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3008 Roblox WiKi: Review of Guides and game Secrets

3008 is a survival game from Uglyburger0 on the Roblox platform. You find yourself in a huge furniture supermarket, where you have to experience an endless number of good days and terrible nights. It is at night that their demonic personality awakens in peaceful consultants, who wants to destroy all visitors to the outlet. Will you be able to find a way out or will you be able to build an impregnable base?


  1. Tips from experienced players
  2. Guide for beginners
  3. Employee Guide
  4. Tips for building a shelter
  5. Important places on the map
  6. Secrets of the game menu
  7. How to manage a VIP server?

3008: Tips from experienced players

How to survive the first night

Your main task at night is to keep supermarket employees away from you. In addition, you need to monitor your energy levels. If its indicator reaches 0, then your health points will begin to deplete quickly. Energy can be restored by eating a variety of foods. If you run out of health, you will die, then respawn at a random location in the store. And if you haven’t managed to set waypoints, then it will be difficult for you to find your shelter.

You’ll be lucky if you log into the server during game day. In this case, you will have time to prepare for the onset of darkness:

  1. Build a shelter to protect yourself from shop workers.
  2. Find food items such as apples, striped donuts, meatballs and so on.
  3. Find allies on the server with whom you can survive, as it is most effective to work as a team.
  4. Build a base near a cafeteria or other food source if you have the opportunity.
  5. If you don’t have time to build a base, go into a closet or use any large item you can fit in it.

An easy way to create a base is to set up a cafeteria: make walls and a roof so that enemies cannot get inside. Make sure the walls cover the entire dining room. Not only will you have a reliable shelter, but you will also have a constant source of food. You can also build a simple base using any suitable building material you can find. Another good way is to renovate an abandoned base.

Use waypoints. To create them, you need to go to the "Advanced Features" menu section (the "T" key on a computer or the 4th square at the top of the screen on a mobile device). There are a total of 4 waypoints you can set (8 waypoints if you have the Octuple Waypoints game pass). Only you will see them. They will disappear if you exit the game or delete them. We recommend setting a waypoint at your base or any other important places whose location you want to remember, such as the cafeteria.

Always look for allies. Working together to build bases and find food can be very rewarding. Therefore, finding teammates is very important, especially for beginners. There are several options for finding associates. You can go to any community in the game, or find allies from the developer’s subscribers on Roblox. If you have an ally in the game with you, press the "H" key to whistle. You or your friend can see each other’s location if you are added as a friend on Roblox.

How to navigate the supermarket

Learn to navigate in space. One way to indicate direction is to rotate objects. First, pick up the item. If you see a white arrow in the center of the "rotation circle", press Ctrl+Shift+R to reset the item’s location to allies ("Reset" button on a mobile device). Then rotate the item along the Y axis or the green arrow 1 time. Walk in the direction the arrow points and ask your friends to do the same. If you did everything correctly, you will be able to meet in one of the corners of the supermarket.

Pay attention to static objects. Another way to get your bearings is to find one of the walls. They are oriented towards the cardinal directions. The television screen on columns is always located on the north side of the support. If you stand with your back to the display, you will be facing north, with the south side behind you. This way you can easily find other cardinal directions. You can use this method to meet allies. The advantage of this method is that it is simple and requires less communication between players while searching for each other.

Use whistling in special situations. When a player whistles, a timestamp of his location appears on the map. If you start whistling, your friends will see your nickname and exclamation mark. The beacon will be illuminated for 3 - 5 seconds, after which it will disappear. This method has 3 disadvantages:

  1. The beacon does not follow the player. Therefore, the ally who gave the signal must stand still.
  2. Your whistle will be heard not only by your teammates, but also by your employees. During the day there is nothing wrong with this, but at night they will begin to actively look for you. Therefore, you should only whistle in an emergency during the night or a foggy day.
  3. Your location on the map can only be seen by players you have added as friends on Roblox. Therefore, if you often play with the same allies, add them as friends.

3008: Guide for beginners

3008 is a survival horror game. You find yourself in a huge furniture store with no way out. Your main task is to survive. To do this you need to build a shelter. In it you will hide from the employees of this outlet. During the day, the supermarket staff pays no attention to you. But with the onset of darkness, all the workers turn into fast and furious zombies, they are ready to destroy you, because you are left in a closed store.

