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The Walking Zombie 2 WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

The Walking Zombie 2: Shooter is an exciting first-person shooter with RPG elements from Alda Games. The player takes on the role of the Chosen One to save the world, destroying zombies and helping create a cure. The game compares favorably with similar projects with moderate black humor, an unusual plot that the player can adjust with the help of answers, a large selection of weapons, an open world and puzzles. The shooter captures from the first minutes of the game.


  1. The Walking Zombie 2 Promo Code
  2. Secrets of passing the game
  3. Beginner’s Guide
  4. Currency Earning Tips
  5. Ability and Skill Tips
  6. Mission Preparation Secrets
  7. City Secrets
  8. Chance Encounters
  9. Search for figurines at the location Nuclear power plant
  10. Search for figurines in the Tunnel location
  11. Search for figurines in the Cargo ship location
  12. Search for figurines at the location of the Military base
  13. Search for figurines in the Prison location
  14. Search for figurines in the Winter Forest location
  15. Adventures in Open World
  16. How to get all the achievements?

The Walking Zombie 2 Promo Code

Where to enter a promo code? To do this, you need to go to the Settings menu. Then you should select the "Connection" tab, then go to the "Activate code" section. In a new window, you will be able to enter code characters in the active line. Note that at the time of entering the gift code, you must be in online game mode. Some promotional codes have a time limit.

Promo codes:

  1. KILLZOMBIE - 10 rugby ball shaped grenades.
  2. GOLDGOLD - 20 gold coins.
  3. THANKYOU - 10 pineapple-shaped grenades (damage - 400 units, spread up to 7 meters).
  4. CHRISTMAS2023 - 20 grenades.
  5. INEEDGAS - 30 liters of gasoline.
  6. SILVERCOINS - 2000 silver coins.
  7. ZOMBERO - 40 gold coins.
  8. WIKIFANDOM - encyclopedia.
  9. SANTA2023 - 10 grenades.
  10. ENDOFGASOLINE - 30 liters of gasoline.

The Walking Zombie 2: Secrets of passing the game

Read the dialogue carefully. The first thing you should pay attention to is reading the dialogue. From it, you can learn information about new mechanics, get a free reward, or learn the secrets of completing a task. It is equally important to choose the correct answers. For example, you first need to choose a reward option (usually it requires a certain conversation value), and then ask the hero to continue the story of the mission. If you choose to continue the story first, you will not receive a prize.

First, collect all the tasks from the characters in the city. Since it is almost impossible to get gasoline at the start of the game, it is worth saving. To do this, you can collect all the quests, and then on the map, first select the tasks that are located nearby, or those that can be completed along the way. After completing the quests, you can return to the center and turn in the quests in bulk.

Look for safes and secret places in locations. Once you’ve completed the quest, you can freely roam the location if you wish, or return to your base. You can find a safe or a secret place that contains a book or a valuable item. If there are zombies left in the area, then you can destroy them, thereby earning some money.

Terminal hack. To perform a hack, you need to aim at a terminal or computer and "interact" with it. You should click on the action button at the moment when the slider passes in the yellow zone. If you have time to click on it at this moment, then the lock on the right side will open. Opening all 3 locks will unlock the terminal.

Master keys. When opening locks with master keys, you need to press the action button at the moment when the hook passes the lock bolt. Raising all the bolts, you will open the lock from the safe or the door. Lockpicks differ from each other in the chance of successful hacking. If you are not sure that you can quickly deal with the lock, choose a more reliable master key.

When working with a safe, your restraint and patience go a long way. One wrong move and the lockpick can break. In the game, you will find lockpicks with different probability of breakage, which can happen when you open the safe:

  1. Normal lockpick - 70% chance of breakage.
  2. Super master key - 50%.
  3. Ultra-master key - 30%.

Watch your health points. At the top left of the screen is a red heart with a numeric value. This is your health bar. The gauge decreases when receiving incoming damage from enemies or the environment. For example, radiation. Use items to restore health points. To do this, go to the backpack, open the inventory section. Here, click on the healing item you are interested in, and click on the "Use" button. While opening the backpack menu, the game stops. You don’t have to worry about being destroyed while you open the bag.

Keep your distance! The most important piece of advice when you are killing monsters is to always keep your distance and try to stay further away from them. Most undead can only harm you when you are standing next to them. During the time they hobble towards you, you can shoot them. However, some enemies, such as humans, can shoot you from a distance, so be sure to kill them first while ignoring the zombies for a while.

Grenades are your best friend! Grenades are very strong against a huge crowd of undead or people, so use them to instantly destroy your opponents. This will save you ammo. And possibly save your life.

If you are playing from a mobile device, then before starting the mission, when entering the location, touch the man in the coat and watch a short advertisement. This will allow you to get 2 - 3 free grenades. Keep in mind, if you run out of ammo or your health points are below 40%, you can watch the video announcement again to restore your health or replenish ammo.

Barrels are a great way to save ammo! You can run around the map so that all the zombies huddle together in 1 crowd, and bring them to the fuel barrel. With 1 shot you will clear the map, and then calmly complete the task. But do not forget that zombies can hear you and smell you, so they will constantly strive to eat you. You don’t have to be afraid of yellow barrels in locations, as they won’t deal damage to you.

Dodge boss attacks. Although the bosses in the game are not particularly difficult, they can deal significant damage to you. So watch out for their attacks. If a red area appears on the ground, therefore, the boss in this place will strike, and the damage will pass through the allocated area. Learn to maneuver and shoot at the monster at the same time without stopping the attack. Watch where the boss is looking, as he will make unselected attacks in the direction of his gaze.

Use cover. If you are facing opponents with ranged attacks (for example, people firing weapons), then you can use the outside world as cover. It can be a wall of a building, a stone, a tree, and so on. In some locations you can find weapons that you are invited to use in completing the mission.

Don’t die! If you die, you will spawn at the starting point of the city center or the hospital (after opening Open World). In doing so, you will lose all items from the backpack. If you are not sure that you can complete the mission, then it is better to increase your level and pump skills in other places. This can be done in the starting city or by completing Ice’s easy quests.

Special enemies and traps

In the game you will meet not only slow and sad zombies. Gradually, you will meet difficult opponents that are difficult to destroy. However, they can deal different damage. In the table below, we have described the actions of some dangerous opponents.

The name of the enemy.Description.
Radioactive zombie.If you get too close to him, you can take moderate radiation damage.
Zombie - fireman.Very tenacious opponent, has a lot of protection. If you let him close, he starts kicking you with his feet.
Zombie QB.An annoying zombie with fast attacks and surprisingly fast moves. His jumps when he runs towards you make him unpredictable.
Girlfriend Zombie QB.Creeps around and jumps towards you when you provoke her. Fast attacks and jumps make it difficult to kill, self-detonates upon death.
Fat zombie.In order not to waste ammo on him, you can run past, not far from him. The undead will explode, but you will not be damaged. Explosions can kill nearby zombies. But if you miss it close to you, you will get a big radiation wound.
Zombie dog and zombie wolf.They are fast, sneaky, unpredictable, and deal good damage.
Zombie bat.A fast flying creature that attacks from a distance. It’s hard to get into it. We recommend killing her first.
Bandits.They shoot from firearms, they are very dangerous and cunning. Some use machine guns, so beware of them.


  1. Experiment 626 is the product of biological experiments at Science Base 2. It attacks with its giant arms and spits out a dangerous radioactive substance. Don’t let him close to you, and you can quickly defeat him.
  2. Reaper - A giant robot created by the Cutters that was to be used to take control of Sun City. He uses a pistol and a circular saw. He is more durable than other bosses, but you can easily dodge his attacks with a saw.
  3. Riddle is the leader of a cult who can transform into a demon. Uses his pistol and horn to attack, shielding himself with a transparent shield for defense. Can command masses of zombies and cause meteor showers. Watch for his movements and red marks on the ground.
  4. Yeti - a creature turned into a zombie, devours animals and people. It uses its surroundings to attack, such as throwing icicles. Can freeze an opponent.
  5. The plant god is the result of a giant plant combined with a zombie virus. A cult that worships this plant feeds other people with it. It is protected by giant tentacles and a radioactive wave. Periodically, spikes appear from the ground, dealing damage. Move back to the concrete so that the spikes don’t hit you and dodge the tentacles.
  6. Dune worm - lives in the desert underground. He can command other zombies and spray dangerous substances. Periodically, he disappears underground to restore health. The boss is not difficult and is quickly destroyed. A few grenades will be enough for him.
  7. BioNet is an artificial intelligence system used to protect the underside of science base 3. Fires from turrets mounted on the ceiling. You need to destroy the main computer to win.
  8. The Octomander is a giant aquatic creature created by the scientists at Science Base 4. One of the scientists was Smith. Smith decides to strengthen and control him in order to destroy Northtown. The boss in battle uses his tentacles, radioactive saliva and a sonic gun on his head. During the battle, it may disappear for a few seconds, you can use this time to regroup. Dodge its tentacles and watch out for the red circles on the pier.

