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University Empire Tycoon WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

University Empire Tycoon Idle is an exciting idle game from Codigames, where you become the creator and head of your own university empire. You will bring your ambitious educational plans to life, attracting students from all over the world and offering them a variety of courses and specialties.


  1. Guide for New Players
  2. Tips to help you earn more
  3. Secrets of Development
  4. Student Guide
  5. Everything you need to know about teachers
  6. Is it worth playing?

University Empire Tycoon: Guide for New Players

Game features. In the game, you can create a renowned and prosperous educational center that will become attractive for career growth and academic success. You will build a campus consisting of various buildings such as auditoriums, libraries, sports facilities and dormitories. Each building will have its own functionality and contribute to the development of the entire university.

You will be able to develop new training programs, attract qualified teachers, improve technical equipment and provide comfortable accommodation for students. You will also manage budgets, attract additional funding and develop partnerships with industry and educational institutions.

The more successfully you develop your university empire, the more students you can attract; with each new student you will receive income that can be invested in the further development of the university.

How to play University Empire Tycoon? First tips! Your main goal in the game is to manage your own university and ensure its maximum growth by developing an effective management strategy. You must learn to invest your earnings into campus development to gain a high level of prestige (Displayed by the star counter in the upper left corner of the screen).

The more improvements you make to your facilities and territories, the higher the level of prestige you achieve.

Prestige is an important indicator of your success and will be used to compete with other universities at the end of the academic year. The higher the level of prestige of your university, the greater the chances of winning competitions. Earn a reputation as a top educational institution and show your leadership skills in the world of education.

Difficulty of the game. This game is a more complex version of the "idle" games, requiring careful reading of the descriptions of objects and rooms before investing in-game money. In it, some objects and rooms increase your income, while others reduce your waiting time.

You have to choose and make decisions about which features are more interesting and suitable for achieving your goals at the moment.

First recommendations. We recommend that you gradually reinvest your funds into basic furniture for all areas of your university. This will reduce processing time and add value to your institution. Remember that each area plays an important role in your university’s profitability, so you should balance your strategy. Otherwise, your students may become dissatisfied and their performance may decrease.

Monitor your students. Pay attention to the icons that appear above your students’ heads to gauge their mood. These icons can give you an idea of ​​what needs to be improved or fixed to keep them happy and motivated.

Watch for these icons and take appropriate action to maintain a positive atmosphere at your university.

Keep an eye on your energy meter. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the energy meter, indicated by the lightning bolt icon! Exceeding the maximum value will result in a fine. The greater the excess, the greater the fine will be. Once you pay for it, you can continue improving your campus.

To avoid such penalties, it is recommended to increase the energy limit at your university using the "+" button next to the energy meter. In the menu you will be able to invest in the development of the necessary equipment.

Note the interconnectedness of the entire university. The balance between the different areas of the game really matters. If students are late for lectures because of queues in the toilet or cafeteria, this can negatively affect their academic performance. Hire sufficient staff to serve students and ensure that all areas of the university operate quickly and efficiently.

Maintain a balance between student needs and university resources to ensure a successful and productive learning experience.

Organization of the schedule. Organizing a proper schedule for lectures and classes is a key aspect of successfully managing a university in the game. If students are given the wrong schedule or too many lectures in a row without a break, they may become tired and this will affect their performance.

Try to create a varied schedule that includes both academic studies and breaks for recreation and social activities. Maintain a balance between student workload and their ability to learn effectively.

Hiring the best teachers. By clicking on the "Einstein" icon and studying teacher descriptions, you can choose those who specialize in the classes you want. This will help improve the quality of education at the university and improve student performance. Pay attention to this feature and hire the right trainers for your team.

University Empire Tycoon: Tips to help you earn more

Expand the dean’s office building. Your basic source of income is leveling up the main campus building. Check the dean’s office regularly and upgrade until you reach the maximum. Also, take a look at the list of studies related to the dean’s office and do all the necessary research.

Updating objects. The Dean’s Office plays an important role in the development process of your campus. Don’t forget to check the dialog boxes that appear after clicking on the main buildings or classes, and upgrade the objects that have the greatest impact on your growth strategy. For example, pay attention to the descriptions of student desks in classrooms, some of which may attract new students.

Improvement areas. Changing your tuition fees is another way to increase your profits. Carefully study the descriptions of objects and areas that can bring in additional money on an hourly basis. A note icon in these descriptions may indicate that the update will add additional sources of income. This will help you manage your campus finances effectively.

Complete all research in the game. Carefully study the test tube icon located in the upper right corner, and it will become your reliable ally. Although developing all the sections takes time and effort, they will help you grow your campus.

