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Subway Surfers is the famous arcade game from the SYBO Games studio. You have to run away from a disgruntled subway inspector who did not appreciate your excellent graffiti on a subway car. Can you hide now? Dodge obstacles, avoid trains and don’t crash into lampposts. The result of the chase depends only on your skill. This excellent mobile runner-style game features bright art, changing musical themes and a fun gameplay that will not let you get bored.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. The making of the game and the story of the dead son
  3. All Characters
  4. Using power-ups (leveling the hero)
  5. Hoverboard Guide
  6. Secrets of a successful game
  7. How to avoid obstacles while running?
  8. How to increase the multiplier?
  9. Keys
  10. Quests, quests, missions
  11. Participation in weekly events
  12. Marathon Guide
  13. Conducting Tag Team Races
  14. All About Seasonal Hunting
  15. The Animated Series
  16. In-Game Purchases and Offers for Donators
  17. Pros and cons of the game

Subway Surfers: Beginner’s Guide

What is Subway Surfers about? You play as one of the teenagers who spend their free time at the subway station. Your goal in Subway Surfers is to escape from the inspector after he spotted you spraying graffiti on a subway car. During the game, your character runs along the railroad tracks, avoiding various obstacles along the way, as well as collisions with trains. The longer the escape from the inspector continues, the more coins you will collect and score points. The game ends when you hit an obstacle or get hit by a train.

How is the run going? When you enter the game, you will see on the main screen the character you have chosen, who is engaged in applying graffiti to the subway car. To start the game, click "Start". After that, a subway inspector will appear with a dog, and your hero will throw spray cans of paint and start running away from him.

During the race, there will be coins on your way - try to collect as many of them as possible. You can also come across various power-ups, quest items from events and daily tasks, and even mysterious boxes. At the same time, useful items can be located in rather dangerous places where the risk of collision with an obstacle will be increased. Be smart to get as many prizes as possible in one run and not lose!

What are points and how to get them? Running away from the inspector, you constantly earn points. The total number of points for one run depends on how far you manage to run.

Increase your score per run with the score multiplier. It can be obtained by completing missions, as well as by using various in-game power-ups.

Subway Surfers world record. So far, the highest score that has been collected in the game is points. This record is held by a player with the nickname Karim Mayur.

What is Race of the Week? The highest number of points you manage to score is your personal record and determines your place in the "Race of the Week" ranking. To see the entire rating and your place in it, click on the icon with a crown on the main screen of the game. The "Race of the Week" rating is updated weekly, its best representatives receive coins as a reward:

Game currencies. In the game you will meet 2 types of currencies:

To get more coins and keys, be sure to watch promotional videos. For example, after the race, you can watch ads and get extra coins. Commercials are available daily in the game, for the first viewing of which you will receive 3 keys, and for the subsequent - 2 keys.

What is a "World Tour"? "World Tour" is a definite game update. So, all the races of the heroes take place in different cities, the names of which indicate the corresponding game version. As a rule, the appearance of a new city in the "World Tour" is accompanied by various game events, the release of new limited heroes, skins and boards. Also, each city of the "World Tour" has its own unique writing font, which is used in the game itself (with this font the hero draws graffiti on the train).

How does Subway Surfers end? Subway Surfers is an endless game that has no finish line. Your hero will run until he hits an obstacle or is caught by an inspector. During the run, the character’s movement speed increases, so avoiding collisions becomes more difficult. Thus, the more distance you can overcome, the more difficult your passage will be.

Saving game progress. Choose one of the ways to sync your game account to protect your game progress from accidental loss due to technical problems. The game provides 2 ways to bind:

After linking your game account, you will be able to transfer your progress to other devices.

How to connect Facebook to Subway Surfers? To connect your Subway Surfers account to Facebook, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select the appropriate option to save game progress. When connected to Facebook, other Subway Surfers players will be able to see your name and avatar from the specified social network.

When you connect to Facebook, you will be rewarded with 10 keys, 5k coins and a Dino character!

Game settings. In the settings, you can specify the following options as you wish:

For the most active players, it is recommended to use the reminder system to always be aware of temporary events and not to forget to receive all in-game gifts.

Subway Surfers: The making of the game and the story of the dead son

How was Subway Surfers created? The game was launched in 2012. Its creator is Matthias Gredel Norvig. The game was developed by two studios, SYBO Games and Kiloo. In 2018, Norvig gave an interview regarding the appearance of Subway Surfers. He said that the original idea came to him while studying at the school of animation, and the creation of the game was inspired by his "passion for fashion, skateboarding, music and street art." At the same time, the developer did not comment on the story of the deceased child, in whose honor the game was allegedly made.

