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WORDS WITH FRIENDS 2 is an Android game with a release date of 11/7/2017 from Zynga. Game genre: Word games. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Match Tips
  3. A Guide to Game Modes
  4. Walkthrough Game Events
  5. Getting Achievements
  6. Tile Style Tips
  7. Account Setup

Words With Friends 2: A Beginner’s Guide

Words With Friends 2 by Zynga. This is a sequel to the famous Word Play with Friends, which gained immense popularity on Facebook. The mobile version of WWF2 has just as many fans. Unfortunately, there is no Russian language in the game, but it is very popular in our country. On it, as on a simulator, you can hone your knowledge of English and other languages built into the game. The advantage of this type of Scrabble is that you can play it not only with other players, but also create team battles, as well as have fun with artificial intelligence. It should be noted that the AI in the game is endowed with a rich vocabulary, so you should not consider matches with a computer an easy victory.

Game start

In order to start the game, you need to click on the "plus" in the lower right corner of the screen. If you are playing with iPad in landscape mode, there will be a Create Game button on your screen at this location. After that, you will see a choice of game modes:

  1. See Who’s Playing - here you can find players who are online (or already added friends) to create a party with them.
  2. Lightning Round is a team game mode where you and randomly selected users fight an intellectual battle with a team of other gamers.
  3. Practice Mode - practice mode, that is, playing with AI.

You will be redirected to a page based on the game mode you selected. Lightning Round will take you to the lobby (pre-game window) and then directly to match and practice mode, which will help you improve your skills without affecting your stats.

After the playing field appears in front of you, you need to create a word. Any 1 letter of the word must lie on the plus tile. The following words should connect with the previously written ones.

When you come up with a word, you should tap on the "Play" button. At this moment, your opponent will receive a push notification. You will also receive messages when it’s time for your turn. There are no notifications in the "Solo Challenge" and "Lightning Round" modes.

Points accrual. Points are earned if you defeat your opponent by gaining more points than your opponent. During the match, you get points for every word, plus bonuses that are given by signed slots on the field. To compose a word, you have 7 tiles at the bottom of the window. If you use all of them, that is, write a 7 letter word, you get 35 extra points. The term for this action is called "Bingo".

It is much more difficult to do bingo at the end of the game because the board is more full than at the beginning. If you see a 6 letter word, you should try to keep those letters, especially without the S, then you can add the S at the end of the word.

Bonus cells:

In order to increase bonus points, it is recommended to form the word so as to use the maximum possible number of bonus slots.

The game ends when you have played all of your tiles or when you or your friend pass 3 times in a row. If you use all of your tiles first, you get points from your friend’s stakes added to your final score.


How to close a match? You can play several matches at the same time in different modes. In order to leave one of the rounds, you need to enter it and click on the "More" button (three white horizontal lines), click on the white flag. Then you need to select the "Resign" command.

There is one more thing, if the opponent does not make a move for a long time, the match ends automatically. For example, if the opponent does not make a move for 5 days, then on 6 the game will be closed by the system.

What words can you use in a match? Not all words that are in the dictionaries of the languages presented can be used:

Game functions (you can use them by going to the "More" menu)

  1. Store - you can buy additional options and bonuses.
  2. Dictionary is a dictionary, with its help you can find words if you have any difficulties.
  3. Tile Bag - shows the remaining bonuses.
  4. Pass - pass the move.
  5. Swap - instead of a move, you can swap unnecessary tiles.

How to improve your rating? You can see your in-game ranking by clicking on the Standings icon at the bottom of the screen.

Here you can see your current rating in total points, average score for words. And also your personal rating in relation to other players with whom you have ever competed. Points are awarded for all games you play in all languages you have played. Leadership points are updated weekly on Sunday.

Game languages:

  1. English.
  2. Spanish.
  3. Italian.
  4. Portuguese.
  5. German.
  6. French.
  7. British English.

Words With Friends 2: Match Tips

  1. Write the word on two DWs within five dots of each other at the edge of the board. This will give you more points.
  2. Writing a small word over the TW tile is better than giving it up to your opponent.
  3. You can use prefixes that change the meaning of the word. A prefix (prefix) is a small part of a word (mainly a prefix) that comes before the root and changes its lexical and grammatical meaning. For example, PACK (packaging), if you put the syllable Pre before the word, you get PREPACK (semi-finished product). This technique can be freely used in the game.
  4. PFFT, BRRR, and PSST are all valid four-letter words without vowels.
  5. The tiles remaining on your stance at the end of the game are considered against you. Therefore, you need to make sure that by the end of the match you do not have free letters (or as few as possible).
  6. There are 101 two-letter words in the game’s dictionary. You can use a dictionary to find out which words you can use. But in the dictionary there are no such words with the letter "C". Don’t forget this!
  7. To give you more options, try to put together a word with 3 vowels and 4 consonants.
  8. In some cases, it is better to use letter substitution than to write a bad word.
  9. Is there a Q that is missing its U? QAT, QANAT and SHEQEL are all valid words without the U in them.
  10. Some consonants go well with each other. For example, C and H, C and K. You should keep them together in a rack, and at the right time, make a good word on the field.
The most popular words on WWF are QI, TO, RE, IT and HE.

