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Toca Life World WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Toca Life World is a game created from the series of games of the world of Toca-Boka, which was created based on the animated series of the same name. The project is a kind of life simulator, where the player independently not only creates his character, his environment, but also his own rules of the game. There are practically no restrictions on the creation and arrangement of your world. The player can invent and create various life situations, which can be limited only by the author’s imagination.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Cooking Recipes & Where to Get Ingredients
  3. Game Secrets
  4. Where to Find All of Rita’s Secret Items?
  5. Tips for Finding New Year’s Gifts
  6. How to find all hidden buttons from secret locations in locations?
  7. How to find pets
  8. How to Create Your Own Clothing Store
  9. How to find all the crystals and why are they needed?

Toca Life World: A Beginner’s Guide

At the start of the game, you will be prompted to create your first character. You can choose any image from the suggested ones. Next, the world of Life CityToca and the character system are built, where you can create new heroes. Then the game will take you to your first apartment. This is where you can start your adventure. At the house you will be greeted by the main characters of the animated series - Rita and Nari. At the start of the game, you get the opportunity to create an image of any of the 8 heroes, and you will also have access to several locations. You can immediately try your abilities in movement and interaction with the heroes.

Another building that you can visit at the start is the post office. If you received a gift, a red circle will light up above the house. To receive a present, you need to go to the post office and tap on the transport container. After that, your gift will appear on the tape.

If you do not want to create heroes yourself, then you can use ready-made characters. At the bottom of the window, at the entrance to any building in the city, a panel with a choice of heroes will be available to you. There are several tabs here that have a selection of heroes:

  1. Mythical creatures.
  2. Adults.
  3. Children.
  4. Teenagers.
  5. Aged people.
  6. Pets.

With almost all objects in the game, you can interact. At the start, several things will be available to you so that you can equip your first home. At the bottom of the screen, against the background of the city, an icon in the form of a hammer will appear, indicating the possibility of building a new building. By clicking on it, you can select a place on the map where the building will be located. In the upper right corner of the editor there is a button in the form of a chair, by clicking on which the construction editor will appear, where you can select the necessary items and decorate your home with them.

As you receive gifts in the mail, you can develop in the game, you can get new things in stores or find mini-secrets in various locations. The game is actually more fun than it might seem the first time. The most interesting thing is finding various hidden objects in homes, shops, schools and other places.

Try to look closely at the surrounding objects, if you find an object that is completely unsuitable for a given location, then after interacting with it, you will receive a hint for finding pets or exclusive things.

How to get all locations for free? To do this, you need to exit the game and start it again. On the loading screen, where the settings are located, and the "Play" button, there is a button in the form of a shopping cart, colored green. This is Toki’s shop. After entering it, you should scroll through all the shopping offers to the very bottom, until you see a button that says: "Restore all purchases." You should click on it. After that, the progress of the operation with the inscription: "Wait" will appear on the screen. After a few seconds, "Excellent! Everything is ready!" After that, you need to go into the game and check if this trick worked for you. All paid locations and buildings should appear in your Toki world.

Toca Life World: Cooking Recipes & Where to Get Ingredients

You can cook various dishes in the game. There are places for cooking in the Apartment, in (your) designer houses (if you want to put a hob and oven). All ingredients can be found in locations and secret places (we wrote about some below). Sometimes you can go into any available building and see if you can profit from something. Do not hesitate to borrow food from your neighbors, they will come in handy for a variety of game moments and fictional stories. It should be noted that cooking is not overshadowed by the presence of additional appliances (ovens, dishes, and so on). You just need to take the right ingredients and combine them in your character’s hand. And to set the table beautifully, there are various culinary decorations and special dishes.

Sugar recipes (it’s worth noting that sugar packets are not available in free locations, to make sweets, you need to buy some locations for real money):

Burger recipes:

Snack recipes:

Spaghetti Pasta Recipes:

Baguette recipes:

Sushi Recipes:

Potato recipes:

Toca Life World: Game Secrets

The secret of the old castle

The location appeared relatively recently. It is an abandoned park, in the center of which there is an old castle. At the park gate, a detective is sitting on a bench with a few clues in his briefcase. One picture shows a statue of a lion with a button on it. Once inside the castle, you can see this statue at the elevator. Lower the lion’s head to reveal a secret niche in the wall. In the niche, you should take a picture, and also get a scroll from the box - this is a hint for you. On the ground floor there is another painting in green tones (hanging on the wall to the right of the elevator). Put the clue, the picture from the safe and the green picture in the elevator.

