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Forgotten games for Android WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

FORGOTTEN GAMES FOR ANDROID is a selection of good, but unfairly forgotten games. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Gate of chaos
  2. FIFA Online 3 M by EA SPORTS
  3. The tale of five kingdoms
  4. Game Review
  5. Revolve8
  6. A3! Otome Anime Game
  7. Mes 7 maris et moi
  8. Limite Limite
  9. World Soccer King

Gate of chaos

"Gate of Chaos" is a mobile game powered by Unreal Engine 4 by Wisdom Way Development Limited, which offers you a huge open world of in-depth visual effects as well as cinematic IMAX graphics. You will experience a completely new aerial combat from any angle, a wide range of modes and intense inter-server guild wars.

There are 4 classes in the game :

Berserker is a powerful guy who fights in close combat, he has powerful hits, a high number of lives, a lot of armor. It is very easy to control, so the warrior is ideal for beginners. Can easily reach the mage, but the outcome of the battle will depend on the skills that the wizard uses.

Mage - has a small number of health points, but at the same time has a high mass damage and control over the enemy. The magician should be kept away from strong opponents at a distance of the skill’s radius of action, and should not allow opponents to approach him. But as long as a Paladin, for example, reaches you, you can easily destroy him.

The paladin is a melee fighter, he has average damage and average health points, but he is an excellent assistant, as he has the ability to heal allies and himself. It is difficult for him to resist the magicians, but he can cope with the Shadow Dancer, as he has resistance to poisons.

Shadow dancer - the class resembles a classic assassin, the fighter can easily destroy the enemy from a distance or quietly approach the enemy. In this case, the Dancer can poison the opponent with poison, which will inflict periodic damage over a certain time.

Over time, each hero has his own combat animal, which will fight along with you. The beast also needs to be pumped, since it has unique abilities at certain levels. And also pumping the animal increases the Power of the character.

The power of a character is the totality of all the characteristics of a hero, evidence of his strength and the experience of the player. According to the Power of the warrior, teams from other players are selected for joint activities, as well as enemies in the Arena. By Power, the leaders of the steep guilds determine the degree of the player’s usefulness.

How to Increase Power? To increase power, you must activate and pump the following game attributes:

  1. The character level is increased by special coins (experience points), which can be obtained for completing the story campaign, in daily gifts, in rewards for rating in the Arena, for guild wars, in achievements and for daily goals.
  2. Skills are special abilities of a character that can be used in battle.
  3. Weapons and equipment - they can also be increased in level and improved with special stones (obtained in Caves and on bosses). Weapons and equipment can be obtained for almost any game action. You can improve the rarity of equipment by fusing multiple items. But do not worry, all the attributes of the main pumped item will be transferred to the new grade.
  4. Wings are an additional attribute of warriors. Wings have their own characteristics and levels that need to be increased. At level 10 of the wings, you will unlock their properties that will help you in battle or in the daily life of a hero.
  5. Spirit - you will receive it after the first Transformation. The spirit will give you a powerful new skill, which can be placed in a separate slot on the quick panel, and pumped along with the rest of the skills. The spirit needs to increase not only the level, but also karma.
  6. Karma of the spirit - is increased by crystals of karma. Crystals can be found in the Soul Cave or received as a reward for entering daily. The higher your karma, the more likely a rare item will drop from monsters.
  7. Riding creature (horses, dragons, eagles) - each creature has its own useful abilities and characteristics, some can participate in the battle. Creatures need to increase the level and strength of affection for the master. You can pump the level with horseshoes of happiness, and affection - with special food.
  8. Pets are small creatures that rush around the map with you, add stats to your characteristics. Some take part in the battle. Their use depends on the abilities of pets. For example, a cat deals damage, and a monkey increases the mobility parameter.
  9. Costumes - do not require pumping, but you can put stones in them that affect the increase in your characteristics, and, accordingly, Power. Costume stones can be obtained from special events and daily quests. The stones are of various rarity. The higher the rarity, the more the stone affects the increase in the character’s stat.
The skill level cannot exceed the hero’s level. If the player wants to increase the power of hitting spells, it is necessary to raise the level of the champion.

