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The Walking Dead Survivors WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

THE WALKING DEAD: SURVIVORS is an Android game with release date 04/11/2021 from Galaxy Play Technology Limited. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Base Construction Guide
  3. Survivors Guide
  4. Settlement Siege Walkthrough
  5. Event Tips
  6. Collection Cells Overview
  7. Tips to Explore a Region Map
  8. Savior Camps Secrets
  9. Why Do You Need a Clan?
  10. Secrets of the passage of the game

Walking Dead Survivors: A Beginner’s Guide

The Walking Dead: Survivors is a mobile game developed by Elex. It features characters from the comics of the same name, as well as a series of film novels. You find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world where you have to fight the walking dead. But this is not the most dangerous creature that you will encounter in the process of passing the project. The most dangerous event is raids on other players’ bases, PvP battles. Most of all, your gameplay will be interfered with by the so-called Saviors - a gang of marauders and thugs. Therefore, you will need to protect your base as best as possible from the invasion of various enemies.

At the start of the game, you will be introduced to the main characters of the story, with whom you will create a new camp from the wreckage, look for new survivors, and defend against raids. If this is your first time playing such games, then we recommend that you carefully go through the learning process that the game offers you. So you will understand the basics of building a base and acquiring new survivors, learn how to select fighters for a squad. It is important to understand which building is responsible for what, how to place the observation towers correctly, where to get the game currency.

Game currency

The game features several types of currencies (items for which you can improve heroes, trade in the store, cost buildings). Currencies help to complete the game more comfortably and faster. Why should you pay attention to it? If you do not have enough currency, then you will not be able to complete some important task or stop for a while in the passage. All the currency vital for survival has been moved to the top panel of the main game screen.

The most basic thing to do when you run out of a resource is to buy it from the store. To go to the store, you need to click on the button in the form of a gift (in the upper right corner), so you will be taken to the "Survivor’s Shop". There are various tabs with promotions and offers.

Swipe the top panel all the way to the left, and open the "Store" tab. All items necessary for the game are sorted into tabs. You just have to select a section and find the required resource. The nuance is that in the store all goods are sold for rubies.

Vegetables (apple icon) - needed to power your army, train soldiers, build buildings or improve them. Lack of food will greatly slow down the process of passing (as well as the lack of other important resources), so you need to know where to find and quickly collect a resource:

  1. Collect food from berry bushes. To do this, click on the bush at your base, and then one of the survivors will go to the gathering place. It will take some time to complete collection. The end of the operation will be indicated by the icon above the head of the survivor. Click on it, and all food is transferred to the warehouse, and the quantity will be reflected in the upper control panel.
  2. Build farms. With the increase in the level of the Town Hall, and for the opening of new territories, you will be able to build a farm from which you will collect food.
  3. Find food on the ground at the base. After opening and joining a new piece of land, you will have the opportunity to collect various items. Do not ignore the opportunity to get new resources and materials for various actions.

Water - Required to keep your fighters alive. But just like collecting it from the ground, like other objects, it will not work. Water can be found in Lakes on the region map, and can also be obtained from a well.

Wood is needed for the construction and improvement of buildings. To get wood, you need:

  1. Chop down trees at your base.
  2. Build Timber Warehouses.
  3. Collect various items in new territories.

Meat - required to upgrade some buildings in the base. It can be obtained by sending survivors to harvest. It is also necessary to build butcher shops.

Bullets - they are required to complete some missions, increase the level of your survivors, for research. To get bullets, you need to pick up various items at the base and build an Armory.

Rubies - required to speed up the process of production, training, research and construction. You can also buy almost all game items and other currencies for rubies. Rubies can be obtained in several ways:

  1. After opening new territories, you should inspect all wrecked cars, garbage dumps and road signs. This will give a small boost, but it shouldn’t take you much time either.
  2. Rubies (like bullets) can be bought for real money at the Survivor’s Shop.
  3. Rubies can be obtained from chests.
  4. Protecting your account. For linking your profile to Facebook or Google Play, you will receive 1000 rubies.
  5. You can earn 100 and 300 rubies if you join the gaming community on social networks. This and 4 actions are performed in the player’s profile (icon with a portrait in the upper left corner).
  6. You will receive a promotional gift for your review on Google Play and the App Store.