Energy is your life force. The energy scale is located at the bottom of the screen. A high percentage of energy allows you to move faster. If the energy indicator tends to zero, then you will begin to lose health. Moreover, health units will be consumed faster than energy. Energy also affects the state of hunger. When you are doing something or escaping from personnel, energy will be consumed faster than at rest.

Hunger - Maintains your vitality. When you are hungry, you cannot move quickly. When your hunger level is low, your energy will begin to drop rapidly, and then your health. When your health reaches zero on the scale, you die. Of course, you will be reborn again, but you can end up anywhere in the store. And if you die at night, then there is a high probability that when you are revived, you can materialize right in front of the worker. It’s worth noting that hunger levels deplete more slowly than energy levels.

Replenish your food supplies regularly, and take it with you if you plan to go far from the shelter. It is important to constantly maintain your performance at a high level.

Consumables are items that can be picked up and consumed to gain additional health, energy, or hunger. They can be found in various sections of the store. Their stocks are replenished every game Monday and Friday. These items can be stored in your inventory or placed in the supermarket as a furnishing item. This circumstance allows you to store food in containers at the base. For example, in closets or bathrooms. In the table below we have described various things that will be useful to you to replenish your characteristics.

Name of the consumable.What does the item give?Location.
First aid kit.Replenishes 30 health over 2 seconds.Pharmacy, cafeteria.
Pizza.+3 hunger, +2 energy.Cafeteria, kitchen. Can be placed in pizza boxes.
Beans.-10 health, +5 energy, +18 hunger.Cafeteria.
Meatballs.+6 energy, +30 hunger.Cafeteria.
Apple.+5 health, +6 energy, +12 hunger.Cafeteria, playground.
Lemon.+4 health, +10 energy, +10 hunger. Half a lemon restores 50% of your stats.Cafeteria, checkered kitchen.
Burger.+6 energy, +20 hunger.Cafeteria.
Banana.+5 health, +6 energy, +14 hunger.Cafeteria.
Hot Dog.+3 energy, +18 hunger.Cafeteria, classic kitchenette.
Striped donut.+15 energy, +9 hunger.Cafeteria.
Chips.+4 energy, +10 hunger.Cafeteria.
Ice cream.+13 energy, +6 hunger.Snack bar.
Chocolate.+3 health, +8.5 energy.Houseboat.
Cookie.+8 energy, +8 hunger.Modern kitchenette.
Fish crackers "Goldfish".+2 energy, +18 hunger.Pizza boxes.
Glass shards.-33 health.Greenhouse.
Bloxie soda (soda).+17 energy.Cafeteria.
"Doctor Bob" (drink in a two-liter bottle).-5 health, +23 energy.Cafeteria.
"Doctor Bob" (in an aluminum can).+17 energy.Snack bar.
Water.+3 health, +12 energy.Cafeteria, checkered kitchen.
Beans (in an aluminum can).-15 health, +20 energy.Cafeteria.
Build a base next to the cafeteria (or on its territory), and also find several points where food items appear. This will help you maintain high performance levels at all times.

Waypoints are a game mechanic that allows you to mark important places in the supermarket. They can also be used to mark the path back to base. Only you can see the points you have placed. Other players, even allies, cannot recognize them.

To set a waypoint, you need to go to the "Advanced" menu section in the "Waypoints" tab. When creating a pointer, you can enter the name of the point and also select its color. You can indicate the distance between the created landmarks. Saved waypoints will appear in the menu and can be viewed by marking your location on the map from any distance. If you are playing in a team, ask all your teammates to set landmarks at your base.

If you check the box next to the "Reflect distance to waypoint" command, the system will calculate the number of game squares between you and the pointer. This way you can understand how far you are from the route beacon you are interested in. By checking the box next to the "Display waypoint name" command, you can write the name of the beacon. For example, you can designate the installation location: "base", "cafe" and so on.

Moving. While running, you can speed up. Playing on a mobile phone allows you to quickly switch to acceleration mode, unlike the computer version. To speed up when playing on PC, you need to press the "Shift" key while running. If you work from a computer and find it difficult to accelerate, we recommend going to the "Settings" menu. Here you should change the key binding "Run (Sprint)" to "RightShift". This is necessary so that you can hold down the move button and the right "Shift" button at the same time. You can also use glide while running. To do this, you should squat while you run.

