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Summoners Greed WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Summoners Greed: Tower Defense is a Tower Defense strategy from PIXIO LIMITED. Play as the Great Magician, summon and control various monsters to repel the attack of the troops of the king from whom you stole treasures. Form a strong team, develop monsters and gain access to new game activities. Try your strength, defeat all enemies and protect your treasures.


  1. Tips from Experienced Players
  2. TOP monsters for battles (Tier list)
  3. Guide for Beginners
  4. Rules of Battle
  5. Monster Guide
  6. All the ways to get monsters
  7. How to develop monsters?
  8. All about enemies
  9. Challenge Tips
  10. How to complete the adventures of pirate cats?
  11. All ways to get game currency
  12. Guide for Donators
  13. Is it worth playing?

Summoners Greed: Tips from Experienced Players

1. Form a strong team. The key to success in completing this game is forming a strong team of monsters. Your arsenal should include good attacking monsters, support monsters, and monsters that slow down the movement of enemies. Use our Tier List and information about the abilities of all monsters to create your best team.

2. Change strategies. Try changing the location of monsters, use new combinations to determine the most effective ones. Keep in mind that forming one team will not get you very far. For example, during adventures, the enemy will have elemental characteristics, which you will have to counter with a team of a predominant element.

3. Use spheres to summon. Buy green orbs from a merchant, get them for watching commercials and passing enemy waves. It is with their help that you can form a good team of monsters. Such monsters will allow you to go through various maps and game adventures.

4. Don’t be afraid to lose. Get ready for the fact that loss is inevitable, and the enemy will find an opportunity to get to the treasure chest. Start your passage from wave level 1, this will not only allow you to earn extra gold coins, but also activate various power boosts using the caretaker rollers.

5. Spend resources wisely. At the beginning of the game, you should not spend a lot of coins on developing the first monsters you receive. Summon more heroes to develop a worthy team to complete the trials. Use gems to activate the monster’s Double Attack skill and develop the monster’s Super Boost attack skill. This investment is much more profitable than summoning monsters using gems.

6. Seize opportunities. During the game you will receive good offers from traders and caretakers. When your regular income allows you to easily spend gold coins, don’t give up on goods. Watch commercials to get resources, attack bonuses and double the resources you receive. Also actively take part in temporary events to unlock special monsters.

Summoners Greed: TOP monsters for battles (Tier list)

How to choose monsters? Summoners Greed features over 60 types of monsters with different characteristics and abilities. Since you can only take 9 monsters into battle, check out the characteristics of all units and determine the most promising ones. Make an effort to summon the most powerful monsters to your team, suitable for battles in various game activities.

Factors to consider:

WiseGeek’s Choice. Based on personal experience and the experience of advanced Summoners Greed users, WiseGeek has classified all monsters into 11 quality levels. Review the information provided in the table below and make your choices to build a strong team.

Quality of monsters.Monsters.
S+Amaterasu, Jiraiya, King in Yellow, Horus.
SAnubis, Hades, Speedy, Mighty, Slime King, Odin, Thor, Loki.
A+Ra, Zeus, Tuna Breath Timmy.
AIfrit, Hellhound, Susanoo, Kevin, Mr. Flamey, Miko, Genbu, Siren, Stinky Longbeard, Pirate McPirateface.
B+Hanzo, Byakko, Onmyouji, Cutethulu, Shupnikkurat, Moby, Captain O’Hair, Black Whiskers, Calico Cat, Icy.
BFelina, Ash, Deathbite, Frostbite, Clyde, Flamy, Soloseidon, Arch-Archimedes.
C+Sluggy, Archimedes, Infernus, Kraken, Rusty Hook Rackham.
CPuffy, Monke, Sparky, Capuccino, Teddy, Chilly, Bastet, Poseidon, Stacky, Rocky, Crispy, Fury, Yeti, Lightning, Devon, Pony Sparks.
D+Chronus, Iced Capuccino, Glacial Darkwing, Pegleg McScurvy, Patchy One Eye.
DPyro, Jack, Evolved Slimey, Extra Chilly, Evo Ash, Skelington, Spidey, Limzard, Cheebs.
FArtemis, Mummy King, Archangel Gabriel, Darkwing, Ex-Pyro, Rudolph, Slimey, Evo Teddy, Spikey, Grimey, Moka, Evo Mocha, Magna Darkwing.
Most high quality monsters can only be obtained through donation. If you do not plan to invest money in the game, form a team from the available high-quality heroes.

Summoners Greed: Guide for Beginners

Get familiar with the interface. The main screen of the game displays the current map on which your team of monsters is fighting. The left side of the screen displays information about the number of gold coins, precious stones, and summon sapphires earned, and there are buttons for switching to current promotional offers. In the upper right corner is the number of the current wave, buttons for going to achievements and game settings. At the bottom of the screen there is a button for going to the main information sections of the game, action buttons and going to the team editor.

