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Apeirophobia Roblox WiKi: Review of Guides and game Secrets

Apeirophobia is a multiplayer horror game developed by Polaroid Studios. You take on the role of a person stuck in the backyard of reality. The main goal is to survive and return to the real world. You find yourself in a strange place full of dangers. To get out, you need to solve puzzles and avoid monsters that can really scare you. Constant tension will not make you bored!


  1. Promo Codes
  2. Beginner’s Guide
  3. Walkthrough 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 levels of the game
  4. Passage of 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 levels of the game
  5. Passage of 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 levels of the game
  6. Essence Guide
  7. Tips for getting badges and titles

Apeirophobia: Promo Codes

Where to enter a promo code? Open the main menu of the game. You will see a table in which you should select the "Codes" section (located on the left side). Enter the code characters you have in the active "Enter code" line, and press the "Enter" button.

Promo codes. Since the release of the game, the developers have released only 1 gift code - 100kfavorites. For it, you get the title "Cheerful". It will be displayed as purple on your nickname.

How to get a promo code? We are constantly monitoring the appearance of new codes released by the developer. Therefore, visit our page more often. Thus, you will be able to receive a gift from the developer.

Apeirophobia: Beginner’s Guide

At the start of the game, you appear in an incomprehensible gateway among hooligans. They hit you on the head, after which you find yourself at adventure level 0. This is a strange room without windows, like a labyrinth. In order for you to be able to leave the series of labyrinths, warehouses and garages (which make up the game levels), you are given 5 lives. After you die, an inscription appears on the screen with a proposal to resurrect. You can return to the start of the game (lobby) or continue the passage from the moment of death.

Essences. Throughout the adventure, you will encounter various creatures. Some of them are very aggressive and dangerous. Others are not particularly dangerous, they are easy to deceive and run away. But we advise you to always stay on your guard, as even the most calm, at first glance, monster can be deadly destructive.

Notes. At the levels you can find entries made in the form of a drawing on a sheet of paper. These are kind of hints so that you can deal with the puzzle or leave the location alive. The maps that you will navigate through may have several parts to pass.

Each part will have its own tasks that you will have to complete in order to open access to the exit. Usually, such parts contain their own notes. Some levels do not have hints. In this case, you can carefully look around, there is a chance that you will find some arrows or symbols on the walls directing you to the goal.

Simulation kernels are collectible items. If you collect all the cores, you will receive the "Reality" badge and the "Reality" title. Badges and titles do not bring gaming benefits, but you can show off your achievements to friends or other players. In the table below, we have detailed all the locations of the cores.

Level.The location of the nuclei.
0Behind Ben’s chair - on the left wall at the spawn point it says "This way?". The chair is hard to find, so you need to go to the left of the wall, go upstairs, then turn right. You will see a small entrance, enter it. The chair must be in the room. You will find the second core at the end of a very long corridor.
1In the far left corner from the entrance to part 2 (slightly to the right of the left corner) you will find the only simulation egg on the level.
3After opening the gate to the right of the spawn point, go left, there should be a large entrance. Enter it and turn right. In the corner of the bathroom lies the first core. You will find the second core after passing through the exit door, under the stairs.
9After reaching the slides, on the left side you will see a room. Entering it, you should notice the core. To find this place, just stick to the left side of the level.

Wardrobes - On some levels you can find wardrobes. You need to check them, as they may contain items necessary to complete the task (screwdriver, keys, and so on). When you click on the door, an animation of opening the cabinet is played. It is accompanied by a characteristic sound. It can tell a creature (eg Hound) where you are. Therefore, you need to quickly inspect the contents of the closet, and leave the place.

lockers are furniture that spawns on most levels. You can hide in them, as this is an easy and quick way to fool the monster. Then, most likely, the entity will simply pass you by. But there are some monsters that can find you inside the locker and destroy you along with it. For example, the Smiling Titan.

In some locations, you can move through the lockers. Thus, you will protect yourself from some creatures. At levels 6 and 10 you will find lockers, but you will not be able to use them.

Checkpoints are ways to return to certain levels. If you pass a new level, it will unlock a checkpoint in the lobby from which you can start a new game. Dots cannot be used if you are on Nightmare difficulty.

Whistling is a sound signal that you can give to party members in multiplayer mode. Before starting the adventure, you can agree with the team members about signaling (during the passage, the chat does not work): for example, 2 whistles - you see the entity, 1 whistle - you are in a quandary, and so on.


Items are important aspects of the game, with which you can go on adventures and solve puzzles. Basically, each level has its own individual items. But there are things that you will use in several locations. There are also certain items that you can purchase in the store before going through with robux.

The flashlight is a unique camera tool that you automatically receive when you log into the game. This is a necessary item for each level, as many locations have many dark places. They are very important to see, and the flashlight does its job well.

The camera is an item that you automatically have at the start of the passage. The camera is a great tool for getting closer to distant objects. You can also get night vision by purchasing the Advanced Camera from the store with robux.

Key - they are needed to pass some levels:

Book of Essences - you can find it in the 2nd part of the 7th level behind the 2nd shelf. It gives an idea of ​​several entities found in different locations:

  1. Howler.
  2. Beagle.
  3. Skin Walker.
  4. Smiling Titan.
  5. Party-goer.

Some pages are torn, making reading the information difficult or impossible. In the level 8 opening cutscene, you can see that the man has picked up the book and will use it throughout the game. You must leave level 7 with this book in hand.