Traps - there are many dangerous places in the game. Basically, these are the thresholds of houses, stairs, corridors and tunnels. You should carefully look around and under your feet so as not to fall into traps. In the table below, we talked about the surprises that can await you at the locations of the game.

The name of the trap.Description.
Spears.In some stone corridors, mainly in the Science Bases, square grates on the floor appear, from which sharp spears emerge. They appear unexpectedly. Carefully run along the narrow corridors. If you notice a trap, then during the retreat, do not forget about it.
Fan.Often appears in passages and on stairs. The fan blades cause damage. Stand in front of the fan for a while to catch the moment and run it, as the appearance of the blades has a certain cycle.
Spears from a descendant.The trap is similar to the spears that emerge from the floor.
Axes.They suddenly appear on stairs and in narrow passages. You can slowly go through them, stopping in front of each ax, or run through them all at once, calculating the cyclical swings.
Stretch marks.They are strung between doorways. To neutralize them, aim at the thread, and click on the "Defuse" button.
Trap.The trap can be placed anywhere. Mostly in houses and wooden buildings. If you shoot him or hit him with a shovel, then the doors will close, and you can go further. If you lure a zombie into a trap, it will damage them.

The Walking Zombie 2: Beginner’s Guide

At the start, the game shows you a little backstory, how the journey of the young Chosen One began in the post-apocalyptic world. From the plot, you will learn that the main character was born in the forest, in a small parking lot of survivors at the time of the zombie attack on them. Miraculously, the then young mentor and his tiny pupil survived. The game itself takes place 20 years after the events shown.

At the start of the game, you will wake up in a trailer in the center of your 1st city - Woodlands. As you progress through the game, you will open several more cities. It will be possible to move between settlements. To go to the map, click on the backpack icon in the lower right corner. This is your main menu through which you can go to various sections.

Shooting range. Your first task will be to visit the shooting range, where you can practice your combat skills. The shooting range is a separate location from the camp, which can be reached by clicking on the map. To do this, you should click on the backpack icon in the lower right corner. The journey will cost you several liters of gasoline. Each new location, as it is opened, will be displayed on the city map.

Tasks. Once on the landfill, you can go into the houses and pick up items in them. At the end of the training, and you will need to shoot down 4 targets with firearms, you will gain experience. After returning to the camp, new tasks will be available to you. You can take quests from any game character with a red exclamation mark above it. When you successfully complete a mission, a red star will appear above your character.

Tasks are divided into 2 types:

  1. Basic - reveal the storyline of the game. By completing these quests, you unlock new cities and points on the map.
  2. Additional - do not apply to the storyline, but they can replenish your supplies. Some of them give you experience, coins, vehicles and other things.

At the start, some tasks will not be available to you, but in the dialogue with the character you can see at what level you can take the quest to complete it. Current tasks can be viewed in the backpack in the Missions tab. Unfortunately, the game does not indicate the difficulty of the quest.

Ice missions. This is an additional type of mission that you can complete all the time. If other heroes have chains of quests that tell separate stories of the world or a hero, then you take quests from Ice to clear locations in various ways. All he has 3 types of tasks of varying complexity. Ice has different missions in each city.

Treasure map is a separate type of additional tasks that you can get by activating a treasure map. The card can be obtained from game characters during missions, found at locations, or bought from a Merchant. Sometimes you will receive a treasure map in the Player’s Journey. After receiving the map, go into the backpack, and click on its icon. A description of the item will appear on the right side of the inventory, and at the bottom there will be 2 buttons "Use" and "Ignore".

If you ignore the map, it will disappear from the backpack and you won’t be able to find the treasure. If you activate an adventure, a new location will be displayed on the city map, which you must go to in order to find the treasure. The treasure is marked with a red cross, and the distance to it in the center of the screen (in the area of ​​​​the aim point) will be indicated. After approaching the marked area, you need to start excavating. This requires a shovel. You can find it at locations or buy it from the Merchant.

Remember that you can only use 1 treasure card at a time. If your map in your backpack does not activate, then you have not yet completed the previous excavation. Check if there is a dot on the city map that indicates the place where the treasure was mined.

A treasure is a chest, opening which you will receive a reward. As a gift, you will receive cartridges, gold or silver coins. Also in the chest can be useful game items. You receive treasures according to your current level. So you can purchase a map in Woodlands for 300 coins at level 40, for example, and dig a chest that will give you several thousand coins.

If you decide to reward developers with real money, then it is best to spend gold coins on a package with 3 treasure maps and a premium shovel. Such cards give a lot of coins and useful items. A package with such an offer will appear in the city of Springfield.

Player experience. Completing tasks, you get a few units of game experience. This experience fills the level bar. After the scale is completely filled, you will receive a new player level. The current level and its replenishment scale are displayed in the upper left corner of the backpack screen next to your portrait.

As you level up, you unlock new game mechanics and quests. Also, a new level gives you gasoline, coins, ability and skill points. With each level, you fill out the Traveler’s Card, where you receive a reward of your choice for the path traveled.

Karma - some tasks give or take away your karma. Karma is a certain indicator of your friendliness and purity of thoughts. The amount of karma you have affects certain encounters, choices in character dialogue, and other aspects of the game. You can see the amount of karma and other parameters of the hero in the "Character" section in the backpack. If karma reaches a critical minimum, then you will stop receiving new main tasks until you increase the kindness indicator.

Enemies are infected zombies, bandits and other dangerous creatures that can harm you. For their destruction, you get additional bonuses in the form of items, coins and fuel. The only location in which there are no undead is the center of cities. To quickly deal with opponents, you need to deal damage to the head.

Pay attention to the fuel barrels, as they will help you deal with large crowds of zombies. You can lure opponents to the barrels, and then shoot the containers. After that, an explosion will occur, having a decent area of ​​u200bu200bdestruction and high damage. Note that the barrel explosion does no damage to you.

Pay attention to the system prompts from the start of the game, as they contain important information on destroying opponents and optimizing progression.

To prevent zombies from attacking you, you can pause the game. To do this, go to the backpack during the battle with enemies. While completing some missions or secondary tasks, it is not necessary to destroy all the zombies. Sometimes it’s enough just to run away from them.

How to save the game process? The Walking Zombie can be played offline, but in order for you not to lose your progress, you need to periodically save the game to the cloud storage. To use it, you must be logged into Google Play. If you are not yet connected, you can go to settings and edit the link to your Google account in the Google Play Login section. Without saving to the cloud, it is not possible to restore progress after losing a save file or deleting a game. By linking to an account, you can play from different mobile devices.

Can I transfer progress from a computer to a mobile device? Since the game is available on both phones and computers, one would assume that progress can be transferred between devices. Actually, it is not provided. The versions have the same content, but each platform has features that make porting impossible. If you want to play on both platforms, you will have to play two separate games.

Be online when you view ads or earn rewards! Some game options and reward systems are only available online. Therefore, you should connect the Internet when receiving gold coins in the store or rewards for entering.

The Walking Zombie 2: Currency Earning Tips


The game has 3 types of main currency that you need to complete the game. Gold coins are the premium in-game currency that can be purchased with real money. But there are several ways to earn gold in the game that will help you save up for good armor and weapons:

  1. Level up - when you level up, you will receive 10 gold coins as a gift. Also in the Traveler’s Map, sometimes you will be given gold as a reward.
  2. Treasure Map - You can find some gold in the chest.
  3. View ads - if you play from a mobile device, then you will be able to watch ads. Some video offers will reward you with gold coins.
  4. Quests - in some missions from the heroes, where you need to find various caches, you can get gold. For example, at the start of the game after the release of Amanda, the girl will give you a task in which you need to find a buried treasure in the Bandit Den.
  5. Store - daily in the game store you can pick up 10 gold coins as a reward.
  6. Outlet - will become available at the Open World location. This is a building where you can exchange some in-game items for gold and silver coins.
  7. Random Encounters - In some encounters, you can get gold coins.
  8. Wheel of Fortune - once a day, you can spin the roulette in the store for free, from which you can get some gold and other items.
Save up gold coins for the best armor in the game - this is the Black Squad Armor set. You will need to have 882 gold coins. Clothes not only increase your defense, but also your movement speed, which will help you survive in the later stages of the game.


Silver coins are an in-game currency that is required to perform certain in-game actions. For example, to buy items from the Merchant, to upgrade weapons, to produce items, and so on. It is not difficult to get coins, but you will need a large amount of them, so from the start of the game we recommend spending them wisely.