Study gaming activities. At first glance, the game has monotonous gameplay associated with destroying opponents and protecting a treasure chest. But don’t forget about the interesting leveling system, going through various adventures, fighting with other players, etc. The developers tried to make the game interesting and provided the following game activities:

Log in. Use your social media account to save your game progress. Creating an account will allow you to restore the game and your purchases if you change your gaming device or the program suddenly crashes. If you do not want to lose your progress, be sure to complete the authorization procedure.

Pay attention to the timer icons, they indicate temporary events and exclusive promotions for donors.

Set up the game. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner to go to game settings. Turn music and sound on or off. Using the third button, select the appropriate language for a more comfortable game. The game has been translated into 12 languages, which allows you to increase the gaming audience.

Check your email. Check your email every day for messages from the game developers. Some letters may contain pleasant surprises in the form of free resources that will be useful for increasing the level of monsters or battle skills. It is important to claim rewards on time so that they do not expire.

Summoners Greed: Rules of Battle

The goal of the battle is to protect the treasure chest and destroy all enemies before they can get to it. Destroy enemies, earn gold coins and green summoning spheres to develop your combat squad. Enemies will attack in waves, progress is saved every 10 waves.

Your opportunities to take part in battles with the king’s minions are unlimited. Dedicate all your free time to the game to quickly develop a powerful team of monsters.

How to form a team? On the playing field there are 3 lines of defense with 3 cells for placing monsters in each. Click on the + sign to place a new monster, or the Remove button to first free up space for placement. Select the desired monster from the list, when all units are placed in their places, confirm the choice and proceed to the battle.

Where to place monsters? Place monsters with long attack range in the middle cells to make the most of their capabilities. Also, in the middle cells it is necessary to place monsters that give boosts to neighboring monsters. Place units with the skills to stun and slow down the enemy in the outer cells. Defense lines must be balanced so that the enemy receives damage throughout the entire path to the treasure.

You can change the composition of the squad and the placement of monsters by rolling back time to the previous wave.

Develop your skills. An excellent opportunity to strengthen the position of a team of monsters on the battlefield is to develop gaming skills. Click on the list icon in the lower left corner to open the corresponding section of the game. Use gold coins and gems to level up your skills. First of all, we recommend accumulating 500 gems and activating the double attack of monsters.

Available skills:

We do not recommend using the Summon Boulders skill. It’s better to restart the map, the boulders will be restored automatically. This way you can save a significant amount of gems.

Use spells. During battle, it is important to help your monsters and use special spells against enemies. The first spell Fireball will be available from the first minutes of the game, Deep Freeze will open after wave 21, Lightning after wave 41. The effectiveness of the spell depends on its level of development, which you can increase with gold coins in the skill learning section. Please note that to use the spell again, you must wait until it cools down and activates the action button.

Level.The effect of the Fireball spell is attack.Effect of the Deep Freeze spell - freezing time (sec.).The effect of the Lightning spell is attack.
17011 500
950452 134
105595.52 230
Level up your Fireball spell first, as it reloads fairly quickly and can be used much more often than other spells.

Appreciate fortifications. There are 9 boulders on the playing field, which are of great strategic importance for successfully passing the waves. These objects set the trajectory of movement for all monsters, since they cannot pass through them. However, warriors and heroes have the skills to destroy boulders and can shorten the path to treasure for their allies. Make every effort to prevent the boulders from collapsing.

Unlock new cards. Battles can take place on different maps. This determines what enemies you have to fight. For example, on the King map your opponents will be royal soldiers and magicians, and on the Furious Leader map - orcs and shamans. To move to a new map, you need to go through a certain wave. Open more cards to gain access to new game activities.

Map.Complexity.Required level to go to the map.
1 - King.Regular.-
2 - Furious leader.Regular.60
3 - Compound revenge.Regular.120
4 - King.Complex.140
5 - Furious leader.Complex.200
6 - Compound revenge.Complex.320
7 - The crux of the matter.Regular.380
8 - King.Nightmarish.440
9 - Furious leader.Nightmarish.500
10 - Compound revenge.Nightmarish.560
11 - The crux of the matter.Complex.590

Summoners Greed: Monster Guide

Monsters are the main combat units with which you will go through game activities related to conducting battles. All monsters can be divided into 6 categories of rarity, which determine the main combat indicators and the frequency of appearance of monster cards during summoning.

Regular monsters. Not the strongest monsters, who will be able to cope with difficulties only in the initial stages of the game. There are 6 monsters in this category. The maximum development level for each of them is 500.

An ordinary monster.Attack.Distance.Speed.Target.Skill.Special skill.Recommended links.
Sparky.elevenFar.High.Single and group.Shoots lightning at the enemy.Lightning Strike - Surrounds yourself with an electric field and stuns enemies around you for 2 seconds.Recommended for use with any monsters.
Slimey.elevenAverage.Low.Single.Shoots a ball of mucus at the enemy.Strong hit - an enhanced attack deals 200% damage.Spidey, Cappuccino, Clyde, Anubis, Grimey, Mighty, Speedy.
Clyde.elevenFar.Low.Single.Shoots a ball of mucus at the enemy.Stun - stuns 1 enemy for 2 seconds.Horus, Flamey.
Flamey.elevenFar.Low.Single.Shoots a small fireball at the enemy.Tongues of Flame - Shoots a fireball at the enemy and deals 50% damage over 5 seconds.Jack, Pyro, Infernus.
Icy.elevenAverage.Average.Single.Shoots a drop of cold mucus at the enemy.Freeze drying - dodges and freezes one enemy for 2 seconds.Not recommended for use.
Grimey.7Close.Very low.Single.Shoots a ball of mucus at the enemy.Breakdown - reduces enemy defense for 3 seconds.Not recommended for use.

