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Tom Clancy's Elite Squad WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

TOM CLANCY’S ELITE SQUAD is an Android game with a release date of 08/25/2020 from Ubisoft Entertainment. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. TOP of the best characters (Tier List)
  2. Guide to soldiers selection and pumping
  3. How to Pick the Right Squad and Fight?
  4. Campaign Walkthrough
  5. Game Modes Features
  6. Arena Fighting Guide
  7. Completing Daily Challenges, Rewards
  8. In-Game Events
  9. Daily Operations Walkthrough
  10. All About Guilds
  11. Basic Resources and Currencies
  12. Voentorg
  13. What’s the ORB Warehouse For?
  14. Player Profile
  15. Game Rating

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad: TOP of the best characters (Tier List)

Gathering a team of the strongest soldiers is the key to success in the game. For our readers, we have compiled a Tier List of the best attackers, defenders and specialists of Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad. Since you will collect your fighting squad gradually, our lists are divided into several sections: from the most successful representatives of the squad (S-tier), to those who should be replaced with stronger fighters in the future (C-tier).

Top attackers

1. Caveira (S-level). Characteristics: the power of the weapon - 23; skill power - 19; health - 63; armor - 1; resistance - 1. Possesses 3 skills:

2. Ash (A-level). Characteristics: the power of the weapon - 22; skill power - 19; health - 74; armor - 1; resistance - 1. Skills:

3. Sam Fisher (A-level). Characteristics: the power of the weapon - 22; skill power - 19; health - 74; armor - 1; resistance - 1. Skills:

4. Dokkaebi (B-level). Characteristics: the power of the weapon - 25; skill power - 13; health - 84; armor - 2; resistance - 2. Skills:

5. Fury (C-level). Characteristics: the power of the weapon - 23; skill power - 13; health - 105; armor - 2; resistance - 2. Skills:

Top defenders

1. Dreamer (S-level). Characteristics: the power of the weapon - 15; skill power - 17; health - 126; armor - 4; resistance - 2. Skills:

2. Holt (S-level). Characteristics: the power of the weapon - 14; skill power - 18; health - 126; armor - 4; resistance - 2. Skills:

3. Tachanka (A-level). Characteristics: the power of the weapon - 18; skill power - 15; health - 126; armor - 3; resistance - 2. Skills:

4. Charles Bliss (B-level). Characteristics: the power of the weapon - 14; skill power - 19; health - 116; armor - 4; resistance - 2. Skills:

5. Nomad (C-level). Characteristics: the power of the weapon - 18; skill power - 15; health - 116; armor - 3; resistance - 3. Skills:

The best specialists

1. Cardinal (S-level). Characteristics: the power of the weapon - 13; skill power - 25; health - 95; armor - 1; resistance - 2. Skills:

2. Doc (S-level). Characteristics: the power of the weapon - 12; skill power - 25; health - 95; armor - 2; resistance - 2. Skills:

3. Fei Lau (A-level). Characteristics: the power of the weapon - 18; skill power - 24; health - 63; armor - 1; resistance - 2. Skills:

4. Anna Grimsdottir (B-level). Characteristics: the power of the weapon - 14; skill power - 23; health - 95; armor - 2; resistance - 2. Skills:

5. John Ming (C-level). Characteristics: the power of the weapon - 18; skill power - 23; health - 74; armor - 1; resistance - 1. Skills:

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad: Guide to soldiers selection and pumping

Belonging and roles of soldiers. The soldiers are divided into heroes and villains. Their affiliation determines which campaigns they can take part in. According to their roles, soldiers are divided into:

Fractions of soldiers. Soldiers of the same factions can interact and give each other bonuses in battle. The game features the following factions from the Ubisoft Universe:

Use the search filters to quickly sort the soldiers you want by affiliation, role and faction.

How do I unlock new soldiers? Collect info credits to unlock new soldiers. The rarity of a soldier determines how many credits are required to open its basic version. Additional credits will allow him to increase his rank and score.

