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Apocalypse PS1 WiKi: Review of Guides and game Secrets

Apocalypse starring Bruce Willis is a third-person shooter video game for the PlayStation released in 1998. It features the voice of Bruce Willis, who also plays the lead role. The plot tells the story of a villain who builds a theocracy on the idea of ​​an approaching apocalypse. The game combines platforming and 3D multi-directional shooter. It received average reviews, but players praised the gameplay, although the voice acting was criticized for being monotonous.


  1. Cheat Codes
  2. General tips for the game
  3. Tips from professional players
  4. Weapons and Items
  5. Controls, interface and game menu
  6. Game Plot
  7. Level 1 Prison
  8. Level 2 Sewers
  9. Level 3 City
  10. Level 4 Death
  11. Level 5 Rooftops
  12. Level 6 Graveyard
  13. Level 7 Plague
  14. Level 8 War Factory
  15. Level 9 War
  16. Level 10 White House
  17. Level 11 The Beast
  18. RetroAchievements
  19. The Story of the Game

Apocalypse: Cheat Codes

What are cheat codes? They make it much easier for you to complete levels. However, we do not advise you to use them, as this will ruin all the fun of playing the game yourself.

How to enter cheats? You can enter them only during the game by pressing the Start key, and then holding down and not releasing the L1 key. Use direction buttons and action buttons to enter. Once entered correctly, you will hear a sound and the menu will shake. Cheat codes:

Cheat codeNameDescription
Down, up, left, left, triangle, up, right, downInvulnerabilityYou will not be damaged by enemy shots, but you may die if you fall off a cliff.
Triangle, Circle, X, SquareInfinite LivesAfter death, the number of lives will not decrease.
Triangle, Up, X, DownLevel selectionThe Skip to restart item will appear in the menu, with all restart points on the level. Click Quit and in the main menu of the game there will be a Select level item, where you can select any of the 11 game levels
Square, circle and XCheckpoint selectionOnly the Skip to restart item will appear in the menu. There will be no Select level item in the main menu.
Square, circle, up, down, X, square.All weaponsSwitch weapons and you will have one, even if you have used up all the ammo. Smart Bomb will be endless.
X, triangle, circle100% healthRestores your health to maximum, but the code does not make you immortal.
X, X, X, X, XEndless FallThe hero falls into an endless pit.
Down, down, triangleDebug modeA window will appear with the hero’s coordinates and other system information.

Apocalypse: General tips for the game

1. Where can I download Apocalypse? Unfortunately, Apocalypse cannot be officially downloaded or purchased. However, you can play in several ways:

  1. Install a PlayStation 1 emulator and run Apocalypse on it.
  2. Type the phrase "Apocalypse PlayStation play online" into a search engine and you will get many sites that run this game directly in the browser.
  3. Buy retro consoles from one of the online stores. They have many games installed, including Dune 2.

2. How to play Apocalypse on an emulator? You need to download one of the many free emulators. For example, the RetroArch emulator is available on many platforms, including Windows, Android, Apple, Xbox, PlayStation, etc. You set up the emulator, then download and run the game file itself. RetroArch is well suited for RetroAchievements.

3. Follow the story. Watch the video and read the dialogues. This way you will become immersed in the plot of the game, and it will become more interesting for you. And what is happening on the screen will take on a new meaning.

4. Gain experience. The behavior of enemies on the level is scripted, the situations on the level are the same. Learn and remember what’s happening on the screen as you play. Make it a rule that at the beginning of the game you will often lose, and then you will get used to the controls, weapons and opponents. Play more, experience is needed here. Over time, you will become a better player and make fewer mistakes.

5. Don’t be afraid of mission failure. If you can’t win the mission after a few tries, don’t worry. Leave this mission for a while, wait a little, rest, read our article, gather your courage and try to complete it again.

6. Rest. The player’s reaction speed greatly affects the gameplay, so we do not recommend playing if you are tired or sleepy. If you lose, rest, do other things, sleep, gain strength, and then you will definitely win!

7. Learn weapons. Each weapon in your hands has special properties. You need to study each of them and apply depending on the situation. The game itself will sometimes tell you which gun is best to pick up. However, in other situations you need to think for yourself.

8. Don’t stop. This is a dynamic game, you can’t think for long here. Look carefully at what actions you can take to get closer to victory.

9. Save often. Emulators provide the ability to save at any time. There are quite a lot of save slots, make the most of it to be able to load from the moment you need. Believe me, the game quite often presents unpleasant surprises.

10. Remember the levels. You need to remember how and what enemy units shoot with. How they move and where they come from. This will allow you to better destroy them and minimize the damage received. Also watch your surroundings, some things on the level can be destroyed, and some things can be used as cover.

11. Optimal speed. In the emulator settings you can speed up or slow down the game. Set a speed that is comfortable for you and adjust it depending on the situation.

12. Use the joystick. Buy yourself a comfortable and ergonomic joystick. It will make it much easier for you to complete the game than using a keyboard or phone screen. The number of errors due to incorrectly pressed keys will be reduced significantly. And the reaction speed will increase many times over. The joystick will allow you to win more often.

13. Learn management. This will speed up the gameplay and make it easier to give orders. Learn the purpose of the buttons and learn how to use them correctly. We will talk about management in the corresponding section of this article.

14. Plan your actions. Even if you know what awaits you ahead, still don’t rush. Pick up a suitable weapon, choose a comfortable position and go forward.

15. Don’t turn off the sound. The game can please you with excellent music. And the sounds will warn you about an enemy attack and other events.

Apocalypse: Tips from professional players

1. Destroy everything. In the game, some buildings and objects can be destroyed. Sometimes valuables are found underneath them. Therefore, shoot at everything that can be destroyed.

2. Collect everything. Sometimes it seems that you don’t need this or that weapon, you have a lot of lives, but you haven’t used a super bomb for a long time. But sometimes the game throws you into such conditions that you start using up weapons, health and accumulated lives very quickly. Therefore, collect everything you can find on the level. Believe me, you will definitely need it!

3. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Sometimes weapons or health are in hard to reach places. And by following him, you risk losing lives. Therefore, evaluate whether the thing you find is worth the risk of losing your life.

4. Retreat. Sometimes there will be a lot of enemies. In these cases, you need to retreat and shoot them from afar. Moreover, many enemy weapons are not as long-range as your machine gun.

5. Shoot a lot. The number of cartridges in the machine is infinite, so you can shoot from it without interruption. Shoot forward or at the place where the enemy appears. This tactic will help you destroy enemies right at the moment of their appearance.

6. Jump more often. You can dodge enemy shots not only by running left and right, but also by pressing the jump button. While jumping, you not only avoid shots, but also force enemies to aim in the air.

7. Use joystick sticks. This control method is better than the classic button control. The sticks allow you to aim better and run from different angles. The sticks also allow you to quickly shoot in a circle when you are surrounded by enemies.

8. Take your time. Go slowly, gradually overcoming all obstacles and destroying enemies. When you run through the level, you run the risk of falling into a hole that has formed right in front of you. When passing a level slowly, you eliminate enemies gradually, and when passing quickly, you risk falling into a crowd of evil monsters that will destroy you.

9. Destroy all enemies. There are many opponents on the level, and everyone wants to kill you. Destroy everyone you see, otherwise you risk getting shot in the back. Moreover, destroying enemies is a requirement for obtaining some achievements.

10. Follow the shadow. The camera in the game films the main character from different angles. Because of this, it can be difficult to determine where the hero lands after a jump. However, the shadow of the hero always falls strictly from top to bottom. Therefore, watch the shadow, where it is located, our hero will land there.

11. Take care of your weapons. At the end of each level a boss will be waiting for you. It’s best to save your most powerful weapons for the boss fight. And it is better to destroy ordinary enemies with ordinary weapons.

12. Watch for hits. When an object or enemy takes damage from your shots, it briefly turns lighter. Keep an eye on this so you don’t waste ammo and hit your enemies more often.