Rare monsters. A stronger category of monsters, it is quite easy to get a high star level. Recommended for use in the initial stages of the game and to support stronger monsters. There are 8 monsters in this category. The maximum development level for each of them is 500.

Rare monster.Attack.Distance.Speed.Target.Skill.Special skill.
Jack.18Close.Very low.Single and group.Shreds enemies with his hands.Pumpkin Bomb - Throws a flaming head at enemies and sets them on fire, dealing 50% damage over 2 seconds.
Rocky.18.Close.Very low.Single.Hit the enemy with a stone fist.Rolling Stones - Throws a stone at an enemy and stuns them for 2 seconds.
Mocha.elevenClose.High.Single.Bites the enemy.Maga Kus is an enhanced bite of the enemy that deals 200% damage.
Spidey.9Close.High.Single and group.Bites the enemy with its jaws.Snare - shoots a web that reduces the movement speed of enemies by 60%.
Fury.9Close.High.Single.Hit the enemy with a heavy paw.Bear Strike - Strikes the ground and stuns nearby enemies for 2 seconds.
Spiky.9Close.FastSingle and group.Shoots its spike at the enemy.Circle of Spikes - Shoots all spikes and reduces enemies’ defense by 50%.
Stacky.5Average.Very high.Single.Shoots a ball of mucus at the enemy.Triple Shot - Fires 3 projectiles at the enemy, each dealing 200% damage.
Cappuccino.5Close.High.Single.Bites the enemy.Huge bite - bites and freezes the enemy for 3 seconds.

Epic monsters. One of the best categories of monsters based on attack indicators and frequency of receiving during summoning. There are 10 monsters in this category. The maximum development level of each majority is 500, Mighty - 400, Speedy, Sluggy - 10.

Epic monsters.Attack.Distance.Speed.Target.Skill.Special skill.
The King’s Consort.210Average.Average.Single and group.Attacks enemies with chakrams.Dance of Death - Throws chakrams at enemies that pierce and cut enemies.
Infernus.14Average.Average.Single and group.Throws green fireballs.Infernal Flame - ignites the area around itself with hellfire and deals 50% damage to enemies over 15 seconds.
Chilly.14Far.Average.Single.Throws ice arrows at the enemy.Ice sphere - throws a sphere that freezes enemies for 3 seconds.
Pyro.14Average.Low.Single and group.Throws a fireball at the enemy.Flash of Flame - Throws a fireball and deals 200% damage to surrounding enemies.
Yeti.14Close.Very low.Single and group.Hit the enemy with a heavy paw.Ice breath - freezes enemies closest to you for 2 seconds.
Teddy.14Close.Very low.Single.Hit the enemy with a heavy paw.Bear Strike - Strikes the ground and stuns nearby enemies for 3 seconds.
Devon.Does no damage.Average.Depends on the star level.Single.No main attack.Doomball - reduces the enemy’s health by a specified percentage. The skill indicator depends on the current level of the monster. The initial rate is 40%.
Sluggy.Does no damage.Average.Average.Group.No main attack.Sticky Slime - Shoots sticky slime in all directions and slows down the enemy. The skill indicator depends on the current level of the monster. The initial rate is 40%.
Speedy.Does no damage.Close.Constant action.Group.No main attack.Come on - increases the speed of neighboring monsters. The skill indicator depends on the current level of the monster. The initial rate is 50%.
Mighty.Does no damage.Close.Constant action.Group.No main attack.Lines of Force - increases the speed of neighboring monsters. The skill indicator depends on the current level of the monster. The initial rate is 40%.
Combine Devon’s special skills with the skills of the Anubis monster. Strengthening Devon’s special skill by 5 times allows you to instantly destroy the most powerful opponents.

Legendary monsters. This category of monsters includes several strong representatives that will help you overcome difficult stages. Archangels are effective in the early stages of the game, since leveling them up is quite expensive, or on the last maps, when you start earning a lot of coins and leveling up won’t be affordable. There are 11 monsters in this category. The maximum development level for each of them is 500.

