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The Legend of Neverland WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

The Legend of Neverland is an anime-style multiplayer role-playing game from Ark Games Global. Create your own unique character and go on a truly epic adventure. Summon flower fairies, upgrade your fighting skills, use the best equipment and drive out all the monsters to save humanity. Learn the history of the Cabal, develop skills, meet other characters and make new friends.


  1. Tips from Experienced Players
  2. How to create a game character?
  3. TOP Flower Fairies (Tier list)
  4. Guide for Beginners
  5. All about hero development
  6. Hero Equipment Guide
  7. How to get strong Flower Fairies?
  8. Tips for Improving Flower Fairies
  9. How to choose the best mount?
  10. Hero Control Guide
  11. How to prepare for battle?
  12. All about completing the story campaign
  13. What combat activities are worth taking part in?
  14. How to fight other players?
  15. Is it worth joining a guild?
  16. Which tasks to complete first?
  17. All about additional ways to get free resources
  18. Guide for Donators
  19. Is it worth playing?

The Legend of Neverland: Tips from Experienced Players

1. Choose the right server. Your choice of server will determine which users you’ll interact with and compete with as you explore the Cabal. Consider the server time, it should match your time zone or be as close to it as possible. If you want to reach heights together with a game character, we recommend that you monitor the opening of new servers and start your journey on this one. If a new server has not yet been opened, use others to study game mechanics and gain experience in managing and developing your character.

2. Study the game. The Legend of Neverland is a very diverse game with many different activities related to battles, competitions, travel, developing your home, finding allies, etc. Explore all the available activities, remember the location of the tabs to navigate the game well and save your time. Determine your priority activities and take part in them daily.

3. Be active. In order to get into the top of the best players from the very beginning of the game, you need to quickly develop and increase the overall level of combat power. Log into the game 3-4 times every day for 30-40 minutes and take part in activities that allow you to earn resources, equipment and special items that increase the hero’s performance. Try to take part in all temporary events and express yourself as much as possible.

4. Gain experience. Access to new activities and additional character enhancement options depends on your gaming level. Complete more story missions and gain experience points to advance. Fight and study the mechanics of battles, form your own fighting technique and destroy the strongest monsters. Don’t forget to communicate with more experienced players in chats and social networks to learn more secrets of the game.

5. Follow the advice. Since the game is full of game activities and temporary events, you can find built-in hints in most of them. Also follow the instructions to the World, which will tell you all about the new features that you have access to for the first time. Pay attention to tasks marked Guide; while completing them, other characters will tell you how to use various game functions.

6. Complete tasks. The left side of the screen displays a list of all current story quests of various categories. Completing them will help you navigate learning the game and obtaining the necessary resources for the development of the hero at the current stage. Constantly complete all daily tasks that will provide you with stable progress in the game.

7. Form teams. Creating a team and working together in a guild greatly simplifies the process of leveling up a hero and forming a strong formation of Flower Fairies. Team up with strong and active players, develop your guild and gain access to additional activities, tasks and a resource store. Fight side by side and help each other in everything.

The Legend of Neverland: How to create a game character?

The game character is the main character of the game, whom you will control while traveling through Neverland. Create and upgrade your character to use his combat skills in the battle against monsters. Take on the role of a hero, communicate with other characters, explore the game world and receive resources for development.

Choose a class. The game features 5 classes of game characters, which differ in their combat characteristics. After reaching hero level 69, you will have to choose one of two directions for class development, which will also affect combat performance. The table below shows a comparison of the hero’s combat characteristics when receiving a certain class and choosing the direction of development.

Swordsman - Gladiator.3.531.54.8
Swordsman - Berserker.4.841.51.5
Ranger - Sniper.4.92.523
Ranger - Windbreaker.33.544
Scientist - Judge.
Scientist - Sacrament.2.524.83.5
Ulan - Dragon Knight.41.534
Ulan - Dragon Warrior.54.533
Craftsman - Firearmsman.4.8222.5
Craftsman - Technician.413.53.5

How to change class? Choose your character class responsibly, since you can change your choice only at level 102 if you have a special scroll. Once a class has been successfully replaced, no refund will be possible. All skill levels and advancements will be reset and resources returned. The weapon is automatically replaced with a weapon of the new class, while maintaining the attributes of Strengthening, Star Level and Extraction.

It is possible to use the skills of another class by obtaining a special weapon of the class and using it as additional equipment.

Customize your appearance. To complete character creation, specify a nickname, determine the gender of the hero and customize his appearance, this is how other players will see you. Choose a hairstyle and hair color, facial features and skin tone, cut and eye color. Customizing your appearance ends with choosing your appearance and determining the color scheme of your costume. In the future, the created appearance can be changed and improved.

The Legend of Neverland: TOP Flower Fairies (Tier list)

Flower fairies are the most powerful demigods of the Cabal, pure beings created by the Goddess Flora to protect humanity. Get their recognition and let them fight for you. Flower fairies will become your companions and comrades-in-arms.

How to choose? The game features a wide variety of Flower Fairies of different levels and combat value. Actively take part in events to get rare companions and significantly strengthen your team. We have identified 4 groups of the most powerful Flower fairies, so that you know who you should pay attention to:

Pay attention to the characteristics. Each Flower Fairy has 4 main characteristics, which largely determine the effectiveness of your companion during battles. The element parameter plays a role during battles with monsters that may have increased vulnerability to attacks of a certain element. The tables below show the characteristics of Flower Fairies at the maximum level of development.

Mythical Flower Fairy (SSR).Element.Attack.Health.Protection.Advantageous characteristics.
Bingdi Lotus.Light.21 62331,5332 252Group attack, increased damage.
Mistletoe.Light.18,01945 0484,504Answer, Control.
Laurel.Light.16 21740 5436,757Group attack, DPS.
Erythrina.Fire.14,68824 4801 224Group attack, Destruction.
Serissa.Light.13,74682 4795 498DPS, Increased damage.
Lycoris.Light.13,51490 0964,504Control, DPS.
Hibiscus.Light.11,262135 1442 252Recovery, DPS.
Izzaya.Fire.10,68333,0721 272Increased damage, DPS.
Apricot.Wind.6,96992 1032 489Survival, DPS.
Water lily.Water.9,92135 6161,780Group recovery.
Carnation.Earth.9,79261 2002 448Control, DPS.
Milim.Light.9 621114 5556 415Detonation, Buffs.
Camellia.Wind.9 15850 8001,017Group attack, Knockback.
Sakura.Light.9 00967,57211,262Group attack, DPS.
Oduvana.Wind.8,56867 3203,060Control, DPS.
Eichornia.Water.7,77977 7903 111DPS, damage over time.
Hyacinth.Wind.7 71078,9482,754Group attack, DPS.
Ixora.Fire.7 34491 8001,836DPS, Increased damage.
Lotus.Water.7 34473 4403 672Control, DPS.
Daisy.Earth.7 34464 2604,590Group attack, defense.
Rimuru.Light.7 331109 9729 164DPS, Buffs.
Digitalis.Earth.6,53374,6784,667DPS, Buffs.
Evening primrose.Earth.6 10576 3201,526Group attack, Damage reduction.
Diablo.Fire.6 10561,0563,052Support, Control.
Rose.Fire.5,87475 8884,896Control, DPS.
Blue Rose.Water.5 60074,6785 600Detonation, Buffs.
Viala.Water.5 50897 9203,060Group attack, DPS.
Calendula.Earth.5 50861 2006,732Group attack, increased damage.
Hydrangea.Water.5 50852 0207 650Patronage, Protection.
Flaming Hydrangea.Fire.5 04052 2738 401Control, Buffs.
Edelvis.Wind.4,97887 1244,978Control, Debuffs.
Cherry.Fire.4,667102 6823,733Detonation, Buffs.
Adenophora.Wind.4,590116 2802 142Control, Group attack.
Lavender.Water.3 672100 9804,590Control, DPS.
This table will help you answer some of the questions on the Mentor level exam, so please study it carefully.

