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Wolf Game WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Wolf Game: Wild Animal Wars is a multiplayer online strategy game from Special Gamez. Become the leader of a powerful clan of wolves and gather a strong team of heroes to defend your lair. Develop the skills of legendary wolves, hunt and fight other players. You will face various difficulties, but you will be able to find a way out of the situation and prove to everyone that you are one of the best leaders.


  1. Useful tips from experienced players
  2. Guide for Beginners
  3. TOP wolves (Tier list)
  4. All about getting wolves
  5. How to properly develop wolves?
  6. Tips for Building a Strong Pack
  7. All about getting extra boost bonuses
  8. What tasks need to be completed?
  9. Is it worth joining the Alliance?
  10. All about completing the story campaign
  11. How to manage a flock on the world map?
  12. Tips for completing the Kingdom of Souls
  13. How to complete the Adventure stages?
  14. All about Elite Hunting
  15. Tips for Arena Battles
  16. How to pass the tests?
  17. Guide to developing the Wolf House
  18. Tips for getting free resources
  19. Is it worth upgrading your VIP status?
  20. Guide for Donators
  21. Is it worth playing?

Wolf Game: Useful tips from experienced players

1. Competent management. Pay attention to all game activities in order to use all opportunities for the development of the clan and wolves. Start your day by completing daily quests, then move on to in-game campaigns, alliance development, and exploring the wilderness. Develop the Wolf House, train wolves, improve heroes and obtain resources to ensure the prosperity of the wolf clan.

2. Rapid start. At the beginning of the game, a special event is activated that will allow you to get many valuable trophies. Hyenas are preparing to attack your home, do your best to prepare for the battle. Your task is to increase the level of the Wolf Throne to level 6 in a few hours and train 200 wolves of any type. As a reward, you will receive resources that will help you quickly become a leader.

3. Study the game. Wolf Game is a very rich game, so it won’t be easy to understand all the subtleties right away. Use the special game guide, which can be found when you go to the profile card. For learning each new feature of the game, you will receive gems. Also open information tabs in the main game activities and temporary events to familiarize yourself with the rules and features of the gameplay.

4. Take part in events. Very often, various events are held in the wilderness. Try to take part in all temporary activities to receive more resources for development. Explore the Events Calendar, which reflects all current and planned events for the current week. Prepare in advance and find more free time to get maximum rewards.

5. Create an alliance. Strong allies are one of the components of successful development in Wolf Game. A strong alliance provides many additional opportunities for obtaining resources and ensuring the safety of the wolf home. You can join an already created union, but it’s better to create your own. You will be able to control all processes of alliance development, select strong and reliable allies, and resolve important strategic issues.

6. Use boosters. Special items can reduce the time required to build or upgrade a facility, research knowledge, and train soldiers. Receive them for completing various tasks and use them for the benefit of the wolf clan. You should not save them and keep them in your inventory. Use the quick acceleration feature to select the most suitable accelerators to complete the current process.

7. Don’t be afraid of defeats. What to do in case of defeat? The main way to increase the power of a team of wolves and a pack is to increase the level of heroes and develop their skills. Focus on obtaining resources and summoning heroes. Then upgrade the wolves to the highest possible level, then go into battle and try your hand again.

Wolf Game: Guide for Beginners

Get familiar with the interface. The main screen of the game displays the territory of the Wolf House with the border lands. At the top there is information about the profile, the amount of accumulated resources and current events. On the left is a list of current tasks and the number of workers involved. At the bottom of the screen there are buttons for going to Home Quests, Research, Wilderness, Campaign, Inventory, Heroes, Alliances, Mail.

Adjust your gameplay. To go to the game settings, open the profile card, and then click on the gear icon. Determine the language, customize notifications, music volume and effects. To save battery power on your gaming device, reduce the image quality and the number of frames per second displayed.

Activate the confirmation function when using gems to avoid accidentally wasting a valuable resource on a useless purchase.

Set up your leader’s profile. Click on the wolf image in the upper left corner to go to the leader’s personal information section. Change your nickname using a special card. Enter from 4 to 12 English characters, only letters and numbers can be used. Change your avatar so your friends and allies can quickly identify you among other players.

Increase the leader’s strength. This indicator reflects your value as a clan leader and speaks about your gaming achievements. To increase your strength, actively develop all areas of your clan’s life and prove yourself in the wild. The overall strength of the leader consists of the following indicators:

Complete the Trial of the Wolf God. You are just a newcomer and the spirits of your ancestors cannot trust you with the life of the clan just like that. Pass the tests and prove that you are a wise and strong leader who can lead other wolves. Over the course of 5 days, various categories of tasks will open. For completing each of them, a valuable reward is provided that will contribute to your further development. For example, the Wolf God Stardust obtained can be used to redeem rewards in the Fiesta Stall event.

Test example.Maximum opportunities for receiving rewards.
Log in daily.Daily entry for 5 days.
Upgrade the Wolf Throne.Raising the building level to 16.
Explore the wilderness.Receiving rewards from the Lone Wolf Cave 100 times.
Summon the wolves.Perform Advanced Summoning 30 times.
Develop your wolf skills.Improve skill 3 times.
Improve Valhalla.Raising the building level to 14.
Upgrade your Healing Herb.Raising the level of 3 buildings to 10.
Increase team spirit.Raising the Alliance Center level to 14.
Help your allies.Sending help to alliance members 400 times.
Save resources.Collect 500,000 resources in the territory of the Wolf House, 500,000 meat and water each in the wild area.
Upgrade resource buildings.Increasing the level of Hunting Grounds to 5, Source to 10, Career to 14.
Gain new knowledge.Construction of the Tree of Knowledge and improving it to level 14, learning 40 knowledge.
Train the wolves.Training 1,500 wolves of any type, training 150 level 2 wolves, training 300 wolves of each type.
Hunt animals in wild lands.Defeat 200 stray animals.
Collect resources in the wild lands.Collect resources 20 times, collect 300,000 stones, 800,000 water, 2,000,000 meat.
Set up trade.Purchase 30 items from the meerkat merchant.
Develop wolves.Increase the level of 3 wolves to 15, 2 wolves to 20, 1 wolf to 25.
Take action in the wild.Spend 10,000 Action Points.
Accelerate development.Use any boosters for 3,000 minutes.
Organize hiking trips.Defeat animals on a hike 40 times.
Develop an alliance.Make 100 donations for alliance knowledge.
Please note that if you upgrade the Wolf Throne to level 8, the system will remove the Novice Move item from your arsenal and remove the Novice Shield.

