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Supermarket Village WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Supermarket Village Farm Town is a unique game from Codigames that combines farming simulator and supermarket management. In this exciting game you will manage your farm and at the same time manage a supermarket in a charming village. A vibrant and picturesque world of countryside awaits you, where you start with a small farm and a modest shop. Your task is to turn them into a thriving business and attract the maximum number of clients.


  1. Guide for New Players
  2. Everything you need to know about your farm
  3. How to successfully run a supermarket?
  4. Guide to building factories and supermarket sections
  5. Unique buildings and their secrets
  6. How to get more gems?
  7. Questions from players
  8. Is it worth playing?

Supermarket Village: Guide for New Players

Game features. On your farm you will grow various crops such as wheat, apples, corn and much more. You must take care of your plants by watering them, fertilizing them and harvesting them on time. With the money you earn from selling your products, you can improve your farm, buy new equipment and expand your acreage.

Store management. While the farm is developing, you can also manage a supermarket in the village. You must source produce from the farm, set prices, and place items on shelves to attract customers and profit. You must monitor the demand for each product and update your inventory to meet the needs of your customers.

Supermarket Village Farm Town offers a unique combination of farm and supermarket gameplay that allows you to experience the fun of growing your business and managing the countryside.

The main goal of the game. Your main task is to manage and develop your village and serve as many customers as possible in the supermarket. To achieve this goal, you will unlock new buildings and services that will allow you to offer your residents new items, ingredients and products made on your farm.

To make your supermarket profitable, you need to take care of every stage of product production. You will have to grow and collect various food products, process them and produce finished products in factories. And only after that you will have the opportunity to sell these products in your supermarket.

Checking all factories. To optimize and improve production efficiency, regularly inspect your factories and plan production in advance. Remember that production may take some time to complete, so having enough natural ingredients on hand ahead of time will greatly improve production efficiency.

Otherwise, you will need to wait and grow them until they are fully ripe. To avoid such a situation, it is recommended to keep a small stock of precious goods in your supermarket warehouse. This will allow you to take them at the right time, regardless of the growing process and production in factories.

Some tips. It’s best to leave some space in your warehouse for future products that are currently out of stock. In case of difficulties, it may be useful to refer to a special help section that will help you cope with emerging management problems. This could be a great time to visit this section.

Remember that animals need time to feed! Let them eat while you attend to your other responsibilities to save time.

Animal shelter. Use a pet shelter to increase the productivity of your village. This is a handy feature that will set you up for success. Thanks to the shelter, you can always leave your crops in caring hands and continue to grow any plants while you do other things in your village. This will help you optimize your time and increase your work efficiency.

When you return, you’ll be greeted with fresh, natural food grown by your pets. This not only saves you time, but also ensures constant access to fresh and quality food.

Use your fields consistently. Being able to keep your plantings active and growing a variety of plants while you’re doing other things in your village allows you to make good use of your time. When you return, you can enjoy fresh and natural products waiting for you.

Pay attention to customer service at the supermarket. Focus more on your customer service to speed up the process and ensure you receive more generous tips. This will also help you move up the career ladder faster.

Pay attention to online orders. If you need a specific construction tool, you can always order it online. It’s convenient and allows you to immediately get the tool you need.

Don’t forget to take part in various events or mini-games for a chance to win valuable prizes. Not only is it fun, but it can also be a good addition to your income.

Improve your management strategy. Improve your management strategy with special buildings! Mines, airports, laboratories and many others will help you get items, boosters or special rewards for your village.

Gradual development and its features. Don’t worry if some of the features listed are not yet available in your game. Keep playing, developing and you will be able to get them at higher levels!

How to increase a player’s level? There are two types of levels in the game: player level and progress level. The player’s level is displayed in the upper left corner of the game using a blue star icon. You can easily check your current player level and find out how much experience you have left to advance to the next level.

Player level and characteristics. Increase your gaming experience by serving customers at the supermarket, collecting goods from crops and factories, and upgrading and building certain areas in your village.

As your game level increases, new items will become available to you, with which you can expand the capabilities of your village! To check out new items, click on the hammer icon (the button is in the lower right corner of the screen).

A red warning message will appear next to sections that have actions to perform.