The Level Book is one of the 3 main books located on level 7. The book has a crimson cover with white eyes. The volume contains information about all levels of the game. Although some pages are crossed out, making it difficult to find information.

Book of Research - This tome can be found in part 2 of level 7 on one of the many shelves. It is necessary for your escape from the location. It contains a lot of valuable information. The research book gives you a big list of numbers on 2 pages. These numbers are the code to open the door.

Developer test site

Normally, you can’t get to this location, however, and the game has an unfixed bug (at the time of writing) that teleports you to this location. Many beginners cannot understand where they are, because before that they went through a completely different level. The chance to get to the place of testing appears at the moment of using the control points of any level of the game.

On the location you can meet several items from different levels (valves, locks, notes, and so on). But you cannot interact with them. You can also find many stairs leading to the void. There is a large, time-trapped bay of water that you can swim in, but be careful - you can drown and lose your life. You can also meet the entity - the Smiling Phantom.

How to return to the game? You need to constantly restart the gameplay. So you can return to the level that you should pass. Be careful, because returning to this location, you can drown in the pool or meet a monster.

Apeirophobia: Walkthrough 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 levels of the game

Level 0 - Lobby

Level features:

  1. 3 level of difficulty.
  2. Huge safe place.
  3. Risk of death.
  4. 2 hostile creatures.
  5. 2 simulation cores.

The goal is to roam the map following the black arrows. This way you will find a ladder leading to a vent in the wall (corner of the map). After going through the vent and falling down, you will complete your journey.

Go in the direction of the arrows on the wall to find the exit.

Notes. There is only 1 note in the level, it shows you running towards a ladder that gives you access to a vent in the wall, and an entity follows you (it’s crossed out). The note says "More! More!"

Level 1 - Billiards

Level features:

  1. 2 level of difficulty.
  2. 2 safe places.
  3. Risk of death.
  4. 1 simulation core.

The goal is to find 6 different valves on the pipes that are located throughout the level. As soon as you turn all the valves, there will be a sudden noise coming from the exit. The sound lets you know that you can leave the level.

Valves. Clicking or tapping on the valves will move your camera to the front of the valve and from there you can control them (it doesn’t matter), after turning the valve a loud sound will be heard. It means that the valve has been turned all the way. To take action you need:

  1. On the computer - click on the valve and hold "A" or "D" to turn the valve. (A = left, D = right).
  2. On mobile - touch the valve and hold one of the arrows to turn the valve.

The exit is the gate next to which there is a red light. It means you haven’t turned all the valves yet. But if you have completed the task, then the light will turn green and the gate will open, revealing the previously blocked area. This area is quite small but has a long hole in the middle that leads you to the sewers.

Water - at the level of a lot of puddles with spilled liquid. Diving into water will slow you down. Under water, vision deteriorates. You can also drown if you swim in the water for too long. We recommend crossing puddles in narrow places so as not to die.

Run and jump as you enter the water, as this will allow you to stay above it for a longer period of time. However, this will not save you, so be careful anyway.

Notes. There is only 1 note in this whole level, which is on the wall with a huge arrow. The note says that you will need to find 6 valves on the map and turn them. The drawing shows the creature of this level - the Starfish.

Level 2 - Windows

Level features:

  1. 1 difficulty level.
  2. Everywhere is safe.
  3. No risk of death.
  4. Essenceless.
  5. No simulation cores.
  6. You can leave the level by jumping off the platform.

The goal is to follow the only path you can take. At the end there will be a giant pit. Jumping into the hole will end your adventure in this level.

To the left of the spawn point you will find a bathroom, it has a toilet and shower curtains. You can’t see through the curtains and they can’t be moved. Returning to the beginning, and turning right, you will notice the kitchen. It has a refrigerator, several drawers and a shelf. After returning to the beginning and climbing the stairs, you will find yourself in a completely different part of the map.

Use this level as a break because you will have to deal with the difficult level 3.

Level 3 - Abandoned office

Level features:

  1. 3 level of difficulty.
  2. There are safe places.
  3. Risk of death.
  4. Hostile entity.
  5. 2 simulation cores.

1st part of the level - consists of a room with a wooden floor. In the distance you can see the exit door with a luminous sign. Going forward along the corridor, you will find a massive gate blocking part of the level, which can soon be opened. There is another area with a metal floor, and a couple of other rooms to explore.

Part 2 of the level - after you managed to open the gate, you can move on to the next part. This is a huge room in which most of the things are made of metal. On the right side you will be greeted by different rooms with buttons inside. On the left side, next to the entrance, you will find the bathroom.

Exit. After you open and enter the exit door, you will come to a large flight of stairs and see another door. When you get to the end of the stairs, you will find 1 more door. This is the entrance to level 4.

The goal is to find all the keys in part 1 of the level that open the locks on the gates. All 3 keys you need to find are hidden inside the cabinets. In part 2 of the level, you need to press all the buttons hidden in this area. All buttons are in separate rooms. The rooms within the area are not much different from each other, but the buttons can be hidden in plain sight or in cabinets. After that, you can leave the location.