The story of the dead son. One day, a post appeared on Twitter, which said that the game Subway Surfers was created because of the deceased son of the developer. The author of the tweet asked other users when they learned about the tragic circumstances of the appearance of this game and how old they were at that time. This message has become very popular on the network, gaining a huge number of reposts and acquiring new "details". That’s how the final rumor came about that Subway Surfers was a tribute to a boy who died while skateboarding on the railroad tracks. This information has never been officially confirmed.

In honor of what was the game Subway Surfers created? Fortunately, the story of the developer’s child who died is a fiction. At least, there has never been information about Norvig’s son and his fate on the Internet, and he himself has never commented on this. The Twitter user who published the rumor later deleted his post and apologized for it, saying he had posted unverified data. So the appearance of Subway Surfers has nothing to do with tragic stories. The real source of inspiration for the creation of the game was only the developer’s passion for street culture and skateboarding.

Subway Surfers: All Characters

Concept. Subway Surfers characters are the heroes that can be controlled in the game. Most of them are teenagers (or young adults). They all run away from a subway inspector who discovered their graffiti on a subway car.

What are the heroes doing? At the beginning of each game, the selected character draws graffiti - using a spray can, the Subway Surfers logo is applied to the body of the car. From time to time, he may take other spray cans out of his bag or wave at the camera. The pursuit begins when the hero is spotted by an inspector or his dog.

The very process of escaping from the inspector takes place along the subway rails. The character must avoid various obstacles and collect coins scattered along the way. The hero will lose if he cannot dodge a train, pole, barrier, etc.

What does an inspector do? The Underground Inspector is considered the game’s antagonist. It is he who catches the heroes spraying graffiti. When the character crashes into an obstacle, the inspector overtakes him and the run ends. If the hero stumbles upon an obstacle, the inspector shouts to him "Stop!". The inspector is always accompanied by his dog - a white bull terrier with a red collar. They change their appearance in the holiday editions of different versions of the game.

The inspector can be hit by a train. To do this, stumble upon an obstacle, stumble upon a rushing train. In this case, the inspector will also fall under the train along with his dog.

How to get characters in Subway Surfers? By default, you start playing the hero Jake. Other characters can be unlocked with coins, keys, character tokens, or season hunt tokens. Characters are divided into two types:

For news about the appearance of new limited characters, be sure to subscribe to the official pages of the game and follow the announcements from the developers.

How to get character tokens? Character tokens are boomboxes, hats, guitars and UFOs with which you can unlock Fresh, Tricky, Spike and Yutani and their skins. Get tokens from Token Boxes, Mystery Boxes, and Super Mystery Boxes that can be exchanged for keys. To get a box of tokens, go to the store and select the "Special Offers" section.

Take advantage of the "Bonus x2" offer and watch commercials to get increased rewards! With this option, you can get the required number of tokens to open a character (skin) by purchasing just one box of tokens, which is very profitable!

How to get skins in Subway Surfers? For most heroes, you can unlock alternative clothing options - skins. As a rule, characters have two variants of skins with rare exceptions. The first skins were added to the game after the release in Miami (for Jake and Tricky). In the future, new skins began to be added with each game update.

To open new skins, you will need keys, event coins or tokens. The only alternative free skin Jake has is his dark suit, which is represented by the dark theme of his regular outfit. Some heroes do not have alternative skins at all and, accordingly, do not change their appearance.

How to change the hero for the game? If you want to change the hero and play as a different character, do the following:

  1. Click on pause;
  2. Enter the Menu and click on the hero selection section;
  3. Click on your character;
  4. Click right and left a few times;
  5. Choose the character you want to play.

Are there any differences between the characters? All heroes of the game have the same characteristics, and their ability to overcome obstacles and escape from the inspector depends only on your skill and control. Thus, all characters differ from each other only in appearance and costumes (skins).

The main team of characters. These are the unlimited series heroes that most Subway Surfers players use. The stories of most of these characters are told in the animated series. It is these heroes that form the basis of the game and are its most recognizable representatives.

Characters from the World Tour series. This group includes characters that are available in the game only in various series of the World Tour (World Tour). Their cost is 95,000 coins for each character. Here are some examples of such heroes:

Hero nameAvailable in series
TonyNew York
Rosemexico city
EdisonSao Paulo
WayneLos Angeles

How to get limited characters? Releases of limited characters are timed to coincide with special game events or the launch of new versions of the game. As a rule, these are collectible heroes available for donations. Examples:

Event characters. As the name implies, the heroes of this group can only be obtained during the event period. They are exchanged for tokens (coins) of events. Examples:

Want to get limited characters after the event ends? Try to change the date on your phone (tablet) for the period of the event. Keep in mind that this feature is applicable only to the heroes of those events that took place no later than 2-3 months ago.