Skills - each class has a set of individual abilities, which are divided into 2 types:

  1. Active skills are activated manually by the hero (when you use auto-battle) or by you. The effect of the skill depends on the level of pumping. These abilities can summon creatures to battle, impose positive effects on opponents and negative effects on opponents, simply inflict increased damage, or protect your hero (for example, the Paladin’s shield). Skills are brought to the quick access panel.
  2. Passive skills - they are not on the battle panel, but they can be activated at the start of the battle or when certain conditions are met. Basically, such abilities increase attack, defense (other indicators), restore health points (for example, when it falls below 50%), gives positive effects to your hero (for example, a magician’s shield is activated if his health after a turn is below a certain percentage) ...
We recommend entering the game for the first 7 days and completing all the proposed missions and tasks from the "7 days" quest chain. For completing quests, you will receive valuable prizes that will be useful to you in the future.

At the start, the player is invited to go through a little training. But for some reason, it goes through in automatic mode, the gamer only has to click on the buttons to move between the dialogue. Thus, running from one character to another, the hero will immediately raise 15 - 20 levels.

During the passage of various activities, you must select one or another game mode (they are selected near the player’s avatar in the upper left corner):

  1. Peace - do not damage other players. It should always be turned on while in common locations and completing Main missions.
  2. Team - you can injure all players, except for team members. Best used in activities where the team is opposing another squad.
  3. Union - the hero will inflict damage on everyone except the members of his union. This mode is turned on by many players when they go to the World Boss.
  4. All - you can inflict damage on all players without exception.
  5. Good and evil - you can injure players with a red and gray nickname.
  6. Old enemy - any player can be placed in the "Old enemies", this mode is located in the "Friends" window. In this mode, the hero will only attack enemies from this list.
  7. Union of enemies - only attacks players from the enemy union.

Tasks. All tasks are displayed on the left side of the screen. They are distributed to:

  1. The main ones are the tasks of the storyline of the game. The main task is to become a great warrior. With the completion of certain missions, new locations are opened.
  2. Daily are quests that are given every day. They run parallel to the main tasks of the game.
  3. Additional are related missions.
  4. Guild Quests - 20 guild quests are given daily, which are completed in the Union location.
  5. Collecting resources - every day you should collect a certain amount of a resource.

The task can be set on automatic passage, the hero himself will run around the map, look for characters on the task and the necessary monsters. You just have to get awards and rewind dialogues.

FIFA Online 3 M by EA SPORTS

This is a free multiplayer online soccer game (simulator) that was announced on August 13, 2012 and entered the 1st closed beta from September 20, 2012 to September 23 of the same year in South Korea. On December 18, 2012 it was released in South Korea. Korea.

The game is currently available in other countries as well. But Garena announced that FIFA Online 3 will shut down its services on June 30, 2020, which it did.

Features of the game. FIFA ONLINE 3 includes over 30 leagues with 15,000 players from around the world. Gamers can either play alone during the season or compete against other people. By playing matches, you will earn EP, which is the in-game currency used to buy athletes and items. Players can host custom matches with up to 5 players on the pitch, on their side. A transfer market for buying or selling athletes, a club system and a premium store are also available.

Game modes

Career - This is where you build and improve your super team. The passage opens up the opportunity to learn how to conduct matches in order to further participate in leagues with other players. In Career mode, you are the team’s chief manager, and on the field, you are the head coach. You not only select athletes for the team, but also define their role on the field.

To determine the role, you need to pay attention to the parameters of the players. For example, in defense it is better to put tall and powerful guys who can sweep your opponent. And fast and light guys with high endurance are suitable for the role of forwards. It is also important to know a few schemes that are most relevant in this version of the game. Schemes are described in the "Command" menu.

Stellar composition. In this game mode, you can acquire players from different teams to build your own star squad. Then you can take that team and play one-on-one games or special tournaments against the computer. This is where you train and test your core team players. Players you don’t own can be purchased with special tickets earned in Career mode.

Be Pro is a mode where the player either creates their own player or uses professional players to play for 4 seasons.

Manager mode. Part of the Career Mode. Manager mode can be played throughout the game. To become a professional requires completing tasks on a daily basis.

Most of the Manager’s Tasks include winning titles or progressing in cup competitions. Here are some of them that you may encounter:

Another important part of the manager mode is the development of our youth team. Training with young people can provide an opportunity to find real talent. The purchase and transfer of athletes from one club to another play an important role. The more successfully you perform this task, the faster you will rise to the podium.