Apocalypse: Weapons and Items

Weapon. The game has 8 types of conventional weapons and 1 super weapon. Weapons can be found as you progress through the level, sometimes they are on the way, sometimes they are hidden. All weapons except the starting one have limited ammunition, so you need to use it wisely.

1. The machine gun is the initial and best weapon in the game. It is endless and long-range, allowing you to shoot enemies from afar. It has a large spread and low damage, so you need to shoot at enemies for a long time to destroy them.

2. Flamethrower - sets enemies on fire, causing them serious damage. Burning enemies take small damage over time and are unable to attack you. Effective at short distances against crowds of enemies.

3. Pulse Laser - green laser, powerful and long-range. Good for destroying bosses and strong enemies. Poorly suited for destroying moving and small targets.

4. Particle Beam - a narrow direct stream of particles. Deals a lot of damage, but at a short distance. Suitable for fighting in small spaces with a group of enemies.

5. Rip Laser - self-guided electrical discharge. Average damage and small radius. Suitable for destroying moving single targets.

6. Grenades - fly close, but cause a lot of area damage. Effective against crowds of enemies at short distances. Grenades are the only weapon that can be thrown down and destroy lower enemies.

7. Homing Missiles - homing missiles that are capable of destroying complex targets at long ranges. A very effective weapon for difficult single targets. Capable of hitting an enemy even if he is not on the screen. However, rockets are not able to fly around obstacles.

8. Rockets - ordinary rockets, fly in a straight line and explode when they meet an obstacle. A long-range weapon that deals high area damage. Effective against bosses and clusters of enemies.

9. Smart Bomb - a super weapon, the most powerful and rare in the game. Capable of destroying enemies around the player. However, the further away the enemy is, the less damage he takes. Therefore, when fighting a boss, it is better to get closer to him before using Smart Bomb. Also destroys missiles and bullets fired by the player, acting as a short-term shield.

Objects. In addition to weapons, the game has items and objects that will help you in your passage.

1. CheckPoint - save point. From this point you will start playing if you die. CheckPoint is not visible on the screen, but it cannot be missed. When you pass it, a corresponding inscription appears on the screen.

2. Health - the percentage of health that will be restored to the hero when picking up an item. There are boxes with 20, 50 and 100% health. The higher the difficulty level of the game, the less health there will be in the box.

3. Extra Life - extra life, the most valuable and rare thing in the game. As a rule, life is hidden in hard-to-reach places.

Apocalypse: Controls, interface and game menu

Control. It is best to control the character using a joystick with sticks. The assignment of the keys can be changed in the console emulator, as well as a little in the game settings. By default, the joystick keys have the following functions.

Types of jumps. The longer you press the jump button, the higher your hero jumps. Sometimes you need big jumps, sometimes small ones. Practice and you will learn to jump correctly.

Movement and shooting. Control goes along the sides of the screen and depends on which side the camera is located on. The camera will change angle and position, so the controls will change too.

Main menu. At the beginning of the game you will see the Main Menu. In it you can configure various parameters, start or continue the game. It contains the following items:

  1. New game - start a new game from the first level.
  2. Load game - load the game from the memory card.
  3. Options - game settings.
  4. Continue - continue the game if you exited it.

Options menu. Allows you to select the difficulty level, change game and control settings, as well as watch videos and credits:

Difficulty - select the difficulty level: Easy, Normal or Hard.

Sound - you can change the volume of sounds, music and voice (FX, Music, Voice).

Controller config - you can assign actions to the L1, R1, L2 and R2 keys. You can also adjust the vibration of the joystick or return to the default settings.

Misc options - you can see Credits, Intro. And also reset all settings to default and center the screen.

We recommend choosing the difficulty level - Hard, so you will get real satisfaction from completing the game and will be able to earn all the RetroAchievements. There is no point in changing the controls, you just need to get used to it.

Apocalypse: Game Plot

The Reverend is a brilliant and sinister scientist who creates a powerful theocracy based on the idea of ​​an imminent apocalypse. He uses his knowledge and experience to create four powerful defenders inspired by the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as well as the Beast of Revelation, War, Plague, the Beast and Death. These guardians must ensure the fulfillment of the prophecy about the end of the world.

Trey Kincaid, the Reverend’s former colleague and the only one who can stop him, finds himself imprisoned on Paradise Island. There he creates a powerful weapon and escapes, fighting with the guards. Kincaid finds a hoverbike to leave the island, but it breaks down and Trey ends up in the sewer system.

He makes his way through the sewers and ends up in the city, where he hears news of his escape. Kincaid continues moving and eventually reaches the laboratory, where he encounters his old acquaintance Larry, who actually turns out to be the Horseman of Death in disguise. A fight ensues between them, and Kincaid gains the upper hand. But during the battle, the laboratory reactor is activated, and the laboratory begins to explode. As a result, Kincaid has to escape from the collapsing laboratory.

Trey Kincaid then goes to the cemetery, where he fights zombies and wild wolves. Later he finds himself at a concert starring Mary Magdalene. After the concert, Maria talks to Trey and introduces herself as Plague, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Trey defeats her and discovers that she is equipped with synthetic implants manufactured by Warfighters Inc.

Trey Kincaid goes to the Warfighters headquarters and encounters Reifer, the owner of the factory. Rafer tries to escape, but Trey stops him by blowing up his hovercraft. Moving through the factory, Trey destroys the robot sentries blocking his path.

Reifer appears to have survived the explosion and is posing as the Horseman of War. Darius defeats him and goes to the White House to confront the President. There Darius learns that the president is the last Horseman, the Beast. After a difficult battle that destroys the White House, Darius kills the Beast. He then confronts the Reverend and kills him, putting an end to his plans. However, after all this, Darius finds himself corrupted by the Reverend’s power.

Apocalypse: Level 1 Prison

  1. The walkthrough is written for the highest difficulty level.
  2. At the beginning, everything is simple - run forward and destroy all the enemies that come your way.
  3. Enemy shots lose energy as they fly, so you can simply run away from enemy bullets.
  4. To open doors, stand in front of the terminal and press the shoot button in its direction.
  5. Jump over the collapsed openings in the floor.
  6. Shoot all the enemies behind the glass, otherwise they will ruin your health.

  1. When you get to the room with the spotlights, watch their movement. Find patterns in their trajectory and run between them. If you get caught in the spotlight, your health will quickly drop.
  2. Run to the lever that releases the prisoners, use the selected flamethrower against them.
  3. In the following rooms, when you activate the infrared rays, enemies will jump out to meet you. You can either destroy enemies or jump over the beams.

  1. Take the Homing Missiles shown in the screenshot, they will help you a lot.
  2. Jump shoot to destroy enemies located on high platforms.
  3. Take the Rip Laser on one of the platforms, it will help in the battle.
  4. Destroy all enemies located on the platforms using rockets and a machine gun.

  1. Jump onto the platform shown in the screenshot.
  2. Then jump to the right onto higher platforms. Don’t forget to destroy the enemies you meet.
  3. Grab the Smart Bomb and move further to the right until you see the very last platform with Extra Life.
  4. From the last platform, you can immediately jump onto the path you were on, rather than going back along the platforms.
  5. Continue forward, and when you jump onto the parallel path, go back and grab the Rip Laser.
  6. Go further to the door with CheckPoint.

  1. Destroy boxes and enemies.
  2. Take Rip Laser and Extra Life.
  3. Destroy the enemies, open the door and take the Homing Missiles.
  4. Use them to destroy enemies on adjacent paths and platforms.

  1. Destroy the enemies on the path in front of you and Extra Life and Health will appear.
  2. It’s just difficult to jump onto the path in front of you; you need to run up and, on the edge of the platform, press and hold the jump button until you find yourself on the path with Extra Life.

Boss Tank

Preparation. Before entering the arena, destroy the nearest tower and the enemies that appear with a machine gun. After entering, do the same with the far tower. But don’t go near the far gate, otherwise a boss will appear. Take one of the Pulse Lasers and run to the far gate.