Holiday characters. These characters can be variations of characters you already know, or completely new ones. You can buy these heroes only during the corresponding holidays, and, as a rule, for donations. Attention! Some holiday characters can still be purchased at regular times. For example, Zombie Jake appears at Halloween themed events, but can sometimes be sold in the app. Examples of holiday characters:

Subway Surfers: Using power-ups (leveling the hero)

General. Power-ups help your heroes make more successful races, get more points, coins and achieve new records. All gains (boosters) are divided into 3 types:

  1. Basic. They can be obtained during races and improved. Basic boosts are pumped once and are applicable to all heroes (i.e., regardless of who you choose as a runner);
  2. Purchased. Power-ups that can be purchased at the store and used once in one run.
  3. Boards. Some boards will give heroes special skills.

Basic enhancements. You have a chance to get buff data while running. They can be located in absolutely any place: on the roof of trains, near barriers, poles, etc. There are situations where the power-up is located in a rather dangerous place (for example, close to a train or against a wall), so you have to use skill to pick it up and not crash. Buffs of this type take effect immediately after receiving them. The time of using amplifications is limited, but it can be increased by pumping. Varieties:

First of all, it is recommended to focus on leveling the "Double Multiplier" boost in order to increase the length of time in which your score will double. So, with the activation of the "Double Multiplier" of a long duration, you can score a huge amount of points in one run, and with additional increases in the multiplier, even break records and get into the ratings for the weekly run!

Improvement of the main amplifications. All major buffs can be upgraded in advance, i.e. increase their duration. To do this, open the "Me" tab on the main screen and select the "Improvements" section. Improvements are pumped for coins and have 6 levels with increasing cost. All major improvements are pumped forever. This means that if you receive such a buff during a run, you will be able to automatically use its improved properties.

Purchased power-ups. Purchasable power-ups are purchased for gold in the store "Strengthenings tab". With their help, you can earn even more points. Also, power-ups of this group can be obtained in promotions, welcome bonuses for beginners and other gifts. Varieties:

In the store, you can purchase purchasable power-ups for watching commercials. Use this offer to get boosters for free and use them more often.

Using purchased power-ups. To activate the board during the race, you need to double-tap the screen. In this case, the hero will stand on the board and be protected from obstacles, and a scale will appear at the bottom of the screen, counting the duration of the effect of the board. The handicap and score booster icons are displayed on the screen at the start. At this point, you can click on any of them and activate the action.

Subway Surfers: Hoverboard Guide

Concept. The board is a booster that protects the character from falling for 30 seconds. When hitting an obstacle, the board explodes and clears the area (the area where you crashed). Once exploded, the board needs a 5 second cooldown before it can be used again. To activate the board, double-tap the screen during the race. Each board has its own unique skin. Some boards are exclusive and limited, and some even have their own special abilities.

Special board skills. Some boards have inherent special properties, so when used, they can significantly strengthen your heroes. For example:

How to get new boards and unlock their special abilities? All boards can be bought with coins. To do this, go to the "Me" tab, select the "Boards" section and mark the one you want. Since the Beijing update, absolutely all boards have received special skills. To unlock them, you need to exchange the required number of keys. To date, the following boards with unlockable special skills are available:

board nameSpecial SkillsUnlock cost
FreestylerDouble jump, Super jump.45 keys/55 keys.
skull fireDouble jump, super speed.45 keys/50 keys.
star boardStar Trail, Double Jump.Free / 45 keys.
Great WhiteSuper speed, smooth drift.50 keys/60 keys.
ScootThrow to the side, Super speed.40 keys/50 keys.
lumberjackDouble Jump, Low Profile.45 keys/55 keys.
SuperheroThrow to the side, Super jump.40 keys/55 keys.
Big KahunaSmooth drift, low profile.55 keys/60 keys.
SunsetPink trail, Smooth drift.30 keys/60 keys.
MonsterSuper speed, super jump.50 keys/55 keys.
StallionHorseshoe trail, Superjump.40 keys/60 keys.

Subway Surfers: Secrets of a successful game

The tips below will help you complete longer runs and earn more rewards.

1. Run on the roofs of trains. Being on the roof of the train, you eliminate the risk of collision with ground obstacles. In addition, on the roof it is much easier to avoid getting hit by oncoming trains. You just need to learn how to skillfully maneuver between passing trains in order to jump from one to another in time.

