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West Game WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

WEST GAME is a game for android with release date 03/14/2019 from LEXIANG CO., LIMITED. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Tips for Collecting Resources
  3. City Building Guide
  4. City Building Tips
  5. Research Guide
  6. Review and Hero Tips

West Game: A Beginner’s Guide

West Game is a strategy game with RPG elements. In it you will be transported to the world of the Wild West, and become the sheriff of a small town. To repel the numerous attacks of enemies, we will need not only to rebuild the city, but also to create our own army. The main task of the player is to become the best sheriff in the West. The game strongly resembles the genre of "survival". But let’s talk about everything in order.

How to play in your native language? Many players, having gone through the essential path of becoming a sheriff, do not even suspect that they can switch the game to another language. Of course, at the very start, you will not be allowed to do this, as the training takes place. During training, you can only press the buttons offered to you. But as soon as the training is over, you should go to the "More" menu (the lower taskbar on the main screen of the game), then select the "Settings" section and scroll through the section items to the very bottom to the "Language" line. Here you should click on the "Change" button, and select any language from the list. Then the game will be restarted and you will be able to play normally.

Unfortunately, translation of some sections, many descriptions of items, menu items has not been completed. Also, you will not be able to understand (if you do not know English) what tasks a beginner needs to complete in a five-day quest. And since the quest gives a great impetus to your development, we decided to write about some of the main tasks of this quest.

Quest for beginners

It is carried out within the first 5 days after you create an account. Here you need to perform simple tasks in order to fill the progress bar, which is located at the top of the section. Once in the menu, you must select the first event from the top "Theme Event". The event is divided into 5 days, and each day has 3 sections. But you can complete tasks throughout the entire time of the event. You will receive prizes for each closed task.

To develop as quickly as possible in the game, try to complete all the tasks of the quest for a beginner. So you will get the maximum increase in resources and a sufficient number of accelerators for the construction and recruitment of units.

1 day

Western guestGreat builderRecruitment
Log in daily for 5 days. For each entry you will be given a rewardKill 1 Butcher Brothers on the world map. Quests are given according to the level of the monsters. If you destroy an enemy at least once, you will receive a reward for 1 taskOpen the specified number of advanced chests in the Hero’s Chest building
Upgrade the City Center to the level specified in the questTrain the specified number of T1 warriors (in the Barracks building)
Reach Sheriff (Boss) Level 30

2nd day

UnstoppableUnite togetherIron trainer
Kill the indicated number of Menakov Brothers on the map.Provide assistance to alliance members the specified number of timesOpen the specified number of advanced chests in the Hero’s Chest building
Send heroes to attack criminals the specified number of timesTrain a given number of troops
Train the specified number of grunts
Train the specified number of motorized riflemen
Train the specified number of cavalry
Train the specified amount of artillery

Day 3

Super expansionStocksLight of science
Upgrade your barracks to the specified level (Barrack)Collect the specified number of grains (Grain)Upgrade the Academy to the specified level (Academy)
Upgrade a hospital to the specified level (Hospital)Collect the specified number of logs (Logs)Perform the required amount of Researches
Collect the specified amount of debris (Rubble)
Collect the indicated amount of Iron
Upgrade a Farm to the specified level (Farm)

4th day

Fair TradeLand of abundanceThe power of heroes
Make the specified number of exchanges at the Trade PointCollect the specified amount of resources (overall result)Reach level 2 and 3 with the specified number of heroes
Improve a certain number of heroes skills

Day 5

Fast growthWork as oneSmart game
Use boosters for a certain number of minutesProvide the specified amount of donations to the AllianceDestroy the specified number of Butcher houses on the map
Collect the specified amount of resources (total collection)
When choosing a task to complete, be sure to look at what gifts you will receive. We recommend that you do the quests first, where the medals of the heroes are given.


This menu is located on the lower taskbar and has 4 tabs:

  1. City - rewards are given here for completing certain achievements in the construction and development of your settlement. You simply follow the recommendations that appear in the center of the screen and then collect the prizes.
  2. Daily is a series of tasks that you must complete during the current day. The tasks are not difficult, they take a few minutes to complete. You just need to select a quest and click on "Start".
  3. Alliance - these are alliance missions, completing tasks from this tab (they are identical to daily ones), you accumulate guild points, which are displayed on the scale. Members of your clan do similar tasks. As a result, as soon as the scale is full, you will receive a gift.
  4. VIP - tasks are given for users with VIP status. They are like daily quests.

All tasks (from the last 3 tabs) are updated throughout the day, so you can get a large number of rewards. In addition to these quests, we recommend completing the chapters given in the Gold Reward buildings and in the Monthly Quests. There are several slots in these buildings, in which the scales are located under each task. For example, call on a certain number of troops or defeat the enemy a specified number of times. In the building "Gold reward" you will be given gold bars for completing the mission. The more effort you put into filling the scale, the higher the prize will be.