Keep an eye on the rating. The system keeps records of the achievements of all players, the data is updated every 30 minutes. Check out the leaderboard to find strong allies and learn from them. The player rating is based on several indicators at once:

Log in to the game. To keep your account safe, we recommend linking it to your social media account. You can also use your profile in the game center or email. If you change your gaming device, you can switch through the settings menu and restore your game progress. Complete the authorization procedure, visit the official game communities on social networks and earn bonus gems.

Wolf Game: TOP wolves (Tier list)

How to choose the best wolf? The game features about 30 different wolves. You can get any wolf, the main thing is to be an active player, participate in events and invest resources in summoning heroes. You will need 3 strong wolves for battles and management of the pack, as well as 3 wolves dedicated to collecting resources in the wild. To determine the best of the best, study the characteristics of wolves and use WiseGeek’s tips.

WiseGeek Recommendations. To successfully complete all activities, gather a team of powerful wolves who can protect your clan and cope with external threats. Based on your capabilities and stage of development, however, you should not invest all your resources in improving weak wolves. We have identified 4 groups of heroes so that you can correctly distribute your resources.

Pay attention to quality. Each wolf is initially assigned a certain quality level: legendary, epic, elite or advanced. This indicator cannot be changed; it affects the main characteristics of the hero and the maximum pumping level. Check out the tables below for wolf stats at their maximum level.

Legendary wolf.Power.Persistence.Body type.
Loki.2 4471,5421,707
Makami.2 4051,5161,678
Jill Pang.2 2831 4411,595
Conan.2 2561 4261,577
Moon.2 3821 5031,664
Playboy.2 2051 3921,539
Nicholas.1,9571 6221,786
Venus.1 8032 2252 654
Logan.1,5691,9102 288
Fenrir.1 4802 4032 201
Lycaon.1 3862 2502,060
Kagemaru.1 2291,9911,824
Seven.1 1581 4071 682
Nine-tails.1 1431,8511,697
Charlie.1,0831,7501 603
Ace.1,0221 6501,512
Epic wolf.Power.Persistence.Body type.
Luppa.1 169745822
Elite and advanced wolves will not bring much benefit in conquering the wild; focus on obtaining and developing legendary and epic wolves.

Learn the abilities of wolves. Abilities affect the ratio of the hero’s attributes, which can come into effect when he leads a certain pack. Determine the type of troops that the wolf can lead and get the maximum advantage. This is essential for wilderness battles. There are 5 ability levels:

Legendary wolf.A pack of gray wolves.A pack of coyotes.A pack of jackals.
Jill Pang.ABS
Epic wolf.A pack of gray wolves.A pack of coyotes.A pack of jackals.
Elite and advanced wolves.A pack of gray wolves.A pack of coyotes.A pack of jackals.

Wolf Game: All about getting wolves

Wolves are heroes and the main combat units with which you will fight during the story campaign. You will also have to measure the strength of the assembled team of wolves during battles with other players. Wolves are also necessary for fighting in the wild, as they lead wolf packs and lead them into battle.

Distinctive features of wolves:

How to get a wolf? Collect 10 identical fragments to unlock a new hero. You can get them by completing tasks, purchasing them in a store, or summoning them in Valhalla. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to immediately get a new wolf to join your team. Invest your available resources into obtaining as many fragments as possible to strengthen your position.

Develop Valhalla. This is the spiritual support of the Wolf House. Wolves with royal bloodline can use the stele to summon powerful heroes. The spirits of the ancestors will answer your call and grant you strength. Don’t forget to level up Valhalla to increase the number of free summons.

How to summon a hero? Open the Valhalla building and select the summon quality. Use the free summon feature, fangs and gems to make additional summons. Wolf Game provides 2 main types of summons:

Wolves and fragments of heroes.Chance to be received during an Epic Summon.Chance to be received during a Legendary Summon.
Legendary wolf Conan, Venus, Ace, Charlie.-0.15%
1 fragment of the legendary wolf Conan, Venus, Ace, Charlie.-0.4%
2 fragments of the legendary wolf Conan, Venus, Ace, Charlie.-0.2%
Epic wolf Alpha, Elmer, Gray, Ghost, Sam, Rose, Eragon, Luppa.-0.19%
1 fragment of an epic wolf Alpha, Elmer, Gray, Ghost, Sam, Rose, Eragon, Luppa.0.09%0.56%
2 fragments of the epic wolf Alpha, Elmer, Gray, Ghost, Sam, Rose, Eragon, Luppa.0.06%0.31%
Elite wolf George, Momo, Akela.0.33%1 %
1 fragment of an elite wolf George, Momo, Akela.0.67%3%
2 elite wolf fragments George, Momo, Akela.0.5%1.67%
Advanced Wolf Franks.2%-
1 fragment of the advanced wolf Franks.4 %-
2 fragments of the advanced wolf Franks.3%-

Additional items.Chance to be received during an Epic Summon.Chance to be received during a Legendary Summon.
1 legendary berry.-4.5%
2 legendary berries.-3%
1 epic berry.1 %8 %
2 epic berries.0.5%4 %
1 elite berry.4.5%-
2 elite berries.3%-
1 excellent berry.8 %-
2 excellent berries.5 %-
1 legendary demon fruit.-1 %
1 Epic Demon Fruit.-2%
5 experience items worth 5,000 points.-1 %
2 or 3 experience items worth 5,000 points.-2%
5 experience items worth 1,000 points or 10 experience items worth 500 points.-5 %
1 or 2 experience items worth 1,000 points.3.5%-
4 experience items worth 500 points.6%-
3 experience items worth 500 points.6.25%-
150,000 water.-5 %
150,000 meat.-4.76%
100,000 water or 100,000 meat.3%-
50,000 water.-7.25%
50,000 meat.-8 %
20,000 water or 20,000 meat.7.5%-
Universal accelerator for 60 minutes.-2.5%
2 universal accelerators for 60 minutes.-2%
Construction and research accelerator for 60 minutes.-1.25%
2 construction and research accelerators for 60 minutes each.-1 %
Universal accelerator or construction accelerator for 30 minutes.0.5%-
Universal accelerator or construction accelerator for 15 minutes.1.5%-
Universal accelerator or construction accelerator for 10 minutes.2%-
Universal accelerator or construction accelerator for 5 minutes.7.5%-
Complete more Legendary Summons to accumulate points and open a chest that guarantees an Epic or Legendary Wolf.