General ways of obtaining materials and game currencies

Since there are several types of important items in the game, some of the methods for obtaining them are identical. The game (especially at the start) offers to quickly and effortlessly get the main game resources. Therefore, we decided to separately explain how to get items:

  1. Constantly go through a variety of tasks. The game constantly has some kind of quests (plot, event). Do them as much as possible (if possible) to get more benefits.
  2. Collect free rewards daily as the game rewards you generously for your interest in the project. And since there are several types of awards, it is very easy to get confused in them. The developers have foreseen this inconvenience, and everything that you can get at the moment is highlighted with a red dot on the main icon of this or that menu.
  3. Participate in the life of the clan. Yes, as in many other similar projects, your rapid development depends on participation in the life of the gaming community. You will not be able to access some of the prizes and activities of the game without joining any alliance (we have written about the functions and advantages of the clan below).
  4. Check your mail often. For some of your game achievements, or events, you will be rewarded with nice gifts from the developers. To receive a reward, you should go to the "Mail" (located on the bottom control panel, an icon in the form of a letter). In the menu, go to the "System" tab. This is where you will find messages from the administration.
  5. Use objects on the map of the region to get rewards and resources. You can get to the map by clicking on the parchment-shaped icon (large button in the lower left corner). You can return home by clicking on the same button (the house is already depicted on it).
  6. Attack other bases. It may sound like looting, but this is the mechanics of the game. You, like other players, are not immune to attack. The first 6 days you will be protected by a shield, and then you will become available for combat battles. N and you can participate in raids on neighbors who no longer have a shield.

Bottom taskbar

The map is a button for switching to the map of the region, where you can perform various interactions with the objects that are located on it (players, zombies, farms, etc.) for your own enrichment and development.

Game chat is a place to communicate with different types of players (from friends to the global community). Here you can ask a question you are interested in about the game, find an active clan, or just chat.

Settlement Siege (notebook icon with a knife) is a PvE game mode. Will be available after the successful completion of some Story Missions. The mode has its own store and its own currency - survivor points, for which you can purchase fragments of epic and legendary heroes. We wrote about the mode itself below.

Inventory (backpack icon) - all items you received are displayed here. To quickly find what you need, the menu is divided into several thematic tabs. If you cannot find any materials or resources (or they did not appear on the top bar of currencies), then look into the backpack. You may have received the asset as a package that you need to "use" to get the main asset.

We recommend that you open resource packs in your backpack only as needed, and no more than what you currently need. This also applies to letters in the mail, do not receive awards from them if you do not need them yet. This is important, since all open items will be available for looting when other players attack you. And in this way you will save part of the acquired property.

Heroes Menu (cowboy hat icon) - here you will see all the main playable characters who are called survivors. These are the heroes with whom you will interact. Each of them has its own abilities and parameters. They will stand at the head of your squads, repel an attack on the base and collect materials on its territory.

Mail (letter-shaped icon) is where some rewards, system messages, and other notifications go. If a red circle appears on the icon, then you have received a new letter. Through the mail, you can contact the developers if you have any problems with the game or with the money transfer.

All emails should be read, but not rewarded (as described in the advice above). The letters may contain important information from the developers, as well as some tips on the game.

Clan (hand icon) - this is the button to go to the clan menu. At the start of the game, by going to the section, you can pick up a community for yourself, and in the future, after leaving the guild, you can create your own clan (we wrote about it below).

Above the main taskbar, there are two more main sections of the game. One of them is the construction menu (hammer icon), the second (notepad) is a menu with basic game tasks. Why are we describing all this to you? The fact is that during the training, you will not be taught how to use these sections, there will not be an explanation of what these buttons are. Even a player who has previously participated in such projects will find it difficult to navigate the variety of buttons on the main screen. Therefore, in order to make your life easier, we have described these mechanics in detail.

Walking Dead Survivors: Base Construction Guide

Since the construction of the base is one of the main tasks in the game, it is constantly required to equip it. Objects for construction open with a certain level of the Town Hall. But before starting construction (in the game this is called "repair"), you need to open the territory where the new object is located. You can get possession of new land for construction in 2 stages.

Reconnaissance of the area - as soon as you get a new level of the Town Hall, those lands on which objects for construction are located become available to you. But these territories are shrouded in fog, so they need to be "scouted". So that you understand where it is necessary to send the survivor (they are the ones who perform reconnaissance), the available area is highlighted with icons in the form of a burning match.

The battle with the undead is the second stage in the annexation of the land to the base. After reconnaissance, you need to clear the land of Walkers. To do this, you should collect a squad of 1 survivor and several units. The strength of the unit must exceed or match the strength of the undead that roam the explored area. First, you need to click on the target icon, after which a window will open with the selection of the team. At the top of the window there is a scale that determines the power of Walkers. There is a "slider" on the scale that shows the strength of your squad.

If the strength of the team is not enough, then you will be offered several ways to strengthen the group. To do this, click on the "Boost" button that appears at the bottom of the window. After choosing the enhancement, you can, if you have enough strength, to engage in a fight with zombies. After successfully clearing the area, the base fence will be moved to the boundaries of the conquered area, and you can equip your camp further.

Resource buildings

There are 5 types of basic resource buildings that you can build or renovate. For repairs, you need to clear a new territory, and for construction, you need to go to the "Build" section, and select the "Resource buildings" tab. After building a building, you can gradually improve it to get more income per hour.

