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War Alliance WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

War Alliance - PvP Royale is a multiplayer military strategy from Goodgame Studios. Unlock strong heroes, build a deck of cards from powerful units and fight with other players in real time. Complete tasks, earn resources and develop your combat squad. Try your hand at commanding squads of soldiers, develop tactical thinking and become the best commander.


  1. Tips from experienced players
  2. TOP heroes and combat units (Tier list)
  3. Guide for Beginners
  4. All ways to get cards
  5. How to improve heroes?
  6. All about improving combat units
  7. Tips for building a deck of cards
  8. Rules of Engagement
  9. Is it worth joining a clan?
  10. How to take part in the event?
  11. How to get seasonal rewards?
  12. All about obtaining resources for development
  13. Guide for Donators
  14. Is it worth playing?

War Alliance: Tips from experienced players

1. Be active. Firstly, each battle you complete allows you to gain experience, learn the combat skills of undiscovered units, and evaluate the enemy’s tactics. Secondly, the more often you win, the greater the chance of receiving a high-level chest with the necessary resources for further development. Also, do not miss the opportunity and take part in temporary events and competitions.

2. Get cards. A key component to success in War Alliance is obtaining new unit cards and further leveling them up to improve their stats. Use every opportunity to get chests, complete tasks and purchase cards in the game store. The more cards you receive daily, the faster you can form a strong team.

3. Assess your capabilities. It is almost impossible to build a deck using high-level legendary and epic cards without using donations. If you do not plan to invest money in the game, give preference to common and rare cards, which, with proper activity, you can quickly develop to the maximum level.

4. Study the maps. There is a training video in the information card of each ground and air unit. Once you’ve assembled your deck of cards, study your soldiers and use tips for proper placement. Also use the video for tips on destroying enemy units.

5. Change tactics. Even a formidable opponent with better cards in the deck can be defeated using the right tactics. Before the start of the battle, pay attention to the hero of the opposing team and evaluate your ability to destroy him. Study the location and the obstacles to movement there, such as chasms and bridges, that can be used to gain an advantage. Also use opportunity cards to strike unexpectedly.

6. Study other players. While you are a beginner and have not yet studied all the heroes, combat units, and so on, we recommend paying attention to the decks of cards of other players. Study the Battle Log, which reflects the results of all battles, as well as the profiles of friends and clan members. Pay attention to the level of the player in the current season and learn from the experience of the best.

7. Test the heroes. After gaining access to a new hero, do not rush to spend hero coins to activate it. Use the special mode and conduct a training battle to understand the hero’s combat effectiveness and his compatibility with your tactics. Test the hero on different difficulty levels to be confident in your choice.

War Alliance: TOP heroes and combat units (Tier list)

How is the deck formed? Using special cards, you will have to form a battle deck that will be used during a battle with another player. You will need 1 hero and 8 cards that will allow you to summon a unit, build a structure, or gain a strategic advantage. The quality of the combat deck is one of the factors in achieving success.

How to make a choice? The game has many different heroes and combat units, differing from each other not only in their characteristics, but also in their attacking abilities. There are maps of structures and strategic opportunities that can also play a role during the battle. Of course, it will not be possible to get all the heroes at once and open access to the entire set of cards at the initial stage of the game. You will have to build your deck based on your available capabilities, so we recommend determining which units you should give preference to.


A hero is a combat unit that leads a squad of soldiers sent into battle with another player and protects your towers. By controlling the hero, you can attack the enemy, protect units or distract attention. However, since for destroying a hero the player automatically receives 3 stars and wins the battle, be as careful as possible.

Hero classes:

Who is better? You can only get the heroes Special Forces and Ironhide for free; to get the rest you will need hero coins. After reviewing the stats of the 11 available heroes and trying them out in battle, WiseGeek recommends going with Ironhide, John Bowe, or Scarab. The most versatile hero will be John Bowe, who successfully attacks both ground and air units.

Hero.Class.Health.Damage.Damage per second.Attack speed (seconds).Attack radius.Target.Speed.
Hell of a machine.Tank.3,92969551.37Earth.Normal.
Enzo.Attacking.1,73392711.33Earth.Very fast.
Special Forces.Attacking.1 6001001670.67Earth.Fast.
John Bowe.Attacking.1 156104691.58Earth/Air.Very fast.
Mirage.Attacking.98258680.99Earth/Air.Very fast.
Victor von Bach.Defender.1 502439805.5elevenEarth.Slow.
Gustav.Support.1 445132538Earth/Air.Fast.
Ghost.Support.1 15658262.313Earth.Fast.
Volt.Support.1 15664511.39Earth/Air.Normal.