On the second floor, to the right of the elevator, there are 5 candles on the wall, under which 5 paintings should be hung. The format of the images should match the footprint of the painting on the wall. The oval painting is in a chest under the window on the 2nd floor. There is a second clue in the same chest. Take it, and place the picture in the right place on the wall. A vertical rectangular canvas with a cast stands near a gramophone. Raise it and other artwork into place (as shown in the picture above).

After you place all the paintings, a secret place will open in the floor with a lever that you should press. After this manipulation, you will open a secret laboratory. In the center of the room there is an experimental apparatus, to the right and to the left of it there are coils, and under them are levers. The right levers must be placed as shown on the first clue (which you found in the secret niche on the 1st floor), the second combination must correspond to the picture from the chest.

As soon as you complete these steps, the electrical circuit will close and the device will start working. Upon completion of the experience, you will receive an interesting mask. Putting on a mask on any creature in the game, it will turn green and have a light green makeup with spots. The mask also works on humans (playable characters). You can take it with you and use it to create a Halloween situation.

How to make secret phones?

There are 4 hidden phones in the game that can be collected with the help of the main characters: Leon, Rita, Nari and Zeke. All ingredients can be found in the first city of Bob City. First, let’s go to Rita’s apartment, which is located in a high-rise residential building in the city. Here you need to find a blue joystick, and pass it to Zeke, without getting it from the bottom panel of the heroes. The joystick can be anywhere if you moved it earlier. Remember where you put the item.

In the Theater, in the dressing room, you need to find a green gem. It is located on the table by the mirror in a box in the lower left corner of the screen. It should be given to Rita. In the Garage, you need to find a thermal bag. And in the back room next to the Garage, on the topmost shelf, take the image of Toca Boca. These are all the components for making phones. Go outside, put the bag on the ground and put all the items in it. You should also expose all the heroes from the character panel (as shown in the picture above). After all the manipulations, you will have 4 phones for the main characters of the series.

Toca Life World: Where To Find All The Gift Making Locations?

Bob City has a supermarket and the toy department has a red ribbon for gift wrapping. If you put any item on the tape, the game will wrap it in beautiful packaging, and you will receive a gift with which you can play an interesting situation. It is worth noting that you can shoot fictitious life situations, and then upload them to any social network. Since Toka’s mit is full of various things and options, it will not be difficult to come up with a whole series.

You can visit the Bob City Fair. They sell a lot of different food on it. At the same time, food can be packaged behind each counter. Each place where packaging takes place is marked with a flag with a drawn container. But only the product that is prepared for the given shop will be packaged. You can wrap gifts at the mail on the table (as shown in the picture above).

Another place for gift wrapping is located in the Shopping Center on the 2nd floor. Here you should go to the children’s department, where at the very end there is a table on which you can pack various things. You can also create gifts in the HUS store. To find a table for gifts, you need to go a little deeper into the store (the place is shown in the picture above). In the same Bob City there is a pet shop of sea and river inhabitants of Sea Life. Right at the entrance, next to the cashier, there is a table for creating gifts.

At the Hotel on the ground floor. Walking a little along the ground floor (yes, there is one in Toka), you will see a small shop where the table is located (a guy with pink hair is working behind it). On this table, you can do gift wrapping, and take items for them right in the store. Just below the Hotel on the map there is an entertainment center with an octopus. It has a small yellow shop where you can create a gift right at the checkout. The most interesting thing is that food for animals (dogs and cats) will not be packaged here.

The picture above shows a specialty store map with a yellow grocery store. In it, a yellow mythical creature works as a cashier. There is a table next to it (right against the wall) where you can wrap gifts. In the winter location on the Skating rink there is a clothing and footwear store for figure skating. A ghost or a droplet is trading there - a kind of winter mythical creature. A gorgeous fir tree grows next to it, under which you can find and pick up gifts. The winter map features a wooden house with a snowman on the roof, where there is a table in the center of the living room with gift wrapping, ribbons and scissors. On this table, you can create gifts for the New Year theme.

Toca Life World: Where to Find All of Rita’s Secret Items?

Rita is one of the main characters in the game, she is also the main character in the Tohka cartoon. She is one of the first characters to appear in Tohka’s world. She is in the game Toca Life City. Rita lives in Bob City in the first apartment in a multi-story building, which you get into at the start of the game. Rita is a girl with blue hair.

Telephone. In order to start the search for Rita’s items, you need to give the girl a yellow joystick (it is in her apartment), and then move Rita to the lower panel of heroes. After you leave the heroine’s apartment, you will need to take one more thing. The item is in the theater in the dressing room, backstage. You need to take a green gem. It lies in a box on a table by the mirror in the lower left corner. Before taking the stone, you need to remove Rita from the hero panel, and only after that give the girl a gem in her hand. After placing the stone in your hand, move Rita back to the panel.