The farm is essential to your life at the base. Produces vegetables. Improves to increase production. You can build multiple farms as needed. To prevent your vegetables from being taken away by the raiders, you need to build a Vegetable Barn, which will hold more food with each upgrade. The more food in the warehouse, the less opponents will be able to carry away.

Timber warehouse - it is necessary for the construction of buildings. After each improvement, the speed of wood production will increase. And in order to take away less wood from you, you should build and improve a Wood Warehouse.

Well - with its help you will get water, which is vital for the survival of your warriors and for the construction of buildings. The room that increases the maximum resource limit is the Water Tower. It also protects the water from being plundered.

Butcher’s Shop - Required to produce the main resource - meat. With each improvement, the speed of its production increases. The Meat Storage will help increase the maximum resource limit, as well as protect it from enemy attacks.

Weapon shop - here you can create bullets, and with each new level of the production building, you will speed up the process of obtaining a rare, but important, resource. You can protect currency from raiders by building and improving the Merchant. Also in the trade tent you can meet the Lone Trader, who will offer you to buy or sell rare in-game items. The merchant periodically updates the assortment of his goods.

Military buildings

These buildings are needed to strengthen your army. After you improve each of them to level 12, you will have the opportunity to assign one of the survivors to train recruits, thereby speeding up the training.

Unit preparation:

Playgrounds are structures for organizing your troops. There are 4 levels of sites:

Watchtower - the construction of this building opens up the opportunity to get more information about the opponent you want to attack. With the improvement of the tower level, you will be able to get more advanced data about the enemy who is going to attack you.

Hospital - required to heal soldiers wounded in battles. If you could not place all the wounded soldiers (that is, there was not enough space for them in the hospital), then these units will die. With each update, the number of beds - places in the sanatorium increases, as well as additional benefits:

Defensive tower - becomes available at the 8th level of the Town Hall. This building is required when attacking your base by another player, as it automatically starts shooting as soon as the opponent enters the zone of its impact. Also during events, you can put a survivor on the tower so that he shoots from it, and is protected from Walkers.

The wall is the gate and fence that encloses the entire territory of your camp. With each increase in level, the defensive ability of the wall increases. To improve the structure, you need to throw on the gate.

The clearing center is the control center during your attack on opponents (other players), you can also regulate various fees on the map of the region, and PvE attacks on camps. Become available at the 5th level of the Town Hall. The maximum level of the structure is 25. As the level rises, the center will display the new coordinates of the enemies that you received while exploring the map of the region. You can click on the "Withdraw" button to recall your troops home.

Research Camp - allows you to explore and explore objects and territories on the map of the region. To use the building, 2 conditions must be taken into account:

Clan buildings

You can build clan buildings after joining the alliance. They will also be available upon reaching a certain level and opening the necessary territories. These buildings are necessary for the normal functioning of the guild. If you decide to switch to another clan or create your own, then the buildings will remain on the map, but will not be useful until you find yourself in the community.

Bar - required to increase the limit of clan members, as well as to complete some tasks. It becomes available after reaching your Town Hall level 8. Until you have this building, you will not be able to participate in some guild events and receive certain quests.

Mail is a building that you receive automatically after joining a clan. With its help, you will complete some quests, receive or give help (pens) to your clanmates, and you will also not be able (until this building is repaired) to take part in raids.

The clan base is the main center of your guild territory on the region map. Only the head of the clan can place the base on the map, but any member of the commonwealth can raise its level. The base determines the size of the territory of your alliance. The higher the level of the clan, the larger the area occupied by the guild. The construction speed of the structure depends on the activity of the clan members.

After the construction of the base, its level of protection will be determined by the quality of the player who will be the first to place his possession on the clan’s territory. Therefore, the strongest player should be sent to a new place of residence. The clan base can be attacked at any time. After being defeated, its strength will gradually decrease. When the amount of durability reaches zero, then the base will be considered destroyed.

On the territory of the clan base, you can build an infirmary, which will receive the wounded after the fights. When the clan base is destroyed, all internal guild buildings will be automatically destroyed.

Clan Outpost - increases the area of ??land for clan building, increases some of the advantages of the alliance. Also, the post can protect the territory from raids, automatically opening fire on the enemy.

Construction buildings

Survivors are assigned to these buildings, after construction or repair, to increase the number of simultaneous construction of other buildings. For example, you can simultaneously build or improve 3 buildings, and after assigning a hero as a worker in any construction building, you can already modify 4 buildings.

The worker’s hut is available from the start of the game. By assigning a survivor to work in the hut, you will receive an update of the Town Hall, and the ability to inspect open, unrepaired premises. When buying a special package for real money, you will have the opportunity to build a "Solid Worker’s Hut", which will give you an additional 3 places.

The factory is necessary to provide your construction crews with working tools, therefore, the heroes will work with greater efficiency, and increase (except for bullets) the extraction of resources. When modifying a factory, the weekend bonus increases.