Check out the bonuses they offer and choose the university studies that suit your strategy. Some of them will increase the number of employees, others will bring in more money or improve the morale of students.

Don’t forget that an organized dean should always be engaged in constant research. Also, use your gems wisely, as some research won’t require any extra effort!

Participate in academic competitions. The Trophy Badge allows your campus to regularly organize competitions in which you can send your top graduates to. These competitions provide additional opportunities for development and progress.

The development team is working on improving this feature and will make it available to all players in the near future. We encourage you to actively participate in competitions to see how well your graduates rise to the challenges!

University Empire Tycoon: Secrets of Development

What is a money limit? In the game University Empire Tycoon, your earnings will not have time limits, but will depend on the capacity of the safe in the administration building. You will need to gradually upgrade the building to increase your income and be able to collect more money.

It is important to remember that when the pot in a game reaches its limit, you no longer make a profit. Therefore, regularly visiting the game to collect income is especially important at the initial stage of development.

To start upgrading a building, simply click on the dean’s office icon, then select "Build" in the upgrade menu.

Research menu. Pay attention to the research button, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen. There you can find ongoing bonuses and upgrades that will help you increase your income and keep more money. To access these bonuses, select the "Economy" tab in the research menu.

What are academic fields? Your university will be divided into faculties, each of which will specialize in a specific area of ​​knowledge. Each house will have a numerical value that will determine how effectively your students will learn that area based on your progress in the game.

Each faculty card will list their skills in each area, and faculty will increase their knowledge as you level them up.

Read the descriptions of the faculties to choose the most suitable teachers! It is advisable that they have at least equal value in the chosen area of ​​knowledge to ensure the highest learning success for your students.

How to increase income from training? The more you develop your campus and classes, the more students will be able to enroll at your university. You will receive income for every hour of study, which will increase as your university level increases. However, you should also consider your costs. If they get too high, you may have to consider cutting staff.

Additionally, one way to earn extra funds is by participating in the university competitions that are held at the end of each academic year (You can find the yellow cup icon in the bottom right corner of the screen).

Technology. This symbol will identify abilities related to various fields of technology such as Information Technology (IT), Engineering and many others.

The science. This symbol will determine abilities related to various fields of science, such as mathematics, physics and others.

Art. This symbol will identify abilities related to various art forms such as visual arts, music, dance and others.

Humanitarian sciences. Faculty specializing in the humanities are displayed under this symbol. For example, philosophy, history and other humanities disciplines.

Social sciencies. Faculty specializing in social sciences are displayed under this symbol. For example, economics and other social sciences.

Sport. Skills related to physical activity will depend on this symbol. For example, physical education will build on it to develop physical abilities and achieve success in sports.

If you can’t find any of these areas of study at your university, don’t worry! They will be available after achieving certain progress in the game or after the release of a new content update.

What is a research section? To expand your university, you can invest money in research. To do this, click on the test tube icon to begin research on your campus.

If you want to see the available research, economics, and staff, look at the three tabs at the bottom of the dialog box. On the Research tab, you will find all the available research that you can do to expand your capabilities.

Section "Economy". On the "Economy" tab, you can manage your finances and earn more money from your studies. On the Employees tab, you can manage your staff and reduce service time.

Consider which research would benefit you the most in your current situation, as it could be extremely helpful!

University Empire Tycoon: Student Guide

Why do students drop out? If you load your students with too many lectures, they may become overwhelmed (You will see a red battery icon above their heads). Lack of motivation can also cause them to give up on their studies.

You can change this by improving student seating and facilities, such as adding a garden, gym or cafeteria. Look for items that can increase students’ energy, happiness, and motivation (You’ll see a green smiley face).

In the statistics section (Icon in the upper right corner) you will be able to configure the required minimum score and training programs according to your strategy.

But be careful, if you set too high demands, you risk losing the flow of new students. And this will lead to a decrease in profits.

Adjustment of dialing parameters. Please ensure that your current level at the university meets your required minimum grades and academic requirements. If you notice that your students are starting to drop out or you are finding it more difficult to recruit new students, then it is worth adjusting these parameters.

You can make these changes as many times as you like according to your needs. But most of them come into force after the start of the new school year.

Why edit student schedules? You will be able to change the schedule after achieving certain progress in the game. To do this, you need to unlock the "Time Master" research. You can get a booster by clicking on the test tube icon.

After unlocking Time Master, Phillip will appear and explain how the schedule works and what activities are available to choose from. Be careful and don’t miss a single detail!

If you missed Philip’s explanation, don’t worry - you can click the "Help" button at the bottom of the schedule window as many times as needed to get help. If you get stuck on the Time Master lesson in the game, try clicking on the clock widget or schedule button.