What is the Power of the Word? This is an estimate of your currently played word from the maximum possible score. To activate the Power of the word, you must click on the lightning icon that appears above the word.

Here you will see the power of your word. You can change your word if you think you are not satisfied with the result.

How do I play the streak? This feature works between you and another player in the current game. It does not affect your other events or progress in WWF2. In addition, the streak is for one player, so if you have multiple games with an opponent, it is still one bar.


Word of the day. It includes defining a word using Dictionary.com, in most cases there is a word in the game that is rarely found or includes letters with high scores that you can watch for future reference.

To use this feature, it must be activated. This can be done in the Profile in the Settings tab. Then you should check the box next to the Word of the Day option.


All the bonuses you have can be viewed in the game mode. They are displayed at the top of the playing field.

How do I get bonuses? Bonuses drop out randomly from mysterious boxes of various rarities.

How do I earn badges? Badges are awarded for completing a weekly challenge. All the badges you have earned can be viewed on your profile. Click on the last badge earned to see all of your rewards. You can also watch the weekly challenge here.

Discovery Carousel. The carousel will help you find new opponents with similar playstyle, friends, or abilities. The option is divided into several points:

Words With Friends 2: A Guide to Game Modes

Solo Challenge

This mode lets you play with word masters. These matches allow you to move forward and win coins and other bonuses. In order to get into this mode, you need to click on the "plus sign" in the lower right corner, and then select this game. It is necessary to defeat all the masters in a certain amount of time. You will receive great rewards for winning.

As you progress through the regime, you will meet new, strong rivals. As soon as you finish with one master, after a while the next enemy will become available to you. If you do not want to wait, then you can open the game with a new enemy immediately for coins.

If you lose, you won’t be able to use this mode for a while. But you have the opportunity to reset the waiting time for coins in order to hold a rematch. During the games, there is a chance to win mysterious boxes of various denominations.

If you do not want the masters to independently invite you to the competition, then you can cancel this function. To do this, you need to go to the Game Settings, then go to the Settings section. There is an item "Allow Solo Challenge WordMasters to start matches with me" (Allow Solo Challenge WordMasters to start matches with me), where you should move the toggle switch to the "off" state. To enable the function, you must return the toggle switch to the "on" position.

Solo Challenge Mastery

This mode is similar to Solo Challenge, only the opponents are much stronger than the previous mode. To become an expert, you must defeat the master by 3 stars. Pleasant prizes await you in this mode.

After the completion of 1 match, you will see a timer on each master (the outcome of the match is not important). You have the opportunity to skip the waiting time for coins and start the round with another opponent.

You can choose which word master to play the rematch with. You just need to go to the Solo Challenge menu to see the opponents you previously played with this week. If you defeat a specific master, you will get a higher score to earn more stars. You can get up to 3 stars from every master you play with. Each star will give you 1 mystery box. If you have an equal score with the master, then you have lost.

Lightning round

This mode is a quick real-time team match in which two teams of 5 take part against each other. After choosing this mode, you can join the game created by another gamer, or create a new one. To create it, you need to select the "Create game" function, and then select the Lightning circle mode. After a short period of time, teams will be selected.

After 1 player moves, the opposing player moves next. Each player can skip a move if he sees fit. Victory is awarded to the first team to score the required number of points. Your team’s current score will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen, and your opponents’ score in the upper right corner. A number is shown in the center - this is the number of points you need to score.

Once the lightning round game is over, you can immediately start playing another game by clicking the "Play Again" button.

Words With Friends 2: Walkthrough Game Events

Additional in-game promotions (temporary events) appear periodically in the game.

Word Wheel. This event lasts 4 days and includes 12 puzzle levels. During the mini-game, you can log in to complete 3 levels every day. You must complete 12 stages before the end of the event to win the Mystery Box. You need to swipe your finger over the letters at the bottom of the screen. Words will appear above the wheel as you write them.

One letter on the wheel can only be used once. If there are several identical letters on the wheel, then each repeat can also be applied 1 time. In order to finish writing a word, you just need to remove your finger from the screen. You can use an infinite number of tries to spell the correct word.

Duels. This event runs for 4 days. You are playing 1x1 against another player. You need to quickly write words on 3 rotating boards to score points. The first opponent to score 150 points wins. If you can’t find a word, you need to quickly switch to another board.