In addition to these buildings, there is another building called "Analysis of the West", this is a kind of story story of the game. Here, tasks are associated not only with the completion of tasks by you (although there are such quests), but also for the friendly work of your alliance. Basically, all missions contain tasks for the conquest of territories.

We recommend choosing a powerful guild (not necessarily Russian-speaking), in which all members are active in the game and arrays contribute to the development of the alliance. If the clan does not develop, leave it and pick up new allies for yourself. Clan development directly affects your progress in the game.

Game currency

Gold is the main resource in the game, for which you can speed up production, construction, buy hero medals, and perform many actions. Since gold bars are a premium currency, they can be purchased with real money in the store. To do this, go to the Items menu. In the first tab, you will be able to purchase gold. Also, the game will often offer you discounts on the purchase of some packages that include gold bars. But you can earn it in the game yourself:

  1. Obtain from the Daily Gift Chest (located on the bottom panel in the left corner).
  2. Completing quests from buildings with tasks.
  3. Win at the saloon.
  4. Receive as a gift for raising the level of the Sheriff.
  5. Receive as a gift for raising the level of the city center.
  6. Complete tasks of various events.
  7. Obtain from the alliance gift chests.

Loyalty points - they can be spent in the item store in the "Loyalty Store" tab. Loyalty points can be obtained in the following ways:

  1. Shop in the "Gold Shop" (but this is not the best way to get them, since gold is better to use the bottom of the others you need).
  2. Get the most out of a variety of temporary activities.
  3. Complete alliance and city quests.
  4. Provide assistance to the alliance in science research.
  5. Provide help to guildmates in speeding up construction (clenched handles in the right corner of the main screen or in the alliance menu in the "Help" tab).

West Game: Tips for Collecting Resources

Resource production

Resources are an important aspect of the game. With their help, you will build buildings, hire armies and improve the life support in the city. If you lack any resource, then you will not be able to build a building. There are several types of resources in the game:

  1. Grain - obtained from the farm.
  2. Log - produced in a sawmill.
  3. Crushed stone - mined and processed in the quarry.
  4. Iron - produced in the mine.
  5. Silver - mined in the hut.

With each new level of the building, the volume of production and the limit of the resource stored in it increase. As soon as the resource reaches the current limit, then its production stops. To increase the level of production, you can build several buildings of the same resource.

At high levels, production times will increase, so you will need to organize your production as efficiently as possible. When speeding up production, it should be understood that it is divided into several types. Moreover, accelerators can act on individual types or on the entire mining process. Therefore, first of all, you should pump accelerating effects for general collection. To increase the production of resources, we advise you to pump the following heroes:

  1. James Hughes - Increases stone production + 9%.
  2. Olivia - increases wood production + 21%.
  3. Franky - Increases grain production + 73.5%.
  4. Tyrone Harris - Increases wood production + 73.5%.
  5. Bertie Pelham - Increases stone production + 73.5%.
  6. Andrea - Increases iron production + 73.5%.
  7. Benjamin - increases stone production + 21%.
  8. Rachel - Increases Iron Production + 21%.
  9. Davis - increases the production of silver + 60%.
  10. Brent - Increases grain production by 70%.
  11. Eknath - Increases grain production + 8.75%.
  12. Emily - increases grain production + 26.5%.
  13. Daan - increases the production of coins + 8.75%.
  14. Hank Turne r - Increases stone production + 26.5%.
  15. Natalie Foster - Increases iron production + 26.5%.
  16. Silas Roberts - Increases Coin Production + 26.5%.
  17. Hagan Cooper - Increases iron production + 8.75%.
  18. Nadine Brooks - Increases wood production + 8.75%.

Those heroes who give the maximum benefit to the city should be pumped over. Since each character has several abilities, you should focus on everything. For example, a hero does not significantly increase the production of a resource, but he has a rare quality. Of course, pumping epic and legendary heroes is much more profitable, since they have high efficiency rates. But they are difficult to pump, as their medals very rarely drop out (unless you bring real money into the game).

Sheriff’s clothing that increases production speed.

Item nameItem typeBasic properties
Hemp tourniquetAccessoryIncreases the speed of construction, research and silver production
Leather JacketArmorIncreases the attack of infantry and traps, grain production
Infantry’s tunicArmorIncreases the attack of infantry and artillery, grain production
Steel compassesAccessoryIncreases construction speed, grain production and lifting capacity
Bound bookAccessoryIncreases research speed, silver production and carrying capacity
Silver necklaceAccessoryIncreases construction and research speed, silver production
Farmer’s shirtArmorIncreases cavalry attack, troop defense, grain production
PickWeaponIncreases cavalry attack, grain production
GlovesAccessoryIncreases grain production
Old beltAccessoryIncreases grain and silver production, lifting capacity
Prospector’s BootsBootIncreases silver production and carrying capacity
MagnifierAccessoryIncreases the speed of construction, research and silver production
We recommend that the Sheriff wear a Renault suit at high levels to increase production. It will not only increase the production speed of all resources, but also speed up the construction of traps, give a good bonus to the sheriff’s experience, and increase the speed of construction of buildings and traps.