Monument to the Builder - increases the speed of construction and improvement of buildings by 10%. At the maximum level, the monument speeds up construction processes by 22%.

The Town Hall is the main building of the city. By increasing its level, you open up new construction opportunities and the discovery of new lands. The Town Hall also allows you to unlock new game options. The Town Hall cannot be moved around the cells, this distinguishes it from other buildings.

If you click on the Town Hall, several commands will appear, one of which is "Appearance". Here you can change the appearance of buildings, as well as the appearance of the city on the map of the region, that is, how it will be displayed on the screen of other players.

Broadcasting station - allows by means of "Radio", to summon a survivor, get his fragments or resources for pumping heroes. There are 3 types of summoning here:

  1. Call for rubies. You are guaranteed to receive one legendary or one epic character for 10 summons. A free attempt in this tab is given to you once every 3 days. Using the call for rubies, you will receive heroes or shards of legendary and epic characters. Less often, medals will drop out to strengthen legendary warriors.
  2. Call for gold tickets . Tickets can be obtained for completing various tasks. Here you will receive shards of different types of characters, heroes no higher than epic quality or medals for development. You have 1 free attempt per day to summon a hero.
  3. Call for blue tickets. The call can be performed free of charge 4 times a day after a certain time. The maximum quality of a hero you can catch is a Rare Survivor. It is very rare to come across epic medals for the development of warriors.

Equipment supplier

As soon as you upgrade the Town Hall to level 12, a building will become available to you - an equipment supplier. You can build it in the "Build" menu in the "Competition" tab. Here you can make equipment for your survivors:

  1. Weapon.
  2. Clothing.
  3. Hats.
  4. Accessories.
  5. Kits.

Each equipment has its own quality:

Ingredients for crafting can be found on the region map by battling Saviors and Walkers, and can also be rewarded for completing certain types of quests.

Equipment crafting materials exist in 5 categories:

To increase the quality of a resource, you need to combine 4 items of the previous category (for example, 4 rare materials give 1 legendary). The higher the quality of the ingredients, the higher the likelihood of getting a higher quality piece of equipment.

For the production of equipment, special blueprints are required, each of which corresponds to a certain type of ammunition. To create 1 blueprint, you need to collect 100 blueprint shards. You can see the created blueprints on the Materials tab in the Equipment Supplier building.

Some weapons do not have blueprints, for the production of such weapons take a broken weapon.

If you dismantle equipment, you will receive 4 ingredients for 4 materials with a quality one level lower (for example, you broke a rare accessory, from which you will get 4 unusual materials). To perform this operation, you will need a special dismantling resource in the Depot.

You can use the dismantling function in order to get the resources you need that you spent on the production of the item. But you should be careful, as the drawings will not be returned to you. Moreover, if you break things of epic rank and below, then all costs (except blueprints) will be returned to you in full. And legendary items will only return 50% of the ingredients to you.


Various science studies are conducted here, studying which will help you progress faster, increase the speed of construction, learning, and much more. When you study certain sciences, you close the Achievement missions. With an increase in the level of the library, new disciplines become available for study, and the speed of study increases.

The sciences in the library are divided into several categories:

  1. Development - This is where you learn the mechanics that allow you to develop your base faster and more productively. We need a 3rd level of the building.
  2. Preparation - this section presents research that will improve the training process of all your units. Requires level 3 of the Library.
  3. Mobile queue (I) - the section is open immediately after the renovation of the building. You can get it when you reach level 4 of the Town Hall. This is where you increase the efficiency of the main characters in the game.
  4. Mobile Queue (II) - Unlocked at Level 8 of the Library.
  5. Mobile queue (III) - becomes available at level 12 of the Library.
  6. Mobile Queue (IV) - unlocks at level 18.

Walking Dead Survivors: Survivors Guide

The Survivors are the main characters in the game. They are assigned as commanders of army squads, to improve the work of buildings, to reconnaissance and other actions in the game. Units (troops) trained in buildings are suitable only for gathering in a squad to the survivors, which is what they differ from the main characters of the game. After each battle, the wounded units are to be healed in the Hospital, and the survivors do not need this option.

For the development of survivors, special experience (EXP) is required, which is obtained as a reward in battles. The experience is divided according to the quality of the survivors themselves, which fall into several categories:

Experience is accumulated in your inventory, and it can be distributed to all heroes, or you can pump only the most powerful warriors. High quality heroes have multiple skills, while low quality heroes only have 1 or 2 abilities. The amount required to increase the level of the surviving experience is displayed in his menu.

If you decide to raise the level of some survivor, but you do not have enough experience for him, then you can use the "Book of Experience", which, like ordinary experience, are divided into several types.

To increase the level of skills and to unlock them, special skill medals are required, which you can receive in the Radio or for the successful completion of certain missions. Skills are unlocked at every 5 level of heroes. If the character has only 2 skills, then they will be pumped faster. But heroes with more abilities have higher skill effects.