Notes. Note 1 has an image of a Hound. An eye and an ear are drawn around it. The eye is crossed out and the ear is ticked. Note 2 shows people opening cabinets with keys inside. There is also a painting of a man being chased by the Hound. Figure 3 shows people who are happy (because they found all the buttons). There is also a dead person, possibly bitten by the Hound.

Crouch throughout the level, this will make it harder for the Hound to pinpoint your exact location.

The dog can sometimes howl, causing your heart rate to increase rapidly and the screen to shake violently if you are within range of the howl. If you stand completely still, nothing happens. You can often hear the Hound sniffing at you when close. But it doesn’t affect the gameplay.

Level 4 - Sewer pipes

Level features:

  1. 1 difficulty level.
  2. Everywhere is safe.
  3. Risk of death from drowning.
  4. Essenceless.
  5. No simulation cores.

The goal is to complete the level by finding the stairs that lead you to the labyrinth. After leaving the labyrinth, you will find a way out. The exit door is a long white portal.


  1. When you find yourself in the maze, go to the far left corner. This will help you find a way out.
  2. If you come across a tunnel that goes under a huge billiard room and a labyrinth, do not enter it, as it is a waste of time.

Danger. The water rises incessantly while you are on the map. But the liquid rises relatively slowly. However, you need to be careful, if you don’t find your way out quickly, you may drown. After immersion in liquid, you will die in a few seconds.

Level 5 - Cave system

Level features:

  1. 3 level of difficulty.
  2. There are no safe zones.
  3. Risk of death.
  4. Hostile entity.
  5. No simulation cores.

The goal is to escape, you need to go through all the spikes that are on the map. There are no puzzles in the level, just try not to die. Once you’re near the exit, you’ll hear strange noises coming from a purple glowing portal. Follow these sounds and you will find a portal. It is recommended not to go through the small tunnel to the left of the teleporter, just go around it to the right (through a large hole). Entering the portal will lead to level 6.

Notes. The only note contains an image of a man with a flashlight walking along the path, Skin Walker hiding among the stalagmites not far from him. Black doodles show where the darkness will be.


  1. Use the right hand rule to quickly leave the location. The method is to follow the right wall. So you will find your way out in less than 3 minutes.
  2. Make sure that no one in your group (if you are running the adventure with other players) is using an item that obscures the player’s eyes.
  3. If you hear someone whistling (other than your teammates), move in the opposite direction. If you are playing with friends, text them not to whistle, as this can confuse team members and kill them.
  4. If you see a player who recently died walking towards you, run. Because it’s Skin Walker.
  5. When the entity steals the appearance of people, it will always have white glowing eyes that can warn you that this is not your partner. In order to recognize Skin Walker when he stole the appearance, you should hold your flashlight / camera, as he can copy this action.

Apeirophobia: Passage of 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 levels of the game

Level 6 - !!!!!!!!!!

Level features:

  1. 4 difficulty level.
  2. There are no safe zones.
  3. Risk of death.
  4. Aggressive entity.
  5. No simulation cores.

This level is a 10 km long hospital corridor with a dark gray tiled ceiling and repeating doors on the left and right sides. The location has repetitive obstacles: you will have to slip through them, crouch, go through open doors. In addition, alarm sounds are constantly ringing in the ears.

The goal is to overcome obstacles. You need to hurry so that you are not grabbed by the main entity of this level (Smiling Titan). The exit is a glowing pink door. After passing through the door, you will complete your marathon.


  1. Start running right away as you have a few seconds head start.
  2. Jumping makes you faster, don’t forget that.

Level 7 - The end?

Level features:

  1. 1 difficulty level.
  2. Everywhere is safe.
  3. No risk of death.
  4. Essenceless.
  5. No simulation cores.

The goal is to solve all the puzzles and end up in the room with the second computer. In part 1, you will need to find multi-colored gems, write down the number of gems of the same color and convert them into a code. In part 2 you have to go through a lot of codes in the book, picking up the right code. In part 3, when you go to level 8, you need to save the Book of Essences.

Part 1 of the level is the area you spawn in and is filled with wooden shelves and wooden items. Papers are scattered throughout the level, but the only important one is a note. There is a large giant gate on the far right that you need to open.

Part 2 - by entering the code on the keyboard, you will find yourself in a long corridor, it has different paths. The far right is the correct option: you will enter a small room with boxes, papers, and ventilation. Climb up the vent, and you will fall into a long ventilation system.

At the end you will find a room with a fallen shelf. Go further, there will be 1 more room with numerous shelves, where there are 2 books, one of them is the Book of Essences, and the other is a special book that gives a lot of codes. They need to be entered on the next keyboard.

Part 3 - opening the door and going inside, you will find yourself in the same small room as in the previous part. You should climb up the vent again, and go into the ventilation system. But going a little further, you will see several holes on the wall. You need access to a room with a computer.

1 puzzle - to solve the puzzle, you must find 6 gems. Remember their number and color, as it is necessary to solve the riddle. Once you have found all the stones, approach the computer. On the screen you will see the text shown in the picture above.

Write down the gems and their color so you can solve the puzzle more easily.

