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Tsuki Odyssey WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Tsuki Odyssey is a passive game from Hyperbeard and is the sequel to Adventures of Tsuki. In the game, you play as Tsuki the rabbit, who returned from the Mushroom Village. The game is designed for relaxation, you travel, fish, perform a variety of tasks. A very peaceful and interesting project that will suit players of any age.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Tsuki Odyssey Walkthrough
  3. Character Guide
  4. Fishing Tips
  5. How to build a photo collection?
  6. Tips for Collecting Game Achievements

Tsuki Odyssey: Beginner’s Guide

Tsuki is a cute rabbit who returns by train to his Mushroom Village, looking forward to meeting his friends. But upon arrival, it turns out that his house was robbed, all the items and furniture were taken out. So what’s now? Giraffe Chi tells him that maybe something is left in the garden. Really! You can harvest a decent crop of carrots.

So begins your adventure in the world of Tsuki, where you have to equip your house, complete a series of tasks, and meet with friends. This is a fun, mostly childish game with no evil adventures or battles. You play as the good-natured rabbit Tsuki. The gameplay is slow, get ready to relax and enjoy the journey.

Carrots are an in-game currency that you can use to purchase various items in shops. You can collect a small amount of carrots from the garden in the garden behind Tsuki’s house. It should be noted that the growth time of the crop increases each time. Therefore, you will need to look for another type of income, for example, you can fish for sale (we will talk about fishing below). You can also earn carrots by selling unwanted items to Yori, who will buy everything from you at half price.

Periodically, when Tsuki is at home, a wanderer will come up to the treehouse and offer you 250 carrots for watching the commercial. This is a great deal, since carrots are not easy to get, and you need to furnish the house, and some requests from friends require an investment of in-game currency. So feel free to watch commercials and stay at home more often. Especially if you don’t really like fishing.

Control Panel - located at the bottom of the screen:

Telephone. The phone is located on the Control Panel. He will appear after a conversation with Chi at Tsuki’s house. The phone has several active buttons that take the player to various game menus.

Daily rewards - a section in which you will receive prizes every day for visiting the game. Every 7 days you can get a random piece of furniture or an item to complete some game task. For example, a pot for Moka.

Map - through the map you will get to various game locations, shops, visit friends or visit your garden. Various objects to visit appear on the map as you progress through the gameplay. For example, after the first fishing on the shore of the Mermaid, there will be a second place for fishing and the Don’s house.

Collection - all the interesting moments of your adventures are stored here. One of the main tasks of the player is to collect a complete collection of pictures. If some photos will appear as you visit various places on the map, then for some you need to perform specific actions (we wrote about them below).

Bulletin board - located near the Town Hall. Fishing tasks will appear on it, a newspaper from which you will learn the events that have taken place while you were not in the game. Here you can also complete fishing tasks and watch comics about funny Natto. There are 53 cartoon series in total.

Slot machine. In the Town Hall there is a machine with toys that you can use to decorate Tsuki’s house. To be able to pick up the toys, you need to have 10 tickets, which you receive as a daily prize. The ticket can also be obtained randomly by talking to Yori in the shop. After accumulating 10 tickets, you can go to the town hall and try to empty the machine. It will fill up again the next day. If you already have any toy, then you can sell it to Yori.

Toy sets:

  1. Main - will be highlighted in blue in the machine.
  2. Alternative - marked in gold.

Tsuki Odyssey Walkthrough

The highlights of the game, which are displayed in the daily newspaper (appears on the Bulletin Board near the Town Hall), can open up new game mechanics. For example, an issue about fishing opens the Mermaid coast (pier) on the map, and the possibility of fishing. Also in the newspaper you can read about the beginning of the quest chain. For example, the article "Incredible Turtle Bonsai" opens Moka’s house and the broken pot event.

For each player, all events in the newspaper are the same, but articles are published individually, since each person opens events in different ways, it all depends on the activity in the game and on the process of completing missions. We decided to describe the releases that trigger the quests.


  1. Local fisherman Yori shares his secrets! - you need to talk to the fox on the shore of the Mermaid in order to open the possibility of fishing near the bridge.
  2. Bobo and Momo’s unexpected surprise! - You should talk with Bobo and Momo, after which Bobo Ramen Restaurant and Momo Tea House will appear on the map.
  3. Woodworking - find Don at work in his workshop to receive a gift from him (wallpaper and flooring).
  4. Ode to a Pen - Starts the "Benny’s Pen" quest chain, where you need to steal 5 pens from the Town Hall.
  5. Junk Don needs renovation! - starts the Junker Don quest chain. First you need to repair Don’s generator with wires, which you can buy from Yori. Then you need (after the publication of the article "Local beaver is looking for an expensive part") to first talk with a friend, then go to Benny, who has this part - Cooler B450.
  6. Why does modern music suck? - Starts the "Moka’s Mixtape" quest chain, where you need to talk with Moka. To get the cassette, you need to enter into a dialogue with a friend after the release of "How I Make Music".