Ways of earning:

  1. Completing tasks.
  2. Passage of Asa quests.
  3. Treasure map excavations.
  4. Random meetings.
  5. View ads.
  6. Receive daily rewards in the store.
  7. Wheel of Fortune.

Sale of items - items received in missions, you can sell from the Merchant. Sellers are located in each city, so you will not have problems with trading. During the destruction of monsters or during other actions, you can receive various types of scrap, which are only suitable for sale. The merchant will gladly buy any game item from you.

It is worth noting that the value indicated on the item is the maximum sale or purchase price from the Merchant. What does it mean? At the start of the game, you will sell items at the lowest cost and buy at the highest. But with the time of pumping the "Trade" skill, you will be able to buy goods cheaper and sell items more expensive. If you pump this skill to the maximum, then you will be able to sell goods at the price indicated in the item description.

Introduction to Poetry is a book that you can get during the game. Many beginners put them in a warehouse, believing that it will be useful to them in the future. In this case, 1 book takes up 1 slot in the inventory. Sell ​​it right away, do not save up, as it is needed only for sale. This is a reference to the 1989 film Dead Poets Society. You don’t need to sell other books, study them to improve your skills!

Destruction of monsters - after completing the mission at the location, you can stay and destroy monsters to earn coins. It is worth noting that cartridges of various calibers and coins pour well with zombies. In the Woodlands, until you open Springfield, various items fall from the undead in large quantities. Therefore, in 1 city you can save up enough money to buy good armor, weapons and an apartment in 2 settlements (we wrote about it below).


Gasoline is your fuel, which is necessary to move around the maps of cities and between the cities themselves. Until you open the Open World (Open World), you will constantly need gasoline. If in Woodlands the lack of gasoline will not bother you, then in Springfield you will understand from the first minutes of your exploration how much you lack it. There are several ways to get gasoline in the game:

  1. Automatic replenishment of the scale over time.
  2. Every hour you can pick up 30 liters of gasoline for free in the store.
  3. Obtaining gas cans in the Player’s Journey.
  4. Gasoline production.
  5. A gift from rescued people and animals.
  6. In safes and drawers.
  7. For the successful completion of missions.

If you decide to deposit real money into the game, then we recommend that you purchase an offer that sells a Hyper Truck and several canisters of fuel. The car is good because it does not consume gasoline. Its characteristics (we wrote about them below):

  1. Speed ​​- 400 km / h.
  2. Gasoline consumption - 0 liters per 100 km.
  3. Camouflage - 80%.

Decrease in consumption. But if you do not plan to deposit real funds, then we recommend that you open the "Driving" ability, and then upgrade the skill of the same name. This will allow you to consume less gasoline. Already in Springfield you will need 20 - 30 liters of fuel for 1 transition between locations. Gasoline is a very rare and necessary currency, which is almost impossible to get at the start of the game. Its scale when moving to a new level is not completely restored (you just get a few units of gasoline). Therefore, reducing fuel consumption is a good economic move.

Gasoline production. By opening the city of Open World, you will get the opportunity to produce gasoline. This action is performed in the Lab. For processing, you will need water and leftover fuel. Most of the water you will get in the Woodlands, and the rest - in random encounters and in safes. But it is very difficult to accumulate water from the start of the game, since 1 flask takes up 1 slot in the inventory (in the backpack and in the warehouse). You can buy an inventory expansion with gold.

Do not sell water unnecessarily so that you always have a supply of it for production.

Item production

In Springfield, the Realtor, after his quest chain, will offer you to buy an apartment for 5000 coins. We recommend purchasing housing, as in it you will be able to produce cartridges of various calibers and bandages for free. For this, workbenches are located in the rooms. Tables can be upgraded to increase productivity and reduce item crafting time.

After some time, you can upgrade the house for 15,000 coins. It will have 3 new slots for the production of energy drinks, vitamins and elixirs for radiation resistance. All items will be useful to you in the Open World for exchanging goods at the Outlet.

The items that the workbench has produced will be on the floor next to it. If you have little space in your backpack and in the warehouse, then do not pick up the created things. They will not go anywhere, and will lie in your apartment until they come in handy.

The Walking Zombie 2: Ability and Skill Tips

The hero improvement system is divided into abilities and skills. You get ability points every 3 levels, and every level you get skill points. In addition, you can get talent and skill points in conversations with game characters. Abilities are only activated, but it is impossible to pump them. But the skills you can improve throughout the game. They increase your characteristics, and give new opportunities. For example, receiving items during conversations, or choosing an answer option.

Leveling abilities and skills

Abilities are your specific talents that you can unlock during gameplay. They are needed to complete some tasks and dialogues with characters. By activating the ability, you affect the opening and leveling of your skills. You can get some abilities after completing a task or by obtaining a certain achievement (for example, reaching the required level). All activation conditions are indicated in the talent description.

You can activate your first ability at level 3. To do this, open the backpack menu and go to the "Character" section. There are 3 tabs on the right side of the window:

  1. Character - here you can view the characteristics of your hero, change equipment. Put grenades and healing items in the quick slot on the control panel.
  2. Skills - all the game skills of the character are opened and pumped here.
  3. Abilities - here you can activate any talent.

Skills. Skills are needed to improve your performance. For example, you can increase defense, damage from any type of weapon, or melee damage. Skills are pumped for the points received. You can get them for a new player level, during conversations with characters, for the successful completion of missions and when studying books. Some skills are available only after activating a certain ability.


  1. Shooting for beginners - increases the skill of firearms by 2 points.
  2. Book of first aid - healing +2 units.
  3. Journal of nature - gives 2 skill points, you can increase any skill.
  4. Bible - +4 to conversation.
  5. Encyclopedia - gives 2 skill points.
  6. Advanced marksmanship - firearms +1.
  7. Extended Book of Medical Assistance - +1 Healing.
  8. Energy weapons for beginners - +1 to the skill of laser weapons.
  9. Advanced Energy Weapons - +1 to laser weapons.

Skill level - each skill you can pump up to level 200. But during pumping there are conditions:

  1. From skill level 1 to 100, you spend 1 skill point to upgrade.
  2. From level 101 to 150 you will need 2 skill points each.
  3. From level 151 to 200, 3 skill points are required to increase.

The skill level affects the use of books. Please note that the description of each book indicates the range. That is, you can only get skill points from the book if your current skill level falls within the range of the tome. Therefore, we do not recommend saving up literature, but studying it right away so as not to lose skill points.

You can find books on the locations of cities, get them as a reward for a new level, sometimes you are given books in the Player’s Journey. We advise you to purchase books from the Merchant at the first convenient opportunity. It is best to buy an encyclopedia and a bible.

Recommendations for choosing abilities and skills

Reading. By unlocking the Reading ability, you can read the books and magazines you find. With this skill, you can start reading books, thereby pumping your skills. We recommend that you open this skill first in order to be able to get additional skill points from the start.

Activate the Animal Language ability on the strat to be able to communicate with animals, birds and insects. They can not only chat with you, but also give a simple task, but a useful task.

Nothing. You can activate the "Nothing" ability at the beginning of your development. In the game, the developers do not recommend buying it, because "this ability does not give anything, it is definitely not worth taking it." This is actually a useful ability, as it will give you +2 talent points.

Conversation - this skill allows you to make an additional choice in the dialogue with the characters. For example, with the increase in the level of conversation, you can resolve some points of contention through conversation. Sometimes the choice allows you to gain skill points. Some of the response options in a conversation require a certain value of this skill.

Choose answers that require a certain amount of speaking skill. Sometimes after choosing this option, you can get the items you need to complete the mission for free.

Junkman - for each item sold, you will receive 15% more silver. A good ability at the start, especially since you will need to accumulate coins for expensive armor and good weapons. It is worth noting that it is in the Woodlands that you will drop a lot of items that can be sold.

Trading - by activating the Rogue, you will be able to pump the Trade skill. It allows you to purchase goods from the Merchant cheaper by a certain percentage (depending on skill level). You can also sell your items for more. In the future, you can purchase the "Junkyard 2" ability to buy items from characters cheaper. For example, you can buy a buggy for 4000 instead of 5000 in the City of the Sun. You must purchase these items as the story progresses in order to continue the quest chain.

Scavenger - since you will often pick up various scrap in adventures, it will not hurt you to sell it for 15% above the regular price. By activating the Scavenger and Scavenger 2 abilities, you will receive +30% to the cost of the scrap you sell.

Big Backpack - As soon as you start to feel like you’re running out of inventory space, you can activate the Big Backpack ability. It increases the capacity of your shoulder bag by 5 slots. The "Trunk" skill will increase the car’s capacity by 5 slots.

