soon as a person receives it, he can afford to purchase a skin as a reward for the time and effort spent.

There are a number of players who buy expensive skins for recording videos. Then they upload the video to various sites. Beginners, having seen enough of these videos, also want to play as beautifully and effectively as the authors of the video do. Therefore, they buy their own skins. But when people start to show off to record a video, it doesn’t work out well for the whole team. Often such people make serious mistakes.

You can also meet players who have a lot of expensive skins. Looking at him, we can conclude that this player (unless he is a youtuber) can play in any tournaments, and is a professional player. Often these players receive skins as a reward from the developers for their gaming experience.

Where to get skins? There are several ways in the game to get external skins for your weapon:

  1. Buy for gold (gold) on the trading floor.
  2. Buy a monthly package, and receive cases for certain in-game achievements, and get skins from them.
  3. Buying skins from other players (this is dangerous, as they can be thrown for money) through various platforms and communities.
  4. Receive as a gift for participating in contests held by developers on their official pages (we described how to find these pages in the "Promo codes" section).
  5. Viewing tournaments during which the developers give out gifts to the audience (see the section "Promo codes").
  6. Participate in contests run by bloggers.
  7. Get it for free (but it will be cheap and uninteresting skins) for in-game achievements and tasks.
  8. Play in the "Arms Race" mode, for which players at the end of each match can receive not only an increased number of coins (game currency), but also various skins.

Advertising. Viewing commercials is available 2 times a day, and you will receive 10 coins for this. This is not very much, but you can also complete daily and weekly tasks, for which you will receive additional coins in the passes. In the future, you will be able to purchase cases for coins. You can get skins from them, and if you don’t like the skin, you can always sell it on the market.

After each match, players are invited to watch a commercial to increase the number of rewards. Don’t miss this opportunity. Yes, many people get bored with it, but if you really decided to have not only excellent gaming skills, but also stand out from the background of other players with beautiful clouds of weapons, then advertising will help you with this. From the case for the coins, you can even catch the lasso (red skin).

Do not spend coins as soon as you have accumulated funds for boxing. It is better to save up (at least 2000 coins) in order to then buy 20 cases, and sell the dropped items in bulk on the market.

Standoff 2: Case Guide

Cases are a game feature of the developers in order to get more real money from the players. This is an old working feature that was invented back in the middle of the 2000s, but it still works. The excitement of getting a worthwhile item from the box, which may exceed the cost of the purchased case, pushes many players to buy more and more new boxes. This is a kind of lottery designed for the excitement of people. And the more cases you buy, the lower the chance of getting something worthwhile out of them. If you want to get a good look and encourage developers with money, then it is better to buy gold, and only then select a skin on the marketplace. This way you will surely get the item you want.

The game has a wide variety of skins for various types of weapons, all these items can be obtained from cases, which, in turn, are divided into collections. Having collected a complete collection, you will be able to stand out from the background of other players. Players who record various videos pay attention to this especially. Here he runs with a yellow iridescent rifle, then pulls out a knife of the same quality and appearance. And all this splendor against the background of similar gloves. Of course, it looks impressive, but not rational.

5 ways to knock a good item out of a case

Immediately it is necessary to make a reservation that all these methods do not give a 100% guarantee to get a knife or other valuable game item from the case, these are just the assumptions of experienced players how the case works in the game.

Create a new account. Many people think that newbies are lucky, and creating a new account will increase the chance of getting an expensive skin or knife. And this is the most adequate option to get a good knife. Since opening cases in any such games works like a casino system: if you are a new player, then you need to somehow be lured into the game so that you play it longer and more often (preferably with real money).

If you decide to try your luck in the cases, then you need to be somehow encouraged (when you create a new account, you automatically become a beginner). Since if a beginner pays 1000 rubles and does not get anything good, or this amount does not pay off, this may lead to the fact that the player simply deletes the game and will never play it again. Therefore, if you have played 50 hours or more, then the chance of a valuable item falling out will be much less, and if you have 200 or more hours, then it is generally not advised to open cases.

In fact, the system understands that you are a veteran of the game, and will not leave it anywhere, so it makes no sense to encourage you and increase the chance of getting an expensive item.

The skin calculator is a system that generates a random number of skins that should be dropped during the current day. For example, 100,000 people enter the game per day. Every day, the system randomly distributes:

Many players believe that such a calculator really exists. Some people think that this counter is updated at 4:00 am Moscow time, and then the chances of getting cool skins increase several times, as the counter is reset, the skins are reset, and the chances become higher.

But this statement is only partially true, since if there was no such calculator, then the developers would not have received an effective injection of money into the game. And if there was, then at a certain time of the day more good skins would fall out than at other times.

The choice of weapons. When you open the case, then you need to inspect the weapon that you want to get from the case. For example, you go into the knives and select the one you need, look at it, and then open the case. To some extent, this method works, since many bloggers tested it on the air, and they really did get the items they were viewing. But this method does not guarantee 100% getting a cool thing.

Number of cases. It is generally accepted that a steep skill drops out depending on the number of cases that you have, and on the interval between their opening. For example, you have 1 case in your inventory, and the last time you opened the chest was a year ago. Then, in this case, the chance of getting something expensive, you increase several times.

But if, for example, you immediately buy 50 cases, then the game will think that you already have a lot of money, and you can buy any skin on the marketplace, and why would you give out an expensive item from the case if you can already buy.

Standoff 2: In-game Avatars

After playing for a while, any player strives to stand out so that other people recognize him. One of the ways to get an individual approach is to use a personal profile picture. In order to put an avatar, you should go to the "Play" section of the main game screen. There is a square in the upper left corner next to your ID. If you tap on it, a new window with two sections will appear on your screen:

  1. Upload from gallery - here you can put your photo, or any funny picture from the memory of your device.
  2. Choose from standard - here the game offers you various options for simple pictures that you can put in your profile.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated, it is easy to choose and upload an avatar. There are no restrictions on the size of the image, the system will automatically compress the image to the desired size. You can change your avatar at any time.

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