Random events:

  1. Thanks coffee! - You need to find Benny to talk to him. He will give you a drip coffee grinder.
  2. The stage in the Town Hall is not for karaoke! - the event opens the Geisha Bar, for this you need to talk with the mayor.
  3. What to lead the village? - talk to the mayor, after which he will give you a lottery ticket.
  4. Parasites attack plants - a task from Rosemary. She needs to bring pest control, which you can find in Yori’s shop.

Bobo. Bobo-related articles start small tasks, mostly conversations, until special dialogues become available. For some quests, you will receive a photo for the collection. You can also open some additional event or get a nice prize. Here we only list the titles of the articles:

Yori. In the newspaper, you can find articles about Yori. The fox is very fond of fishing, so all the notes about him are related to catching fish. They do not start quest chains, but after the release of the next issue with the fox, you need to talk to him. Many characters have similar articles, so we will not focus on them.

Moka. "Outrage upon a local tree!" - Starts the "Broken Tree" quest chain where you need to help Moka. After the first article, you should talk to a friend and bring him glue. The next day (after the glue was given away), the article "Glue, Sweat and Tears" will appear. After reading it, you need to bring goat fertilizer to a friend. After that, Rosemary’s shop will appear on the map. You will find out that you saved the bonsai 30 days after visiting the plant store from the article "Heroic Triumph".

Chi. "Dangerous weathervane!" - the article starts a chain of tasks from Chi. First you need to bring Scotch tape to the giraffe, which is sold by Yori. As soon as you give the scotch to your friend, the material "Chi takes the initiative!" will appear in the morning. But if after the first article you don’t give the scotch to Chi on the same day, then in the morning there will be a note: "Terrible troubles of Chi." And since scotch tape isn’t always for sale, it’s worth stocking up on it in advance (or buying it right away when you find it).

Answers to newbie questions

When does the guinea pig appear? This will happen at the moment when you have to go to Rosemary for fertilizer for Moka. The story begins when Tsuko’s friend Moki’s pot broke, and to support her, the rabbit asked how he could help her. Moka asked you to go to Rosemary’s for goat fertilizer. This is how your first meeting with the pig will happen.

When you come to the pig, you will ask her to help Moka. Rosemary will ask you to bring glue (if you didn’t give it to Moka before), which is sold in Yori’s shop. You can purchase glue in advance to fulfill the pig’s request. Glue may not be in the store at the right time, so you just need to wait a bit.

Why doesn’t fertilizer reduce carrot growth time? When you buy fertilizer, the description says that carrots will grow faster if you fertilize the beds. In fact, fertilizer increases the amount of the crop, and does not speed up the process of its growth. This is a minor translation error. If you fertilize the beds well before planting, then you will get more carrots at harvest, therefore, with the help of fertilizers you will increase your income.

Where can you get fertilizer? It is sold in Rosemary’s shop. The shop itself appears after you help Moka fix a broken tree. The appearance of the store is the logical conclusion of Moka’s quest.

Why is a magnifying glass necessary? The magnifying glass is needed for the photo that Tsuki will put up in the Markovkogram. Through it, Tsuki will view the ants. This is an interesting activity for the rabbit, another kind of his leisure.

Where can I find the cassette? You can listen to music through the tape recorder in Moko’s house. Another form of Tsuki’s pastime. The cassette can be fished out of the river while fishing. You can also get cassettes for quests from Mok. It is not necessary to insert a cassette into a tape recorder. You just need to go into the house and go to the player.

How to open a ramen shop? Ramen is a spicy noodle that is very popular in Southeast Asia. To open the ramen cart, you need to visit Rosemary’s shop more often and talk to the characters. Around the 15th day of the game, you will see a new issue of the newspaper on the Bulletin Board, which describes "Bobo and Momo’s Surprise Surprise" - this is the opening of a ramen shop and a tea shop. By the way, the tea shop sells delicious relaxing drinks that you can enjoy with friends.

How to get cookies for Pipi? From time to time, on the 2nd floor of Yori’s store, the fox cub will receive various items necessary for completing missions. For example, cookies. Usually, beginners do not pay attention to such things, but it is important to understand that in the future they may be useful to you.

Buy a backpack as soon as Yori has it on sale. This way you will increase the number of slots in your inventory. This is important for collecting some quest items.

What to do with yarn? So that you can do some additional leisure for the rabbit, you need to buy knitting needles in the store. After that, you can visit Chi and start knitting. You should visit the giraffe more often to get a new photo for your collection.