Explanation. The first number is the color number. For example, the number of yellow is 5, the number of orange is 7. The second number is the order in which the colors should be placed. We have a number that is constantly changing. This is a quantity number, which is equal to the number of gems of a certain color that you have. For example, if you have 2 yellow stones, the number will be 25: 2 is the number and 5 is the color number.

Priority - it shows in what order they need to be placed stones. For example, we have 2 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue, 2 purple. The code will be 21131526. Entering the characters into the computer will give you 1 more code, which will unlock part 2 of the level.

2 puzzle. In part 2 of the level, you will be surrounded by a lot of shelving. Some of them have a book that you can interact with. For example, the book of entities. You need a volume with many four-digit codes, because one of them is the code that can open the lock. The only way to solve this puzzle is to guess the codes written in the book.

3 puzzle. You have a computer on your desk that will ask you to restart it. This is needed to open the exit (garage door at the beginning). You should write "y". Then you can leave the location.

Level 8 - End

Level features:

  1. 4 difficulty level.
  2. There are safe places.
  3. Risk of death.
  4. An extremely aggressive entity.
  5. No simulation cores.

The goal is to get to the far left location from the spawn point, which will take you to the cafeteria. Once you are there, it is recommended to jump into the locker to the left of the entrance, the aggressive entity will be in the room, but after a while it will leave and go to part 1. After the monster leaves the room, it is recommended to simply run to the exit from part 2.

Part 1 - consists of gray walls, completely dark. You will have to go with a flashlight always on. There are gray lockers where you can hide from the entity. There are also many dead ends, so be careful. The exit from this part will be on the far left - it’s a big hole leading to a new area.

Part 2 - in this part you will find a lot of chairs and lockers. The exit is located at the far end to the right of the entrance. This part is called "armchair room".

Part 3 - you can see a little light, there are lights of different colors. Follow the green light, which will lead you to a room with red lights. Follow the red glow that will lead you to the room with the vent up - this is the exit from the level.

A note. There is only 1 note per level. She shows that the entity is confused as she looks at the player entering the vent in the wall. You can see the table and some scratches on the floor.


  1. We recommend that you go into the locker immediately after you hear the steps of the creature. If she sees you, you won’t be able to hide.
  2. There are different ways to complete this level, these ways are shown on the map above.
  3. Use a flashlight as the only thing you can see from the creature without a flashlight is its red eye and red light.

Level 9 - Greatness

Level features:

  1. 1 difficulty level.
  2. Everywhere is safe.
  3. Risk of death from drowning.
  4. Essenceless.
  5. 1 simulation core.

The level contains a large swimming pool with sidewalks around it. In front of the exit there will be a long room leading to other empty rooms, some of them have holes in the wall. The exit on this level is a large pool with a ladder attached to its edges, there are arrows around the pool indicating that you must jump into it.

The goal is to just walk around until you find a pool with arrows. There is nothing complicated about the location. You just need to jump into the pool to advance to the next level.

Go all the way straight until you find the exit.

Level 10 - Abyss

Level features:

  1. 4 difficulty level.
  2. There are no safe zones.
  3. Risk of death.
  4. An extremely aggressive entity.
  5. No simulation cores.

The goal is to find the keys to some lockers and then open the door (4 doors in total in each corner of the map). If you find the right door, you will be transported to level 11. Level 10 is a parking lot with lots of lockers and street lights. On the pavement, you will notice numerous notes, although their content remains unreadable.

Notice the stop sign. Attached is a mysterious note. It features the Smiling Titan, you can see the street lights and the locker where the man is hiding. Make a note to return to the note later for further research. Sometimes you will stumble upon lockers with surprises, and among the keys that you find, you can find the right key. It stands out in a unique color, different from the rest.

Exit. In each corner of the map, you will come across imposing dark gray walls flanked by two lockers on each side. Over these walls hang unlit spotlights. To access this area, you need to walk up the ramp. Behind these walls is a locked door. Try to open it, if you succeed, you will go to level 11.


  1. If you are playing with a group, it is recommended that 1 person hide in a locker throughout the level. This attracts the Smiling Titan, and keeps him close to the player all the time.
  2. If you hear footsteps, run in the opposite direction.
  3. All exits are in the corner of the map.

Apeirophobia: Passage of 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 levels of the game

Level 11 - Warehouse

Level features:

  1. 3 level of difficulty.
  2. Safe everywhere but the Void.
  3. Risk of death due to extreme parkour.
  4. Essenceless.
  5. No simulation cores.

When you appear, you will notice a large room. Behind you is a gate that you need to open to get through. Looking around, you will notice many paintings on the walls, separate rooms with metal shelves and wooden boxes scattered everywhere. You can also often find random sheets of paper. After opening the gate, you will be taken to the 2nd part of the location. Here you will need to make your way through tall cabinets. Falling from them will result in your death.

Goal - Here you have several goals (depending on the area you are in). In the spawn area, you must pick up a code to get a crowbar and open the door. On the computer, enter the letter "y", so you will open the gate. In the last area, you need to get the key, open the door by pressing the button next to the exit.

To select a code on a computer, you need gems. They can be in the room to the right of the spawn point and the keyboard is to the left. Keys are items that allow you to unlock certain areas. After passing through the darkness after the gate with the button, you will be taken to level 12.