Shooter. At level 25, you will unlock the Sharpshooter ability. For killing 3 enemies in a row with headshots, you will receive 6 additional silver coins. If you are a good shooter, and have learned to hit most opponents in the head, then you will have a constant additional income. By activating the Zombie Hunter talent, you will receive 10 coins for every 10 undead kills.

Good student - the ability makes it possible to get +1 skill point for each level. Thus, you can quickly develop the skills you need. This will allow you to be more productive in battle.

Critical Damage - The moment you level up your shooting or melee abilities enough (depending on your play style), you can start increasing critical damage and critical strike chance. This will help you skills and abilities:

  1. Adrenaline - 1 attack at the entrance to the location is always critical.
  2. More Criticals 1 - 5% more chance to land a critical hit. There is a 2nd part to this talent that also increases critical strike chance by 5%.

Increase your weapon reload speed! If you are using ranged weapons (firearms or lasers), then it is important for you to reduce their reload speed. So you will deal more damage in the same period of time. To do this, activate and upgrade "Fast Hands 1" - the reload speed is reduced by 10%. The 2nd part of the ability reduces reload speed by another 10%.

Grenadier - since zombies like to gather in crowds and attack you together, we recommend using grenades. And in order for the undead to definitely not reach the goal, open the Grenadier ability. It increases grenade damage by 20%.

Hacking quality - as you progress through the adventure, you will need the ability to crack and open various safes. We advise you to activate the abilities "Hacker" (the slider pointer moves 20% slower) and "Burglar" (the lockpick moves 20% slower). So you will be more successful in opening doors, cracking computers and safes.

The Walking Zombie 2: Mission Preparation Secrets

What should be prepared before starting a mission? Knowing which items to prepare will affect the outcome of the mission. You put the main items in special slots, which are placed around your hero on the Character page. Supporting resources should also be prepared. They will be in your backpack, and you can equip them at the right time.

  1. Health restoration items - we recommend putting bandages in the quick slot, as they can add up to 1 cell. We also recommend taking energy drinks, vitamins and a first aid kit.
  2. Ammunition - cartridges for the main and auxiliary weapons. They, like bandages, can be folded.
  3. Weapons - we recommend choosing 2 types of weapons: primary and secondary. In case you run out of ammo for your main weapon, you can insert an additional barrel into the quick slot.
  4. Equipment - you can equip the hero with 4 items: headdress, vest, pants and shoes.
  5. The belt is a grenade slot. You can take StHg 24 Grenade and Grenade Mk2.
  6. Shovel - some quests require its use. It can also come in handy in random encounters.
  7. Lockpicks - at locations and meetings, you may encounter a safe that requires lockpicks to open.


An important aspect in the game is the protection of your mortal body. Since the game has a standard number of health points at all levels, the right equipment will help you protect yourself. To do this, you need to equip the Chosen One. The further you go on adventures, the more reliable your protective items should be. The main parameters that you need to pay attention to when choosing equipment:

  1. Armor is an indicator of protection in ordinary terrain, where there is no radioactive radiation. The higher the armor value, the less damage will be done to you by opponents.
  2. Movement Speed ​​- Increases your base movement speed by the amount specified in the item’s description. The time for completing quests and moving around locations depends on your speed.
  3. Protection - reduces incoming damage by the percentage indicated in the description of the item.
  4. Radiation Protection - This setting reduces the damage you take while in a radioactive room or stepping on puddles that emit radiation. Some zombies can deal radiation damage.
  5. Critical Hit Chance - Increases the chance of inflicting a critical attack on enemies.

Strength is an indicator of your character’s power, which increases as you level up. Also, this value is increased by items of equipment. Each item in your wardrobe also has a strength indicator in its characteristics. Strength increases your overall survivability and your attack ratio. The larger its parameter, the less you will receive incoming damage.

The best armor in the game. There are several types of armor in the game. Some sets can be bought for silver coins, some for gold. In the table below, we have reflected the equipment that experienced players have identified. With it, you can successfully complete the entire game.

Item name.Strength indicator.Characteristics.
Protective helmet.elevenArmor - 8, radiation protection - + 5%.
Helmet of the black squad.21Armor - 14, movement speed - + 5%.
Kevlar helmet.10Armor - 10, defense - + 2%.
Kevlar vest.20Armor - 20, defense - + 4%.
Protective vest.22Armor - 16, radiation protection - + 10%.
Vest of the black squad.42Armor - 28, movement speed - + 10%.
Nuclear armor.50Armor - 36.
Kevlar trousers.10Armor - 10, defense - + 2%.
Protective trousers.elevenArmor - 8, radiation protection - + 5%.
Trousers of the black squad.21Armor - 14, movement speed - + 5%.
Kevlar shoes.10Armor - 10, defense - + 2%.
Safety shoes.elevenArmor - 8, radiation protection - + 5%.
Shoes of the black squad.21Armor - 14, movement speed - + 5%.
Alien shoes.20Armor - 20.


Weapons are divided into 3 types:

  1. Firearms.
  2. Melee weapon.
  3. Energy (laser) weapons.

The damage of each type of weapon can be increased with the help of abilities and skills. Each type of weapon has its own characteristics by which you can determine their capabilities:

  1. Damage is an indicator of the wounds that you can inflict on opponents.
  2. Attack speed is an indicator of the time it takes to swing (melee weapons) or 1 shot (ranged weapons).
  3. Reload time - the speed of changing the magazine or cartridges in firearms and laser weapons.
  4. Ammo Type - The standard for ranged weapon ammo used.
  5. Magazine size - the number of rounds in the magazine. You can fire a designated number of shots between weapon reloads.
  6. Radius - the weapon can deal massive damage in the specified radius of action. Relevant for grenades.

In addition to the characteristics indicated in the game, there are standard parameters that are set by default. These parameters can be improved with modifiers. For example, the scope on a shotgun increases not only damage, but also the accuracy of fire. Also, each weapon has its own range. Unfortunately, this characteristic is not listed in the game, but it is necessary to understand the operation of each type of weapon:

  1. Melee weapon - used at close range, has no ammo. Enemies come close to you and can deal damage.
  2. Pistols - attack distance is approximately 50 - 60 meters. The further away an enemy stands, the less damage is dealt to them.
  3. Shotguns (guns) - have a high damage rate, but a small bullet flight distance. If the object is further than 50 meters, then you may not hit it at all, since shotguns have a large spread of bullets.
  4. Assault rifles - shoot up to 500 meters, have high damage and good attack speed. Shooting is quite heaped. The rifle is a versatile weapon that will help you deal high damage and keep your opponents away.
  5. Marksmanship rifles - shooting distance of 500 meters and above. They have high damage and good attack speed. Cons: Long reload time.
  6. Submachine guns are excellent automatic weapons, firing distance of 100 - 150 meters, have a high attack speed, but a slow reload.
  7. Sniper rifles - can work through the entire location, have high damage. But they have little ammo in the magazine and a slow reload speed.
  8. Machine guns - have a high range and attack speed. They have the largest magazine capacity. But they have the slowest reload speed.
  9. Launchers - have high damage and attack range. They have few missiles in the magazine and a low reload speed.

Since the game has special tasks from Ice, in which you are invited to shoot from different types of weapons, you can determine the most suitable for yourself. In some missions, you will be advised to use melee weapons in order not to make noise. If you do not buy such a weapon, then, in general, you will use a shovel. To deal more damage, we advise you to pour some skill points into melee combat.

Start pumping combat skills only after you finally decide on the main type of your weapons.

How to get ammo? There are 4 types of ammo in the game:

  1. 9 mm.
  2. 7.62 mm.
  3. 5.56 mm.
  4. Fraction.

In order for your weapon to shoot, you need to choose the right caliber of cartridges for it. What ammo you need, you can read in the weapon description. Ammo of different types can be obtained in the following ways:

  1. Buy from the Merchant.
  2. Pick up after killing monsters.
  3. Find in safes.
  4. Found on the treasure map.
  5. Receive as a reward in the Way of the Traveler.
  6. Crafting in 1 apartment on a workbench.
  7. Get from the game characters.
Do not waste ammo at the start of the game, as in the future they will rarely drop out. While zombies are slow, they are easier to destroy with a bat or a shovel.

The best weapon in the game

Marksman rifle KAR 98:

  1. Damage - 55.
  2. Attack speed - 0.9 seconds.
  3. Type of ammunition - 7.62 mm.
  4. Magazine size - 7 rounds.
  5. Reload time - 3.0 seconds.
  6. Strength - 49.

SCAR rifle:

  1. Damage - 30.
  2. Attack speed - 0.15 seconds.
  3. Type of ammunition - 5.56 mm.
  4. Magazine size - 30 rounds.
  5. Reload time - 4.0 seconds.
  6. Strength - 105.

Shotgun AA12:

  1. Damage - 52.
  2. Attack speed - 0.3 seconds.
  3. Type of ammunition - shot.
  4. Magazine size - 12 rounds.
  5. Reload time - 3.0 seconds.
  6. Strength - 49.

