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Throne of the Chosen WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

THRONE OF THE CHOSEN is a game for android with release date 12/18/2020 from EskyfunUSA. Game genre: Simulations. In the article, we summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek site is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Gift Codes
  2. A Beginner’s Guide
  3. All About Game Account
  4. Tips for a Good Start
  5. How to get and level up Councilors?
  6. Battle Guide
  7. How to get and upgrade Lady?
  8. How to get and level up the Heir?
  9. Should I Join a Guild?
  10. Government Guide
  11. What are quests for?
  12. Should you take part in the events?
  13. Donation Guide
  14. Should You Play?

Throne of the Chosen: Gift Codes

Gift code. Finding and applying codes is one of the ways to get additional resources for developing a game account. Thus, you can get special tokens, potions, gold, provisions and an army.

Receiving. To receive gift codes, you need to register in the official groups of the game, where sometimes developers post promotional codes for their subscribers as a reward. For example, in the Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/ThroneOfTheChosen/

Introduction. Enter the settings section using the Settings button in the lower left corner. Enter the gift code in the special field and click the Redeem button. After that, the items will automatically appear in your inventory bag.

Gift codes:

Gift codes are constantly changing, so check the WiseGeek website for information on new codes.

Throne of the Chosen: A Beginner’s Guide

Gameplay. There is no direct control of the character in the game, movement through the locations occurs through the corresponding buttons of the sections. Your task is to take part in all gaming activities, earn experience points, resources and advance on the standings.

Account. After downloading the application, you will be prompted to log in via Facebook, your gaming device account, or use the guest mode. Authorization will allow you not only to save your progress, but also to play on multiple devices.

Take the time to log in, as when playing in guest mode, the application may crash and you will lose your progress.

Beginning of the game. After authorization, you have to choose an avatar for your game account, so that all players will see you in chats and ratings. Then enter the name or nickname under which you want to continue the game. In the future, the avatar and name can be changed in the settings.

Interface. At the top of the screen, your avatar, power points, Vip-level and the amount of mined resources are displayed. In the central part of the screen, a map of the state with the main buildings is displayed, by clicking on the building, you will go to the indicated game activity. At the bottom of the screen and on the sides there are buttons for navigating to all available activities.

The game is in English, so in case of misunderstanding of any game activity, use the translator.

Resources. The game features five main resources with which you can develop your state, increase its power, pump Advisors and Ladies. To get resources, you need to manage affairs in parliament and use resource items.

Resource types:

Do not waste precious stones on temporary activities if you want to play and develop without donation. Invest gems to unlock new heir slots and learning locations in the library.

Free resources. The game has several ways to get resources for development for free. Use the Bonus tab in the lower right corner to receive your daily login reward. Also, in the Flash Bonus tab, a free gift will be waiting for you every day.

If you are logged in through Facebook, repost the game on your page and get an additional bonus.

Mail. On the main screen, you can find an envelope icon with the inscription Mail, all letters from developers sent to your address will be displayed here. You should check your email at least once a day, as some rewards from temporary events come here.

Settings. There is a gear icon in the lower left side of the screen, here you can explore information about the server, set up sound and background music. You can also change the server, login and enter the gift code. If necessary, you can change the avatar by selecting the image of any of the open Counselors and Ladies.

Chat. At the bottom of the screen there is a scrolling line with messages, clicking on it, you will go to the section with chats. There are several types of chat, you can communicate with players of the server, guild, and also view system messages about the marriage of heirs.

Throne of the Chosen: All About Game Account

Game account. You are the main character of the game and run a large state. All actions in gaming activities should be aimed at pumping and increasing the level of your account.

Key account metrics:

Level. The available activities and your place in the standings mainly depend on the game level. After reaching the next level, you get a new title, for example, Baron or Viscount, the main indicators of the character increase and the appearance of the form changes.

An experience. To increase the level, you need to earn experience points. Experience can be gained by completing tasks in the story company, communicating with the Lady and considering cases in court. To increase the level press the Promote button.