Learn how to jump from heights correctly. If you need to descend from a height of more than 125 squares, then you can pick up a piece of furniture, then place it in the air without securing it. After this, you should jump in such a way as to fly along the installed furniture. This will soften your fall and you will not receive a level. It is worth noting that if you perform this trick incorrectly, you may crash. Soft objects (mattresses, bean bags) can reduce fall damage if you jump on them.

Daily cycle

The daily (or diurnal) cycle is the game’s alternation of day and night. Day phases last 6 minutes. During the day, employees are passive and walk aimlessly between the supermarket exhibits. Day is the best time to explore the store, search for food and building materials. A new server always starts on game Monday.

Foggy day is a day phase that occurs every 15 days (starting from the 16th day of the server’s existence). The duration of a foggy day is 6 minutes, but the time may vary due to server latency. On this day, the store is gloomy and the staff is hostile. But workers are not as fast as in the night phases and move slowly. During this time, the staff may damage you or capture you.

Night time is a dark time of day that lasts 5 minutes (may vary due to server latency). A loud click will notify you that night has fallen, followed by a warning sound. During the night phase, staff become aggressive and try to harm the nearest player. The speed of movement of workers increases. We advise you to stay under cover at night. If you did not have time to return to base, find any object in which you can hide.

Bloody Night is a night phase that occurs every 10 days and lasts 5 minutes. A sharp sound signal will inform you of its onset, followed by a scream of horror. During a bloody night, store employees become more hostile than on a normal night: they can sense players from a greater distance, jump high, and run fast. This is the most dangerous daily phase. If you can somehow survive an ordinary night outside a shelter, then during a bloody night the chance of staying alive is negligible. Therefore, immediately look for temporary shelter if you do not have time to get to any base (your own, other players’, or abandoned).

Apocalyptic calendar - this event combines a foggy day and a bloody night into 1 cycle. An event occurs every 30 days (for example, 30, 60, 90, 120, etc.). This is the most dangerous time to go to the supermarket, as employees are more aggressive than on the usual foggy days and bloody nights. To survive, we recommend following the advice of experienced players:

  1. If you were born in an apocalyptic calendar, try to get as much food as possible. It’s better to look for provisions during the day before the bloody night sets in, so you’ll have a slightly better chance of surviving.
  2. If you appeared or were reborn outside the base during the event, then you need to survive until the next regular day.
  3. If you find any provisions, you should stop searching for food and hide.
  4. Having found shelter, you need to close all entrances with available material.
  5. If you cannot find a reliable shelter, shield yourself with 2 closets.
  6. If you find yourself in an area where there are no moveable objects, climb onto a column or pole. For complete safety, you need to rise 65 cells or higher from the floor.
  7. If you used improvised objects to climb up, then move them as far away from you as possible.

Setting the clock. If you have the opportunity to deposit real money into the game, we recommend purchasing a special "Gamepass Personal Watch" pass so that you can see how much time is left until day or night. You will also hear the chimes when the time of day changes (5 strikes). Subscription costs 8 robux. You can turn off the clock in the "Settings" menu or click on the "Q" key.

3008: Employee Guide

Employees (workers, staff) are the game characters and your main enemies. During the day, they wander aimlessly between the items in the store. But as night falls, their behavior changes radically: they become aggressive, fast and smart (as far as the behavior of each employee, pre-defined by the developers, allows). Opponents can deal you from 7 to 13 units of damage. During Bloody Nights you can take up to 30 damage, and during Foggy Days you can take up to 50 damage (half your full health).

The staff do not have faces, so they are easy to distinguish from regular players. Workers also differ in body size: there are short and tall people, there are thin and overweight people. They wear regular denim pants and shirts of various colors. When they find you, they will chase you and say, "Sorry, the store is closed now! Please leave the building!"

Number of opponents. At the start of the server, the store has few employees. But every day the staff is replenished with 2 more people. A store can have a maximum of 50 employees. Therefore, the older the server, the more dangerous it is to be on it. If you are a beginner, we recommend choosing newly created servers to understand the mechanics of the game and learn how to navigate while there are few enemies.

Pushing employees is a defensive mechanic in the game. You cannot kill personnel, but to save yourself, you have the right to push the enemy away from you. You can only push workers during the night phase. On a foggy day, you cannot use this option. You can push an enemy up to 3 squares away from you. But your ping (signal speed between your device and the server) can increase this distance.