Train riding is the most reliable way to run as long as possible and get a lot of points. On the roofs of trains, you can collect a lot of coins, quest items, and even amplifiers. If you have to jump off the train, quickly look for the next one. To climb to the roof, use ramps or super sneakers.

If you have scored a lot of points and are ready to get a new record, then try to avoid areas where there are a lot of coins. The fact is that it is on these sections that there will be the highest risk of crashing and finishing your game, which is highly undesirable when running long distances.

2. Apply power-ups and distribute coin spending. At the beginning of the game, you must earn as many coins as possible in order to later spend them on pumping all the main power-ups and buying power-ups from the store. Be sure to collect and use jetpacks and coin magnets to get a lot of currency. In the future, do not forget to upgrade all the main power-ups in the upgrade menu (especially for the double multiplier) and replenish stocks of boosters from the store. When using power-ups, you can additionally protect your hero from obstacles and collisions, along the way earning a lot of points due to the increased multiplier, as well as coins.

3. Use keys wisely. Keys are the game’s premium currency and are much more difficult to obtain than coins. You can "revive" your character with the keys when you lose, in order to continue the run from where you left off. Meanwhile, each subsequent "revival" will cost more than the previous one.

For this reason, you run the risk of quickly using up all available keys and being without them in a situation where they are really needed. We recommend that you use the keys only when you have run a sufficiently long distance or beat your previous running record. In all other cases, it is better to just start the race over and try to avoid making mistakes.

4. Increase your score multiplier. By increasing the multiplier, you get several times more points for your runs. The size of your multiplier will play a decisive role in the competition and when getting worthy places in the ratings. In other words, without a high multiplier, you simply won’t be able to perform well in the game, even if you run long enough distances.

To increase your multiplier, try to complete as many missions as possible, watch commercials and buy "Account Booster" in the store. You can also get a "Double Multiplier" along the way of your run, which will automatically begin to double all your points for a certain time (this time can be extended by pumping this booster).

Don’t forget about Thursday’s special event, which allows you to increase the score multiplier by +3 when choosing the right hero for the run.

5. Play with both hands. Playing with two hands allows you to better control your character, move your finger faster in the right direction, and better navigate the terrain to avoid obstacles. In addition, this control method helps you to fully focus on the game and run much more and more successfully.

6. Constantly control the character. If the hero is in flight, you can still control him so that he maneuvers in the air, collects more coins and does not hit obstacles. Do not be distructed. Pay close attention to those areas of the area where there are large accumulations of coins, and send your hero to these areas. If at the same time you have the "Coin Magnet" buff active, then the collection process will be even more successful!

Also, be extremely careful at the moment the character lands on the ground: it is at this moment that the risk of losing is high due to a ground obstacle or train suddenly appearing on the way. Direct your hero to the safest, "cleanest" railway track, where it will be easiest for you to navigate your next steps.

7. Don’t try to buy everything. You are invited to purchase new characters, their skins, boards, etc. Meanwhile, it’s important to remember that all characters have the same stats, and their skins only serve a cosmetic purpose to diversify the game. We recommend that you initially familiarize yourself with the entire catalog of heroes and boards in order to choose what it is worth collecting coins for. In this case, it is best to start with the boards, as they will help you get more points. Purchase game goods gradually, without trying to save up for everything at once.

8. Watch ads. There are quite a lot of ads in the game, but with their help you can earn currency much faster and even unlock new characters! For example, when you open a box of tokens, don’t refuse to watch the commercial to get your winnings tripled! In the same way, this applies to videos offered for viewing based on the results of the races - for them you will be given additional coins. You can also watch ads every day to constantly replenish your supply of keys and even get free boosts in the store.

Subway Surfers: How to avoid obstacles while running?

Why are obstacles needed? Obstacles make the gameplay rich and exciting, allow players to hone their hero control skills and learn how to quickly navigate during specific game situations. Since the action of the game takes place at the metro station, the obstacles have the same theme. For the most part, these are trains, barriers, poles, garbage cans and walls.

During the race, the character has a choice between three railway tracks, each of which has different obstacles. Your task is to quickly move the hero from one path to another and avoid collisions with obstacles on each of them for as long as possible. Below we will look at the main types of obstacles and what is best to do with them.

Trains. The most serious and dangerous obstacle during railroad races both in the game and in real life. Some trains are stationary, and some move at high speed in the opposite direction of the running character. It is impossible to jump over the train or roll under it. The only option to avoid a train collision without using boosters is to quickly change tracks.

Sometimes you will come across ramps that you can climb up and jump over to the roof of the train to collect coins, bonuses or even tokens for the weekly hunt. Next, you can jump from the roof of one train to the roof of another. The most important thing here is to correctly calculate the moment when you have to jump off the roof. The jump down itself will not affect the character in any way, but an obstacle that suddenly appears on the way can end your game ahead of schedule.