Legendary Flower Fairy (SR).Element.Attack.Health.Protection.Advantageous characteristics.
Oleander.Fire.3,8297,296912Group attack.
Gladiolia.Earth.3,55616,416273Group attack.
Convalaria.Wind.3 28318 240364Group attack.
Toffee.Water.2,73618 240912Patronage.
Centauri.Water.2,7367,2962,006Group attack.
Helianthus.Earth.2 18814,5921,824Oppression.
Lily.Wind.1,91427 360820Patronage, Acceleration.
Anthurium.Fire.1 64129 184912Increased damage.

The Legend of Neverland: Guide for Beginners

Get familiar with the interface. The main screen of the game displays the current location through which the hero travels with his companions and completes tasks. In the upper left corner there is information about the game profile and the current level, in the right corner there are buttons for going to the menu, game activities and the location map. On the left is a list of tasks, below it is a joystick to control the hero, and on the right is a panel for performing actions.

The interface is quite cluttered, so use the list collapse function to make the game more comfortable.

Set up your profile. Go to the personal settings section, where you can change your avatar, change your character, select a game region, set up notifications, and enter a gift code to receive resources. You can also customize the mechanics of interaction with other players, determine the system settings you need and adjust the combat process. Using the special buttons located on the left side of the screen, select the game functions that you want to use and disable unnecessary ones.

Adjust your gameplay. Because The Legend of Neverland is filled with a variety of content and gameplay features, take the time to get the hang of the gameplay. Carefully study all the settings and make the gameplay as comfortable as possible for yourself. For example, using graphics settings, you can reduce the energy consumption of the application and save battery power on your gaming device.

Log in to the game. To keep your account safe, we recommend linking it to an account on a social network or game store. In the event section you can find, take part in the promotion and additionally link your account to a phone number. As a bonus, you will receive 150 summoning seeds, 10,000 flower fairy experience and 100 Cabal sapphires.

Join the official game communities to be one of the first to receive information about new events and promotional codes.

Study gaming activities. For the successful development of the hero and the Flower Fairies squad, pay attention to all game activities. If you don’t pay enough attention to one of the areas of the game, there is a high chance that you will not be able to get the necessary resources to increase your combat power. The more comprehensively developed the hero is, the higher the chances of destroying strong monsters and winning competitions with other users. Pay special attention to the following:

Chat with players. At the bottom of the screen, depending on the settings, messages from the world chat or guild chat are displayed. Click on any message to go to the chats section. Use the opportunity to exchange experiences, recruit players to your guild, or communicate in private chats to discuss game strategy.

Keep an eye on the rating. The system keeps records of the achievements of all players, the data is updated every 10 minutes, so leaders can constantly change. Rate and like the achievements of other players, showing your support and making friendships. The player rating is based on several indicators at once:

Check your email. Some of the rewards for participating in events come in messages to your in-game mail. To get resources, it is important to check your mail daily and collect rewards. You can also get a lot of valuable information about game news and updates from messages.

The Legend of Neverland: All about hero development

Level up. Collect enough experience points to level up your character. The higher the hero’s level, the better the indicators of his basic attributes, which means you will be able to withstand the most powerful opponents. The game offers 4 main ways to gain experience points:

Increase the hero’s attributes. Character stats are divided into basic attributes, high-level attributes, and advanced attributes. Each stat helps you during your adventures, so make an effort to level up your hero.

To get detailed information about each attribute and current performance, carefully study the character profile.

Use your equipment. To increase the hero’s basic attributes, use the best equipment. Not only the hero’s weapon will play a significant role, but also his armor, which will increase the level of health and protection. Take part in events to receive high-quality equipment, as well as materials to improve it.

Develop your skills. Light up your Talent Tree and become a well-rounded adventurer. Each character class has its own branch of skill development. Use skill stamps, which contain certain basic combat techniques, to upgrade any of the hero’s unlocked skills. Stamps can be obtained in the following ways:

Get a specialization. The resulting traces of destruction contain a huge amount of energy that can be used to advance the character’s class. Once you reach level 5 of Class II, access to the specialization is unlocked. Make your choice, get new skills and additional combat effects, thereby strengthening your hero.

Totems. These items are the mystical heritage of our ancestors; each of them can give the hero enormous power. There are 4 totems in total, which will open as the hero’s level increases. The totem has certain positions that can be developed using a special powder. Fill the empty cells with odes yourself to get an additional boost to the selected attribute. Odes can also be developed using special reinforcement materials.

Use crystals. Mysterious crystallization will give you super powerful magical effects. Synthesize powerful crystals, place them in special cells of the tree of life and receive bonuses to the hero’s attributes. The higher the overall level of crystals, the more additional enhancement bonuses you can activate.

Resonance level.Requirement for the overall level of crystals.Attribute bonus.
120Health +1000.
2thirtyHealth +1000.
360Defense +200.
480Defense +200.
5100Defense +200.
6120Reduces incoming damage by 1%.
7140Reduces incoming damage by 1%.
8160Reduces incoming damage by 1%.
9180Chance of healing +1%.
10190Chance of healing +1%.
eleven200Chance of healing +1%.
12210Reduces incoming damage by 1%.
13220Reduces incoming damage by 1%.
14240Reduces incoming damage by 1%.
15230Chance of healing +1%.
16250Chance of healing +1%.
17260Chance of healing +1%.
18270Reduces incoming damage by 1%.
Before you go on a journey, check the ability to strengthen your hero. Also make sure you get the necessary materials for pumping.

Get titles. During events, fulfill special conditions and receive special titles. In your character profile, select one of the titles you have received to activate the corresponding bonus. For example, for developing the Lotus Flower Fairy to 7 stars, you can increase the hero’s attributes: health by 1,200 points, block by 40 points.