Press "CTRL+F7" in any Roblox game on your computer to check your ping.

To push your opponent away, you need to left-click (when playing on a computer) or click on the special button that appears when you highlight an employee (when playing on a mobile device). After the shock, the worker may fall to the floor and be stunned for 2 - 3 seconds. Remember that a push takes 4 - 8 units of energy from you.

Employee behavior. At night, enemies become hostile, fast and active. If workers are not provoked, they will simply walk around as if during the day. If the staff hears or sees you, they will start chasing you. The speed of trade workers on normal nights is no faster than the speed of a running player. During bloody nights, their speed increases by 2 times. Their other maneuvers also speed up. On foggy days, personnel are less aggressive than at night, but their damage increases.

Opponents will stop pursuing you as soon as you are far enough away from them. They can also lose you if you hide and don’t move. While chasing you, employees can climb ladders, jump up and jump over objects. They also have the ability to enter manholes and passages (if size allows). Workers can find workarounds to intercept you or get to your base. They also hear you or "feel" you (during the nights).

Never look back if you are being chased by an employee, especially during a bloody night or apocalyptic calendar!

Nuances of staff behavior:

  1. Workers may not break furniture. But if the furniture is not secured, they can move it.
  2. If you remove a piece of furniture from your base (while there are employees inside), the enemies will automatically leave the shelter and begin to wander around.
  3. Workers can see through small cracks and holes found in some building materials or furniture. For example, in pallets.
  4. They can get stuck in small spaces (like a closet) in a horizontal position. Pathfinding does not take into account the actual size of the employee, so you can use this error to your advantage.
  5. You can trap employees by luring them into some small space (closet, production boxes, etc.).
  6. The workers linger for a few seconds just after night falls and the hostility phase begins.
  7. Employees may become unconscious when trapped in a closet or bathtub.
  8. The staff will stop following you after they lose sight of you. We advise you to hide behind columns, stained glass windows, furniture, and so on.
  9. Opponents can climb ladders or similar objects (ladders, pallets, bookshelves, etc.). Therefore, it is better to remove such items at night if they are located on the outside of the shelter wall.

Whistling. Pressing the "H" key causes a whistle (on a computer, on a mobile device there is a special button on the control panel in the game interface), which can show your location to opponents. You can use this opportunity to create a trap for enemies. It should be remembered that whistling takes away 5 units of energy from you. If employees fall within the whistle’s range, they will appear on the map as red dots. You will be able to see their red aura through pieces of furniture.

If you see that your ally is under attack and in danger, you can whistle from a safe location. This way, the aggressive employee will be distracted from his friend and will go looking for you. You should quickly change your location so that the enemy does not detect you. In this way, you will save your comrade’s life.

Survival Tips:

Personnel Features

Knowing your employees’ abilities will help you avoid death. There are a total of 14 types of trade workers in the game. Each of them has its own parameters, on the basis of which the behavior of personnel is based. If you know who is pursuing you and what he is capable of, you will be able to quickly navigate and make the right decision to neutralize the enemy.

Harold - damage on normal nights is 20-32 units. The tall and long-legged manager has a high speed of movement. It is impossible to overtake him. If you see him, you need to quickly find cover so that he forgets about you. Thanks to his height, he can look over the high fence of the base. Therefore, it is necessary to build a completely enclosed shelter.

Regular employee (Block, Regular) - damage on regular nights is 17-30 units. These workers are quite predictable and do not differ in special parameters. When meeting them, you can use the tips we described above to neutralize them.

Assistant consultant - damage on normal nights is 20-35 units. This is a stronger version of regular employees. He can get to you faster than ordinary workers. It is also more durable. Fortify the outer wall of the shelter with cabinets or other furniture to prevent the Assistant from entering the base.

Male - damage on normal nights is 7-25 units. The employees range in size (from short to tall, but shorter than Harold and taller than Ben). They have the abilities of ordinary employees. In some cases they show more intelligence than assistant consultants.

Wide - damage on normal nights varies in a random range of up to 30 units. A strange-looking employee does not have high intelligence and intelligence. But it can cause significant harm to health.