P90 submachine gun:

  1. Damage - 15.
  2. Attack speed - 0.08 seconds.
  3. Type of ammunition - 5.56.
  4. Magazine size - 50 rounds.
  5. Reload time - 4.0 seconds.
  6. Strength - 93.

Sniper rifle "Sniper":

  1. Damage - 15.
  2. Attack speed - 0.08 seconds.
  3. Type of ammunition - 5.56.
  4. Magazine size - 50 rounds.
  5. Reload time - 4.0 seconds.
  6. Strength - 93.

The best transport

At the start of the game, you have a motorcycle on which you get to locations with tasks. The motorcycle consumes 40 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers, and has a speed of 20 km/h. If at the start of the game you do not notice a lack of fuel, then once in Springfield, you will immediately feel a limited supply of gasoline. Therefore, we recommend that you change your vehicle as soon as possible. You can buy a new car for game currency or for real money. In the "Petrol" section, we described in detail how to save fuel, but the characteristics of cars also significantly affect gasoline consumption.

You can improve the performance of your vehicles with silver and gold coins. To do this, go to the "Transport" section in your backpack. Select the car you are interested in, then click on the "Improve" command. You will see a window with the modification of your transport. In the same section, you can change the appearance of the car. Below we have presented the best vehicles that you can buy with silver coins.


  1. Speed ​​- 65 km / h.
  2. Fuel consumption - 15 l / 100 km.
  3. Camouflage - 37% (the indicator affects the ability to avoid a Random Encounter).


  1. Speed ​​- 60 km / h.
  2. Fuel consumption - 14 l / 100 km.
  3. Camouflage - 32%.

Winter mustang:

  1. Speed ​​- 71 km / h.
  2. Fuel consumption - 12 l / 100 km.
  3. Camouflage - 38%.


  1. Speed ​​- 90 km / h.
  2. Fuel consumption - 10 l / 100 km.
  3. Camouflage - 56%.


  1. Speed ​​- 90 km / h.
  2. Fuel consumption - 10 l / 100 km.
  3. Camouflage - 60%.

The Walking Zombie 2: City Secrets

Secrets in Woodlands

Cache. At the start of the game, you can climb the stairs to the treehouse that grows in the center of the base. In it you will find 1 book for beginners, which will give you some skill points. Behind the green trailer you slept in at the start of the game is a nature journal that gives you 2 skill points.

Goal. Behind Medic Layla’s tent is a small gate into which you can drive the ball. To do this, aim at him and interact with him. For a goal scored, you will receive 3000 coins. But you should be careful when making contact with the ball, as it can be driven into the stream, and it will fly away under the water wheel.

Hidden treasures. A bottle is floating in the stream next to the water wheel. She should be caught. It contains a treasure map that you can dig with a shovel. A shovel can be bought from a Merchant or picked up for free at a house in the Shooting Range.

If you select a treasure map in your backpack, you can click on the "Activate" button to start excavation. The location of the excavations will be displayed on the main map. The mission related to the excavation will open in the "Missions" section.

Buy the Forest Treasure Map from the Merchant, as it pays off and brings additional income and experience.

House in the forest. In the location of the Scientific base, to the right of the entrance to the base, there is a house in a small distance. Enter it and find the white door on the 1st floor. Behind it you will find a book for beginner shooters.

Destruction code. After the destruction of the boss in the Science base, you will have a task to self-destruct the base. But when you approach the main computer, you will find an offer to open the door S01. To open it, you will need to enter a password - jd8t4h3kd69h13hlf. The password for self-destruction is k895h4s21h00hsFdf. After opening the door, go along the corridor of the base, you will have access to a room where you can pick up various necessary game items.

Inspect all places in locations where your character can get or climb. In some secret places you can find books that increase your skills. You can also find keys, lockpicks and treasure maps.

Bandit hideout. In the Bandit Den, there is a fence on the right side of the house. After passing through it, you will be taken to the 2nd part of the location. Here in the barn you will find valuable items, and around the corner of the main building is a bible.

Secrets in Springfield

New car. As soon as you get to a new city, we recommend that you first of all complete the tasks of Jeff, who will give you a car. It is fuel efficient. So you will spend less gasoline on moving between locations. After you buy a car for 4000 coins, you need to go to the backpack and select the "Transport" tab. Here you need to click on the "Use" button on the left side of the description window. In the future, you can buy cars with better bonuses.

Do not immediately buy weapons in the new city, because after 1 Mayor’s task you will receive a 9 mm submachine gun for free.

Finds. In the mayor’s room you will find a treasure map. Behind Ice is a white van. Behind it you will find a nature magazine. Behind the tent opposite the arms dealer you will find a book for beginner shooters. Tony has a key behind the bar. But it will not be possible to immediately detect it, since it is hidden between two blue barrels that stand under the bottom shelf behind the chest.

Be like Neo! There is a gate next to the white car. Enter them, and go a little deeper into the territory. You will find several computers. After passing all levels of computer hacking difficulty, you will receive Neo’s ability for free. When hacking, be careful, as soon as you move away from the computer with the highest difficulty, an explosion occurs that takes away health points. Neo’s ability reduces the movement of sliders when hacked by 5%.

Submit! After 1 task, the Drunkard will offer to teach you something new for 400 coins. Pay the person money and you will get +2 skill points to the Traveler skill. The ability increases the capacity of the trunk. You can refuse and lose 5 karma.

Hidden treasures. In some locations of the city, you can find chests that are in the public domain. You can get bonuses from them, and some can be a trap. After opening such a chest, an explosion will occur. Therefore, we recommend opening chests with caution and at some distance from them (or immediately run back after opening them). You should also carefully look under your feet so as not to fall into a trap.

Green goo. Missions in the Sewers are difficult, as zombies can not be immediately detected there. Some of them hide in the holes in the walls, which are not visible because some of the corridors are filled with green water. You can restart the game, or find the undead by their characteristic sounds.

Gratitude. In one of the missions in the Sewers, you will meet an injured Mechanic. In a conversation with him, you can offer him help. If you have a Healing skill of 55 points, then you can help him. After that, the man will appear in your city, and you can take an additional task from him. But before the tasks, he will offer you to choose 2 options for gratitude: the first - 200 improved cartridges, the second - to tell a little about laser weapons. If you choose to listen to the story, you will receive +2 points to the "Laser Weapon" skill.

Rescue explosion. In the mission at Nolan’s Farm, you will be asked to poke zombies with a pitchfork. You will not be able to move, while the zombies will go at you without stopping. Pay attention to the barrel of fuel that stands next to you. You can also stick a pitchfork into it, and it will explode, destroying most of the undead.

Caring for loved ones. After completing the mission with the goat, if you have the ability to talk to animals, you can take the task from her. She will ask you to collect grass. You should not move to other locations, as you can collect grass right in the city. It will be highlighted with green arrows.

UFO. In the "Close Encounter" mission, you will need to play the correct tune on the roof of a building. The correct key combination is "green - blue - pink". After that, an alien will appear under the plate. During a dialogue with an alien creature, you need 65 conversation points to select the option "Do you have any useful developments?". It gives you +2 Laser Weapon Skill.

Handsome. In the Fifth Avenue mission "Caravan Protection" you will need to protect the bus from Pretty Boy’s boss. It’s a huge zombie. To destroy it, you will be given a bazooka and grenades to it. If you have free space in your backpack, then after killing the boss, the bazooka and grenades will remain with you. The boss is not particularly difficult.

Secrets of the City of the Sun

Caches. In the store behind the merchant there is a door on which a lock hangs. A screwdriver is required to open it. Behind the door in the next room you will find some useful items. On the outskirts of the city there is a hangar with cargo transport. In the back of one of the cars you will find a magazine about nature.

Ant. Ant sits on the stones on the outskirts of the town. If you have activated the ability to talk with animals, then you can receive a chain of quests from him. In one of the tasks, the insect will ask you to give him 4 flasks of water and 4 cans of beans. We advise you to prepare provisions in advance in order to immediately complete the quest.

Help the army. If, while completing this task, you missed a few representatives of the undead, then you should get off the car. After that, go straight to the sandy cliffs. Your path must cross the railroad tracks. Behind them you will find a cave, from which you can hear the characteristic sounds that zombies make. Arms and legs can stick out of the hole. Discharge the clip into the cave, so you will destroy all the zombies who were ashamed to come to you on their own.

How to fix the electrical circuit? In the City of the Sun, for the first time, you will encounter electrical circuits that need to be repaired in order to open compartments in the base. Approach the diagram and "interact" with it. A chip will appear on your screen. Contact nodes are located on the sides of the circuit. If the node is flashing blue, then it is damaged. It is this chain of loops that you should repair.

