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Zombieland AFK Survival WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Walkthrough

Zombieland: AFK Survival is a post-apocalyptic clicker role-playing game from Sony Pictures Television. You have to form your group of zombie apocalypse survivors in order to save America from extinction. Collect all the unique characters such as Tallahassee and Columbus and many others that you have already met in the Zombieland movie.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Secrets of your heroes
  3. Gear and Tsatsk Guide
  4. Tips and secrets for passing the game
  5. How to fight zombies?
  6. Secrets of Zombieland Rules
  7. All about completing tasks
  8. Tips for Participating in Game Activities
  9. Donator Guide
  10. Is it worth playing?

Zombieland AFK Survival: Beginner’s Guide

Plot. The main plot of the game is taken from the movie. A zombie apocalypse has happened all over the world, in which you need to survive and assemble a team to successfully fight against zombies. In the story, you will go on a journey by car in several areas of America in order to find suitable survivors, equipment and finally get rid of the zombies once and for all.

Game features. It is a typical clicker game in which you have to click on the game screen in order to deal damage to zombies and help your squad advance through stages and fight the boss at the end. Some of them cope only in your absence, since the game has an AFK mode.

Main screen. On the main screen in the game, you will see the path of your upcoming journey. Not open zones or cities that you need to reach in several stages, defeating zombies. You have to move through the locations, getting new heroes and get closer and closer to the goal, exterminate all the zombies.

The top left corner displays the game settings, the news section, the tasks section, your goals, and the icon for watching the commercial. At the top in the middle of the screen, your currencies and their current amount are displayed.

In the upper right corner, summon icons, events and offers from developers, various game sets are displayed. These kits are sold for real money, but are a worthwhile investment. The bottom of the game screen displays your characters, equipment, guild, rules, and in-game store.

Coins - drop during your travels, after defeating zombies and bosses. You will need it to improve your heroes in the game, directly in the battle menu. Tokens are a valuable currency, for which you can purchase some upgrades in the store. Also, this currency is used to improve the stars of your heroes.

Coins are displayed only in the battle menu. Coins in the game will be required only to increase the level of your heroes. Therefore, you can immediately spend them to increase the level of the hero.

Twinks are the donation currency in the game. You can buy them for real money, as part of limited offers or separately in the store section. The most valuable currency in the game, it can be used to purchase good heroes and various improvements in the game that make your gameplay comfortable.

AFK mode. This game belongs to AFK games. The game continues even when you are not in the game, your heroes fight zombies, get coins, rewards and move on. But sooner or later, their successful passage stops and you need to enter the game in order to improve your heroes, increase their level and equip new equipment.

Speeding up progress. Above the water on the main game screen, an airship is displayed. If you click on it, a menu for accelerating progress will open. This feature is very useful as your heroes will complete tasks twice as fast when offline. You can increase this time by watching a short commercial several times.

Be sure to use the progress boost feature when you’re away from the game for a long time. You will be able to get more profit, your heroes will complete tasks faster and your progress will increase significantly in your absence.

Guilds. Guilds open after passing New Orleans. You can join a guild and go on raids with guild members. For the successful completion of the raid, you are waiting for a lot of rewards.

User profile. In the game settings, there are two sections. You can change the username to whatever you want. You can also change the avatar to your liking. You can use only those avatars whose heroes you already have.

Game settings. In the game settings, you can turn off the sounds and music in the game. Change the language of the game to the one you need, there are a lot of languages ​​in the game. You can also disable or enable notifications that come to your device.

Separately, you can cancel the function of turning on the battery saver of your device. This feature reduces battery consumption, but the game loses its fluidity. Therefore, use it only when your device is empty, but you have unfinished business in the game.

Game settings. In the game settings, you can turn off the sounds and music in the game. Change the language of the game to the one you need, there are a lot of languages ​​in the game. You can also disable or enable notifications that come to your device.

Separately, you can cancel the function of turning on the battery saver of your device. This feature reduces battery consumption, but the game loses its fluidity. Therefore, use it only when your device is empty, but you have unfinished business in the game.

Saving in the game is possible only if you enter the game using a social network account. With this connection, you will save your progress and be able to play on different devices under one account.

We recommend that you subscribe to available pages on social networks. You will be able to follow the news and updates in the game. Also on pages in social networks, contests and distributions of game codes are often held. You will be able to chat with other players or ask your questions about the game if you have any problems.