Change your appearance. During your adventures, you can unlock different costumes, combine them with each other and create a unique character. Change your costumes to suit your mood at least every day. In addition to beauty, you will also receive a bonus to the hero’s attributes and increase his combat effectiveness.

Use Arcana shrines. Shrines provide additional bonuses to the hero’s attributes, including basic and enhanced attributes. Shrines have passive skills that can be activated and upgraded. There are 4 types of shrines, choose 2 of them that, in your opinion, best suit the character. To obtain the shrine, earn 5,000 Brands of Triumph.

Shrine.Health.Attack.Protection.Additional attribute.
Time box.2 300240130Chance of cover +1%.
Star Coin.1 70036070Chance of breach +1%.
Rod of Order.2 600240100Reduces incoming damage by 1%.
The key of truth.1 400360100Increases damage by 1%.

Improve the Tree of Life. This function is divided into the development of the pattern and ornament of the Tree of Life. Strengthen the Tree of Life to add additional attributes to the hero. The reconstruction produces random quality and quantity of pattern and ornamental attributes. Exchange excess items at the Shopping Center for acorns and use them to purchase valuable materials.

The Legend of Neverland: Hero Equipment Guide

What to equip the hero with? First of all, you will need a weapon with which the hero will deal the main blows to opponents. Pay attention to equipment that also allows you to improve your performance. You can get pieces of equipment and materials for upgrading by participating in competitions and receiving rewards for your achievements.

Equipment items:

What to choose? You will increase the level of equipment yourself. Also, during the upgrade process, you will be able to determine additional properties of the equipment. Therefore, when choosing equipment, we recommend that you first pay attention to the quality and indicators for improving the hero’s attributes. The best is mythical equipment. The game features 7 levels of hero equipment quality:

Strengthen your equipment. Use materials to unlock the greatest potential of the equipment you use. Enhancement Dust and Gold are used as consumables to increase item level and therefore attribute scores. Please note the requirement for several items of a certain level of development. By fulfilling this requirement, you will be able to activate an additional boost bonus.

Resonance level.Equipment level requirement.Attribute bonus.
17 level 10 elements.Critical damage +100.
27 level 20 elements.Durability +100.
37 level 30 elements.Blocking +100.
47 level 40 elements.Damage +100.
57 level 50 elements.Critical damage +150.
6All elements are level 60.Durability +150.
7All elements are level 70.Blocking +150.
8All elements are level 80.Damage +150.
9All elements are level 90.Chance of breach +1%.
10All elements are level 100.Chance of cover +1%.
elevenAll elements are level 110.Increases damage by 1%.
12All elements are level 120.Reduces incoming damage by 1%.
13All elements are level 130.Critical damage +250.
14All elements are level 140.Durability +250.
15All elements are level 150.Blocking +250.
16All elements are level 160.Damage +250.
17All elements are level 170.Break chance +1.5%.
18All elements are level 180.Chance of cover +1.5%.
19All elements are level 190.Increases damage by 1.5%.
20All elements are level 200.Reduces incoming damage by 1.5%.
21All elements are level 210.Critical damage +350.
22All elements are level 220.Durability +350.
The level of enhancement will be inherited by the new equipment, so do not skimp on materials to develop items here and now.

Increase your star level. The game provides an additional option to enhance equipment performance. Each item has restrictions on increasing the star level. Use unwanted equipment as consumables to get extra stars. You need to pay gold to upgrade.

Use extraction. Unneeded equipment of the same quality can be used to activate the extraction function. Use it to transfer additional attributes to the item you are using. Once extracted, the equipment is damaged and cannot be worn or used as star enhancement material. Excess equipment for extraction can be obtained from Ancient Relics, from bosses and in the Trade Center.

Pour in souls. Increase your soul infusion level and develop corresponding attributes to gain powerful auspicious attribute bonuses. Use Enhancement Dust to infuse souls, it can have both positive and negative effects. If you are satisfied with the result, click the Save button to commit the equipment improvement.

The Legend of Neverland: How to get strong Flower Fairies?

Make a call. To get the Flower Fairy, earn magic seeds that allow you to summon new creatures to your team. Use elemental summon cards to obtain a fairy of a specific element: fire, water, wind, earth and light. When the number of total summoning attempts reaches a certain value, you will receive a generous reward. So, for 30 calls you will receive fairy experience points, for 60 - fairy ovules 4 stars, for 100 - fairy ovules 6 stars.

Every day you have access to 1 free summon of the Flower Fairy. Be sure to use this chance.

Regular fund. This type of summoning allows you to be guaranteed to receive a Flower Fairy of 6 stars after making 80 summons. When you receive repeat fairies, they will automatically disintegrate into equivalent Flower Fairy shards, which can be used to increase your star level. When fairies receive 3 stars, they automatically disintegrate into fairy light essence. The table below shows the chances of receiving certain fairies when calling a regular fund.

Chance.Fairy quality.Available Flower Fairies.
0.125%6 stars.Erythrina, hydrangea, Adenophora, Calendula.
0.5%6 stars.Izzaya, Water Lily, Camellia, Evening Primrose.
1.25%4 stars.Anthurium, Oleandra, Centauri, Butterscotch, Lily, Convalaria, Helianthus, Gladiolia.
10.938%3 stars.Violet, Dew, Snow, Dresva.
If you are new to the game, use the Newbie Card Fund and get a Star Level 6 Flower Fairy.

Event fund. For this type of summoning you will need special elemental summoning seeds. Depending on the event, there will be a specific guarantee for receiving the Flower Fairy 6 stars, usually 10 summons. Study the conditions of all event funds to determine where you have the best chance of getting the Flower Fairy you need.

Summon fairies more often. In The Legend of Neverland, events related to the summoning of fairies periodically occur. For example, the Temporary Summon event will allow you to collect the required number of fragments of the presented Flower Fairy for its synthesis and star promotion. The Flower Fairy Gift of Summoning event allows you to receive additional resources depending on the number of mythical fairies that you manage to get during the event. The maximum reward is provided for summoning 15 fairies.

If you wish and have free funds, buy event prize sets that will significantly speed up the process of forming a strong combat team.

Synthesize Flower Fairies. As a reward for active participation in game events, you will receive special materials that will allow you to synthesize new fairies into your team. For example, from 20 purple ovules you can get 1 random fairy of 4 star level, 60 yellow ovules are synthesized into a fairy of 6 star level.

The Legend of Neverland: Tips for Improving Flower Fairies

Level up. During battles and completing quests, earn fairy experience points, which can be used to level up. Open the Flower Fairy card and click the Upgrade button in the lower right corner. The required amount of gold and experience points will be automatically debited from your account, and the fairy level will be increased by 1 point.