Soldier data. By clicking on a specific soldier, you can see his biography, skills in battle, a histogram of abilities and parameters for damage, strength, health, armor and resistance. The total indicators of the parameters add up to the soldier’s skill rating, which determines his power. Having studied all the characteristics of the heroes and guided by our Tier List, you can choose the perfect squad for yourself.

How to upgrade a soldier and a squad? There are many ways to improve your squad. You can train your soldiers, raise their rank, unlock new ones, and craft new weapons and improved equipment.

Upgrade your soldiers in all types of pumping evenly. So you will increase the final rating of your squad more and faster.

Soldier training. Training adds experience to the soldier, increases his level and parameters. Use Training Credits to train a soldier. They are of different quality: the higher it is, the more experience the fighter will receive. Silver is consumed during training. The added experience is displayed on the experience bar. When it fills up, the soldier goes to the next level.

Keep in mind that the level of the soldier cannot be higher than the level of the game account!

Soldier skills and stardom. The number of a soldier’s skills depends on his initial stardom: soldiers with fewer stars have two skills, and highly qualified ones have three skills, incl. leadership skill. One skill is given to a soldier initially, and the next ones open with an increase in his rank. Rank boosting is an increase in stardom. To increase the rank, you need the necessary amount of information about the soldier, which is obtained in activities and promotions.

Equipment pumping. The soldier uses 4 pieces of equipment. When equipped with a full set, the equipment category is pumped, and the selection of elements starts over. The higher the equipment category, the more difficult it will be to assemble the component parts of the equipment. When you click on an item, you can find out where it is obtained.

Most of the items can be obtained by replaying completed chapters of campaign stages using Auto Victory Tokens.

Weapon upgrade. Each soldier owns his own type of weapon (rifle, pistol, etc.). The type of weapon cannot be changed. Weapons are pumped by increasing its level. For this, blueprints and advanced blueprints are used. Improving weapons contributes to the growth of its characteristics and model change to a more powerful one. There are 4 weapon models in total. The best model opens when pumping weapons to level 164.

To find out in which activities you can get blueprints for pumping, select a specific weapon and click on the materials icon below it.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad: How to Pick the Right Squad and Fight?

Selection. Before the battle, you must assemble a squad and choose the appropriate battle orders. For the convenience of searching, soldiers can be ranked by attacker, defender and specialist. The rank of a soldier in the squad does not matter, since on the battlefield everyone will take the right position.

If before assembling a squad you see the inscription: "Improve" on the soldiers, then this means that their pumping is available. In this case, you need to return to the menu and see what parameters you can use to upgrade fighters now.

Squad rating. A squad’s rating reflects its strength. You can also see the rating of the enemy squad. If it is bigger than yours, then most likely you will lose. Don’t forget to upgrade your soldiers in time.

How are battle orders arranged? Combat Orders are special skills that can be used in combat. If used correctly and in a timely manner, they will allow you to gain a significant advantage over the enemy. You can upgrade orders using a special order currency.

Types of combat orders and tactics of use

There are 6 combat orders with personal characteristics in total. Of these, you need to choose 2 orders to use, and also decide on the tactics of their application. For any order, you can select "Tactic 1" or "Tactic 2" by simply clicking on the appropriate tactic description. As the level of the main account increases, new, more powerful, battle order tactics will be unlocked.

1. Barrier. Protects target ally by 50% of their health and increases Toughness by 50% for 5 seconds.

2. Air strike. Fires 4 missiles in a 4-meter radius around the target, each of which deals 4 health damage to enemies hit.

3. Concentrated fire. All allies instantly recharge and focus fire on the targeted enemy for 3 seconds.

4. Medical aid in battle. Restores 24% health to all allies within 4 yards over 4 seconds, and removes all controlling or debuffs from target ally.

5. Recovery. Instantly restores a Skill Charge to the targeted ally up to 100%.

6. Amy grenade. Removes the entire charge of the skill from the selected enemy, interrupting active skills and muffling it for 3 seconds.

Combat tips

1. Apply orders correctly. Radius orders are best applied to a group of fighters. This applies to both positive effects for your squad (for example, invulnerability), and negative ones for enemies. What can we say about treatment - treating the entire group at once is much faster and more effective. You can only aim the order at the fighters, and not at the territory nearby.