Why do you need an umbrella? The umbrella will allow you to take a photo for the collection. On hot days, you can watch Tsuki stroll around the teahouse with an umbrella in hand. Walk in different places more often, get new pictures and complete the collection. With an umbrella available, you can get a nice shot (pictured above) for your collection when you visit the Moko Tea House.

Are all flowers available at Rosemary’s? You should carefully read the description of some plants, as among them very aggressive carnivorous flowers can be caught. Yes, they are very pretty and attract attention, but they will be dangerous for your rabbit. For example, in the game there is a flower "Venus Rabbit Trap", which can attack you if you get very close to it. Let her better show off on the counter.

How to repair Don’s generator? Generator wires are sold at Yori’s shop. It is better to buy them in advance, or as soon as they appear on sale. Since Don will ask to fix the generator on the same day it broke down. If you are not sure that you can immediately find the wires, then at the moment when you see smoke from the generator (it stands at Don’s workshop on the street), then do not talk to him, the house will not catch fire, and you can safely complete the task. The second time you will need to take the part from Benny.

How to open a parcel? Approximately on the 12th day of the gameplay, a new article "The Mysterious Package in the Town Hall" will appear in the newspaper. You need to move to the village administration, and "interact" with the red mailbox. It will contain a package for you. Click on the package image to get some wardrobe items and a new photo for the collection.

Why do I need chests if I can’t open them ? Chests are a wonderful piece of furniture that will look great in Tsuki’s house. You will not be able to open them, as this decor is a decoration for the house. But after buying the chest, Tsuki will post a new photo in the Carrotogram, in which he is contentedly lying on the chest.

Lost things from Tsuki’s house, what to do? Remember the thief who robbed Tsuki’s house at the start of the game? It is he who will periodically annoy you during the game. So some items from your house and garden will disappear. To return them, you need to visit the Town Hall. Open the mailbox, in which the "Lost and Found" button will appear, there you will find all the missing items. After opening the 3rd floor, some of the things that can be found in the Lost and Found will disappear.

Tsuki Odyssey: Character Guide

Characters in Tsuki Odyssey play an important role, as the protagonist constantly interacts with them. Some of the missions that Tsuki completes involve finding and talking to the heroes. There are tasks where you need to help the residents of the Mushroom Village. Therefore, we decided to talk a little about each hero, where you can find them, and what quests are associated with them for Tsuki.

Benny is the mayor of the village where the main action of the game takes place. He can often be found in the Town Hall, as well as in other places: in the Momo Tea House and in the Geisha Bar. Benny is a very busy person who constantly wants to relax and unwind, but his position does not allow this.

Task with Benny. You can steal 3 pens from his desk. After stealing the first pen, nothing happens. After you borrow pen 2, Benny will mutter under his breath that he lost his pen. If at this moment you start a dialogue with him, then Benny will ask Tsuki if he saw his pens. After missing 3 pens, the mayor will post an announcement to see if anyone has seen his pens.

4 The handle can be found inside the wooden organizer, while the handle will be tied with a rope. A pruner is needed to cut the rope. It is sold in the Pipi store, you just need to wait a bit. 5 the pen will also be tied to the table, and you can find it in the drawer of his desk.

Bobo is a panda who runs a Ramen restaurant located next to Momo’s tea shop and also owns Rosemary’s Plant Shop. Bobo has many relatives. Bobo is very proud of his culinary skills, so he opened a Ramen restaurant.

Due to his slightly narcissistic nature, Bobo responds to Tsuki in a dismissive manner if the rabbit crosses his path. Bobo and Momo fight and may despise Tsuki, but after doing some of their errands, they will get better with the rabbit.

Camille is a chameleon and one of the secondary characters in the game. She is a spokesperson for Candiru Corp, and gives Tsuki the opportunity to watch ads. The initial cost of watching the video is 250 carrots, but if you complete the "Find the Chameleon" achievement, you will receive 300 carrots for each ad. Camilla can be found in the following places (needed to complete the quest):

  1. Behind Tsuki’s house.
  2. On the roof of Tsuki’s house.
  3. Often sits on the steps of the lighthouse on the bank of the Mermaid.
  4. Swims in the ocean near the shore of the Mermaid.
  5. Behind the Momo Tea House sign.
  6. Sits on the Notice Board.
  7. Sits on the roof of the Town Hall.
  8. Sleeps on the roof of Don’s workshop.
  9. Hiding at the door of Rosemary’s store.
  10. In the beds of Tsuki.
  11. On the roof of Moki’s house.
  12. Behind the sign on the rooftop of Bobo’s restaurant.
  13. Spin on the roof of Chi.