  1. It is very difficult to jump in the zone of metal racks, sometimes you have to run up to make a jump.
  2. Be very careful while jumping. Look around and see if there are any obstacles blocking your jump.

Level 12 - Creative minds

Level features:

  1. 1 difficulty level.
  2. Everywhere is safe.
  3. No risk of death.
  4. Essenceless.
  5. No simulation cores.

The goal is to find the paintings hidden in the orphanage and place them on the easels. You must arrange the paintings in the correct order, and once the painting is in the right place, there will be a loud, supernatural sound and the room will turn a little redder. After that, the exit will open - a massive garage door.

As soon as you exit the starting door, you will see a rack with picture frames, it is in these frames that you need to put the paintings you found. There are 2 doors in the easel room: one leads you to most of the level, and the other leads to the exit. Go to a large area where you can find many items such as a piano with rotten wood, custom-sized office chairs, and so on. Among this chaos, you will find paintings.

Level 13 - Entertainment rooms

Level features:

  1. 4 difficulty level.
  2. Two safe zones.
  3. Risk of death.
  4. An extremely aggressive entity.
  5. No simulation cores.

The goal is to escape the level, you must find the buttons with 5 stars on the playground. Then collect 3 plush party people. They may be in different areas. You will find the exit door inside the theater. The portal appears after you collect the plush toys.

Part 1 - when you appear, you will notice that you are in a large room with two green columns. Heading forward, you will come across a reception desk with a computer. If you go to the right, you will come out to the playground. After you find the keys, the locked area at the reception will be unlocked. After that, the essence of the level - the Party Man will become active. He will pose a very big threat to you, since he cannot be seen without a camera, and he can teleport behind you.

Part 2 - if you go straight, you will get to the theater. This is where the Plush toy usually spawns. You need to find 3 to complete the level. At the back of the theatre, backstage, you will come across 2 black and very dark mazes, the last one contains a plush party animal. Said labyrinth is yellow rather than black, tending slightly towards white.

An important area - located near the theater and separated from it by walls. In it you can find plush party people. To get to this area, you need to go through several rooms on the left side of the map.

Notes. Note 1 shows a person and a playground area with an arrow pointing to one of the star buttons. At the beginning of the arrow in front of the cross is the number "3". Figure 2 shows 2 scenes: 1 shows an empty room, and the other shows a person pointing the camera at the entity, saying that the entity cannot be seen without a camera. On note 3 you will see a man with a bubble over his head. There are 3 toys inside the bubble.


  1. Watch your back, the entity teleports every few seconds.
  2. Essence will always be transferred to the nearest player.
  3. Try to complete the level in a group with at least 1 player. One of you must distract the monster while the other works on completing the level.
  4. You need to use the camera to see the entity.
  5. You can get close to the entity, it won’t kill you while you’re looking at it.

Level 14 - Power plant

Level features:

  1. 3 level of difficulty.
  2. There are no safe zones.
  3. Risk of death.
  4. Aggressive entity.
  5. No simulation cores.

Objective - At the end of the first corridor there is a locked electric door, next to it is a gray box with black screws on each corner. You will need a screwdriver to remove the screws. Inside you will find 10 multi-colored wires, for which you will need a bolt cutter. You need to cut the correct wire.

If you bite the wrong wire, raise the alarm. If this happens, start cutting all the wires. Once you find the right wire, the alarm will turn off and the electric door will open. There is a computer in the open room. Click on the letter "y" to open the exit.

The beginning of this level is a long corridor with yellow tiled walls. At the end of it there is an open gate that you can go through. Behind it you will find a series of long passages and rooms, you will also find a locked room in which the computer is located. The door of the locked room has an electric lock that will only open after the electrical box has been tampered with.

Lever room. Going further, you will find yourself in a room with 5 generators. An important part of the room is the levers. Every time a creature of this level (Stalker) scares you, an alarm goes off and the light starts flashing red, heard with an annoying loud sound. Turn 3 levers, then the next monster appears. If you don’t make it, you will die.

Exit. Once you solve the puzzle, and press "y" on the computer in the locked room in part 2 of the location, a gate will open (shown in the picture above). A long corridor with white tiled walls opens up. It has a stack of crates at the start and a ladder in the middle. It will lead you to a big door that is made of darkness, darkness is your way out.


  1. Try to remember the corner where the start is, as it is very close to the rooms, such as the lever room, and to the exit.
  2. The exit will always be to the left of the start, just go in that direction.

Level 15 - Ocean of the last frontier

Level features:

  1. 2 level of difficulty.
  2. There are safe zones.
  3. Risk of death.
  4. An aggressive but slow entity.
  5. No simulation cores.

The goal is to make sure your lifeboat has no problems. A few things can slow down or completely stop a skiff from moving: A hole that allows water to flow slows the boat down a bit. Patch the holes, for this you need to hold "E" on the computer or the hint button on the mobile device.

If your engine suddenly breaks down, your vehicle will stall. You will not be able to continue on your way until you fix the motor. Swimming close enough to the opposite shore will transport you to level 16.

Level 16 - A crumbling memory

Level features:

  1. 4 difficulty level.
  2. There are no safe zones.
  3. Risk of death.
  4. A very aggressive entity when angered.
  5. No simulation cores.

