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Zombie Shop WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Zombie Shop: Simulation Game is an addictive simulation game from Crazy Panda Limited where you manage your own store in a zombie apocalypse. You have to build and develop a store, providing it with the necessary goods and services for zombie clients. You will create unique items to attract new customers, expand your product range and improve your business. Moreover, you will have to fight for survival in the dangerous world of zombies by protecting your store from attacks and improving your survival skills.


  1. Game Tips
  2. Guide for New Players
  3. Shop Secrets
  4. How to trade effectively?
  5. Guide to activities in the game
  6. Is it worth playing?

Zombie Shop: Game Tips

1. Constantly develop your store. Continuous development of your store is the key to success in today’s market world. Invest in improving the appearance and equipment of the store, expanding the range of products based on the needs of your target audience, and improving the level of service to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for customers. Constantly updating and improving your business will help you attract more customers.

2. Create unique items. Unleash your creativity. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of materials and original recipes to create unique and eye-catching products that can interest even the most demanding customers and make your store stand out from the crowd.

3. Manage your resources effectively. Regularly monitor product inventory levels, strictly control budgetary costs, and ensure constant and even replenishment of assortment to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain high productivity of your store.

4. Explore new opportunities and strategies. Grow your knowledge and skills by exploring new opportunities and strategies in store management. Experiment with different techniques and approaches, find innovative ways to attract clients, and expand your business. Be open to new ideas and ready for constant change to remain competitive and successful in the market.

5. Learn new recipes. The more items of a certain type you create, the faster new opportunities for creating unique goods open up. So focus on specific product categories to expand your product offerings and increase your profitability. Delve into new drawings and manufacturing techniques to become a successful entrepreneur in this dynamic field.

6. Improve city buildings. Steadily develop the infrastructure of your city by investing in improving buildings and building new facilities. Improving the efficiency and functionality of buildings is key to success in the game. For example, upgrading a tannery will increase its productivity, which will lead to an increase in the flow of resources and improve the economic situation of your town. Don’t forget to upgrade your buildings and explore new opportunities to optimize processes in the city.

7. Train the craftsmen. Develop the skills of your craftsmen as they play a key role in creating your products. The level of the master directly affects his productivity and the speed of completing tasks. Invest your resources in increasing craftsman levels to increase the quality and quantity of goods created, as well as improve production processes and reduce production times. Trained and experienced craftsmen can bring you more profit and help develop your business in the city.

8. Constantly send heroes on forays for supplies. Use the opportunity to send your heroes on forays for supplies as often as possible. Traveling to unknown places allows your heroes to obtain unique resources that are necessary to create better equipment and improve your town. Regular forays will help you get not only valuable resources, but also new experience for your heroes, which will increase their skills and efficiency in battles.

9. Upgrade your heroes. Upgrading your heroes is a key aspect of successfully managing your town. Invest in upgrading your heroes’ skills and equipment to make them more effective on supply runs and road patrols. More experienced and well-equipped heroes will be able to extract more resources, protect your town from enemies and cope with tasks more successfully. Constantly monitor the development of your heroes and try to provide them with everything they need to successfully complete tasks.

10. Watch the road around the city. Patrolling the road around the city and fighting zombies is a great way to keep your city safe and get extra resources. Assign experienced and well-equipped heroes to patrol the road so that they can effectively protect your city from threats and collect valuable resources from beaten zombies. Constantly monitor the results of patrols, help your heroes overcome obstacles and develop their skills so that they can complete tasks more successfully.

We hope these tips will help you understand the game faster and have more fun while playing.

Zombie Shop: Guide for New Players

Game features. In the game "Zombie Shop" you will find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world where survivors fight for their survival in an environment filled with zombies and chaos. Your character owns a special estate, which he decided to turn into a store offering the surviving residents a variety of goods and services necessary to combat the zombie threat and everyday existence.

Buy, sell, trade and exchange resources with other survivors to create a thriving business in this dangerous world. Your store will serve not only as a source of income, but also as a shelter from the dangers that await you outside its walls.

You can hire heroes and send them on dangerous expeditions for loot, expanding your reserves and increasing the level of store protection. Don’t forget about improvements and upgrades to your business to attract more customers and protect yourself from hostile attacks.