How to buy a footballer? To buy a player, you just need to submit an offer to the club that owns that athlete. Then, if accepted, you enter into contract negotiations with the player. But the club’s management may reject the application for the following reasons:

Contract negotiation is the next step for signing a contract with a footballer. The director of the club should voice the requirements of the athlete to you (for example, the player wants with a certain level of salary). But you can ignore his demands and offer your terms of the deal. You will offer the player an annual salary and the number of years with your club, as well as an additional percentage of salary for each goal scored. If the player accepts the contract, then you will have the opportunity to sign it.

The tale of five kingdoms

This is a turn-based strategy game from Iwplay World. The game strongly resembles the good old "Heroes", in which we loved to play in the distant zero. The Japanese company has transformed the familiar turn-based battles with a vivid display of skills and unique abilities of the heroes.

The main task of the player is to collect and pump as much as possible a team of heroes who can participate in any activity, and easily defeat opponents and bosses.

You should study the features of all the heroes and monsters in the game in order to know what kind of enemy is in front of you, and what he is capable of. This will facilitate the passage of activities.

The game has a very entertaining storyline campaign, which is a pleasure to pass. There are 5 main chapters in the game - Kingdoms:

  1. The earthly kingdom.
  2. The golden kingdom.
  3. Iron Kingdom.
  4. Lost kingdom.
  5. Solar kingdom.

The campaign allows you to obtain various resources and equipment for the heroes. In addition, all suggested daily missions should be completed. Often, for the successful completion of a quest, you can receive valuable gifts. Before entering the battle, you will be taken to the start window, which will show basic information about the opponents. This information makes it possible to select the necessary characters for the battle.

System of elements. During the training, you will be told about the element system. This is important information to help you win. Every hero and monster in the game belongs to one or another element. Light and Darkness are considered neutral elements, which hit everyone with an attack power of 100%, but the damage done to each other is increased by 20%. For example, you have a warrior of Light against a hero of Darkness. They will hit each other with an attack power of 120%, but if Fire hits them, it will work with them with an attack power of 100%, and Light and Darkness on Fire will also deal 100% damage.

The situation is quite different with the other 4 elements:

  1. Water dominates Fire, and deals 120% damage to it, while Fire will only deal 80% damage.
  2. Fire dominates the Wind.
  3. The wind is higher than the Earth, and the Earth, in turn, is higher than the Water.

Here is such a cycle of elements in the game.

If you see that the opposing team consists entirely of Wind, then you should not put a squad consisting of the heroes of the Earth against it.

Heroes in the game are divided into 2 types:


Jenny Tequila is a half-elf who grew up in the city of the Earth Kingdom of Ardu. The daughter of an elven man and a human woman, Jenny was actually raised by a pair of gnomes who run the Stumbling Bulette Inn in Ardu. After her father left her at the bar as a child. Jenny is a skilled tracker, well known for slashing large beasts with her dual swords. She is rarely without her friend the Marble Leopard.

Alder Potam - He uses his stealth abilities to fight his way through combat and strike enemies undetected, and usually goes on recon missions for the party.

His curiosity and sense of humor often support his fraudulent actions against those who harm or mistreat him, his friends, or those less fortunate. Although he prefers independence, he decided to unite with his party and the rulers of the Solar and Iron kingdoms. He almost does not hesitate, drawing his blade, while his conscience tells him that this is the right thing, and gladly sneaks up on enemies to try to gain the upper hand in battle.

Rune is a gnome - a sorcerer who has been a member of the party since the beginning. His powers were drawn from his own fey bloodline, Rune enjoys the pranks and mischief that comes with his magic, although he uses his powerful magic to aid the party during intense battles.

A rune mage who specializes in illusion magic, although he also spent a lot of time mastering the art of the magic rocket. Rune’s magic missile enters and deals colossal damage. Aside from magic, Rune is proficient in the art of alchemy and is known to sometimes use a crossbow if he doesn’t have the right spell.

Sheila is a human fighter who has accompanied the party’s squad on many adventures. She is currently the captain of the Royal Guard in Stronghold, the capital of the Iron Kingdom. Her fighting nature and powerful defensive spirit have led the party through many battles, and now she is one of the main members of the conglomerate.

