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Stellaris Galaxy Command WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

STELLARIS: GALAXY COMMAND is a game for Android with a release date of June 29. 2020 from Paradox Interactive AB. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Promo codes
  2. Gameplay Basics
  3. Tips for Newbies
  4. Fleet Design Guide
  5. Commander Guide
  6. The Importance of Pirate Hunting
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

Stellaris Galaxy Command: Promo codes

How do I enter a promo code? To enter the code symbols, you need to go to the Functions - Functional menu (located in the lower left corner of the screen). Then you need to go to the "Promo code" section - Promo code. In the window that opens, the code must be entered into the dialog box and confirmed.

Where can I get a gift code? The game was released relatively recently, but the developers have released several gift codes that are distributed through the official pages on social networks:

  1. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pg/StellarisMobile/ .
  2. Twitter - https://twitter.com/StellarisMobile .

On the resources, developers often hold contests for which the winners receive valuable prizes.

Promo codes. The game differs in some aspects from other similar economic strategies. The difference was not spared in the distribution of gifts. The developers pre-program a certain number of different prizes, which, after the user enters the promo code, are distributed randomly. That is, different players will receive different rewards.

  1. Galaxies 6-8.
  2. Galaxy.
  3. GALAXY.
  4. Anniversary.

Codes are valid for a certain amount of time, and have a limit on the number of entries. In other words, the promotional code may not expire yet, and you will not be able to receive the prizes, since the players have already chosen all the planned rewards.

Codes become outdated quickly. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new game gift codes. Don’t miss out as some of the codes are for a limited time!

Stellaris Galaxy Command: Gameplay Basics

Stellaris: Galaxy Command is a challenging game where you play as human colonists trying to restore their presence in the galaxy. Thus, resources play a huge role, as does the management of your own space station. There are also many other functions that are difficult to figure out right off the bat. The main task of the gamer is to develop the base, battles on ships, and manage the economy.

Map structure. Game servers are called galaxies here. Each galaxy is divided into sectors of 3 - 6 star systems. Each galaxy has over 500 sectors. You can find NPCs - sectors (neutral) in which you cannot attack any player or be attacked. They are located approximately in the center of the galaxy. These are the Ix’ldar Star Collective (ISC), the Commonwealth of Humans (COM), Voor Tech (VOT), the Maver Guardians Union (MCU) and the United Nations of Earth (UNE). Alliances can take control of sectors and use them to gain an advantage over other clans. Moving between systems.When your fleet moves between systems, it goes into "jump" mode and cannot be attacked. After exiting at the other end, it has a "cooling jump". During this cooling down, your ships cannot fire, but can be fired upon. This is important to consider if you are invading enemy territory. You can break in there, but for a certain time you cannot do anything. One way to survive the "cool down" is to use a ton of speed boosters.

Resources. There are over 38 types of resources in the game. There is in-game trading available for everyone. You can buy and sell resources on the market. You can even take advantage of the edge between supply and demand by earning Electric Credits (EC, in-game virtual currency). You can also buy resources from artificial intelligence characters (NPCs) or neutral traders.

Supplies. Another important aspect and resource of the game. Without supplies, you cannot fight and you will have to recall your fleet, even if it recently went on a journey. You can have top-class ships, but without supplies, you will still be defenseless. This is the first resource that you will sell in the game. In other words, this is the ammunition your ships need to fire. There is a yellow gauge above each fleet that shows the amount of supplies you have.

Ethics. Ethics provides you with different bonuses depending on the options you choose to develop. Ethics depend on the playstyle you choose, as well as the alliance you are a part of. Some alliances require their members to choose certain ethics. This is necessary to open various bonuses.

Experienced players are advised to choose Materialism, which increases the speed of research, and Xenophobia, which increases the speed of shipbuilding.

Stellaris Galaxy Command: Tips for Newbies

What if you get stuck in a battle with a higher tier fleet? You can go to the fleets, for this you should click on the commander, and select the command "Retreat". If you have multiple commanders participating in the battle, you will need to retreat each of them separately. For a retreat maneuver, you will receive serious injuries to your starships, which will require a long repair time (depending on the power of the ship). But that’s better than losing your entire fleet!

Automatic adjustment.The best way to recall a fleet if it is far away is to start attacking low-level pirates in the galaxy. As soon as the stocks held by the fleet reach zero, the ships are automatically recalled to base without any repairs. This trick is especially useful for a pirate event.

Factory of goods. Once you reach the 16th level of the Nexus, you will unlock the luxury goods factory. It is not recommended to build it. She just consumes a lot of Higgs, but gives little return. The expert population does not provide sufficient income to cover the consumption of gold.

Using accelerations.The only area where boosters can be used are in buildings. It is not advisable to spend them on anything else. The construction time takes a huge amount of time after level 15 of the Nexus. Do not use shipbuilding boosters. You should try to get to the battleships as soon as possible. Because it is the second most powerful unit in the game, and you can reach it in just a month of play.