The goal is to collect 3 items: gasoline, matches and a bear trap. As soon as you spawn, you will notice several arrows pointing down a corridor. Follow them as they will lead you to the items needed to complete the map. When you pick up an item, the arrows change direction to point to the next one.

Gasoline and matches . Level 16 is very similar to level 0, except that it is destroyed by some unknown creature. You can find arrows that will lead you to your current destination. The room containing the petrol can be accessed after going through a corridor that looks like a snail shell pattern.

The match room is much larger than the gas room, and has a lot of black slime in it. You need to find a fallen pillar, which, when falling, made a hole in the wall. On the pole you will find matches. You need gasoline and matches to set the Deformed Howler on fire after you trap him.

Bear trap - an item used to capture essence. Without it, you will not be able to pass the location. The trap is next to the steel stairs behind the wall. You will then need to return to the spawn point. The trap will automatically drop to the ground. If you step on it, it won’t hurt you.

Get close to the entity and lead it to the trap. Be careful, as the monster might get angry. If he goes into a rage, you will not be able to make him run into a trap.

Exit. To escape, you need to kill the Deformed Howler by trapping it. A cutscene will then play showing the entity chasing you, then you pull the lever and the monster is caged. You need to fill the essence with gasoline and set it on fire. This will trigger the final cutscene.

Apeirophobia: Essence Guide

Smiling phantom


Ability - an entity can frighten you at any time. If you look at it, your vision will turn purple and there will be a loud explosion sound. At this point, you will begin to say strange words. The phantom scares you when you least expect it.


  1. The phantom can be seen before it scares you if you turn your attention to it.
  2. Going to the level in which the Phantom appears, set yourself up to meet him.


Operator - Howler’s assistant, both are on the same level. The operator is almost harmless, and if you see one, run as fast as you can and try to hide around corners until your screen is no longer blurry.

Don’t get close to the Operator or he will kill you. Avoid contact at all costs.

Operator Features:

  1. Speed ​​(flaw) - walks slowly, and stands still during an alarm. Even while chasing or tracking players, it remains slow.
  2. Alert - Shouts loudly and warns Howler of his whereabouts.
  3. Stun - Releases a round green aura that can stun you if he is close enough. The stun causes the screen to dim and slow (possibly kill) your run.
  4. Deprived of meaning - emits small circles while screaming, canceling the actions of players using the "Sixth Sense" ability (can be bought in the store and robux).
  5. Squeal - screams and blurs the screen.
  6. Tracking - While screeching, a small recording screen appears. This indicates that the Operator is watching you.


This is a creature that is at level 1. She is relatively slow. At the same time, he is able to adapt to the environment. The star behaves like a Howler. She will start chasing you as soon as she sees you. She doesn’t scream when she sees you. She can be easily fooled by going around walls with sharp corners. The star swims very well in the water, so we do not recommend hiding in puddles.

If you see a Starfish - do not panic, you can easily get away from it. If you are playing the game as a team, you can distract the Star while your friends turn the valves. Stay at the end of the level 1 corridor and whistle. She won’t be able to get through.

Try to touch the water as little as possible, as this will give the Starfish your location.

Starfish Disadvantages:


  1. Aquatic species - can swim in water and not sink.
  2. Swimming - moves quickly in water.
  3. Detection - can track your location inside any body of water.
  4. Stealthy Predator - The Star is much quieter than most creatures, aside from its grunts. Your heartbeat only activates at very close range.


Appears at level 3. As of this writing, the Hound is the only entity that crawls. She wanders around like a normal creature, but as soon as she hears a noise (footsteps or opening a closet), she quickly goes to the sound. If you move while crouching, the Hound will not react.

Don’t run, no matter what you do. Never run. Just stay crouched. If the Hound approaches you, stop or it will kill you. Always walk in silence.

Peculiarities. The hound can come running from far away if it hears you. The entity cannot detect you if you are climbing the cabinets. There is an invisible wall that the Hound cannot pass through when respawning. You can use this to keep her in place while other players (if you’re passing in a group) look for keys and press buttons.

If you touch a monster, don’t die. The Hound only kills if it finds you. But she can kill you when she makes sounds. If you stop her from "howling" without even making a noise, you will be killed.

Safe places. The entity cannot enter rooms that have map buttons, making them safe places. You can make noise or take a breath in them. But be careful when you leave the premises, because the Hound may be right outside the door if you made a lot of noise.

Hound Disadvantages:


  1. Excellent hearing - the entity can hear everything you do: run, jump, whistle, open boxes, and so on.
  2. Speed ​​- if you anger the monster, for example, run away from him, the Hound will catch up with you in a matter of seconds. Her speed increases when enraged.

Skin Walker

Appears at level 5. The Skin Walker can be a dangerous creature if not handled with care. In a single passage with him there will be no special problems. But if you go through the game in a squad, then it can greatly hinder you.

Skin Walker usually walks around trying to find you, like any other creature. He is not very smart and can easily get stuck on spikes. The entity whistles to mislead you by pretending to be the whistle of the team members.