The scheme is divided into squares. By turning each square counterclockwise along the cable, you can connect the entire chain. Once the contact is in the correct position, it will turn yellow. After that, proceed to the next link. As a result, you will get a whole train, as shown in the picture above.

Chica. The girl will give you a series of tasks from which you will learn the history of the formation of gangs. You need to befriend one of them, as several guys from the gang will have to join you in the Open World. For each task you will receive a lot of coins. We recommend that you complete this quest chain, because after them you will have the opportunity to complain about the difficult fate of the friendly zombie, and other interesting stories will appear.

Wedding. After completing the chain from Chika, you can continue the story with her by agreeing to marry the girl. It will be an interesting continuation of the plot, the outcome of which depends on you. If you get married, you can also choose some plot twists. For example, if you agree to go on a mission with a friend of your wife, then the waitress will feed you lunch with fly agarics. The rest of the story is up to you. We recommend that you save your relationship with Chikov in order to be able to continue the story.

Northtown Secrets

Memorial meeting. There are no special caches in the city, and the passage of locations is similar to the previous ones. But you can choose the answer options on which the further development of events depends. In snow-covered Northtown, scientist Thomas (if you saved him in the City of the Sun) introduces you to Adam, a fellow scientist. It doesn’t take long to realize that Adam is actually your biological father.

Medicine. Then you start working together to create a cure. Your efforts are being hampered by one of the scientists named Smith, who has a new quest chain associated with him. You help residents with various problems. If you have successfully completed the UFO quest chain, then you can count on a spaceship that could fly away and save some people.

Difficult choice. Adam manages to create a cure using your blood. But Smith ruins everything. The final conflict takes place in Smith’s castle, where you finally defeat the mad scientist and his monster Octomander. After defeating the scientist, you will learn that he saved Adam by turning him into a half-zombie. Here you need to make a choice: blow up the base with the enemy, while killing your father, or let Smith go, but save the life of the parent.

The final chord - you can heal everyone or only allow certain people to heal. After a short cutscene, the main plot of the game will be completed. You can travel around the open world and collect figurines.

The Walking Zombie 2: Chance Encounters

During the transitions between locations, you can expect a Chance Encounter. If you have a high percentage of camouflage, then you can try to "Escape" the story. But we recommend that you always use the opportunity to go through an additional location, as you can get rare items in it.

Chef - gives bioadditives that increase your strength, and can also cook you a dish of meat or pasta. But for this you need to complete some of his tasks. You can simply sell the meat to the Merchant, but the pasta will come in handy as a health restorer.

Beggar - a man will ask you for 100 coins. If you give them to him, you will get +5 karma in the piggy bank. If you refuse him, then 5 karma is taken away from you. But do not forget that karma gives you unique lines. At the same time, 100 coins is not such a large amount that it should not be shared.

Gang of bandits - you can choose the option that involves avoiding a meeting, since you will not get anything from them, just waste your time and ammo. And you can lose your health. Similar meeting: Hordes of zombies - you simply destroy the undead that moves towards you. Horde of zombies - a crowd of undead is waiting for you on the road, which must be destroyed. You will not receive prizes from the meeting, but you will not be able to avoid it either.

Locked box - you need to open the chest, but this requires a key. Walk towards the wooden tower, then go a little deeper into the forest. There, next to the barbed wire fence, there is a stone. Aim at him and "move" him. Under it you will find the key. From the chest you will get: 600 coins, 1 gold coin, 500 rounds of 5.56 mm.

Code from the Secret box - the meeting is called the Secret box to open the safe, you need to guess the password. To do this, you need to solve the cipher, which is written on paper lying next to the safe. Each time the meeting offers you new passwords, it is therefore important to choose the right lock code. Please note that the cipher characters are divided into 4 groups. Each group hides 1 number:

UFO - Approach the glow that comes from the saucer and you’ll get the "Abducted by Aliens" ability. After you are kidnapped and have several of your organs stripped, a new questline will open up. Therefore, we recommend meeting with aliens. Returning to the city, you will see a new character "Man with a Cigarette" who will give you tasks from the UFO.

Treasure hunt - in this meeting you need to find a treasure buried in an open location. This encounter is a great way to replenish your supplies and coins, as well as kill some undead that drop good bonuses. You can complete the event by opening the map and continuing your original path.

Peacock - a man will ask you to catch a peacock. The bird does not deal damage, but will actively run away from you. Drive the bird between the boxes in such a way that it cannot escape. Then click "take". After that, the peacock will tell you that the Strange Man wants to eat him, and if you help him, the bird will generously reward you. Do not send the feathered bird to the oven, select the answer option "Okay, I’ll kill him." After that, the person will be highlighted as an opponent, and you can fight him. The reward from the peacock will lie in a white van under the destroyed bridge.

20 boxes - in the location you will find several safes. You will also see several boxes containing useful items. But you can run into a trap when opening any caches. So be careful.

Trail - you will be taken to a location where a skeleton lies on the road. Approach him and take the resources. If you have few health points, then we advise you to heal a little, as the remains lie in a radioactive puddle. Radiation takes away your health points, do not forget about it.

3 safes - here you will need to open several safes. You should not stop at only 3 boxes that are on the road, as there are several more located in the vicinity. Run across the map. But be careful, you can meet zombies at the location.

Don’t be afraid to open safes in zombie areas. During the hack, they do not attack you, as the gameplay stops for all actions except opening.

Dumping Toxic Waste - This is where radiation resistance comes in handy, as items will have to be retrieved from puddles of radioactive waste. First you need to destroy the zombies, and then pick up the things that are behind the car. There are not many undead, but the items will come in handy.

House of horrors - you get to a location where you are met by several zombies. They are destroyed fairly quickly. To the left of the road is a two-story house. There are no opponents in it, but you should be more careful at the entrance, as there is a stretcher there, and a trap behind it. The house has a lot of traps, traps and exploding chests. Your goal is to open the door on the 1st floor. The key to the door is in one of the chests on the 2nd floor.

Open chests with care! First choose the "open" action, and then quickly run back to a safe distance from the object. In this case, the explosion will not hit you.

Holy chicken - a chicken will be waiting for you on the road. In a conversation with a bird, you need to answer the question: "what came first: an egg or a chicken?" You need to answer that it was a chicken. For a correct answer, the bird will reward you with (optional) 1 skill point.

Viking - location with black humor. You need to first kill all the zombies, then climb the tower from which the man jumped before. Take a leap of faith and you will be well rewarded.

Container - at the entrance to the location you are greeted by a green arrow. Below it lies a map made in the form of connected pipes. She needs to push back. Thanks to this, you will rise into the air. By shooting at your feet, you can find an invisible path. Take your time, you can easily fall off it. A good reward awaits you in the container.

Alternative reality - the main character will stand on the road, that is, you. The character will tell you how he got into your reality. If you have a conversation pumped up to 80 units, then you can choose a reward.

The Walking Zombie 2: Search for figurines at the location Nuclear power plant

Figurines are collectible items that you can find by completing figurine quests. Search missions can be taken in every city center, and the adventures themselves are waiting for you at the locations. Quests will become available after completing the main story of the game. If you still have additional tasks from the characters left unfulfilled, then you can go through them in parallel with the search.

In each city, you can find 12 unique figurines that are hidden in several locations. Missions are updated daily. Due to this, the location of caches and objects for their search changes on the maps. To find the figurine, you need to go through a series of obstacles and solve several puzzles: find the code for the terminal or door, decipher the keys, and so on. In total there are 4 rarities of figurines:

  1. Stone.
  2. Bronze.
  3. Silver.
  4. Golden.

If you find 3 identical figurines of the same quality, they will merge into 1 item of a higher quality. For example, if you have 3 stone idols, they will turn into bronze. In the center of each settlement there is a monument that improves depending on your progress in the search.

Figurine in the location "Nuclear Power Plant"

House. Once at the location, go towards the house. It stands right behind the hangars. On the way you will come across green boxes containing dynamite. The boxes can be located in the building itself or on the territory of the hangars. At the front door you will see a panel with a non-working electrical circuit. Repair it to open the door on the 2nd floor of the building. In the house you need to clear your way from the rubble, and go up to the 3rd floor. On it you will find papers with a code from the container, which is located in the hangar.

Transformer. After leaving the house, head towards the hangars and approach the transformer boxes. If a pile of rubbish prevents you from passing, just "crucify" it. Each booth has a shield that must be hacked to cut off power to the bridge. Now you should sit down at the machine gun and fire a burst at the target in the scope. The queue will start the pump, which pumps out the water. Now you need to go towards the gutters to drain the water.