Upgrade the Flower Fairies included in your combat squad daily to increase your overall combat power.

Take part in the Experience Pool. Hidden in the Kamagra steppe is a relic that contains the experience and knowledge of the Flower Fairies. Challenge monsters, complete the task and get valuable experience points. The higher the level of the Seal of Light, the higher the limit of waves available for the challenge. The reward for each wave can only be received once a day. If the hero’s combat power exceeds the established values ​​for the activity, you will be able to step over the waves and immediately receive a reward.

Make a breakthrough. After the Flower Fairy reaches a certain level of cultivation, it must make a breakthrough. Only after this will you be able to continue developing its level. Obtain and use Focus Stones and Transmutation Potions to achieve breakthroughs. The first breakthrough will be made after reaching level 80, the next one at level 160, etc.

Click on any material that you are missing and get a hint about in which activities you can get it. This way you can plan your gaming time and speed up the development process.

Increase your star level. The higher the fairy’s star level, the higher the indicators of the main characteristics, and therefore the combat effectiveness. Combine identical Flower Fairies to get one more powerful fairy with an increased star level. The maximum development level for an SR fairy is 10 stars, for an SSR fairy - 18 stars. Please note that after a star promotion, the fairy used as material will disappear.

Get bonuses. The higher the star level, the more additional bonuses the fairy can activate. Each companion has its own bonuses; a mythical fairy can activate 4 bonuses, a legendary fairy can activate 2 bonuses. For example, a 6-star Hydrangea increases attack by 30 points, 8 stars increases health by 300 points, 11 stars increases defense by 30 points, 14 stars increases health by 300 points.

Apply reset. This function allows you to return all resources previously spent on the development of the Flower Fairy and redistribute them for leveling up another companion. Open the Reset tab, select a fairy and confirm your actions. Resources will be automatically credited to your game account.

Use decay. Open the appropriate tab, on the right side of the screen select unnecessary fairies, which will be converted into light essence or shining coins. First of all, selected fairies can be subjected to the decay function, then legendary ones, if you do not plan their further development and use.

We recommend setting up the summoning of Flower Fairies and activating the automatic decay of selected Flower Fairies. This way you will save time and directly receive resources after calling.

Increase your sympathy level. Adventurers can give gifts to their companions to further their relationship. After increasing your sympathy, start interacting with the femies in your house. Choose a suitable item from the backpack and give it to your fairy. If you guess correctly with the gift, you can get 5 times more sympathy points. The higher the sympathy level, the higher the Flower Fairy attribute score.

Level of sympathy.Requirements for sympathy points.Bonus reward.
Strangers.0 - 319-
First meeting.320 - 9596,000 fairy experience.
Cold.960 - 1 919200 summon seeds.
Indifference.1 920 - 3 11950 gold gashapon coins.
Friendship.3 120 - 4 5598,000 fairy experience.
Lasting friendship.4 560 - 6 159250 summon seeds.
Attention.6 160 - 7 91910,000 fairy experience.
Confession.7 920 - 9 83960 gold gashapon coins.
Cordiality.9 840 - 11 919300 summon seeds.
Sympathy.11 920 - 14 15912,000 fairy experience.
Proximity.14 160 - 16 559350 summon seeds.
Devotion.16 560 - 19 11970 gold gashapon coins.
Attachment19 120 - 21 83914,000 fairy experience.
Love.21 840 - 24 639400 summon seeds.
Deep love.24 64080 gold gashapon coins.

The Legend of Neverland: How to choose the best mount?

Mounts are various creatures and creatures in the Cabal that will help the hero during adventures. To get your first mount, complete story mission 14 and get the opportunity to move around locations faster. Special mounts will also allow you to get a bonus to the hero’s combat characteristics.

If you wish and have the necessary items, change the appearance of the mount and make it unique to attract the attention of other players and earn likes.

Whom to choose? The game features more than 40 types of mounts, which can be obtained in various ways. At the initial stage of the game, any creature that will increase the speed of movement throughout the Cabal will suit you. Next, put effort into getting top mounts to improve your hero and gain privileges.

Why do you need a mount? Most mounts increase the hero’s running speed by 100% and provide you with 15 additional slots in your backpack. Mounts that have their own attributes can also increase the character’s attributes. The table below shows all the mounts that can provide support during the battle and strengthen the hero.

Mount.Attributes of health.Attack attributes.Security attributes.
Creation.3 600240-
Wedding carriage.3,000300-
Hurricane Panda.3,000300-
Brave dolphin.3,000300-
Retro car.3,000300-
Pinata.2 400360-
Rope puppet.3,000300-
Pumpkin of horror.2 400360-
Cute kitty.2 400360-
Gift bear.1 500150-
Proud alpaca.-360240
Star bed.-360240
Dancing lion.-360240
Electric dragon.-300300
Airy love.-300300
Hell of a motorcycle.-300300
Paper plane.-150150

Choose your privileges. Most mounts have special privileges. Some of them are installed, others you can choose yourself. Choose the privilege you receive responsibly so that you can use it as effectively as possible. The game offers the following privileges:

Use the opportunity to test your favorite mount for free for 1 day.

The Legend of Neverland: Hero Control Guide

How to move the hero? In normal game mode, you will have to independently control the hero to move through the territories of the Cabal and fight battles. On the left side of the screen there is a hidden joystick with which you can set the direction of movement. Tap the screen to activate the joystick and move it in the desired direction to start the hero’s movement.

To change the angle, zoom in or out of the hero’s view, swipe across a free area of ​​the game screen.

Set up pathfinding. You have to travel a lot to take part in all the adventures and complete story missions. In the game settings, select your preferred pathfinding method. Secondary search allows you to navigate manually using system prompts and is suitable for players who prefer independent actions. Automatic pathfinding allows you to save time and go straight to the goal of the task.

Use a mount. To save time and increase the speed of the hero’s movement around the location, use a mount. In the lower left corner there is a button to summon a vehicle or hide it. During battle, the mount automatically disappears so as not to prevent the hero from making powerful attacks towards the enemy. Also, the mount cannot be used if the hero has changed his appearance to complete a story mission.

Make attacks. Use the weapon icon on the control panel on the right side of the screen to perform a basic attack. Keep pressing the button to attack monsters. The action does not require waiting for an activation time, so try to hit as often as possible to inflict the maximum possible damage on the enemy.

To simplify the battle process, set up auto-battle. Open the section for promoting the hero’s skills and determine which actions need to be performed automatically, and which skills you will use yourself.

Use the hero’s skills. On the control panel on the right side of the screen there are buttons for using the hero’s skills, which allow you to perform special attacks. Select a skill and click on the corresponding button to activate. The skill can be used again only after the button has been recharged.