  1. If you see glowing white eyes, run in the opposite direction.
  2. If you see that your friend, who died not so long ago, is approaching you, run. A shifted werewolf will give out white glowing eyes.
  3. To prevent team members from getting confused, use an avatar whose elements do not cover the eyes so that the monster can be detected by them.
  4. If you hear a whistle, go in the opposite direction.

Walker Features:

Smiling Titan

One of the largest creatures in the game and one of the most dangerous. He runs after you at levels 6 and 10, trying to kill you. But at level 10, he doesn’t chase you down the hallway, allowing you to escape him and survive. Has the ability to follow you in the open.

The titan will rush after you, destroying everything in its path (level 6). At level 10, he will hunt you down. It is programmed to always know your current location. This allows him to always find his prey. Do not try to hide from him, as it is useless. Once you hide, it will circle around your hideout, eventually leading to your death.


  1. Don’t hide in lockers (if you’re soloing). In a team, you can thus buy time for your teammates.
  2. Always be on the move (level 6), otherwise the Titan will catch you very easily. Try not to trip over obstacles as this can slow you down.
  3. Don’t try to hide in certain places (level 10) because the entity always knows where you are.
  4. If another player is closer to the Titan (level 10) than you, he will switch to that player.

Titan Features:

  1. Heavy tread (flaw) - the steps of this entity are very loud, letting you know that the entity is very close.
  2. Strength - the monster can break everything in its path (level 6), which makes this entity seem more aggressive.
  3. Speed ​​- if the Titan sees you, he will definitely catch up with you, you will not be able to run away from her.
  4. Following - no matter where you are, the entity will always know about it, it will slowly move towards you.
  5. Lockers - if the monster notices that you hid in the closet, it will still kill you inside the shelter.

skin thief

Despite its name, it does not steal skin. Appears at level 8. The creature just roams the corridors. The abductor senses where you are and will constantly roam near you. If you are in a group, he will attack 1 player at a time, roam next to him, and then move on to another. He will attack you even if you hide in a locker or vent during the chase. The creature attacks only those who enter the field illuminated by its flashlight. You can be behind the entity and it won’t notice you until it turns around.

The kidnapper can follow a player who is separate from the group. It does not hear you, as this being is deaf. The monster is very aggressive, and also a little smarter than some entities, as it chases you for much longer, even if you turn the corner. Basically, he’s designed to kill you as soon as he sees you.

Hide quickly as soon as you see the red light moving. Since the Abductor will track your location, try to get to the room with chairs as soon as possible.

Skin Thief Features:

  1. Growl (flaw) - The entity roars throughout the level, telling you where it is.
  2. Lockers - if the monster notices that you hid in the closet, it will still kill you inside the shelter.
  3. Human smell - the monster will constantly wander next to the selected player (in a group) or behind you (in solo). Because the being is programmed to know where you are.


Instead of chasing you, they teleport to you. In addition, it is the only object for which you require a camera. Its purpose is to prevent you from escaping from level 13. During teleportation, the monster makes a characteristic sound of an opening portal. You can navigate by this sound.

Quickly turn around when the Party Goer moves behind you and point the camera at him. If you do it slowly, the monster will kill you.


  1. We recommend that you keep the camera on at all times, as the only downside is reduced visibility.
  2. If you hear a loud teleportation sound, quickly look back as the Party Man may have teleported behind you.
  3. Party people always target the nearest player (when passing in a group). Use this to your advantage.
  4. The monster kills the players from the team in turn. If you see that your friend is dying (there will be an inscription in the chat), be careful, as you may be the next victim.

Party Man Features:

  1. Gaze (flaw) - If you look at this creature, it cannot move or kill you.
  2. Teleportation (ability) - the entity will teleport behind your back, so look around more often.


A creature that roams the halls and rooms of level 14. He will try to get you to look at him. Seeing him, you fall into a stupor. If the alarm is not disabled and you encounter the Stalker again, he may kill you.

Signaling. The stalker randomly teleports between rooms that are located next to you. As soon as you notice him, he will scare you and turn on the alarms. You need to enable these signals as soon as possible. You need to find the room located near the spawn point and deactivate the levers. If you fail to complete this task within the set time, the entity will scare you again, this time you will die from a broken heart.

Stalker Features:

  1. Disabled Signal (flaw) - If you have disabled the signaling, this entity cannot kill you.
  2. Teleportation - can move in space.
  3. Don’t look! - if you look at the entity (looking down is considered), then it will get to you.
  4. Enable signal - if you have disabled the signal, it will try to enable it again.
  5. Pointless - the monster cannot be detected using the Sixth Sense item.

Deformed Howler

This is the last entity you will see in the game (at the time of writing) and, unlike the regular Howler, does not receive assistance from the operator. He wanders through the halls of level 16 until you are in his line of sight. After that, the monster will chase you until it kills or loses. If he is enraged, he accelerates, and you will not be able to run away from him. He will enter a state of rage after he hits at least 3 walls.


  1. Don’t get too close to the entity, it can easily kill you.
  2. Don’t underestimate the creature’s speed, it may seem slow, but it can easily catch up with you. Be careful!
  3. Don’t let the monster crash into the walls. This will make him angry and your chances of survival will be very low.
  4. The entity glows red, allowing you to locate it faster.