Creating your character. Zombie Shop offers players the unique opportunity to create and customize their character when they first log into the game. You can choose the gender of your character - male or female, set his appearance, choose clothes from the available options and give him a unique name.

When creating a character, you will be able to choose from different appearance options, such as hairstyle, skin color, face shape, etc. You will also be asked to choose from a variety of outfits that match the post-apocalyptic theme of the game.

Later, as you progress through the game and complete certain tasks, you will unlock new character customization items such as different hairstyles, accessories, tattoos, and other additions that will help you make your character even more unique and personalized.

Additionally, the game offers the ability to purchase an expanded set of character customization items using in-game currency or real money to create the perfect hero for your adventure in the dangerous world of Zombie Shop.

You will be able to see your character behind the store counter. Therefore, your hero will always be in front of your eyes.

The main currency is dollars. The main currency in the Zombie Shop game is dollars, which play a key role in improving your city, hiring craftsmen, purchasing various furniture, counters and other necessary items. Therefore, earning dollars is one of the main tasks in the game.

Receiving dollars. To earn dollars in the game, you should sell products that you have created in your store. Each item has its own unique price, and the more rare and sought-after your item is, the more profit you will make from selling it. As a seasoned entrepreneur, you will need to study the market and identify profitable products that will benefit you the most.

In addition, dollars can be obtained in the game as rewards for completing various tasks and participating in unique events. Be prepared for various challenges and opportunities that will help you earn additional funds to develop your zombie store and make your business even more successful.

You need to constantly earn dollars, so the game revolves around making the necessary profits to grow your business.

Gold coins play a particularly important role in the world of Zombie Shop, providing players with unique abilities and advantages. This valuable resource allows you to instantly create items, make instant upgrades and store expansions, and also unlocks many other game options and bonuses.

However, it should be noted that gold is a rare and valuable resource that is not easily obtained through normal gameplay. Players must be prepared to put in extra effort and strategic skill to earn and maintain this valuable resource. Skillful management and tactical planning will help players use gold most efficiently and effectively in their construction and development.

Manage your gold carefully to get maximum benefits and advantages in this exciting world of zombie store.

How to get gold? In order to successfully earn gold in the game, players should actively apply various strategies and methods. Here are some basic ways to get gold in the game:

Character energy. It’s important to note that your character’s energy plays a key role in the success of your store. Accumulating and effectively using this resource can significantly affect your success in the game. With energy, you will be able to sell items faster, speed up the process of making goods, and accept more customers.

The uniqueness of your store and the variety of interior items directly affect the hero’s overall energy supply. Therefore, do not forget about decorating and decorating your store to ensure that you have a larger supply of this important resource.

Play smart, build an efficient farm and upgrade your store to reach new heights in the game.

Zombie Shop: Shop Secrets

Your store and its features. An important part of the gameplay is your own store and its unique features. Here you can fully control all aspects of the business: manage the store, improve it, build new sections and various store areas. All these actions are aimed at developing your business and increasing profits.

Gradually improving your store will allow you to create a cozy and attractive place for customers, which will lead to increased sales and more visitors. Over time, as your store develops, you will have access to expanding its area and the opportunity to manage a truly large retail establishment.

Consider customer needs, keep up with the latest fashion trends and plan strategically to succeed in the world of post-apocalyptic trading.

Store visitors. Visitors play a key role in growing your business. You will have different visitors coming to you with their own unique needs and preferences. They can purchase goods that you have created and also offer trade for better prices. It is important to show hospitality and the ability to find a common language with each client in order to satisfy his requests and convince him to make a purchase.

If a visitor does not find the desired product in your store, then the likelihood that he will leave without making a purchase increases significantly. Therefore, it is important to always have a stock of varied and relevant items in stock.

In order not to miss the opportunity to generate revenue and retain customers. Constantly updating your products will help you attract new customers, retain loyal customers, and increase the overall level of satisfaction of your store visitors.

Inventory . It is important for effectively managing your business. It is a repository of all crafted items, equipment, weapons and other resources that you have purchased or created. Therefore, by going into inventory, you have the ability to monitor your current inventory and manage it wisely.

In addition, the inventory is a place where you can track the discovery of new blueprints, upgrades, and other interesting features. It contains a lot of useful information that will help you make informed decisions and grow your business in the right direction.