Woman - damage on normal nights is 5-26 units. At first glance, fragile employees are very dangerous in a collision. They move the same way as ordinary workers, and they can pass through sliding doors and many manholes. She can be pushed away from you a greater distance than a man.

Hubert - damage on normal nights is 25-40 units. Dangerous employee, but rare. When meeting you, it will immediately attack. If he sees you, try to find a low object (like a table) to hide under, as he is too tall to crawl under. You can also hide from the monster in a closet or toilet. At night, Hubert emits a red glow, making him easy to spot from afar.

Abomination is a very rare employee. His behavior is similar to the habits of ordinary employees. Damage on normal nights ranges from 6 to 13 units. When meeting him, you don’t have to be too afraid, just push him away from you.

Ben - he has no upper body, only legs. Thanks to his height, Ben can climb into low passages and holes. To prevent Ben from getting into your base, you can install passages that require you to go through sideways. Since employees do not (yet) know how to turn to enter doors, they will not be able to pass through them.

Jim Skeri - he is easy to spot at night, as Jim’s face emits a white glow. On normal nights it can deal up to 40 damage. This is a dangerous opponent who can only be found on VIP servers. Due to his enormous height, Jim cannot fit into small and narrow passages. But we do not recommend hiding under pieces of furniture (for example, tables), as he can cause damage to you by pushing one of the corners. The employee is a reference to actor Jim Carrey.

Dave is a rare employee, dealing 9-15 damage on normal nights. During the day, he can simply stand in the center of any area. Although he can attack you, the chance of this is very small. He is passive at night, unlike the rest of the staff. If you take a few steps away from him, he won’t chase you.

Mannequin - smiling friendly employee. He has no aggression even on bloody nights. He can simply quickly run past you. If it bumps into any object, it goes into standby mode for a long time.

Bear 5 (appears only on VIP servers) is a reference to the mascot of the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza cafe series. He only appears during the "Bear Night" bloody nights. If the server owner has installed this character, then "Bear Night" will start every 3 nights. At this time, he is your only opponent on the map. There is also a red version of Bear 5 - Bear 5 Prime.

Both employees are enormous in size, and take away 50 - 60% of your health when hit. But you can easily hide from him, since the clubfoot will not be able to climb anywhere. At the same time, you should not stand in his sight (for example, hide in the toilet and close the door). If he sees you in a shelter, he will try to reach you with his paw.

3008: Tips for building a shelter

Over the first few nights you need to build a comfortable and safe shelter. To begin with, it is recommended to set up a small, well-fortified base, so to speak, the core of your future home. Then you should begin to gradually expand the territory of your settlement, if necessary. Please note that the doors in the game do not work properly. At the time of writing, this omission has not been corrected. Therefore, try to use them in minimal quantities.

During bloody nights, enemies can climb on top of each other, so we advise you to build high walls from durable material. You and your allies should not be visible from behind the walls. On foggy days, don’t ignore supermarket workers. They can attack you and do much more damage than at night.

Remember that on foggy days, employees cannot be stunned, but they will move slower than usual. If you meet anyone from the store staff on the way, then you need to run.

Use employee weaknesses to your advantage:

  1. Some merchants may not be able to move easily through small or tight aisles. Make the walls several layers in the form of a narrow labyrinth so that opponents cannot quickly reach your shelter.
  2. Employees cannot crouch or crawl, so you can create a low entrance that can only be entered by squatting. However, do not forget that some employees are short. For example, Ben. You need to make a passage below his height.
  3. Employees cannot pick up items, you can install doors that open.
  4. Employees do not know how to climb objects well. Create obstacles in the base to slow down their movement.
  5. Lighting will help you see better at night or on a foggy day. If you leave a shelter at night, you need to pick up a light source.
  6. You can build a sky base on pillars. This will prevent staff from reaching you if you remove the ladders.
  7. Be sure to put a roof on your base to prevent enemies from getting into the shelter from above.

Choose your construction material carefully. If you are building a shelter with several levels, we do not recommend making a base out of pallets, as employees will see you in the gap between the boards. If you wanted to make a floor from pallets, then build an additional layer that will close the gaps. But if the levels of pallets are located inside the base, and it is well reinforced, then any material can be used to install the base of the tier.

Build a base on top of industrial shelves to make it harder for store staff to reach your hideout. Also, living at the top will not allow aggressive players to throw you into a pit with employees.