Chi is an old friend of Tsuki’s. At the beginning of the game, you are shown that Chi fell asleep, and at this time the thief took out all the things from Tsuki’s house. Therefore, Chi pulled away from the rabbit a little, as she considers herself to be guilty. Many tasks in the game are associated with Chi (you can read about them in the "Collections" section), and there is also the "Bookworm" achievement (we wrote about it in the "Achievements" section). Chi can be found in several places:

  1. Tsuki’s house.
  2. Moka house.
  3. Comedian Chi.
  4. City Hall.
  5. Momo Tea House.
  6. Mermaid Beach.
  7. Yori shop.

Don is a beaver who owns the Dawn Workshop. Don is a character who participates in some tasks. We have written down the main places of his appearance, so that it would be easier for you to find him:

  1. Dawn Workshop.
  2. Bobo Restaurant.
  3. Momo Tea House.
  4. City Hall (from 8 to 10 am).
  5. Yori’s shop (around 5pm).
  6. Bathes at his workshop in the river (around 4 am).

Elfi is the night clerk at Yori’s shop. Since she is involved in some tasks, you will need to quickly find her. This can be done in some places:

  1. Yori Shop (8pm to 8am)
  2. Momo tea house.
  3. Bobo Restaurant.

Moka is a turtle that Tsuki needs to befriend. There are several quests associated with it and the "Ninja Turtle" achievement. Moka loves to take naps, snack on chips, drink tea and tend to her bonsai. He can ask Tsuki to buy a new pot for his bonsai tree after the old one breaks. This starts one of the quest chains from Mok. You can find Moka in the following places:

  1. Moki’s house.
  2. House of Chi.
  3. Tsuki’s house.
  4. Mermaid Beach.
  5. Yori shop.

Momo is the owner of the Tea House. She loves silence and is friends with Bobo. At first, she is dismissive of Tsuki, but after successfully fulfilling her requests, she will treat the rabbit better. Can give him gifts as a token of gratitude. Momo has his own photo collection. She always sits in her Tea House.

Paige is one of the vendors at Yori’s shop, unfortunately she can only be found behind the counter. He loves wood carving. Participates in some tasks that can be started by reading the newspaper, has his own collection of photographs.

Pipi is a cheerful little fox, Yori’s daughter. She is one of Tsuki’s friends. She does not need anything from the rabbit, she does not participate in tasks, but she has her own collection of photographs. Pipi, with her participation, can diversify your leisure time, and can also give you some rare item. You can find it in the following places:

  1. Yori shop.
  2. Tsuki’s house.
  3. Momo tea house.
  4. Bobo Restaurant.
  5. Mermaid Beach.

Yori is a cunning fox, Pipi’s father and shop owner. He appears in the story at the very beginning. Despite all his cunning, this is a kind fox who can help Tsuki for free (although he will still buy items and fish at half price). Yori can participate in some quests, but is mostly a helping character. But sometimes, there will be an article about the fox in the newspaper, after watching the media, you need to find Yori and talk to him. It can be found in the following locations:

  1. At Yori’s shop.
  2. On the shore of the Mermaid.
  3. Bobo Restaurant.
  4. Momo tea house.

Rosemary is a cute guinea pig who appears in the story during Mok’s potty quest. She has her own plant store. She participates in some quests, she has her own collection of pictures. Rosemary can also give Tsuki gifts. She can be found in the plant shop and in the Bobo restaurant.

Scarlet is an imposing dog but a wise owner of a geisha bar. She has little activity in the game as she is a relatively new hero. She appears in some articles of the local chronicle, so it is necessary to talk to her. She can give the main character a gift. In addition to the Bar, it can be found on the shore of the Mermaid.

Tsuki Odyssey: Fishing Tips

Fishing becomes available on the second day of the game, the local newspaper will inform you about this. First, the Mermaid’s house and a pier will appear where you can fish. The pier will then open up on the shore of Dawn’s Workshop, and later on you can fish at Rosemary’s Shop. Fishing is the main source of carrots, as the fish can be sold.

Fishing requires a fishing rod, which you can get after talking to Yori. He will give it to you. Having acquired a fishing rod, you can find the Mermaid’s house (lighthouse) on the map. In the future, you can purchase a spinning rod for 7500 carrots at Pipi’s shop. But it does not increase the quality of fishing (even though the description says that the efficiency is increased by 40%), so don’t be discouraged if you can’t get it.

How to fish? First you need to choose one of the 3 places indicated on the map where you can fish. Approaching the water, you need to click on the blue icon with a fish inside. Click on it and your rabbit will go fishing. After a while, you will hear a characteristic splash of water, and the fishing rod will begin to stretch. At this point, you need to click on the screen so that Tsuki pulls out the fishing rod. If you don’t, the fish will jump off the hook.