Sheila does not possess any supernatural abilities, but more than compensates for their combat power. A master of many fighting styles, Sheila can just as easily slay someone with sword and shield, hammer or spear. Her very presence on the battlefield strikes fear into the hearts of those who oppose her, as she tends to make her attacks violent and brutal in order to intimidate her opponents.

Martell Swenson is the priest who first met the party when they liberated the city of Dragonpoint. He is a lieutenant in the army of the Iron Kingdom, but is also known for accompanying the squad on missions from time to time. This is a strong and brave paladin, capable of inflicting massive damage on his opponents. He possesses powerful healing magic, so war is not afraid to go into battle with him.

Vampire Hunter Didi is a Dhampir priest who was briefly a party member. She is the daughter of a vampire and a human, and has dedicated her life to destroying vampires and undead. Didi is proficient with a two-handed sword and crossbow, and has the ability to channel negative energy towards an opponent through her Divine Link. She often uses this ability in combat to heal herself and harm her enemies.

Ivy is a bard who has been a party member for some time. She aided the group with her support magic, bard song, and archery prowess. However, in the end, she betrayed them at Sol Castle, as she was in fact Lamont’s double agent. Prior to that, she was well known for her lack of social prohibitions, her penchant for comedy to keep the party in the mood, and her ability to charm men and women alike. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Ivy is a skilled bard, able to use her song and comedy to step in and support allies and distract opponents. She can also channel a melody into a magical ability. She uses the magic of secrets, and the power of her voice.

Demondrad is a Tiefling war priest who joined the party when they were briefly in Feywild. He fights mainly with his shield and the broken blade of the greatsword, which he infuses with his divine power. He helped the party to get out of Feywild, and accompanied them along the way to stop Lamont. His weapon is a sentient sword that carries with it the souls of all his fallen comrades.

Garena RoV: Game Review

Garena RoV is the official version of the game Arena of Valor on the Thai server. Literally RoV - Realm of Valor (Kingdom of Valor), this is the name the game had before the official world release of 2017. Why didn’t they change the name in Thailand? It’s simple, it was one of the first countries where the game was officially launched for rental, so the locals did not want to change the usual name.

Garena RoV is a game with high-quality graphics and a high level of optimization of the gameplay, also has clear intuitive controls.

Positioning secrets

The shooter is a fragile (thin) character, a ranged fighter. Therefore, he should not rush around the map alone. It is best to take with you a hardened warrior - defender (tank). The tank takes damage (enemy, towers, monsters), and the shooter inflicts damage on the enemy with high damage. You should carefully move through the forest (jungle), do not climb into one under the tower.

In a team fight, the shooter needs to stay slightly away from the fight. It is worth standing so as to reach the enemies, but not on the first line. You must shoot right after the first dash of opponents to your team. Not earlier! Otherwise, all skills and damage will fly at you, and you will fly to the base.

Mages - in fact, everything that has been said about shooters applies to mages. These are fragile heroes with huge massive damage, but with flimsy health. They need to shoot in a massive battle, a little earlier than the shooters. Very little. At the moment of the opponent’s dash. But there are several mages who fight in close combat (for example, Razz), therefore, before the battle, it is necessary to check the strengths and weaknesses of the character.

Warriors and assassins are the fastest and most agile heroes. They have enough power to kill a couple of enemies at the same time. But there is also a significant disadvantage - they have few health points. Therefore, it is not recommended for them to fly into the thick of a mass brawl. They often have abilities that hit at a distance, it should be used when group mixing. Assassins can provoke the enemy into a fight. This is necessary in order to attack the opponents with the whole team.

Also, soldiers are recommended, in case of massive fights, to wait while opponents use their skills. At this moment, hit the enemy with your massive skills. But up to this point, the enemies should not know that you are near them.

Protecting weaker companions is also an important task for assassins. Why? It’s just that some assassins don’t have good maneuverability.

Tanks are the fattest heroes in health and armor. They are called upon to take the main damage on themselves. Protect your team from persistent and arrogant opponents. Tanks must become a father to the team. Folders cannot afford to offend their children. On the contrary, if the batch did not go according to your team’s plan, it is necessary to ensure the retreat of thin characters to your towers. They will cope with monsters without you (allows high damage). And you must keep your opponents to the last. In a mass mess, it is important to watch the enemy, and fight with the intention to help the kids in time. Actually, this is the main mission of the tanks.