Mail. In the mail section, you receive a message from the developers of the game. In which you can see the latest news on the game. New updates in the game, changes or other useful information. Also, from time to time, developers send gifts to the mail, in honor of some important events in the game, so do not forget to check your mail.

Support section. If you notice any problems that prevent you from passing the game or just minor errors. Be sure to inform the game developers about this by filling out a special form in the settings section.

Zombieland AFK Survival: Secrets of your heroes

Heroes are your survivors who are needed to defeat hordes of zombies. Each hero is unique in its own way and has different types of rarity, its own set of skills, abilities and appearance. Also, each hero has a certain number of stars, a kind of limitation on the improvement of heroes.

If you have a large number of heroes, then you can use sorting by rarity, strength, stars, class and units. This is very convenient when there is a need to find a specific hero.

Hero types. There are three types of heroes in the game: Tank, Damage, and Support. Tank heroes are placed in the front row and take the zombie hit on themselves. Due to their stamina and high health, they do an excellent job of this. Behind the tanks are heroes who have good skills in dealing damage to zombies. And support heroes help their squad members to last as long as possible in battle, healing them and supporting them with various positive effects.

Detachments. In the game, each hero has a squad origin. For some tasks, you may need heroes from certain squads. You can see which squad your hero is from by opening its menu and in the lower right corner you will see which squad the hero has. There are 17 squads in the game, with different sets of heroes.

What units are in the game:

Hero menu. In the hero menu you can see all the available information. The top of the menu displays the hero’s name and a short description. The following is information about your favorite type of equipment. On the left and right sides, cells with equipped equipment are displayed.

Each hero loves a certain type of equipment. If you use his favorite equipment, then the hero receives positive effects. Try to equip from the available ones exactly the equipment about which it is written in the hero’s menu.

For the convenience of the player, you can remove all equipment by clicking on the "Remove All" icon. All equipment that was worn on the hero will be removed and put into inventory. There is also an "Auto Equip" icon by clicking on it, your hero is equipped with better quality equipment.

In order to compare the strength of your heroes, be sure to remove all equipment. After that, you can compare their characteristics and get reliable information. Comparison of heroes will help you choose the strongest for a mission or other goals.

Adding stars. You can improve the quality of your hero by adding stars to him. In order to use this feature, you need to collect a certain number of hero fragments. Hero fragments can be obtained from a summon, from events or tasks in the game. For each increase in the star, you need to give 500 tokens.

Hero skills. Each hero has their own sets of skills, which depend on the role of the hero in the group. Skill points are required to learn skills. When participating in battles, you can level up your heroes for a certain currency in the form of coins, they are used only for this. Upon reaching a certain level, you are rewarded with one skill point that you can spend on learning.

circle of skills. The skills menu is a circle that displays various skills. By looking at the skill, you can see at what level access to the study is opened. Each of the skills has a certain amount of learning. You can invest points up to the maximum study. At the top of the skill menu, you can see the level reached and how many uninvested skill points you have.

Also in the skills menu there is a function for auto-assigning skills and resetting all skills. Auto-assignment after each level up of the hero will automatically learn the proposed skill. If you are not sure that you have learned the skills correctly and want to reset them, then you have such an opportunity. All used skill points will be returned back, and you have the opportunity to redistribute them.

Hero information. The hero menu has a section with complete information about your hero. You can view the overall strength of the hero, main weapon damage, powerful weapon damage, melee weapon damage and health. At the bottom of this section, you are shown hidden weapons and tsatski, with the presence of which your hero will become noticeably stronger.

You can also read the biography of the hero. These are entertaining stories about the life of a character before the apocalypse. What happened when the world ended and how they survived the chaos. This is an optional section, but for fun, you can read about your hero.

View heroes you don’t have. A useful feature in the game is to view the heroes that you have not yet discovered. This is convenient if you need a specific character that you are aiming for in the game. Viewing is possible in the character menu, below all the characters you have obtained.

These heroes are hidden, but you can see below them how many fragments you have collected to receive. When you click on a hidden hero, a menu will open in which you can see all the information of interest. For example, which unit this hero belongs to and what role he plays in the team.

Get a hero. You can get heroes by calling, for SIM cards. A call icon is displayed at the top of the screen. By clicking on it, the summon menu opens. The game has a main summoning section where you can summon heroes all the time.