After a successful hook, a splash screen will appear, on which you will see the caught specimen. Tap on the fish to move it to your inventory. Each type of fish occupies 1 slot in the inventory. If your bag is full, then the fish will not get into your bag, so you should clear the storage space before fishing.

Overfishing. A lot of fish caught is one of the game mechanics. Since Tsuki has to do other pleasant things, and not just fish, the developers came up with a system of restrictions. After about 10 - 15 minutes of fishing, you may notice that with each fish caught, the time between catches increases. After 2 hours and 6 minutes, you can start fishing again, and it will go on as usual.

At first, you will catch fish, on average, after 10 - 15 seconds. Gradually, the time interval between catches will increase to 25 - 35 seconds. Ultimately, the interval between catches will be more than a minute. When the interval exceeds 45 seconds, it is recommended to change the place of fishing or do other things.

Sale of fish. As we have already written above, fishing brings a stable income. At the moment, in the game, fish is only needed for sale, so it makes no sense to store it. To sell fish, you need to go to Yori’s store, which can buy it from you from 8:00 to 20:00, then you will be served at Elfi’s store.

To sell fish, you need to approach the seller, "interact" with him by selecting the red sell icon (buy / sell and dialogue symbols appear above the heroes’ heads). After that, the inventory will open, in which you should mark the fish for sale. After selecting the necessary goods, click on the green button in the upper right corner of the inventory.

After that, the seller will announce to you the total cost that you can get for the fish. At the bottom, a choice will appear "Sell" or "Refuse". In any case, if you do not have fish from the tasks, then it is advised to agree. You won’t get more carrots for it.

Fishing missions. Tasks appear on the Notice Board near the Town Hall. Every day you need to bring 3 rare specimens to the Board, the silhouette of which will be shown on the Board. For this fish, you will receive 100% of its value (Yori will buy your catch for 50% of the real value of the fish). After fishing, it is recommended that you first check if you have caught a fish from a task (contract). If you have the right copy in your inventory, then the task sheet will be displayed in full color.

Now you should click on the desired fish in the opened inventory to complete the contract and receive a reward. On those tasks that you have closed, a red seal will appear.

Tsuki Odyssey: How to build a photo collection?

The collection of photos that you need to collect during the game will be automatically displayed in Carrotgram (the social network of the game, where the characters exchange pictures). Photos can be viewed in the "Collections" section of the phone. Each photo tells a small but interesting story. We decided to tell you how you can get some of the shots, because after they appear, a new game mechanic, item in the store, event or dialogue will become available.

Tsuki Collection

How often do you visit the backyard? Do you love working in the garden? Tsuki is very fond of doing this. This is a very funny picture that should not have been on public display. To get it you need to spend a lot of time in the garden. The picture will appear at the most unexpected moment. After this shot, you can visit Don’s workshop, which you will find floating in the river. Talk to him and you will be able to catch a rare fish. Picture 2 was taken in Don’s workshop. walking along the pier on warm evenings, you can visit a friend. Unfortunately, he goes to bed very early.

Ramen is Tsuki’s favorite instant noodles that can be bought at the Ramen tent. In order to get this shot, you need to have a pack of noodles in your inventory. Therefore, the ramen cart needs to be opened first. The photo will be taken randomly at Tsuki’s house, so stay at home periodically. After Moka sees the picture, she will begin to understand that you have a lot in common, since she also loves ramen. You can talk to her and improve the relationship.

Tsuki loves to ride the inflatable duck. But in order to get a great shot, you must have a rubber duck in your inventory, which is sold in Yori’s store. After getting the picture, you can talk to Chi to improve the relationship, as she also likes to swim very much.

Tsuki loves to exercise. Training will enter Tsuki’s life after the quests with Bobo. The first photo was taken by an unknown lens maker while Tsuki was training. The picture will be taken randomly and no additional item is required for it. The photo will help you get closer to Don, who also loves physical activity. Also, after the snapshot, you will have better contact with Benny, and you can steal the 5 pen from him when he is distracted by talking about sports.

The second shot with rollers, you will need to increase Mok’s affection, even though you fixed the turtle’s pot, he is still cold towards you. Moka loves roller skates. But for a good shot, you should have rollers in your backpack. They can be bought at Yori’s shop.

In photo 3, Tsuki is doing yoga. Buy a special mat for him, and he will be able to train at any time. Or maybe you will conduct joint training with Chi or another character? This will bring you closer and you will unlock new game tasks. Cardio loads are very beneficial for health (4th picture). Buy a skipping rope for Tsuki so that he can practice periodically.

How often do you visit Chi? Visit her more often to make your relationship warmer, as she is still worried that she did not keep track of the house in your absence. You can knit a scarf for her by purchasing a skein of yarn and knitting needles from Yori’s shop. In order for the picture to turn out, and for you to be able to diversify your leisure time by knitting, you must have yarn in your inventory.