2. Don’t forget about specialists. The team should always have a healer who monitors the health of comrades, especially the weakest. The specifics of a successful battle suggest that you should not have any losses at the end of the battle. That is why it is so important to treat soldiers on time.

3. Think strategically. If your enemy is under a shield, then do not rush to apply an order on him, as his action will absorb the shield. If there is a weak fighter in your squad, and he was wounded, then do not delay with the treatment - otherwise he will die and you will not receive a star.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad: Campaign Walkthrough

Campaign is the main activity of the game. It is divided into several types, for participation in which there are conditions for the composition of the detachments:

Any campaign has stages, divided into chapters. The higher the stage and chapter, the more rewards are given for passing. In battles, campaign energy is consumed: in normal battles - 3 energy, on bosses - 6 energy. There are 10 attempts per day for regular battles and 5 attempts for a boss fight. In the latter, you can win information about soldiers.

If you are tired of constantly watching the splash screen before the start of the battle, you can turn it off in the settings (Cinema mode - off)

How do medals work? In battle, you can get from 1 to 3 medals. The first is given for successful completion, the second - if the whole squad survives, and the third - if you manage to complete the task within the allotted time. After receiving 3 medals, you will be able to use your auto-victory tokens in the future to complete the task again without a fight. After collecting all the medals of one stage, you can open a box with additional prizes for passing.

How can you speed up the battle? The passage of time in battle cannot be accelerated, but with the help of auto-victory tokens, tasks can be completed automatically without playing them. Auto-Victory Tokens can only be used in previously completed missions for which you received all the medals.

Briefing. After completing all the chapters of one stage, a story video for the game becomes available. The video can be reviewed and returned to the video of the previous stages, making up a complete picture of what is happening in the game in your head. It is very convenient and interesting.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad: Game Modes Features

Access to activities. You can find out in advance what activities you will open when you level up your account. To do this, click on the lock in the upper left of the screen, opposite the experience scale. Here you will see the necessary thresholds for pumping your account to unlock new modes, receive gifts and heroes (see screenshot).

We recommend playing the game intensively for the first few days in order to rise in level (to about 25) and open as many activities as possible. Keep in mind that it will be more difficult to level up further.

How do I unlock all game modes? Game modes open upon reaching the following game levels:

To learn more about what opens at a particular level, click on your profile picture and select "Timeline".

Log in every day to claim your daily login calendar rewards. A total of 31 rewards are available per month. For 7 days of entry in a row, you additionally receive x200 gold.

In which game mode do you get the best rewards? Great rewards can be earned in all game modes. We recommend that you play all modes on a regular basis so as not to miss out on the special rewards of the modes.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad: Arena Fighting Guide

In the arena, you can compete with the squads of other commanders controlled by the computer. In this mode, commanders from all over the world battle each other, test their tactical skills, receive special rewards and strive to the top of the leaderboard.

How do I get involved? For a battle in the arena, you spend arena energy. 1 battle consumes 6 energies. Energy self-replenishes over time, you can buy it for gold or win in activities.

Features. You cannot choose your preferred opponents - the enemy is selected randomly, his rating can be higher or lower than yours. If the enemy does not suit you, then you can refuse to fight, but you will have to pay 500 silver for this. Each victory gives points. The first victory of the day adds over 250 points, and three victories in a row in a row give an additional 50 points.

For defeating 25 enemies, you are entitled to a key to the ORB arena, where you can get rare info, currency, equipment and additional. items.

System of ranks and distribution of awards. Your rank in the arena depends on the number of points scored. Ranks are:

For obtaining a particular rank, you can pick up a reward. The higher the rank, the more prestigious the prizes will be. The arena season lasts a week. At its end, all accumulated points and ranks are reset, progress starts to count from the beginning.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad: Completing Daily Challenges, Rewards

Daily tasks are given every day, and for completing them you collect additional rewards, incl. experience, energy, gold, silver, etc. At the moment, the list of tasks looks like this:

  1. Collecting information about soldiers;
  2. Performing daily operations;
  3. ORB decoding;
  4. Passing the mission against UMBRA;
  5. Harnessing the energy of the campaign;
  6. Soldier training;
  7. The use of equipment;
  8. Winning arena battles;
  9. Killing a soldier in the arena;
  10. Passing the mission of allies;
  11. ORB opening.