You can jump over trains when using amplifiers - super-sneakers and a grasshopper. At the same time, do not forget to choose a safe railway track after the character lands in order to prevent him from colliding with an oncoming train or other obstacle.

Barriers. Railroad barriers can only be on the ground and require you to perform certain actions. There are three types of barriers:

Bushes with electrical boxes. These obstacles only appear before and after stations. To avoid collisions with bushes, change the railroad track the hero is running on in time, or jump over them. If you fail to dodge, the hero will stumble, fall, and the inspector will catch up with him.

Lampposts. Insidious obstacles, as they can suddenly appear between train tracks, preventing your character from successfully changing lanes. If the hero crashes into a lamppost, the inspector immediately catches up with him. To avoid collisions with poles, be careful when replacing railroad tracks. If you see a lamppost ahead of you, it is best to change lanes in advance or (if oncoming obstacles allow) wait until the pole is behind you.

Big trash cans. Like bushes, trash cans only spawn before and after stations. You can jump over garbage cans or change lanes. When colliding with a garbage can, the character will fall, and the inspector will immediately catch up with him.

Entrances to station tunnels. Sometimes on the way of your character a small station tunnel may come across, which will be fenced off by one of the railway tracks. At the same time, it is very important to run into the tunnel in time, otherwise the character will collide with its wall, fall and be immediately caught.

Walls. Walls on the hero’s path can appear at any time. As a rule, they are combined with 1 or 2 tunnels. Hitting them will end the run. To avoid hitting the wall, you need to quickly guide the character into one of the tunnels. In this case, you need to act quickly enough, otherwise the risk of a collision with a train increases.

Walls outside of the play area also count as obstacles because if players swipe to approach them, their character will trip.

Subway Surfers: How to increase the multiplier?

What are multipliers for? Multipliers are required to get higher scores in Subway Surfers. They can be permanently increased by completing sets of 3 missions. The higher your multiplier, the easier it will be to get new records. For example, it is easier to get a certain score with a 10x multiplier than with a 5x multiplier. The maximum multiplier is 30x, but even this can be increased with the appropriate boosters and during the Thursday special event. In total, your multiplier can temporarily reach 100x.

Missions. Missions are challenges that increase your multiplier or give you a Super Mystery Box (only if your multiplier reaches x30). You can view the current missions in the upper left part of the main game screen. Each mission set includes 3 missions. When all 3 missions are completed, your multiplier increases by 1. When your multiplier reaches its maximum, you will receive a Super Mystery Box. The further you go through the missions, the more difficult they become. Also, they will take longer to complete.

Skip difficult missions by watching ads or paying coins.

Multiplier increase due to boosters/events. In addition to completing missions, the multiplier can be increased with:

  1. Account booster. Strengthening cost of 3000 coins. Increases the player’s multiplier by 5, 6, or 7 for the rest of the run.
  2. Booster 2x. When this boost is applied, the multiplier is doubled, which allows you to get double the number of points for a certain period of time.
  3. Mystery Monday Super Mystery Booster. Purple "Super Mystery" bonuses can be converted into one of 4 temporary abilities, one of which gives a +10 multiplier.
  4. Thursday events. Every Thursday, an event is held in the game that allows you to increase the multiplier by +3 when choosing the right character for the race.

Subway Surfers: Keys

What are keys for? Keys are the in-game currency used to revive characters, buy skins, new heroes, boards, and other in-game items. Were first introduced to the game in the Sydney series. To revive a hero, you will need 1 key, and the number will double with each defeat. Externally, the key is presented in light blue and has a white outline.

How to get a lot of keys in Subway Surfers? There are many ways to get keys, all you have to do is be active in the game and take part in most of the events. Here are the ways:

  1. Connect to Facebook. For joining this social network, you will receive great gifts, including 10 keys;
  2. Make runs. Keys are rare rewards, but you can still win them in races;
  3. Watch daily promotional videos. For the first viewing you get 3 keys, and for the next - up to 2 keys;
  4. Get keys from Mystery Box and Super Mystery Box. They can contain up to 2 keys;
  5. Participate in the Seasonal Hunt. For completing Seasonal Hunt levels, you can get from 5 to 15 keys;
  6. Buy in the store for real money.