Heroes can be summoned in three types of rarity, such as common, rare, and epic. Also, every day you are given one free call, it does not require the presence of SIM cards. For one call, you need one SIM card, and you can also call 10 heroes at once, at a time. With such a call, you are guaranteed to get no worse than a rare, one hero.

You can summon one hero at once, and it will be added to your list, or you can get parts of heroes that you need to collect in a certain amount. After all the parts are collected, you can exchange them for a full-fledged hero.

We recommend that you accumulate SIM cards for 10 calls at once. So you are guaranteed to get a hero no worse than a rare quality. Such heroes are valued more in the game, as they have good characteristics and skills.

SIM cards. You can get this currency for completing the game and advancing on tasks. For participation in various events that take place frequently. You can also purchase SIM cards in the store section or as part of a set, for real money.

Chances. You can see for yourself what your chances of getting. On common, rare and epic heroes. To do this, click on the "Chances" icon in the hero summoning menu, the chances are constantly changing and depend on your number of summons, the quality of the heroes received and your luck.

Quite often, when a hero is summoned, tokens are issued instead of a hero. Tokens are a separate currency for which fragments of heroes can be purchased in the "Market" section of the store. It is possible to collect heroes of rare, epic and legendary quality. The better the hero, the higher the price of his fragments. Periodically, the assortment of fragments of heroes is updated.

Limited calls. There are also sections with limited calls for a certain time. Such calls are distinguished by unique heroes and have a time limit for the call. After the time is up, the call disappears, and you will not be able to get the heroes that were in this section. Developers add certain currencies to such calls, which you can get during events or by purchasing a certain set.

Zombieland AFK Survival: Gear and Tsatsk Guide

Equipment. All of your equipment is stored in a dedicated inventory, which has a limit of 500 items. Equipment comes in three types of rarity: Common, Rare, and Epic. They differ in characteristics. The higher the rarity type, the more valuable and effective the equipment.

Also, each type of equipment has a certain number of stars, an epic item can have up to 5 stars, a rare item up to 4 stars, and a common item up to 3 stars. Stars affect the maximum weapon upgrade.

Bonuses from rare equipment. The game provides bonuses from the use of equipment depending on the rarity. If you equip tsatski and equipment of the same rarity in all slots, you will receive an increase in damage and health of your hero. If possible, use this if you have a lot of one type of equipment rarity.

Even if you have one equipment of better quality, then your power will not necessarily increase significantly. It may also happen in the game that all equipped items of the same quality can give you a greater increase in power than one item of higher rarity equipped by you.

You can change the equipment used right during the battle. You may get rarer and more useful equipment, changing which has a chance to change the course of the battle. After equipping, all the characteristics of the new equipment will immediately work. This is very convenient, as the battles can go on for a long time.

Equipment types. All equipment is divided into different types. Types differ in appearance and characteristics. There is equipment for ranged combat, melee and many others. The type of equipment determines the behavior of your heroes on the battlefield, heroes can fight from afar, with ranged equipment, or use melee equipment.

What types of equipment are:

Equipment characteristics. You can see what characteristics your equipment has. To do this, click on the item you are interested in, in the window that opens you will see a list. In the upgrade menu, on the right side of the game screen, all equipment characteristics are displayed. You can find out:

Advantages. There are different types of benefits that equipment provides. There are currently 14 types in total. They endow equipment with positive characteristics for a successful fight against zombies. What are the benefits:

All of these benefits can be placed on the opponent. Zombies with a certain probability, when hit or shot, can receive additional damage. For example, stun or sleep, and similar effects. Which in certain cases play a decisive role and are able to turn the tide of battle.

What is the equipment for? You can put an item of equipment in the allotted cell of your hero. To inflict damage on the enemy. The damage dealt by the hero depends on the quality of the weapon. To increase the effectiveness of weapons, you can upgrade them after reaching a certain level. After such an improvement, your weapon will become even stronger.

Where to get equipment? You can get equipment as a reward for completing the stages of tasks and events. As a reward for completing objectives and simply as loot from zombies killed by you and your team. The main method of extraction is the call of equipment. Which happens in the same way as summoning heroes. You can summon 1 time or 10 times by spending keys on it.