The main award. When you complete all the daily tasks from the list, you get the opportunity to pick up the main prize - additional gold, silver, experience and Buck-info to unlock and improve soldiers.

Be sure to close the daily challenges to get all the rewards. They are not complicated, correspond to the main activities and provide additional. inflow of resources.

Incentive system. Incentives are rewards for achievements in major gaming activities. Incentives are divided into 4 categories, each of which has its own thresholds for receiving certain prizes. These categories are:

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad: In-Game Events

Events are limited-time challenges in which you can earn special rewards and unlock rare soldiers. Some events are limited in time and change, while others are constantly running ("A Chance to Redeem", "Secrets of Singapore", etc.).

Participation in events is a good opportunity to collect information about soldiers and get cool rewards, incl. portraits of heroes for the player icon. Be sure to get involved.

Requirements for participation in events. In some events, you will not be able to fight if your account has not reached at least level 30. In the events themselves there are requirements for the unit, faction, level of soldiers, their weapons, etc. It is important to have different fighters in order to collect teams for each mission.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad: Daily Operations Walkthrough

Daily Operations are small tasks that appear in the game every day. For the completed task, different rewards are given depending on the day of the week. Daily operations on Sundays promise all kinds of rewards at once: cash, gold, order currency, training credits, weapon blueprints, equipment components. The amount of the prize depends on the level of the task - the higher it is, the greater the reward.

To take part in an operation, a soldier must meet quality and role requirements. Each mission requires its own soldiers.

Types of operations:

Operation Energy Boost is available daily, 3 times a day. Don’t forget to replenish your energy!

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad: All About Guilds

What is a guild? A guild is an organized group of players in the Elite Squad. By joining a guild or creating your own, you can participate in Guild Wars, exchange information and chat in the guild chat.

Guild creation. To create your own guild, you need to pay 100 gold. Guilds can be open or closed. Open guilds automatically accept any players who have submitted requests to join, and closed ones only after the request is approved by the head of the guild. The new guild needs to be named, choose an avatar for it and optionally write a description and message of the day.

In the description, it is best to display the specific conditions of being in the guild (online, passing guild activities). In the message of the day, you can additionally provide clarifications on current events so that your guild members do not miss important events.

Remember that having your own guild imposes responsibilities for managing, cleaning and recruiting new members. If you don’t have enough time to perform the functions of the chapter, then it is best to join other guilds.

Exchange of info in the guild. Provides for the exchange of info for silver. To do this, send a donation request to the guild chat. Your guildmates will have 24 hours to give you info. You can also help out comrades by exchanging info with them and getting silver for it.

Guild War. Guild Wars require coordination and commitment from players. They last 48 hours and can occur many times during a half-month long season. At the end of the season, each guild that took part in at least one Guild War is assigned a rank. In addition to the classic rewards received at the end of each Guild War, all participating guild members receive special prizes based on the rank of the guild in the season. (Grades: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond).

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad: Basic Resources and Currencies

Energy. There are two types of energy in the game:

These types of energy replenishment rates vary. The maximum amount of energy increases as your account level rises, allowing you to complete more tasks and matches in a single game session.

In game events, its own energy system works, the rate of replenishment of which can be different.

Silver. It is used in many activities, as well as for pumping characters. Obtained from campaigns and events.

Gold. Gold can be bought for donate or won in activities. Used to upgrade heroes and buy their equipment.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad: Voentorg

Voentorg is an in-game store. Sets, currency, resources, etc. are put up for sale here. Let’s consider each tab of the store in more detail.

1. Sets. Sets consist of several items, usually needed for the passage of a particular campaign. Sold for a limited time and a limited number of times. Quite lucrative offers, since whole sets are offered here, making it easier for the player to collect and obtain the necessary ammunition for the squad.