Phase 1. The boss (tank) will appear from the far gate and start driving left and right. Don’t approach him, just attack him with Pulse Laser or machine gun.

Phase 2. When the boss has 50% health left, he will begin to drive around the entire field, shooting bombs and a flamethrower, and will also lay mines. Run away from the tank and dodge shots. Attack the boss with Pulse Laser, Homing Missiles or a machine gun.

Victory. After victory, pick up all the weapons that are left on the battlefield. Then go through the gate where the boss came from and get on the motorcycle. Congratulations, you have completed the first level. Save and move on.

Apocalypse: Level 2 Sewers

  1. From the very beginning you will be surrounded by enemies, run back and shoot back.
  2. At the first waterfall, jump to the right and take the Flamethrower.
  3. Move on, killing enemies and avoiding the grenades they throw.
  4. Kill 2 flocks of 10 bats.
  5. In the caves on the left there will be 2 cavities, the first will contain grenades, and the second will contain a SmartBomb and 14 bats.

  1. To the right of the exit from the caves there will be ledges, as shown in the screenshot. By climbing them you can take Extra Life, SmartBomb, Homing Missiles and Rockets. Just be careful, the platforms there are small and it’s easy to fall.
  2. Exit the caves and jump down to the CheckPoint.
  3. Destroy enemies and barrels, it is better to take Health after the battle.
  4. Shoot the board and the gate will fall down.
  5. Go to the next gate, take the Flamethrower and break the board.
  6. After the gate falls, you will be attacked by bats and enemies with grenades.

  1. Grab the Health and Rip Laser under the waterfall.
  2. When the stream carries you towards the bombs, go back and destroy them with a machine gun.
  3. Jump down to the CheckPoint and stand in the center.
  4. As soon as the enemies appear, use SmartBomb as shown in the screenshot, otherwise it will be very hot.
  5. Take Health and jump over the flames.
  6. After jumping from the waterfall, run against the current to pick up the SmartBomb.
  7. Follow the flow, dodging flames and fighting off bats until you reach the CheckPoint.

  1. There are two paths before you. It’s better to go left, there are more gifts there.
  2. Destroy enemies with Homing Missiles.
  3. Take the left path, jumping on the platforms.
  4. On one of the platforms, take the Homing Missiles.
  5. From this place, jump along the platforms into the cave behind the waterfall. The waterfall is visible in the screenshot, it is far away, on the edge of the screen. In the cave behind the waterfall you will find Extra Life.
  6. Move on.

  1. Stop and wait for the rockfall as shown in the screenshot.
  2. Use Homing Missiles to destroy the 2 enemies on the ledge.
  3. On platform 7, use a machine gun to fight off a flock of bats.
  4. Destroy 2 enemies on the ledge with a machine gun.
  5. Kill 3 enemies on the far ledge with Homing Missiles.
  6. Jump further to CheckPoint.

  1. There will be rockfall platforms ahead. Falling stones cast a shadow, stay away from it, otherwise you will die.
  2. On the second platform, jump onto the screen.
  3. And along the small platforms get to Extra Life, as shown in the screenshot.
  4. Jump further to the edge of the giant pipe from which bats fly out, but they will not attack you.
  5. Run around the pipe and you will find Health.
  6. Jump down the pipe along the ledges to the very bottom.
  7. On the 2nd and 8th ledges you will meet 20 bats.

  1. There will be a CheckPoint at the bottom.
  2. Shoot forward to destroy the rocks and 10 bats.
  3. Go forward and take the Rockets.
  4. At the end of the tunnel, break the clear rocks to reveal a Pulse Laser.

  1. You can jump onto the platforms, from where it will be easy to destroy the rats and bats, but this will be difficult because the platforms are very narrow.
  2. Break the rocks and move forward.
  3. Destroy the rats and take Health.
  4. There will be a fork in front of you, it is better to take the left path, it is easier to destroy the enemies there.
  5. Before moving on, shoot the machine gun into the tunnel to destroy the rocks and enemies.
  6. In the tunnel, it is better to shoot from afar, this way you will destroy the enemies before they attack you.
  7. At the end there will be rats and bats. Destroy them, as well as the stones that will turn into platforms.

  1. Jump across the platforms to the end of the lava lake.
  2. The platforms will then fall down after you step on them. So don’t hesitate, jump on.
  3. On the last platform, before the waterfall, you will find a CheckPoint.
  4. There is a dangerous corridor ahead. There will be a strong countercurrent, along which mines will float, and stones will fall from above.
  5. Dodge rocks and shoot forward to destroy floating mines.
  6. At the end there will be a whirlpool and a CheckPoint.
  7. Go into the next tunnel with a fast current and jets of flame.
  8. Dodge the flames and you’ll end up falling into a boss pit.

Boss Crocodile

Preparation. There are 3 waterfalls on the battlefield. A Pulse Laser appears at the left waterfall. The upper waterfall will have Health. At the right Flamethrower waterfall. All this appears regularly, but not for long, so you are at the edge that you need most.

Phase 1. The crocodile moves underwater most of the time, in this position it is invulnerable. However, when he surfaces to attack, he must be shot. Underwater he blows bubbles, you need to shoot them with a machine gun, because he can emerge at any moment. Shoot him and dodge the attacks.

Phase 2. When the crocodile has 66% health left, mines will appear on the battlefield. Therefore, when moving, try not to get on them. Mines can be destroyed with a machine gun, but they will reappear. The battle tactics are the same: shoot the bubbles with a machine gun and try to avoid the boss’s attacks.

Phase 3. When the crocodile has 33% health left, more enemies with grenades will appear on the field. When they are destroyed, they will appear again. In this phase, use the best weapons, up to and including SmartBomb.

Victory. After winning, the level will quickly end. Therefore, you will not have time to pick up what is left on the battlefield. Because of this, try to pick up things before the boss dies, although it won’t be easy. Congratulations, you have passed the second level. Save and move on.

Apocalypse: Level 3 City

  1. In the room we run to the screen, then to the right, take Health.
  2. We run to the left and take the Flamethrower.
  3. We approach the window, but do not jump. We see a helicopter flying by and enemies shooting at us.
  4. You can destroy enemies with grenades.
  5. If you don’t have grenades, then jump down and destroy the enemies in the usual way.
  6. We destroy the pipe on the left and take the Particle Beam.
  7. We jump over the crack in the asphalt and destroy the enemies.
  8. Break the pipe and pick up the Pulse Laser.
  9. To the right after the crack there will be a small passage into a room with a Smart Bomb.
The game will have many cracks with lava underneath. Be careful, lava and flames below can cause damage to you. Also, for jumping, choose the shortest distance between the banks, otherwise you may not make it.

  1. We break the glass ahead and destroy all enemies.
  2. You can destroy the taxi, but it won’t do anything.
  3. We turn right and see a guard behind the barriers, as in the screenshot.
  4. It is better to destroy them gradually, from left to right. Since they stand on the left, and on the right they often sit.
  5. Don’t forget to destroy the 3 enemies on the left behind the glass. It’s better to do this from afar.
  6. After clearing, Health will appear, but you shouldn’t take it yet, run forward.
  7. Buildings will collapse, taxis will fly over you and 2 helicopters will fire missiles at you.
  8. When things are quiet, go back and grab the missed Health.
The level will have many glass rooms with enemies in them. You can destroy them by first breaking the glass. Or you can just pass by. If you detonate a grenade near the glass, the enemies will die, but the glass will not break (probably this is a bug).

  1. Jump down to the CheckPoint and grab the Rip Laser.
  2. Hug the left house and slowly walk forward.
  3. A helicopter will fly in, land troops and make holes in the road.
  4. Destroy all enemies.
  5. Press against the left house and go forward.
  6. Destroy the glass in front and the guards behind it.
  7. There are 2 mini-tanks and 2 guards waiting for you around the corner. They have little health, but they shoot far and are very painful.