You can study in advance the changes that will come after you get a new level in the information tab.
ActivityOpening conditionsDescription
LadyReaching Sir I Nobility.You can win the love of one of the girls and marry her.
HeirsThe first heir appears.You can take up the education of your heirs.
WeddingThe heir reaches the Nobility level.You can organize marriage unions of your adult heirs.
PrisonPassage of 2 chapter.You can receive a reward for punishing prisoners.
TripsReaching Sir Nobility.You can travel and meet new ladies.
ArenaGetting 15 followers.You can choose one of the followers to fight with other players in the Arena.
LinkGetting 30 followers.You can direct weak followers to the link.
MonasteryObtaining 15 Ladies.You can send unwanted girls to the monastery.
ReceptionsReaching the Baron Nobility level.You can invite other players to your server.
GuildReaching the Viscount I Nobility level.You can team up with other players on the server and participate in events together.
AdviceReaching the Viscount Nobility level.You can have debates and additional experiences.
CourtReaching Viscount I.You can try prisoners and get more experience.
CrusadePassage of 80 chapter.You can send your army on a campaign and get valuable rewards.
TradeReaching the Marquis I Nobility level.You can make deals and receive additional rewards.

Power up. On the main screen, in the lower right corner, there is a special tab that will help you in developing your game account. Next to each activity there is a green Go button, by clicking on which you can move to the desired section of the game and increase the main characteristics.

Character metricPumping method
PowerRaising the game level.
Using potions.
Improving Lady skills.
The wedding of the heirs.
Subject promotionRaising the level of Advisors.
Using potions.
Increase in the army.
Using the Call for Service token.
Getting AdvisorsGetting the King.
Receiving the Deity.
Getting a powerful Advisor.
Getting the LadyTravel.
Raise your VIP level.
Replenishment of stockManage the lands.
Manage your affairs.
Complete story missions.
Punish the prisoners.
Increased proximityGive gifts to the Lady.

Throne of the Chosen: Tips for a Good Start

Time to play. At the initial stage of the game, you can quickly upgrade your account if you take part in all activities in order to receive as many bonuses and gifts as possible. Start playing when you have a lot of free time, then you can quickly find yourself in the top players.

Server selection. After gaining sufficient gaming experience, you can move to a new server and start successfully developing among newbies. Servers do not open often, so you need to monitor their appearance and switch to a new one as soon as possible.

Completing assignments. Complete story missions daily to level up your game account. Also, set aside time for completing quests and receiving additional rewards in order to replenish the amount of resources necessary for pumping Advisors and Ladies.

Temporary events. Even if you understand that you will not be able to take the top line in the event rating, still try to complete the simplest tasks. Thus, you can get good free or intermediate prizes for the development of Advisors and Ladies.

Study of the game. Each tab of the game activity has special tips that you need to study for a better understanding of the mechanics of the game. Be sure to take the time to study the clues so that you can effectively allocate resources in the future.

Investing money. If you decide to invest in the game, it is best to take advantage of promotional offers. Also a good investment of money is completing assignments in temporary events and receiving exclusive gifts.

Throne of the Chosen: How to get and level up Councilors?

Counselors. As a ruler, you have wise Advisers who help you in various areas of government, for example, increase your income or increase your army. Obtaining and developing Advisors is an important gaming activity that will help you advance in the ranking faster.

Specifications. Each Expert Advisor has a certain set of characteristics. To go to the list of Advisors, click the Follower button at the bottom of the screen, and then open the card of the character you are interested in and study his characteristics.


By clicking on the magnifying glass icon, you can view the full-length image of the Expert Advisor.

Ways to get Advisors:

To make it easier to track EAs with a low level, use the sorting of the list by clicking the Level button.

Leveling the Advisor. The maximum level is 100, then the Advisor needs to get a new rank in order to open access to the increase by another 50 levels. Click the Upgrade button to level up and pay the indicated amount of gold. If you have the necessary resources, you can mark the Level-up 10x column and immediately upgrade the Expert Advisor to 10 levels.

Advisors need to be pumped evenly, since each subsequent level is more expensive than the previous one. By evenly pumping advisors, you will correctly distribute the earned resources.

Ranks of Counselors from lowest to highest:

Potions are special items that can increase a certain characteristic of the Advisor. You can get them by completing tasks, participating in events and opening chests. You can find potions in the inventory bag or by examining the Advisor card.