List of key sets. For donators, it is possible to purchase keys for real money. At the same time, the keys in the store are sold in sets. It:

How to use keys? If your run fails, you will be prompted to use the key to respawn. If you wish to skip this step, click anywhere on the screen outside of the dialog box. If you wish to use the key, confirm its use. Do not forget that each of your defeat doubles the number of keys needed to continue the race. In addition to resurrection, use the keys:

Use collected keys wisely. If you want to collect a large collection of characters, then accumulate keys to open boxes with tokens and exchange for limited characters. It is best to spend keys on respawn during races only when you have covered a sufficiently large distance and are ready for new records.

Subway Surfers: Quests, quests, missions

Missions. Missions are game tasks, united in blocks of 3 pieces. For completing one block of missions, you increase your multiplier, which gives you the opportunity to get more points during the run. In total, the game has 48 original missions.

Starting from mission 30, you will be rewarded with Super Mystery Boxes. Further, the tasks will begin to repeat in the second circle, only the order changes.

Mission examples. Below we give examples of mission blocks. Please note that some types of tasks must be completed in one run, and some can be completed by summing up actions from several runs:

Mission secrets. Use the tips below to complete mission tasks faster.

Daily tasks. Daily tasks consist of collecting letters along the way of the race, from which a certain word is formed ("Hunt for words"). For the complete collection of the word, you will receive a reward, the amount of which depends on the number of days the daily task is completed. For example, if you complete a daily quest 2 days in a row, you’ll get a Mini Mystery Box, and if you complete a quest 5 days in a row, you’ll get a Super Mystery Box! From day 5 onwards, you get the opportunity to win the super jackpot with exclusive prizes.

Daily tasks are an optional activity. However, there are some missions that require daily quests to be completed a set number of times. Access to daily tasks can only be obtained with a stable Internet connection!

Completing achievement tasks. To view available game achievements, open the "Missions" tab on the main screen and select the "Achievements" section. Each achievement task has 3 stages of completion: bronze, silver and gold. For completing each stage, you will receive keys as a reward, while achievements in bronze give 3 keys, silver achievements - 5 keys, and gold - 8 keys. With each game update, new tasks are added to the list of achievements. Below is a list of achievements currently available:

N is a variable indicator that is updated after the completion of the current achievement stage. When you close an achievement, you will see a corresponding notification on the screen. All achievement rewards can only be collected in manual mode - do not forget to do it in a timely manner.

When receiving rewards for completing achievements, watch commercials. This is how you increase your reward.

Subway Surfers: Participation in weekly events

Concept. During the week you can take part in a large number of events. Each in-game day involves the issuance of a certain bonus, so be sure to check the events tab on your first daily entry into the game. See the full schedule of activities by clicking on the "Events" icon in the upper left corner and tapping on the "Events" tab.

Mysterious Monday. On Mondays, during the races, you can meet purple power-ups, better known as "Super Mysterizers" on your way (see screenshot above). These mysterious power-ups randomly transform into hoverboards, temporary double coins, +10 multipliers, or even a double jump. Keep in mind that bonuses can appear in the most unexpected places: on the rails, under the train, etc. Your task is not to miss them and collect them all.

Awesome Tuesday. Every Tuesday you can try your luck and win the Mega Jackpot or Super Mega Jackpot in Mystery Boxes and Super Mystery Boxes. At the same time, the mega jackpot is 900,000 coins instead of 100,000 jackpot coins, and the super mega jackpot is 1,500,000 coins instead of 300,000 super jackpot coins.

Character bonus - Wednesday and Thursday. This special two-day event allows players to receive an additional multiplier bonus if they use a specific character of the week in a run. This event only runs on Wednesdays and Thursdays and gives you an extra +3 multiplier on your runs! Please note that the selected character of the week changes weekly.

Fairy Friday. During the Friday Runs, Super Mystery Boxes with additional rare rewards may come across on your way. Under normal conditions, Super Mystery Boxes can only be obtained by completing the Daily Challenge 5 or more times, or by completing a set of missions when their score multiplier is x30. During this event, this prize can be obtained much easier and faster. Super Mystery Boxes appear in the same place as Weekly Hunt Tokens.

Word weekend. In this event, you need to run with a certain hero and look for the letters that form his name. The letters are presented in golden yellow to avoid confusion with the letters from the "Word Hunt" event. These items appear in the same places as the weekly hunt tokens.

After collecting all the letters, you get the Super Mystery Box and move on to the next hero, repeating the collection of the letters of his name. If you don’t have the required character, you are given the option to buy it with coins at the regular price, or watch ads to skip that character and move on to the next one. You can watch ads only if your device is connected to the Internet.

Be sure to run races with the right character, otherwise no event letters will appear. To make sure your Internet connection is working, go to the "Earn Coins" section and see if you get the opportunity to watch a video from a sponsor. If so, return to the events tab. There you should see the video icon in the Skip dialog box.