Legendary monsters.Attack.Distance.Speed.Target.Skill.Special skill.
Felina.420Average.Average.Group.Slashes enemies with a sword, creating an electric beam.Spatial Strike - Swings the sword and creates a ripple in space and time, dealing 1,000% damage to opponents.
Kevin.315Far.Average.Single and group.Fires 3 separate projectiles at enemies, dealing fire, lightning, and ice damage.Triple Beam - The monster’s heads emit laser beams, dealing normal, double, and ten times damage to enemies.
Archangel Amael.140Far.Average.Single and group.Throws spinning axes at enemies, continuously striking with lightning.Sword of Justice - Rains swords to punish his enemies. Enemies are damaged and stunned.
Archangel Casielle.140Far.Average.Single and group.Throws spinning axes at enemies, delivering a continuous blast of ice.Sword of Justice - rains swords, causing damage and freezing enemies for a short time.
Archangel Malak.140Far.Average.Single and group.Throws spinning axes at enemies, continuously striking with fire.Sword of Justice - rains swords, causing powerful fire damage.
Ash.56Close.Very low.Single.Strikes the enemy with a volcanic fist.Armageddon - throws a fiery stone at the enemy and stuns everyone around for 4 seconds.
Slime King.56Average.Low.Group.Shoots gems at enemies.Royal Strike - Strikes the ground with all its weight to stun enemies for 2 seconds.
Puffy.35Far.Low.Single and group.Fires a ball of energy from his mouth at the target enemy.Laser Beam - Shoots a laser beam and deals 500% damage to all enemies in its path.
Lightning.35Far.High.Single and group.Throws lightning bolts at enemies.Thunderball - Throws a large ball of lightning that pursues its target, upon impact creating an area of ​​electricity that stuns other enemies.
Deathbite.35Average.Average.Group.Shoots a fireball with demonic power at enemies.Death Ray - Shoots a death ray at the enemy, which takes away 50% of the enemy’s health.
Frostbite.35Average.Low.Single.Throws ice arrows at enemies.Ice ray - freezes the enemy for 4 seconds.
The Felina monster is great for destroying waves of enemies, but does not perform well in the fight against the boss.

Special monsters. Excellent representatives of combat units that can significantly strengthen your team. You can only get monsters during special events. There are 14 monsters in this category. The maximum development level for each of them is 500.

Special monsters.Attack.Distance.Speed.Target.Skill.Special skill.
Cheebs.4 200Average.Average.Single and group.Hit enemies with his baseball bat.Spiny prison - stuns one enemy for 15 seconds.
Poundfoolish.700Far.Average.Group.Launches homing balloons at enemies.Balloons - forms a shape from balloons and sends it as a gift to his enemies.
Monke.280Close.Very low.Single and group.Strikes enemies with his powerful fists.Monkey sees, Monkey does - throws a giant boulder at the enemy, which breaks on impact and scatters damaging debris.
Archangel Gabriel.210Far.Average.Single and group.Throws spinning axes at enemies.Sword of Justice - Rains swords to punish his enemies.
Pony Sparks.210Average.Average.Single and group.Releases black lightning at enemies.Arc Lightning - Summons a bolt of lightning that deals 200% lightning damage to all enemies in the area and stuns them.
Crispy.70Far.Low.Group.Shoots a huge fireball at enemies, causing damage to everyone around it.Lava Explosion - The ground under enemies’ feet cracks and lava comes out, dealing 500% damage over 10 seconds.
Darkwing.70Average.Average.Single and group.Spit fireballs at enemies.Fire Beam - releases a dark beam of fire that hits everyone in its path and deals 50% damage.
Limzard.70Average.Average.Group.Releases radioactive ice breath that damages anything it touches.Prehistoric Beam - Fires a powerful laser that freezes enemies in its area of ​​effect.
Chronus.70Average.Low.Group.Throws a fireball at enemies.Glacial Blast - Throws an ice ball and freezes enemies for 3 seconds, dealing 100% damage.
Holiday Jack.70Far.Average.Single and group.Throws New Year’s gifts at enemies.Festive mood - sends small slugs all over the map, they explode at the target and freeze it.
Mummy King.70Close.High.Single.Attacks the enemy with its wrapped arms.Ancient power - spits ancient acid at the enemy, dealing 200% damage in one hit. If the monster is in the center, then the acid covers all enemies in the movement lane.
Hellhound.35Average.High.Group.Summons a flaming fist from the ground, dealing fire damage to enemies in a certain area.Enhancing Flame - Increases the attack of nearby monsters. The skill indicator depends on the current level of the monster. The initial indicator is 40%.
Archimedes.35Far.Low.Single and group.Shoots ice beams at enemies.Blizzard - Summons a blizzard to freeze all enemies in the area for 2 seconds.
Rudolph.14Close.High.Group.Attacks enemies with its deer antlers.Fog Light - The surrounding area is illuminated in bright red, causing massive damage to surrounding enemies.

Summoners Greed: All the ways to get monsters

Use the summoning portal. There are 3 levels of summoning monsters using the portal. To go to the main method of obtaining monsters, click on the green summoning sphere icon on the left side of the screen. In this section, both the summoning of monsters and their evolution into a new species is carried out.

1st summoning level. Use to summon monsters from normal to legendary quality. To make one summon you will need 10 green summoning spheres. Accumulate 100 summoning orbs to simultaneously summon 10 monsters and save your time.

How to get summoning spheres? First of all, destroy the heroes that appear on the map during battles, 1 sphere is awarded for each destruction. You will also receive summoning orbs for the first time you pass each new enemy wave. An additional way to obtain orbs is to make purchases from a merchant and receive goods from the caretaker.