Best lane heroes

Best bottom lane heroes

character ’s nameClassStrengths
Qi (Qi)Warrior - tankMobility, management
Allain (Alain)Warrior AssassinMobility
Florentino (Florentino)Warrior AssassinMobility, damage
Veres (Veres)Warrior AssassinMobility, damage, support
RiktorWarriorDamage, mobility

Top Lane Heroes (Dragon Lane)

character ’s nameClassStrengths
Joker (Joker)ShooterMovement speed, damage
VioletShooterMobility, it is better to put it on finishing off opponents
Slimz (Slims)ShooterMobility, huge area damage due to the launcher
Capheny (Kafini)ShooterHigh mobility, practice required, high damage
HayateShooterMovement speed, it is better to put it on finishing off opponents

Best mid lane heroes

character ’s nameClassStrengths
KrixiMagicianAoE Damage, Control
Raz (Razz)The magician is the killerMelee fighter, mobility, defense
Zata (Zata)The magician is the killerMobility, damage, protection
Ingis (Ingis)MagicianAoE Damage, Healer
Lorion (Lorion)MagicianControl, control, launcher

Best heroes for the jungle

character ’s nameClassStrengths
Paine (Pine)The killer is a magicianMobility, control, massive melee damage
Wonder WomanWarriorManagement, damage
KriknakAssassin WarriorMobility, control
Eva (Eve)The killer is a magicianMobility, healer
Ryoma (Rema)Warrior AssassinHigh travel speed, support
Butterfly (Butterfly)KillerMobility, it is better to put it on finishing off opponents

The best heroes for bundles (can be paired with other characters, depending on positioning)

character ’s nameClassStrengths
KrizzixSupportManagement, mobility, positive effects
MolochTankProtection, vitality
Omega (Omega)TankManagement, mobility
TeeMeeSupport - tankManagement, positive and negative effects
ZipSupport - tankMobility, control


It was released on February 5, 2019. Genre - MMORPG (strategy) by Sega Corporation. The game is quite colorful and interesting, but unfortunately, it did not receive the necessary popularity, so the project was closed on October 25, 2019. There is some good news. For anime lovers, BlueStacks emulator gives you the opportunity to play Revolve8 on your computer.

The best heroes of the game

character ’s nameDescription
AladdinA long-range attacker who can fire his flashlight at anything, even aerial vehicles
BearA guard with low cost and enough stamina to protect his allies in most situations
CinderellaCharges a device that approaches an enemy tower to attack
ClaraA versatile warrior with a high attack and a huge amount of health. This girl controls a large robot
EmperorWith his steel muscles, he is the perfect defender to fight powerfully on the front lines.
Fairy GodmotherSupports all with a high attack range so powerful it can knock enemies back
KarenA guard who protects his allies by distracting many enemies with his massive attacks
Little Match GirlShooter, attacks enemy towers from afar with matches, which fires at high speed
MomotaroA well-balanced striker who cuts his way through any situation
Monkey KingAttacks the enemy and spawns clones that have a massive attack, but few health points
OtohimeThis is a support card, it releases smoke from the box, in which the enemy cannot see your cards, and the enemy’s heroes slow down
RapunzelControls a launcher that fires powerful projectiles. But the projectiles take the health points of your tower to attack. Therefore, anyhow, this card is not recommended to use
Red Riding HoodDestroys minions spawned by the enemy (no matter which card sent the assistants into battle)

Battle Rules - you have several open and pre-selected 8 cards in your hand. On the field, 2 towers are located opposite each other. The player’s task is to shoot or capture the enemy’s skyscraper. You will have 3 minutes to defeat your opponent. You need to assemble a team of 8 cards, which can include magic and a hero. Heroes are put on the field and run across it until they die. Spells can be cast 1 time per turn.

It is important to properly balance the composition of the deck so that heroes and magic complement each other. This requires knowing all your cards, their features and abilities.

Best spells

Name of magicDescription
Bean DropDeals damage and stuns enemies in the area of effect
Flying trunkWell balanced magic with wide range and high damage
Giant turnipMagic with a small area of effect, has high damage
Poison AppleDeals damage to enemies in the selected area
Star moneyMagic with a very wide range, good for killing monsters
Loud drumsDeals area damage, and stuns 3 enemies with the highest health points

In addition to heroes and spells, you can take cards with towers into battle, but you can use these cards 1 time per match. Towers are placed on the field to defend their base or to defend an enemy structure.