The use of potions. Use the Potion button to select a potion and apply it to one of the Advisors. You can apply potions to any Advisor, since they all affect the characteristics of your game account.

It is best to distribute the potions evenly between the Counselors so that they can equally successfully fight in the Arena.

Inventory bag. In addition to special items for changing the name and obtaining additional resources, all received potions are displayed here, which can be conveniently applied to the Advisers. When choosing a potion, Advisors can be ranked according to their rating in order to determine the weakest and equalize his characteristics. Also in the inventory bag you can find uniforms for the most pumped Advisors.

Library. Counselors need to undergo training to enhance their skills and abilities. Go to the library, click on the plus sign at a free table and select the Expert Advisor you want to train.

Education. After completing the training, the Advisor will receive experience points. The training time is 3 hours, until it ends you will not be able to train another Advisor. The number of slots for training is limited, for 2000 gems you can open an additional fifth place.

Send those Advisers who are of the lowest level for training in order to balance the level of skills and abilities of all Advisers.

Skills. Experience points earned in the library can be used to upgrade skills. The skills of each Counselor are pumped separately, his personal experience points are spent on this.

Attributes. Each advisor has several attributes, each of which is responsible for a specific characteristic. The attribute level is set from 1 to 5 stars, the higher the star level, the less chance of successful pumping. With the help of special books, you can increase the level of the attribute and thereby increase the characteristics of the Advisor.

First of all, pump the attributes with one star in order to accurately get the increase in the characteristics of the Advisors.

Lady. Next to each Councilor, a Lady associated with him will be indicated, which brings him a certain bonus to characteristics. The higher the Lady’s level, the more the Advisor has a bonus. If necessary, you can quickly jump to the Lady card.

Aura. Each of the four Kings and five Deities has a special aura that gives a bonus to the Counselor’s statistics. Increasing the level of the aura also increases the characteristics of the Advisor.

Throne of the Chosen: Battle Guide

Battles are one of the key activities of the game, which allows you to get experience points and resources for the development of the state. In the main part of the game, you can participate in battles during the passage of the story campaign, or when participating in battles in the Arena.

Mechanics. During the battle, you do not need to manage the Advisors or the army. Your task is to choose who will join the battle. In the event that you have high combat characteristics, you can win.

Story campaign

Campaign. To start playing through the story, go to the Campaign section. Here you will find locations with enemy castles that you need to capture. Between battles, you will be told the story of the characters in the game and their relationships.

If you are not interested in the story, click on the Skip button to skip the dialogue between the characters.

Chapters. There are currently 200 story chapters in the game. Each chapter includes the conquest of five castles with ordinary soldiers and one castle with a warlord - the boss.

Battle. Click on the castle you want to conquer to start the battle. Before the start of the battle, you can familiarize yourself with the characteristics of your army and the opponent’s army in order to assess your strength. The higher your CP, the less soldiers you will lose in battle.

Bosses. It is necessary to send one Counselor into battle, the higher his level, the more damage is done to the boss. To re-send the Advisor into battle, you need to use a special token, or wait until the next day comes.

Auto Battle. This option can be used when facing a strong boss. In case of defeat of the Expert Advisor, he will be automatically replaced by another one. The battle will continue until your victory or final defeat.

You need to go through the story campaign after visiting the rest of the activities. It is necessary to enter the battle only after you increase the level of your Advisers, Lady, increase the number of soldiers and the power of the army.

Reward. Winning a battle brings you gold and experience. Additional rewards in the form of resources and items can be obtained for completing chapters 13, 19, 22, 26, 30, 55, 69, 80, 86, 100, 200.

What to do in case of defeat? If you lost the battle, then direct your time and resources to pumping Advisors, gather a more powerful army. When your army resource is zero, you will not be able to join the battle. Return after 1.5 hours to recruit new troops and head into battle.


Arena. Every hour an Advisor will appear in the Arena, whom you can send into battle to receive prizes. The rating among the players is based on the number of points earned during battles.