Combat units

Combat units are soldiers that you send into battle to destroy enemy towers and heroes. Units attack independently, so your task is to determine exactly who will go into battle and from which point of the playing field they will begin their movement. To do this, it is important not only to evaluate the combat characteristics, but also to know the characteristics of the attack.

Who to give preference to? All combat units are divided into ground and air. Depending on the enemy combat units, your air units may be invulnerable, since destroying them will require soldiers and equipment capable of attacking targets in the air. Also, you may not be ready to fight with special enemy units. It is important to build a varied deck of cards, using all types of units, to be ready for any battle.

Ground unit.Rarity.Energy costs.Health.Damage.Damage per second.Attack speed (seconds).Attack radius.Target.Speed.
Super grenade launcher.Legendary.85 7003001202.55Earth.Slow.
Pirotank.Epic.52 400801330.64Construction.Slow.
Laser tank.Epic.51 65036-360-0.57Earth.Slow.
Heavy tank.Ordinary.51 300180553.36Earth.Slow.
Tesla soldiers.Epic.450050371.47Earth/Air.Normal.
Truck with TNT.Epic.4465600--4Construction.Slow.
Grenade launcher.Ordinary.541075501.56Earth.Normal.
Revolver type tank.Rare.337510010016Earth.Normal.
Elite squad with a bazooka.Rare.53601605337Earth/Air.Slow.
Rocket tank.Ordinary.3330552828Earth/Air.Normal.
Flamethrower soldiers.Epic.515755910.63Construction.Normal.
Bang spiders.Rare.2100160---Earth.Very fast.
Soldiers with a bazooka.Ordinary.260100372.77Earth/Air.Normal.

Air unit.Rarity.Energy costs.Health.Damage.Damage per second.Attack speed (seconds).Attack radius.Target.Speed.
Flagship.Legendary.83,0002001331.58Construction.Very slow.
Bumblebee.Legendary.41 5001326626Earth/Air.Slow.
Major Tesla.Legendary.4500130721.88Earth/Air.Normal.
Sky Captain.Legendary.42466302522.58Earth/Air.Normal.
Flying saucer.Rare.1901081.27Earth/Air.Normal.


Structures are special objects that can be placed on the playing field to obtain a certain advantage. 5 types of structures are designed for the constant production of combat units, such as tanks, spiders, shooters, etc. 6, the "Energy Generator" structure is designed for the rapid production of summoning energy and gaining an advantage over the enemy.

We recommend using structures only at a high level of pumping. The weak units produced will not be able to provide effective offensive support compared to developed combat units.
Construction.Description.Energy costs.Health.Time to produce (seconds).Duration (seconds).
Tank factory.Reduces your energy consumption by periodically producing Revolver-type Tanks and providing reliable support in both defense and attack.69501550
Airbase.Gradually releases a squadron of Battle Wings, suppressing the enemy from the air.57001050
Spider laboratory.Periodically produces pairs of Bang Spiders that deal fragmentation damage. Excellent for dealing with clusters of attacking enemies or creating your own clusters for an effective attack.4500752
Barracks.They constantly produce soldiers with bazookas, which can help in the attack or effectively distract enemy units attacking you.45007.553
Tent.Tents consume little energy. They produce shooters, allowing you to effectively deal gradual damage to towers or support a massive attack on enemy positions.33007.551
Energy generator.Increases energy flow, providing a constant flow of energy for a long siege or a quick burst of energy for a powerful attack.64207.560
Tank decoy.Great for distracting the enemy, and also allows you to scroll through the maps to the desired units.1335-60


What are the opportunities? Special cards allow the player to perform unique attacks during combat, place combat objectives, or activate special benefits to turn the tide of battle. Opportunity cards can be divided into protective and support cards. First of all, we recommend paying attention to cards that allow you to inflict additional damage on the enemy and protect the hero and towers. One of the most popular features is the Toxic Bomb drop, but this card is reserved for advanced players.

Protection capabilities.Description.Energy costs.Health.Damage.Damage per second.Radius.Duration (seconds).Target.
Bunker.A cheap defensive structure capable of attacking one target at a time. Works well in tandem with towers, destroying ground enemy units.31 20032536thirtyEarth.
Rocket tower.Medium-range defensive structure. A good and inexpensive choice to attack or distract attacking enemies.38008033840Earth/Air.
Howitzer.Has a high amount of health and deals high fragmentation damage. Howitzers are great for defending against swarms of attacking enemies.480030067840Earth.
Missile complex.It has a large attack radius, allowing you to use it more effectively when attacking to destroy enemy heroes, units and structures.4750400731436Earth.
Laser tower.Invulnerable in a hidden position, and when revealed, it easily copes with tanks. The laser tower deals increasing periodic damage and can quickly reduce the health of individual units to 0.375032-320-755Earth.
Cryotower.It doesn’t do much damage, but it perfectly slows down enemy air and ground troops attacking your positions, preventing them from getting closer to your towers.36002012eleven40Earth/Air.
Minefield.Most enemy units cannot attack minefields, making them a great way to slow down enemy attacking forces. The main method of destruction is air strike.1-109--254 units land.