When upgrading buildings, you should wait for the help of alliance members, and then use accelerators. You can use the help of 10 people from the guild, each of them will speed up the construction process by 1%. Thus, in fact, you can reduce the construction time of the building by 10%.

Daily participation in alliance events. Alliance Events are a great opportunity to earn haste. Coordinate your actions with your union, and actively participate in the murder of marauders. On average, you can get 36 hours of speed per day if you use all 5 chances. All boosters stack up and offer tremendous benefits.

It is imperative to complete daily missions. Daily event rewards increase with the level of the Nexus. At base level 16, you can get eight hour boosters daily. These tasks are not so difficult and do not require special attention. Donate to the alliance 5 times (donate 1 coin 5 times), collect 10 debris, fight 8 battles, and much more.

Minerals. They play an important role as they are used to upgrade most of the buildings on your space station. You can get minerals after building a Mining Outpost. This building is available from the very beginning of the game, and mines minerals. It is recommended to build as many Mines as possible. To store resources, you need to build warehouses in a timely manner. If the total capacity of the storages exceeds the production, then the production of minerals will stop automatically when all the storages are filled to the top.

Mining Outposts have a large amount of Energy Upkeep Credit, so be sure to keep an eye on currency when building.

Titanium is a resource that is difficult to mine, but it is necessary to create Higg Gold. After the Nexus reaches level 13, Higga Gold will be available, which opens up the ability to unlock and build battleships. It is best to buy titanium from the market.

Resources and buildings. It is not recommended to sell any resources until your Nexus reaches level 12. Some resources will seem unnecessary to you, and you will want to sell them for credits. Leave them, in the future they will definitely come in handy. The only resource you can sell is supplies.

Also, do not rush to erect many buildings, since valuable resources are spent on their maintenance. The base should be gradually developed. At the start, it is best to pump residential and resource buildings.

Electric loans. It is an in-game trading currency. One way to increase your credit flow is to maximize all inhabited buildings in the game. The population pays taxes, which in turn increases your income. You cannot change the tax rate and can only increase it through research.

Stellaris Galaxy Command: Fleet Design Guide

Ship design

When choosing the design and modeling of ships, it is important to pay attention to "Maintenance Cost" - an indicator of the cost of maintenance. If the cost of building ships (Cost) is cheaper than maintenance, then you will most likely lose the game.

How do I change the appearance of the ship? To do this, go to the Options menu, then to the Design section, here you need to select any unlocked ship. Then you need to click on the "Change" button in the right corner. Now you can modify, design and upgrade ships as you like. Spaceship builds are divided into 2 sections: weapons and parts.

In the design section you will also find fragments of weapons, each shard has its own level. The one you use by default is weapon tier 1. In total, you can pump trunks up to level 4. Fragments of weapons can be obtained through pirate events.

Ship building rules:

  1. The number of designs that you can build for each ship is equal to the level of your design center. You won’t need a lot of designs though. It is not recommended to put more than 2 - 3 additional modules on 1 ship. Since the cost of maintaining starships is greatly increased by modification.
  2. You cannot change a design if you have a ship using that design somewhere in the dock or ship’s storage. Once you have built ships with a specific design, they can no longer be changed.

Classification of ships:

Each ship has several slots in which you can equip weapons and spare parts. The letter marks show the effectiveness that the weapon can bring. The usefulness depends on the slots of the ship. A letter can be seen next to each weapon slot and part. This is the level of effectiveness that a slot can take from a weapon or a ship module inserted into it. As you unlock the best ships, the number of slots, as well as the utility that the slot can bring, increases.

Another point to note is that each ship has a maximum carrying capacity and the load requirements for each weapon and part are different. The ship’s structure cannot accommodate more than its maximum carrying capacity.


There are 4 types of effective weapons that you can equip your ship with:

  1. Kinetic.
  2. Beam.
  3. Rocket.
  4. Robotic.

The tables below are formatted to show you the difference between weapons in terms of many characteristics. Go through them carefully.

Damage characteristics

Accuracy characteristics

Attack speed

Armor penetration characteristics

Shield penetration

Build time


Comparing all the statistics, missiles are better than other weapons, but they suffer from a serious drawback, they lack armor penetration. This way, he can bypass the shield and head to the ship, but he needs to overcome the armor in order to damage the ship.

The attack speed in the game means that the rounds are accepted for shooting once. Thus, the damage per second for each weapon is the same. Important characteristics of the weapon are armor penetration, shield penetration. Better to rely on robotic or kinetic weapons.