Now you should go to the Garage, where you can get Rita’s phone. Once in the junkyard near the Garage, get Rita from the panel along with her items. In the Garage, remove the frame with the Toka logo from the top shelf. Then in the Garage you should find a black chest (it stands under the rack). Take the chest and move it to Rita and her items. After that, place all 3 items in the black case. After that, 4 phones will appear from the chest. The phone with blue "ears" belongs to Rita.

Pillow. After that, you can go to the HUS store. Going to the store, you need to get Rita from the hero panel. On the shelf with pillows you can find the girl’s pillow. It has an identical print with the heroine’s jacket (red with white plus signs). Rita’s pillow lies at the bottom of the center pillow stack.

Pullover. You can find the next item in the Hospital on the 2nd floor. After you go to the location, you need to go left to the very end of the corridor, where several chambers are equipped. On a pink chair by the window, Rita’s jacket with plaster of paris will lie in a pile.

Skate. Then you should go to another location and enter the building, on the roof of which is the inscription: "Rita". You should check the ground floor of the building. On the floor, you will see a skate practice area. On the left side of the elevator, Rita’s skate will be hanging on the wall. It has the inscription: "Rita", and it is colored like the girl’s sweater, and the wheels of the board are painted to match the heroine’s hair.

Presents. It is worth noting that Rita is very fond of skateboarding. This is her favorite hobby. At the winter location, you can find another Ritin’s item. Here you should go to the skating rink. A fir-tree grows on the skating rink, under which there are holiday gifts. Two of them have a girl’s sweater print.

Character editor. It contains another thing for Rita. You should select "Funny Hats", scroll down the list of items a little, until you see a cast in the shape of Rita’s head (it displays the heroine’s hairstyle). After you put it on the character, it feels like the girl hit her head hard.

Christmas sock. In the Post Office, you can also find another item of Rita. Having entered the post office, you should go to the end of the room, where cabinets with various objects are located (this is the Lost Things Storage). Scroll down the shelves to the New Year’s collection (or rather, to the shelf with New Year’s items). There will be a gift sock on the rack, which is usually hung on the fireplace, in the color scheme of Rita’s appearance.

Swimsuit. In the summer location, there is an island with an octopus where you can find Rita’s swimsuit. You need to go to the store to the swimsuit hanger, which is located at the very wall of the building. The swimsuit is in the colors of Rita’s sweater. This will be the last thing in the game owned by Rita.

Toca Life World: Tips for Finding New Year’s Gifts

Dump. The first place you can go is the Pet Dump, which is located next to the Garage. In one of the storage boxes, you can find a lot of New Year’s things. Open several boxes to collect all the items in the Junkyard. Here you can put together a complete herringbone costume and come up with an interesting story with it. One of the boxes will contain antlers and a hat with a Santa Claus pompom. In addition to costumes, you can also find Christmas decorations and toys at the Garbage. We advise you to explore all the boxes to find more holiday items.

Mail. The next building in Bob City where you should go for New Year’s items is the Post Office. Going deeper into the hall, you can see vertical shelves - this is a storage (archive) of forgotten things. We advise you to flip the shelves up until the holiday items appear. Keep in mind that items can be on multiple shelves, so flip through them all. Basically, in the post office you can get a variety of fireworks and Christmas-themed toys.

Farm. For even more New Year’s items, head to the Farm location to the store with a horse’s head flaunting above. All over the shop you will find various items, you can find among them Christmas gifts, interesting decorations and toys. The picture above shows the location in the shop where you can find gifts and boxes with holiday items.

Winter location. The first place you should look is the house with a snowman on the roof. Here you can not only find cool items for the holiday, but also create a fascinating cartoon plot: you can throw snowballs, make a snowman, drink tea in the house. Also on this map you can find a secret New Year’s pet - move the snowball away from the tree in the center of the screen. Behind it is a small door, opening which you can pick up the animal.

Having explored the house with a snowman to your fullest, go to the ice rink, where gifts await you under the tree. Here, in a shop near the ice rink, there are several funny costumes. The next place to look is a two-story house in the center of the Winter location. Walk carefully around the house, there are many different holiday items in it.

How to decorate your home for the New Year? To do this, you need to go to your building, then switch to editor mode. After selecting the "Furniture" tab, you need to click on the ball on the top panel of the tab (in the picture above it is highlighted in blue). Scroll through the entire tab so as not to miss an interesting interior detail.