  1. Next to the hole in the right house there will be a room with a Particle Beam. Be careful, you won’t fall into the lava.
  2. Destroy the glass corridor ahead and the guard who is inside.
  3. There will be 3 mini-tanks ahead. You can destroy them from afar using Homing Missiles or Rockets. Or you need to get closer to them.
  4. On the square where there were tanks on the right and left, there are rooms behind glass, in which there are 3 guards.
  5. Destroy the glass tunnel ahead and the organics in it.
  6. Dodge the helicopter and its missiles. You can hide in the rooms of the buildings on the right or left, where the guards were.

  1. Destroy all the guards below by dropping a grenade on them.
  2. Pick up the Grenades and jump down.
  3. 4 mini-tanks will come at you from the left, and more guards will appear on the right.
  4. You have 2 options. To the left are mini-tanks, guards, helicopters and Particle Beam. To the right are the guards and Flamethrower. The right path is much easier, but we recommend taking both.
  5. Go to the right and when guards appear, run back to prevent yourself from being surrounded and shot by enemies from afar.
  6. When you reach the destructible tunnel, go back to the video screen and take the right path.
  7. It is better to run closer to the mini-tanks, using shelters near the walls.
  8. There will be helicopters with searchlights. They will fly out from both the front and the back. When you see a helicopter, it is better to run to the wall.
  9. Destroy the glass tunnel and take Health.
  10. Go forward to CheckPoint.

  1. Avoid the helicopter’s spotlight by standing against the wall.
  2. A tank will appear. It’s better to shoot him with a machine gun at a long distance. Don’t get close to him, otherwise he will activate his flamethrower and can fire rockets.
  3. Go further and jump down, but not far.
  4. Destroy the two pipes. Don’t take the Rockets that appear.
  5. Turn on the Rockets and go forward, 2 large tanks will appear.
  6. Move back, otherwise they will burn you with a flamethrower.
  7. Shoot them with Rockets and dodge their missiles by jumping and running left and right.
  8. Pick up the Rockets and move on.
  9. Jump over the burnt tanks and jump down.

  1. There is a difficult battle ahead with two tanks. Turn on the grenades.
  2. Walk forward and a large tank will come towards you. And then the helicopter will drop a regular tank.
  3. You need to throw grenades at the left tank before it gets to you.
  4. Then destroy the right big tank with Pulse Laser or Rockets.
  5. If you stand on the left so that the lamp on the corner (see screenshot) is between you and the tank, then the missiles of the large tank will not reach you. And you can safely jump and shoot a large tank with a machine gun.
  6. After destroying all the tanks, go forward.

  1. We throw down the grenade, as shown in the screenshot.
  2. Grab the Grenades in the corner to your right.
  3. We jump down to CheckPoint closer to the left edge.
  4. We wait for the helicopter to arrive and destroy the landing force.
  5. On the right behind the column we take Health.
  6. We jump through the crevice and bend to the right.
  7. We go along the right side from the next crevice. We see a helicopter flying past.
  8. We jump over the gap on the road on the right.
  9. We go forward along the right house.
  10. Helicopters fly over and drop off guards. We destroy them.

  1. On the next crevice we do the same.
  2. On the right behind the column we take Particle Beam.
  3. We jump over the crevice and, without stopping, jump over the next one. Otherwise, a crowd of guards will surround you and greatly damage your health.
  4. We destroy them by shooting backwards.
  5. Take Health and go forward to CheckPoint.
  6. Raise Particle Beam and jump onto the roof of the taxi.

  1. When you jump on the roof of 3 taxis, they will fly and you will not be able to move.
  2. Guards will shoot at you ahead, and a helicopter will fire missiles behind you.
  3. While you are on the roof of the taxi, no one will hit you. But you can destroy the guards ahead.
  4. At the end of the road, when the taxi crashes. Jump and run to the right, otherwise the helicopter’s missiles will hit you.
  5. Go further to CheckPoint and take the Homing Missiles in front of the large hole.
  6. Approach the front wall of the house and jump onto the first ledge.
  7. You can take either the upper or lower path. But we advise you to go along the lower one, and destroy the enemies from above by jumping and shooting at them.

  1. Go right and grab the Particle Beam.
  2. Destroy enemies from the front and from above.
  3. Standing boxes can be destroyed or jumped over.
  4. In the second room from the top, take the Flamethrower.
  5. At the corner it is better to destroy the guards from afar, as shown in the screenshot. They need to be eliminated both from above and from below.
  6. Grab the Health from above and move on.
  7. In the next rooms, the guards will run out in front of you. Be careful, use your jump to dodge the shots.
  8. After the bend you will come across many boxes with guards running after them. It’s better to destroy them with grenades.
  9. At the top there will be a room where you can get Health.

  1. We go to the end and jump down.
  2. We go no further than the columns so that we can go back. We see a large tank coming towards you.
  3. We dodge the missiles and destroy it with long-range weapons.
  4. You can stand so that there is a column between you and the tank. Then the missiles will hit the column and not cause you damage. And you can safely destroy a tank with a machine gun.
  5. Then we jump onto the ledges in the house to the right of the road. We need the highest ledge.
  6. We run along it to the screen to the end and select Pulse Laser. We return back to the road.
  7. We climb to the lower ledge from where we came and run all the way from the screen.
  8. We jump to the right and forward. You must jump onto the canopy of this building.
  9. We jump over the road to another canopy, as shown in the screenshot. Take Smart Bomb.

  1. Let’s go ahead and take Health.
  2. We reach CheckPoint and slowly move forward.
  3. We stop and see how the ground is cracking. Shown in the screenshot.
  4. We go forward and destroy the guards that appear. It’s better to do this from afar.
  5. There will be a Rip Laser on the island on the left.
  6. We go forward and move back when enemies appear. Then we destroy them from afar.
  7. We slowly move forward and see how the ground collapses and lava appears. If you run, the ground will collapse under your feet.
  8. We destroy the enemies that appear and move on to the lava river.

  1. We carefully jump forward along the islands.
  2. We destroy the enemies that appear. The islands are small, so it is better to dodge enemy bullets by jumping.
  3. On the penultimate island we jump to the left, onto the ground.
  4. Go back and get Extra Life, as shown in the screenshot.
  5. We go forward to the islands and then to normal land.
  6. We fight off the guards and take Health.
  7. Next through CheckPoint to the arena with the boss.

Boss Tanks

Who are the enemies? On the battlefield there are 6 columns with gifts inside and 4 columns that hold up the roof. You will be fired at by 2 large tanks with rockets, and guards are constantly running out from behind them. In the sky you will be attacked by 2 helicopters that can be shot down. The boss does not have distinct phases, but it is better to deal with each enemy separately.

The main task. You need to destroy 4 columns near the tanks, then the ceiling will collapse and destroy them, and also close the exit from where the guards appeared. You can destroy the tanks, then he will destroy 2 columns near him. But this is more difficult, because tanks have more health than columns.

How to destroy a helicopter? To do this, it is better to use a homing weapon: Rip Laser or Smart Bomb. Homing Missiles deal very little damage to them, and other weapons are almost impossible to aim. You need to shoot at helicopters when they fly near you.

How to destroy large tanks or columns? The Rockets are the best choice for this. Stay as far away from the tanks as possible and dodge their missiles. Launch rockets and try to hit the columns; you will hit the tanks in any case, because they are large. You can use Smart Bomb, but for this it is better to get closer to them.

Victory. After the roof collapses and the tanks are destroyed, you need to eliminate the remaining enemies. Collect everything in the arena, and then go into the blue and red passage behind the tanks. Congratulations, you have passed the third level. Save and move on.

Apocalypse: Level 4 Death

Preparation 1. The fight will begin immediately after the video. To your right you can take the Pulse Laser. If you smash the computers on the left, two Health and Rip Laser will appear, as shown in the screenshot. It’s better to take them right away if necessary, since after the first phase they will disappear. Particle Beam, Rip Laser, Pulse Laser, Rockets, Flamethrower and Grenades can appear and disappear in the arena.