2. Resources. This refers to energy, auto-victory tokens, personal training and squad training tokens. Sold exclusively for gold.

3. Currency. In this section, you can purchase gold for real money, as well as silver for gold. Prices vary depending on the volume of the purchased currency.

For the first purchase of each set of gold, you receive double the size of gold. We recommend starting with the first bundle to get the maximum bonuses.

4. Raid and Prestige. In the "Raid" section, you can purchase heroes for tokens. The offer is valid for a limited time. In "Prestige" you can purchase heroes, blueprints and Prestige currency.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad: What’s the ORB Warehouse For?

At the ORB warehouse, you can purchase special ORBs with bonuses for gold and other currencies. All ORBs vary in price and value, have purchase limits and offer time limits. Each one is suitable for one or another activity of the game and is sold for the currency received in these activities. In other words, the ORB warehouse is the second in-game store.

ORB Composition The standard ORB package includes:

  1. Information about the soldier. Fragments for unlocking and leveling soldiers;
  2. Soldier equipment. Components for creating pieces of equipment;
  3. Currency. Currency for in-app purchases.
  4. Additional subjects. Items for pumping soldiers and squad.
Each ORB has a chance to receive certain soldiers, currencies and equipment. The odds can be found additionally by clicking on a specific ORB

Free opening. Basic ORB can be opened 2 times for free within 9 hours. Further discoveries for only 20K silver at a time. There is also a basic ORB x10 - opening 10 ORBs simultaneously. You will not receive any discounts or free attempts here: 10x opening costs exactly 200K silver.

Should you buy? Buying an ORB is definitely worth it - it is one of the most profitable investments in your gold. Only here you can get a 4 in 1 kit for each activity, there is no such thing in Voentorg.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad: Player Profile

The profile displays basic information about the player: his level, the scale of experience accumulation, the progress of passing the campaigns, the collection of soldiers, progress in the arena and data on the guild. To access your profile, click on your portrait in the upper left corner of the main screen.

Level and experience. You move to a new level when you complete the experience scale. Access to activities, new heroes and rewards depends on your level.

With the first campaign modes, you gain a lot of experience and level up quickly. In the future, the experience will be more difficult.

How do I change my portrait? A portrait is a picture of your avatar. New portraits drop out as a reward in activities. You can use any of the available ones by simply clicking on it and confirming your choice.

Is an internet connection required when playing? Yes, a permanent internet connection is required to play. Game data is stored on Ubisoft servers, which automatically saves players’ progress, provides them with access to leaderboards and other online services.

How do I link my game profile to my Google Play account? You can link your Elite Squad profile to your Google Play account. To do this, go to the Base - Settings (gear icon) - Login - Login.

We recommend that you link your account without fail! This will protect yourself from accidental loss of progress in the event of a game crash.

How do I transfer game progress to another device? You can access your saved data on another Android device. To do this, go through the training and log into your Google Play account. In this case, your profile in Elite Squad must be linked to the corresponding account.

How do I enable or disable push notifications? To enable or disable push notifications, open the "Settings (upper left corner on the Base) - Notifications" menu.

How do I enable or disable the sound in the game? To enable or disable sound, open the menu "Settings (upper left corner on the base) - General - Sound Effects / Music".

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad: Game Rating

First of all, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad will interest fans of games from Ubisoft, since there are such famous heroes as Walker, Sam Fisher, Caveira, Dreamer and many others. If you have played Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon on your computer, then pay attention to this game. Most likely, it will be a pleasant discovery for you.

The rest of the players who like to collect heroes into teams and pump them will also be satisfied - you have to recruit a team of the strongest soldiers and participate with it in campaign battles and in the arena. An interesting, clear plot with video inserts and dialogues will help you quickly get used to and be aware of what is happening on the screen, so you won’t lose anything. And now about the cons:

On the whole, behind the technical disadvantages is quite a good game for a solid "four". It is up to you to play or not to play it. Use our tips, observations and recommendations to make your gameplay easier.

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