Toca Life World: How to find all hidden buttons from secret locations in locations?

Peak Shop with Pompoms. The secret button is located on the mannequin, which stands in the foreground near the window. If you remove the ski suit from the dummy, you will see a green button. Clicking on it will open a secret door in the background of the store. The secret section contains exclusive items for outdoor activities in the mountains.

House on the Peaks with pom-poms. Above the bunk bed in the house (you need to remove the boards just below the wiring in the upper right corner), you will find a button. After clicking on it, a New Year’s garland will appear. The location is also interesting in that it is possible to mold snowmen from lumps of snow, to lower objects into an ice-hole that will turn into ice (just give the object to the hero to warm them).

Dentist ’s office (Peak with pom-poms). For the button to appear, you must switch to night mode (just tap on the sun). The button will be located above the diagnostic monitor and will have a yellow light. After you click on it, a funny tooth fairy will appear. If you give the fairy a tooth, you will receive money in return.

Winter village at the Pike with pom-poms. The picture above shows the location where the secret button is located. Click on the door under the whistle, it will slide open, and a button will appear in front of you. By clicking on it, you will open a dressing room with beautiful figure skating costumes. A little further behind the counter there is a mythical seller, remove him and you will find another secret button. After clicking on it, the spruce in the foreground will be decorated with a New Year’s garland, and you can pick up gifts for the main characters of the game.

One of the pom-pom houses on the Pik has a refrigerator. Open its freezer and door. There is another button hiding here (on the middle shelf of the refrigerator next to the chicken), which will give you a funny winter pet. The baby will sit in the freezer. If you forget to open the freezer door, your pet will not appear.

Multi-storey residential building in Bob City. A secret button is hidden on the ground floor. It is located near the rooms of the floors above the lift, and is green. Just slide the panel that is next to the number "2". A secret entertainment room will appear. Take the elevator to the last floor, but don’t leave it. Behind the panel with buttons (it should be moved aside), there is a button that opens a secret passage to the game room. After you press the button, the back wall of the elevator will slide open and reveal a hidden passage. The room you enter has its own secrets.

Art workshop in the House of Events. In order to find the button, you need to examine the ventilation shaft. The button opens another secret room. Another surprise awaits you on the 2nd floor. Examine the ventilation (on the left side of the screen) for a beautiful purple gem.

"Rob-o". Cafe in Bob City. The electrical panel is located on the right side. By clicking on it, you will see the plates that should be removed. There are 4 buttons behind them. Click on them until the triangles appear on the buttons. Then a secret safe with a key will become available to you. By clicking on it, you will open the entrance to the secret club. Enjoy!

Toca Life World: How to find pets

Crumpets are tiny pets that you can have at home. They have appeared throughout the Toca Life games, hiding in trees or under manhole covers. Pets come in a wide variety of species and appearances, and each species belongs to the area in which it is found. But to get them, you should look carefully. We’ll give you some tips on where to find your pets.

The search is done by the standard hero Nari:

  1. Take Nari to the warehouse and give her a slice of pizza (available at the Mall) and a rose (found at the barber shop) to get Midge’s pet.
  2. Then take Nari to the Vault and give her the Poop figurine (found in the Apartment) and toilet paper (found in the Mall in the main world) to get the Poop pet.
  3. Take Nari to the Vault and give her the Green Band magazine and baguette to get the pet with the pencil.
  4. You will also receive the animal with the help of a photo of a lady with glasses from the Quarter and a "bigger flower" from the mail.
  5. The purple octopus and the "taller mail flower" will give you another creature.

The search is done by the standard hero Leon:

  1. Take Leon to the Vault, and give him the black sunglasses (which can be found at the tailor’s) and the gold phone (which can be found at the Mall) so that he can buy the Butter Bun.
  2. Bring Leon to the Vault and give him a pillow (from the Mall) and a gem (from the theater) to get Nora the pet.
  3. Take Leon to the Pantry and give him the hairdryer and scissors (which can be found in the Barber Shop) to get another creature.
  4. Take Leon to the Vault, and give him the purple marker and glue (in the tailor’s shop for the old man) to get the pet from the cubes.

The search is performed by the standard hero Rita:

  1. Take Rita to the Vault, and give her the black camera and binoculars (in the Mall) to get Polina’s pet.
  2. Bring Rita to the Vault and give her the octopus toy (found in the Apartment) and the soccer ball (in the Mall) to get the Octobox pet.
  3. Move Rita to the Vault, and find the yellow skateboard and potato chips (in the Mall) to get a pet with a skateboard.
  4. A blue block from the block and a soccer ball from the store will give you another creation.
Once you have collected all the secret pets, place them in the trash can on the right in the Vault, then you will find the last surprise!