Coffee tables are transparent, so you can use them to create windows to view the approaches to your hideout. Employees can see through them. But if the tables are installed above the eye level of the tallest employee, then they will not be able to look into your windows. Place small flashlights at hidden entrances so that you can use them to find hidden passages in your home. If you install TVs on the walls with the screen facing outward, then when the display is turned on, you will be able to have a small view at night without attracting the attention of rivals.

First safety, then beauty. When building a shelter, use materials that are located near your construction site to build the walls and lay the ceiling as quickly as possible. This will help you survive your first nights in the supermarket. After building a reliable shelter, you can start arranging it to your liking: redo the walls, add cozy decor, install lighting fixtures.

Try to build a base in the corners of the store. This way you will have to look for materials less, and you will definitely be sure that your 2 walls cannot be destroyed.

Use useful materials when building your base. There are a lot of different items in the supermarket, but not every item has useful properties (except for decoration). In the table below we have described the most valuable items in the store that you may need for survival.

Item name.Description.Where to find.
Bench (street or small).Can be used as a table, steps or base decoration.Street area.
Kitchen table (office, outdoor).Experienced players use tables as a foundation when building a base.Cafeteria (office, outdoor area).
Sofas (various shapes and sizes).Reduces most fall damage if you land on top of it.Living room with sofas, guest room.
Beds (various colors).Showcase with 8 beds, office, bedroom.
Bath.Many players use it as a food storage container (due to its large capacity).Bathroom.
Bookshelf.The shelf can accommodate a large number of different items. The shelf can also be used as a ladder (employees will not be able to climb it).In a department with shelves.
Fence.Can be used as a building material (you can lay out the floor if you used pallets as the base) or a fence (to enclose the base).
Ladder, stepladder.Of course, they should be used for their intended purpose. The ladder can also be useful for building and leveling the walls of the shelter.Construction zone, industrial shelves, pillars.
Chandeliers, lamps and other light sources.They create lighting within a certain radius (depending on the lamp).All over the supermarket.
Pallet (pallet).Used to build a base (walls, floors, etc.).Construction zone, industrial shelves, pillars.
TV.Creates soft light. This is the most delicately edged item in the game. Can be used for decoration or in wall construction.Guest room.
Wardrobe.Has enough space to hide in it. Can be used as temporary shelter.In a department with shelves.
Modern long rug.Can be used to close the gaps of pallets, or as an independent material for the construction of walls and doors.In a hotel with carpets.

3008: Important places on the map

Lots are areas that contain various items or consumables. They are located throughout the store. Each location has its own theme, thanks to which you can navigate the supermarket.

The cafeteria is an area that resembles a small cafeteria. This is one of the most important objects in the game, as it spawns food items necessary for your survival. The ideal place to locate the base would be a cafeteria. But to avoid attracting attention to your shelter, you can build a hidden shelter next to the cafeteria. Since other players can also find the cafeteria you like.

Remember that you should not trust unfamiliar gamers until you get to know them better. You can often meet hooligans or scammers in the game.

If you don’t have a base at night, then you can climb onto the roof of the cafe using building materials. Unlike the roofs of other areas, the dining room roof has the added benefit of an abundance of supplies. You can build a base on the roof of the plot. In this case, you will not have to travel around the store in search of supplies.

The remains of the king are a ruined area with a hole in the ground and rebar covering the hole, underneath it the lifeless body of the king can be seen. The plot appears in a random location in the store. You can get inside the hole using a tool gun (consumable). Getting out of the hole is quite simple: place a ladder (or similar object), then climb onto it, and jump over to the floor of the supermarket. If you find this site, you will receive a special "Remains of the King" badge. You can also organize a temporary shelter in a fool.

Industrial shelves are the place in the store where you can find the most useful items for building your shelter:

  1. Ladder.
  2. Pallet (pallet).
  3. Ladder.
  4. Tall work light (attracts the attention of employees).

You can organize the base on the shelves themselves. They are from 3 to 7 squares long and 1 square wide. But it is recommended to establish a shelter in this zone only if there is a cafeteria next door.

Pillars are a fundamental object in a store, since they are used to build a retail outlet. On public servers, the location of the pillars is generated by the system itself (a total of 49 pillars are placed). On VIP servers, the owner of the world can draw a map and install pillars. Each pillar is located at a distance of 8 sections from each other.