Subway Surfers: Marathon Guide

How are marathons run? During a marathon, you run races in a marathon city with the goal of reaching a certain number of points needed to receive rewards. During the event period, the selected city is available for trials and races as usual. After the marathon ends, you will be transported back to World Tour City to claim your prizes. The rewards available for participating in the marathon include: event coins, boards, score boosters and others.

Marathon cities. Below are the cities that have already hosted marathons:

How to access the marathon? To access a marathon, tap "Events" (the calendar icon at the top left of the screen) and click the "Marathon" tab (between "Daily" and "Weekly"). Here you can see the city where the marathon is held, your record and all the rewards that you have already unlocked for the day. To start the run, click the "Let’s go!" button.

I can’t start a marathon. Please note that the marathon is held from time to time. In other words, you may not always see the Marathon tab on your device. If you see that all your friends have access to the Marathon, but you do not, make sure that your application is updated to the latest version. After that, if you still don’t see the tab, contact support for help.

Subway Surfers: Conducting Tag Team Races

Peculiarities. In team races, you score points, win event coins, boosters, and other rewards with the help of your team of characters. The event starts on the weekend and lasts three days. You get rewards by accumulating a certain number of points, while the higher the reward level, the more points you will need to collect rewards. Point accumulation is based on your total score (i.e. all your runs during the event) and not per run.

Event conditions. For each Tag Team event, you will need five characters specified by the game. However, some heroes may already be in your collection, and some will be offered to be unlocked. To access an activity, tap Events (the calendar icon at the top left of the screen) and click the Tag Team tab (between Daily and Weekly).

Here you can view your total score and any rewards you’ve already unlocked over the weekend. Press "Start" and you will see five available characters for the current Tag Team event. Then just select one of the heroes, click "Play" and start the run.

Please note that you do not need to obtain all Tag Team characters to participate in the event. It is enough to have a few of them.

Character reload. Once you complete a run with a specific character, they will become unusable for the corresponding cooldown. That being said, you can always restore it instantly using the keys. The cooldown time varies and depends on the hero himself.

When is the Tag Team held? This event is not regular and is held in the game from time to time (watch for announcements in the official Subway Surfers groups). If you notice that all your friends are participating in the Tag Team, and this event is not available for you, try updating your game to the latest version.

Subway Surfers: All About Seasonal Hunting

Concept. Seasonal hunting refers to temporary events and takes place approximately every 3 weeks. During this event, you need to collect special hunting tokens, different for each event. After accumulating a certain number of tokens, you receive an event reward. More tokens - more rewards.

Reward levels. Receiving a reward in a seasonal hunt means moving to a new level of reward. At the same time, the number of required tokens for a new level is displayed on the main screen and while running in the upper left corner. You can skip unlocking reward levels and get rewards right away using keys. However, this is not a good idea, especially at the beginning of the hunt. Only resort to using keys if the event is coming to an end and you are missing a few tokens to collect all the rewards.

Don’t forget to exchange your rewards before the end of the next seasonal hunt. You can always see how much time is left before the end of the event under your token counter. Event tokens are specific to a specific season and do not carry over to the next season.

Token examples. The appearance of the tokens changes with each Seasonal Hunt event, but their meaning remains the same: collect as many of them as possible to receive event rewards. In previous versions of events, tokens were in the form of: cakes (Marrakesh 2020), windmills (Amsterdam 2020), pocket watches (Zurich 2020), pumpkins (Cambridge), elephants (Seattle), snowflakes (St. Petersburg), apples (New York 2021), Eiffel Tower (Paris 2021), pyramids (Cairo 2022), aerosol cans (Barcelona 2022), racing flags (Monaco 2022).

As is the case with other items that are in your path during the race, seasonal hunting tokens can be located in absolutely any place. They are most commonly seen on top of trains and on the ground, usually near an obstacle or other feature.

Seasonal hunting rewards. Let’s look at examples of seasonal hunting rewards using the Monaco 2022 event as an example, where players are invited to collect tokens in the form of racing flags:

one2000 coins.
2Handicap (1 pc.).
3Mystery box.
fourAccount amplifier (1 pc.).
5Keys (2 pcs.)
63000 coins.
7Handicap (1 pc.).
eightMystery box.
9Account amplifier (1 pc.).
tenKeys (5 pcs.).
eleven4000 coins.
12Handicap (1 pc.).
13Super Mystery Box.
fourteenAccount amplifier (1 pc.).
fifteenKeys (3 pcs.).
164500 coins.
17Handicap (2 pcs.).
eighteenSuper Mystery Box.
19Account amplifier (2 pcs.).