Equipment improvement. For a normal upgrade, you need wreckage. The upgrade will be available up to a certain level. The higher the level, the higher the price of items to upgrade. When the weapon reaches, for example, level 10, then you will need a special item in the form of a blueprint. After you use the blueprint, you can continue to improve your weapon, increasing its characteristics.

For each subsequent improvement for the drawings. You will need more and more drawings. Therefore, try to take the improvement seriously, you should not spend valuable resources on weapons that you will not use.

Analysis of equipment. If you drop unnecessary equipment, you can dismantle it and get materials. The materials will be useful to improve your used weapons in the future. The main extraction of improvement materials comes from dismantling weapons, but also from a campaign for supplies.

For a convenient search in the inventory menu, equipment has sorting. You can sort your equipment by rarity. This feature will be useful for those players who have a large amount of equipment.

Tsatsky. They are part of your hero’s equipment and occupy certain slots. They give additional bonuses and characteristics. A good tchotchka can greatly enhance your hero, and its subsequent improvement will turn it into an indispensable item.

Also, like all types of equipment, tsatskas have three types of rarity: Common, Rare, Epic. Characteristics and bonuses depend on the rarity of tsatski, in addition, the maximum possible improvement also depends on the rarity. Just like equipment, tzatsek has limits on upgrades, depending on the rarity of the item.

Tzatzek inventory stores all your items. But storage has a limit of 500 units. Therefore, if you have accumulated a lot of unnecessary tzatsek, take them apart. You’ll save space and get upgrade resources used by your tzatzek heroes.

Bonuses from using tsatsky. Absolutely all tsatski of any rarity increase the health of the hero who uses them. Each hero can wear three types of tsatsek, one each. Having received at the same time bonuses from wearing tsatsky and bonuses from a certain type of tsatsky. Types of tsatsek:

Advantages. Tsatskis currently have 9 different advantages in the game. Among the benefits there are positive effects, an increase in the loss of coins and other bonuses. They provide real advantages and it is felt in combat. What are the benefits:

Receiving tzatsek. A great way to get tsatsek, complete quests, event quests, and complete goals in the game. But the most basic receipt comes from chests with tsatskami. For which you will have to spend a special currency. You can summon 1 time or 10 times if you have enough resources.

We recommend that you accumulate resources to call 10 tsatsek at once. You will receive a guaranteed item of at least rare quality, and this is a great opportunity. Since the items that are needed do not always fall.

Tsatsky improvement. You can improve your tsatska with parts, from parsing other tsatskas. Each upgrade will require a certain amount of resources. After you reach a certain level, a blueprint will be required for improvement. Using it, you will open a further improvement of tsatski. Which significantly increases the characteristics and makes the item much more useful.

Zombieland AFK Survival: Tips and secrets for passing the game

1. Choose your heroes wisely. You can take heroes on a mission, try to assemble a team with different roles in the squad. For example, be sure to take a tank with you. He will distract the zombies to himself, and the rest of the heroes at this time will be able to inflict maximum damage.

2. Help your team. If you have a desire to help, be sure to implement it. At the beginning of the game, your help to the squad will be invaluable, click on the zombies and damage them. The damage of your click on zombies will depend on the power of the weakest hero.

3. Beat the pigeons. Pigeons sometimes appear on the screen, when you click on it, it falls and gives you rewards in the form of coins. This is a great option for getting additional coins, so as soon as the pigeon appears, shoot it down.

4. Use AFK mode. If you understand that you have nothing to do in the game. Leave your heroes alone. Let them fight and get coins as they progress through the stages. But do not forget to periodically enter the game, check how your squad is doing.

5. Upgrade your heroes. Level up the hero in battle and collect fragments to increase the quality and add stars to the hero. In this way, you improve your power and will be able to move further and faster.

Zombieland AFK Survival: How to fight zombies?

Combat interface. Your heroes are fighting with might and main against zombies, shooting and slashing. You can help your heroes by clicking on zombies and damaging them. Your damage is based on the weakest hero on your team.

At the top of the combat interface, rewards are displayed in the form of a chest. After passing a certain stage, you can pick up a reward. Next, the waves that you have to go through to go to the next stage are displayed. On each final wave, a boss will attack you and after defeating him, you will move on to the next stage.

Under the waves, the number of collected coins is displayed. Which will be required to increase the level of your heroes. Coins fall to the ground after defeating the zombies, you must collect them yourself or after some time they will fall into your piggy bank.