Chi will appreciate your efforts, and will catch your eye more often during your walks, so you will quickly increase your relationship. If you chose a drawing book as a gift from Yori at the start of the game, you can draw the house of your dreams. Chi also likes to draw, maybe give her an album, not a book?

Musical group. At the start of the game, when you enter Chi’s house, you can watch your friends rehearse. They have an amazing band! Tsuki also wants to join the band, but he does not have a carrot guitar, which the guys lack so much. Buy him a ukulele to get a great shot and make music with friends. Chi will appreciate your talents! And you can also get a picture with a guitar on the pier.

Go for walks more often. We recommend walking on the pier, where you will not only get beautiful pictures, but also get closer to Chi and Don. The more friends you have, the more tasks you will receive, thus the game will become more exciting.

Requests at dinner. The ramen shop serves more than just noodles. You can order a wonderful octopus soup, which you need to buy in advance in the shop. Visit the noodle shop more often to buy a marine life. So you get a wonderful picture for the collection.

At dinner, you can chat with someone from the village, and get a new request from the villager. So many food shots! Buy carrot chips at the bar to get a new photo for your collection (2nd and 3rd photo). 4 photos are just a random event in Tsuki’s house.

Sweets. Tsuki not only likes ramen and soup, he is very fond of sweets, so in the tea house you can buy a chocolate cupcake for him, after that you can go home to get a beautiful cupcake shot. Tsuki also likes fruit juice, which can be bought at Momo’s tea house. And who else in the village loves sweets?

Visit Tsuki’s house more often to get a lot of interesting and funny shots. Some of them will unlock a new event for your rabbit.

Moka. You still haven’t made up with Moka, which is sad. Buy the item "Koma" (for the game) so that Moka can challenge you. In order for you to take a photo, Moka must find you at his tea house. After the event, Moko will be closer to you, and you will get more progress in the "Be closer with Moko" Achievements.

Listening to music is so nice, especially with friends. Moka loves music too. When you make friends with the turtle, you can spend leisure time together, and get photos for the collection (2 photos can be taken randomly in the house of Tsuki or Moki).

statues. On the forums, newcomers often ask the question: why do we need statues? They take beautiful pictures! The Naiad Fountain is the perfect decoration for Tsuki’s backyard. Buy a giant rabbit statue for your garden. You can "interact" with her and get a funny photo.

Various Tsuki. Buy a wooden comb from Yori’s shop to get a shot. Well, let them say different things, rabbits also take care of themselves. The comb will still come in handy for Rosemary’s quest. Funny pictures (3 photos) always attract a lot of attention. You can get chewing gum as a gift for daily entry, Pipi can give it to you. If this does not happen, then it is sold in Yori’s store. Do you remember who gave you the sour ropes? What jokes?

Reading unites. And the rabbit loves to read. You should have a book in your inventory with which you can take great photos. If you chose a drawing book as a gift from Yori at the start of the game, then you will have to buy the book "Lord of the Carrot". Do you remember that Chi will ask you to bring her a book? She also likes to read in her spare time. 3 photo taken at Chi’s house when you give her a book. But you do not think that you will be left without a return gift? Chi will give you a wonderful love story that you will want to read right at her place.

Kendama (1 and 2 photos) is a favorite toy of East Asian children. Tsuki also likes to hit the ball. This is easy to do at first glance. It will make a great photo, but you need to have a kendama in your inventory and be at home. In picture 4, Tsuki is also playing kendama, but sometimes he is sad alone. Or maybe you will play with Moka? If you are completely bored alone in the house, then you can solve a crossword puzzle. By purchasing a yo-yo, you can get another photo for the collection. Also, the toy will come in handy for the event with Bobo.

Refrigerator - not so easy to buy, but very useful in Tsuki’s house. The refrigerator can be bought at Yori’s store. The photo will be taken randomly when Tsuki is at home. By installing a refrigerator, you will be able to invite guests more often who may come with small requests to you. In the refrigerator, you can put milk, which is very fond of the rabbit. It can be purchased after purchasing the refrigerator.

Friendship is very wonderful. To get closer to Yori and the fox, you do not need to get an achievement or try to complete any tasks at all. These guys treat you very well, and they can just give you some item you need. Talk to the shop assistants in Yori’s shop more often, so you will get a beautiful picture as a memory of your friends. The second shot will be taken when you wish to treat your friends to nuts, which you can buy at the bar.