The entity will haunt you, mainly when you are picking up an item. Unlike most monsters, the Deformed Howler does not seek to kill you. When you place a bear trap, this entity takes on a red outline that flashes constantly and can be seen through walls. This is the only entity that can be killed.

Howler Features:

  1. Speed ​​- His base speed is low and does not pose a threat.
  2. Weak artificial intelligence - can crash into walls.
  3. Weakness - if the entity loses your trail, after a while it will stop being furious.
  4. Bear trap - at the end of level 16 (not without your help) falls into a trap, as a result of which it will get stuck and stop moving.
  5. Matches and Gasoline - You can set the Howler on fire when he is trapped.
  6. Rage (ability) - if the monster crashes into the wall 3 times, it will scream in anger, and then greatly increase its speed, making it impossible to escape.

Other entities

The Lost Soul is a small creature that is hidden near the exit from level 0. If you find it, you will receive the Lost Soul badge. The soul will not harm you because it does not move.

Howler - appears at level 0. Howler is most likely the first creature you will see in the game. He only has 1 ability because he is assisted by the Operator. The howler is not much different from a normal creature, it just wanders aimlessly through the corridors of level 0 until it finds a wanderer. Then the pursuit begins, he can kill you or lose you (if you ran away).

If any strange sounds appear, run in the other direction, this is a sign that the Howler is near you. If the Operator sees you, run away, as the Howler is on the way.

Kameloha - lives at level 15. It continuously pursues the boat you are in. At the same time, the creature does not show much zeal for the pursuit. If your vessel fails to outperform the entity’s speed and it hits it, it will clench its fists and hurl the boat into the water, resulting in the inevitable death of every passenger in the boat (group) or you (solo).

Always stay in the middle of the boat. This will allow you to deal with holes faster as you won’t have to move as much. Don’t let the boat be full of holes for too long, as this slows it down.

The Mollusk is a passive entity that lives at level 16 (the secret room is located next to the corridor by the stairs). She draws or erases arrows on the walls, showing you that she is your only assistant throughout the journey. If you get too close, the entity will startle you and disappear.

Prepare for the fact that the Clam will scare you. But since this happens as soon as you get close to him, you can avoid trouble.

Apeirophobia: Tips for getting badges and titles

Badges are collectible items that you can obtain by performing certain actions while playing through the game. They do not give anything, but you can share your game progress with your comrades. Also, you yourself will be pleased to have a badge of distinction. In the table below, we have described the methods for obtaining badges that are available at the time of writing.

The name of the icon.Get method.
Reality.Can be obtained by collecting all the simulation cores in the game (we wrote about them above).
Lost soul.Find the entity of the same name at level 0.
Ben.Find Ben’s chair at level 0 (we wrote about it above in the "Modeling Cores" section).
Double.Destroy the Walker Skin twice while it disguised itself as you.
Familiar face.Can be obtained by finding a developer or member of Apeirophobia on your server (Cxrpss is the owner of the studio).
Daylight.Complete the game in Nightmare mode.
Gotcha!Find the secret room on level 16 where the clam lives.
An advanced camera gift.Get a gift for the purchase of Advanced Camera (advanced camera) in the store for robux.
An upgraded flashlight gift.Receive a gift for purchasing the Advanced Flashlight pass (advanced flashlight).
Gift of an enlarged lobby.Purchase the "Increased Lobby" Game Pass for 699 Robux, which gives you the ability to increase your player limit from 4 to 10.
Gift for Metal Lungs.Purchase the "Metal Lungs" Pass for 499 Robux, which will double your stamina and cooldown.
Gift for "Olympic runner".Buy the "Olympic Runner" pass for 349 robux, which will increase your running speed.
Gift for The Sixth Sense.Buy the Sixth Sense Pass for 199 Robux. Raises your heart rate when an entity or another player approaches.
Gift for Extra Lives.If someone gives you the "Extra Lives Gift" badge, you will get extra lives.
Generous donor!Gift a pass to another player.

A title is a game trophy that you will receive after performing any game actions, or after receiving a certain badge. You can equip any title by opening the main me, and going to the "Title" tab. After that, the style and color of your game name (nickname) will change. In the table below, we have written the ways to obtain titles that are available at the time of writing.

Title name.Receipt method.Nick effect.
Supporter.Join the Polaroid Studios Roblox group, then play the game.Nick turns yellow, sparkles appear on him every few seconds, then they disappear for a short time, and then appear again.
Reality.Get the "Reality" badge.Nick acquires white and gray text that changes color every second and constantly bounces up and down. The text takes the form of a soccer ball.
Influential.Get a familiar face badge.Nick is painted in a light blue color, which sometimes has a white sheen. It also has diamonds falling next to your name.
Purgatory.Get the "Daylight" badge.The name text turns red with drops of blood falling on you.
Black beast.Get the "Gotcha!" badgeNick starts shaking violently without stopping and turns dark purple.
Breakthrough.Hold the world record for completing the game for a day.Nick acquires movement, as if running, and he is accompanied by white lines of air currents.
Generous.Get the icon of the same name.Changes the font of your name, giving it a green tint. Flashes brightly every second, then turns white.
Tester.Become a game tester.Nick takes on a light red hue, a white streak descends over his name. Red sparks emanate from the name.

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