Skins. The increase in the speed of resource extraction is influenced by the appearance of the city (how other players will see your settlement on the map), the appearance of the sheriff and other game objects. Therefore, we recommend that you open and use the following improvements to the appearance of some objects as soon as possible.

Skins to increase production

Skin nameConditions for obtaining itDescription
Grandeur Town (city)Have the "Eternal Great City" item (can be obtained forever, for 7 days and for 24 hours)When actively used, increases resource production by 40% for 5 stars
Moulin Rouge (city)Moulin Rouge subjectYou will receive the effect automatically after opening (it is not necessary to activate) + 40% to the production of resources at 5 stars
Sheriff Buster (Sheriff)Sheriff Buster subjectIncreases wood production speed by 50% for 5 stars immediately upon receipt
Sheriff Gia (Sheriff)Sheriff Gia itemIncreases gem production speed by 50% for 5 stars immediately upon receipt
Sheriff Harold (Sheriff)Sheriff Harold subjectIncreases iron production speed by 50% for 5 stars immediately upon receipt
Sheriff Erica (Sheriff)Erica the Rosy YeartseekerIncreases silver production speed by 50% for 5 stars immediately upon receipt
Sheriff Gaston (Sheriff)Gaston the Wrath of Beasts ItemIncreases gem production speed by 50% for 5 stars immediately upon receipt
Sheriff Haley (Sheriff)Haley Duel Master ItemIncreases wood production speed by 50% for 5 stars immediately upon receipt
Sheriff Ramon (Sheriff)Ramon the Rattlesnake SkinIncreases wood production speed by 50% for 5 stars during active use

Resource cells

On the world map, you can find special cells with resources. But since when you go to the map you will not be able to see the surrounding objects, then you should use the search. To do this, click on the binoculars icon in the upper right corner. After that, a menu for searching for various objects will open. Below is a toggle switch with a choice of station level. You will not be able to start mining from a high level right away. You will need to first get resources from level 1, and then gradually increase the level of the station.

To collect on the map, you should select a team consisting of heroes that increase the speed of collection and the carrying capacity of troops. It can be:

  1. Rosita - increases mining speed + 7%.
  2. Papa Ken - increases mining speed + 7%.
  3. Javier - Increases Gathering Speed ??+ 2.8%
  4. Nadine Brooks - Increases mining speed + 5.25%.

Sheriff’s clothes for collecting cells on the map

Item name (quality)Item typeBasic properties
Hide glovesAccessoryIncrease infantry attack, troop protection, carrying capacity
Leather beltAccessoryIncreases infantry attack, troop health, carrying capacity
Steel compassesAccessoryIncreases construction speed, grain production and lifting capacity
Bound bookAccessoryIncreases research speed, silver production and carrying capacity
Army hatHelmetIncreases troop defense, carrying capacity, trap attack
Cowboy hatHelmetIncreases troop health, carrying capacity, trap attack
RopeAccessoryIncreases lifting capacity
Old beltAccessoryIncreases grain and silver production, lifting capacity
Prospector’s BootsBootIncreases silver production and carrying capacity
Jean jacketArmorIncreases the attack of infantry and cavalry, carrying capacity
Wooden rulerAccessoryIncreases construction and research speed, load capacity

It is important not only to quickly collect the cage and take away as much resource as possible, but also to protect the troops during the attack on you by other players, since as your level grows, there will be more and more people who want to attack you and take away the loot. To do this, we recommend putting on the Sheriff the Bermuda set (increases the carrying capacity, health and defense of the army) and the Alvord set (increases the carrying capacity, attack and defense of troops).