Supermarket level and its features. Your supermarket is your business and you can grow it to attract more customers and increase your profits. One way to level up your supermarket is by building new zones.

How to increase the level of the supermarket? New areas, such as a bakery, can be added to your supermarket to offer customers a greater variety of products and services. For example, a bakery may offer fresh baked goods, pies, and cookies, which will attract customers looking for fresh baked goods.

Use a hint. To find out your current supermarket level, you can click on the hammer icon in the bottom right corner and select "Supermarket". Here you will see information about your current level and requirements for building new departments.

Requirements for expanding your supermarket. Pending requirements include achieving a certain amount of profit, attracting a certain number of clients, or completing a certain number of tasks. Growing your supermarket will require effort and management of all your resources.

Why is it important to level up your supermarket? Leveling up your supermarket has its benefits. This can attract more customers, increase your profits, and open up access to new features and functionality. Once you reach a new supermarket level, you will be able to access new areas and products that will help you satisfy the needs of your customers or attract new ones.

Don’t forget to track your progress and build new areas to keep your supermarket competitive and attractive to customers.

Supermarket Village: Everything you need to know about your farm

How to plant seeds in a field? By clicking on a crop, you can select a specific seed and move it to the desired areas for planting. As you progress in the game, new fruits, vegetables, and growing areas will become available to you. You can create different combinations of plantations based on your own strategy.

Harvest ripening. After the growing period, you will be able to harvest your own food by clicking on the appropriate bed. Then take the sickle and drag it onto the beds to cultivate them. It is important to remember that each crop takes a different time to reach full maturity.

Tracking ripening time. Therefore, it is necessary to keep track of time and care for the crop at the right moments. Additionally, you can expand your farming plots to grow more different crops and produce more produce.

Remember to water and care for your plants to ensure healthy growth and maximum yield.

How to harvest a ripe crop? As you collect a variety of delicious fruits and fresh vegetables, each one is automatically stored in your inventory in your spacious warehouse.

You can easily track the number of products collected by simply looking at the icon representing a cardboard box on your screen. And the most interesting thing is that every fruit or vegetable you collect brings you not only pleasure, but also valuable experience points.

How to get more harvest? You will be able to get additional cultivation plots when you level up. To find out your current level, simply turn your attention to the upper left corner of the game screen, to the blue star icon.

Checking available fields. If you want to know which area will be available in the next level, simply click on the hammer icon, which is located in the lower right corner of the game screen. Then select the "Farming" tab and you can explore all the available plots that will be unlocked at each subsequent level.

How to feed animals on a farm? Once you unlock the feed factory, you will be able to provide your cows, chickens, hens and pigs with nutritious food. Each box contains three bags of feed that can be used to feed the animals.

To feed your animals, simply click on the appropriate feeder and select the animal you want to feed. Each animal will require one bag of food. Once the feeding time has passed, you will be able to collect fresh food from the barns by simply swiping it with your finger.

All collected products will be automatically stored in the supermarket warehouse as usual.

How to produce goods in a factory? For complete information about available products, you need to click on the desired factory. Each product requires a specific amount of ingredients, so it’s important to carefully check what you’ll need in advance.

This will help you plan your strategy and save time. Once you have all the necessary ingredients, simply drag them into an empty box and the production process will automatically begin.

It is important to remember that each product has its own cooking time. When it is ready, a speech bubble will appear above the factory with the products ready for sale.

Supermarket Village: How to successfully run a supermarket?

Development and construction of grocery shelves. If you have already built a Creamery, Snack Factory or Pasta Factory but don’t know where to sell them, then you should check regularly for upcoming updates. Simply click on the hammer icon to find out which areas of the supermarket can be expanded and built, as well as which requirements have not yet been met.

If you’re having trouble selling these items, then you should probably build a grocery shelf. Don’t forget that to unlock new sections you need to level up your supermarket. Once you reach the desired level, you can build new shelves.

Shopping lists of your visitors. You always have full control over the state of your supermarket, even if you are busy with other activities in the village. Simply go to your customer profiles at the bottom of the game screen to view your loyal customers’ shopping lists.

Plus, you can choose priority shopping to avoid long queues at the supermarket. If you only have one croissant ready, choose which customer to give it to first so you can complete orders in the right order. You can always change the priority without restrictions. Simply select a specific customer’s face and then click on the gold star at the top of the shopping list.