Support options.Description.Energy costs.Damage.Damage to base towers.Damage to heroes.Damage to structures.Radius.Number of hits.
Toxic bomb.Good for both attack and defense. When the bomb explodes, it deals fragmentation damage and then ongoing toxic damage.4300--1204-
Lightning discharge.Release a lightning bolt and destroy everything on the battlefield, only slightly damaging those pesky towers and structures.4230-694615
Orbital laser.A powerful weapon that destroys everything in the horizontal path of its direct beam.622556149-2.59
Bomber.If a number of units are approaching your base, the dive bomber allows you to destroy a lot of enemies in one salvo.416867--1.94
Air strike.An air strike allows you to effectively deal with clusters of enemies or quickly destroy units with low health.310075--4-
Fat man.The torpedo deals high damage and drops a squad of shooters eager for battle onto the enemy.355---2.5-
Electromagnetic bomb.Does not cause damage, but is capable of stunning enemy units and structures for several seconds and making heroes weaker.2--Stun 0.9 seconds.Stun for 3 seconds.3-
Fury.Increases the damage of your units by 100%.3----3-
Adrenalin.Increases attack speed by 25% and movement speed by 100%, allowing your troops to break through enemy fire to their target.2----4-
First aid kit.If you have a first aid kit and use it at the right time, your healed units can unexpectedly deal a crushing blow to a confused enemy and bring you victory.3----4-

War Alliance: Guide for Beginners

Explore the interface. The main screen of the game displays the hero of the currently used deck of cards and his level of development. Information about the level of the battle pass and the queue for opening chests with trophies is also provided. At the top of the screen there is information about the player’s profile and the amount of resources earned. At the bottom of the screen there is a panel for switching between tabs.

Please login. Be sure to link the game to your account in the game store, social networks, or email. This will allow you to save your game progress without the risk of losing it and get the opportunity to fight on several gaming devices at once.

Set up the game. Expand the menu using the button in the upper right corner and go to the game settings section. Enable/disable sounds, music, language filter, vibration. You can also customize the display of damage received, limit the frame rate, or change the way units are controlled. The game has been translated into 12 languages, so you can definitely ensure a comfortable game and find a suitable social circle among the players.

In the settings of your gaming device, enable the function of receiving notifications from the application. This will allow you to fill the chest opening queue on time and collect coins from cash cows.

Create a profile. Since the game is multiplayer, your game profile will be available for other players to study. First of all, indicate your nickname, which should contain no more than 16 characters, and select an avatar. The game profile also contains information about the clan, battle statistics, the deck of cards used for the battle and the level of open heroes.

Be sure to indicate the region in which you live so that other players can identify the language group and evaluate their chances of constructive dialogue.

Level up. The current level of the player is important for increasing the combat effectiveness of the squad on the battlefield. To level up, collect the required number of experience points, which can be obtained in the process of upgrading cards. The higher the level and quality of the card, the more experience points will be awarded for improving it. With each new level, the Tower and Hero receive an 8% bonus to health and damage. The tables below compare the characteristics of the 1st and 5th levels of the tower and the Special Forces hero.

Tower level.Health.Damage.Damage per second.Attack radius.
11 200135689
51 603180909
Special Forces hero level.Health.Damage.Damage per second.Attack speed (seconds).Attack radius.
11 6001001670.67
52 1371342230.67

Keep an eye on the rating. In War Alliance, the number of points that a player was able to earn during seasonal battles with other users is calculated. Based on the sum of points, a rating of players and alliances is built. Do your best to earn points and get into the Hall of Fame.

Use the alliance rating information to find the clan that is right for you. Pay attention to the place in the ranking, region and number of union members.

War Alliance: All ways to get cards

Cards are symbols of combat units, structures and capabilities that you can use during battle with the enemy. Cards are required to gain access to use a combat unit and increase its level. Since cards are one of the key aspects of the game, War Alliance provides several ways to obtain them.

Open access. In order to be able to get a card, you need to open access to it. Fight more, win and increase your season level. Each time you reach a new seasonal level, you gain access to new heroes and game cards. Until access is opened, you will not be able to receive the cards listed in the table below.