Stocks. Near the bridge is a knife switch that needs to be lowered. After that, go down to the gutters, and go through them to the end. On the way, you will come across boxes in which you need to find the key to the hangar. At the end of the gutters there can be a locked container with 1 figurine. In the room itself, you will also find a container where 2 of the item you are looking for is hidden.

The Walking Zombie 2: Search for figurines in the Tunnel location

The beginning of the search. The Tunnel location can be conditionally divided into 3 areas, the transition between which is carried out through gates with electronic locks. On the left side of the tunnel is a locked door. To open it, you need to get the chip working. You will find it on the opposite wall from the door. You will also need a master key. After going through all the rooms, you will get to the stairs leading to the basement. In the same room is the first colored key to the electronic lock.

Central region. In small houses you will find 2 notes with a cipher. One of the codes will help you open the cage on the basement floor in the first area of ​​the location. There is a trailer in the center of the map, and a shower cabin is located to the right of it. In it you will find the second key to the electronic lock. Examine the trailer, as there may be a statuette hidden there. Take a close look in the trash bag. To get into the trailer you will need a lockpick.

After going down to the basement, you will find dynamite in green boxes. There is also an instruction for placing levers near the grate in the rubble area. Behind the cabinet you will find the key to the trailer. Use the codes that can be found in the central area of ​​the Tunnel to open the riddle lock.

Area with rubble. In this part of the location, you need to find a dig site. Here you will find dynamite. Walk to the end of the room until you run into a locked grate. It can only be opened by correctly positioning the levers. You can find the correct position of the levers in the basement of the current part of the location. After opening the grate, you need to go to the rubble. They are eliminated with dynamite. After clearing the area, you will find a chest in which another idol can be hidden.

The basement of the rubble zone. Before the rubble, you will find a staircase leading to the basement. Next to the steps is a wire reel. On it is a green box with dynamite. There are 2 doors behind the reel. Behind one of the passages is a small room where you can take a ladder. There is a chance to find the key in the room.

Behind the second passage you will find a sewer. If you follow it to the wall, you will find a box with a figurine at the end of the path. On the way, carefully inspect all the boxes. One of them may contain a key. You can also find the key in the wall opening. Here you will also find instructions for the correct location of the levers from the grate, which is located in the pantry. This will open up a niche where a container with an idol can be hidden. The ladder will come in handy to explore the 2nd tier in the central part of the location.

How to activate the colored electronic lock? When you find the key, you will see an arrangement of green, yellow and gray squares on it. Exactly the same location is required to create a combination lock. When all parts of the code match, the door will open.

The Walking Zombie 2: Search for figurines in the Cargo ship location

Lighthouse. Once at the location, go to the lighthouse. To open the door, you need to correctly match the symbols from the puzzle, which is located on the top bar (an example of the solution is shown in the picture above). To find clues from the puzzle, you need to walk around the location a bit and collect 4 pieces of the key. They are:

  1. In the fireplace of the house, which stands near the lighthouse.
  2. On the rock behind the spruce, which stands in front of the descent to the pier.
  3. On the stone arch in front of the ship’s ladder.
  4. On the back wall of the wooden toilet, which stands between the trailers.

Having correctly selected the lock code, you need to pick up the boards at the entrance. To get to the 2nd floor of the building, you will need a rope and a hook. The hook can lie in a house with a fireplace on the 2nd floor on a bunk bed. If you don’t find him there, then look at the cemetery. It can hang on one of the crosses. It can also lie in a wooden basin behind the boxes on the pier. You can pick up a rope in one of the trailers or in a shed that stands next to the house. Once on the 2nd floor of the lighthouse, carefully inspect the room. It can contain a container with a figurine.

Ship. Now head towards the ship. On the way, you should search the toilet, at the bottom of which there is a golden key. You can get on the schooner only on ice floes. To do this, put between them the boards that you grabbed at the lighthouse. After descending into the hold, open the door lock with a master key. You will enter a room with 3 cabins:

  1. To get into cabin 1, you must open the electronic lock and repair the chip. There are 7 notes with codes in the compartment.
  2. In Cabin 2, you need to dismantle the blockage in order to get to the target. It must be destroyed to open a room on the 1st floor of the house with a fireplace.
  3. In Cabin 3, you need to clear the rubble behind which there is a container with a lock. You will find the code for the lock on one of the notes you picked up in cabin 1. After opening the lock, you can find the idol.

Room. In the house with a fireplace, there is 1 room left on the 1st floor, which you need to open in order to complete the search for figurines. To do this, you should shoot 5 targets. They can be found in the following locations:

  1. In a cabin on a moored boat.
  2. On the ice at the bow of the ship.
  3. In the house above the hearth.
  4. In the shower cabin by the wagons.
  5. Behind the shed under a shed over a woodpile.

The key is on the nightstand next to the stove. He opens a chest in a room on the 2nd floor. After opening the cache, you will find a container with another collectible item.

The Walking Zombie 2: Search for figurines at the location of the Military base

Container. The cache can be opened by choosing the right combination of colors. To do this, you need to find clues. They are located in the following locations:

  1. In the corner in front of the base gate on the right side.
  2. Without entering the base, pay attention to the dilapidated gatehouse, behind which stands a barrel of fuel. On the left side of it is a stone block on which you will find a clue.
  3. On the territory of the base there is a fenced tower at number 2. To the left of the entrance, there will be a hint on the wall of the building.
  4. In the hangar on the wall between the rack and the computer.

Watch. In one of the hangars, you can also find a container with a collectible (stands in an orange chest). But in order to open it, you need to choose the right cipher from the hangar’s electronic lock. The watch face and the location of the hands on them will help you with this. The clock can be found in 4 places, the big orange numbers mean the character input sequence:

  1. On the rack to the left of the entrance to the central hangar are 1 clock.
  2. You will find 2 watches on the same tower where you found the key to the first container.
  3. There is a military tent near the mountain in front of the fence. On the opposite wall from the entrance hang 3 clocks.
  4. In the center of the base there is a large hangar with 2 traffic lights that hang on the entrance arch. There are 4 hours between them.

The chest opens with 3 keys:

  1. Gold - can be found on one of the wooden watchtowers.
  2. Silver - can lie: in a medical tent on a bed with a skeleton, in a communications tent on a table behind a radio, in a storage room on a shelf behind solar panels.
  3. Copper - you can find in the central hangar area: on a table with boxes, by the far wall behind a screen on bags and in a blue dry closet.

The Walking Zombie 2: Search for figurines in the Prison location

Hall. There are 2 ways to enter the prison room: through the central gate and through the cell room. The rooms are counted from a large brick-colored chair, which stands in the main hall, clockwise. Next to the chair is a lever that you need to "interact" with to open the laundry room. On the opposite wall from the chair above the corridor there is a clock number 2. Remember the location of the arrows on them.

Yard. Passing into the corridor under the clock, you find yourself in the courtyard. To pass through the gate you need to turn on 3 lamps. They should light up green. To do this, you need to find the switches, which are located in the laundry room, the dining room and in the cells. Going out into the courtyard you need to remember the location of the hands on the clock. They hang over the gate. Hours are marked with the number 4.

Go to the trunk of the burning car. It may contain another idol from the collection. To put out the fire, you should pick up a bucket in the dining room, and fill it with water in the laundry room. Carefully inspect the courtyard, in which you will find several clues from the electronic puzzle key.

Laundry. Once in the room, you need to "interact" with the valves from the shower heads in order to be able to get water. Next to the distribution counter, a clock with the number 3 hangs on a column. There are also barrels on which clues from one of the riddle locks are drawn. In one of the washing machines you will find a silver key.

Entrance to the chambers. To get into the next room, you need to open the grate with a master key. Approach the closed chamber, next to which (on the lower right side) there is a blue shield with a broken circuit. You need to repair it in order to go to jail. In the room on the shelves among the rubbish is a copper key.

Dining room. On the wall next to the barred window there is a clock number 1. Walk along the wall and you will find a toggle switch for one of the lamps that opens the gate to the courtyard. You will find a bucket near the sink on the floor behind the drawers.

Chief’s office. To enter it, you should enter the code symbols on the electronic lock. Parts of the key you could see on the clock in different parts of the map. The numbers denoting the hours are the sequence of entering the cipher. Opening the door, you find yourself in the secretariat room, behind which is the office itself.

To open the door, you need to match the color row on 2 locks (shown in the picture above). You will find the correct sequence in the yard and in the laundry room. There is a golden key on the table in the center of the office. You may find a container with a figurine here.

Cameras. After going into the room with the cameras, go up to the 2nd floor. Here you will find 2 closed doors. You can easily crack the code lock in the usual way. In the room on one of the walls there is a toggle switch from a lamp that opens the door to the courtyard. The second door needs to be opened with 2 keys: gold and silver (it is possible to replace it with a copper key). In the room you can find a stash with a collectible.