Choosing an opponent. You cannot see the characteristics of your opponents, so choose the character that looks the least belligerent. For example, choose an opponent who looks like a philosopher or scientist, his attack rate will be much lower than that of others, and you can easily defeat him.

Battle. The advisor who will take part in the battle is selected at random. Click on the Accept button to join the battle and choose one of three candidates for opponents. The battles will continue until your Advisor completely loses health.

You can skip the dialogue with your opponent, and after reaching the Vip-6 level, a quick duel will become available to you.

Reward. If you successfully conduct battles in the Arena, you will have the opportunity to get a good prize. After you manage to win three victories in a row, cards with prizes will appear on the screen, among which you can choose one. The reward will automatically be placed in your inventory bag.

Bonuses. Before the battle, you can purchase bonuses for gems or special lights. Lights can be obtained by winning a battle, one victory earns one light.


Throne of the Chosen: How to get and upgrade Lady?

A lady is your life partner, lover or wife. The game has a wide variety of girls with whom you can enter into relationships, start a family and have heirs. In addition, they affect the characteristics of the game account and the strength of the Advisors.

Methods of obtaining:

In the Not acquainted tab, you can explore the list of Ladies who are not yet open. Each photo shows when and where it can be found.

Travel. The main way to get a Lady is to travel through the cities of the game world and meet various characters. Upon completion of the journey, you will receive resources for development, win the heart of a new Lady, or increase intimacy with an already open one. In the Travel Records tab, all information about the travels made is saved.

The beginning of the journey. Go to the Travel section to travel. You can make 3 trips at a time, then each attempt will be restored after 30 minutes. When you receive 2 Vip-level, all 3 trips will be made automatically.

Log in to the game every 1.5 hours to travel more cities.

Luck. The level of luck indicated by the blue wheels affects the outcome of your encounter while traveling. The more luck, the higher the chances of meeting a new Lady. After each ride, the level of luck decreases by 2 units and recovers over time.

Luck boost. The maximum luck level is 100. You can increase it using the Add Luck function by clicking on the +. For each increase, you must pay the specified amount of gold, provisions or gems.

You can set up an automatic increase in luck so that it does not fall below a predetermined level. In this case, gold will be mainly spent.
TownCharacters (edit)
ParisLamport is a mysterious swordsman.
Anna is a genius person.
RomeMarco Polo is a traveler, trader and writer.
Alcmene is the granddaughter of Perseus.
Zaleska is a noblewoman.
LondonSid is a ranger.
Roland is the first knight of Charlemagne.
Salome is a psychologist.
Sappho is a poet.
Minerva is the princess of Sparta.
Safonisba is the daughter of a great commander.
Fantine is the daughter of an adventurer.
AthensHomer is a Greek poet.
Plato is a Greek philosopher.
Perseus is the son of Zeus.
Isabella is the Crown Princess.
Elina is the daughter of a knight.
Paradise is a scientist.
Theodora is the princess of Prussia.
BordeauxLancelot is a knight of the Round Table.
Gorgon is the daughter of the seas.
Anna is a vampire hunter.
ZurichSinan is a sage who lives in the mountains.
Roxanne is the daughter of Cyrus the Great.
EdinburghAristotle is the founder of philosophy.
Angelica is a historian.
Marie is an Italian girl.
VeniceAvalon is an unknown knight.
Hawk is the commander of the White Legion.
Elena is the daughter of Zeus.
MilanPierre is a big guy.
Bismarck is the Chancellor of the German Empire.
Euclid is an ancient Greek mathematician.
Fiona is a flight attendant.
FlorenceRoxalana is the daughter of a priest.
ProvenceChristina is the daughter of a ranger.
Elizabeth is a pirate.
Hypatia is a mathematician.
Penelope is a minstrel.
VeinLogistilla is a benevolent sorceress.
Morgan is a demonic witch.
Charlotte is the sister of King Richard the Lionheart.
Julia is Caesar’s granddaughter.
Charumati is the daughter of Magadha.
Vivienne is a lake nymph.

Specifications. Each Lady has her own set of characteristics, which you can study in the information card. To fully view the image of the Lady, click on the magnifying glass icon next to her name.