Summon during events. Unique temporary events allow you to obtain fragments of a specific legendary wolf. Actively complete tasks to earn Event Fangs. Use the items you receive to make a unique summon, and if luck smiles on you, you will receive a rare hero.

Wolf Game: How to properly develop wolves?

Develop valuable wolves. Troop commanders are the key heroes who need to be improved first. Use all available resources and opportunities to quickly level up, improve your fighting skills and develop the characteristics of wolves:

Please note that the effect of characteristics is reduced by half if the wolf acts as an assistant.

How to increase the level of a wolf? To increase the level of the wolf, earn experience steles in various game activities. These are magical stone tablets depicting wolves on the hunt, which allow the wolf to gain the knowledge accumulated by his ancestors. Open the hero card, click on the + icon next to the experience bar to go to the level up section. Determine the items you want to use to gain experience, or click the Upgrade button to have the system automatically add the required number of steles to reach the next level.

How to increase the level of development? Get enough fragments and begin the process of developing the wolf. This way you can get more attribute bonuses and increase the skill level limit. Each level of development consists of 3 parts of the heart, the maximum level of development is 12. With each new level of development, the required number of hero fragments increases.

Pay attention to the appearance of a green arrow next to the wolf card on the left side of the screen. It denotes the current opportunity for the hero’s development.

Improve your skills. Each hero has 3 unique skills, use them wisely to succeed in battle. The higher the wolf’s level, the more skills are available for use. Receive berries of appropriate quality as a reward and use them to develop the wolf’s abilities. The higher the skill level, the more berries are required to improve.

Wolf Game: Tips for Building a Strong Pack

A pack of wolves is a group of combat units under the command of wolf heroes. With the help of the pack, you can complete tasks in the wild, as well as take part in additional game activities, such as Adventures. To destroy monsters and groups of hostile animals you will need a strong wolf pack. Pay attention to training wolves and properly forming combat units.

Build a Wolf’s Lair. The brave wolves of your clan are ready, under your leadership, to go into battle to protect their lands and provide their relatives with resources. In the lair you can train 3 types of units, each with its own characteristics and advantages over other wolves. Build at least 3 Wolf Lairs on the territory of the Wolf House to simultaneously train all types of units.

Types of wolves:

Countering can deal more damage to an enemy while reducing damage taken. In every battle, it is necessary to maintain clarity of mind and be flexible in responding to different situations.

Train the wolves. Click on the Wolf’s Lair, then on the wolf icon to open the training menu. You will need meat and water to train new units. Select the type of wolf, rank and determine the number you want to train. To start training, click the Train button. After a set time has passed, the recruits will be ready to join the pack and go on missions in the wilderness.

Upgrade your pack of wolves. Gain new knowledge by conducting research on the Tree of Knowledge and gain access to training for higher-ranking units. For each type of wolf, the maximum development rank is VI. Do not forget to retrain the wolves of the pack in order to increase their rank and further strengthen the already formed pack. If units are being retrained, you will not be able to send them into battle while they are in the Wolf’s Lair.

Build a training center to transform the wolves of the pack and change their type if necessary.

How to form a flock? Form a strong pack before embarking on missions in the wilderness. First of all, appoint a leading hero and assistant heroes. Next, in accordance with the established pack size, determine the type of wolves and the number that will go on a campaign. Choose wolves of the highest rank, then wolves in relation to which heroes have command bonuses.

Create bundles of wolves. The chosen pairing of wolf commanders can play a decisive role in the outcome of the battle. Open the hero card and click on the Walkthroughs button. Study the information provided about possible combinations of heroes that will give you the maximum advantage on the battlefield. Use the wolf pair filter to find a pair for already unlocked heroes.

Treat the wounded. Healing herbs grow on the grounds of the Wolf House, which significantly reduces the mortality rate of seriously wounded wolves, giving them more opportunities to grow into battle-hardened warriors. Send wounded wolves to restore vitality, this will require meat and water. Level up your Healing Herb to heal more wolves at once.

Wolf Game: All about getting extra boost bonuses

Gain new knowledge. To become the wolf king, study, study and study some more. The Tree of Knowledge will help you with this, which you will discover as you progress through the story campaign. Use resources and gain new knowledge that will increase the efficiency of managing the wolf clan. There are 2 categories of knowledge available for study:

Upgrade the Tree of Knowledge to increase your learning speed and allow the wolves to explore deeper secrets.

Equip the leader. Open the information card about the leader and check out the possibilities for additional reinforcement using equipment. Each of the 6 pieces of equipment provides a fixed attribute bonus. The effects of several sets of equipment take effect simultaneously. Strengthen and increase the star level of equipment to improve your performance. The maximum equipment level is 50, star level is 15.

Leader Equipment Types:

Once all 6 pieces of War equipment have reached a certain star level, spend Resonance Crystals to activate the corresponding effect.

Jade of the soul. There are 3 types of soul jade: blood, tide green. To provide an additional attribute bonus, each type of jade can be placed in 6 slots of 2 pieces of equipment. Increase the level of soul jade to increase the value of attributes, the maximum development level of soul jade is 50.

Sort out unnecessary items. To return all the resources spent on the development of equipment that is no longer needed, use the disassembly function. Select the element whose development you want to reset and click the Disassemble button. Use the returned resources to improve more powerful equipment.

Apply positive effects. As a reward for your success in game activities, you will receive special items that can be used for the development of the Wolf House. Open your inventory bag, go to the Buffs section and explore your options. Depending on the quality of the item, the positive effect lasts for a certain period of time. To use an item, select it and click the Use button.

Bonus item.Positive effect.
Moving a house.The wolf house is transported to another location in the wilderness. The item cannot be used during a campaign or battle.
Shield of Peace.Protects the Wolf House from attacks from other players for 8 hours, 24 hours, 3 days or 30 days.
Strengthening attack.Increases the swarm’s attack power by 25% for 12 hours or 24 hours, or by 50% for 24 hours.
Increased protection.Increases flock defense by 25% for 12 hours or 24 hours, or by 50% for 24 hours.
Flock capacity.Increases the maximum number of swarm units by 25% for 4 hours, or by 50% for 4 hours.
Anti-intelligence.Prevents the enemy from receiving information about your Wolf House for 24 hours or 7 days.
Disinformation.Increases the number of units in your flock when an enemy eagle scouts your home, lasts for 24 hours.
Collection speed.Increases resource gathering speed in the wild by 50% for 8 hours or 24 hours.
Meat production.Increases meat production on your home territory by 25% for 8 hours or 24 hours.
Water production.Increases water production in the home area by 25% for 8 hours or 24 hours.
Stone production.Increases stone production in the home territory by 25% for 8 hours or 24 hours.
Crystal production.Increases crystal production in your home territory by 25% for 8 hours or 24 hours.