Thematic events. Each event challenges you to collect a certain number of event elements. The action is constantly changing the subject. Themes can include holidays (Easter egg hunt), historical events, or just quirky occasions (furry sweater party). Taking part in themed events is fun and instructive.

Daily pun . Every day, new puzzles will be available to you to solve between PvP matches. You need to write one word in a series of classic filled game boards. For completing daily rounds, you will receive rewards as soon as you complete the point scale. The scale can be seen in the event menu. Prizes are reset every 24 hours.

Daily goals. These are personalized tasks to be completed every day. You need to complete 3 goals daily. You can view missions in the "Daily Goals" menu. Each challenge is unique and adapts to the skill level of the player. For completing all 3 objectives, you will receive a mysterious box, as well as daily challenge points that will help you rise in the ranking above your opponents.

Words With Friends 2: Getting Achievements

Achievements are one way to reward players for their playstyle. Every action in the game counts as an achievement. Once you unlock a certain achievement, you will be presented with pages that fill your books. When the book is full, a new book (level) opens. Achievement points are presented as pages, and levels as books.

Your profile home page will display your current level and total page count. To view achievements, you must click on your profile. Here in the "Information" section you can see the list of achievements. Here you can select any of the categories:

  1. Everything.
  2. The words.
  3. Games.
  4. Tests.
  5. Friends.

In each section, you can see a list of achievements and their detailed information:

Each goal has a certain number of pages as a reward. You will receive a notification as soon as you reach your goal. The message will show the points you earned. To increase your achievement level, you need to periodically check the achievement tasks. When you close all the pages in the book, you will be taken to the next level.

In the collection of achievements, you can "read" books of various genres:

You can also open books of other genres if you try.

Words With Friends 2: Tile Style Tips

Tile Styles is a new feature that lets you play with dozens of different tile styles, earning materials from mysterious boxes. Once a new style is discovered, you start earning materials to complete the style, which will make a good result even more rewarding. Styles are purely aesthetic (works like decor).

In the settings under "Show Tile Style" you can enable or disable the styling of your letters. After disabling the option, you will still receive tile paint. You can see what colors you already have open in your profile in the "Inventory" tab. The current color of the letters also changes here. You cannot delete a tile style, but you can opt out of using it. Unfortunately, daily coloring of the letters is currently not possible.

In the Profile you can set your favorite color, then, when you open the secret boxes, you will have a great chance to get your favorite tone.

To collect a certain color, you first need to unlock it. This can be done by opening mysterious boxes. If your friend already has your favorite tone but you haven’t received it yet, don’t despair. You should continue to open the prizes, and one day you will get the color you need.

Words With Friends 2: Account Setup

Sign in or create an account. To register your game account in the system, you need to link it to your Facebook account or via your email.

Registration via mail or Facebook is necessary to save your data, and restore them in case of an emergency. The game also has the ability to synchronize across multiple devices. Therefore, it is important to register.

Viewing your profile. To view the profile, you just need to click on your game name (it is located at the top of the main screen). After clicking, the User page will open in front of you. Your profile window allows you to view basic game statistics:

To change your personal data, you need to tap on the "Edit" button, which is located in the upper right corner (pencil on a sheet of paper). Here you can change:

Viewing an opponent’s profile. If during the match you want to learn more about the enemy, you can click on his avatar (in the upper right corner). Then a page with its data will open. In the information you will see his nickname, first and last name, the date of his start of the game, the country from which he comes from and his gender. Perhaps you will find common topics for communication. If you scroll down the slider a little, then the statistics of its game will appear.

How do I block a user? Often, players, for whatever reason, want to limit their communication with another gamer. Since almost all matches in the game are held in PvP, the developers have provided for the possibility of blocking players. In order to block a player, you must do the following:

  1. You need to go to Settings in Profile.
  2. Then scroll down the menu items to the "Manage Block List" option under the Manage Block List section.
  3. After this action, the user blocking page will open.
  4. Here you can select the players you recently had a match with from the Select User drop-down list or enter their player name in the Enter Username box.
  5. Then you should click on the "Block user" button.

In the same menu, you can report violations of any player by simply clicking on the button with 3 bars in the upper right corner. Then a context menu will appear, where you need to select the "Report Abuse" item.

There is another way to block an unwanted gamer. You can also block opponents immediately via chat. This simply requires clicking on the chat bubble of your game board. Next, click on the button with 3 circles in the upper right corner. This button opens the Chat Options, where you need to select the "Block Player" command. Here you can also report abuse by selecting the appropriate item.

How do I change the sound? In the Profile Settings, you can enable or disable sounds by unchecking or ticking:

  1. Notification Sounds - notification sounds.
  2. Game Sounds - game sounds.
  3. Vibration - vibration.

IOS notification management:

Manage notifications on Android:

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