Lady characteristics:

Proximity is one of the main indicators that affects the ability to marry a Lady and get worthy heirs. To increase intimacy, it is necessary to pay a visit to the Lady, or meet her on a journey.

The higher the intimacy with the Lady, the greater the chances of getting an heir.

Visits. You can make 3 visits, the Lady in this case is chosen at random. One chance to make a visit is restored within 30 minutes. Each visit increases the characteristics of the Lady.

Personal visit. You can pay a visit to a chosen Lady by paying 50 gems. A personal visit almost always guarantees the appearance of an heir, with its help you can regulate the birth of the smartest children.

Present. You can also increase intimacy with the Lady and her CHA by giving gifts. Go to the Bestow tab, select a gift and click the Use button.

Skills. Each Lady has a list of available skills for leveling, which you can learn in the Skill tab. To unlock a new skill, you must reach the indicated level of intimacy with the ruler.

Pumping. To increase the level of skills, you must spend the earned experience points of the Lady. After opening a new skill, pump it to the level of all previous ones in order to immediately improve the characteristics of the Advisor.

Each subsequent level is more expensive than the previous one, so it is necessary to pump the skills of all the Ladies evenly.

Advisor. Each Lady has a fixed Advisor, the characteristics of which she increases. It is necessary to improve the characteristics and skills of the Lady in order to increase the power of the Counselor and the state as a whole.

Title. Once a Lady reaches a certain level of intimacy and CHA, a special title can be assigned to her. Each title brings an additional bonus to the training of the heir, but the number of Ladies with each title is limited.

TitleNumber of LadiesRequirementsHeir Training Bonuses
The empress1Proximity - 12000.
CHA - 20,000.
Spouse2Proximity - 8000.
CHA - 15000.
Queen3Proximity - 5000.
CHA - 10000.
Princess4Proximity - 3000.
CHA - 8000.
Duchess5Proximity - 2000.
CHA - 6000.
Marquise6Proximity - 1000.
CHA - 4000.
Countess7Proximity - 500.
CHA - 3000.
ViscountesseightProximity - 300.
CHA - 2000.
BaronessnineProximity - 200.
CHA - 1000.
MaidtenProximity - 100.
CHA - 500.
Lady50There are no requirements.No bonuses.

Throne of the Chosen: How to get and level up the Heir?

The heir is your child who appears after intimacy with one of the Ladies. Each heir has characteristics that increase the level of the game account. After the baby is born, it can be a boy or a girl, you need to come up with a name for him.

The number of slots for heirs is limited, if they are all busy, then a new baby will not appear. Spend 2000 gems to unlock a new heir slot.

Status. The closeness with the child’s mother affects the characteristics of the future heir. The higher the level of the heir, the more valuable it is. After birth, the child receives one of five statuses:

Pumping. You can increase the characteristics of the successor using the Train button. It can be pressed 2 times every 3 hours for each heir. Use a special potion to restore the amount of workouts.

Title. After reaching the maximum level, the heir grows up and receives the title of Knight, Sir, Baron, Viscount, Earl, Marquis or Duke. After that, the heir is ready to marry, leaves the study room and empties the cell for the new baby.

Getting married. After the marriage of the heir, the characteristics of a wife / husband are added to you. Go to the Gardens and find the man with the MC signature, he is the matchmaker for your children. Click on it, and a list of all heirs for marriage and already married couples will open.

Search for a pair. Visit the Gardens more often so as not to miss a suitable pair for your heir. You can also find a bride or groom in the players chat and send a request for marriage.

Family ties. To intermarry with another player, you must enter into 10 marriage unions between your heirs. Send each other letters, arrange child marriages or send offspring to study abroad.

Throne of the Chosen: Should I Join a Guild?

Guild is an in-game association of users to jointly achieve their goals. The total amount of power of the members of the Guild determines the power of the guild itself and its place in the rating.

Study the rating to join the most powerful Guild with active players.

Quests. Joint completion of tasks with other players will allow you to get additional resources for the development of the state. To complete the task, you need to make a membership fee, pay with precious stones or special tokens.

Raid - a battle with a strong beast together with other members of the guild. Any participant can open a raid by spending the specified amount of gold or gems.