Use fairy skills. Each Flower Fairy is able to independently attack the enemy to help its hero. Using fairy skills is similar to using hero skills. Click on the button representing one of the two fairies in the squad to perform an attack. Re-use is possible only after the fairy is restored.

Dodge the blows. Use the Dash button on the control panel to dodge enemy attacks and minimize damage taken. During battles, watch out for powerful enemy attacks, which will be indicated by a red zone. Dodge enemy attacks in time to reduce the likelihood of receiving damage. You can also use surrounding objects to hide the hero in a safe zone.

When auto combat is activated, the hero does not evade special attacks from monsters, but only makes blows.

Use bonuses. Watch out for special rays of light appearing on the battlefield. If the hero blocks the beam, he can receive a bonus or debuff. For example, blue rays of light allow you to restore health, while red rays cause damage.

The Legend of Neverland: How to prepare for battle?

Form a squad. First of all, form a squad of Flower Fairies that will accompany the hero on his adventures. This is very simple to do: you appoint stronger fairies as combat comrades, remove weak ones from placement and use them in the future to level up the necessary fairies. After reaching hero level 58, form a 2nd squad of fairies that will be able to join the battle when changing class weapons.

Pay attention to the combination of the hero’s class and the element of the selected fairy.

Use supplies. Place Flower Fairies in supply slots to provide additional combat power to the hero. Click on the Auto button to have the system automatically select the best fairies to supply. There are 6 cells that will open gradually as the Seal of Light is activated. A sixth supply fairy can be added after achieving Ritual II status.

Activate Element Echo. Each Flower Fairy has its own Hero Subjugation Element Attributes. Assign Flower Fairies with identical elements to battle and activate the echo to receive a certain bonus and increase combat effectiveness. This function will open after reaching character level 45.

Echo of the element.Conditions of receipt.Reception bonus.Recommendations for heroes.
Hot eyes.In the squad there are 2 Flower fairies of the element fire.The formation takes 30% more damage against monsters with a weakness to the element of fire or without attributes.Ranger - Sniper, Lancer - Dragon Warrior, Artisan - Firearmsman.
Wings of the wind.There are 2 flower fairies of the wind element in the squad.The formation takes 30% more damage against monsters with a weakness to the wind element or without attributes.Ranger - Vetronomer, Scientist - Judge.
Fist of the earth.There are 2 flower fairies of the earth element in the squad.The formation takes 30% more damage against monsters with a weakness to the earth element or without attributes.Swordsman - Berserker, Lancer - Dragon Knight, Artisan - Technician.
Head of the stream.There are 2 flower fairies of the water element in the squad.The formation takes 30% more damage against monsters with a weakness to the element of water or without attributes.Swordsman - Gladiator, Scientist - Sacrament.
Flower of light.There are 2 flower fairies of the elements of light in the squad.The formation takes 8% more damage against monsters of all attributes.Universal element echo.

Learn the hero’s skills. The combat skills of heroes of different classes differ and have their own characteristic features. Correct use of skills during battle is one of the components of achieving a quick victory. In the table below, we will explain the 4 main class combat skills so that you can better navigate during battles.

Class.Combat skill.Effect of application.Skill cooldown time.
Swordsman.Rising Dragon.The hero dashes forward towards the target and deals general damage. Then the hero transfers 15% of the damage dealt into health points, filling the corresponding scale.15 seconds.
Cross execution.The hero deals double damage to enemies in front and reduces damage taken by 15% for 3 seconds.6 seconds.
A series of cuts.The hero deals a total of three times damage to enemies ahead.8 seconds.
Soul rupture.The hero quickly swings his blade forward, causing damage to opponents in the line of attack. When hitting an enemy, the target’s defense and block are reduced by 30% for 4 seconds.10 Seconds.
Ranger.Rotating arrow.The hero attacks with a powerful shot, pierces the enemy on the way and deals corresponding damage. The subsequent normal attack turns into the Fall from the Sky skill.5 second.
Bursting Arrow.The hero’s forward fan attack three times in an area deals total damage to all enemies in the affected area.8 seconds.
Devastation.The hero jumps back a certain distance, hits the enemy in front and slows him down for a short period of time.18 seconds.
Heavy shock.The hero deals general damage to enemies in the target area.10 Seconds.
Scientist.Spirit of the Firebird.The hero directs a fiery phoenix towards the target, dealing damage to surrounding enemies and reducing the block rate by 30% for 2 seconds.4 seconds.
Kiss of the Ice Dragon.The hero summons an ice dragon from under his feet and deals damage to enemies around him, reducing their speed by 75% for 2 seconds.8 seconds.
Baptism of light.The hero collects sacred energy, forms a ball of light and pushes it forward. A ball of light explodes and damages all enemies in the area. The enemy’s durability is reduced by 20% for 10 seconds.12 seconds.
Zealous light.The hero’s health is instantly restored, then the effect of continuous restoration of 5% of maximum health is activated for 12 seconds.30 seconds.
Ulan.Confusion.The hero deals continuous piercing damage to enemies in front, the last blow deals additional damage.9 seconds.
Dragon blood transformation.Once released, the dragon’s blood energy envelops the body, creating an aura of blood that deals damage to approaching enemies every second.12 seconds.
Shadow Dragon Strike.The hero throws enemies in front, crushes him with his weapon and deals damage. When hit, 5% of the Dragon’s Blood Energy is restored.8 seconds.
Attack of the firmament.The hero carries out an assault in a straight line and deals damage to all enemies in the line. When hit, 5% of the Dragon’s Blood Energy is restored.12 seconds.
Craftsman.Explosive fireworks.The hero releases explosive energy at the target, deals damage, then receives 1 point of overheating and increases running speed by 30%. At 5 points of overheating, an overload occurs and the recovery of the enemy’s health is blocked for 5 seconds.5 second.
Flame cannon.The hero fires a projectile at the target, deals damage and receives 1 point of overheating. At 5 points of overheating, an overload occurs and the damage caused by this skill is additionally increased by 30%.10 Seconds.
Energy strike.The hero spews energy from his weapon, dealing damage to enemies in a fan-shaped sector ahead.6 seconds.
Stormy flame.Summons Fort for 12 seconds. Each time the fort attacks, it deals damage to enemies over 3 seconds and increases the hero’s attack by 10%.24 seconds.

Set up your combat system. Hold down the "auto battle" button at the bottom of the screen to go to the combat system and skill application settings section. Determine the priority of using skills after energy accumulation and the order in which they are activated during automatic combat. You can also enable/disable the use of hero or fairy skills to create a unique fighting style.

The Legend of Neverland: All about completing the story campaign

What is this story about? People built a kingdom of peace and quiet and called it Cabal. But peace never lasts forever, the enemies of humanity Yayoi have released monsters to destroy the Cabal. People had to flee from their homes, then the Goddess Flora came to their aid and gave the survivors a new power - the flowers of the Tree of Life. Together with the Flower Fairies, people gained the power to resist monsters and a chance to save humanity. Join the Society of Adventurers, travel through the lands of the Cabal and drive out all the monsters.