The search is carried out by the standard hero Zeke (he has several pets, but they are not needed for the final surprise):

  1. Bring Zeke to the Vault and give him a salad and a disco ball (both can be found in the Mall) and you will find a sloth.
  2. Take Zeke to the Vault and give him the gold game controller (found in the Apartment) and potato chips (in the Mall) and you’ll find another friend.

Searches for pets on OK Street:

  1. Inside the amplifier next to the security booth.
  2. Next to the TV, inside the refrigerator.
  3. Behind a wooden and cardboard box, in a bath.
  4. Inside a wooden box with a teapot on top.
  5. Inside an old air conditioner, on top of a cardboard box.
  6. Behind the "The Drumpets on Tour" poster.
  7. Inside the top of the piano.
  8. Above the painting, click on the tree branches until all the branches on the left rise, except for the last one, and all the branches on the right go down.
  9. Open the van door all the way to the right.

Other Pet Locations

Place name (location)How to find a pet?
ApartmentsThere is a metal panel on the ground floor above the lift that can be moved. After pressing the button behind the panel, the dance floor opens with the upper level, where the pet is located - a robot that looks like the robots from the Rob-o cafe. On the second floor, there is another button behind the second metal panel, which shows the three-level apartment where the second pet is located - the robot
Active holiday houseOn the 1st floor of the building, on the left, there is an air vent above the art printer. Open it, and press the button inside that will show the artist’s pet
Youth Club (Top on Tiptoe location)In the vending machine on the left
Lake Park (Top on Tiptoe location)Left behind the sand castle
Lettuce Grounds (Lettuce Grounds location)In the equestrian shop, the pet will be in a small room carved from a tree trunk called "Pinky"
Barn (Salad Ground location)To the right of the pens there is a door labeled "Pet", a creature named Trumpery will be in the door
Airport (Omelet Island location)At the airport reception, right in front of the plane, the pet is in the vending machine
Amusement Park (Omelet Island Location)In the thematic zone of the Cosmos park there is a restaurant called Cosmology, under the Cosmology counter there is a bright red button that will open a panel with the image of a pet - an astronaut
Mountain hut (location Pikes with pompoms)Under the Christmas tree outside the hut, behind a snowball, there is a small door with an elven fairy inside. Need to tap on the snow
Hot springs (location Pikes with pompoms)Along the road on the right in the bushes, a tent is hidden, inside which lies a marching animal
Ice Skating Village (Pikes with pompoms location)Go to the kitchen. Open the top and bottom doors of the refrigerator. Take out the eggs and milk to open the button. Click on it. The wall at the top of the refrigerator will open and you will see an Eskimo pet
Hotel for pets (location Biscuit town)In the very last pet house, on the left side of the road right in front of the water area, is a small, dog-like creature.
Surf Shop (Lively Square)When you scroll to the right, your camera view will go under the water, along the wall to the right of the underwater area, there is a door that will open when you click on it, there you will find a mermaid
Aquarium (location Lived Square)On the right in the laboratory area of ??the Aquarium, on one of the tables in the jar, there is an axolotl pet
Business Tower (Busy Square location)On the 2nd floor of the building, if you go to the end of the corridor, there will be a large office on the right. If you open the cabinets at the top of the office, you will find a row of symbols. Enter the symbols on the table and a plush robot will appear on the large board in the upper right compartment

How to find all sloths?

Sloths gather gradually from different locations. You will find your first sloth in the window of an entertainment store in Bob City. Here it is advised to grab the second disc from the pack, which are on the shelf. Next, you need to wait until the Hospital location becomes available for you (or buy it for real money).

Hospital. Here is the largest concentration of sloths. Creatures are hidden on every floor of the building. In order to find and pick up 1 animal, you need to go to the basement of the Hospital, here you need to press 5 buttons in a certain order:

  1. Behind the ambulance.
  2. On the panel of the security console.
  3. Open the metal cabinet where the 3 button is located.
  4. There is a shaving rack near the garment locker. You will find 4 buttons behind the shaver.
  5. The plant covers the last object.

After you press all the buttons, you need to go to the end of the corridor. Here on the wall you will see a lever that you want to lower. The entrance to the secret room where the animal sits will open. The next pet is waiting for you on the basement floor. You need to go to the cafe. Here, another animal is hiding behind wooden curtains.