Gathering the Guild is a temporary event during which the members of the Guild complete the quest requirements for the number and development of the Guild. In each section there are 6 tasks, for the passage of which players are awarded a reward. Each class can be claimed only once, and there is an additional reward for the Guild Master.

The points earned in the Guild can be exchanged for resources and items.

Throne of the Chosen: Government Guide

Subject quests. On the main screen, you can find tasks for completing the game’s plot, where the reward for completing them will also be indicated. Most of the tasks are aimed at completing everyday activities, for example, completing the story chapter. By clicking on the Go button, you will automatically be taken to the desired section of the game to complete the task.

Story quests need to be given special attention, their completion will provide you with good rewards and even progress through the game.

Parliament. There are two characters here who will help you in conducting state affairs and managing the lands. If you wish, you can change the appearance of these characters to any of the open Counselors and Ladies.

State affairs. The maximum number of available cases for resolution is 8, each case is restored within 30 minutes. You can use a special token to restore cases faster. When resolving a case, you need to choose one of two options for the proposed options for action, which will lead to an increase in one or another indicator.

What to choose? For example, merchants from the East come to you to buy diamonds and spices, you can raise the price and earn gold, or negotiate a price and get experience points to increase your game level. It is better to choose the second option, since gaining experience is more difficult than earning resources.

Log in to the game every 4 hours to get more benefits from solving government affairs.

Land management. The number of available commands depends on the game level, the higher it is, the more actions you can perform at a time. However, the higher your level, the longer it takes 1 unit of action to recover. The amount of resources received depends on the number of open advisors and their level.

Available actions:

To get new soldiers, you will need to spend the indicated amount of provisions. Make sure that you have enough provisions to increase your army.

Reception of guests. You can send your Advisor to the feast, for each you need to pay 50 gems, after which you will be credited with 100 points for his participation. Each Advisor can take part in the reception once a week.

You can find a player by ID, join their reception and support them.

How to arrange a reception? Pay the specified amount of gems and wait for the Advisors of other players to visit. After the end of the reception, the statistics of the participating followers will be calculated, points will be awarded to you, and you will take a well-deserved place in the rating of the players.

Prison. On the map of the state, you can find a special institution where prisoners of war go after your victory in a battle. To receive the reward, you need to start torture using the available number of blows. Each blow takes away the health of the prisoner, after his complete exhaustion he will need a day to recover.

Throne of the Chosen: What are quests for?

Completing tasks is one of the main ways to obtain resources for the development of a game account, Advisors and Ladies. There are many activities in the game that involve performing a certain number of actions in game activities.

Timed Reward is a temporary event in Throne of the Chosen. All tasks are associated with standard activities, so you just need to go to this section every day to receive rewards.

Task list:

Quests. There is a Quest tab at the bottom of the screen. There are 140 tasks here, for the completion of which you can get a chest with a reward. There are 5 chests in total, which contain resources and items for character development.



Missions. Within 7 days within the allotted time, you need to complete all the specified tasks. Missions end at 22:00 on day 8 and you get new tasks. As a reward for completing all missions, you can get a Companion, Lady, uniforms and resources.

Examples of tasks:


Archives. At the bottom of the screen, there is an Achieve tab, which contains a list of your achievements in the game. For each achievement, you can get a good reward. Scroll through the list and determine what you need to do to get a new achievement.


Completing any task will bring you additional resources for development. Therefore, do not forget to go to the sections with tasks to check and receive rewards.

Throne of the Chosen: Should you take part in the events?

An event is a temporary game activity that involves performing certain actions in order to receive a good reward. Completion of tasks is limited in time, so keep an eye on the timer in the event tab.

Honor Hall. During events, you can get a special title and get into one of the so-called halls of honor. Every day, the player can pay respect to one of the titled players and receive several gems as a reward for this. In turn, titled players receive popularity points and rise in the ranking of the tournament table.

Dragon’s lair

Exercise. At the start of the event, you receive a dragon egg. It is very vulnerable, but if you successfully prove yourself in caring for the dragon, then at the end of the event you will find a new powerful Advisor.