Be mindful of the contents of your inventory and use it as a tool to reach new heights in your enterprise.

Inventory limitation is one of the important aspects of the game that requires players to think strategically and plan. You can only store a limited number of crafted items in your inventory, which can become an obstacle to your development.

To increase your inventory capacity, you need to place chests in your store. These chests will serve as additional storage for resources and items, allowing you to keep more goods on hand. In addition, chests can be upgraded, which increases their capacity and opens up new opportunities for storing a variety of items.

Use strategic placement of chests in your store to optimize storage and resource management. By investing time and effort into improving your inventory capacity, you will be able to manage your business more efficiently and achieve new successes in the game.

Component storage. It is an important section of your inventory, where you will find a section dedicated specifically to storing various components and materials. Unlike the main inventory, there are no restrictions on the number of items you can store, making this an ideal place to store a variety of unique resources.

However, it is worth remembering that some components in the repository may have their own quantity limits. Therefore, it is important to carefully monitor inventory and replenish it when necessary to ensure smooth production and creation of goods.

Unique Item Storage is a key subsection of your inventory, designed to store a variety of unique resources and items that do not fit into regular storage. Here you will find a place for game currency, supplies of blueprints, maps, training books and other valuable items that the game highlights as special and important.

A special feature of this section is the absence of capacity restrictions. This means you can store as many unique items here as you need without worrying about possible limitations. This is the perfect place to store all the valuable and rare items you have accumulated while playing.

Using the Unique Item Storage, you can easily keep track of your in-game currency, blueprint collection, important cards, and other key items that can serve you well in the game.

Thanks to this section, you will always know where your valuables are and manage them with ease.

Special Crate Inventory is an important subsection of your general inventory designed specifically to store reward crates. In this section, you can not only conveniently store and track the number of boxes, but also evaluate their quality and contents.

Each reward box can represent valuable items, resources, unique items, or other well-deserved rewards that you have received in the game. A box inventory allows you to not only efficiently organize and manage your trophy collection, but also to quickly find the box you need when you need it.

Keeping track of the quality of the boxes will allow you to evaluate their value and decide when is the best time to use them to get the most benefit.

Change of store. The ability to change the appearance of the store is an amazing and exciting aspect of the gameplay. Players are given the opportunity to customize and customize the store to suit their unique style and preferences. This includes a wide range of customization sections, allowing you to change the interior of your store down to the smallest detail.

The ability to customize the appearance of a store not only adds depth and creativity to gameplay, but also allows players to redefine their space and enjoy a unique customization experience that highlights their personal taste and style.

What is prestige? Prestige in a gaming context usually refers to an indicator of status, respect, or influence. In the case of a store, prestige can be considered as an indicator of its attractiveness, reputation and success. Gaining the prestige of a store usually occurs by purchasing and installing expensive, rare or unique furniture in its interior.

The more valuable and rare furniture you have in your store, the more prestige you can accumulate. Prestige plays an important role in store development, as it is often required to expand business, unlock new opportunities, or complete certain tasks and missions in the game.

Increasing the store’s prestige can be a goal for players as it can help them attract more customers, increase profits, and create a unique environment for virtual visitors. Thus, the development and customization of a store using expensive and exclusive furniture becomes a key element of the gameplay, contributing to the achievement of success and well-being in a virtual business.

When purchasing furniture with gold, you will be able to gain more prestige. Therefore, if you urgently need to raise your prestige, then turn your attention to such items.

Section for installing counters and stands for sale. Setting up counters and stands for sale is an important aspect in the game. You can effectively trade your goods by placing them on special counters and stands in your store. For example, to sell clothing, you will need to install a mannequin at the appropriate stand. Visitors will be able to approach the mannequin, evaluate the item and, if they like it, make a purchase.

However, it is important to be mindful of the layout of counters and displays in your store. All elements must be placed within reach of visitors so that they can easily access the products. If the counter or stand is located in an inaccessible location, the visitor may not notice the products or not reach them, which can lead to missed sales opportunities.

Carefully plan the layout of counters and stands in your store, taking into account the flow of visitors and optimizing the path from the entrance to the various products. This way you can increase your sales efficiency.