The best towers

Name of magicDescription
BeehiveSends honey bees to the opponent, insects attack from above (have deadly stings, but few health points)
Explosive SolutionHas the highest attack range, falling to the ground, projectiles deal high damage in area
Card LockReduces the recharge time of the appearance of cards - heroes in your hand (while heroes are on the battlefield, their cards in the player’s hand are not active)
Mysterious FireCreates a blast wave, spawning shreds of fire
Ogre HutCan be used offensively or defensively, the building spawns blue ogres. Ogres can attack even aerial targets
Ray BeamEmits a beam that the longer it hits one enemy, the more damage it deals with each second
Wannabe CannonA simple cannon that can be used in most situations
It is best to select a team composition that can withstand ground and air targets.

Characteristics of the cards:

  1. L.S. - personal strength, a parameter by which the total power of the card is determined.
  2. Damage is the damage that a card or minion deals to the enemy.
  3. DMG is the amount of damage that is dealt to the enemy per second.
  4. Deployment area - the place where it is recommended to install the map on the field.
  5. The area of attack is the area within the radius of which damage will be applied to enemies. In other words, a massive attack.
  6. Attack speed - how many times the card will fire shots per second.
  7. The target is a ground or air object that the card can deal damage to.

During the battle, you must often pay attention to the strength of the opponent’s structure. At some points, she is most vulnerable. It is at these moments that you need to use the most powerful warriors from the deck.

A3! Otome Anime Game

This game is a simulation of the actors’ daily life. The product belongs to the CYBIRD company. Very popular in Japan. If you want to complete this bright game with interesting stories, then we recommend playing it on your computer. Why is it better to play through an emulator? The game is not translated into Russian, and BlueStacks has a built-in translator. One has only to press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + L, and the translation will appear on the screen. Convenient, isn’t it?

The game is based on the Japanese comics of the same name. You are a former actor who, in an unexpected turn of events, becomes the director of a theater company. This is a plus! But the fact that the troupe is breathing in an incense is a minus! You have to find fresh new faces to bring Mankai back to its original glory, but here’s the catch - you only have 1 year and 4 shows to do it! Now the fate of this theater is in your hands!

Main activities

The storyline is the main events in the game, in order to succeed, you need to complete the entire campaign. The plot consists of 10 chapters, which include several episodes. Before each stage of the story, a short description is given. If you read it carefully, you can find clues that will come in handy during the passage of the story.

As you progress through Chapter 1, you need to earn as much experience as possible in order to unlock Chapter 2. To do this, you must complete all the main and additional tasks. Each chapter can only be unlocked upon reaching a certain amount of experience.

For the completed stages, you will receive 2 gems each, which will help your theater to survive. But there is no point in buying amplifiers or food, it is better to spend stones on training actors or signing contracts with new talents.

Event history is missions that run parallel to the main campaign. This is where you earn prestige points, which are needed to earn expensive performance contracts. For showing performances on large stages, it makes it possible to earn more prestige and experience points for completing the campaign.

The stories run in chronological order and appear after the end of the campaign chapter. But some adventures can appear unexpectedly, for example, if you have fulfilled the conditions for unlocking a story.

Behind the Scenes Stories are short stories about your actors’ daily lives. These stories open at the moment when the affection of a particular card increases. It is recommended to go through them, as you improve relations with your troupe, and from this the theatergoers serve you better.


Troupe events - revolve around the piece you are putting on. They are not related to the storyline. You should complete this promotion as successfully as possible in order to receive rewards and open new chapters of the event. This event appears in the Respawn menu. Identical event - Season, takes place at a different time, after the end of the troupe’s events.

How do I get involved? Events are available via the events button on the playback tab or directly via the home page slider. If there is no current event at the moment, then the button will be grayed out and you will not be allowed to click on the page. The event takes place monthly and lasts 10 days.

Improvisation is significantly different from the usual type of game activities. During impromptu events, you should collect as many tips as possible in order to receive awards and chapters of stock history. In the event, you will participate in a battle against another player.

Rebirth is the chances of completing past events that you missed. During the Renaissance events, you must select the previous event from the list provided in order to complete it one by one per day. Special events such as campaigns, commemorative events or joint promotions will not be available. Awakening events are spontaneous and do not follow any fixed interval.