How to progress through the story? The left side of the screen displays all current story quests that are available for completion in different parts of the Cabal. Once the task is completed, you will receive your reward and move on to the next one. Gradually advance through the game plot, explore new territories and reveal secrets.

Complete more story missions to gain access to new game features, such as moving your hero on a mount or changing your appearance.

Communicate with NPS. The game developers have created a whole world with many characters. Travel, meet and communicate with NPS, learn their history, receive new tasks and go on adventures together. Make your time in the game as interesting and exciting as possible.

Study the map. The Legend of Neverland offers players a huge, colorful world with many activities and adventures. To move from region to region, use the map in the upper right corner. Here you can study detailed information about each available location: monsters, NPCs, portals, trade, materials to collect, etc. The following travel locations are available in the game:

  1. Kingdom of Sofila.
  2. Steppe Kamagra.
  3. Twilight tropics.
  4. Jakala Desert.
  5. Snowy mountain Gaya.
  6. Forest of fallen leaves.
  7. Mokuri mines.
  8. Island of sound sleep.
  9. Gorge of secret feelings.
  10. Guyot zone.
  11. Old relics.
To gain access to a new location, actively raise the hero’s level.

Look for chests. In each location you can find several regular and special chests in which a valuable reward awaits you. You will have to carry out the search yourself, carefully studying the area. Once the chest is located, go to it and open it. The progress of the treasure hunt is displayed in the region’s information card.

What should you pay attention to? Be very careful while traveling, pay attention to the clues that will help you discover the treasure chest. The chests are not immediately visible, they are quite well hidden in the landscape, which makes searching quite difficult. Some chests are placed in locations for decoration and cannot be interacted with to receive rewards. When you encounter such a chest, pass by and continue your search.

The Legend of Neverland: What combat activities are worth taking part in?

Why participate in activities? First of all, battles in various locations allow you to earn the necessary resources for development. Secondly, for each entry into a mandatory event, you earn special activity points, which provide access to valuable rewards. Earn 500 activity points daily and open 5 chests with the following rewards:

Follow the schedule. Click on the calendar icon in the upper right corner to go to the list of main activities related to the hero’s battles. From this section you can go to any battle. Follow the schedule and track the start of temporary activities so as not to miss the opportunity to earn valuable prizes.

First of all, pay attention to mandatory activities, then to events related to the hero’s promotion. Also, do not forget about the possibility of fighting in the arena and the need to complete guild tasks.

Complete the Path of the Sword. About 100 years ago, the Yayoi destroyed the Way of the Sword, and people lost the opportunity to return to the homeland of their ancestors. The strongest warriors of humanity, under the banner of the Adventurers’ Guild, are restoring the Path of the Sword to return the kingdom of Kabal to the people. The Path of the Sword is a test of strength, each season a rating is compiled depending on the number of floors completed and the time spent on completion. Ranking rewards are given out at the end of the season, put in the effort and get to the top of the list.

What to do? This game activity is the destruction of monsters from level to level - clearing floors. Click the Start Challenge button and defeat all opponents in 90 seconds. As the main reward, you will receive cabal sapphires, gold, weapon and equipment enhancement dust. The more floors you can clear, the better the reward you will receive in the Pack of Goods of Passage event. Complete 180 floors of the Path of the Sword to claim all available rewards.

Complete the Banishment Incident. You can take part in this activity either independently or as part of a group of other players. Choose one of the 6 suggested Cabal locations to protect from monsters. This activity will allow you to earn hero experience and receive materials for upgrading your skills. There are 6 attempts available daily to pass the test, use all your capabilities.

Get Ancient Relics. Create your own team and invite friends to take on the dungeon challenge together, or join an already created squad. You will have a boss battle and a lot of good equipment as a prize. To successfully complete and receive the maximum reward, complete all tasks of the challenge. For example, a condition may be set on the time of passing the test or a ban on the death of team members.

How to participate? Every day you get 3 attempts to complete the Ancient Relics challenge. Pick a boss you think you can handle. Then determine the level of difficulty, focusing on your own indicator of combat power, since there may be weak players on the team. Press the Go button, create a squad and adequately take on the monster as a team.

Study the challenge guide to know about the features of the boss battle at a certain level.

Visit the Elemental Zone. There are 4 elements here that open in turn every day. Which zone is available to you today can be seen on the left side of the screen. On the right side of the screen, set up your battle formation and go to war. Entering battle with the same attributes as the elemental zone will give you a distinct advantage. Complete challenges, earn victory points and unlock rewards listed at the bottom of the screen.

Defeat the boss. Every day you get 8 attempts to fight a powerful boss. Go to the desired location and deal as much damage to the monster as possible to get the opportunity to earn great pieces of equipment and chests with enhancement materials. If you are the player who lands the winning blow on the boss and destroys it, you will receive a special reward. The boss location is updated every 15 minutes, so you can take part in the activity at any time.

Pay attention to the boss’s established weakness and pick up Flower Fairies that will create the desired elemental echo.

The Legend of Neverland: How to fight other players?

Visit the Staircase Arena. This system invites you to duel with other The Legend of Neverland players. The winner gets points, the loser gets points deducted. The winning side also receives a reward at the end of the match. Every day you are given 5 free attempts to perform with dignity in the arena and defeat other players.

How to choose an opponent? You can choose opponents with different combat power. Click the Enter Gameplay button and select one of the three proposed players. If there are no suitable candidates, update the list. Pay attention to the number of points you can get if you win, and correctly calculate the strength of your hero and the Flower Fairy squad.

Earn points. Meet certain conditions during the battle in the arena and earn battle points. The greater the number of accumulated points, the higher the final reward. The Ladder Arena has the following system for awarding battle points:

Watch the defense. Create a defensive formation from the best Flower Fairies to fend off your opponents. If another player challenges you to a fight, the defense squad will take the blow and fight the opponent automatically. Periodically check the composition of the formation and make changes to strengthen it.

After losing in a challenge from another player, take the chance to exact revenge and return rating points. If revenge fails, you will not lose any additional points.

Increase your rating. During the season, according to the players’ rating, the corresponding number of rewards is distributed every hour. Rewards are calculated daily at 21:55 server time and sent to the best players by mail. Be active and fight more opponents to take the first lines of the rating and receive valuable prizes for further development.

Take part in the Crystal Front. Test your strength and take part in a wall-to-wall battle. During the competition, a battle is held between players of 2 teams, whose task is to collect as many points as possible and capture the opponent’s command posts. If you successfully perform on the battlefield, you will receive valuable crystals and coins for making purchases in the Front Store.