How do competitions between students work? At the end of each academic year (Indicated by a purple bar in the upper left corner), you will have the opportunity to compete in a university competition with your best-qualified students (Indicated by a yellow cup icon in the lower right corner of the screen).

Please note that you will have limited time, so make sure you are up to the challenge! Also choose wisely the student who is best suited for the competition.

Participation in the competition also requires payment, but you can win more valuable prizes! After completing the competition, you will receive a notification with the ranking results and your rewards.

It is important to note that the competition system randomly matches competitors with similar progress into the overall list. Some players can be very critical of their teachers’ performance. The development team regularly updates the game system and considers possible improvements.

How is the event going? Over the weekend, your students can take part in a variety of activities that offer exciting rewards. It is important to have a management strategy so as not to harm your students or results.

Event resources such as light bulbs need to be managed effectively to combine them to their best use. You will be competing against top students, so it is important to be prepared and prepared for this challenge.

The value of event resources. These resources are valuable because they help you complete your objectives and increase your event’s XP bar, which is indicated by the yellow bar in the Rewards section. The faster you produce these resources, the better it is for you. You can increase the speed of resource creation by attracting students with a higher level of knowledge.

You can see the effectiveness of classifying students into each track at different levels. Given the event being held (For example, for the Book Fair you will need a good level of Social Studies, the best students are listed at Level 3), you should take into account the discipline required.

Selection of students for the event. You can select students to participate in the event by clicking the "Event" button and going to the "Competition" tab. This tab, on the left side, will display an image of the missing item to complete the mission. You will be able to select the best student for that subject automatically from a list sorted by performance in that subject from best to worst.

You will also have the opportunity to choose another student with better performance in another subject. It is advisable to choose from already recommended students.

Your university will continue to operate as normal during the event and you will be able to accommodate students graduating during this time, so don’t forget about your campus!

How do event levels work? Levels are compared to graduates’ expected performance during activities based on their level of learning. They are like a filter that allows students to sort their knowledge of a particular subject from best to worst.

Level 1 corresponds to the most suitable tasks, for example, in events related to the humanities, while the remaining levels indicate less suitable preparation for the same event. You can still select graduates from any level, but they are expected to be academically consistent with the level displayed.

Therefore, it is recommended to take this classification into account when selecting students. Don’t forget that you can’t improve current graduates, but you can train future students to become better at a specific metric at your university.

Receiving awards. Be sure to claim your rewards yourself before the event ends. To do this, go to the "Rewards" section and follow the instructions provided to receive the corresponding trophies for participating in the event.

University Empire Tycoon: Everything you need to know about teachers

How to hire a new teacher? Click on the "Einstein" button in the lower right corner of the screen and choose the one that best suits your needs (For example, FAQs about symbols, star counter and knowledge optimization). Check each field’s level of expertise, prestige and salary to make sure they meet your requirements. If you agree to these terms, click on the green "Make Offer" button.

How to assign a teacher to a class? To select the classroom you want a new teacher to work in, click on the building you’re interested in, then click again. Then go to the "Professor" tab, select "Assign" and click on the desired professor.

How do I cancel an assignment or replace a teacher? If you want to unassign a teacher, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Einstein icon.
  2. Select the "Personnel" tab.
  3. In the Assigned section, select the teacher you want to cancel.
  4. Click on the appropriate option to cancel the teacher assignment.

If you also want to replace the teacher with another professor, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the class where you want to make changes.
  2. Click on the Einstein icon.
  3. Select the "Personnel" tab.
  4. In the "Assigned" section, select the teacher you want to replace.
  5. Select your desired new professor for this class.
After completing these steps, you will be able to successfully unassign or replace a teacher in your class.

How to fire a teacher? To remove a teacher running the current lesson, you will need to wait until the lesson ends. After that, he will appear in the "Not Assigned" tab in the list of teachers.

To remove a teacher, make sure he is in the "Unassigned" tab:

  1. Click on the Einstein icon.
  2. Select the "Personnel" tab.
  3. In the Unassigned section, find the teacher you want to remove.
  4. Click on the appropriate option to remove him from the list of teachers.
The teacher will now be removed from the system and will no longer be assigned to any classes. But don’t forget to send a new teacher.

How does prestige work? Increasing prestige on your campus occurs automatically when purchasing new rooms, furniture and improving existing items. This allows you to increase your reputation and attract more students.

The prestige indicator is displayed at the top of the screen in the form of a star. The higher your prestige, the more attractive your campus becomes to students. Increasing prestige also opens up new opportunities that can affect your income and success in the game.