Wolf Game: What tasks need to be completed?

Complete daily tasks. Take part in all game activities to receive the necessary resources for development every day. The list of tasks is located on the left side of the screen. Collect 100 points to get access to 5 chests with valuable rewards in addition to meat, water, stone and crystals:

Example assignment.Mission points.
Train 210 wolves.15
Upgrade one of the buildings of the Wolf House.10
Help your allies 30 times.10
Defeat 5 wild animals in the wilderness.10
Join the Alliance Challenge.10
Gain new knowledge.10
Join the alliance trials.10
Use 4 fangs for normal summoning in Valhalla.6
Collect 100,000 of each resource in the wild.5
Use 5 experience stelae to develop the wolf.5
Defeat stray beasts in the wilderness.5
Help your allies 5 times.5
Collect resources in your home location.5
Buy 10 items from the meerkat merchant.5
Use any 10 boosters.3
Complete test preparation 5 times.3
Heal and restore 10 wolves.3
Use 1 fang to normal summon in Valhalla.3
Complete the prayer for the test.3
Use any 5 boosters.2
Buy 2 items from the meerkat merchant.2
Track story and side quests that will help you navigate the direction of development of the Wolf House and obtain additional resources.

Complete home quests. Click on the eagle image in the lower left corner to go to the house map. Complete home quests daily and get amazing rewards. The more quests you complete, the higher the level of security and power of the house becomes. This way, you can unlock new quests and additional prizes in the form of gems, boosters, action point recovery items, and wolf fragments.

Home quest.Gameplay.
Hunting.Form a pack of wolves in the wilderness and defeat the specified squad of beasts.
Tracking in the jungle.Prey often hides in thick grass. Use your innate hunting instinct, click on the bush to find out what animal is hiding in the foliage. Use your memory and find all pairs of animals. Try to complete the hunt in the least number of attempts.
Kingdom of Souls.Gather a team of wolves and defeat the enemy team within the allotted period of time.
Fight of wolf packs.A mini-game in which you need to occupy all the caves on the map. Control squads of wolves and direct them from one cave to another. Victory will be achieved when all the caves are painted green.
Invasion of the beast.Challenge the mighty beast and defeat it in battle with the help of a wolf pack. Form a squad and send it to a specified point in the wilderness.
Collect tablet fragments to learn the history of the wolves and open secret treasure chests.

Explore the wild world. There are many Holy Places in the wilderness that are shrouded in a strange fog that obscures vision and disorients one. To go to the research map, click on the scroll icon in the lower left corner. While exploring the area, the eagle may discover secret caves, visit them to complete the task. For every 50 quests completed, you get access to a special research chest.

How to use eagles? Only the most experienced eagle can use the Eagle Eye Stone to clear away the fog. Upgrade the eagle’s nest to get more fast scouts. Select the nearest Holy Place, highlighted in yellow, and click the Submit button. The eagle will set off and return to the nest after a set time.

Examples of tasks in secret caves:

Wolf Game: Is it worth joining the Alliance?

What is an alliance? Many wolf clans have been attacked by hyenas, so the leaders have to join forces to resist external threats. Help each other become even stronger. Form an alliance or join an existing one to unite the leaders and crush all opponents. If you are not willing to put a lot of effort into developing an alliance, then a leadership position is not for you. You will receive the following benefits after joining the alliance:

How to choose an alliance? Keep track of the ranking of alliances and strive to get into the most powerful of them. To develop faster, it is important to get support not only from strong, but also from active players. Leaders set requirements for the minimum level of strength indicator that an ally must have, fulfill the requirement and submit an application.

Move your base closer to the alliance leader to receive timely help and quickly unite troops for joint campaigns. To move the Wolf House to another point in the wilderness, a special item is required.

Take advantage of opportunities. At the bottom of the information card there are functions related to the capabilities of the alliance. Use them to purchase goods, go on campaigns and expand the alliance’s possessions. The larger the territory of the alliance, the more free resources you will receive daily. Don’t forget about the gifts tab and collect gifts daily for the activity of your allies.

Gain knowledge. Help the alliance become stronger and invest your own resources in gaining valuable knowledge. Open the appropriate tab in the alliance management section and pay attention to the knowledge that the head of the alliance has identified as a priority. Each donation earns you personal points, use them to purchase valuable items.

Go on a hike. The strength of one clan is not enough to defeat a strong and powerful animal, for example, an elephant. Initiate a campaign and unite allied troops to achieve a common goal. Determine the time during which the allies will be able to send troops. Wait for reinforcements and go into battle. All participants in the hike will receive a worthy reward.

Wolf Game: All about completing the story campaign

The plot of the game. The ancient continent of Eden is vast and prosperous, home to countless different animals. But wolves are a special species, they are optimistic and brave, persistent and loyal, able to quickly adapt to harsh conditions. Some wolves teamed up with hyenas and attacked your clan. You have to play as the main character Alpha, lead a wolf pack and save the wolves from death. The game’s plot is divided into chapters:

If you are not interested in the story part of the game, use the Skip function. In this case, all dialogues between characters will be skipped.

Complete the chapter’s tasks. Alpha’s fate is not easy, go through training and complete story missions to learn more about his life and the lives of other wolves in the pack. Set up your home in the Valley of Sunset, where the wolf king Conan previously ruled. Together with his daughter Luna, uncover an ancient mystery and discover the secrets of Eden. As a reward for completing story missions you will receive resources, boosters and experience steles; for completing a chapter - wolves, fragments of heroes, summoning fangs.

Examples of tasks:

Explore the territories. Study your home location, dispel the fog to expand your interaction area. There are various objects located on the territory, interact with them to gain an advantage. Look for treasures, abandoned stones and crystals, running hares and deer. Click on a discovered item to collect it and get additional resources.

During the story campaign, other characters will ask you questions to test your knowledge. Be careful, the correct answer will give you the opportunity to earn valuable items.

Fight the enemy. Hyenas are one of the worst enemies of wolves; they are often found in the vicinity of the Wolf House. Click on the claw marks icon to join the battle and drive the hyenas out of your territory. According to the storyline, you have to fight other wolves who are much stronger than Alpha. A strong team of heroes will help you defeat the enemy.