Phase 1. The boss will walk left and right and summon green dead. They are weak, but move quickly, although they will not always come at you. If a dead person touches you, your health will quickly decrease. Run away and destroy them with any weapon. It is better to stay away from the boss, otherwise he may summon the dead near you. Attack the boss with long-range weapons: Pulse Laser or Rockets. Although you can shoot at the boss with any weapon, but then you will have to get closer to him. The more health you take away from the boss, the more dead he will summon.

Preparation 2. When the boss has 60% health left, he will become invulnerable and head into the next room. The floor below you will begin to crumble and collapse. If you don’t move to the next room, you’ll fall down. If you did not take two Health in the previous phase, they will disappear.

While the boss is walking to his place, you can have time to take two Health to the right and left of the boss. If you smash the computer on the left, you can find a Rip Laser. Particle Beam, Rip Laser, Pulse Laser, Rockets, Flamethrower and Grenades can also appear and disappear in the arena.

Phase 2. The boss will stand still, so it will be easy to hit him. He will fire a fan of blue lasers 3 times in a row. It’s better to jump over them; you won’t be able to run away to the side. He will then summon the dead, and the less health he has, the more dead will attack you. Attack the boss with any weapon and destroy the dead. Collect weapons and Health, since after victory it will not be possible to do this.

Victory. Once the boss reaches 0% health, he will die. It turns out funny, we killed death))) After victory, the level will quickly end. Therefore, you will not have time to pick up what is left on the battlefield. Because of this, try to pick up things before the boss dies, although it won’t be easy. Congratulations, you have completed level four. Save and move on.

Apocalypse: Level 5 Rooftops

  1. We destroy the enemies and break all the objects that are on the roof.
  2. We find Particle Beam and go further to the end of the roof, do not jump over.
  3. From the edge of your roof we destroy all objects and a mini-tank on the other roof.
  4. We jump over, kill two guards and do not run forward.
  5. We stand in front of the turret, crouch down (L1 key) and fire at it with a machine gun until it explodes.
Turrets are quite dangerous, they take a lot of health and have a lot of armor. It’s better to blow up the turrets before the operator gets there. To do this, you need to fire at it from a distance with a machine gun, crouch or jump. After some time, the turret will explode, and the operator will stand near it and wait until he is shot (see screenshot above).

  1. We go forward and destroy all the enemies that appear.
  2. We turn left and eliminate the mini-tanks and new guards.
  3. On the right we take the Smart Bomb, which will appear from the broken boxes, as shown in the screenshot.
  4. We go up the left pylon and find Extra Life, as shown in the screenshot.
  5. Stand on the edge of the roof and destroy everything you can on the next platform.
  6. Run across the bridge, it will begin to explode under you.
  7. Throw a grenade to the left, the turret below will explode.
  8. Jump down and pull the lever. A platform with an elite guard will arrive.
  9. We destroy the enemy and stand on the platform. We go up to the next floor.
There are many boxes, containers, pipes and other explosive objects on the roofs. We recommend destroying them all; they may contain weapons, health and other bonuses.

  1. When you get off the platform, flying guards and other enemies will appear.
  2. You can run across the entire roof and use Smart Bomb.
  3. Or you can destroy them as they appear. However, to do this you need to constantly run so that you don’t get killed.
  4. Be careful, you can fall down through the skylights.
  5. Take the Flamethrower in the center of the roof.
  6. We jump down, there are 3 guards and Health waiting for you.

  1. You can jump onto the building and then onto the bridge - this is the easiest way.
  2. You can jump onto the left or right rope and then move to the next roof.
  3. If you are aiming for the maximum number of kills, then you need to go through all three paths.
  4. At the end of the roof, a helicopter will drop off more guards.
  5. Destroy the new enemies and grab the Smart Bomb from one of the crates. But don’t jump over just yet.
  6. On the next roof, shoot all the enemies and objects while jumping.
  7. Jump over and grab the Rip Laser.
  8. Shoot the remains of the pipes, but do not go further than them.

  1. Ahead of you are waiting for mines, two turrets and a helicopter with a machine gun, as in the screenshot. These enemies will be difficult to fight.
  2. To avoid this, we recommend not going further than the pipes, but standing in front of one of the turrets, constantly jumping and shooting at it.
  3. After it explodes, do the same with the other turret.
  4. Go forward until a helicopter appears.
  5. Go back and hide behind the frame of one of the pipes.
  6. This way you will be protected and will be able to safely fire homing missiles at the helicopter.
  7. You can shoot a helicopter with a regular machine gun, but then you have to jump a lot to dodge the bullets.
  8. Next, in front of the bridge, there will be Health in one of the boxes. Take it, you won’t be able to go back.
  9. Run across the bridge, which will explode under you.

  1. Enemies that appear can be destroyed using homing missiles.
  2. Destroy all the crates on the roof and destroy the mini-tank that appears.
  3. Climb onto the small structure on the roof and destroy the large tanks there.
  4. Take the Homing Missiles and Extra Life that appear. You can watch the concert on the screen.
  5. Jump down onto the adjacent roof.
  6. A helicopter will appear in the middle of its roof. He will drop off guards and plant mines, as well as fire rockets at you.
  7. It is best to destroy it with homing missiles. You can hide behind a pillar or run around dodging missiles.
  8. Destroy all the crates and take the Health and Pulse Laser.
  9. To your right will be a platform with Homing Missiles.

  1. We cross along the fallen structure, at the end we jump to the right onto the edge of the new roof.
  2. The spotlights won’t reach you here, but you need to destroy the guards and barrels. One of them will have a Pulse Laser.
  3. Stand in the right corner and run forward to the edge of the roof.
  4. Hold triangle and square on the joystick while running, so you will destroy the flying guard.
  5. While jumping to the next roof, throw a grenade, this will destroy the three guards that appear.
  6. We run to the right and destroy the enemies.
  7. We go along the bridge to the middle, then left.
  8. We see a mini-tank and destroy it. We do the same on the right.
  9. We run forward and destroy the third mini-tank. Let’s go to CheckPoint.
  10. On the right there is a platform with good health. To the left is a platform with Homing Missiles. Tip: jump low.

  1. Run across the bridge on the left. When you see flying guards, go back and shoot them from afar.
  2. We jump over the opening and go down to the roof.
  3. We destroy the guards that appear and take the Smart Bomb in one of the boxes.
  4. Use the lever to call the elevator and go up.
  5. We destroy the red guards. Explode the barrels, they will cause additional damage to enemies, as shown in the screenshot.
  6. We go along the bridge and destroy the flying enemies. You can use Homing Missiles if you have them left.
  7. On the next roof we eliminate two red guards and take Homing Missiles.
  8. After the next bridge there will be many flying guards, 2 red guards and one helicopter.
  9. The helicopter has little life, but it fires rockets and a machine gun.

  1. After defeating the helicopter, take the Extra Life and continue along the bridge.
  2. On it you will be attacked by guards of various types. Move back and destroy them with your machine gun.
  3. At the end of the bridge you will be greeted by flying and red guards.
  4. Use Homing Missiles on them, and then take new ones. Also take Health.
  5. We climb along the rope to the next roof. Red guards will be waiting for you there; it is better to use Homing Missiles on them.
  6. Destroy the crates and take the Particle Beam.
  7. Go left along the bridge, there will only be 1 red guard waiting there, and there will be 6 of them on the right.
  8. Climb the rope further, not reaching the end a little.
  9. While you are on the rope, the helicopter will not harm you, but you can safely shoot it with a machine gun.

  1. We climb further along the rope onto the big screen.
  2. Regular guards will appear at the bottom right.
  3. We climb over the rope to the next roof and climb higher. There, behind the boxes, there will be Extra Life.
  4. There will be 3 red guards below. You can throw a grenade at them.
  5. We slide down the rope. There will be many regular and flying guards waiting for you there, as well as 3 mini-tanks.
  6. Take Flamethrower and Health. We destroy the flying guards.
  7. We climb further along the rope to CheckPoint.
  8. We destroy the boxes and take the Smart Bomb.