Skins to increase collection speed

Skin nameConditions for obtaining itDescription
Spooky House (city)Spooky House subjectIncreases gathering speed by 20% for 5 stars during active use
Fantasy Circus (city)Fantastic circus subjectIncreases gathering speed by 20% for 5 stars during active use
Mayan Temple (city)Mayan Temple ItemIncreases gathering speed by 20% for 5 stars during active use
Wagon (loot skin)Subject "Spacious wagon" (for 7 days and 24 hours)Gives + 30% with active use
Alebrije Gathering (Drop)Subject "Alebrije Gathering" (for 15 and 7 days, for 24 hours)Gives + 30% with active use
Santa Sleigh (Drop)"Santa Sleigh" subject (for 15 and 7 days, for 24 hours)Gives + 30% with active use
Joy Collector (drop)Joy Collector Item (permanent, 15 days 24 hours)Gives + 5% immediately upon receipt, and 5% with active use

Sheriff’s skills. Among the skills of the sheriff, which should be pumped as much as possible, include skills that increase the production of various resources. They are located in the Sheriff’s Skills in the top tab. It is important to understand that the maximum pumping of these abilities gives an increase in production by 30%. But when pumping these skills, you will infringe on other abilities. But it is the resources that we advise to pump over in the first place, since your successful military campaigns will depend on many factors, and they require a certain amount of resources. For example, the number of high quality military personnel.

Research. Also, research in the academy will help increase production and increase the speed of collecting resources on the map. These sciences, like the skills of the sheriff, must be studied first of all so that the process of your development in the game does not stop. But, unlike the sheriff’s skills, the learned sciences cannot be reset at the time of need. And if you devote most of the gameplay to attacks on monsters and on other players, then it is better to first research the sciences that increase attack, defense, accident health and training of military personnel.

Tasks. If possible, go through all tasks in temporary and permanent events, participate in alliance events, since without spending too much time and expense, you can get a large amount of resources. When you successfully complete this or that task, rewards come to your mail or in your bag ("Items" menu, "Resources" tab).

We strongly recommend getting resources from there when you really need them (for example, not enough to build a building). They should not be opened at other times. This is important, since very often other players will attack your city, and take away part of your resources, if you win. Moreover, even if you are online, it will not prevent the enemy from attacking you.

West Game: City Building Guide

One of your main tasks is to rebuild and strengthen the city in the Wild West. Building and modifying buildings will take a lot of your time and resources. So that the process does not drag on for several days, and you should build a city that can repel the attack of other players, you need not only to correctly place accents in construction, but also to speed up the construction and improvement of your buildings.

In the game, buildings are divided into 3 main types:

  1. Resource - we talked about them above.
  2. Military - conduct training of military personnel, help in the defense of the city, give bonuses to military affairs.
  3. Economic buildings are buildings without which you cannot comfortably develop in the game.

Military buildings

Sentinel station - with an increase in the level of the station, you will receive more information about the approaching enemy and about the allies who will come to your aid. If a large army is moving at you, then you can declare "Alarm". In the same section, you will have the opportunity to see all the data about enemies and friends.

Defense Factory - here you can produce or repair traps broken by the enemy. The higher the level of the building, the more traps you can place near the city walls. In the "Guardians" tab, you can set the heroes who will lead your army to defend the city. In this case, the soldiers will begin to shoot back automatically. If the sheriff and guards are absent in the city, then all the heroes that you have available will defend the settlement. There are 5 slots for defense in total.

It is best to put in the defense of characters that give units an increase in attack and defense abilities. It is also important to place high ranked military personnel.

In the "Protection" tab, you can create defensive structures and traps, which differ in value. Each trap has strengths and weaknesses. For example, Stone Barrier is strong in defense, but weak against artillery. To see all the parameters of the traps, you should select the one you like the most and look at the description in the right part of the window. The details are hidden behind the Options button. In the same tab, the repair of protective equipment is carried out.

Embassy - Allows you to join the Alliance War. The higher the level of the building, the more reinforcements you can accept or send to help the members of the alliance. To send help, you should go to "Reinforcement". The section will open a list of current military actions, and information about the collision is also displayed.

Command Center - Gives you the ability to take part in the Alliance War. With an increase in the level of the center, you increase the limit of troops that you can send to war. You can prepare in advance the troops in the "Preset" section, which will be automatically sent to the conflict site. This option can be accessed by reaching VIP level 19.

Market - needed to deliver resources to members of the alliance who requested help. As you level up the building, you increase the following stats:

  1. Delivery limit - how many resources you can give at a time.
  2. Delivery tax - in this case, when the level of the building rises, the tax will be reduced.
  3. A resource limit is a resource that you can send to multiple allies at the same time.
  4. Delivery queue - the number of allies whom you can help at the same time.

By clicking on the "Delivery" button, you can see the comrades who need your help at the moment. If you click on the sheriff’s avatar on the right side of the screen, then you can see detailed information about him.

Monument - here you can revive your soldiers who fell in battle. After each battle, 50% of your dead army will go to the monument. By increasing the level of the building, you increase the speed of resurrection, and the number of units that can be raised at a time. An important building that is recommended to be pumped along with the increase in units in armies. With the help of the monument, you will return your fighters and you will not need to spend resources on pumping them.