Restore the Ancestral Altar. This is a sacred place where the wolf clan worships the spirits of their ancestors. Make wishes daily and ask the spirits for help to obtain meat, stone water and crystals. Level up your Ancestral Altar to increase the number of daily prayers. At the maximum level, you will receive 13,200 food or water, 9,900 stone or 3,960 crystals for each prayer.

Collect relics. One night, 5 meteorites fell to the ground, each of which contained a mysterious stone. They conceal great power and symbolize wisdom, strength, agility, health and faith. The wolves conquered all the relics and gained dominance over the wilderness. A mysterious organization is trying to take relics from the most powerful clans. Defeat your opponents and connect all the relics on the Altar of Ancestors.

Wolf Game: How to manage a flock on the world map?

Study the map. To navigate in the wild, use a special map; to navigate, click the button in the lower left corner. In the explored territories there are wolf houses of other players, packs of wild animals, animals, resource objects and much more. To search for a suitable target, use a special function, click on the magnifying glass icon. Select the category and level of the object, then click Search.

Use action points. Sending a pack of wolves into battle requires spending a certain number of action points. Information about the remnant and the restoration process can be obtained from the chief’s information card. Action points are restored automatically over a certain time, the maximum value is 1,000. To quickly replenish, use special items that can be received as a reward when completing activities.

How to send a flock on a hike? Identify a target on the wilderness map where the wolf pack needs to be sent. The maximum pack capacity at the highest level of development of the leading character is 16,050 wolves. The further away the target is, the longer the round trip will take. Each pack occupies one march space until it returns to the lair. Level up the Wolf Throne to level 26 to send 5 wolf units at a time.

Hunt wild animals. Outside of Sunset Valley there are various animals. Each pack has a set difficulty level, so the pack must be prepared for difficulties in combat. To attack a high level enemy, first defeat a pack of wild beasts of the previous level. If you win, you will receive trophies in the form of gems, experience steles, boosters, berries and resources.

Pay attention to the chance of a positive outcome of the battle before sending the pack to attack. If the system reports that certain death awaits you, prepare better and return a little later.

Get resources. Resources in Sunset Valley are limited; through the Gate, go into the wilderness in search of new sources of supply. Look for hunting grounds, water sources, stone quarries and crystal clusters. Resource points also have a certain level, which affects the maximum amount of resources contained. Choose a suitable object, form a flock and send it on a hike. In this case, the carrying capacity indicator will be important, on which the amount of resources received as a result depends.

Attack other players. There may be other wolf clans with hostile leaders located near your Wolf House. Protect your territories and fight other players. Form several strong flocks, lead them to the enemy’s walls, and then give instructions for a joint attack. If necessary, call your allies for help.

Get data. Before attacking another player’s wolf house, send the pack to scout for valuable information about the level of defense. In this case, the War Fever condition will be activated, which will increase the attack of your pack by 3%. However, you will not be able to use any shields.

Wolf Game: Tips for completing the Kingdom of Souls

Realm of Souls is the first of the available campaign types, in which you will have to go through various difficulty levels with the help of a team of heroes. The story chapters will include tasks to complete the levels of the Kingdom of Souls, so you should not have problems mastering this activity.

Campaign rules. The Kingdom of Souls is divided into chapters with 10 stages each. The next stage can only be opened after completing the previous one. Prepare your team of heroes and pit them against the enemy team. Based on the results of the battle, you are assigned a rating, the maximum rating is 3 stars, and a reward is awarded.

If you failed to complete the stage with 3 stars, improve your team and try your hand again. After receiving the maximum reward, replaying the level will no longer be available.

How to fight? Select a stage on the map of the Kingdom of Souls and press the Challenge button to go to the battle location. Determine the wolves that will take part in the battle and place them in the correct blue cells. Press the call button again and wait for the outcome of the battle. Please note that if you lose an allied fighter, you lose 1 rating star.

Tips for forming a team. Each stage has its own set limit of team members. First of all, place wolves with the best strength indicators. Also pay attention to the fighting style of the opposing team’s heroes. Make appropriate changes if necessary. An emoticon will appear at the top of the screen, which will inform you about your chances of defeating the enemy with the current team composition.

Get rewards. Check out the rewards for completing each chapter stage. Passing the Kingdom of Souls is an excellent opportunity to get meat, water, stones and hero experience items. There is also a reward for high star ratings. For example, for successfully completing 1 chapter with 30 stars you will receive 10 fragments of the epic Alpha wolf, 5 items that restore action points and 2 excellent fangs.

Wolf Game: How to complete the Adventure stages?

Adventure is one of the varieties of the Wolf Game campaign, in which you have to explore various locations with the help of a wolf pack. The adventures are divided into 18 stages, which open sequentially one after another. No additional resources are required to participate in the campaign, so go on adventures as often as possible to receive rewards.

How to form a flock? Select a campaign stage and review the task at hand. Create a suitable pack by choosing a leading character and assistants, determining the type and number of wolves to fight. You will be able to use heroes and wolves who are currently camping in the wilderness. The maximum pack size is determined by the adventure stage.

Explore the area. To complete the adventure stage, complete the assigned task and reach the desired location point. Part of the territory is covered in fog, collect secret markers to open new areas and find the necessary objects. Your progress is saved automatically, you can exit and return to the game at any time.

What to expect from the enemy? Strategic objects and treasures will always be guarded by enemy units, for example a pack of hyenas or a herd of deer. The enemy will attack you if you just walk by, so always be prepared for a fight. Please note that if during the battle another enemy unit notices you, it will come to the aid of its allies and attack your flock. The pack’s wolves will not die during the adventure, so don’t be afraid to engage in combat while exploring the area.

Look for a healing herb that allows you to heal wounded wolves, restore power and complete the adventure.

Collect runes. Find a rune tower in the location to receive the blessing of a mysterious power. Choose 1 of the 3 offered power runes to gain an advantage. For example, the Protection rune increases the defense of all wolves, the Power rune increases attack, and the Agility rune increases movement speed. Before choosing a rune, open the wanderer’s bag and look through the previously activated runes. Determine which attributes do not yet have bonuses, and then make your choice.

Look for secret objects. Mysterious objects with enormous energy are scattered throughout the location. Collect them to get additional benefits. For example, a healing soul will allow you to restore pack units. The item takes effect only after activation, so you can use them at the most opportune moment.

Buy products. Collect animal fangs, go to the shop on the territory of the location and purchase goods. Give preference to the Trader’s Chest, it allows you to obtain resources that can be used outside of the campaign stages. You can also exchange animal fangs for additional runes to strengthen your wolf pack.