Level.Available hero.Available units.Available facilities.Available features.
Education.Special Forces.Heavy Tank, Bazooka Soldiers, Riflemen, Rocket Tank, Rocket Launchers, Bunker, Revolver Tank, Pinwheel.-Air strike.
Bronze I.Ironhide.Airship, Wasp, Shrub, Bomber, Goliath, TNT Truck.Tent.Fat man.
Bronze II.Victor von Bach.Rocket Tower, Bang Spiders, Swarm.-Minefield.
Silver I.Volt.Mortar, Bumblebee.Tank decoy, Airbase, Barracks, Tank factory.-
Silver II.Scarab.Grenade launchers, Flying saucer.Spider laboratory.Howitzer, Thunderbolt, Electromagnetic Bomb.
Gold I.Mirage.Pouchata, Pirotank, Laser Tank, Paratroopers.-Toxic bomb.
Gold II.Ghost.Boer, Elite Squad of Bazooka Soldiers, Major Tesla, Flamethrower Soldiers.-Laser tower, Cryo tower.
Platinum I.John Bowe, Enzo.Tesla Soldiers, Super Grenade Launcher.Energy generator.Rage, Adrenaline.
Platinum II.Hell of a machine.Sky Captain, Sniper.-Missile complex, First aid kit.
Diamond.Gustav.Flagship.-Orbital laser.

Get chests. The main source of cards will be chests, which you can win in battle or earn in seasonal events. Make every effort to win more than 3 star victories and earn the highest quality chests. The contents of the chest, namely the number of gold coins and cards, depend on the current seasonal level. Below is information about the types of chests and their contents using the Silver I level as an example.

Chest view.Golden coins.Total number of cards.Legendary cards.Epic cards.Rare cards.Regular cards.
Mega chest.3 8007511 random card.2 sets of 30 cards.3 sets of 70 cards.2 sets of 240 cards.
Legendary chest.7071811 random card.1 set of 12 cards.2 sets of 46 cards.2 sets of 38 cards.
Hero’s Chest.3 hero coins.181-1 set of 9 cards.1 set of 36 cards.2 sets of 68 cards.
Epic War Chest.70016-2 sets of 8 cards.--
Great chest.1,740354-1 set of 18 cards.2 sets of 48 cards.3 sets of 80 cards.
Epic chest.564-64945-54-1 set of 6-7 cards.1 set of 7-9 cards.2 sets of 16-19 cards.
Event chest.214116-2 sets of 7 cards.2 sets of 13 cards.2 sets of 38 cards.
Huge chest.161-186162-189--3 sets of 22-26 cards.3 sets of 32-37 cards.
Large chest.870120--1 set of 18 cards.3 sets of 34 cards.
Rare chest.148-19742-57--1 set of 8-11 cards.2 sets of 17-23 cards.
Rare war chest.20016--2 sets of 8 cards.-
Free chest.58-6716-20--1 set 2-3 cards.1 set of 14-17 cards.
Regular battle chest.8048---3 sets of 16 cards.
Ordinary chest.34-5122-34---2 sets of 11-17 cards.

How to open a chest? The chests that you receive as a result of battles must be opened to take all the trophies. On the main screen there are 4 cells for storing chests. Select the chest and start the timer, as soon as the set time has passed, collect the trophies. Always open chests, because if all the cells are filled, you will not earn new trophies in future battles.

In what order should I open it? Opening chests is possible only after your direct command. Automatic opening of chests according to a given order is only possible when the premium is activated. Regular chests that open within 2 hours must be opened during the game day. Start opening higher quality chests for 6 or 12 hours at night.

Watch commercials to reduce the time it takes to open chests. You can also use gems to speed up the process.

Buy cards in the store. An additional way to receive cards is by making purchases in the game store. Go to the special section and check out the current offers. It is advisable to purchase those cards that you use in the main composition or would like to use, but need to increase their level. Please note that store offers are updated daily, so be sure to purchase the cards you need.

Examples of offer prices:

War Alliance: How to improve heroes?

Why improve the hero? First of all, the hero’s level affects the ability to receive bonuses to health and damage. Thus, the higher the hero’s level, the more effective he is in battle. The maximum level of hero development is 50, at this stage he has health and damage indicators that increase by 5%.

Gain experience. To increase the hero’s level, fill a special scale with experience points. Fight together with the chosen hero as often as possible, since based on the results of the battle, experience points will be assigned to the exact hero who participated in the battle. After receiving the required number of points, the hero’s level will rise automatically and you will be able to collect the reward.

You can earn more experience points for a clear victory with a score of 3:0 without extra time. Try to defeat your enemies with a crushing score.

Collect trophies. Each new hero level allows you to receive one of the provided gifts, for example, a chest with cards, gold coins, gems or hero coins. Level up all unlocked heroes and collect rewards for leveling up each of them. This way you can get more cards and earn resources for their development.