Hospital - here you can heal wounded units. The higher the level of the task, the more soldiers the infirmary will accommodate. If the units are not healed in time, then they gradually die from wounds. Therefore, you should pump the building as much as possible.

Barracks - all types of troops are trained here for an attack. The higher its level, the more you can train servicemen. To carry out training, click on the "Prepare" button. The troops in the barracks are distributed by quality. To open the next level of a unit, you must meet certain requirements, which can be viewed on the right side of the screen, after selecting the required fighter. Resources are needed for training. If you do not have enough of any resource, then you can click on it in the right part of the window (in the description) and "Use" the resource from the "Items" section.

Economic buildings

City center - with an increase in the level, it makes it possible to increase the number of military personnel participating in campaigns, increases the number of queues and increases the assistance of the union. Also, when you improve the city center, you open up new construction, research and training opportunities. Going to the center in the "Overview" section, you can see the number of resources, troops and traps. Here you will find out the name of the city and its location on the map. It also provides information on economic buildings in the settlement (what has already been built and what income it brings, and what else should be delivered).

In the "Skins" tab, you can activate or get all the external skins of various objects:

  1. City - how it will be displayed on the world map, and how your enemies and allies will see it.
  2. Sheriff - the appearance of the boss brings not only aesthetic pleasure, but also gives certain boosts to armies, construction and production.
  3. Campaign - with the advent of a new skin, your troops will look different on the map. At the same time, the appearance also gives certain bonuses.
  4. Production - during the collection of resources on the map, the appearance of the cell will change, depending on the selected skin. At the same time, you will increase the speed of collecting resources.
  5. Exploration - adds the speed of research, construction and attack.

Forge - a building in which you will make various wardrobe items for the sheriff and heroes. As the level of the building increases, you will shorten the crafting time of items. There are several main directions in the "Forging" section:

  1. All equipment - equipment for the quality of items is made from special materials. After selecting the desired item, you should click on "Forging" to start the production process. At the top of the screen you can see a chain of items from which you can craft, for example, an epic sheriff’s revolver. To do this, you will definitely need epic materials (shown in the center of the window) and 1 piece of a rare sheriff’s revolver. If you are missing an ingredient, you can tap on an item of inferior quality. By switching the quality (or starting from "normal" right away), you can pick up all the ingredients in turn.
  2. Basic equipment - unlocked from level 19 of the academy. Here you can make equipment for your commanders.
  3. Equipment from a set - on the right side of the section, various sets of equipment for the sheriff are given. You can choose any, and gradually make all the parts from the kit. After collecting all the items, you will receive an additional set bonus.
  4. Equipment and instructions - here you can insert various crystals, which are divided into several types. Each type of crystal increases 1 Sheriff’s stat. Crystals also differ in levels. The higher the level, the more the percentage of the indicator rises.
  5. Materials and Consolidation - all the ingredients you have for creating ammunition are displayed here. To improve the quality of the material, you need to tap on it. If you have the amount of material required to complete the operation, then you can "Combine" it, and get a higher quality item.
  6. Crystals and Consolidation - Similar to materials, you can increase the quality and level of crystals.
It should be remembered that each item has its own abilities (for example, it increases the speed of construction). Therefore, it is important to choose the equipment that will be most useful to you.

Church - for the execution of every sheriff you captured during the attack on your city, you will receive a positive effect for your settlement. By increasing the level of the church, you increase the effect (attack, defense, health of the troops and the speed of the march). The execution itself is carried out in a prison (separate building). In it, you can hold or execute opponents, but if the sheriff has not reached level 35, then you cannot execute him, and after a while he will have to be released.

Warehouse - protects your resources from enemy attacks. The higher the level of the warehouse, the more resources you can secure. This building needs to be pumped up to a maximum level of 26.

Trading post - if you do not have enough of any resource, and another, on the contrary, is in abundance, then here you can exchange them. Also, you can exchange some resources for various items (mainly for accelerators).

Casino - here you will play cards with a cute girl. The principle of the game is similar to the principle of playing with thimbles, that is, 3 cards of different denominations (which go in ascending order) will be put on the cloth in front of you. You need to memorize the card with the highest value and then find it after shuffling. You are given 6 free attempts to play. After accumulating 6 wins, you will receive additional rewards. The accumulated wins scale is located at the bottom of the table.

West Game: City Building Tips


As we wrote above, it is very important that the houses are not only just pumped, but quickly pumped. To speed up the construction and modification of buildings, there are several techniques that must be applied during the development stage of the city, while there is a massive development, and until your "peace shield" over the city stops working. At this time, you can speed up the construction with special accelerators, which are divided into 2 types:

  1. Reduced construction time.
  2. Increased construction speed.

Although they are called differently, they serve the same function. If you use accelerators (they also work for research), then you should understand that there is a certain time when you can accelerate for free (approximately 10 minutes before the end of the process). When you use boosters, you should calculate them so as not to affect the free period (Free). For example, the City Center rises at the level of 1 hour 30 minutes. And you have various boosters. Let’s say you use acceleration for 1 hour, and then instead of 30 minute acceleration, you’d better take 20 minutes. This will save you a fair amount of accelerators.