Please note that purchased runes will affect the attributes of wolves only in the current location.

Look for treasure chests. In the upper left corner of the screen, it is indicated how many treasure chests can be collected while exploring the location. Find all the treasures, complete the adventure and receive gems and hero fragments as a reward. You will also receive a reward for successfully completing the entire adventure stage.

Wolf Game: All about Elite Hunting

Elite hunting is a game activity in which you have to control a team of a hero on the battlefield to destroy opponents and achieve your goal within the allotted time. With the amount of prey in the wild dwindling, the only option is to start hunting for stronger prey. The campaign consists of 30 stages that will open one after another. After all stages are completed, the endless mode is unlocked.

Level up the Wolf Throne to unlock new stages of the Elite Hunt.

Gameplay. Tap the screen and use your finger to set the command’s direction. All enemies will be directed towards you, your task is to attack them in time to minimize the damage received. Focus on the counter of defeated animals and the timer located on the right side of the screen. Collect pieces of meat that count as points for a successful hunt. Activate abilities, collect bonus items to increase your chances of passing the elite hunt stage.

Form a formation. To achieve success in the Elite Hunt, get and upgrade the legendary wolves that perform best in this activity. Not all wolves are available for this game activity. Create a hunting party of 1 vanguard hero and 2 support heroes. Once your hunting party is formed, click the March button and then "Start" to start the game activity.

Use abilities. Each wolf has 3 abilities that you can use while hunting animals. During the game, sets of 3 abilities will appear, choose the one that your hunting party currently needs. The selected abilities are displayed at the bottom of the screen; after the timer expires, they are automatically applied on the battlefield. The table below shows the abilities of wolves that can take part in the Elite Hunt.

Wolf.Ability 1.Ability 2.Ability 3.
Fenrir.Strategy - orders bats to attack and return back.Order - orders bats to attack nearby enemies.Giant - Summons a giant bat that deals damage to all enemies in a straight line.
Conan.Flame Charge - Summons a burning bird that rushes towards the target area and explodes upon landing.Fiery rebirth - revives himself with the power of fire, and after resurrection deals damage to nearby enemies.Fire Feather - Scatters fire feathers behind you, which explode and damage nearby enemies.
Loki.Lightning Chain - Attacks multiple targets with electric current.Thunderclap - Lightning falls from the sky, damaging the target.Lightning Zone - Summons a well-aimed bolt of lightning that covers an area and randomly hits enemies in it.
Makami.Friend of Bamboo - Summons red pandas to fight side by side.Love Strike - Summons a giant panda to ram the area.Bamboo Stele - Sticks bamboo into the ground and then pierces the surrounding areas, causing a stun effect.
Moon.Icicle - Launches an icicle that continuously breaks into small icicles that track down nearby enemies.Ice aura - summons ice spikes from the ground to damage enemies, with a chance to stun them.Freezing Rain - Causes a heavy rain of ice in an area, dealing damage and having a chance to freeze the enemy.
VenusBouncing Blade - Summons a spinning bone blade that bounces a short distance.Bone Shield - Summons a shield that explodes after receiving enough damage.Claw Cleave - Performs a large-scale claw attack.
Ace.Banana barrier - allies drop bananas into the sector area ahead.Rescue Monkey - Summons a monkey that automatically attacks nearby enemies.Banana Peel Trap - a trap is placed nearby that destroys any enemies it catches.
Alpha.Wind Blade - launches an air blade that flies in a straight line, damaging all enemies in its path.Hurricane Move - Summons a hurricane that moves forward, dealing damage and pulling nearby enemies towards it.Blade Whirlwind - Summons a whirling wind blade that damages enemies when it hits.
Elmer.Stone Thrower - Throws a huge stone that, when hit, deals damage to a small area.Rolling Stone - Summons a block that rolls forward, dealing damage and knocking back enemies.Volcano - calls for a volcanic eruption, lava damages enemies in random areas.

Improve your abilities. The given level of each selected ability is 1 star. The level can be maximally upgraded to 5 stars. The higher the level of the ability, the better the effect of its use. To develop an ability, select its card again from the proposed list, and the level will increase by 1 star.

Remember, the more abilities on the control panel, the more often additional bonuses are applied. Therefore, it is worth increasing the level after you have received the entire set of abilities of the wolf team.

Collect items. While hunting animals, bonus items will appear on the playing field that can speed up the achievement of your goal. Watch for signs to appear and guide your team to the location of the valuable item. You will be able to activate the following bonuses:

Get rewards. Receive a reward for completing the stage for the first time in the form of meat, water, experience items and fangs for summoning wolves. You will also receive rewards for the number of successfully completed stages, and the amount of time spent in infinity mode. Take an active part in the Elite Hunt to earn gems, boosters, wolves for your pack, and experience items to develop your heroes.

Wolf Game: Tips for Arena Battles

Get access to the Arena. In this gaming activity, you can fight and compete with other Wolf Game players to win valuable prizes. To get to the Arena, increase the level of the Wolf Throne to 11. One season in the Arena lasts 21, so have time to prove your superiority in managing wolf packs.

How to make a call? Every day you get several free attempts to challenge other players and measure your strength. Additional 4 summoning chances must be purchased with gems; the cost of one summon is 40 gems. Press the Challenge button, select a suitable opponent to go to the battlefield, press the Challenge button again.

Try to take part in battles in the Arena as often as possible to quickly reach the top of the rankings.

How to choose an opponent? First of all, pay attention to the overall strength of the player’s defensive pack. To increase the chance of success, the strength of your pack must be much higher. If necessary, use the Update button to change the composition of the proposed opponents. Don’t forget to check your call history and fight the player who attacked you to take revenge and take rank points from him.

Rules of battle. Determine the composition of the units and their location before the start of the battle, take advantage of the types of wolves. You can deploy up to 5 packs in the arena, your capabilities correspond to the capabilities of sending troops in the wild. All wolves attack automatically, you cannot control them. The first player to lose the ability to repel attacks loses the battle. If the defending side is not defeated within 180 seconds, the attack will be considered a failure.