Two more pets are waiting for their master on the second and third floors of the Hospital. Go to the perinatal room, where there is a sloth in one of the cribs. He looks so much like a newborn, don’t mix it up! On the top floor, find a white table. Open his left crate, and you will find there the last pet in this location.

House with magic items. There are many different secrets in this structure. You can just explore the building - it’s fun! But in order to find another sloth, you should go up to the 2nd floor and find a picture, behind which is a board for spiritualistic seances. It must be combined with the magic ball on the 1st floor. By the way, here you will get not quite a living sloth, but his ghost. But don’t be upset - the ghost is very funny and will gladly add to your collection of pets. Do not forget to grab a photograph of a sloth from the magic house (it is on a rope with strange pictures) and a pink statuette of an animal (it is hidden behind a small poster on the 2nd floor).

HUS. This is a store where you can find a few more pets. The toy slot machine is your first target in the shop. You need to catch as many different toys as possible, after which animals will begin to fall from the recipient. Attention! There will be a lot of them! After the fun, head over to the shelving. There are 3 buttons hidden behind one of them. If you click on them, then a hologram of a sloth will appear.

Other places to search:

  1. You must visit Chile Bunce, where you must pick up another disc with a picture of the pet, as well as a pillow with his picture.
  2. The Wild Forest is an interesting place where you should collect all the bones scattered around the map. Then the bones need to be aligned in the correct order with the image on the stone wall in the center of the forest. Gradually, the wall will become covered with an ice crust, which needs to be broken. After that, you will find another creature.
  3. At the mount store, you can find your pet behind one of the boxes on the top rack.
  4. If you visit the Pet Shop, you will find as many as 3 pets! You can see them, you just need to carefully look at the screen.
  5. In a winter village, all the snow must be turned over to find the animal. Its appearance will correspond to the theme of the location.
  6. Go to the University and look for the pet cup in the rewards cabinet.
  7. At the Art School, you will find the animal you are looking for in a closet with a respirator and clothes covered in paint. The animal looks very funny! On the 2nd floor you will find a girl who can help you with your searches. Look in the restroom, there is a newspaper with a sloth on the front page. On the basement floor, you will find your pet trading in a foot car. He should also be called to him.
  8. Go to the Pet Dump. In the garage, you will find a snapshot of a sloth on the top shelf, the second animal hid in a suit behind a poster.

After all the adventures, you need to return to the entertainment store. There will be a person who needs to give the cabbage and the disco ball. As soon as the items are in the hands of a stranger, take him and take him back to the Pet Dump. The items must remain in his hands!

Toca Life World: How to Create Your Own Clothing Store

We propose to organize a clothing store in one of the houses that you can build in your city. But we advise you to look for all the clothing items that will be useful for you for a boutique in Bob City (this is the main city, your first location). But in order to collect all the items for the store, you will need to reset your gameplay.

You can restart it on the boot screen by clicking on the red button (as shown in the picture above). This is necessary so that all objects are in their place and they are easy to find. Then you should build any house where you can edit the interior. You need to remove all items from the house by sending them to the trash can. Next, you need to put out all the shelves with hangers from the editor, hang shelves on the walls, put a table-counter, and equip a shop according to your taste.

Where to find all the clothes in Bob City? In order not to constantly move between locations, we recommend that you find 4 boxes in the Post Office or in the garage and give them to the hands of two heroes from the bottom panel. First, we advise you to go to the Garage. On the way, take a close look at all the utility rooms, as there you can find interesting accessories for your store. In the Garage itself, you will find boxes and 2 outfits on the shelves. Then, head to the Official Store (this is the tallest tower in the city). Here you will have to do an unsightly business - a robbery of a boutique.

Take away not only wardrobe items, but also various accessories (handbags, hats, bracelets, scarves, and more). To make it easier for you to fold clothes into containers, first stack the items in piles (on top of each other).

Store Hidden Object Locations:

When you fill all the boxes, you can go to your shop. Here you should lay out all the items on the floor by type. You can distribute the directions of clothing and style of outfits yourself. For example, you can separately place blouses, dresses, trousers, separately jewelry, bags, scarves. Or you can create collections: choose 1 basic item, and pick up the rest of the wardrobe items for it.

If you have some free space in the store, then remove various parts from the characters on the bottom panel.

Since there are several rooms in the house, you can fill them to your liking. For example, the first room can be reserved for fitting rooms, a sofa for waiting, a table with a cash register. After setting up your store, you can create an interesting story.

Toca Life World: How to find all the crystals and why are they needed?