Restocking plays an important role in the game, as the availability of goods at your stands and counters depends on it. If the store is missing items and equipment, then visitors will see empty stands, which can lead to a decrease in sales.

In order to constantly supply your store with goods, you need to place orders from craftsmen and make the necessary items. This will allow you to maintain stocks of goods on your shelves and stands, attract more customers and increase revenue.

Constant replenishment of inventory will also allow you to diversify your product range, attract new customers and meet the needs of current customers.

The placement of furniture in your store in the game plays an important role not only in aesthetic terms, but also in attracting visitors and increasing sales. By purchasing and placing furniture in empty, accessible spaces, you create a cozy atmosphere, which helps attract customers and increase their time in the store.

Some pieces of furniture can bring extra energy if they spark interest and appeal to visitors. Therefore, it is important not only to place furniture in accessible places, but also to strategically place it for the convenience of visitors. Try not to place items far from each other so that visitors can comfortably explore the interior and enjoy their shopping experience.

Limits on the number of items in your store in the game are an important aspect that requires strategic planning and resource management. The presence of restrictions on the number of items of the same type, such as stands, mannequins, chests and others, creates a challenge for the player and requires making appropriate decisions.

In order to increase the number of certain items in your store, you need to expand it by purchasing additional space. Expanding your store will allow you to increase the number of stands, mannequins, chests and other furniture, which in turn will increase the efficiency of your business and improve the overall gaming situation.

When faced with item limitations, try to strategically plan the use of available space and resources to effectively utilize the available opportunities.

Exterior renovations in the game provide players with the opportunity to change the look and design of their store, making it more attractive and unique. The external renovation process usually includes the following steps:

To purchase certain types of finishes or decorative elements, the player may need additional resources, such as dollars, gold, or participation in unique events.

Expanding your in-game store is a key aspect of growing your business and enriching your gaming experience. By increasing the total area of ​​your store, you are able to stock more items, attract more visitors, and increase your store’s turnover.

To expand the store, you need to have a sufficient amount of dollars or gold, which can be earned during the game or through purchases for real money. In addition, access to the store expansion option will be unlocked at certain character levels, highlighting the importance of leveling up and developing your character in the game.

Don’t forget that expanding your store will take time to complete. Plan ahead to take into account not only the resources available, but also the time required to complete the store expansion.

Moving the already installed items in your store in the game gives you the opportunity to create a unique and attractive interior design that will attract more visitors and increase their satisfaction levels.

To move an already installed item, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the item you want to move and hold it for a while.
  2. After this, the item moving menu will appear, where you can select the move option.
  3. Drag an item to the desired location in your store and release it to be installed in a new location.

This way, you can easily and quickly rearrange items in your store, creating a comfortable and attractive environment for your visitors. This will help improve the overall gaming experience and make your store more attractive and successful in the gaming world.

Zombie Shop: How to trade effectively?

Trade in a store. In the game, trading is a key aspect of the gameplay, allowing the player to interact with store visitors, satisfy their needs and earn profit. During the trading process, the player is faced with a variety of buyer requests, which can range from ordinary goods to unique and specific items.

To satisfy customer requests, the player must create goods with the help of craftsmen who can be hired and trained in the store. Craftsmen represent various professions and specializations, allowing them to create a wide range of products and services for customers.

Trading also involves managing inventory, setting prices for goods, attracting new customers, and growing a business. Successful trading allows the player to earn money, improve the store, expand its range and attract more customers.

Variety of products. The player has extensive opportunities to create a variety of products that can be offered to customers in the store. There are several categories of goods available in the game that can be manufactured and offered to customers:

Creating a variety of products requires skill in managing the production process, knowledge of recipes and materials, and an understanding of customer needs and preferences.

Resource storage. The player has the ability to store the resources needed to create items in special boxes and containers that can be placed in the store. Efficient storage of resources plays an important role in the successful conduct of business and production of goods. It is important to skillfully manage available resources and ensure constant replenishment of supplies for uninterrupted production.

To store resources, the player is provided with special rooms and boxes that can be installed in the store. Each resource has its own volume and takes up a certain amount of space in the storage. At the initial stage of the game, the player may encounter storage restrictions and a lack of resources.

Gradually, with the development of the store and the acquisition of new buildings in the city, the player will be able to increase the storage volume and have access to more diverse and valuable resources.