On the north side of each pillar (column) there is a computer or TV screen that you can use to navigate (we wrote about this above). Sometimes monitors fail (16% chance). In this case, you will see an error message on the display instead of the pole number. There are several types of pillars in the game:

  1. Regular - has a gray base; electrical sockets, showcases, signs and other decorative items can be located on it.
  2. Damaged is a variation of a regular pole, but you may notice small abandoned areas at the base of the pole. Sometimes reinforcement sticks out of them.
  3. Construction - several pallets scattered around. You can also find 1 staircase. A base can be placed on this pillar (as shown in the picture above).
  4. Floating house - has a dark base color. There is a wooden hut on it, in which there are rare objects.
  5. The collapsed pillar is more of a hole that was left after the destruction of the pillar by King (this event was previously carried out by the developers). Smoke is coming from the pit. At the time of writing, such pillars can only be recreated on the VIP server.
  6. King’s Pillar (King’s Remains) is another pit that remains from King’s destructive actions. In it you can find the remains of the king.

The "default" column is the base template for the other columns. Happens frequently. It can be distinguished from the other columns by the following features: a massive column that reaches the roof of the building, the lower part is black, the floor around the pillar is painted black, and a broken TV is placed on the pillar itself. These pillars are great for building sky bases.

Houseboat is a rare and special type of lot that appears on tall pillars. To climb the pole, you need to use available materials. But you need to climb very high, since the house is located almost under the roof of the building. If you are playing on a VIP server, you can use the teleportation menu to get to the hut. In the route settings, you should specify an offset of 804 squares along the "Y" axis.

On a public server, you need to find a special pillar that holds the base of the house. Several sky huts may appear on 1 server. The pillar on which the house appears has a light gray concrete base instead of black. The column may be damaged. It also does not have electrical outlets, ladders or trays. In the houseboat you can find the following objects:

Street area (outdoor area) - one of the areas of the store that intersects 2 paths. Grass also grows on the site. The corners of the site are fenced. The area itself has a picnic table, chairs, a gazebo, and a street lamp (you can interact with it).

You can use the site to build your base. Although the grate (located above the sector) has holes, you cannot crawl through them. The fence can also be used for construction. You should remember that employees can climb over the fence, so you should build it up or use it for other purposes (put it on the floor or cover the roof with it).

3008: Secrets of the game menu

Extra menu

Additional menu - has three tabs: "Game Modes", "Waypoints" and "Mod Menu". The last section is only for VIP servers. The menu can be accessed by pressing the "T" key (on a computer) or by clicking on the icon on the screen of a mobile device (it looks like several boxes stacked together).

By going to "Game Modes", you can see the full list of game varieties:

  1. "100 players" - the rules of the main game apply, but instead of 16 players, 100 people participate in the mode.
  2. "Single Player" is the main game with an additional VIP menu. Here you will survive solo without the help of other players.
  3. "Shattered Reality" is a game with distorted rules. In the mode, corners of the store and signs are scattered in a chaotic manner, while they float in the air.
  4. "700 (2000) players" is a regular game mode with up to 2000 players.
  5. "Dave’s Clock" - you find yourself in an abstract place where there is nothing but a clock on the wall. You just stand there and look at your watch. The time that the arrows count is equivalent to your real time. After some time, you will be thrown into the guest room and you will receive the Patience sign.

Shattered Reality is a game mode that can be accessed from the VIP menu or selected when creating a map. This mode has its advantages. For example, you rarely see employees, and when night falls, the store turns on soft lighting. There are no foggy days or bloody nights in this mode. Staff do not gather in groups. But there are also a number of disadvantages:

  1. Cracks in the floor that make movement difficult. If you fall into the void, you will die. On VIP servers you cannot die, so you will simply be thrown anywhere on the map.
  2. Dips in the floor are almost impossible to get around. Therefore, you can build bridges or constantly jump over cracks (which is not safe).
  3. Vital restoration products are few and difficult to discover.

Settings menu

The settings menu has 4 tabs:

  1. Credits - Displays a short list of developers, including Uuggburger0, and your name.
  2. Controls - all information about the main controls is concentrated here. You can, if necessary, reassign the buttons if you play from a computer. To return to the default settings, click on the "R" button, which is located next to the settings.
  3. Donations - in this section you can thank the developer for the game with real money. This action will not provide gaming advantages, but will allow the company to further develop.
  4. Settings - gives you the ability to control various game functions. To activate the option, you need to check the box next to the action you are interested in.