Wolf Pack.Advantages of a pack.Features 1 attack.Features 2 attacks.
Gray wolves.The rate of damage received decreases, and the rate of damage dealt also decreases.Prefers to attack the nearest enemy flock in the same row in a 3x3 cell, or another nearby flock.Attacks the nearest enemy pack on the battlefield.
Coyotes.The flock receives a certain amount of anger to quickly use the hero’s skills, the speed of anger recovery increases, and the damage from the enemy’s skill increases.Prefers to attack the nearest enemy pack in the same row in a 3x3 cage. Or it attacks the farthest enemy pack in the next row.Attacks the enemy flock with the lowest actual health.
Jackals.The damage taken from counterattacks is significantly reduced, while the base damage taken is reduced.Prefers to attack the nearest enemy pack in the same row in a 3x3 cage. Or it attacks the enemy flock in the topmost cell.Attacks the nearest enemy pack that is in battle, then the next one.
Don’t be afraid to lose. Regardless of the outcome of the battle, each arena challenge provides ranking points, arena coins, and valuable items.

Determine your defensive formation. Before challenging other players, deploy your own defensive formation. When a player challenges you, it is the defense wolves that will represent your interests. If you get a stronger wolf, be sure to make changes to your defensive formation.

Be the best. The rank is determined depending on the number of points scored based on the results of all battles during the season. The higher the rank, the better rewards you receive for successful performances in the Arena. At the end of the season, the player ratings are reset, and you start your journey all over again. Players in the arena can achieve the following ranks:

Collect your rewards. In addition to the reward for winning a battle, you can receive gifts for completing challenges and improving your place in the final ranking. Don’t forget to receive daily rewards for successful arena battles, as they reset daily and you may miss your opportunity. 10 daily challenges will allow you to obtain valuable resources for the development of legendary heroes:

Make your purchases. For winning the battle and increasing your rating, you will receive arena coins. Use them to purchase items from a specialty store. Some goods can only be redeemed after reaching the appropriate rank. Our selection is constantly changing, so keep checking back for the resources you need.

Wolf Game: How to pass the tests?

Pass the tests. Additional in-game activities allow you to test your power level across various in-game parameters. Take tests every day, the number of attempts is unlimited, so you can prove yourself. Each test consists of 200 stages, for completing each of which you will receive a reward.

Types of tests:

  1. Hero’s Trial - the strength of the best team of heroes is tested.
  2. Wolf howl - the strength of units and learned knowledge is tested.
  3. Test of the Lord - the strength of the leader’s equipment is tested.
  4. Test of the monster - the power of monsters is tested.
  5. The last test is to test the overall strength.

How to pass the test? Choose a challenge, form a flock that will go into battle and press the Challenge button. Your task is to destroy all enemy flocks on the battlefield in 5 minutes. The final characteristics of wolves before the battle are important. Only those parameters that are tested in gaming activity will improve performance.

Buy products. As a reward for successfully completing the test, you will receive resources and test stones. The reward is provided for the first passage and daily. Exchange them for valuable goods in a specialized store. We recommend purchasing experience steles, wolf fangs and fragments of the legendary hero.

Wolf Game: Guide to developing the Wolf House

Find good builders. Find animals who are good at construction to rebuild the Wolf House. Contact the elder of the monkeys, in gratitude for driving out the hyenas, the primates will help repair and modernize the structures of the Wolf House. To increase the speed of the monkeys, increase your level of knowledge using the Tree of Knowledge.

How to improve a building? Don’t forget about the development of facilities on the territory of the Wolf House. The level of the building directly depends on its effectiveness and usefulness for you as the leader of the pack. Select an object, click on the green arrow, then make sure you have enough resources to start construction and click the Upgrade button. Wait for the work to finish or ask your allies for help.

Click on the information icon in the upper left corner of the building card to get information about the production indicators of the building at each level.

Hire workers. If you want to upgrade 2 buildings at the same time, hire another monkey. In this case, the construction queue will be increased within 2 days. When hiring workers, be sure to monitor the completion time of construction work. Ensure the continuous development of Wolf House facilities during the bonus period.

The wolf throne is the basis of the clan, which is important for the wolves; all the orders of the leader are given here. The throne symbolizes the power and glory of the Wolf House, so its level directly demonstrates your success. Upgrade it to develop command skills and increase the size of the flock, and also increase the maximum level of all buildings on the territory of the house.

Strengthen your defenses. The gate to the valley protects your home from enemy invasion. When the enemy advances, the gate blocks the troops from outside and allows the defenders to fight back. Increase the level of the object to increase the stability of the gate. If the enemy defeats the wolves of your garrison, the building will begin to burn and lose stability over time. If the gate’s strength drops to 0, the Wolf House will be moved to a random location on the map.

Build a storage room. A sufficient amount of food ensures the safety of any animal in the wild. Hyenas are always stealing supplies from wolves, so find a suitable cave to store your prey. It won’t occur to the enemy that you hid most of your supplies here. The higher the level of the storage room, the greater the volume of protected resources.

Make sure that most of the accumulated resources are protected. Otherwise, when attacked by a strong opponent, you will lose most of your savings.

Produce resources. Build all kinds of objects on the territory of the Wolf House that produce resources for the development of the wolf clan. You’ll start with one source of meat and water, then you can get stone and crystals. By increasing the strength of the wolf house, you will be able to open additional resource objects. Develop yourself and receive a constant source of necessary materials to participate in gaming activities.

Upgrade the Military Center. This building is necessary for hunting animals and making joint campaigns with allies. Improving the Military Center will increase the capacity of the marching pack, the protection of the march will reduce the damage received from enemy packs, the lethality of the march will increase the damage inflicted on non-travelling packs. Reach level 7 to unlock the auto-join hike feature.

Wolf Game: Tips for getting free resources

Log in to the game daily. Log into the game every day and win valuable prizes. Click on the gifts icon in the upper right corner, open the special section and claim your reward. This is an excellent opportunity not only to discover the legendary wolf Ace, but also to receive fragments for its development. The following daily rewards are provided:

Create a great empire. During the first 3 days of the game, the Great Wolf Empire event is activated. Your task is to increase the level of the Wolf Throne and collect rewards. The normal reward level allows you to collect standard rewards. If you want more, activate the Advanced level with a donation and claim many exclusive rewards.

Increase overall strength. The Leader of the Wolves event provides an opportunity to receive rewards for increasing the overall strength of the Wolf House. To receive the maximum reward, the strength indicator must be 10,000,000 points. As a reward, you will receive gems, boosters, resource packs, exclusive frames and Wolf House skins.

Development and construction require a lot of resources. The initial reserves will not last long, so take care of organizing a stable supply of resources by participating in all events.

Visit the meerkat merchant. During the story campaign, help the meerkat build a lair, in gratitude he will bring various goods to the Wolf House. The most valuable are wolf fragments, experience steles and berries for developing wolf skills. Use meat, water, stone and crystals to exchange and obtain goods. If necessary, buy goods with gems.