More about friendship! Chi loves to walk by the pier. Did you remember to bring her the book she asked for? Tsuki also spends a lot of free time by the water. Common interests bring together. On the 2nd photo you are together with Chi and Moka. This picture will be taken in your house when you get the "Get Closer with Chi and Moka" achievements. Buy a lollipop (or get it as a gift for visiting the game daily) to get 3 and 4 photos in the collection. These random shots can be taken at the home of Tsuki, Moki, or Chi. Come visit!

Rosemary. A visit to Rosemary’s shop can be a lot of fun! For example, you can feed her fish and get a wonderful picture. Your guinea pig will be grateful for your care, and you can turn to her at the right time. After visiting the pig shop, go home and clean up. Rosemary loves clean rabbits, she’s still impressed by your photo with the comb!

Buy a spinner in Yori’s store, after that you will randomly receive a new photo for the collection (3 photos). The pinwheel is very reminiscent of the flowers that Rosemary loves. She will see the picture in the chat feed and will be delighted.

Collection of snapshots from assignments

If you visit the City Hall early in the morning, you will find Benny at work. He is a very busy mayor. Taking a photo will increase his credibility, and Benny will be grateful to you. The 2nd photo will be taken after the conversation with Bobo, before which you should read the newspaper article about the new ingredients for instant noodles (the conversation is part of Bobo’s quest chain).

One day in the newspaper you will read about hot cocktails. After that, a new location will appear - the Geisha Bar. After reading the article, go to the bar and talk to Ratty to fulfill his request. The photo will remind you of an interesting event.

After the update on September 9, 2022, a new quest chain with Benny appeared in the game. In order for you to start the quests, you need to buy (or get by logging in to the game) a set to return home. After that, go to the Town Hall, where you should talk to the mayor about the blueprints located on the wall of the building.

When the third floor and large rooms appear in your Tree House, some items from the walls will disappear. Take a picture of the jar near Tsuki’s house before taking your things from him. Completing the quest chain with the Homecoming Kit.

Did you know that Pipi loves art? One fine morning you will read the article "What is art?" in the newspaper, after that you need to talk to Pipi. This will start the quest chain. The picture will be taken randomly at Tsuki’s house.

Pipi and Yori Collection

You will get the first picture if you talk to Pipi in Yori’s shop during the tutorial. If you haven’t done this, then the photo may appear randomly when you visit Yori’s shop (1 and 2 photos). On the 3rd photo, cheerful Pipi walks along the pier.

Pipi loves to draw. If you chose an album for drawing at the start of the game, then you can draw something nice for the fox. You can also give him an album (not immediately if Chi cannot accept your gift). Events with Chi can develop (she will receive gifts and help from you when you increase her trust level in Achievements).

It’s nice to share a chocolate cupcake bought at Moki’s tea house with a cheerful friend (2nd photo can be taken at Yori’s shop or at Tsuki’s house). If you’re smart enough, you can play with the fox at Yori’s or at home. In order for you to have 3 photos, you need to go to Yori or be at home during the day and evening.

This will be the only portrait of Yori that you will take when Tsuki walks along the Mermaid Bank in the early morning. The cunning fox will really like the photo, he looks very much like his son Pipi in it. After you post a photo, Yori will thank you.

Chi and Moka Collection

Chi is very fond of swimming, you can often meet her in the water. No, she is not drowning in the picture. just bathed in a rubber duck. Do you have a duck? Maybe you should go swimming together? This will increase the giraffe’s trust percentage.

Have we mentioned that Chi loves to read? Have you given her a book yet? Then visit her to get a beautiful picture (2 and 3 photos), but the photos will be taken at the time of reading Chi. The book still needs to be donated! In general, going to visit Chi is very useful, for example, you can get a romantic photo when a friend cleans the house or eats ramen.

How does Chi feel about Moka? They are good friends. Chi will take this picture on the pier during the day quite by accident, and give it to you. Moka will think that you took the picture, and the relationship between you will improve. You can piss off Chi by putting goat fertilizer you bought at the fertilizer store in her house. After you put the fertilizer, return to Chi in an hour. She will be angry! But Moka will be very amused by such a joke!

If you frequent the pier before sunset, you might see Moka in the river. Moka also likes to drink tea at Momo’s tea house. Do not miss the moment to talk to her in a pleasant environment. You will get the 3rd picture randomly in Yori’s store, where you will catch the turtle listening to music.

Collections of residents of the Mushroom Village

Bobo. Random photo with Bobo when Tsuki visits City Hall during the day. 2nd photo will be taken by Bobo himself and presented to Tsuki. He captured the rabbit in his Ramen shop while the rabbit was having breakfast. In picture 3, Bobo is cooking a meal for Momo. This shot will be taken by Tsuki to please his friend.

Elfi. Random photo with Elfi when Tsuki is talking to her at Yori’s shop. The picture can be taken during the passage of the quest "Night Elf". The quest begins after the article of the same name in the newspaper. Talk to Elfi in Momo’s tea house while she is eating dango (2 photos).