Getting accelerators:

  1. Completing assignments.
  2. Participation in various events.
  3. Opening guild chests.
  4. Raising the level of the urban center.
  5. Exchange in the Trading Post.
  6. Opening free chests (in the lower right corner).
  7. Raising the level of the sheriff.
  8. Purchase in the "Objects" store for gold.
If you do not have enough accelerators for modification, then you can use gold bars for acceleration. You can also use "instant acceleration" for gold at small levels of buildings. At the start of the game, gold will fall often, but the "peace shield" (protects you from attacks) will not stand for long, and while it is there, you should maximize the defense of the city.

Heroes that increase the speed of construction:

  1. Mary - Reduces construction time and increases construction speed with several skills. And since Mary is well pumped at the start, the bonus will be significant.
  2. James Hughes - Increases construction speed.
  3. Rosita - Increases construction speed by 10.5%.
  4. Papa Ken - Reduces construction time by 1 hour 3 minutes.
  5. Bertie Pelham - Increases construction speed by 12.25%.
  6. Clayton Jones - Reduces construction time by 35 minutes.
  7. Patrick - Increases construction speed by 17.5%.
  8. Joseph - Reduces construction time by 28 minutes and increases construction speed by 10.5%.
  9. Elizabeth - Increases construction speed by 7%.
  10. Sakagawea - Reduces construction time by 42 minutes and increases construction speed by 10.5%.
  11. Uncle Tom - Reduces construction time by 42 minutes.
  12. William - Increases construction speed by 14%.
  13. Javier - Reduces construction time by 52 minutes 30 seconds.
  14. Emily - Reduces construction time by 11 minutes 40 seconds.
  15. Daan - Reduces construction time by 23 minutes 20 seconds.
  16. Hank Turner - Reduces construction time by 23 minutes 20 seconds.

City skins that speed up construction

Skin nameConditions for obtaining itDescription
Christmas Castle (city)The subject "Christmas Castle"Increases construction speed by 16% when actively used at 5 stars
Nutcracker Palace (city)The subject "Nutcracker Palace"Increases construction speed by 16% after being acquired at 5 stars
Jubilant Party House (city)The subject "Jubilant Party House"Increases construction speed by 20% after being acquired at 5 stars
Sheriff Buster (Sheriff)Sheriff Buster subjectIncreases construction speed by 10% for 5 stars after being acquired

Equipment that increases the speed of construction

Items that increase the speed of constructionItems that reduce construction time
Renault setSheriff’s revolver
Silver amuletOld boots
Silver magnifierOxford shoes
Silver featherWoolen hat (-1 hour)
Hemp tourniquetIron ring
Steel compassesOld shirt
Silver necklaceShabby Helmet
Jacket with metalOld jacket
MagnifierCopper cane (-1 hour 12 minutes)
Wooden rulerJacket (-48 minutes)
AmuletTie (-36 minutes)
Rider’s Boots
Heavy boots

West Game: Research Guide

Various sciences can be studied at the academy to improve the efficiency of life in the city. With each new level of the academy, the speed of research increases, as well as new game opportunities open up. For example, at level 12 of the academy, you can forge equipment. Sciences are divided into 5 main groups.

Economics is a very important tab that you need to study as much as possible first. Since economics increases the city’s strength, construction speed, and sheriff’s experience. Important points in the research are the improvement of production, the speed of collecting resources from the cells on the map, and an increase in the carrying capacity of troops. First, you should research "Construction" (maximum), then "Food production" and "Ore production" by 1 unit to unlock access to "Upkeep saving" (reduces and maintains more troops, spending less food). This is an important science, as all units will be hungry, and as the number of units increases, their maintenance costs will increase. "

Along with "Saving upkeep", you should study the "Warehouse Limit" as much as possible, which will increase the capacity of the warehouse, where resources are automatically transferred after their production. After studying the three basic economic sciences, you should increase the rest of your knowledge as needed (for example, you devote a lot of time to collecting cells, then you need to learn "Troop Luggage" and "Collecting").

Combat - everything is simple here: first, you maximally increase 2 knowledge in turn - this is "Reconnaissance" (increases the accuracy of information received from the reconnaissance object) and "Speed ??of training troops" (you can maximally speed up training by 20%). The rest of the research will depend on the order in which your units appear. For example, you have a hero who increases the parameters of the cavalry, therefore, you will select cavalry units for him. It is logical to assume that you will need to make your riders more efficient, so you should first study the sciences for the cavalry.