Hero level.Required amount of experience.Reward.
27550 gold coins.
322510 gems.
437550 gold coins.
5525Ordinary chest.
667550 gold coins.
782510 gems.
8975Health bonus +1%.
91 1255 hero coins.
101,575Damage bonus +1%.
eleven1,905100 gold coins.
122 235New player icon.
132 56510 gems.
142 895100 gold coins.
153 225Ordinary chest.
163 555100 gold coins.
173 88510 gems.
184 215Health bonus +1%.
194,5455 hero coins.
205 535Damage bonus +1%.
216,045Rare chest.
226,555200 gold coins.
237,06510 gems.
247,575200 gold coins.
258,085New emoticon.
Hero level.Required amount of experience.Reward.
268 595200 gold coins.
279 10510 gems.
289 615Health bonus +1%.
2910 1255 hero coins.
thirty11 655Damage bonus +1%.
3112 345Rare chest.
3213,035400 gold coins.
3313,72520 gems.
3414 415400 gold coins.
3515 10520 gems.
3615,795400 gold coins.
3716 48520 gems.
3817 175Health bonus +1%.
3917,8655 hero coins.
4019,935Damage bonus +1%.
4120 805Epic chest.
4221 6751,000 gold coins.
4322 54520 gems.
4423 4151,000 gold coins.
4524 2855 hero coins.
4625 1551,000 gold coins.
4726,02520 gems.
4826,895Health bonus +1%.
4927,765Legendary chest.
5030 375Damage bonus +1%.

Use amplifiers. In the game you can get a special item - Hero Experience Booster. Each unit of the amplifier triples the experience the hero receives and allows him to level up faster. You will receive the first Amplifier for free, the subsequent ones must be received by watching commercials or purchased in the store:

War Alliance: All about improving combat units

Improve your cards. The indicators of the main characteristics depend on the level of the combat unit’s card. Accordingly, the higher the map level, the more effective the unit is during battle. In the table below we give several examples of comparing the characteristics of various cards at levels 1 and 5 of development.

Combat unit.Level.Health.Damage.Damage per second.

How to improve a unit? To increase the level of a combat unit, collect the required number of repeat cards and earn gold coins. The higher the quality of the map, the more difficult it is to obtain the necessary resources to improve it. The maximum level of development of a card also depends on its quality. After the cards have been collected, open the unit’s information card and click the Upgrade button.

Maximum development level:

Which cards to improve? The game features 55 cards. Depending on the availability of the necessary resources, we recommend improving all open cards to gain player experience and increase the profile level. If there are not enough gold coins, first increase the level of the units used during battles.

War Alliance: Tips for building a deck of cards

A battle deck is a set of 8 cards that determine your capabilities during a battle with an enemy. At the initial stage, form 3 different decks to choose the most suitable composition and decide on battle tactics. Next, you can form decks depending on the variety of available heroes and combat units. If you have many heroes open, then for convenience, purchase additional battle decks for 25 gems each.

Before the battle begins, do not forget to switch to the desired combat deck.

How to build a deck? Go to the Battle Deck section through the control panel at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down the screen to the list of available cards. Click on the desired card, then on the Select button and determine the location of the card in the battle deck. If you have a good set of cards, use the copy function to transfer the composition to a new deck and replace the commander hero.

Sort the cards. To quickly navigate through the maps available for selection, use the sorting function. The bottom section tells you how many cards you have opened and how you can sort them. Available combat units can be placed by level of development, energy consumption, rarity, combat type and rank. Click on the blue button with the sorting view to change the arrangement of cards.

Who is better to choose? Forming a battle deck is a crucial moment, since at this stage you determine your capabilities on the playing field. Since the game features a variety of combat units, it is quite difficult to quickly find your way around. We recommend using the following tips for building a combat deck:

  1. Battle tactics. Focus on the developed battle tactics: defense, offense, etc. Depending on this, you will need units with high health or attack rates.
  2. State of the art. Take cards of a high level of development into battle. Despite the fact that high quality units are stronger, they are quite difficult to upgrade, which is why they are less effective during battle.
  3. Energy consumption. The deck should contain cards with low energy consumption in order to stop the enemy’s advance in time. If all the cards cost 4-5 units of energy, you simply won’t have time to send troops to the battlefield.
  4. Fighting type. Your squad must be ready to fight any enemy, so you need to create a universal deck. Since you don’t know the composition of the enemy unit in advance, include ground and air combat units in your deck.
  5. Getting an advantage. If you have good structure cards and defense and support capabilities at your disposal, be sure to use them when building your combat deck.

Form a deck of emotions. During battles, use special emoticons that can convey your emotions to the enemy and make the game more lively. The emotion deck contains 8 cells for placing emoticons, which you can win during competitions or purchase in the store. To build a deck, click on the hero icon above the information card of the current battle deck.