Yellow. You can find the first crystal in the Theater in the dressing room (we wrote about it in the section about the search for objects for Rita). Next, you should go to the location with the Hospital in the Shopping Center on the 2nd floor. To get a gem here, you need to perform several actions:

  1. Approach the aquarium, which is on the right side of the elevator. There is a red card right in the aquarium, which must be taken.
  2. Then you need to go to the left side of the floor to the wall itself (next to the glasses department). Here you should pick up a white poster on the wall, and attach the card to the red sensor.
  3. After that, a secret room with a safe will open. Above the safe are buttons for entering the password.
  4. The password can be found on a piece of paper. It is lying in the lower left corner of the screen between the leg of the table with the computer and the trash can.
  5. Enter the numbers from the piece of paper onto the panel above the safe. To pick a cipher, you just need to click on the buttons until the desired combination appears.
  6. In the safe there will be a yellow crystal behind wads of money.

Violet. Another crystal can be found in a two-story house that stands between the Trade Center and the Hospital. First you need to go to the first floor, where you need to find a special code. Walk to the left from the elevator to the trash can. In the trash can behind the skeleton of a fish with eyes is a piece of paper with a code. You need to take it with you. After that, go to the 2nd floor. There is a beautiful table to the left of the elevator, which should be approached.

There are buttons for entering the code behind the picture of the bunny. Unfold the piece of paper you found in the trash can and enter the numbers of the code. After that, the items in the second picture will be available to you. Remove the plate in the center of the still life and you will find a purple crystal behind it.

Blue. The next gem is hidden in the hospital. You need to go to the 1st floor. A waste pipe with a waste container is located behind the rear bumper of the ambulance. If you click on the pipe, a hospital gown and 2 medical suits will fall out. If you tap on the pipe again, a blue gem will fall into the waste container.

After that, you need to find a secret laboratory. To search for it, you must click on all the buttons on the floor:

Then you need to lower the lever on the generator, after which a secret door to a secret laboratory will open. Near the passage (if you enter the sewer passage), a blue crystal shines in the upper left corner. It is also necessary to take it with you. The next crystal is hidden on the 2nd floor of the Hospital.

There is a children’s department on the 2nd floor, you need to go to the end of the department on the right side. Here, next to the shower, there is a cabinet with a ventilation grill above it. You need to open it, and in the channel you will find another blue gem. You can now leave the Hospital as there are no more crystals in it.

Coral. Now you should go to the HUS store. In it, you need to go a little deeper into the room to the shelves that hang above the gift wrapping ribbon (we wrote about it in the section "How to find all places for the production of gifts?"). A coral crystal is hidden on the topmost shelf in a box with other items.

There is another stone in the store, but now it is hidden in a cache. To find it, you need to remove all things from the rack, which stands next to the shelves where you found the first gem. Bricks are hidden behind the objects (as shown in the picture above). By clicking on all the bricks that have been pulled out, you will gain access to a secret section of the shelf, which contains a blue crystal.

Red. The following gems can be found in the Bank. The first crystal is located at the very entrance right under the ATM. You should tap on the base of the device, and after the cache opens, get the red crystal. Having passed to the very end of the room, you will meet a robber. Bank cells are located behind the robber. The crystal is hidden in the middle cell of the second row from the top. Opening it, you will see a box with a pink crystal hidden in it.

If you go a little to the left of the cells, you will see a bank vault. To open it, you must open the cache directly above the entrance to the vault. You have to click on the blue coils in a secret place, after which a door will open. There are 2 stones hidden in the vault: pink and glowing emerald.

Now you need to go up to the 56th floor of the bank. Bank employees are seated on the right side of the elevator. You must go to the last bearded clerk, under whose feet there is a cache. Opening it, you will receive another pink stone. After picking it up, you should take the elevator to the 72nd floor of the Bank. Here you need to go to the left side to the food storage. Here you can find several gems at once:

  1. There is a pink crystal on the floor in a box with bottles .
  2. Behind a box of cabbage - a cool crystal in the form of a sausage and a fork.

Light pink. Another stone is hidden in the Judgment. In the detective’s room, above the safe, there is a ventilation grill, behind which is hidden a pale pink gem. Then you need to go outside. There is a trash can, in which you will first find a funny Batman costume and a black crystal.

Rainbow. Now you need to go to the Shore and board a small ship moored at the pier. You need to open the hold (to do this, move the box with the caught fish). A rainbow gem is hidden in the hold. Then it is recommended to put on a diving suit and swim to the neighboring island with seals. On the right side of the island, you need to go down under the water to the very bottom of the sea. At the base of the underwater cliff, a cache is organized in which you will find a pet mermaid and a rainbow stone. Take the gem with you and keep looking.