Ship repair. Your best bet is to repair starships at the docks after your fleet has returned to base. First you need to go to the Management menu, then select any type of ship, and move it to the dock. Repeat this process with all ships until you move all wrecked ships to the shipyard. Then you can simply replenish the fleet with new ships and start attacking. If several fleets are damaged, you can transfer repairs from all fleets to docking and collective repairs (using the Move to Dock button).

The repair time does not depend on the number of damaged ships. The work depends on the type of the damaged vessel, as well as on the amount of time that the ships spent in battle, how much damage they inflicted on the enemy. Ships that attack in the first place suffer more casualties than ships firing from a distance.

Stellaris Galaxy Command: Commander Guide

At the moment, there are no premium commanders in the game, that is, all leaders can be obtained by unlocking after leveling up the Nexus. The higher the level of your space base, the better commanders you get. But you will get the leader of Chad only after completing the special mission "Let’s be friends?"

There are 3 types of leaders:

Leveling commanders

Every 20 levels, the commander needs to be upgraded for further development. Each level of the commander gives bonuses to the ship on which he travels. And the level of the ship increases the statistics for the captain. In addition to the level, the qualifications of military commanders are also being raised. But after reaching the 60th level of the commander, his pumping becomes more difficult. Therefore, we decided to give some tips to make the development of captains a little easier:

  1. It is not recommended to use experience potions with 100,000 units on commanders below level 40. Since potions with a large amount of experience come across very rarely (during the hunt for pirates or in events). For example, you need to raise the captain from level 30 to 31, while you use a potion that gives 100,000 experience points, and 30,000 points are required to increase. Therefore, you will lose 70,000 experience simply to nowhere, since this experience with the ground cannot be transferred to subsequent levels.
  2. Up to level 40, you can easily upgrade your commanders. Therefore, you do not need to use additional rare items on them.
  3. To get qualifications and the further possibility of developing captains takes place with the help of Hero Order Cores, but it is difficult to obtain them, so you should carefully choose the commander you want to strengthen.
  4. It is necessary to accumulate potions in order to leave them to increase levels above 60.
Each commander is accompanied by a flagship, with whom the leader and the ship are inextricably linked. By improving captains, you increase the power of the ship, while upgrading the ship, you increase the statistics of the commander. This should be borne in mind when strengthening heroes.

Upgrading various parts is the hardest part of developing leaders and their ships. You need a lot of materials just to upgrade 1 part (there are 3 parts in total).

If you need a high-level part and have several lower-level parts, then you can merge the low-level parts.

The photo above shows that there is not enough bio-organic matter for modernization, you should click on it and you will have a menu, as in the photo below. In the section, you can merge 2 complex organic substances into 1 bio organic substance. Then you can upgrade.

Stellaris Galaxy Command: The Importance of Pirate Hunting

Pirates can be found in almost every system in the galaxy. They appear throughout the game at different levels. Weaker pirates are common in neutral territory. Pirates are also divided into 3 types, which can be identified by the signs above their ships. The pointer shows the difficulty level. There are 3 difficulty levels in total.

Interaction. There are four ways the player interacts with the pirate fleet:

It is recommended to attack the pirate with a power ratio of 1:10. For example: if a pirate has a strength of 20,000, then you attack him with a minimum strength of 200,000. this will reduce your losses. For elite pirates, a minimum ratio of 1:15 is advised.

Scanning space for pirates. Go to the Functions section (plus sign at the bottom left). Next, you need to scroll down the sections to the "Radar" line. Here the desired level of difficulty is set, after which you need to click "Scan". You will be redirected to the newly spawned pirate. After the attack, you can get various materials, as well as important boosters, and resources for pumping commanders.

Do not attack a lower tier pirate if he is very close to a higher tier pirate. Powerful pirates can join the fight and you could lose your entire fleet. To avoid defeat, always check the card carefully. In case you find yourself in a similar situation, you need to go to the line fleets and retreat. If several ships are stuck, you should press the "Retreat" button on each of them separately.

Stellaris Galaxy Command: Frequently Asked Questions

Why are mercenaries needed? Mercenaries are a fleet given to players at the beginning of each season. Each mercenary fleet has a hero, a flagship, and several other ships. You can recruit these mercenaries permanently by upgrading your Battle Pass to level 20.

How to reduce fleet maintenance costs? For this it is necessary to dock the unused ships for Storage. This way you eliminate maintenance and maintenance costs. You can also hide and save these ships if a strong player attacks your base. To do this, go to the Dock, then go to the "Ship Storage" section, here you should select the ships you want to dock.

How to scan planets? Scanning is very important to get high quality materials. Choosing the "scan" option, you will have 2 actions to choose from: "Explore further" and "Refuse to further research". A planet or a star can be scanned 3 times (perform a three-level action) by choosing 1 action. Click on the "keep learning" option. This will help you get some more research. During the scan, you can get Chad, a Tier 2 core and other rare materials.

Scanning should be done as often as possible, even if it is not in line with your Ethics.

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