  1. It is better to destroy ordinary guards from afar using a machine gun.
  2. It is better to destroy the red guards using homing missiles.
  3. Take Health and move on along the exploding bridge.
  4. Ahead is a square falling platform and flying guards. You cannot stay on such platforms for long, otherwise you will fall down with her.
  5. Next are bridges and a series of floating platforms, as shown in the screenshot.
  6. Behind them will be Health and exploding bridges.
  7. Afterwards there will be a regular one and two red guards. Shoot them from afar using a machine gun.
  8. It’s better to run along the left path.

  1. Run to the upper left corner of the platform as shown in the screenshot. This way you can shoot the two red guards near you with impunity.
  2. We jump to the next bridge and release two Homing Missiles.
  3. We jump further through the falling platforms. Red and flying guards will be waiting for you there.
  4. On the platform to the side, grab the Health.
  5. Run forward. On the next roof a mini-tank and guards of all kinds will be waiting for you.
  6. Go down the cable and destroy the usual guards below.
  7. On the next roof there will be two red guards and two turrets.
  8. You can destroy him with a machine gun while sitting or throw grenades at him, since they will be below.
  9. Take Smart Bomb and Health. We go upstairs to the boss.

Boss Helicopter

Preparation. The boss fires rockets and then a machine gun. He is easy to kill if you know the tactics. Before the bridge, we recommend turning on Pulse Laser or Homing Missiles. We run across the bridge, and as soon as the first span of the bridge collapses, we stop. There should be 3 flights between you and the abyss. Don’t run too far, stay in the middle. The boss arrives and the first phase of the battle begins.

Phase 1. We run from the boss and shoot at him. There should be 2-3 spans of bridge between you and the helicopter. Run along the center of the bridge and don’t run too far, as shown in the screenshot. This way you can shoot at the boss and not be afraid of his missiles. If you did everything correctly, you will win before the bridge ends. Just don’t stop running, the bridge will collapse even when the helicopter is destroyed.

Phase 2: When the bridge ends, there will be a CheckPoint and the main boss battle will begin. Before the helicopter reaches you, we recommend destroying the boxes on the roof. In them you will find Pulse Laser and Health. The boss fires a machine gun and rockets at the same time. Run and jump on the roof, but just don’t fall. A Pulse Laser and Rip Laser will appear near the boss for a short time.

Victory. After winning, the level will quickly end. Therefore, while the helicopter is falling, you will have a few seconds to pick up the bonuses available on the roof. Congratulations, you have passed level five. Save and move on.

Apocalypse: Level 6 Graveyard

  1. We destroy bats and green zombies.
  2. We enter the gate and kill the grenadiers that appear. Avoid grenades, otherwise they will take a lot of health.
  3. While jumping, we destroy another grenadier standing on a hill near the flamethrower.
  4. We shoot at the base of the cross, it falls, and we can climb up it and take the Flamethrower.
  5. We climb to the next ledge and destroy the bats.
  6. Zombies and grenadiers will appear between the two crypts.

  1. Between the next crypts there will be 3 grenadiers. Run and jump to avoid their grenades from hitting you.
  2. If you break the stained glass windows of the crypts, bats fly out of them.
  3. There will be a Smart Bomb behind the stained glass window of the right crypt.
  4. We jump to the right crypt, and then to the bridge.
  5. Two grenadiers will arrive on the platform. It is better to destroy them with homing missiles.
  6. Fire the homing missile again to kill the nasty grenadier ahead.
  7. Grab the Homing Missiles behind the planks near the first bridge.
  8. On the second bridge, take the Extra Life behind the waterfall. Pre-break the boards.
  9. There will be bats behind all the boards. Move on.

  1. There will be 2 grenadiers and 2 monster dogs ahead. It’s better to go slowly and destroy them from afar.
  2. Near CheckPoint there will be a hole in the rock with bats and Health.
  3. Jump down onto the rock and destroy the three dogs.
  4. Go down and grab the Rip Laser on the ledge below.
  5. Climb up the turning steps.

  1. When you climb the steps onto the green ground, run to the right behind the hedge. Stand as shown in the screenshot, and the dogs will not be able to bite you, and falling bombs will not harm you.
  2. Destroy the dogs and carefully move forward. Lighting bombs fall where the shadow flies.
  3. At the end of the field we cut down the cross and move to another field.
  4. We destroy the dog and move on.

  1. Ahead is a green swamp with three crocodiles and a gate. Whirlpools suck the player in and cause damage if caught in them, so you need to stay away from them.
  2. Crocodiles are similar to their second level boss, only they don’t have as much health.
  3. It is better to jump into the swamp from the right edge and shoot crocodiles from there.
  4. We cross to the opposite bank and kill the grenadier.
  5. We jump up the turning steps.
  6. We climb onto the bridge and destroy three dogs.
  7. We go up to the moving stone.

  1. We climb up the stone and deal with the enemies. It is better to destroy enemies from above and from afar.
  2. Take Smart Bomb on the right, and Extra Life on the left, as shown in the screenshot.
  3. We go up to the bridge and take Health.
  4. We go through the cave and destroy everything we can. If there are a lot of enemies, then shoot back and retreat back.
  5. At the end of the cave there will be a climb up with a bunch of grenadiers. Be careful!
  6. Go forward, and when enemies appear, retreat, firing back from your machine gun.
  7. At the end of the path, a boss battle awaits you.

Boss Gate

Preparation. The boss is easy to beat if you know the tactics and rules. You need to press the green button and keep enemies away from it. If the enemy or you press the button again, the gate will quickly close. No bonuses will appear on the battlefield, but you can beat the boss with any weapon.

Phase 1. Click on the green button and see how the gate begins to open. At this moment, grenadiers jump out of the windows above, and zombies rise from the ground. You need to wait until the gate opens like in the screenshot, or wider, and then try to enter it. To make it easier to enter the gate, you can run, jump or somersault.

Phase 2. If the gate is closed and you couldn’t enter it the first time, you can try again. Destroy the remaining enemies and press the button again. You can press the button and try to open the gate many times until you die or win.

Victory. After winning, the level will quickly end. However, this is for the best, because there will be no bonuses to collect on the battlefield. Congratulations, you have completed level six. Save and move on.

Apocalypse: Level 7 Plague

Preparation 1. At the beginning there will be a video screensaver during which you can turn on the desired weapon. Against the boss we recommend using: Pulse Laser, Rip Laser, Homing Missiles or Rockets. The following weapons will briefly drop into the arena: Pulse Laser, Homing Missiles and Rockets. The arena is bordered by a large circle in the center and two small circles on the sides.

Phase 1: Hitting the boss on the top stage is difficult, you need to jump shoot or use Rip Laser or Homing Missiles. It’s better to shoot the boss when he jumps onto the speakers to the left and right of the stage. There will be green circles to the left and right, you need to jump over them. After preparation, the boss will shoot a fan of green sparks; you need to jump or run to the side. Don’t stand still, run, jump and shoot.

Phase 2. A disco ball falls into the arena and begins to spin. Gradually, beams like Particle Beam appear from the ball, first one, then two, and then three. You need to jump over the rays, but the ball will rotate in both one and the other direction. The boss will stop shooting and will just jump. The green circles will no longer appear. Shoot the boss and jump over the rays of the disco ball.

Preparation 2. When the boss has a third of his health left, he will freeze, the disco ball will stop working, and the left and right platforms will fall off. You need to be on the middle platform, which will slowly rise up to the stage towards the boss. While this is happening, shoot the boss. As soon as the platform stops moving, jump off it, otherwise you may fall down.

Phase 3. The boss will get on all fours and start running after you, trying to stab you. Puddles with caustic mucus will appear behind it. You need to run away from the boss and also jump over the slime. Shoot the boss with any weapon. Health will appear in the arena; there will be no new weapons.

Victory. Once the boss reaches 0% health, he will die. After winning, the level will quickly end. Therefore, you will not have time to pick up what is left on the battlefield. Try to pick up Health before the boss dies. Congratulations, you have completed level seven. Save and move on.