Throughout the battle, various items appear with a certain probability. Barrels, bombs, refrigerators and other environmental items. When used, they deal damage or apply debuffs. We do not recommend using such items on regular waves with zombies. It is best to use them in a boss fight.

Information about heroes and zombies. On the battle screen, you can monitor the health indicators of your heroes in real time. Each participant in the battle above his head displays a health bar. If the health indicator drops to zero, your hero will be incapacitated and will not be able to participate in the battle.

Recharge. Above the health bar there is a weapon reload scale. Each equipment has a certain number of shots, magazine capacity. After he has shot the entire stock, he must reload the weapon. The reload bar indicates when the weapon will be reloaded and the hero can use it again.

When zombies get too close to your hero, the hero draws a melee weapon. Then your hero deals melee damage based on equipment equipped. There are heroes who don’t like melee combat, and this kind of combat affects their effectiveness in battle.

Powerful weapon. Under the health bar is a powerful weapon charge scale. It is charged from the hero’s destruction of zombies. Once fully charged, your hero can use equipped powerful weapons and deal increased damage.

Zombie health. When dealing damage to zombies, their health is taken away. To completely defeat the zombies, you must deal damage and lower the health bar to zero. Your heroes deal damage to zombies, but you can help them finish them off. For example, when your hero reloads his weapon.

wave scale. The red bar shows the health of the current wave of zombies. And under the red scale, the time for which you must destroy the wave of zombies is displayed. If you do not cope, then the wave will not be passed.

If you understand that you are not coping, then we recommend that you just wait a bit. Let your team fight without you and accumulate coins. After a while, you will be able to enter the game, collect coins and invest them in strengthening your heroes.

If you can’t beat the boss? If your team is unable to defeat the boss, then you will remain at the previous stage. Thus, you will be able to collect the required number of coins to strengthen your heroes. After you are sure of victory, click on the "Boss Challenge" icon and the boss will appear on the battlefield.

Level up menu. Increasing the level for coins is an improvement in the characteristics of your hero. If you do not level up the heroes, then you will not be able to count on victory. Therefore, as soon as you have enough coins to increase, be sure to use them by investing in the development of your hero.

Be sure to level up your heroes and learn new skills. The higher the level of the hero, the further he will be able to advance through the stages of passing. Try to level up your heroes one by one and keep them at the same level.

Use of skills. Each hero has his own skills. A support hero can heal his team. A hero that deals damage can use the skill to quickly destroy zombies, as well as strengthen the team or use other skills.

To use a skill, click on the skill icon above the hero. After use, the animation will pass and the zombies will be destroyed. The skill itself will go to recovery. You will not be able to use it until the countdown has passed.

We recommend that you use the skill on zombie hordes and bosses. If the skill goes on cooldown and you have a boss fight, you can lose it. Skills are very useful and can drastically change the course of a fight.

Zombieland AFK Survival: Secrets of Zombieland Rules

Rules. A kind of skill in the game that helps you and your team in passing the game. The rules are divided into 4 sections. To study the rule, you will need grains of wisdom, which appear 1 unit every hour and a half. Each rule has three learning stages. For each stage learned, you get an increase in the studied rule.

Equipment rules. These rules apply to your equipment. They improve its characteristics, reduce the cost of improvements and provide many useful benefits. Don’t forget to invest wisdom points in equipment rules, this way you will increase the power of your equipment and therefore your heroes.

Character rules. Designed to improve your characters. For example, increasing their health, healing efficiency and other useful bonuses. These bonuses will act on your characters, increasing their effectiveness and increasing their strength in battles.

Progress rules. They give bonuses to your progress, increasing the speed of passage. Such buffs make it possible to defeat bosses faster, adding damage to bosses and various other useful bonuses. With sets of these bonuses, your team will be better able to deal with bosses and waves of zombies, and you will be able to progress through the stages faster.

Guild rules. These rules are intended to make guild raiding easier. The rules have bonuses that increase speed, damage and other parameters that provide significant advantages both in the raid and just in the game. All learned bonuses apply to all members of the guild. This is a great support for other players, including you.

To learn some rules, you need to complete certain tasks. You can see which task you need to complete in the rules menu. Under the rule, a specific task will be displayed, after passing which access to the study will open.

Zombieland AFK Survival: All about completing tasks

Tasks. The game has daily tasks and weekly. They have stages of passage that must be completed. Upon reaching each stage, you need to complete a certain number of tasks from the list below.