Each survivor, regardless of his quality, has special attributes (characteristics) that show his effectiveness (to view the skills, you need to click on the button with 3 dots, which is located in the right corner under the hero’s skills):

All characteristics of a survivor depend on his main profession (melee, shooter, rider). Also, the heroes have an ability that affects all the units that are in your base (trained soldiers and main heroes). This is a global effect that can be increased by increasing the character’s stardom. The higher the value of the effect, the more benefit the hero brings to the base. In this case, a survivor can be assigned to any building, be in a combat crew, or simply be in your inventory, but already open. In other words, the global effect starts working from the moment you get a new hero.

The global effects of survivors add up. Therefore, we recommend that you have as many main characters as possible in your base.

Many players ask the question: how can I see what a particular hero is doing with me at the moment? You can view the current employment of a character in the following ways:

You can also see who works in a particular room at the base. To do this, click on the building and select the "Details" action. If there is no worker in this building, then his icon will not be displayed above the building.

Locations for obtaining shards of heroes and medals for enhancing abilities:

Temporary events, which can give you new characters, run for several days. Some promotions contain a large number of Survivor Summons Tickets, XP, Ability Medals, and more. Participation in events will give a significant impetus to the development of your base and account.

Team building. In order for your soldiers to be able to participate in battles, they need to be led by at least 1 hero. Those characters who are busy at work cannot take part in fights. Units are matched to survivors by type of troops:

Walking Dead Survivors: Settlement Siege Walkthrough

This is a PvE mode that can be accessed from the lower taskbar of the main screen. In it you need to defend your base from the invasion of zombies. Activity completely copies your base. At the same time, all the destruction that will be inflicted on the settlement will not affect your current gameplay. After exiting the mode, you can safely continue the game where you left off.

It should be remembered that the base is copied completely, and the watchtowers on which the survivors are located cannot be moved during the passage. Make all rearrangements before entering the mode. And since you do not know where the Walkers will come from, it is better to place towers around the Town Hall, but at a short distance from it.

In total, you can have up to 12 towers available. When their maximum number appears, place 4 towers, one at each gate of the settlement. So you for some time block the falling of the dead to your base. But it is not necessary to put towers very close to the gates, since the undead can quickly break them.

The mode is unlocked after during the adventures of Chapter 5 of the main plot of the game. Before entering the mode, you will be asked to choose a few of the strongest characters. After you enter the Siege, you will have a few seconds to assess the situation. At this time, the scale of the challenge of heroes will be replenished. This scale, with the heroes you have chosen, is located at the bottom of the mode screen.

It should be remembered, no matter from which side the undead break the fence of your camp, they will all strive to destroy the Town Hall, and on the way to disassemble your buildings and heroes. It is impossible to guess in advance from which side the invasion will begin.

Siege Skills. Each survivor has an additional skill that was created specifically for the passage of the Siege. In other activities, you will not be able to use it. We recommend that you carefully study the skills of all your characters in the Siege, since the success of your passage will depend on this.

Skills and heroes are called up on the battlefield gradually, as the energy scale is filled. First, you need to wait until you have accumulated enough energy for your most powerful fighter. Then you need to place it on any tower.

During the placement of the hero, you will be shown the radius of the Walkers. If the warrior has a small circle of attack, then it should be placed closer to the place where the assault on your base begins. If the hero has a large defeat diameter, then he can be placed closer to the Town Hall.

When choosing heroes, you simultaneously choose abilities, each skill has its own radius of damage and attack mechanics. It is best to take those skills that do the most damage to opponents, and have a good range (for example, a Molotov cocktail sets fire to zombies and deals damage for 4 seconds "). Some characters have skills that slow Walkers. Yes, they They cannot deal a lot of damage to the enemy, but they also do not allow them to attack quickly.Also, these abilities have a large radius of damage.

Each skill has its own requirement for the amount of accumulated energy, and you will have a choice - to hit your opponents with abilities or put the next survivor on the tower. Your choice will depend on the situation and the number of zombies that are attacking you.

At the moment, the Siege of the settlement has 30 levels of passage, that is, 30 days. You need to complete the stages as efficiently as possible, since for the passage you will receive special tokens. Tokens can be exchanged for any product presented in the mode store. Items for which you can exchange tokens contain shards of heroes, medals of skills and experience of survivors.

Walking Dead Survivors: Event Tips

Eugene and the abandoned. By taking part in this event, you can get a legendary hero (after completing a certain number of tasks), shards of Eugene and Bullets. Also, the promotion will give you other valuable items for your participation. The event lasts 3 days. You need to destroy zombies in order to decrypt the encoded message from Eugene.

Then you need to find the Runes on the map of the region using the decrypted letter. The event is not very difficult, its only drawback is that some of the coordinates from the letter are located at a great distance from your base, so your teams will have to walk for a long time to the points and then come back.