Another crystal is hidden in the apartment in the foreground of the screen. By tapping on the house, you will find yourself in an apartment where an ordinary family with children lives. You need to find a room with an abstract picture (yellow triangles, blue circles and green rectangles). Pulling it open reveals a soft pink crystal.

The next stone is hidden in the house to the left of the "Rob-o" cafe on the 1st floor. Here you need to go to the left side of the room to the shelves. The crystal stands in a prominent place next to the magic ball. Then you need to go to the restroom, where a green stone is hidden in the toilet cistern.

Purple. Another gem lies on the first floor of the red house, which is located to the right of the "Rob-o" cafe. You need to go to the left to the very end of the room. You need to climb the wooden stairs to the ventilation grill. A purple crystal is hidden here.

Dark green. After completing your search in a residential area, you are advised to head to the Resort. First you should visit the 1st floor of the Hotel. In the room to the left of the entrance, in the middle of the room, there is an open suitcase on the floor with a dark green gem. Then you should go to the airport next to the Hotel. Behind the grate, as shown in the picture above, you will find a yellow crystal.

Now you should take a look at Octopus Island. There is a statue of an octopus here. You need to rub its tentacles 2 times: first under the tentacle with ice cream, then the ice cream itself, and then, the tentacle with a hot dog. If you rub the limbs correctly, then the octopus’s head will fall back, and under it you will see gold bars and a yellow gem.

Next, you should go to the Amusement Park. You need to go left to the attraction with shells. In the lower left corner you can find a small crab, under which there is a cache. Move the arthropod aside to reveal the iridescent crystal.

Orange. For the next crystal, you need to go to the VVS film studio. You need to open the door of the blue trailer, where a young man with a hat is sitting. There is a ventilation grill behind the man, which contains an orange stone. Then you need to go to the left, and take the elevator to the 3rd floor. Here go along the corridor to the left to the orange door, opening which, you will see a picture with a frog on the wall. Move the image away and press the red button. Then a window will open above the door. You will find a blue gem in the window.

Bright shades. Now you need to visit the University. Here, on the closet in the hall, there are gems, deep purple and azure. After picking up 2 stones, go to the 3rd floor of the Water Park. There are 3 red buttons under the high jump. Click on them to reveal a cache of light green crystal.

White. Now you need to continue your search in the Farm. Go to the pet barn. There are bales of hay next to the entrance. To get to the stone, you should remove all the bales behind which the white gem is hidden. The next gem is in the next house. Once in the house, you should go to the bedroom (to the left to the end of the corridor), where there is a yellow wardrobe. There is a suitcase on the mezzanine. It is in it that you will find 2 white gem.

There is a roadside shop next to the house, where you should go. Turning to the right and going to the end of the room, you will see a large unit controlled by a cute robot. On the right side of the car there is a cache in which a white stone is hidden. Then you need to go to the Stable. The crystal is hidden in a vault under a tree at the entrance to the barn. To find the rainbow stone in the vault, you need to get all the items from it.

Turquoise. Then you should go to the Old Castle (we talked about it in the section "The Secret of the Old Castle"). In the clue chest in the attic, you will find one of the stones (by the window on the right side). Another gem is in the School. You need to go to the office, where a laboratory crane is located to the left of the lockers. The turquoise crystal is hidden in the cabinet under the tap. Now it’s worth going to kindergarten. There is a backpack near the changing table, in which a soft pink gem is hidden.

Then you should visit the one-story rural green house next to the kindergarten. They have a red crystal right in their refrigerators. In the Park, you will find a tree with split roots, which have a red crystal. And next to the tree there is a chest in which there are as many as 3 red stones.

End of the adventure. Another gem is hidden on the map with the Waterfall. At the campsite, there is a rainbow crystal on a shelf behind a kerosene lamp. A beautiful frog princess sits on the right side of the map near the waterfall. No, you don’t need to kiss her! There are 3 multi-colored water lilies under it. On which you need to put different animals. Each creature has symbols (a squirrel has a golden triangle on its tail, a frog has a circle in its crown and a diamond-shaped pendant in a crow’s chest) that determine their location on water lilies. As soon as you place the animals correctly, a cave with a large crystal will appear instead of a waterfall.

When you click on this crystal, two mythical heroes will appear. They are the keepers of the crystal. Another rainbow stone will appear near the coast. Also, 2 unusual pets will appear on the shore. Also, 2 more pets will appear near the campsite. And you can ride a unicorn.

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