To claim Seasonal Hunt rewards, tap the Current Event Token icon on the game’s main screen when "Claim" is lit up. The reward levels of the event will open for you with the prizes available to receive and a complete overview of the rewards.

Subway Surfers: The Animated Series

Creation of an animated series. The Subway Surfers game proved to be so popular with users all over the world that an entire animated series was launched on it in several parts. The release of the series was announced for 2018 and initially assumed the release of about 10 episodes lasting 3-6 minutes. The premiere of the first series took place in the original game, namely the Venice Beach update on May 31, 2018. All episodes were broadcast on the YouTube channel "SYBO TV". In the future, the number of episodes was increased.

Series action. The main action of the animated series took place in the subway, where the most popular and recognizable characters of the game got into various adventures and found themselves in funny situations. Thanks to the cartoon, fans of the game got the opportunity to learn interesting moments from the biography of the characters and find answers to some of their questions. For example, in the cartoon, all doubts about Yutani’s gender were removed. It also turned out that she was in love with Jake.

Plot. The series begins with a demonstration of the usual everyday life of the company of four friends - Jake, Fresh, Tricky and Yutani. The guys skate on the subway and have fun, while Yutani roams the area with a metal detector, hoping to find something interesting. Suddenly, she comes across a mysterious device of extraterrestrial origin, capable of attracting all objects in the area with incredible force.

The friends decide to use the find to improve their skateboarding technique. At the same time, a secret corporation begins to monitor them. At the same time, agents are most interested in observing Tricky, since she turns out to be a representative of a rich ancient family.

Main series. The first block of the animated series included 10 episodes. You can watch them all in a single compilation on the SYBO TV YouTube channel . Additional episodes are also available.

Additional episodes: dossier of heroes. These episodes contained more details about the game’s characters. Episodes were released about Jake, Tricky, Fresh, Yutani, King, Frank, and even a subway inspector. In the extra episodes used scenes from the main series, their duration was about 1 minute.

Additional episodes: behind the scenes. These episodes showed behind the scenes of the production of the series. There are 3 of them in total. Here the drawing process was revealed and short interviews with the creators of the project were presented.

Subway Surfers: In-Game Purchases and Offers for Donators

Concept. In the in-game store, you can buy coins, keys, various boosters, mysterious resource boxes, as well as new heroes, boards, and exclusive sets that include the above items. Shop currency: coins, keys and real money (offers for donators).

Make your first purchase in the game and get a new character for free - Boombot!

Buy Mystery Boxes and Token Boxes. Mystery Boxes and Token Boxes are sold in the Special Offers section of the store. Token boxes give you between 12 and 16 character tokens. Mystery boxes contain various boosters, tokens, and coins. Probability of getting them:

When buying and opening boxes, be sure to watch ads to double the amount of trophies you receive. Also pick up free daily gift boxes, incl. for viewing ads.

Buying keys. Keys in the store are sold for real money. Available in sets of 25, 55, 1125, 350 and 800 pieces. The most popular sets are marked as "Popular". Also, do not forget that every day you can get free keys for watching commercials - the corresponding panel with ads is also in the store.

Try to buy sets of keys for donations only in case of emergency. It is best to purchase them as part of sets with other items, where you can get much more goods for the same money.

Buying coins and coin multiplier. Similar to keys, coin sets can also be purchased for real money in batches of 7.5k, 40k, 90k, 200k, 550k, 1.25m. In addition, you can buy a coin multiplier in the store, in which you will permanently double the coins received during races.

The Coin Multiplier is a very good purchase for real money, guaranteeing you a constant double replenishment of your coin account. If you are ready to donate in the game, the coin multiplier will fully justify your investment.

Special offers. The "Offers" tab of the store contains temporary goods, usually available for purchase during one game season. Here you can purchase items for event coins, keys, coins and real money. Merchandise includes: Limited Characters, Boards, Character Tokens, Event Token Bonus (2x all Event Season Tokens), and Special Packs with Heroes, Buffs, and Keys! Be careful: at the end of the next season, the assortment of the "Offers" tab is completely updated.

As a rule, it is in special offers that you can buy a lot of useful goods at reduced prices, as well as new heroes and boards. Track the update of the assortment of this section and do not miss receiving new items.

Subway Surfers: Pros and cons of the game

Subway Surfers has become hugely popular with players around the world due to its simplicity and addictive gameplay with a variety of content at the same time. For you, there are many interesting characters with separate stories that were revealed in the animated series for this game. In addition, Subway Surfers never stands still and constantly gives its fans new game updates, which means new heroes, events, cool prizes, and, of course, fun races from the annoying subway inspector. Undoubted advantages of the game:

Some cons:

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