The Whisperers are a recurring event that aims to enrich your base with resources. First, you must choose a difficulty level. When choosing a difficulty, the rewards that you will receive after passing the stage will be displayed at the bottom of the window. To open all the levels, you need to go through each of them in turn.

You appear in a room where you need to destroy the incoming waves of zombies. If you can’t cope, you can summon the help of clan members using the Whisperer tokens. You will start each stage with a certain number of these tokens. But you can get more tokens by helping your guildmates.

When the event is over, you will receive additional prizes in the mail based on the highest difficulty level you have completed. If the time of the event ends while you are in battle, then this fight will not count. Therefore, you should allocate the time of the event.

The Wheel of Hope is an event in which you do not need to waste time destroying Walkers. In the action, you need to twist the knife. What object the blade hits as a result of the rotation, you get it. You can spin the wheel for free 1 time in a certain time, 2 priests will cost 50% of the total amount of rotation. The knife can be twisted as much as 70 times a day. You can get more detailed information about the awards by clicking on the exclamation mark icon next to the name of the event. Each event brings with it new prizes.

Incredible Supplies - The event lasts for 7 days. Every day you will unlock one of the game resources. You can get a maximum of 5 bags of materials. After acquiring all the resources (in the first 5 days), you will be given the opportunity to receive "incredible supplies". You can choose these resources yourself from the list of blocked ones. As a result, you will receive a large amount of materials for the development of the base, practically doing nothing.

Waves of the Dead

To participate in the event, you must be in a clan. The guild leader or guild officers (players with the rank of R4S) can appoint waves of Walkers. Once appeared, crowds of zombies will besiege the camps of all members of your alliance in turn. Each new wave will be more powerful than the previous one. The main task of the players is to survive as long as possible.

For defeating each wave, you would receive special event points. Scoring depends on the strength of the successfully destroyed wave of undead. You can earn more points by helping other guild members fend off zombies. This can be done even if your base has been destroyed.

Once you have eliminated all the monsters in the wave, you will find that some individuals wander aimlessly around the territory of your camp. You just need to kill them, earning additional points. If your settlement has been captured by monsters 2 times, then they will lose interest in your person and will not attack your settlement.

As a result, for the entire event, you will receive gifts for individual achievements, as well as for the total number of points that the clan received. In addition, you will be given a rating among all players in your region. If you leave your alliance during the event, and then join it again, then your points will remain unaffected. But if you decide to join a new guild, you will lose all your savings.

We recommend that you play the event at a time when you have the maximum number of clan members in the game. The higher the points from the total guild score, the higher your personal rating and the rating of the alliance.

Duels. This is a PvP event in which 1v1 fights take place between players in the Arena. To take part in the event, you need to have at least 1 type of troops of rank 3 soldiers. Your squad should have a leader as the primary survivor. But those heroes who do not have combat skills cannot take part in battles.

Before entering the Arena for the first time, you must place characters for defense and attack in special slots. After that, you can challenge any gamer to a duel in your league. If you defeat a player who has a position in the ranking higher than yours, then you will receive additional points in the piggy bank of achievements in the event. If you lose, you will lose points equal to those received by your opponent in a fight with you.

You can move to a more preferred league by collecting a certain number of points. But having lost a certain number of points, you can get into the league one level below the current one. For each duel (regardless of its outcome) you will receive prizes that depend on the level of your current league. With a successful layout, you can get fragments of an epic blueprint for crafting equipment.

Event prizes are sent to your mail. Soldiers who are in teams do not suffer physical losses outside the regime. Therefore, they do not need to be treated in the Hospital. When in your region the number of players who have transferred to the Advanced League exceeds 30 people, all gamers of the region can participate in a world duel.

Survivor Pass is a Seasonal Event. You will receive a promotion at the start of a new season. If you buy an "advanced" pass for real money, you will receive more valuable gifts. Throughout the season, you accumulate points by completing daily quests. All achievements are reset with the onset of a new season.

All additional bonuses of the "advanced" pass are valid only in the current season, and end with the onset of a new one. You can get 580 points per day. If the event ended in the last 3 days at the end of the month, then a new one will start on the 1st day of the next month.

Army of Woodbury. Woodbury are the armies of the Marauder Saviors. Your main task is to clear the map of the region from the villains in order to save the epic hero Rick. To participate in the promotion, you need to be in a clan and build a bar in your base. Saviors’ levels can vary from 6 to 25. You need to choose a difficulty level for the attack that matches the strength of your leading combat squad.

If you cannot defeat the villains, then you should ask for help from the members of your alliance, or join the campaign of another guild member. If you collect the required number of points with the whole clan, you will receive pleasant bonuses. At the end of the event, your personal achievements will be calculated, on the basis of which you will be given a rank, and the corresponding prizes.