Traps - all sciences are concentrated here that improve the effectiveness of traps. Of course, first of all you need to pump the "Trap Building" (trap building), science increases the speed of production of defensive objects. Then you should study the "Protection of traps" by 1 point in order to open the science "Limit of repairing traps". This is an important study that allows more defenses to be repaired. You will be attacked often, and regardless of the protection of the traps, they will break en masse.

The next required knowledge that you need to learn to the maximum level is "Trap Defense" and "Trap Attack". At the 10 maximum level, they will give + 50% to the defense and attack of defensive objects. The next 3 studies will unlock the ability to craft rare quality traps. Then you should again conduct research in the algorithm described above.

Sheriff - these sciences should be focused on. If you often go camping on various criminals that are located on the world map, then you should conduct research in the following order:

  1. Level 1 Criminal Gang is a one-level research that will not take long.
  2. "Energy limit" - pump by 1 unit to open the next branch of science. This branch gives an acceleration of energy recovery, a limit of current energy and a decrease in its consumption. But first, you need to study other knowledge that at the start of the game will be more effective in campaigns, when you do not often go out to the map and equip the settlement.
  3. "A gang of criminals of the 2nd level" - here also science is pumped only by 1 unit to open the possibility of attacking the corresponding bandits.
  4. "Travel speed" is an important science that will come in handy in any movement of troops across the map (for criminals, for collecting cells, and so on). Therefore, this science should be pumped to the maximum level.
  5. "Combo - attack" - increases the number of attacks in combination to inflict the maximum level. This knowledge is important at this stage of the game to pump up to 5 - 6 levels.
  6. "Attack against criminals" (1 and 2 ranks) - by pumping science data, you will maximize the attack power up to 22% (in total - up to 49.5%).
  7. "Wild defense" (wild defense) - reduces the defense of criminals. At level 10, up to 10%. It is better to pump as much as possible.
  8. "A gang of criminals of the 3rd level" - by this moment you will have grown to these bandits, and you will fortify your city well enough and build up an army.
  9. "Energy limit" - now you should return to the beginning of the research and maximize the pumping of the remaining sciences ("Energy limit", "Energy recovery" and "Energy consumption reduction").
  10. "Troop healing speed" - here you can increase it as much as possible, depending on the level of your hospitals and the number of units and armies.
  11. "Campaign queue" - this science can be given priority over the "Energy" sciences by researching "Troop healing speed" by 1 point. Science has 1 level, adding another hike to the queue. So you can simultaneously damage criminals in 2 places at the same time with 2 armies.

Further study of sciences at the academy depends on your priorities, which you could have chosen by the current moment of the game. Here you will be able to independently choose the knowledge of primary importance. Do not forget that you can open the following sciences only by studying the previous one by 1 unit. If science is not required for you at the moment, then it can be left at the 1st research level for now.

Equipment forging - this type of science opens after you pump the academy to level 19. Here you will study the sciences related to crafting. Research can be carried out in order of priority. But first of all it is important to study the "Forging Speed" to the maximum level. Thus, you will reduce the production time of equipment and get more effect on it.

Heroes that increase research speed:

  1. Franky - Research Speed ??+ 17.5%.
  2. Ola Todd - Reduces research time by 35 minutes.
  3. Benjamin - Research Speed ??+ 24.5%.
  4. Henry - research speed + 10.5%.
  5. Rachel - Research Speed ??+ 10.5%.
  6. Samuel - Research Speed ??+ 10.5%.
  7. Elizabeth - Research Speed ??+ 10.5%.
  8. Davis - Research Speed ??+ 10.5%.
  9. Brent - Reduces research time by 28 minutes.
  10. Ames - Research Speed ??+ 5.25%.
  11. Emily - Reduces research time by 52 minutes 30 seconds, research speed + 5.6%.
  12. Natalie Foster - Reduces research time by 11 minutes 40 seconds.
  13. Hagan Cooper - Reduces research time by 23 minutes 20 seconds, and 49 minutes 59 seconds by 4 skill.