Care. When you are in the game, you need to go to the Dragon’s Lair to feed or play with the dragon. For each care action, you get resources and points of intimacy with the dragon. Care can be done 5 times a day, attempts are renewed at midnight.

Don’t forget to feed the dragon. You can do this once daily and receive an additional gift.

Reward. To hatch a dragon, you need to score - 120 points, to get an adult dragon you need to collect the maximum number of proximity points - 200. Up to this point, you can get chests with rewards for 20, 80, 120 and 160 points.

War for gold

Resource points. There are several resource points on the map that allow you to mine gold. After completing the collection of resources, the point is closed. Points are updated at 6:00, 12:00, 18:00 and 24:00 daily.

Collection of resources. The higher your level, the more gold you can get from one resource point. To collect, you need to send soldiers to one of the points on the map. If a resource point is busy, then it is marked in yellow.

Raid. You can send Advisors to raid resource points. In case of a successful campaign, you will receive 50% of the gold mined by the enemy as a reward. In the future, you need to protect the resource point from other invaders.

For 5 minutes after capturing a resource point, it is protected and cannot be attacked.

Health. If the raid or defense of the fortress fails, then your Advisor will be defeated. After that, he will need 1 hour to restore health. You can immediately restore the health of the Advisor using a special item.

Strong onslaught

Exercise. You need to send the Advisor into battle to get special points. After the battle, the Counselor is considered to be in a state of recovery. You can fight again using a combat token, then the Advisor will be considered wounded and will regain his strength only the next day.

Onslaught time:

Raid points. The more the blow is, the more points you will be awarded. The earned points can be exchanged for the necessary items for the development of the account. A certain number of ransoms per day is set for each item.

Throne of the Chosen: Donation Guide

Donate - investing real money in the game and receiving any bonuses for this. Throne of the Chosen is free to play, but many activities require an investment of money to get your account to the top faster.

Shop. The purchase of additional resources and items, for example, a gift for the Lady, is carried out in the store for gems, but they are quite difficult to obtain. In the special tab of the Store section, you can purchase missing gems for real money.

VIP level. By buying gems, you will receive special points and increase your VIP level. Each purchased stone is worth one VIP-point. The higher the VIP level, the more bonuses you will receive daily.

To get a level you need to spend:

Reward. After reaching the next VIP level, you will receive a new exclusive Advisor. Also, in addition to the Advisor, you are entitled to a set of items for his quick pumping to the average level of your Advisors.

LevelCounselors and LadyBonuses
VIP-1AvalonIncreases combat power and krisma.
VIP-2LogistilaIncreases krisma.
VIP-3RolandIncreases attack.
VIP-4MorganIncreases krisma.
VIP-5Pompeus MagnusIncreases attack.
VIP-6CharlotteIncreases krisma.
VIP-7King Richard the LionheartIncreases attack.
VIP-8JuliaIncreases krisma.
VIP-9Magadzha and HamuratiIncreases attack.
VIP-10King Arthur and VivienIncreases attack.

Cards. A recurring promotional offer that allows you to purchase a lucrative set of resources. The most advantageous offer is the Highest card, since in addition to resources, you will receive additional bonuses.

NameAcquisition timeBonuses
Gold cardWeekly180 gems and 50 ingots at once. 50 gems and 30 ingots daily.
Stage cardWeekly180 gems and 50 army tokens at once. 50 gems and 30 army tokens daily.
Highest cardMonthly600 gems at once.
200 gems daily.
10% discount on the purchase of precious stones. 10% to the study of the library.
10% to parliamentary fees.

Cheerful package. This promotional offer allows you to immediately purchase two new Advisors and a set of items for increasing their level. In addition, within 3 days you will receive 10 items of gold, an army, 5 items of provisions and 5 scrolls.

Big Wheel is a wheel of Fortune for active donators. After spending 120 gems, you can make one spin of the wheel and try your luck at receiving good gifts. By running the wheel, you can win a new Advisor.

Throne of the Chosen: Should You Play?

Throne of the Chosen is a bright and mesmerizing themed game in which you will appear as a powerful ruler of the state. The developers have put a lot of effort into drawing all the Advisors and Ladies, so spending time in the game is quite pleasant.

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