Summoning level 2. Use to summon monsters from epic to legendary quality. With this summon level you will increase your chances of getting stronger monsters. To complete one summon you will need 60 gems.

Level 2 summoning is quite expensive. Invest gems into developing your gaming skills first.

How to get gems? The main way to obtain gems will be through achievements. You can also get 50 free gems every day for watching a promotional video. Purchase goods from the merchant and accept the caretaker’s offers to receive additional resources for summoning.

Summoning level 3. Use to summon mythical monsters. Complete the Heart of the Matter map to unlock Level 3 Summoning. To complete one summon you will need 100 mythical gems. You can get them by passing tests and by watching commercials at the suggestion of the caretaker.

Invite your friends to the game to get the epic monster Teddy and the legendary monster Puffy.

Unlock new cards. Game progress and gaining access to new maps affects not only the variety of opponents and the discovery of adventures, but also the ability to get strong monsters for your team. Examine the list of cards and find the symbol in the form of a chest. For completing these story stages you will receive a special reward:

How to get special monsters? To get special monsters, take part in temporary game events. The duration of such an event is 7 days, they take place weekly. During this time, you need to earn a sufficient number of special stones to summon a new monster. The first call will require 1,000 stones, and the second call will require 2 times more.

Make every effort to get stones. Even if you do not have time to collect the required amount, the stones will remain in your inventory and you will be able to use them in the next similar event.

Ways to obtain summoning stones:

Summoners Greed: How to develop monsters?

Level up your monsters. Use the gold coins you earn to level up your monster. The higher the monster’s level, the greater the monster’s attack rate and the effectiveness of its special skills. The maximum development level for most monsters is 500. Please note that with each new level the cost of increasing will increase, so you need to plan your expenses, which should be enough to develop the entire team of monsters.

It is impossible to return gold coins spent on developing ineffective monsters. Take all measures to complete the summoning, obtain strong monsters, and then invest resources in their development.

How to increase star level? When summoning monsters, you will receive repeated cards of units that you have already opened earlier. In this case, the cards count as resources to increase the monster’s star level. The initial development level of all monsters is 1 bronze star. To get the next star you will need 2 monster cards, then 3 cards, then 4 cards and so on. With each new star level, the monster will receive a bonus to its combat skills.

Star level.Attack bonus for most monsters.Features Devon, bonus to attack speed.Features Sluggy, bonus to the duration of a special skill.Features Speedy and Mighty, bonus to special skill.
Bronze 2 stars.50 %5 %5 %10 %
Bronze 3 stars.100 %10 %10 %20 %
Silver 1 star.250%15 %15 %thirty %
Silver 2 stars.400%20 %20 %40%
Silver 3 stars.650%25%25%50 %
Gold 1 star.1,000%thirty %thirty %60%
Gold 2 stars.1,600%35%35%70%
Gold 3 stars.2,400%40%40%80%

How to develop special monsters? The process for raising the level of special monsters is the same as for all other monsters, but the development of star level is different. To get a new star, resummon a special monster during its limited-time event. There is no need to collect cards; the monster immediately receives a bonus. However, to resummon you will need to collect many more summoning stones.

Increase the evolution of monsters. What to do when your favorite monster has reached the limit of its development, but you still want to improve it? Engage in its evolution and change in its primary form. You will need special resources that can be earned during trials. The form of evolution is not provided for all monsters; the main ones are listed in the table below. Evolution allows you to increase the base damage of the selected monster.

Monster.Quality.The cost of evolution.The effect of evolution.
Pony Sparks.Special.50,000 Electric Gems.Base damage is multiplied by 1.5.
Hellhound.Special.25,000 fire gems.Base damage is multiplied by 60.
Darkwing.Special.25,000 evo gems.Base damage is multiplied by 6.
Archimedes.Special.25,000 ice gems.Base damage is multiplied by 10.
Ash.Legendary.50,000 fire gems.Base damage is multiplied by 31.2.
Archangel Amael.Legendary.50,000 Electric Gems.Base damage is multiplied by 9.
Lightning.Legendary.25,000 electric gems.Base damage is multiplied by 10.
Puffy.Legendary.25,000 electric gems.Base damage is multiplied by 10.
Frostbite.Legendary.20,000 ice gems.Base damage is multiplied by 10.
Chilly.Epic.15,000 ice gems.Base damage is multiplied by 20.
Pyro.Epic.15,000 fire gems.Base damage is multiplied by 125.
Teddy.Epic.15,000 evo gems.Base damage is multiplied by 20.
Jack.Rare.10,000 fire gems.Base damage is multiplied by 100.
Cappuccino.Rare.5,000 ice gems.Base damage is multiplied by 40.
Mocha.Rare.5,000 evo gems.Base damage is multiplied by 20.
Flamey.Ordinary.5,000 fire gems.Base damage is multiplied by 166.7.
Sparky.Ordinary.10,000 Electric Gems.Base damage is multiplied by 16.7.
Slimey.Ordinary.1,000 evo gems.Base damage is multiplied by 10.