Daily tasks.The amount of experience for completing.
Summon a weapon or tsatsk 1 time.10 xp
Summon a hero 1 time.10 xp
Defeat 3 hordes of zombies.10 xp
Level up any hero 20 times.10 xp
Upgrade tsatsk or weapon 5 times.20xp
Collect 4 gold coins offline.10 xp
Shoot pigeons 10 times.20xp
Start a daily mission.20xp
Start daily mission "1"20xp
Complete 1 task.10 xp
Weekly assignments.The amount of experience for completing.
Get 7 items in the market.150xp
Complete the call 1 time, for twinks.150xp
Dismantle a weapon or tsatsk 20 times.150xp
Spend 100 Wisdom.100xp
Start 7 daily missions.100xp
Complete 10 quests.100xp
Complete 5 supply runs.100xp
Evolve 1 hero.100xp
Develop a weapon or tsatsk 2 times.100xp
Just like in daily quests, in weekly quests you can not complete all the quests. And gain the required amount of experience by selecting certain tasks and reaching the stage to pick up rewards. This makes it easier to receive rewards.

Goals. The section, which is located on the left side of the game screen, is designed to help beginners. By completing objectives, you can quickly progress through the story of the game, receiving various rewards. You will be taught how to manage the game, how to kill zombies and much more.

At the beginning of your journey in the game, be sure to complete tasks from the goals section. With the help of these tasks, you will quickly understand the game and get valuable tips on passing, while receiving useful rewards.

Zombieland AFK Survival: Tips for Participating in Game Activities

Tower of Babel. In this event, you need to fight zombies and climb higher and higher through the levels of the tower, thus getting to the very top. You have to assemble a strong team to successfully complete the levels of the tower. For participation and promotion, you will be rewarded with world tokens that you can exchange in the shop section for fragments of unique heroes, upgrades, SIM cards and other useful items.

Try to choose the best heroes in order to advance as far as possible. It will be hard in the beginning, but as you progress through the game, get new equipment and improve your heroes, you will definitely get to the top of the tower!

Tower of Doom. A similar event to the passage of the Tower of Babel. Tower of Doom is virtually no different. The only difference is a different currency, which can be used to purchase other items in the shop section.

Daily trips for supplies. Every day, daily supply trips appear on the map, on which you have to send a team to complete. Each campaign may require different heroes, which greatly increase the chances of passing.

The campaign is represented by stages, after which the campaign for supplies ends, and you can receive your reward. You can view the reward before the start of the campaign by clicking on the "view all rewards" icon. Among the rewards you can find rare blueprints, resources and items that will be useful to you in the future.

Conditions. For each successful supply trip, you are subject to certain conditions. The conditions can be different, for example, you need two characters of rare quality or even epic. Also, the conditions can be for a certain number of stars for the hero and his gender.

Before the start of the campaign, a menu opens in which you can choose from the available heroes which will go on a mission. If you do not have heroes, you will not be able to make a campaign from the conditions.

Mission information. Without entering the battle menu, you can view detailed information about the passage of the mission. How many waves your heroes have gone through, how long a wave appears and how many stages you will advance in AFK mode. You can extend the passage of the stages by periodically entering the game.

If you urgently need heroes who are participating in the campaign. You can cancel the mission, to do this, in the campaign menu, click on the "Exit mission" icon. If you have passed the stages and received rewards, then they will remain with you. But if you send the heroes on a campaign again, they will start the passage from the very beginning.

League. To participate in the event, you will need to join the league. The better the league, the better and more prizes you will receive as a reward for participation. League rules are updated every week, so try to pick up tsatski, equipment and heroes wisely for maximum benefit.

You will need to kill opponents, get points and various upgrades. After you get the upgrades, try to use it wisely in order to score as many points as possible. To get the best rewards, you must be at the top of the event leaderboards.

Newbie Events. They are excellent support for new players in the game. For 7 days, you will be able to receive various game rewards, and on day 7, the best reward in the form of 10 SIM cards that will be useful to you to summon heroes. This event has no time limit, just log into the game every day and mark that you were in it, while receiving a gift.

Gaming events for everyone. Events with rewards are constantly updated in the game, different events have their own tasks and rewards. To view all current events, go to the "Events" section. There you will see a complete list of all the events in the game that are currently available to players.