Here are two valuable tips to help you become more efficient at your supermarket. Don’t neglect to study the next steps of your work to stay on track with your production plan.

What are online orders? To place online orders and receive valuable prizes, simply click on the truck icon. This is a great way to get the building materials you need to complete construction projects.

Pay attention to the time counter and manage to collect the goods within the given period of time. But don’t worry! If you organize your production processes skillfully, you will have plenty of time!

A green alert will appear below the truck icon whenever you have products ready for delivery.

How to replenish supplies? You can also use the drag and drop feature to manage the shelves in your supermarket. Simply select the specific section of the supermarket you want to restock to open the shelf menu. Then move the selected product to the empty spaces and click on the corresponding command. Within a few seconds, the reseller will bring the goods to you.

As you progress to higher levels, you may need more space, so consider expanding your shelves using in-game currency and gems.

Collection and display of goods. In order to sell products, you need to collect and store them in a warehouse. For example, if you need 4 apples, but at the moment there are only 3 in stock, and 2 more apples are ready to be picked, then the last 2 will become available only after they are collected.

Products placed on shelves are not returned to the warehouse. If you need to free up space, you can click on an item and sell it at a lower price.

Supermarket Village: Guide to building factories and supermarket sections

Check alerts. Periodically check the red alerts above the hammer icon (located in the lower right corner of the screen) to learn about new buildings and expansions for supermarkets. As you level up, you will be able to build new areas.

Some of these will be decorative in nature and will not have a direct impact on your business, but there are also types of buildings that need to be developed as soon as possible: farms, factories and supermarket sections.

To unlock factory buildings, you need to click on the assembly icon, then on the "Factories" tab and mark that they are available. New factories will be opened in direct proportion to your player level.

Supermarket extensions. To add new extensions to the supermarket, follow these steps: open the build panel by clicking on the corresponding icon. Then select the "Supermarket" category and go to the "Pending Expansions" section.

Each time you increase the area of ​​your supermarket, the level improves, giving you the opportunity to build new sections. More details about the available sections can be found below.

Supermarket sections. To access the supermarket sections, you need to go through the following steps: Find and tap on the build icon on your device, then select the "Supermarket" option. In the window that opens, you can see a list of available sections.

Interestingly, the new shelves that become available will be directly linked to your supermarket level. The higher your level, the more sections and products will become available to you.

What are building materials? To complete certain buildings, you may need different building materials. If you don’t currently have enough materials to complete a particular design, don’t worry. Such structures will remain inaccessible until you collect the necessary items.

How to get building materials? Below is a list of all possible ways to obtain building materials currently in the game:

Supermarket Village: Unique buildings and their secrets

Why is an airport needed? To check the status of your international orders, click on the airplane icon or directly above the airport. You will have a time counter that will show the remaining time until the completion of a particular delivery. This area is the best way to obtain the important active ingredients needed to create elixirs.

Each delivery is divided into three levels that must be completed. After completing the first level, you will be able to submit your order, but you will need to successfully complete all levels to receive the big prize.

It is important to confirm your order by clicking the "Submit Now" button before time runs out, otherwise any items already downloaded will be lost.

Mines and their features. Welcome to the exciting world of mining! You have to become a real miner, using your skills and tools to mine different types of ore. Don’t forget to go into the mine and click on it to start mining!

To become a successful miner, you will need various tools. Have a pickaxe, dynamite and bombs on hand - they will be indispensable assistants in the mining process. You can gain access to these tools by receiving rewards for completing online orders, participating in mini-games, finding them in chests and temporary events.

Do not forget that the greater your skill and experience, the more ore you will be able to mine. Use your mining skills to the fullest and your possibilities will be endless!

Why is a foundry needed? To turn all the ore mined in the mine into ingots, you must use the foundry located next to the mine. In this specialized building, the process of processing ore and turning it into valuable metal ingots takes place.

The received ingots can be exchanged for permanent amplifiers for your factories and farms at the Industrial Academy. This institution develops new technologies and tools to optimize production processes. By exchanging ingots for amplifiers, you can improve the efficiency of your enterprises, speed up production and increase output.