Use amulets. To further strengthen monsters, place amulets in special slots of units included in the combat squad. Amulets drop out randomly when passing maps. The level of equipment can be increased, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the item. Get one of the following bonuses for your monsters:

When placing the amulet, consider the monster’s combat characteristics and skills. Select the most suitable items to increase the effectiveness of your team of monsters on the battlefield.

Summoners Greed: All about enemies

Enemies are your main opponents, their main goal is to get to the chest of gold. The king sent all his minions to search for the treasure chest that the Great Magician stole. All enemies can be divided into 3 classes, depending on which the unit has certain combat characteristics.

All information about opponents can be obtained in a special reference book. Click on the list icon in the lower left corner and open the tab with the king.

Beware of heroes. The most powerful enemies who not only have high combat performance, but also use special skills in battle. Some heroes are able to destroy boulders and cross the map without hindrance. Typically, heroes appear one at a time at every 10th wave, and can also appear in groups at other stages. Try to destroy the heroes as quickly as possible to reduce their influence on the outcome of the battle; to do this, use spells more often. For eliminating heroes you will receive green summoning orbs.

Hero.Health.Armor.Speed.Special skill.
Leader of the Furious Fist clan.Very high.Very high.High.Leader’s Command - temporarily increases the speed of movement and attack of enemies.
Shadow Champion.Very high.Very high.High.Bullseye - throws stones at monsters, which can stun them for a certain time.
Wolf rider.Very high.High.High.Wolf Pack Rush - Temporarily increases the speed of all enemies.
Mela.Very high.High.Average.Healing Wave - Summons a tidal wave and heals all allies.
Knight.Very high.High.Low.Armor - temporarily increases the armor of all allies.
Elven archer.Very high.High.Low.Ice arrows - freezes one monster.
Volcano goddess.Very high.High.Low.Volcanic eruption - sets fire to your allies and increases their speed, slows down monsters.
Mystical giant.Very high.High.Low.Shift - can take the form of fire, lightning or ice.
King.High.High.Average.Royal Onslaught - Temporarily increases the speed and defense of all enemies.
Berserk.High.High.Average.Furious Strike - Swings the blade to destroy rocks and stun nearby monsters.
Mag.High.High.Average.Freezing sphere - freezes one of the monsters for a while.
Archmage.High.High.Average.Healing Wave - Heals all allies in the area of ​​effect.
Dark magician.High.High.Average.Slow Time - casts a slowdown spell on all monsters.
Spark Drake.High.High.Low.Lightning strike - stuns a column of monsters.
Shaman of the Furious Fist clan.High.High.Low.Shield of Fury - protects allies with your shield.
Shadow shaman.High.High.Low.Shadow Portal - Summons a portal to call for help.
Crystal Drake.High.High.Low.Icy gaze - freezes all monsters in one column.
The Dark Knight.High.High.Low.Dash - temporarily increases the speed of all enemies.
Hell’s dragon.High.High.Low.Fire tornado - destroys all stones in one column.
Orc Shaman.High.Average.Low.Totem - randomly summons a totem that strengthens the enemy.
Fire deer.Average.Average.Average.Fire bullet - breaks stones into smithereens.
Evil Summoner.Average.Average.Average.Silence - casts a powerful spell, removing support monsters from the battlefield.
Master Summoner.Average.Average.Average.Lazy sorcery - stuns a monster with lightning, or freezes a monster, or breaks a stone with fire.

Watch out for the warriors. Strong warriors who go in search of treasures under the leadership of their heroes. They have average combat performance, but are dangerous because they are capable of destroying boulders. Destroy warriors and earn 2 gold coins for each of them.

Shadow executioner.High.High.Average.
Mystical giant.High.High.Low.
Shadow hog.High.Average.Low.
Champion of the Furious Fist clan.Average.Average.Average.
Royal warrior.Average.Average.Average.
Polar bear.Average.Average.Average.
Tower warrior.Average.Average.Average.

Destroy the fighters. Primitive enemies with no special skills. The danger is that this type of enemy usually attacks in groups. In this case, a monster with a single attack does not always have time to strike each of the attacking opponents. Don’t forget to add monsters with group damage to your team. For eliminating each fighter you will receive 1 gold coin.

Tower wolf.Very high.High.High.
Thunder slime.High.Average.Low.
Magma slime.High.Average.Low.
Hydro slime.High.Average.Low.
Armored Orc.Average.Average.Average.
Armored Shadow Orc.Average.Average.Average.
Island warrior.Average.Average.Average.
Lightning rat.Low.Low.Very high.
Mini Mocha.Low.Low.Very high.
Stone golem.Low.Low.High.
Lightning Golem.Low.Low.High.
Fire golem.Low.Low.High.
Spirit of fire.Low.Low.High.
Ice golem.Low.Low.High.
Ice spirit.Low.Low.High.
Lightning Spirit.Low.Low.High.
Orc of the Furious Fist clan.Low.Low.Average.
Shadow Orc.Low.Low.Average.
Elite soldier.Low.Low.Average.
Royal soldier.Low.Low.Average.
Elven soldier.Low.Low.Average.
Island runner.Low.Low.Average.
Island soldier.Low.Low.Average.
Snow Wolf.Low.Low.Average.
Tower soldier.Low.Low.Average.