Strive to improve your campus, buy new items and expand it to increase your prestige and attract even more students to your walls.

Why is prestige important for teachers? The higher the prestige of your campus, the more prestigious teachers will be interested in working for you. When you select a teacher in the lower right corner of the screen, you will see a star in his profile, which indicates his prestige. If a professor has higher prestige than your university, he may demand a higher salary.

Prestigious faculty can be a valuable asset to your campus, as they can attract more students and increase the prestige of your university. However, hiring better teachers may require higher salaries. You need to balance the cost of salaries with the expected benefits of attracting quality teachers with high prestige.

Achieving balance. As a provost, you must carefully examine each situation and strive to strike a balance between the prestige and level of expertise that a particular faculty member offers in the chosen academic field. Some of them may have an impressive level of knowledge in one area and a low level in another (For example, a high level in science, but weak skills in the visual arts).

We recommend that you regularly update your faculty and hire new ones according to your growth strategy. This will allow you to meet the needs of different academic areas, attract students and enhance the prestige of your university.

Be careful when choosing teachers, trying to achieve the optimal balance between prestige and level of knowledge.

Optimizing academic performance. Within the academy, professors and teachers specialize in certain areas of knowledge, which are represented by numerical characteristics. To maximize your performance and achieve better results in these areas, take a look at the tips below.

The higher the numerical knowledge of a professor in a particular field, the more students will receive an education. The knowledge gained during the lessons will be displayed as numbers above the students’ heads. These numbers may vary depending on the instructor’s statistics, department level, and the time at which students join the classes.

Don’t expect all of your students to have the same numerical scores, as they will learn differently based on a variety of factors including timeliness, motivation, fatigue, and others.

Poor academic performance and its characteristics. If your students are getting a "+0" after every class, it may be worth considering replacing the teacher with someone with better credentials in that area of ​​expertise, especially if you have upgraded the building level.

Evaluate faculty regularly and consider reassigning the most appropriate faculty member.

Required updates. Also remember to update restrooms and reduce wait times so students can get to class faster. In any case, there will always be students who are late, just like in real life. Don’t expect delays to be kept to a minimum!

Level of motivation. The motivation level of your teachers also plays an important role in preventing student dropout. On teacher cards you will find a green smiley face. Review this feature if you have too many students dropping out.

How to get silver tokens? To improve your campus and hire more qualified teachers, you can use the services of a Headhunter (Cart). This special character offers you the unique opportunity to recruit teachers with better overall stats than regular teachers.

In addition, the Headhunter also reduces their salaries by 50%, allowing them to hire highly qualified teachers for less money. To use the Bounty Hunter’s services, you need to accumulate 80 Silver Tokens. Once you have enough tokens, you can hire a hunter to find and hire the best teachers.

The Bounty Hunter’s services can be used as many times as desired, each time costing 80 Silver Tokens. This way, you can find and attract qualified teachers again and again, improving the educational experience on your campus.

What are college tokens used for? How to get them? During a weekly event known as the Book Fair, you can earn free tokens. Tokens are included in some of the rewards you receive for completing tasks listed in the task list.

Each research type has its own token color. You can check them and get more information by clicking on the "Cart" button and then on the "Token" button. You will also be able to purchase additional tokens using gems.

Tokens can be used to make final upgrades to your faculties’ facilities. Without them, you will not be able to improve buildings as much as possible.

What is a fine for electricity supply? Don’t forget to keep an eye on the energy meter (lightning icon) at your university! If you exceed your maximum energy, you will receive penalties in the form of red numbers. The greater the excess, the higher the fine. By paying these fines, you can continue to develop your campus.

To avoid these penalties, it is recommended to max out your university energy meter using the "+" button.

How to change the game language? By setting your device to one of the supported languages, you can automatically change the language in the game. You can choose from the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Russian and Korean. Simply select the setting language on your device and the game will be displayed on it.

Is it possible to reset my progress? If you plan to restart the game, you will need to delete it and then download it again. However, if you’ve already linked your game to Game Center or Google Play, you won’t be able to create a new game ID. If you are playing on an Android device, you can create a new Google Play account.

It is important to note that purchases made on the previous account will not be transferred to the new game ID.

Social media. Join the game’s community on social networks to share your experiences and ask questions to other players! Regular updates to the game bring many new features and discussion points. Join groups and stay up to date with all the latest news and updates.

University Empire Tycoon: Is it worth playing?

University Empire Tycoon Idle is a simulation game that gives players the opportunity to create and manage their own university. The game is aimed at fans of strategy and management who enjoy the process of developing and expanding their business. One of the advantages of the game is its nice graphics, which create an atmosphere of student life and make the game more visually attractive.

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