Creation menu. In the game, the player has the ability to create up to three items at the same time. Expanding your production capabilities requires gold, but allows you to increase production capacity and create more products to meet customer needs.

In order to begin the process of crafting items, the player must select a recipe from the available menu. If there are enough required resources, production will start automatically.

Expanding production capabilities allows you to increase the volume and variety of goods produced, which helps attract more customers and increase store profits. It also allows the player to optimize the production process and increase business efficiency.

Where to get resources? Players are given several ways to obtain resources:

  1. Buildings in the city. Most resources can be obtained with the help of special characters working in buildings, such as a tannery, bakery, forge and others. Each building produces a certain type of resource. Resource production can be increased by upgrading the building, which will allow you to obtain more resources in the same time.
  2. Forays. Players can send characters on forays where they can find rare resources needed to craft valuable items. Forays can be dangerous, but can bring valuable resources and wealth.
  3. Road patrolling. Road patrol activity can bring players not only additional resources, but also earnings, experience and other bonuses.
  4. Opening chests. Rare resources can be found by opening chests, which can be obtained through in-game quests, completing achievements, or other means.

City development in the game is a key aspect of the gameplay. By investing in individual buildings, players can unlock new abilities, gain access to new resources, increase production speed, and improve the quality of items. The city is home to various craftsmen who make various items, and they can be unlocked and hired for dollars as the city develops.

For example, investing in a bakery can increase the production of bread and pies, which will satisfy the needs of city residents and increase profits from the sale of these products. Upgrading the forge can increase the speed of crafting weapons and armor, which will be useful for fighting zombies and other dangers in the game.

The development of the city and its infrastructure plays an important role in the gameplay, opening up new opportunities, increasing production efficiency and enriching the gaming experience of players.

The in-game trading menu is an important and exciting part of how players interact with store visitors. When a visitor approaches your trading post, your character is ready to interact with him through a special trading menu that opens up a wide range of options.

In this menu, you, as a store owner, can offer the visitor to sell him an item, reduce the price to increase the attractiveness of the deal, or, conversely, increase the price, trying to maximize your profit. Also, through this menu you can actively communicate with clients, which gives additional energy.

Make strategic trading decisions, grow your business, attract clients and build a successful trading business using all the options that the in-game trading menu provides you with.

Energy is a resource of trade. Energy plays an important role in commerce in your store. Most trading activities, such as setting prices, negotiating with buyers, and managing offers, require a certain amount of energy. However, after a successful conversation with a visitor, you can receive a small amount of energy as a reward.

Therefore, to effectively manage your store and grow your business, it is recommended to engage in every sales activity with visitors. Thanks to this, you will accumulate energy that will allow you to continue successful negotiations, improve your services and increase profits.

What determines the price of an item? The price of an item depends on several key factors that determine its value and value. Firstly, each item has a base price, which is the starting point in trading with buyers. This base price can only be changed through successful negotiation and trading with your store’s visitors.

However, in addition to the base price, the game also offers the ability to increase the value of items and their dollar prices. Each crafted item can be endowed with a certain rarity, from common to legendary. The higher the rarity and quality of an item, the higher its value.

Thus, the price of an item depends on its base price, successful trading actions with buyers, as well as its level of rarity and quality.

Expensive items. Making the most expensive items in the game requires the use of rare resources, which you can only get by completing various tasks, missions, or clearing certain locations. These rare resources have special properties and abilities that make items made from them especially valuable and powerful.

Crafting these precious items takes time and labor, but their high value and unique characteristics make it worth the player’s time and effort. Such items become not only a powerful weapon or protection for the character, but also an item of great benefit.

Improved drawings. Upgrading blueprints in the game is an important mechanism for increasing the value and effectiveness of items. The more developed and complex a design becomes, the more valuable the item made from it becomes. By improving the drawings, the player can not only increase the value of the item for the buyer, but also increase the chance of obtaining rare properties and characteristics.

To improve blueprints, the player may need to collect certain resources, learn new technologies, or conduct special research.

Zombie Shop: Guide to activities in the game

In-game forays are a fun way for players to gain valuable resources and items needed to craft upgraded items. To successfully complete a foray, the player needs to select the right team of characters with different abilities and skills that will help overcome obstacles and defeat enemies along the way.