Study the store’s offers. The game store mainly contains offers for donors. Be careful, find and claim free bonuses. For example, collect chests daily in the Supply Station section, they contain meat and water. In the Daily Offers section, a free resource chest also appears every day.

Check your email. Check your incoming mail daily in the Mail tab at the bottom of the main screen. The System section receives system messages about the results of participation in various game events. Many of these emails contain rewards that must be claimed within a set time. To make sure you don’t miss anything, use the Read & Take All button in the lower left corner.

Take a wilderness course. There is a Wilderness Monument located on the grounds of the Wolf House. Here the unique history of the wild world is recorded, which is created by all users on the current game server. For successful completion of each stage, a special reward is awarded. Together with your allies, make efforts to achieve all your goals and take away the treasures.

Wilderness Course Stage.Target.Reward.
1. Wild lands.Upgrade the Wolf Throne to level 3.100 gems, 1 excellent fang, 10 elite berries, 1 construction accelerator for 60 minutes.
12,000 leaders have upgraded their throne to level 3.200 gems, 1 excellent fang, 10 elite hero fragments, 1 construction accelerator for 60 minutes.
2. Looking for food.Defeat 20 wild animals.100 gems, 1 excellent fang, 10 elite berries, 1 construction accelerator for 60 minutes.
Alliance members defeat 200 wild animals.100 gems, 1 excellent fang, 10 elite hero fragments, 1 construction accelerator for 60 minutes.
All server players together destroyed 40,000 wild animals.200 gems, 1 excellent fang, 10 elite berries, 4 learning accelerators for 15 minutes.
3. Law of fangs.The Alliance captures 1 Sacred Statue.300 gems, 2 excellent fangs, 5 epic berries, 4 healing boosters for 15 minutes.
There are 30 Sacred Statues captured in the wilderness.500 gems, 2 excellent fangs, 5 epic hero fragments, 4 healing accelerators for 15 minutes.
4. Wild warrior.Assist in the destruction of 3 elephants of level 1 or higher.300 gems, 1 excellent fang, 5 epic hero fragments, 4 healing boosters for 15 minutes.
Alliance members defeat 20 elephants.500 gems, 1 excellent fang, 5 epic berries, 4 learning accelerators for 15 minutes.
All server players together destroyed 300 elephants.300 gems, 1 excellent fang, 5 epic hero fragments, 4 healing boosters for 15 minutes.
5. The road ahead.Alliance members are building 10 fortresses.300 gems, 1 excellent fang, 5 epic berries, 4 learning accelerators for 15 minutes.
300 alliance fortresses have been built in the wilderness.500 gems, 1 excellent fang, 5 fragments of a legendary hero, 3 learning accelerators for 30 minutes.

Take part in special events. Click on the calendar icon in the top right corner and explore current events. Most of the events are related to the usual game activities, for example, like the Leader of the Wolves or the Great Wolf Empire, which we talked about above. Other events unlock new activities, such as "Against Time". Here you will need to go to a unique location and fight crowds of opponents. Earn as many points as possible to claim all the valuable rewards.

Wolf Game: Is it worth upgrading your VIP status?

Increase your VIP level. Depending on your privilege level, you receive different bonuses. The higher the VIP level, the more rewards you receive daily. To level up, earn the required number of VIP points and fill the progress bar. At the maximum VIP level 15 you will receive the following positive effects:

How to get VIP points? Open your VIP status information card every day and receive free VIP points. The more days in a row you log in, the more daily free points you will receive. For example, on day 1 you will receive 40 VIP points, on day 2 already 60. The maximum number of free daily VIP points is 200.

Cost of purchasing VIP points:

Take your free gift. Collect 1 free VIP chest every day. As you level up your privileges, you will be able to obtain more valuable items from chests. So, at VIP level 15 you will receive daily 150,000 meat and water, 112,500 stone, 45,000 crystals, 3 experience steles of 1,000 points each, 1 excellent fang, 3 fragments of a legendary hero, 3 legendary berries, a daily selective VIP chest .

Buy exclusive sets. Every time you upgrade your status, an exclusive VIP pack of the corresponding level will be unlocked. It can be purchased for real money at any time. You can only purchase each set once. From such sets you can easily get fragments of the legendary wolf and resources for the development of heroes.

Wolf Game: Guide for Donators

Check out the offers. On the main screen of the game, click on the gem or gifts icon to go to the current promotions for donors. There are many offers and they are quite diverse. Before making your choice, determine the highest priority products for yourself, analyze the profitability of the planned purchase in terms of price and positive effect for the development of the wolf clan.

Buy gems. Red gems are Wolf Game’s premium currency. With their help, you can speed up development processes and purchase goods in specialized stores. You can get gems by purchasing a set, or choose one of the offers in the gem shop:

Activate your subscription. Purchase a regular or advanced monthly card to receive a daily set of valuable resources for the development of the wolf clan. You will be given a 50% discount on your first purchase, so be sure to take advantage of this chance. After purchasing a regular monthly card, you will immediately receive 2,200 gems, and 4,600 gems when you activate an advanced card.

Get the wolves. Exclusive offers contain hero wolves, or fragments for obtaining them. Such sets of resources are a priority for purchase. For example, take advantage of the flash sale and purchase the Legendary Ace pack. You will receive fragments of the legendary wolf, experience steles, items for obtaining VIP points, an alliance chest and gems.

Take advantage of the offer of the day. Buy any of the 3 offered sets and earn activity points. With their help, fill the scale and receive 5 additional chests with fragments of the legendary hero. At the same time, you can independently choose the fragment of which hero you need.

Activate the Growth Fund. If you are actively leveling up the Wolf Throne, be sure to take advantage of the Growth Fund offer. You can get a huge amount of gems for developing an object up to level 30. Activate the Growth Fund at the beginning of the game as an incentive for development, or after reaching level 30 as a reward for your efforts.

Get supplies. In the Supplies Station section there are offers for donors to receive daily resources for the development of the wolf clan. Choose the right set for construction, gaining new knowledge, training wolves, producing resources, collecting supplies or developing heroes. The purchase activates daily receipt of the set for 7 days.

Wolf Game: Is it worth playing?

Wolf Game is an excellent strategy with elements of adventure, in which there is no excessive cruelty and bloodthirstiness. The game is suitable for both active gamers striving to reach the top of the rankings, and ordinary users who want to relax and just play a mobile game. Varied gameplay, nice design and an interesting storyline will definitely not leave you indifferent.

Pros of the game:

Cons of the game:

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