On the cell of each event, you can see how much time until the end of this event, what it is called and what rewards you will receive if you decide to participate. If new events have been added recently and you have not participated in this event yet, the game will mark them with the "New" icon on the left side of the cell.

We recommend that you participate in all the events that are available in the game. Such participation dilutes your gameplay and adds new goals for you to achieve. They also give good gifts that will be useful in the game.

How are events arranged? Each event has stages of passage, you have to complete tasks at the first stage and only after that, go to the next stage. For each stage, there is a reward such as twinks, tokens, parts of heroes, SIM cards and many other useful items and resources.

Tasks in each stage are different and give a certain amount of experience. Each stage has its own experience bar, which must be completed in order to advance to the next stage. Under the stage marks the scale and the required amount of experience. And above the stage there is a reward that you can receive after moving to the next one.

Events for spent twinks. The game also has events for players who are ready to invest real money in the game to buy a twinkie. Such events have a scale of spent Twinks on various purchases in the store for Twinks, and the more you spend Twinks, the better prizes await you. Among the prizes there are parts of epic heroes, twinks, tokens and many other prizes.

You can participate with the accumulated twins, completely free of charge and you can get some number of prizes. This is a great chance, as you will spend your twinks on something useful, but you will also receive an additional reward. Therefore, save twinks to participate in such events.

Events on equipment calls. To participate in such events, you need to summon a certain amount of equipment for your heroes. For example, for calling 5 times, you will be given excellent rewards. Such events can be limited in time, and therefore, if you have accumulated summon keys, then you should use them in such events. In addition to spending keys and getting some useful gear, you’ll also earn useful rewards.

Such events take place frequently, you can always count on their appearance in the list of events. Therefore, if you do not urgently need to upgrade your equipment, then try to save up at least 5 keys in order to use them as part of the event and get good prizes.

Seasons. Each current month is seasonal. The season is updated once a month and you can participate for free. But with free participation, season promotion rewards are not as valuable.

Premium. You can purchase a paid premium subscription for real money. Which opens up additional rewards for you, in addition to the usual rewards, and you will also receive premium rewards. Such a subscription is a great investment, as you get more valuable rewards.

What to do? To advance through the season, you will need to complete daily tasks every day, which are displayed in a special tab. These tasks are not difficult and can be easily completed during the day if you are actively involved in the game. For each completed task, you will receive a certain amount of experience points that are required to advance.

In addition to daily tasks, there are weekly tasks, for which you are given 7 days. These tasks will already require more time to complete, but they consist of routine tasks that you perform in a large number in a day.

We recommend that you do not forget about participating in the seasonal event, even if you decide to participate for free, you will receive certain, useful rewards. And if you purchase a premium subscription, you will receive gifts for two subscriptions at once, free and premium.

Zombieland AFK Survival: Donator Guide

Shop. Twinkie currency, which is required in large quantities and you will miss it very much. Since almost all activities to develop your power require twinks. For such cases, developers are offered to purchase twinks separately or as part of sets.

You can purchase twinks in quantities: 400, 900, 1900, 2900, 5000, 12000 units. The first time you buy a twinkie, you will receive additional twinkies as a gift, depending on the number of purchased. For example, if you buy 400 Twinks, you will receive 400 more as a gift.

Advertising section. The store displays an advertisement section. In which you can watch ads 6 times, for certain rewards. This is a great opportunity to get additional prizes for free.

Special offers. Such offers are limited in time, but have great item sets and twinks. For one fixed price, you can get not only twinks, but also heroes of rare quality, items useful for passing, tsatski, equipment and much more.

There are a lot of offers, the developers often launch new offers, such as daily and weekly. If you decide to invest real money, then it is best to purchase one of these sets. Among the large number of proposals, you are sure to find one that is useful to you.

Zombieland AFK Survival: Is it worth playing?

Zombieland AFK Survival is a great game with many familiar characters and a fun atmosphere. Also, the developers tried to keep the very humor that was present in the film. The characters periodically communicate with each other and tell funny moments. The gameplay of the game is quite interesting, especially at the beginning of the game, but as you progress, your activity decreases. In general, the game is interesting, the graphics and cartoon characters are funny and will appeal to players who love zombie movies, books, love zombies and especially zombie games.

Here are the pros of the game:

Here are the cons of the game:

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