How to register? Registration for participation in the event is carried out every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday at 12:00, 16:00, 22:00 and 23:00 server time. Each registration lasts 14 minutes. At 4 and 14 minutes of registration, participants are selected and distributed among teams. After completing this process, your hero will be transported to the battlefield.

Gameplay. Win battle glory and collect as many crystal stones of a given color as possible. Fight with players of the other team to temporarily disable them and increase your team’s chances of capturing the command post. Each battle lasts 8 minutes, during which time make every effort to benefit your team.

The Legend of Neverland: Is it worth joining a guild?

A guild is an association of players from one server of The Legend of Neverland. Join a guild or create your own with friends and like-minded people to study the Cabal together. Participation in the union gives players access to new activities and opportunities to receive even more resources for the development of the hero and the Flower Fairies. The guild is also an excellent opportunity to communicate with other players and exchange experiences.

How to choose a guild? It is important to be in an alliance with stronger players, because in this case the guild will develop faster and you will receive more bonuses. Study the guild ratings to determine the most suitable alliance for yourself. Submit your application and wait for the guild leadership to decide to review it. Once the application is approved, you can begin completing tasks.

You can leave the guilds at any time, but please note that you can only find a new union and join the ranks of its members after a set time has passed. Joining and leaving the guild several times a day will not work.

Level up. For each contribution point received by a guild member, the guild receives 1 experience increase point. Collect the required amount of experience points and increase the level of your union. After upgrading a guild, the maximum number of members, positions and salary of the guild increases.

Do your part. All guild members receive rewards for participating in guild events. Guild contributions can be used to purchase valuable materials in the Item Room. Every Monday at 00:00 server time, the guild salary is paid, which corresponds to your contribution to the development of the union and your position. The table below provides basic information about guild events.

Event.Access time.Description.Possible reward.
A world of darkness.Open all day.Complete the conditions and complete the World of Darkness floor. Find the way to the boss and destroy it to activate a portal to the next level.Summoning seeds, drawing powder.
Sea beach.Every evening from 19:30 to 19:40.The location of the event is chosen at random at the house of one of the members. Here your hero can gain experience near the hot springs. Add special herbs to increase your experience bonus.Hero experience, drawing powder.
Guild League Tournament.Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 20:00.A list of participants in the confrontation is compiled daily. Take part in qualifying matches and, together with your clan members, receive rewards for victories and even defeats.Elements of equipment, the mark of triumph.
Guild boss.Every evening from 19:40 to 19:55.Repel the boss’s attacks and, together with your allies, deal damage to the monster. Awards are given based on overall ranking. An individual reward can be obtained based on the keeper’s personal damage rating.Cards of fate, ovules of Flower fairies.
Guild auction.After the end of the League Tournament and Guild Boss events.Participate in guild events, the higher the rating, the higher the dividends. All guild members can place bids for the auction. At the end of the auction, all participants receive a generous bonus.Chests with materials and equipment, drawing powder.

Complete tasks. Complete 3 guild tasks daily to make the maximum contribution to the development of your union. The tasks are updated at 5 o’clock every day. By completing tasks, you can get a lot of experience, gold and other useful materials. The higher the quality of the completed task, the higher the reward. The table below shows examples of daily tasks and the reward for completing them.

Guild quest.Tips for implementation.Guild merit points.Guild contribution.Guild run.
Restore any item.Open the menu tab in the top right corner and click the Life button. Select the restoration function on the left side of the screen and create one of the seals.5001000350
Purchase any item from the Staircase Store.Go to the Staircase Arena and click the exchange button to go to the game store needed to complete the task.5001000350
Mine minerals.Open the menu tab in the top right corner and click the Life button. Select the Mines function, on the right, determine the type of mineral that you want to mine.5001000350

The Legend of Neverland: Which tasks to complete first?

Complete daily tasks. The higher your game progress, the greater the final reward for completing the daily task. Make every effort to complete at least 10 of the proposed tasks and collect an additional reward. Completing 1 task will bring you 10 sapphires, 5 tasks - 20 seeds of the Flower Fairy, 3, 7 and 10 tasks - 150 summon seeds each.

Exercise.Value.Description.Possible reward for completion.
Entrance to Neverland.5 stars.Login to the game daily.Hero experience, gold, fairy experience.
Expulsion incident.5 stars.Complete 3 battles in the specified activity.Hero experience, sapphires, fairy experience.
Pool of experience.5 stars.Log in to the specified activity 1 time.Hero experience, gold, fairy experience.
Elemental zone.5 stars.Log in to the specified activity 1 time.Hero experience, gold, fairy experience.
Ancient relics I.5 stars.Complete 1 battle in the specified activity.Hero experience, sapphires, fairy experience.
The way of the sword.5 stars.Log in to the specified activity 1 time.Hero experience, sapphires, fairy experience.
Hundredfold hardening.4 stars.Strengthen your equipment 1 time.Hero experience, gold, fairy experience.
Ancient Relics II.4 stars.Complete 2 battles in the specified activity.Hero experience, gold, fairy experience.
Cabal strongman.4 stars.Take part in the destruction of the Huge Boss 1 time.Hero experience, gold, fairy experience.
Arena Stairs.4 stars.Fight in the Arena 1 time.Hero experience, sapphires, fairy experience.
Ancient Relics III.4 stars.Complete 3 battles in the specified activity.Hero experience, gold, fairy experience.
Promo season.3 stars.Purchase any item from the sapphire store.Hero experience, sapphires, fairy experience.
Disaster Expedition.-Log in to the specified activity 1 time.Summoning seeds, soul infusions, sapphires.
It is more efficient to complete tasks with a higher star value first.

Strengthen the Cabal. There is a special event for new adventurers, during which they will not only receive tips on developing their hero, but will also be able to earn the necessary resources. The tasks are related to increasing combat power, participating in battles and developing the hero and the Flower Fairy squad. So, for reaching character level 65, you will be given 10 shards of a 4-star Flower Fairy and 30 units of strawberry milk for fairies for free. When you redeem the prize pack, you can get 100 fairy shards, 400 strawberry milk and 10,000 gold coins.

Receive Seals of Light. The Seal of Light is proof of your adventures in the Cabal. Unlock all Seals of Light to write your story. To advance, complete all tasks of the current stage. You can earn gold and also receive summon seeds for moving to the new Seal of Light. For example, to activate the Oath I seal, you must perform the following steps:

Complete tasks. During the season, take part in a special event to receive materials to summon Flower Fairies. For completing each task, you receive bond points, which fill the season progress bar. Each task can be completed a limited number of times during the week. The list of tasks can be opened through the control panel on the left side of the screen or through the Donation tab.