Remember, if you leave your alliance before the end of the event, you will no longer be able to participate in the event, even if you return. During the attack, there is a chance to get Rick’s fragments and rubies.

Strongest survivor

This event encourages players to quickly develop their combat power in the game, since for reaching a certain amount of strength, you will receive good buns (including rubies). The promotion consists of 5 stages. If you get into the leaderboard as a result of the promotion, you will receive additional rewards.

Event tasks:

To receive the final bonuses, you need to receive points daily. The leaderboard consists of 100 players who have scored the most points for the event. Rewards are sent to you by mail.

Power increase (for which you will receive event points):

Trial of the Survivor is a seven-day mission for beginners. The test requires you to complete all the tasks that the system gives you. For each successfully completed mission, you get points. The progress bar (at the top of the event page) shows the progress towards the goal.

Walking Dead Survivors: Collection Cells Overview

Collection cells are special places on the map of the region from which you get various resources. The farm gives you vegetables, the sawmill gives you wood, the lake gives you water. When collected, resources are automatically delivered to the base (but only according to the number of carrying capacity of the troops). The system calculates how long your soldiers can collect the resource. If you leave the cell before the end of the production, then you will receive the number of items that your units were able to get (take away).

The higher the level of the squad and the more units in it, the more and faster you can collect the cage. This is important as you can be attacked by other players who will take the loot.

In order to send soldiers to the collection, you should go to the map of the region from the base, then go to the search section (the icon in the form of binoculars in the lower right corner of the map screen). In the search, you should select the level of the collection cage. You will be able to occupy the level of the cell, which is equal to the maximum level of the monsters you have killed on the map of the region. You can also search for suitable resource cells by manually moving the map.

How to check the efficiency of a resource cell? To do this, you need to look at the cell for the hourly performance (click on the cell and select the "Details" section). If your team is already placed on the cell, then you will be shown the data of the current collection.

It is important to know the duration of resource extraction in time in order to distribute responsibilities between other survivors (raids, campaigns, participation in events).

Resource cell management. To control, you need to go to the base, then click on the Clearing Center, and select the appropriate command. Here you can see the level of the cells, the name, coordinates and the time of collecting the cells on which your soldiers are currently working.

You can recall units home from the menu, and there is no need to go to the region map for this. To do this, click on the "Refuse" command. By increasing the Center, you increase the number of cells from which you can simultaneously extract materials.

Resource tile icons:

  1. Green - your soldiers are currently located on the cage.
  2. Blue - a member of your alliance is working on the cell.
  3. Red - this is how other players are designated.
  4. No icon - the cell is free and you can take it.

If you have selected a resource cell and a hammer-shaped symbol is burning above it, then the army of another player is currently approaching it. You can intercept the place, or wait for the arrival of an opponent and engage in a fight with him. If you win, you can take the cage.

In order not to lose units in a battle with a superior enemy, first send a reconnaissance group to the cell (command "Reconnaissance" when the cell is selected).

Walking Dead Survivors: Tips to Explore a Region Map

Exploration of the map of the region is one of the constant tasks in events and daily quests. If you look at the map, most of it (at a certain radius from your base) is covered with fog that needs to be dispelled. This lesson is a separate mechanic of the game that needs to be explained for beginners.

Preparation. To start research, you need to build a Research Hut (this opportunity is provided on the 3rd, 8th and 13th levels of the Town Hall). Next, you should build a Research Camp, and send there the hero that best matches the missions (with a global skill that increases the speed of research). After that, you can conduct reconnaissance of settlements of other players in your region. With each new level of pumping the camp, the exploration speed increases. At the same time, you can send 3 teams on a research expedition.

Dispel the fog. You should click on the area with fog to remove it from the map. This option is accomplished by sending one of your survivors (preferably a free hero).

You can remove fog only in those territories that border on already open areas of the map.

There are Water Towers on the map that increase the view of the open area. On the map, you can see not only the territories you have discovered, but also the places located near the bases of your clan members.

The Research Camp has a function called "Dispel the Fog". But at the same time, you cannot move to the ground covered with fog. If you send a squad to battles at certain coordinates (for example, you were asked to help in the guild with an attack on another player, and sent you the data on the location of the settlement), and if this land is closed from your eyes by fog, then you cannot fight on it.

Study. During exploration trips, you may discover Abandoned Camps. If this camp is marked with a gift symbol, or any other icon, then a pleasant surprise awaits you. For details, click on the symbol above the tent.

If you come across the Water Tower, then you should click on it to increase the view radius of the open area. If you stumble upon the Abandoned Camp, and something is going on in it, you will receive an email notification about what is actually happening there.

In Abandoned Camps, you can find a map of the region. This card dispels the fog completely. If you have already dispelled all the fog by the time the map was found, then instead of it you will have an Acceleration for 5 minutes.