Campaigns are special events where players have the chance to unlock new episode chapters earlier and without increasing ratings. Players will gain experience to unlock adventures and other rewards. Prerequisites - users had to unlock the previous episode by the beginning of the event, and be at least 55 rank.

Anniversary Events are special events dedicated to the game’s anniversaries. Each anniversary event is different from the others, including ranking prizes and event prizes. Earn event points by doing shows to get prizes, the more you get, the better the prizes.


A3 is a collection game in which players collect cards (actors). Players can form their own team of 6 cards, which can be used in rehearsals, in shows and theaters, as well as earn cash (game currency) with their help. Each card has its own attribute and rarity. As well as leading skill and talent skill. Maps are sorted by troupe and cast.

Maps can be obtained mainly through auditions or during events, but rehearsals and shows can also provide the occasional chance of getting multiple actors. To raise the statistics of the card, players can do rehearsals. The level of cards can also be increased by completing tasks, as well as from using the card in the show, however this is a slow process.

Each card has its own level of affection (heart) depending on the rarity of the card, which can be increased through rehearsals. A behind-the-scenes story will be revealed for every full heart.

Mes 7 maris et moi

Literally the game is translated "Me and my 7 husbands." The product is provided by the Japanese company Arismatic. The game is a simulator of everyday life with a Japanese flavor. Do you want to have 7 rich husbands at the same time? Then you should play this game. Due to the many explicit scenes, the product is not recommended for people under 18.

History. You play as an ordinary girl, go to work, relax with your friends. But one day you wake up in a huge beautiful mansion with many corridors, rooms, halls. Then you will find out that you have 7 rich husbands who have chosen you so that you can reward them with an heir. After that, your life as an ordinary designer changes, and you plunge into a maelstrom of sexual events.

The main condition is to choose a new partner every night. You can’t sleep with the same guy for 2 nights in a row!

"The Diary of Your Husband and His Wife" - here you go through a story parallel to the main plot. The developers have implemented this task as a test for the production of a new simulator. Depending on how you advance in your career, you will receive a special message from your husband and a new story.

5 Diary tickets will be available to you every day to complete 5 stories. How successfully you complete all tasks, you can get additional tickets.

Several tasks are required in the game every day:

Makeup - you need to do your makeup according to the upcoming event. The more your partner likes you, the more love points you get. The development of the story and the choice of answers or actions that periodically appear on the screen depend on the points.

Image - like makeup, you need to choose the appropriate image. For example, your partner asks you out on a date at a fancy restaurant or out hunting. What do you choose? Fortunately, the choice of dresses, jewelry and accessories is huge.

If your husband likes you, you will have access to a special romantic scenario. Perhaps get multiple daily goals depending on your husband’s attachment level.

Promotions. Periodically, the game gives the opportunity to participate in special temporary events. For example, these might be unpublished scripts. In promotions, you can win rare wardrobe items or a new look for the main character. There are events in which you can vote for your beloved spouse, after which a new branch of the storyline with him will become available to you.

It is recommended to remember the dates of birth of your spouses, as a temporary event related to the birthday person starts on their birthday.


Why did we give such information about the heroes? It’s that simple! In some tasks and along the storyline, he will periodically ask tricky questions about some of the characteristics of the characters, the answers to which lie in the parameters we have given.

Limite Limite

This is an unusual game for us, which has been played for many years in Europe at family holidays. It should be noted right away that the game does not have many languages, but if you are fluent in any European language, then you can try to fight with other players.

Producer DLDprod recommends playing with your friends, as some citizens may not understand humor and take offense at you. To do this, the game provides the function "Play with friends", you can invite your real friends to the party through social networks.

Rules of the game:

Game modes:

  1. Limit Limit - Normal mode, played from 3 to 10 players.
  2. Limit limit limit - exclusive cards, there is no limit on the number of participants.
  3. Gold - to 300 main maps, several more exclusive ones have been added. There is no limit on the number of participants.
  4. For children - the same rules as in the usual mode, but without vulgarity.
  5. Court - the rules of the game resemble the Mafia, that is, you need to find 1 criminal and 1 judge from the participants. The rest of the players are civilians who must throw out cards with hints to the question so that the next player can answer it through associations.
  6. Moonshine - from 2 to 8 participants, game with associations of alcoholic drinks. It is not recommended to gamble with desire or drink. From the game you can learn a lot about drinking etiquette and about different types of alcoholic beverages.
  7. Country - you need to create funny memes for the drop-down pictures. Participates from 3 to 10 persons.