Apocalypse: Level 8 War Factory

  1. After falling, immediately start shooting forward. Destroy the two robots and crates ahead.
  2. You will encounter these robots throughout the entire level. They shoot twin red lasers that hit very hard. The best thing to do is to jump to the side of these shots and destroy these robots as quickly as possible. It’s better to destroy them from afar.
  3. Take Particle Beam and immediately jump to the side. Two robots will appear behind the fence that need to be destroyed.
  4. We jump over the first electric fence and immediately shoot forward.
  5. We destroy a group of robots and jump over the next barrier using a small jump.
  6. Go forward along the corridor and destroy all the robots that come your way.
  7. Take the Flamethrower and jump over the next obstacle.
  8. Destroy the robots and crates ahead.
  9. Let’s go further to CheckPoint.

  1. There are sections ahead that constantly move left and right.
  2. Robots are waiting for you between sections.
  3. At the end of the path, jump into the pit, however, if you get caught by the green lasers, your health will decrease.
  4. You can step on metal ledges near the walls.
  5. On these ledges you can grab a Pulse Laser and a Rip Laser.
  6. There are many robots waiting for you below, and more will appear from the blue pipes.
  7. Run in a circle and shoot back from any weapon.
  8. In the corners of the room you will find Health and Particle Beam.
  9. Jump down into the opened passage.

  1. Below there will be a lot of robots, an energy wall and a Flamethrower.
  2. Breaking the crates will reveal a Pulse Laser and a Health.
  3. Destroy the walking robots and take the Grenades.
  4. Next there will be more work and a large room where new robots will enter.
  5. In the center, grab a Smart Bomb, Particle Beam and Health.
  6. Climb onto the nearby platform and shoot forward.

  1. Continue jumping on the moving platforms.
  2. When you move with the platform, it is more difficult for enemies to hit you.
  3. Flamethrower and Health are waiting for you at the top.
  4. Jump towards them and the elevator will take you upstairs.
  5. There will be 3 attacks by 3 robots in the elevator.
  6. Upon arrival at the top there will be many more robots.
  7. Rip Laser, Health and Extra Life will be waiting for you at the top.

  1. Move on. A niche in the wall will open there, where new robots will appear.
  2. Jump further along the moving floor to CheckPoint.
  3. Around the corner you will be attacked by robots.
  4. Jump onto the moving platform and go up.
  5. While climbing, run back to the screen.
  6. At the top you will be taken to a secret location where you will pick up a Smart Bomb (screenshot below).

  1. Jump onto the platform again and it will start moving.
  2. Jump over the green lasers and then take out the enemies ahead.
  3. There will be many enemies, destroy them with all your weapons.
  4. On the platforms on the sides you will find Rip Laser and Homing Missiles.
  5. Upon arrival, destroy the robots and go to the next platform that will go down.
  6. Destroy the three robots below and grab the Homing Missiles and Extra Life.

  1. Carefully jump on the moving platforms and destroy all the robots that you meet.
  2. Climb up and jump onto the rope.
  3. Crawl forward a little, and as soon as you see the robot below, go back and jump off the rope.
  4. Destroy him from the edge of the platform, it’s much harder to shoot from the rope.
  5. Another robot will appear on the right, and he will walk towards the cannon. Destroy him before he gets into the cannon and starts shooting.
  6. Do the same with the robot on the right platform.
  7. There will be 2 robots in the distance, launch 4 homing missiles in their direction.

  1. At the end of the rope there will be a CheckPoint waiting for you.
  2. Use the platforms to reach the next rope.
  3. Then follow the platforms and the next rope to Homing Missiles.
  4. On the next moving platform, after it goes down and forward, use a Smart Bomb and a full clip of Homing Missiles, because there will be a lot of enemies.
  5. Finish off the remaining robots with a machine gun.
  6. Grab Smart Bombs and Homing Missiles on stationary platforms.
  7. Carefully proceed further.

  1. Stand only on platforms with a circle and a square in the center. In the screenshot it is in the top center.
  2. Grab the Smart Bomb on the next stable platform.
  3. Get to the platform with the Homing Missiles.
  4. Two flying guards will appear. It is better to destroy them by jumping with the help of Homing Missiles.
  5. On the next platform you will come to a corridor with a CheckPoint.
  6. In an arena with a moving floor, many robots will appear. The camera will rotate, making it very difficult to shoot. Use Smart Bomb to defeat them.
  7. Don’t stand on the center square, otherwise you won’t get Extra Life.

  1. After destroying all the robots, take Extra Life, Pulse Laser and Rip Laser.
  2. Jump down, take the Homing Missiles in flight and land on the CheckPoint.
  3. On the nearby platform, quickly grab the Rip Laser, Health and Smart Bomb.
  4. Destroy two flying enemies while the platform is moving.
  5. After you reach the pipe, jump down from the screen.
  6. Land on the empty platform and a Rip Laser, Homing Missiles, Smart Bomb and Extra Life will appear there.

  1. Jump down onto the similar platform and grab the Smart Bomb.
  2. Destroy flying enemies.
  3. Wait for the moving platform to descend and pass below you.
  4. Jump on it and fly further.
  5. Destroy the enemies that appear.
  6. At the end of the path, jump to another platform, which will take you up.
  7. At the top, jump to the exit from the level.

Apocalypse: Level 9 War

Phase 1: There will be two turrets in front of you shooting at you. Dodge the shots and shoot them with your machine gun. They will be easy to destroy because they are immobile and have little health. Once destroyed, the barrier will collapse and a boss will appear. While he is walking, shoot him with the Pulse Laser or any other powerful weapon.

Phase 2: The boss will walk around the center and start shooting two homing missiles at you. It is better to dodge missiles by running in circles and jumping. After the explosion, the rockets leave behind a fire that will take away health if you hit it. Attack the boss with a homing weapon.

You can hide from the missiles behind the left structure. Then the rockets will explode before they reach you, and you will be safe. But you can only attack the boss while jumping and only when there are no missiles. At the end, the boss’s missiles are replaced with a blue laser.

Phase 3. The boss increases in size and a path opens across the street. At the beginning of the street, take the Pulse Laser, Health and Smart Bomb. Run from the boss and shoot him with any weapon. As soon as you see the barrels, blow them up, then the boss will stop for a while. If he catches up with you, he will kill you with one blow. At first the road will be smooth, then cracks with fire and lava below will appear on the road. Jump over cracks or run around them.

Phase 4. The boss blows up the entire street ahead, leaving the islands behind. There will be Rockets on many islands, shoot them at the boss. The boss will run across the lava and destroy islands. Continue island hopping as soon as possible.

Victory. Once the boss reaches 0% health, he will die. After winning, the level will quickly end. Therefore, you will not have time to pick up what is left on the battlefield.

Apocalypse: Level 10 White House

  1. Take Pulse Laser.
  2. We destroy the turrets and the guards who run out from behind them.
  3. We do the same with the next enemies.
  4. We destroy the gates and mines in front of them.
  5. Take Health and move on.
  6. We destroy the turrets and guards, just like last time.

  1. We shoot down the helicopter in front of the gate.
  2. We destroy the guards on the wall and the gate itself.
  3. Take Health and Grenades.
  4. We destroy two turrets and guards in ambush.
  5. We go further and again destroy the turrets, guards and gates.
  6. Outside the gates, a lot of dogs and Health are waiting for you.

  1. You need to destroy the cannons. They burn with napalm if you get caught in the spotlight.
  2. It’s better to go along the right fence to the next guns.
  3. Destroy the cannons and move on, avoiding the searchlights.
  4. Go to CheckPoint and take the Homing Missiles.
  5. You can shoot back to destroy the two missed guns.
  6. Enjoy the view of the White House and continue on to the lava.

  1. Jump along the islands in the lava forward and then to the left.
  2. Take the Smart Bomb and Extra Life as shown in the screenshot.
  3. Go forward to the White House.
  4. Kill the three guards on the stairs.
  5. Take the Grenades and Health from the other stairs.
  6. Jump to the second floor and destroy the turret ahead.
  7. There will be another turret around the corner.