Game functions in settings:

Inventory is a special game option that allows you to carry 16 consumable items with you. The inventory can be accessed by pressing the "G" key (on a computer) or the button of the same name on the screen (mobile device). All inventory items are displayed at the bottom of the screen above the stat bars. To use any object, you must first select it in the inventory panel. On VIP servers, you can reduce the number of inventory slots to 0 (to make things more difficult for players), or increase them to 100 slots.

3008: How to manage a VIP server?

The mod menu is a tab in the settings that is only available on VIP servers for players who have permission to access them (permission can be obtained by writing to the developers on Roblox). This menu has a large number of options for changing game settings. For example, creating new objects, changing gravity, throwing force and much more.

Moderator menu - access to the section can be obtained by players with the rank of moderator and above. Moderators in the game can monitor ongoing events on the server. These people can create objects, kick people and teleport them anywhere in the supermarket, so you need to trust the person to give them permission to manage the server. Moderators can only make changes in sections highlighted in light blue (top 4 lines in the picture above).

To create and configure your server, you must first purchase it from the game developer. To do this, you need to go to the "Servers" tab on the game details page in Roblox. Here you need to open the "Private Server" section. To create your own store, you must read the license agreement and accept its terms. Then you can choose a name for your world. Having completed the preparatory manipulations, you should click on the "Buy Now" command. After purchasing, you can start setting up your supermarket.

Employee menu - here you can create different types of employees one by one. You can also customize your staff or remove all employees currently on the map. You can create 8 types of employees. You can also choose clothes for them from the samples presented.

Remove players menu - allows you to remove people from the game, and prevents them from returning to the server. You can select a person from the list of players and kick him out for a specific reason. To prevent this person from logging in again, check the box next to the "Deny access to server" command. Blacklisting your Roblox username will ensure that no one can access your world from that account.

The menu is useful for moderators and game administrators to combat unscrupulous players. You can kick a player for using third-party programs (cheats). Also, the system will automatically remove a person from the game if he tries to use the mod menu on any server without being a trusted person.

Spawn menu - here you can create any object in the game, configure item parameters and create secret elements exclusive to VIP servers. There are 3 scenarios for the appearance of items:

Teleport menu - allows you to instantly transport a person from one place to another. You can teleport a player to you, or teleport yourself to a player. An offset teleport is also available, which allows you to get under the roof of a supermarket, or to another place.

Administrator menu - available only to server administrators. This section includes advanced game settings. If you decide to appoint someone as an administrator, then you must know this person well. You also need to be sure that the administrator will not abuse his powers.

Music Menu - Here you can change the background music to any sound you have uploaded to Roblox. To change a track, you must first select any song from the list. Then go to the Roblox audio library.

Player settings menu - the settings section for any selected player on the server: you can change his current health and energy, maximum health and energy, rank (available only to the server owner). You can change the ability of players to interact with objects in the store. There are also some special settings that allow you to give the gamer you are interested in individual characteristics.

Time menu - here the current daily cycle is changed. You can adjust the length of day and night in minutes. The maximum amount of time allocated for day or night is 1 hour. The default cycle length is 6 minutes during the day and 5 minutes at night. You can make things more difficult for players by changing the loop type. For example, you can set a foggy day during a bloody night, or loop day and night, then the server will be constantly light or dark.

VIP server owner menu - only the owner of the world can use this section. If you decide to open your own furniture store, you can make radical changes throughout the map. For example, make fine adjustments to the game.

Map creation menu - here the world is created using custom graphics, room sizes and ceiling heights. You can install roof supports (bearing posts). To create a map with your own graphs, you need to go to another tab and adjust certain parameters or change the probability of any item appearing.

Server default menu - allows you to change certain settings on the server. For example, can players interact with objects or will items be static (except for consumables). The changes will automatically affect all gamers who survive on your server.

The work area is a section of the menu where you change the throw multiplier (how far you can throw an item), gravity (a factor that determines the stability of elements and players on the floor). A low value allows you to jump high, but a high value may make jumping impossible. The default is 1 for throw and 196.2 for gravity.

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