War Alliance: Rules of Engagement

Rules of battle. To switch to battle mode, click on the Battle button on the main game screen. Within a few seconds, the game will automatically determine your opponent, taking into account your current battle rank and the number of points earned. Your task is to destroy enemy forces in 3 minutes and score more points than your opponent.

Get more stars. Victory in a battle is assessed according to the star system: destruction of 1 tower - 1 star, destruction of 2 towers - 2 stars, destruction of a hero - 3 stars. The higher your result at the end of the battle, the more rating points you earn and the higher the chance of receiving a high-quality chest as a reward.

How to win? The outcome of the battle is influenced not only by the composition of the combat deck and the level of development of combat units, but also by combat tactics. Control your hero wisely and use the right cards to win a clear victory over the enemy. We recommend using the following tips during battle:

How to control the hero? The hero moves in space only after receiving your order. Point to a point on the playing field where you want to move the hero, and he will start moving. The attack of enemy units occurs automatically, immediately after they enter the hero’s attack radius. If necessary, give direct instructions to the hero to attack a specific enemy object.

Move constantly to avoid taking damage or to support your troops. Please note that while moving, the hero cannot attack the enemy.

How to use cards? To introduce a unit into battle, place a structure, or use an ability, drag the card from the control panel at the bottom of the screen onto the battlefield. Only 4 cards out of 8 are available for placement; they will gradually replace each other according to the order. If both enemy towers are intact, cards can only be transferred to your part of the playing field. Destroy enemy towers to open up additional territories for transferring cards.

Use the first aid kit. It is very important to maintain the hero’s health indicator at a high level, since if he dies, you automatically lose the battle. First aid kits will appear at the bottom of the screen at the hero’s starting point, helping to restore part of his health. Immediately direct the hero to the first aid kit to collect it, this way you will speed up the process of the next one appearing.

War Alliance: Is it worth joining a clan?

A clan is a group of like-minded people within the game who are ready to complete tasks together and receive privileges for their common successes. Create an alliance or join an existing one to join forces with other players and seize control of the playing field.

To create an alliance, reach level 6 of your game profile.

How to choose a clan? For you, an alliance can perform 2 main tasks: obtaining additional resources and sharing experience. To effectively use a clan, it must have a high level of development and include strong and experienced players in its ranks. Study the clan’s rating, then find it through the search system. If there are free places and there is no requirement for a preliminary application, you will automatically become one of the members of the union.

Chat with your allies. Joining a clan gives you the opportunity to freely communicate with other players in a special chat at any time. Ask questions and share your opinion about the game. Depending on the chosen clan management style, the leader can discuss with other players decisions about increasing ranks or expelling players from the clan.

Get chests. Cooperate with clan members and together collect as many hero stars as possible. 1 hero star is awarded for unconditionally winning the battle and receiving 3 stars. The more stars players gather together, the higher the reward will be for all clan members. The contents of the chest also depend on the current seasonal level; below is information about rewards using the Silver I level as an example.

Chest level.Hero Stars Requirement.Golden coins.Cards.Availability of rare cards.Availability of epic cards.Hero coins.Clan experience.
74002 136353++5700
85002 658421++5800
97503 454489++5900
101 0003,742558++51 000
To gain access to the clan chest, collect at least 3 hero stars during the event.

Invite your friends. Add friends to fight with them for your own pleasure, without thinking about the current rating of players and getting treasured chests. For each friend who accepts the invitation, you will receive a valuable reward:

Take part in matches. Send invitations to friends or clan members for a friendly match. In such fights you cannot lose or win medals. All heroes, towers and cards receive the same level of development. With the help of friendly matches, you will find out which of you is the best at controlling troops and is capable of defeating any opponent.

War Alliance: How to take part in the event?

Take part in events. To diversify the gameplay and determine the best of the best, War Alliance holds special competitions. To get information about current and upcoming events, click on the cup icon in the lower right corner. Each of the 3 events has special combat rules, try your hand and fight with a random opponent.

Use tickets. To gain access to competitions, use special golden tickets. One ticket allows you to fight in the arena only once. The golden ticket is restored within 4 hours, the maximum quantity is 3 tickets.

An additional opportunity to fight during the competition can be obtained by watching a commercial.

Fast attack. Play with any opponents or teammates using your own battle deck and hero. The peculiarity of the fights is that all units move and attack much faster than in a regular game. Increase your rating and get the most valuable rewards.

2v2. Play with your teammates and get special event medals. The peculiarity of battles is that all players in the battle deck will have the same level for heroes and combat units. Apply your tactical skills, win matches and get more rewards.

Double energy. Play with any opponents or teammates using your own battle deck and hero. The peculiarity of the fights is that the energy production doubles, which means that the battles will become much more dynamic. Also, all maps will be set to the same level in order to equalize the chances of all players to get a high place in the standings.