  1. Look around the corner and go back a little.
  2. Destroy the guards ahead.
  3. Go forward, jumping over the gaps and destroying the guards.
  4. From afar, destroy the two turrets ahead.
  5. Destroy another turret around the corner and one above the main entrance.
  6. Climb to the roof of the building.
  7. On the roof, kill the guards and destroy the turret.
  8. Destroy the helicopter around the corner.

  1. Use a machine gun to smash the balcony on the roof and jump down.
  2. You will be taken inside the White House. Go forward along the corridor.
  3. You will meet elite guards who shoot fire projectiles.
  4. Break furniture. In one of them you will find Rockets.
  5. Deal with the elite guards.
  6. Place the Homing Missiles and go to the end of the corridor.

  1. The helicopter will make a huge hole in the building and shoot missiles at you.
  2. Jump left and right and shoot rockets.
  3. Once destroyed, the helicopter will make a hole in the floor. Jump into this hole.
  4. Go forward and stop between the columns, as they will soon fall.
  5. Destroy the elite guard.
  6. Jump forward across the islands across the lava.

  1. In the cave you will need to jump on platforms and dodge volcanic bombs.
  2. Go left and take the Pulse Laser.
  3. Jump over the small volcano to the next platform.
  4. Take Health and move on.
  5. Jump into the corridor and destroy the two elite guards.

Apocalypse: Level 11 The Beast

Phase 1. Immediately after the level has finished loading, turn on the Flamethrower or any weapon except the machine gun. Without waiting for the end of the cutscene, start attacking the boss. This way you can take away a lot of his health before he starts attacking you. The boss will stand still, so it won’t be difficult to hit him; he has little health.

The boss will shoot two Particle Beams in front of him - jump over them. He will also throw fireballs - dodge them and avoid getting caught in the fire they leave behind.

Phase 2: The walls will collapse and you will find yourself in a large arena. The boss will spit out flames and follow you. White circles will emanate from his steps, which you need to jump over. Jump around the boss and shoot him with available weapons. In the arena you will find Pulse Laser, Smart Bomb, Rockets and other weapons. The boss has little health.

You can stand in the farthest corner of the arena and hope that the boss doesn’t get there. But this does not always work, in about 50% of cases. However, you will still have to jump over the white circles.

Phase 3. The boss will start shooting fireballs like in phase 1. He will also jump all over the arena and destroy it. Run and jump around the boss, shoot at him with available weapons, and also avoid the white circles. The boss will have significantly more health, and the arena will be smaller. The boss has a lot of health.

Phase 4. The arena will collapse greatly and turn into 5 islands around the edges and one large island in the center. The boss will start using his claws more actively when you are close. He will also jump onto the island and destroy it. You can stand in the farthest corner on the central island and shoot at it, just be sure to jump over the white circles. The boss has a lot of health.

Phase 5. Only the main island in the center and one of the smaller islands will remain. The boss will only be on the central island, but he will shoot two Particle Beam from his eyes, they are very long-range. You can jump to a distant island and dodge its attacks; various weapons will appear on this island. Or you can stay on the central island, jump and attack the boss.

Victory. Once the boss runs out of his last health bar, you win! Watch the ending video and credits. Congratulations, you have completed Apocalypse starring Bruce Willis!

Apocalypse: RetroAchievements

RetroAchievements.org is a site where you can get achievements by playing retro games on emulators of old consoles. First, you need to register on the site, download and configure the emulator and launch the desired game. There is a Hardcore mode in which you cannot use saves, slowdowns, or cheats to get the achievement. Achievements obtained in this mode have a gold frame.

Passing the level. To obtain these achievements, you must complete each of the game’s 11 levels on normal or hard difficulty. By default, the game starts on normal difficulty.

Passing the level on high difficulty. In the main game menu, you need to select a high difficulty level in the settings. It is not possible to change the difficulty of the game after launch. The difficulty level affects enemy damage and bonuses in the level.

We recommend initially setting the difficulty level to high. This way you can get all the RetroAchievements.

Passing the level Without death. To get these achievements, you must not only complete the level on hard difficulty, but also without dying once. Each of the 11 levels of the game has this achievement. This is a difficult achievement, you need to take many attempts to get these achievements.

Destroy all enemies in the level. These are the most difficult achievements. Not only do you have to complete the level on hard difficulty without dying, but you also have to kill almost all the enemies in the level. However, in some levels you can destroy the required number of enemies without even reaching the final boss. This achievement has 7 levels:

Collect lives. Throughout the game you need to collect 10, 15 and 20 lives. To do this, you need not to die during the passage and read our article. We go into detail about all the places where these lives can be found. Lives can be collected at the following levels:

  1. 4 lives.
  2. 3 lives.
  3. 1 life.
  4. 0 lives (boss).
  5. 4 lives.
  6. 2 lives.
  7. 0 lives (boss).
  8. 4 lives.
  9. 0 lives (boss).
  10. 1 life.
  11. 0 lives (boss).

The secret of Hardcore mode. You can use saves on a memory card with Hardcore mode enabled in the emulator. Therefore, we recommend completing the levels at least twice. The first time (for achievements) - without losing a life, using all available weapons and not collecting bonuses. The second time (for saving) - turn off Hardcore mode in the emulator, save often, collect all the weapons, lives and bonuses, take care of your health, lives and weapons, and at the end be sure to save to your memory card.

Apocalypse: The Story of the Game

In January 1996, the game engine for Apocalypse was completed. Initially, the player’s character was a mercenary, accompanied by an artificial intelligence-controlled partner, Trey Kincaid. Activision later awarded Bruce Willis a multimillion-dollar contract to provide the voice and image of Trey Kincaid using "cyber scanning" and motion capture.

Thus, Trey Kincaid was moved from a supporting character to a major playable character, reducing the amount of dialogue that Bruce Willis had to voice. In the final version of the game, the actor voiced the main character and several other characters, but this was mainly in short phrases and dialogues.

Bruce Willis participated in recording movements and voices for the game in mid-1997. He worked at the House of Moves film studio in Venice and California, where his face was transferred to the model of Trey Kincaid’s character. During recording, the actor made a number of suggestions for changing the dialogue, which were accepted by the developers.

Poe was cast as the character Plague using the same combination of cyber scanning, motion capture and voice recording used for Bruce Willis. Apocalypse features songs from a variety of artists including Poe and System of a Down. The technology developed for the game allowed music videos from these artists to be projected in real time onto large screens in the gaming environment.

The game was first shown off at the 1997 Electronic Entertainment Expo, which Bruce Willis also attended to help promote the project. At the time, the game featured AI-driven partner mechanics. The game was originally scheduled for release in September 1998, but the release date was later moved to November 17 of the same year.

The game was originally an internal project for Activision, but due to financial difficulties, Neversoft Entertainment, which was developing the game, continued work on the Big Guns project using an upgraded version of the game engine. The Apocalypse game engine was used as the basis for the development of Neversoft’s next game, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

The development team decided to use this engine to begin work on a Tony Hawk game after completing development on Apocalypse. To do this, they created a skateboarding demo featuring Trey Kincaid based on the game environment from Apocalypse. This allowed the team to experiment with the feel they wanted to convey in a Tony Hawk game.

Although Neversoft continued to develop the game engine primarily for the Tony Hawk series, the same engine was used by the team in another action game - the popular Spider-Man game, released in 2000. The aspect of the engine that allowed music videos to be displayed in real time within the game world of Apocalypse was also used in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and other subsequent Neversoft games.

Jeff Gerstmann of GameSpot praised the shooter’s gameplay, but criticized the voice acting for its lack of emotion and variety. Next Generation called the game "an average action game at best." There’s really nothing new or innovative about the game. It is considered unacceptable in the fourth generation of PlayStation games. In Japan, where the game was ported and published on September 22, 1999, Famitsu gave it a score of 22 out of 40. The game’s other scores are listed below:

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