Page. Paige is very fond of carving figures, talk to him when he carves the gnome in Yori’s shop. Or maybe it’s art too? But the 2nd photo is not related to any task, this photo is a memory of a pleasant pastime with friends on the pier. Paige brought a lot of delicious!

Benny. There are several quests associated with Benny in the game. By visiting his Town Hall, you can get a great shot that will increase the reputation of the mayor. The 2nd photo will be taken the moment you steal 3 pens from Benny. At the time of the shooting, the mayor writes an announcement about whether anyone has seen his pens.

Don. Many shots of the House can be obtained by visiting the shore near his workshop at different times of the day. For example, 1 shot was taken at sunrise and sunset when Don is swimming. 2nd photo was taken in the late afternoon, when the beaver is working in the workshop.

Momo. Photos with Momo are taken in her tea house. They are very cute, and she will like them when she sees them on the social network. You can get nice gifts from her for great pictures. But they will be made randomly, and do not affect the completion of quests, but the items you receive may be useful to you.

Rosemary. The first 2 photos will be taken by you during your visit to Rosemary’s Plant Shop. Like Momo, a guinea pig can give you gifts. Pictures 3 and 4 will be taken at the moment when you come to visit her, and she will take care of the plants.

Tsuki Odyssey: Tips for Collecting Game Achievements

Achievements are one of the game tasks. To view the achievements, you should go to the game settings (click on the button in the form of a gear), then go to the Achievements section. Here you will see several sections that will help you get beautiful photos for your collection and unlock some game features. There are 20 achievements in total in the game: 10 regular and 10 hidden.

Each achievement has its own progress. For example, the picture above shows completed tasks (at the top of the image) and incomplete ones that are in progress. To close the missions, you need to fulfill all the conditions described in the achievements.

"Get Close to Chi" and "Get Close to Moka" Achievements - These quests need to be completed in order for you to be able to edit your friends’ houses. Every day the progress bar is filled by 2%. To speed up the progress of the task, you need to fulfill the requests of the characters. For example, Chi will ask you to bring her a book.

Some of the photos you receive may enhance the intimacy process. For example, you can play pranks on Chi to make Moku laugh. This will increase your intimacy with the turtle. But this action will reduce the process of reaching with Chi. Though Chi has more interactions with Tsuki, so her progress bar will fill faster.

To get daily 2%, just talk to the characters in various places on the map.

Fishing - you can get the opportunity to decorate the shore of the Mermaid if you complete the "Fish Hunter" achievement. To do this, you need to fish more near the lighthouse. Also, to open the editing of the pier, it is required to improve the relationship with Benny. Daily conversations will give +2% mission progress. Also, by completing Benny’s tasks and pranking him, you can speed up the achievement process.

"You found a chameleon." This achievement is related to the search for Camilla. We talked about it above. Once you find it, you should click on it to progress through the achievement. By completing the chameleon quest, you will receive more carrots for watching ads offered by Camille.

Regular Achievements:

  1. The journey begins - you need to complete the training.
  2. Spender - you need to spend 10,000 carrots in stores.
  3. Fish Hunter - You need to complete 25 contracts that can be closed on the Notice Board.
  4. Toy machine - Collect 10 tickets to get the opportunity to play the toy machine. It is located in the City Hall.
  5. Golden Carp - Catch 100 of any fish.
  6. Gardening - you need to buy a plant from Rosemary’s shop. After that, you can put it in any editable house.
  7. Memories - collect a collection of 10 photos.
  8. Golden Rabbit - Collect 100,000 carrots. This includes carrots obtained from advertising and fish sales.
  9. Bookworm - You need to increase your affinity with Chi.
  10. Ninja Turtle - You need to increase affinity with Moka.

Hidden achievements (progress not tracked):

  1. Bonsai master - come to Rosemary and help her cut the tree.
  2. Crabbit - You need to catch the following crustaceans: mud crab, fiddler crab, vampire crab (you need to be careful with it), hermit crab, blue crab and horseshoe crab.
  3. Glitter and varnish - you need to buy shiny furniture from Yori’s store. This furniture will be highlighted with a red or blue background in the description.
  4. Panda - you need to complete Bobo’s tasks.
  5. Remodeling - performed in any editable house. You need to change the appearance of walls and floors. To do this, go to edit mode, where you can select items purchased in advance.
  6. Spy - find Camille in different places.
  7. Thief - Steal Benny’s pens.
  8. Fishing rods in a row - collect a collection of wooden ducks.
  9. Caffeine - Collect all items to make coffee.
  10. Shocking Deal - Get electrocuted by Don (after 1 generator repair).

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