Choosing the target of a foray is key, as it determines what resources the player will receive as a result. The variety of foray objectives allows the player to strategically choose which resources they need most at a given moment and focus their efforts on obtaining them.

The difficulty of the missions also plays an important role, as it determines how many valuable resources the player will be able to obtain. The more difficult the foray, the more challenges and dangers the player faces, but at the same time the chance of receiving unique and valuable rewards increases.

Equipment for characters. Equipment plays an important role in the development and improvement of characters in the game. Giving players the ability to outfit their heroes with custom gear, weapons, and other items is a key aspect of expanding gameplay and creating deep character customization.

Each piece of equipment can provide unique bonuses and enhancements to the character, increasing their abilities, defense or attack.

Patrolling the roads in a pickup truck is an exciting and dangerous trek that represents the main activity for your brave heroes. In the endless expanses of the zombie apocalypse, send your fighters on a journey along devastated roads, where every turn can become a test of survival.

While exploring the surrounding area in a pickup truck, your heroes encounter countless dangers - zombies of all shapes and abominations lurking in the darkness, ready to attack at any moment. Your task is to destroy these creatures, protect the pickup and get to the target points where valuable resources and possible rewards are hidden.

However, not everything is so simple on this devastated path. Encountering zombie bosses, huge and deadly creatures, can turn your patrol into a real fight for survival. Defeating such opponents requires the strength, skill and coordination of all heroes.

But the rewards for successfully completing patrols are great. When your fighters reach special points or defeat bosses, they may return with rich loot - valuable resources, equipment upgrades, or even new heroes ready to join your team and strengthen your fight for survival.

Tasks in the store. The tasks offered in the store are special missions that help determine specific areas of development. In the process of completing these tasks, players have the opportunity to earn gold - a valuable and sought-after resource in the game. Quests can include a variety of tasks such as crafting equipment, upgrading buildings in the city, and much more.

Game achievements. Unique game achievements play a significant role in enriching the gameplay and motivating players. A special and varied system of achievements has been introduced, for the successful completion of which gamers receive a valuable resource in the form of gold.

The achievements section is divided into many subcategories, each of which is aimed at achieving specific goals and is associated with different aspects of the game.

Completing these achievements requires not only effort and skill, but also a commitment to improving your gaming skills. The reward in the form of rare gold becomes a well-deserved reward for perseverance and successful completion of tasks. Therefore, develop your skills, strive to complete all your goals and become the best player in the gaming world!

Example of achievements from the "Shop" section:

Upgrade any furniture.10 gold.
Fill the stand with items.10 gold.
Expand your store.10 gold.
Upgrade any furniture.15 gold.
Lay out the carpet.10 gold.
Complete the training.10 gold.
Play arcade.10 gold.

Arcade. The game features an exciting arcade game that you can dive into if you have enough tokens. This game is based on the same principle as the classic minesweeper, where your main brain path is to avoid the mine and get valuable prizes.

However, be careful: if you lose the first time, you can buy yourself back in gold. The second defeat, in turn, will bring you disappointment - all previously earned rewards will be lost.

Daily entry. The game provides rewards for daily login. Regular participants in the game world will receive a pleasant reward in the form of resources, items or other valuables if they regularly log into the game. In addition, players will have the opportunity to receive unique trophies on the 7th, 14th and 30th day of active participation.

Consistency and activity in the gameplay are rewarded with special bonuses and gifts, encouraging players to continue their virtual adventure and explore new opportunities in the gaming world.

Game mail. The game has a game mail function that allows developers to send players various rewards and gifts. These gifts can be associated with various holidays such as Christmas, Easter and other holidays. Receiving gifts through in-game mail makes the gameplay even more exciting and varied, allowing players to enjoy not only game achievements, but also pleasant surprises from the developers.

Zombie Shop: Is it worth playing?

Zombie Shop: Simulation Game is an exciting simulator where you have to become a merchant in a world after the apocalypse. In this game, players have the opportunity to create products and offer them to visitors in a post-apocalyptic world. You’ll manage all aspects of your store, including trading with customers, hiring intelligence personnel, and developing the surrounding city.

Here are the advantages of the game:

Here are the disadvantages of the game:

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