What to do if you are defeated? If one of the enemy units managed to reach the treasure chest, you will lose. In this case, you have several options. First, use the replay function and get a 50% bonus to the monster’s attack. You can perform this action by watching a commercial or paying gems. Secondly, you use time rollback to return to the point where your progress was previously saved. In this case, you can change the composition of the team and the location of the monsters.

Summoners Greed: Challenge Tips

Take part in the challenges. This game activity allows you to earn resources for the evolution of your monsters. To gain access to the challenges, complete Map 2 - Furious Warchief or obtain 30 monsters. You will also need energy to begin one of the challenges. 1 unit of energy is restored within 3 hours, the maximum amount is 5.

Please note that if you fail, you will also have to spend energy to repeat the challenge level.

Master’s test. Try to pass the Grand Master’s test. Access to the test opens after receiving 30 monsters in the collection. Choose the monsters that the Master offers you and re-form your team. You will need universal fighters, since on wave 9 a fire dragon awaits you, on wave 18 - an ice dragon, on wave 27 - an electric one, and on wave 30, the final wave, you will have to defeat all three at once.

Tower without end. Try to defeat the tower lord; complete map 4 to gain access. In this test you can go through 99 waves, the boss will appear on the 33rd, 66th and 99th wave. In order to pass the test, upgrade your best monsters to level 500 and form the most powerful team. For successfully completing the waves, you will receive forging stones, with which you can improve the amulets of monsters.

Divine retribution. The gods of wind, thunder and lightning will fight with you. For successfully passing the waves you can earn electric gems. Complete map 5 to gain access. The main way the gods fight is by stunning your monsters. Use the most powerful heroes so that they can destroy the enemy before they start using their special skills against you.

Storm of the Snow Queen. She is not afraid of anything, because she has always liked the cold. Enemies here are immune to electrical attacks and cannot be frozen by spells. Use strong monsters of other elements to get ice gems. Complete map 3 to gain access.

Wrath of the Volcano Goddess. Can you get through the fire and flames? Fight the natives to earn fire gems. Complete map 4 to gain access. In total, you can earn 680 gems for successfully completing 30 waves. To pass the test, give preference to monsters with the ability to freeze the enemy.

Never use monsters with fire attacks, they set the natives on fire, and they significantly increase their movement speed.

Villain Summoner. He’s coming for a treasure chest, can you protect him? Complete map 6 to gain access. Defeat the Summoner’s minions to earn Power Stones, which will be needed to evolve monsters beyond level 400. The Summoner will steal your monsters from the battlefield, after which you will need to field replacements. Before you start the challenge, make sure you have at least 20 good monsters to send into battle.

Summoners Greed: How to complete the adventures of pirate cats?

Pirate cats is a unique game activity that represents the adventures of a squad of pirate monsters. You have to assemble a new team and go with it in search of treasures. You can access adventure levels through the list of maps and the challenges tab. The activity will become available immediately after activating the Test button.

Hit the road. The great magician wants to transfer his treasure across the ocean, for this he will need the help of experienced sailors. On the shore you will meet Captain O’Hair, help him repair the ship and set sail. For now there is only 1 monster on your team, but together with him you will be able to overcome the initial stage.

Passage rules. The adventure is divided into levels, each of which includes from 5 to 10 enemy waves. Destroy enemies and get goldfish, which you will need to increase the level of monsters. Only pirate cats can be included in the combat squad, and all skills and spells will be used in accordance with the current level of development.

Use all the acquired skills and knowledge to fight your opponents with just a few monsters.

Get new monsters. Adventures give you the opportunity to get 9 more unique monsters - pirate cats - into your collection. Complete more levels to unlock new monsters, after which they can be summoned in the portal to increase their star level. You will have to use all the pirate cats, so choose the cells to place them correctly to increase the combat effectiveness of the entire team.

Pirate cats.Attack.Distance.Speed.Target.Skill.Special skill.Method of receipt.
Captain O’Hair.35Far.Average.Single and group.Swings his saber, engaging the enemy in a duel.Knee-deep sea - receives an additional dose of energy and chops enemies into a pirate flag.First pirate cat to complete the adventure, restore the ship for 1,000 gold coins.
Black Whiskers.35Far.Average.GroupThreatens enemies and fires a cannon.Fire - Shoots cannonballs at enemies to destroy them.Complete Adventure Level 23.
Calico Cat.35Close.Average.Single.Shoots bullets at enemies from two deadly pistols.Black Spot - An automatic turret hidden under her wig fires a powerful shot at any enemy that comes close enough.Complete adventure level 26.
Pegleg McScurvy.14Far.Average.GroupThrows an explosive ball of yarn towards his enemies.No mercy - throws a special ball filled with various objects at enemies.Complete Adventure Level 13.
Patchy One Eye.14Far.Average.Single.Shoots at enemies from his cannon.Drilling rig control - shoots a huge projectile at the enemy, distracting attention from everything else.Complete Adventure Level 17.
Rusty Hook Rackham.14Close.Average.Single.Attacks the enemy with his dagger, aiming straight for the jugular vein.Let your knees tremble - with the help of a hook, he pulls the enemy towards him to gut him with his dagger.Complete adventure level 20.
Stinky Longbeard.elevenAverage.Average.Single.Furiously hits enemies with a broken bottle.Call everyone up - the stench from the monster’s beard is such that the nearest pirate cats go into a frenzy and attack harder.Complete level 3 of the adventure.
Pirate McPirateface.elevenAverage.Average.Single.Slays enemies with precise saber strikes.Yes, captain - helps the pirate cats above and below to stay in line with the captain.Complete Adventure Level 7.
Tuna Breath Timmy.elevenClose.Average.Single and group.Attacks enemies with its large claws.Throw it overboard - strengthens the attack of pirate cats next to him diagonally.Complete adventure level 10.