Walking Dead Survivors: Savior Camps Secrets

On the map of the region, you can find not only the Walking Dead, but also well-armed representatives of the dangerous group of Saviors. They are located in a separate city, but their posts are scattered throughout the map. At the beginning of the game, they come to your camp and offer, in exchange for salvation, to give them half of the loot that you can get from your campaigns and from production. Otherwise, you must perish.

Many adventures associated with battles with the Saviors will depend on the activity of your clan. If you often help your allies, they will point you to more profitable places for obtaining resources and give you valuable rewards. They may know where the Saviors dwell and hide their jewels.

Conquest of the city of Saviors. On the map of the region is located:

If you are in a clan, then advise the leader to place the guild territory next to one of the Savior communities in order to be able to constantly attack them.

Attacking villains and occupying their posts must be in order of priority, starting at level 1. We recommend starting an attack on the Saviors after completing Chapter 1 of the storyline.

As soon as you enter the territory of the Saviors, the stage of peace begins. The clan that defeats the villains receives a positive effect for a certain time. While the guild occupies the marauder camp, its territory joins the alliance lands. As long as a clan takes the place of a community, it cannot be scouted or attacked.

War (PvP). When the peaceful stage reaches its end, the post of Saviors occupied by the guild becomes available for attack and reconnaissance for a certain time (depending on the level of the villains settlement). During the war phase, other alliances can attack your clan.

If the attacking alliance destroys all your teams (garrisons) sent to help the community, then it occupies the territory of the Saviors, and will be able to set up defenses. All members of the alliance can increase the power of the outpost.

When the war stage ends, the guild that will occupy the Savior settlement at the end of the timer wins. Then the peace phase will begin again. In the picture above, you can see the location of the Savior camps.

Walking Dead Survivors: Why Do You Need a Clan?

You can join the guild almost at the start of the game (during the passage of Chapter 2 of the Chronicle of a Survivor). After joining the alliance, you will unlock new game mechanics and additional opportunities.

Clan functions:

Clan Events:

Guild progression. Raising the level of a clan increases the limit on the number of members of the union, and allows the alliance to build more clan buildings. For successful development, you must own (at least one) Savior Outpost. Also, the progress is affected by the number of bases that players have located on the territory of the guild lands.

Upon reaching a certain limit, increasing the level of the clan does not allow increasing the maximum number of members of the union. At the moment, the developers are working to increase the number of clan functions upon reaching high levels.

Your privileges. One of the advantages of a clan is the acceleration of construction at your base and an increase in the speed of researching sciences. To do this, after the start of construction or study, click on the "Help" button, after which your allies will have an icon in the lower right corner of the screen (handle). By tapping on them, your guildmate will speed up the process. In the same way, you can also help your guildmates.

The second important advantage is getting a variety of chests with rewards for being active in the life of the union. The more rewards all members of the alliance collect per day, the higher the final reward will be.

Walking Dead Survivors: Secrets of the passage of the game

How do I move to a map of another region? To transfer the base to another region, you must meet some conditions:

  1. You created an account no later than 7 days before the move.
  2. Your Town Hall is level 6 and below.
  3. You have an item to move the base between regions.
  4. All survivors at the base have a Free status.
  5. You are not in an alliance.
  6. You have no movement on the map of the region.
  7. During the move, all of your achievements, except for the newbie event, will be reset.
  8. You will lose all of your resource cells.

To perform the operation to transfer the base to another region, you need to go to the map of the region, then click on the mini - map in the upper right corner, after which you should tap on the button in the form of a globe (in the lower right corner). A list of regions will appear, where you can choose one of the ones you like. Regions highlighted in green are not overcrowded and you can move there.

After you move the base to the new region map, the game will restart. But during the transition, you will not be able to select the location you need on the map, and your settlement will be randomly placed.

Why are ELITE glasses needed? They are required to increase your ELITE status. With each new status, you will receive additional privileges. For example, increasing the percentage of production of resources. Also, every day you will receive a chest with rewards corresponding to your ELITE status. To increase your status, you need to enter the game every day, complete some tasks. The easiest way is to make purchases in the play store for real money.

How do items in the game work? There are many different items in the game that have their own value and importance for the gameplay. We decided to take a closer look at some of them.

Accelerators - needed to reduce the time of some game processes: training, healing, production, approaches, construction. There are also universal accelerators that reduce the execution time of any process.

Retreat - Needed to get the team back home after you sent them on the offensive. To use the token, you must learn the science of "Perfect Retreat".

Moving - makes it possible to instantly move your base to any place on the map of the region, with the exception of the lands of hostile clans. You can use the transfer of the base at any time, even if opponents attacked your settlement. Also, to transfer the camp to the territory of your alliance, you can use the "Clan transfer". You can also teleport to a random point on the map if you use the Random Transfer token.

Erlenmeyer flask - required for researching various sciences in the Library. It can be obtained from the monsters that you protect when opening new base lands.

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