Research acceleration skins

Skin nameConditions for obtaining itDescription
Christmas Castle (city)The subject "Christmas Castle"Speeds up research by 16% when actively used at 5 stars
Clown Park (city)Clown Park subjectSpeeds up research by 20% at 5 stars immediately after purchase
Jubilant Party House (city)The subject "Jubilant Party House"Speeds up research by 20% after being acquired at 5 stars
Sheriff Gia (Sheriff)Sheriff Gia itemSpeeds up research by 10% at 5 stars upon acquisition

Equipment that accelerates the research process

Research speed itemsItems that reduce research time
Silver magnifierWooden cane
Silver featherOld shoes
Hemp tourniquetLost Bowler
Bound book
Silver necklace
Wooden ruler
Cotton bowler hat
Pocket book

West Game: Review and Hero Tips

There are 3 types of characters in the game:

  1. Sheriff.
  2. Heroes.
  3. Servicemen.

Sheriff leveling tips

The Sheriff is your main assistant in the development of the Wild West. His skills, skins and equipment affect the development of your city, hiking and collecting resource points. He can be sent at the head of your army to attack various opponents. All the indicators that the sheriff increases with a new level, you can see in the "Sheriff" menu (avatar in the upper left corner), and by clicking on the arrow on the right side of the screen. The Sheriff’s level is increased with the "Sheriff’s Experience" item. Experience can be obtained by participating in various events, buying experience in the store, opening free chests.

In order to speed up the acquisition of the sheriff’s experience, you should make the "Renault Set" equipment, you can also use the abilities of the heroes, which can increase the speed of pumping the sheriff:

  1. James Hughes - Experience Increase + 2.89%.
  2. Tyrone Harris - + 8.33%.
  3. Benjamin - + 10.5%.
  4. William - + 10.5%.

As you level up, you increase the sheriff’s attack (4155 at the maximum level). Also, with the new level, the energy limit for conducting fights on the map and the amount of ammunition increase (they affect the number of battles on the world map). With the level, several points of the sheriff’s skill are given, which are raised in his menu in the "Skill" section (lower right corner of the screen). Skills are divided into:

Sheriff’s skill points can be obtained not only with the receipt of his new level, they can also be obtained by completing various tasks, participating in all events and leading an active life in the alliance.

Skins. The sheriff can change the appearance (which we wrote about above). The skin affects many aspects of the game. To see the properties of the skin and where to get it, go to the "Skin" section in the sheriff’s menu (the button is located in the lower right corner). But in addition to the appearance, there are additional sheriff avatars that can be bought for gold in the store, randomly from various events and as a reward from the developers (for example, after updating the game).

Equipment. You can strengthen the sheriff’s parameters with equipment, for which there are 7 slots. 1 unit of the required type of equipment is inserted into each slot. To put the necessary thing in the cell, you should click on the slot. Each item can be enhanced by increasing its quality in the forge or by placing crystals in them.

The sheriff’s equipment should be chosen wisely, as it is quite difficult to gather materials for it. Therefore, choose those items that will be most useful to you.

Hero leveling tips

Heroes are army commanders. They cannot be killed or injured in battle. Heroes are divided by quality, which determines the maximum effect. Characters will lead your kind of troops, and give them a good bonus to indicators. But there are heroes who should be pumped at the start of the game to speed up development processes (for example, Mary, which increases the speed of construction).

But it makes no sense to pump all characters in a row. It is important to decide which properties of the commander are most preferable for you (increasing bonuses to armies or improving the city).

The best heroes in the game (these heroes are united by the maximum usefulness for your game progression):

  1. Mary - her skills are the most beneficial for construction.
  2. James Hughes - notable for the fact that it increases the experience of the sheriff (and there are only 4 such characters in the game). He will also help with the production of stone and increase the speed of construction.
  3. Rosita - Specializes in cavalry bonuses. But it is good for its economic abilities.
  4. Tyrone Harris is one of the best characters, as he increases the parameters of not one type of troops, but all armies. At the same time, he has many good economic effects, including an increase in the experience of the sheriff.
  5. Bertie Palham - Like Tyrone Harris, has a lot of buffs for all units.
  6. Andrea - gives high bonuses to all types of troops, which is why she deserved to get into the TOP - heroes of the game.
  7. Patrick is good for the city’s economy, while he specializes in infantry bonuses.
  8. Samuel - he can be pumped to accelerate the economic growth of the city. Increases infantry stats.
  9. Davis - like Tyrone Harris, has a lot of buffs for all units.
  10. William is good for all types of troops.

Increasing the level of heroes - occurs with the help of the subject "hero’s experience", also commanders increase experience in battles. The experience of the hero can be obtained by completing various tasks of game events. The level of the hero increases his basic parameters. They can be viewed by clicking on the "Properties" section on the right side of the screen.

Leveling skills - skills are unlocked gradually with an increase in the character’s stardom. To raise the stars, you must have a sufficient number of "hero medals", which can be obtained for the successful completion of various tasks, when opening free alliance chests and in the "Hero’s Chest" building. The skills of commanders are increased with the help of a special item "Inspiration of the Hero", which can be bought, received for successfully completing event tasks, in battles on the map with criminals.

Military personnel

These are the characters you train in the barracks. These warriors are categorized by quality and type of troops:

It is better to put units to those heroes who specialize in the type of troops. For example, Samuel has many abilities that increase the parameters of infantry units, so he should put infantry soldiers on him.

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