It is worth noting that the game has a very peculiar European humor. Not recommended for persons under 18 years of age, pregnant women and the faint of heart. Also, the developers claim that some cards can offend the participants, but this does not mean at all that you are humiliated or called to racism. The cards are completely neutral, and the company treats any person with tolerance and understanding. But humor, there is humor, albeit black!

World Soccer King

World Soccer King is a sports simulator from Turbo Dreamers Free 3D Games. You have to assemble your soccer team and fight other players in real time for a higher position in the ladder. Tactics and speed of thinking are important in the game, since they will lead to victory and more valuable rewards.

Gathering the team. Each footballer has his own card, which indicates his indicators: strength, speed, accuracy, endurance, fitness and general. It is worth paying attention to individual characteristics, since the final strength of the team depends on them. Under the character’s image, his level is indicated, which can be increased for a certain number of cards of this player and coins. The higher the level of each of the team members, the more chances the player has for high positions in the ladder. The set of football players is constantly replenished due to victories and the opening of capsules. The player determines the line-up and assigns the positions to the players.

Match . The player is selected an opponent who may be a person from anywhere in the world. The throwing team is randomly selected. The move is made as follows: the player sets the direction and strength of the ball throw, and then releases his finger. Thus, the players give each other a pass or score a goal. Depending on the speed of reaction and tactics, attacks can be successful or transfer the move to the enemy. After passing the ball, the players do not move for a few moments, the rest of the time they act in an arbitrary way. There are no fouls and offsides in the game, so no sanctions can be expected from the referee. The gameplay is not divided into halves.

The outcome of the match . The match lasts exactly 3 minutes, you can keep track of the time thanks to the timer at the top of the screen. After the game ends, its total is summed up by the number of goals scored into the opponent’s goal. Three situations are possible, just like in regular football: win, defeat and draw. Upon victory, the player receives a certain amount of coins, a capsule of some kind and an increase in the rating. The defeat entails a decrease in the rating. Having played a draw, both players receive a reward in the form of a small amount of coins. An increase or decrease in the rating is displayed in the window that appears, so the player knows where he is in a particular league. At the end of the match, you can offer your opponent a rematch or return to the main screen.

Rating. Each player in terms of the number of victories won, games in a draw and accepted defeats occupies some place in the world ranking. Its position means a place in the TOP of all users of the game. In addition, each player earns a rating and rank in their own league, depending on the level of the game and experience. For example, a starter league is a "rookie". Having risen to the leading positions in it, the player moves to the next league, and so on.

Stadiums. The game features several playable stadiums. They open sequentially when the required number of victories is achieved. The value that will be added to or subtracted from the player’s rating after each match depends on the stadium. Thus, sorting takes place: stronger players face worthy opponents, and the game does not force weak players to lose to those who have pumped up skills and a team.

In-game currency. This includes coins and gems. The player earns coins by winning opponents and opening capsules. You can spend them on improving your team’s players and getting in shape. Gems can be obtained by purchasing with real money. They can be used to buy football players’ cards, uniforms for them, capsules and coins. Also, when using them, you can not wait for the opening of the capsule in time, but get a reward immediately.

Capsules... They are of various types, from ordinary to diamond. In accordance with the increase in their value, the awards contained in them also improve: more coins, cards of stronger players. The player receives a capsule either by winning the match, or by purchasing with gems or real money. Also on the main screen, at the top of it, you can see that you can also get a capsule if certain conditions are met. For example, the usual one - when the timer is reset, the triumphal one - when a certain number of victories are reached. Upon receipt of the capsule, a timer starts, after which it will open. You can speed up this process by paying for gems (instant opening of the capsule) or by watching a commercial (the waiting time is reduced by 5 minutes). It is important to note,that if the remaining time on the timer is less than five minutes, rewinding it with the help of advertising will no longer work.

Donate. For real money, you can get gems, sets of capsules and drinks that improve the performance of the team. In this way, developers can be supported. However, this is not a prerequisite for advancement in the ladder. Investments of money only determine the pace of development of the player’s team.

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