What reward awaits? Earned rating points fill the reward level scale. For reaching each level you can pick up a chest, gold coins or gems. If you want to get an advantage and earn more prizes, purchase an event pass for 1200 gems. This way you will receive an additional 20 admission tickets and activate additional level rewards.

War Alliance: How to get seasonal rewards?

Upgrade your battle pass. During each game season, you get the opportunity to complete tasks and earn gold coins, gems, hero coins and high-quality chests. Complete more missions, earn tokens, and level up your Pass to unlock the most valuable rewards.

How to complete tasks? All tasks are divided into 3 categories, have their own cost and set time for completion. When you first enter the game on the current day, check out the list of tasks available for completion. Pay attention to the task update time and try to complete the necessary actions within the allotted time.

Mission.Type of mission.Reward for completion.
Take part in 3 battles.Standard.20 tokens.
Play 20 rare cards.Standard.25 tokens.
Get 60 cards.Standard.25 tokens.
Earn 10 stars in battles.Standard.25 tokens.
Use 15 air cards.Standard.25 tokens.
Upgrade 3 cards.Standard.25 tokens.
Use the Special Forces hero in 5 battles.Heroic.50 tokens.
Win 3 battles using Ironhide and 3 tanks.Heroic.50 tokens.
Destroy 5 towers with the help of the Special Forces hero.Heroic.50 tokens.
Win 5 battles using the hero Ironhide.Heroic.50 tokens.
Earn 20 stars in battles.Standard.60 tokens.
Destroy 10 tanks with the help of the Spetsnaz hero.Heroic.60 tokens.
Destroy 100 enemy units.Weekly.150 tokens.
Destroy 500 enemy infantry units.Weekly.150 tokens.
Destroy 100 enemy units using towers.Weekly.150 tokens.
Watch the promotional video to get 10 extra tokens for free.

What rewards can you get? Upgrading the Battle Pass is an excellent opportunity to receive cards of different quality, as well as gold to increase their level. Don’t forget to collect rewards after reaching each level. If you want to increase the amount of resources you receive, purchase the Premium Battle Pass for 900 Gems. It will not only open access to premium rewards, but will also double the event ticket limit, triple the gold accumulation limit for cash cows, and give a 30% discount on purchasing an event pass.

Battle pass level.Standard reward.Premium reward.
15 hero coins.Huge chest.
2Rare chest.Rare war chest.
320 gems.20 hero coins.
4Regular battle chest.Epic War Chest.
5Ordinary chest.Regular battle chest.
6Regular battle chest.Rare war chest.
7Rare war chest.Regular battle chest.
8Regular battle chest.Rare chest.
9125 gold coins.Regular battle chest.
105 hero coins.250 gold coins.
elevenOrdinary chest.Rare war chest.
12Regular battle chest.Rare chest.
13Rare war chest.Regular battle chest.
14Regular battle chest.350 gold coins.
15Rare chest.Epic chest.
16Regular battle chest.Rare war chest.
17Ordinary chest.350 gold coins.
1820 gems.Regular battle chest.
19Regular battle chest.Ordinary chest.
205 hero coins.Epic War Chest.
21Rare war chest.Rare chest.
22Ordinary chest.Regular battle chest.
23Regular battle chest.350 gold coins.
24Rare war chest.Regular battle chest.
2520 gems.Rare war chest.
26Regular battle chest.Regular battle chest.
27Ordinary chest.350 gold coins.
28125 gold coins.Ordinary chest.
29Regular battle chest.Regular battle chest.
thirtyHuge chest.Epic chest.
Battle pass level.Standard reward.Premium reward.
31Regular battle chest.350 gold coins.
32250 gold coins.Rare war chest.
33Regular battle chest.Regular battle chest.
34Rare war chest.350 gold coins.
35Rare chest.Epic War Chest.
36125 gold coins.Rare war chest.
37Regular battle chest.Regular battle chest.
3820 gems.Rare chest.
39Regular battle chest.Rare war chest.
405 hero coins.Regular battle chest.
41250 gold coins.350 gold coins.
42Regular battle chest.Rare war chest.
43Rare war chest.Regular battle chest.
4420 gems.Epic War Chest.
45Rare chest.Epic chest.
46Regular battle chest.Rare war chest.
47Ordinary chest.Regular battle chest.
48Rare war chest.350 gold coins.
49Regular battle chest.Regular battle chest.
505 hero coins.350 gold coins.
51Regular battle chest.Rare war chest.
52250 gold coins.350 gold coins.
53Huge chest.Rare chest.
54Rare war chest.Regular battle chest.
5520 gems.Epic War Chest.
56Regular battle chest.Rare war chest.
57Ordinary chest.Huge chest.
58Rare war chest.350 gold coins.
595 hero coins.20 hero coins.
60Epic chest.Legendary chest.