Industrial Academy and receiving boosters. Once you start collecting ore in the mine and processing it into ingots at the foundry, you’ll be rewarded! You will be able to exchange ingots for permanent boosters for your factory. To access these upgrades and unlock new ingots, simply click on the Academy building and explore all the available options.

Remember that hard work always pays off, especially in your case!

How to use boosters from the laboratory? Using available potions that you can find in chests, receive as rewards for completing tasks and especially at the airport, you have the opportunity to create powerful amplifiers. To find out all the available multipliers and their duration, you should visit the laboratory.

Clicking on a lab will give you a detailed description of each booster, its abilities, and how it enhances your abilities. You will learn how long the booster will last and how it can affect your gaming strategy.

Harbor and fishing. After reaching a higher level, the harbor will become a repeating area. Once unlocked, you can simply touch the marina to open the marina menu. There you can check what actions are required to acquire more boats, level up your fleet, or even open up new areas to catch different types of fish and seafood.

Animal shelter. In this hospitable village you will find a shelter for pets. Click on a building to see what ongoing rewards these adorable pets can bring to your business.

In the table below we describe all the benefits that can be obtained from animals:

Dog.Permanently increases your experience points gain by 10%.
Kitty.Permanently increases income by 50%.
Lamb.Consistently reduces production time in factories by 30%
Alpaca.Permanently reduces wait time for online orders by 50%.
Rabbit.Permanently reduces crop growing time by 50%.
Duckling.Permanently increases the pet’s other bonuses by 25%.

Supermarket Village: How to get more gems?

Methods for obtaining valuable, precious stones. There are many ways in the game to get gems easily and quickly. One of them is to complete various missions that are available in the gameplay. For successfully completing these tasks, the player is awarded not only experience, but also valuable stones.

However, besides completing missions, there are other ways to obtain jewelry. It is important to set yourself certain goals, the achievement of which will lead to receiving interesting items, including precious stones.

This could be, for example, reaching a certain level or passing a certain stage of the game. The reward for achieving these goals can be very generous and carries with it the opportunity to acquire valuable stones.

Chests with precious stones. It’s also always worth checking your village, as you’ll sometimes find a few free chests that may contain gems. Log into the game regularly and check the resources available to you so as not to miss the chance to get valuable items.

Overall, getting gems in the game is not a difficult task. Constantly complete missions, achieve your goals and actively explore your village so as not to miss the chance to get these valuables.

Grow in the game and enjoy the rewards that await you for hard work and active gaming activity.

Supermarket Village: Questions from players

How to change the game language? The game is currently being developed in four languages: English, Spanish, French and German. To start playing the game in your desired language, you need to set up your device in the selected language and the game will automatically switch to that language.

How to play mini-games? Click on the arcade to take part in small games and win valuable rewards! This machine will only be available for a limited time. Don’t worry if you find that it is closed for now. A new mini-game will begin soon! To join the current mini-game, find the corresponding widget on the left side of the game screen.

At the beginning of the game you have five lives, and each of them is restored after a short period of time. Each stage you complete earns you a certain number of points. As you complete levels, you accumulate points that fill a progress bar. When the scale is completely filled, you receive a prize.

Explore the game world to find gems, building materials, mining tools, and even potions to increase your abilities. With constant and hard work, you will be able to achieve great results.

What are Green Tickets for? The benefit of using green tickets is that you can use them to purchase items that you do not currently have, at the airport or when ordering online.

How to use? Select a specific order at the airport or when ordering online and click on the "Use Coupon" button. This way, you will instantly cover all necessary expenses!

What are Pink Tickets for? Pink Tickets give you the ability to find and purchase a specific item from a Merchant, even if they didn’t initially have it in stock.

How to use? Click on the Merchant, then select the Pink Ticket, then select the item you are interested in. Next, choose one of the three offers that he will offer you, pay the appropriate price, and the product will be yours!

Supermarket Village: Is it worth playing?

Supermarket Village Farm Town is a fun game where you can create and manage your own supermarket and farm. It is ideal for those who do not want to spend a lot of time on the gameplay as it has an AFK mode. One of the main advantages of the game is the ability to make a profit even when you are not actively playing. You can continue to grow your business and earn money even while you are away.

Here are the advantages of the game:

Here are the disadvantages of the game:

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