Exercise.Reward.Execution limit.
Complete the Experience Instance.75 bond points6 times.
Summon Flower Fairies.30 bond points20 times.
Participate in the gameplay of the World Boss.30 bond points10 times.
Purchase items from the store.30 bond points10 times.
Complete the Ancient Relics challenges.30 bond points15 times.
Collect in the wasteland.30 bond points20 times.
Create an item with a life skill.30 bond points30 times.
Complete challenges in the Stair Arena.20 bond points15 times.
Eliminate any 300 monsters in Path of the Sword, Experience Pool, Elemental Zone.20 bond points5 times.
Use Cabal Crystals to level up your season faster and get more rewards.

Receive gifts from the Moon. A special offer for donors allows you to increase the reward for active completion of seasonal tasks several times. Immediately after activation, you will receive an exclusive avatar, bubble, skin and SS-rank Flower Fairy. Evaluate the benefits of receiving additional rewards by studying the table presented.

Seasonal level.A gift from a star.Gift from the Moon.
110 ovules of the Flower Fairy 6 stars.20 ovules of the Flower Fairy 6 stars.
2150 summon seeds.150 Elemental Summon Seeds.
3150 summon seeds.300 hero skill stamps.
4150 summon seeds.150 Elemental Summon Seeds.
510 ovules of the Flower Fairy 6 stars.20 ovules of the Flower Fairy 6 stars.
6150 summon seeds.150 Elemental Summon Seeds.
7150 summon seeds.300 hero skill stamps.
8150 summon seeds.150 Elemental Summon Seeds.
920 ovules of the Flower Fairy 6 stars.20 ovules of the Flower Fairy 6 stars.
10150 summon seeds.300 Elemental Summon Seeds.
eleven150 summon seeds.400 hero skill stamps.
12150 summon seeds.300 Elemental Summon Seeds.
1320 ovules of the Flower Fairy 6 stars.Chest of a bright hero costume.
14150 summon seeds.300 Elemental Summon Seeds.

The Legend of Neverland: All about additional ways to get free resources

Log in to the game daily. Receive a reward for logging in from the first day of the game and for the next 28 days. This way you can get gold, Flower Fairy’s favorite food, Cabal Sapphires, Summon Seeds, Skill Stamps, Summon Cards, Flower Fairy Shards. Track events associated with daily login to the game, take part and earn valuable resources for the development of the hero and the fairy squad. The more days in a row you log into the game, the higher the likelihood of receiving bonuses for visiting the game.

If you can’t log into the game every day, use sapphires to make up for missing rewards.

Explore the game store. Click on the Donate button to open a list of offers for donors. If you search well, among them you will find free resources for all players. For example, collect daily free packs that include 25,000 gold coins and 5 summon seeds. The daily guild store allows you to get 5,000 free gold coins.

Play roulette. Receive special lottery tickets and use them to launch the World Roulette. There are 12 cells in total, each of which corresponds to one type of reward. Each item can be obtained multiple times, it all depends on your luck. Make more spins and get an additional reward for 10, 20, 40, 60 and 80 rounds played.

Use a return system. Using this function, you can return rewards for the previous 3 days. Pay the set amount of gold to receive 50% of the rewards, or use Cabal Sapphires for 100% of the reward. Please note that in Ancient Relics and Guild Boss, only gold can be used to return.

Get new costumes. The Gaspoyan assault rifle offers you the opportunity to obtain exclusive equipment for the hero. Spend special coins received for participating in kingdom events to launch the machine. Try your luck, get high-quality equipment items or materials to upgrade existing ones. The chance of receiving a costume is 4%, the chance of receiving other rewards is 96%.

The Legend of Neverland: Guide for Donators

Mall Miru is an in-game store for The Legend of Neverland. Here are the main offers for donors. If you are planning to make purchases, carefully study the content of the offers and choose the most profitable ones. To do this, compare the cost and quantity of purchased resources.

Buy Cabal Crystal. This game currency is premium and allows you to purchase unique materials or gain access to additional rewards. Wait for the promotion that doubles the amount of crystal purchased and make your purchase much more profitable. You can purchase 120, 300, 600, 1,200, 3,000 or 6,000 units of crystal, depending on your financial capabilities.

Get your privilege card. In one of the sections of the Mall of the World, study the offer to purchase a special privilege card, which forever gives access to increased daily rewards. As a bonus for making a purchase, you will also receive 300 Cabal Crystal, 300 Elemental Summon Seeds, and 300 Regular Summon Seeds. Continue to actively complete daily tasks, but get much more valuable resources:

Invest in your development. An excellent opportunity to get a huge amount of premium currency is to activate the Fund Plan. actively develop your hero and receive a reward for reaching a certain level. Investments will allow you, in addition to the usual reward, to receive Cabal crystal and increase your income by 1050%. The table below provides information about the basic and special development rewards.

Hero level.Basic reward.Investment reward.
1010 Cabal Sapphires.50 Cabal Crystal.
2020 Cabal Sapphires.100 Cabal Crystal.
thirty40 Cabal Sapphires.200 Cabal Crystal.
4060 Cabal Sapphires.300 Cabal Crystal.
5080 Cabal Sapphires.300 Cabal Crystal.
60100 Cabal Sapphires.500 Cabal Crystal.
70120 Cabal Sapphires.800 Cabal Crystal.
80140 Cabal Sapphires.1,000 Cabal Crystal.
85160 Cabal Sapphires.1,000 Cabal Crystal.
90180 Cabal Sapphires.1,000 Cabal Crystal.
100200 Cabal Sapphires.1,200 Cabal Crystal.

Use the Flower Fairy Endowment Fund. Activating access to this fund allows you to receive generous rewards for increasing the star level of the Flower Fairies in your collection. The benefit of the offer is 2000%. Receive 6-star fairy chests, fairy light essence and strawberry milk for the following achievements in the development of Flower fairies:

Activate your monthly card. If you want to get an advantage over other players and get ahead, purchase a special card. Activate bonuses and start receiving free resources every day that will fully cover the cost of purchasing the card. Please note that monthly card bonuses are valid for 30 days after making a purchase, after which they will be deactivated.

Map type.Bonuses.Daily reward.Special offer for purchasing resources.
Star protection.+20% Myru experience, +5% equipment enhancement experience, quick collection function in the house.60 Cabal Sapphires and a Stamina Potion.200 Cabal Sapphires.
Lunar happiness.1 daily free Flower Fairy elemental summon, exclusive frame, exclusive hero skin bonuses.60 Cabal Crystal and 60 Elemental Summon Seeds.300 Cabal Crystal, Exclusive Frame, SS Rank Hero Skin.

The Legend of Neverland: Is it worth playing?

The Legend of Neverland is not just a mobile game, but a whole world where you can endlessly travel, fight, complete various tasks and look for treasures. If you are tired of fighting monsters, simply switch to peaceful life mode and develop your home, communicate with other players, or simply send the hero to dance in the main square of the kingdom. The game’s possibilities are extensive, so install it and feel free to plunge into a new world.

Main advantages of the game:

Main disadvantages of the game:

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