The Walking Zombie 2: Search for figurines in the Winter Forest location

Snow covered forest. Once at the location, you need to walk a little through the forest in search of clues from the riddle key. Memorize or write down the symbols and their sequence numbers. They can be found:

  1. On a tree trunk at the entrance to the location.
  2. On a large stone near the cliff.
  3. Under a canopy over a woodpile behind the bridge.
  4. On a concrete fence.
  5. On a cut of logs at a sawmill.
  6. On the ice floe next to the bridge.

Sawmill. The entrance lock from the sawmill premises can be broken with a master key. After going inside the building, go to the high safe. He stands at the door to the left of the entrance. Breaking the lock should not be particularly difficult. In the safe you will find a blue lighter. There is a possibility that there is a silver key on the top shelf. Hidden behind the rails under a pile of sawdust is a golden key.

At the far end of the room there are levers - they should be placed in accordance with the clues found earlier. For example, 1 key was with an arrow up, therefore, the lever must be raised. Do the same for the other switches. There is a chance to find a collectible in the chest under the levers.

Remember the location of the multi-colored squares that are on the grid on the wall.

Now you should leave the sawmill. But before leaving the premises, do not forget to turn off the electricity that feeds the grids near the river. To do this, repair the chip. It is located on the left side of the drop down doors. Return to the spawn location.

Trailer. Near the spawn point is a green trailer. You need a golden key to open the lock. Here you need to pick up a canister of fuel. If you found a silver key at the sawmill, then you can open one of the lockers. It contains a cipher from the lock of the second locker, inside which you should take the rope. If you haven’t found the key yet, then you should come here later.

Cave. On the way to the rocks, you will see a large ice floe, on which there is a green chair, a fishing rod and a dead person lies. On it you can find a silver key. After passing the ice floe, you need to turn right and make your way along the coast to a large boulder, which has a tied bag. You need to "interact" with him. After that, a hole in the cave will open.

The road will be blocked by a lattice with a color puzzle. Arrange the squares by color similar to their location on the grid that you found in the sawmill. After passing the tunnel, you will find yourself on a rock ledge. In the center stands a beautiful stalagmite made of ice. Set fire to the canister from the trailer next to him with a lighter. Under the block of ice, you can find the figurine in a green container. There may be a silver key behind a log near the wall (there are 3 places in total where it can be found).

Last transition. If you haven’t got the rope yet, then go back to the trailer and take it. If you have not found the idol yet, then you need to return to the river flowing by the sawmill. Stand on the grate if you have de-energized it beforehand. Reach out with a rope to the blue barrel that floats in the pond near the stone. It may contain a cache with a collectible item.

The Walking Zombie 2: Adventures in Open World

The Open World Territory will become available after completing a series of tasks for the Mayor of Springfield. You will develop this city on your own. Here you can trade, extract gasoline and get other benefits. From here you can go to random points on the map: locations, houses, barns, warehouses and other buildings to explore them and get more resources.

When traveling through locations, you will have a compass with marks at the top of the screen:

  1. Dealer.
  2. Main buildings.
  3. Resources.
  4. Other objects.

With a compass, you can navigate to locations and not get lost. On the map, each location has its own designation. If you aim at it, you can see some data about the place:

  1. Points of interest - various main objects (airport, buildings, base, and so on).
  2. Zombie contamination - the amount of undead in the location.
  3. Radiation - the level of infection.
  4. Location size.
  5. Total mining - the maximum amount of silver that can be found.
  6. The remaining prey is a scale showing your progress in mastering the location.
  7. Remaining time - since some locations open for a certain time, it will be useful for you to find out how much you can still wander around it.

Bill. In the central settlement, Bill will be waiting for you - a survivor who decided to join you because of the conflicts in Springfield. He takes care of the construction and the inhabitants of your city. From him you will take various quests that will help attract people to your monastery.

Veteran - An older man who can teach you many useful skills, at least when you have enough money to pay him tuition. Skills will have to be paid for in gold, and they will not have the possibility of improvement. But if you, over time, accumulate enough gold coins, then you can buy the most suitable skills for you.

Center buildings:

  1. The base camp is the main building in the open world. You will not be able to upgrade other buildings until you level up the camp. You can modify the building for gold (instant pumping) or silver (the camp will receive a new level in a few hours).
  2. Hospital - by improving the building, you will increase your health scale by a certain amount.
  3. Laboratory - here you will produce gasoline. By upgrading the room, you increase the number of crafting slots and reduce the fuel production time.
  4. Radio station - by pumping the level of the room, you will increase the number of points of interest in the locations of the Open World, increase the duration of searches and the maximum number of locations available.
  5. Trading point - here you will periodically be asked to exchange some resources (the recipe is indicated in the center of the store window) for gold coins. To reduce the waiting time for offers and increase their number, you need to improve the exchange point.
Upgrade the Trade Point, as you can consistently get about 100 or more gold coins from it every few hours. For those who do not contribute real money to the game, this is a good help in earning a rare currency.

The Walking Zombie 2: How to get all the achievements?

Achievements are collectible pictures that will remind you of your adventures in the game. All game achievements you can get during the gameplay. Conventionally, marks on the path traveled can be divided into several groups.

Destruction of the undead - you just need to clear the locations to put the zombies to rest. In general, you should kill the first enemy, 100, 200, 1000, 10000 and 100000 zombies. The final achievement can be obtained by exploring new territories in the Open World.

Accurate shot - this group is similar to the previous one, with the exception that you just need to hit the head of the enemy, while destroying him to complete the achievement is not necessary. Only well-aimed hits in the skull are counted. You need to hit 50, 500, 5000 and 50000 times.

Trips are another type of achievement that you do not need to separately spend time on. Each mark can be obtained by traveling on city maps or between them. You need to drive 2, 20, 200 and 2000 kilometers.

Trading - also, you should not separately think about making a mark. You simply accumulate and spend silver coins. But you should not do it thoughtlessly, since you don’t get silver in the game just like that, and it won’t flow like water. Therefore, choose to buy only the necessary items. To close the entire group, you need to spend 1000, 10000, 50000 and 250000 silver.

Burglar - to close the entire group, you should try. The good news is that progress includes not only breaking safes with master keys, but also opening other locks. The bad news is that during the passage you will not come across various castles very often. Therefore, we do not recommend skipping Random Encounters, as you can find 1 - 2 safes in their locations. You need to crack 5, 50, 500 and 5000 safes.

Hack the doors in the Railway Station location. It has 3 locked doors that open with lockpicks. You can periodically reset the area to be able to re-open the doors.

Treasure Hunter - the first 3 achievements are easy enough to complete, but for the last one you will have to spend some time of your life if you want to close the entire group. Achievements are counted only when searching for treasure on the Treasure Map. You should find 2, 20, 200 chests. And the icing on the cake - the latest achievement in the group - "Easy Mole" (Easy Mole). It requires you to find 2000 chests.

How to quickly close Easy Mole? To do this, you need to go to the Woodlands location, and buy a Treasure Map from the Merchant. If he does not currently have it for sale, then you can update the assortment of goods until you get the item you are looking for, for gold coins. Activate the map and go to the Old House. Here you need to find and dig a chest. After you open it, the treasure will slowly move up and down the screen. It rises when jewels are in it, and descends when empty.

At the time of the rise, click on the exit button from the location. A screen will appear where you should "abandon" the quest (as shown in the picture above). After abandoning the mission, you will be thrown out of the location, and you will find yourself a couple of kilometers from it. Return to the excavation point and repeat the steps. So you can maneuver until you empty the gas tank of your car, or until you get bored with the event.

Open world. There is another option for how easy it is to get Easy Mole. In Open World, there are various landscape objects in locations (mountain, playground, house, and so on). On them you can find a treasure. You can travel around your world and dig for treasures. And when you get an achievement card, you can brag about it in the official group of the game.

Other achievements:

  1. Get Boris’ watch - one of the first quests will be Boris’ request to get his watch, which he dropped in the toilet. Yes, the lesson is not pleasant, but it will have to be completed.
  2. Stone explosion - in Woodlands, you will need to use a rocket launcher for the quest. The mission itself is that you need to hit the stone and blow it up.
  3. Conversation with an animal - everything is simple here: activate the "Language of Animals" ability, after that you can have a nice conversation with a chicken in the center of Woodlands.
  4. Being abducted by aliens - in Springfield in the UFO Encounter, you need to stand in the rays of the spacecraft, after which you will have your extra organs removed. After completing the achievement, you will receive a new quest chain.
  5. Hacking a computer at the maximum level of difficulty - behind the Mechanic in Springfield there is a room with a PC. By hacking device 4, you will receive a mark.
  6. Give money to the Beggar - in the forest city you need to go through the event of the same name.
  7. Find 5 hidden objects - these are books, we talked about their hiding places above.

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