Summoners Greed: All ways to get game currency

Get achievements. There is a cup icon in the upper right corner, click on it to open the list of achievements. View all positions and possible awards. The achievement meter fills automatically as you play. Your task is to play as much as possible in order to receive valuable rewards for gold and diamond achievements.

Bronze spectator.Watch 10 commercials.1 gem.
Silver Spectator.Watch 100 commercials.5 gems.
Golden Spectator.Watch 1000 commercials.10 gems.
Bronze defender.Complete 50 waves.1 gem.
Silver Defender.Complete 100 waves.3 gems.
Golden Defender.Complete 200 waves.5 gems.
Diamond Defender.Complete 300 waves.10 gems.
Bronze Summoner.Summon monsters 10 times.1 gem.
Silver Summoner.Summon monsters 15 times.3 gems.
Golden Summoner.Summon monsters 30 times.5 gems.
Bronze Crusher.Destroy 100 enemies.1 gem.
Silver Crusher.Destroy 1,000 enemies.5 gems.
Golden Crusher.Destroy 10,000 enemies.10 gems.
Diamond crusher.Destroy 100,000 enemies.50 gems.
Watch for an exclamation mark to appear on the cup icon. It notifies you that you can pick up one of the rewards. It is important to do this as quickly as possible to reset the counter and begin the job again.

Collect gold. You don’t have to be online all the time to earn gold coins. The Great Mage collects all the coins into a treasure chest that you can open after returning to the game. Click on the gold coin icon and collect the accumulated resources. If possible, be sure to take advantage of the function of doubling your income by watching a commercial.

Invite your friends. Using social networks, invite your friends to the game and receive valuable rewards. A gift is awarded for each new Summoners Greed user from among your friends. The maximum number of rewards is 20. In total, you will receive 6,500 gold coins, 250 gems, 650 green summoning orbs, 1 epic monster and 1 legendary monster.

Buy currency from a merchant. After successfully completing a wave, you may receive a notification that a merchant is approaching. This character offers to purchase a certain number of gems, summoning orbs, summoning stones or mythical gems with gold coins. Usually the price is quite reasonable, so evaluate your financial offers and be sure to make a good purchase.

Complete the caretaker’s tasks. Also, after successfully passing a wave, you can receive a notification that a caretaker is approaching. This character invites you to watch a commercial to receive a certain reward. It can also be used to obtain Gems, Summoning Orbs, Summoning Stones, or Mythic Gems.

Trader and caretaker offers are limited in time. Carefully follow the events taking place on the game screen so as not to miss the opportunity to receive additional resources.

Summoners Greed: Guide for Donators

Get resources. Open the list and click on the gold coins gem icon to go to the play store. Here you can purchase not only standard resources such as gems and gold coins, but also various gems for the development and evolution of your favorite monsters.

Buy sets. The store offers several sets for one-time replenishment of the bank of gems, gold coins and green summoning spheres. Such sets are profitable to purchase in terms of the price of one unit of resource. The following sets can be purchased in the store:

In the event of a failure, purchases can only be restored for authorized users.

Take advantage of promotions. The most profitable for players are special promotional offers. They have a limited time, so if you receive an offer that suits your interests and you are ready to invest money in the game, be sure to take advantage of it. For example, the beginner’s set is available in the first 24 hours of the game, you can get not only coins and gems, but also get the legendary monster Frostbite. Also in the game there are promotions dedicated to specific monsters, for example, Felina or Deathbite, in this case you can also get legendary units into your team.

Remove ads. Take advantage of this offer to permanently remove the need to watch commercials from the game. In this case, you will be able to receive double income for free for absence during the game, an increase in attack in case of loss, and all the caretaker’s gifts.

Discover a new feature. In the store, among all the offers for donors, you can find a special one that allows you to activate the game time acceleration function. In this case, a new button will appear on the screen, when clicked, the speed of actions on the battlefield will be increased by 2 times. This will allow you to quickly complete easy levels and earn resources to develop monsters.

Summoners Greed: Is it worth playing?

Summoners Greed. The game is an excellent representative of the Tower Defense genre and is suitable for an easy pastime. Nice graphics, a variety of monsters and activities will not let you get bored while playing. Depending on your level of development, you can either constantly participate in ongoing battles or leave the game in the background to accumulate resources.

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