War Alliance: All about obtaining resources for development

Use money cows. Each Cash Cow you have earns gold coins until the accumulation limit is reached. You can withdraw accumulated resources at any time, and to earn more, buy more cows. Please note that you can only receive new cash cows in a strictly presented sequence.

Receipt serial number.Type of money cow.Purchase cost.The amount of gold received per hour.Gold coin accumulation limit.Accumulation time.
1Standard.For free.10202 hours.
2Angus.900 gems.452004.5 hours.
3Princess.1,800 gems.4054013.5 hours.
4Jarlsberg.2,700 gems.3175024 hours.
5Chuck.3,600 gems.202,000100 hours.
Log into the game as often as possible to get the maximum number of free gold coins, taking into account the capabilities of your cows.

Make an exchange. The missing gold coins can be purchased in the game store. Exchange earned gems to get gold for the development of combat units. If you do not use donations, we recommend saving gems to buy chests. The following offers are available in the store:

Join the community. Join the official game group on one of the social networks to receive the latest news and communicate with players. Win gold and gems in community events and tournaments. For joining the community you receive a pleasant reward in the form of 50 gems.

Buy hero chests. We recommend saving up gems to purchase unique hero chests in the store. The offers are quite expensive, and without a donation it will be difficult to accumulate the required amount. However, maintaining the chests is worth the cost, because you will receive a lot of cards and can quickly upgrade your battle deck.

Offer.Price.Hero coins.Epic cards.Rare cards.Regular cards.
7 chests.1,500 gems.2177735
28 chests.3,500 gems.8428282 940
120 chests.9,000 gems.36012012012 600
Visit the game store every 6 hours to receive free chests with regular unit cards.

Apply promotional codes. An additional way to quickly obtain the necessary resources for development is to use special codes. Open the game menu using the button in the upper right corner and click the Promo Code button. Enter a special combination of letters and numbers, then click Apply. If the code is entered correctly and it is valid, the reward will be automatically credited to your account.

War Alliance: Guide for Donators

Why do you need a donation? War Alliance is a free game, but to get high-quality cards, gems and bonuses, you can take advantage of the offers in the game store. To go to the appropriate section, click on the resources icon on the main screen on the left side of the control panel. First of all, pay attention to special offers and promotions. Here you can purchase chests and missing gems.

Get a premium pass. To increase the quantity and improve the quality of seasonal rewards, we recommend purchasing a premium battle pass. The pass costs 900 gems and is valid for 1 month or until the end of the season, depending on the date of purchase.

Benefits of a premium pass:

Only sign up for a pass if you plan to actively play throughout the season. Purchasing a pass at the end of the season is not advisable, as you will miss the opportunity to use some bonuses for development.

Research stocks. The game store has a section with special offers. Here you can familiarize yourself with all the possibilities for purchasing resource sets. Notifications about special offers will also appear after the end of battles. All promotions have a limited validity period, so if you want to profitably purchase resources, choose the most suitable offer for yourself.

Contents of the set.Benefit.
400 gems, 4,000 gold coins and 1 great chest.500%
5 regular battle chests.50%
200 gems and 1 large chest.60%
2,000 gold coins and 3 large chests.25%

Buy gems. This type of resource is the main means of payment in the game. With it you can get gold coins, experience boosters, valuable chests, and so on. It is quite difficult to earn gems during the game, so saving up, for example, to buy a season pass will take a very long time. To complete this task faster, use one of the following suggestions:

Use a piggy bank. In the game store you can find a unique piggy bank. It is replenished with gems and hero coins when you open a trophy chest received for winning a battle. The more you put in your piggy bank, the greater the benefit. The maximum reward is 1,700 gems and 10 hero coins, which can be redeemed with a 45% profit.

Get hero coins. This type of game currency is intended for obtaining new heroes and changing their appearance. You can get Hero Coins while completing seasonal quests, but in small quantities. Take advantage of the game store offers to receive coins:

Keep an eye out for promotions during which you can get bonus resources when purchasing gems, hero coins, or exchanging gold.

Vary your game. To embellish your gameplay, purchase unique hero skins, towers and new emoticons in the store. Hero coins and gems are used as currency. Please note that you do not receive any additional benefits as a result of the purchase, but only change the visual design of the game. All offers are available for a limited period of time, so if you like something, hurry up and buy it.

War Alliance: Is it worth playing?

War Alliance is a light tactical game with which you can spend your free time, communicate with other users and compete with friends. The presence of one game mechanic allows you to quickly understand the rules of battles and immediately begin developing your team. All you have to do is develop a strategy that will outperform other players. Good luck!

Main advantages of the game:

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