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Rainbow Friends Roblox WiKi: Review of Guides and game Secrets

Rainbow Friend is a team-based horror game created by Roy & Charcle. The game is divided into 2 chapters. Each chapter begins with a small map scene, a kind of backstory that tells about the beginning of the adventures of the heroes. Rainbow Friends compares favorably with similar projects with its colorful environment, interesting storyline, and ease of passage. Thanks to these factors, the game is loved by many gamers.


  1. Game Tips
  2. Guide for Beginners
  3. Chapter 1 Walkthrough
  4. Chapter 2 Walkthrough
  5. Guide to Rainbow Friends
  6. Tips for game errors
  7. Secrets of notable places on maps

Rainbow Friend: Game Tips

1. Explore locations! When you first get to the map, look around. This will be useful to you in further adventures. Find escape routes or hiding places. Highlight dangerous areas. It is very important to know the location of the main items in the game, as you can compete with your friends by coming up with additional quests. For example, you can arrange a competition to collect the things you are looking for: whoever collects the most wins. You can also organize "hunts" for monsters or other tasks.

Many of the items that you require on the Scientist’s instructions are located in the same rooms. In some places you will never find these objects. For example, monsters do not appear at the trash can in the Strange World park of Chapter 2, therefore, there will be no Rangers there either. By the way, this is one of the safe places of this adventure.

2. Learn the behavior of rainbow friends! Monsters move and act according to a predetermined algorithm, so you can study their habits and use their shortcomings to your advantage. Below we have given a brief description of the behavior of rainbow friends, but some points require research on your own. For example, Orange always moves along a designated path, and there are several routes in the game that the creature moves along. But if he left the cave due to the actions of the players, then his path will not be marked, and he can enter almost any room.

3. Keep up with other players! If this is your first time deciding to play Rainbow Friends, then you need to carefully monitor the actions of your teammates. Some paths and labyrinths from rooms are quite difficult to navigate the first time. Especially when you’re escaping. At this point, previously safe corridors become a cluster of traps. And monsters that could not previously be in some places will chase you: one wrong step and you will end up ending the game prematurely.

4. Don’t rely on experience you’ve gained from other Roblox projects. If you have previously played similar games on the platform or simply have extensive experience in various projects, then you should not rely heavily on it here. Of course, you will move quickly and be able to find a solution at lightning speed in a dangerous moment, but the game has many individual traps that are not found in other adventures. For example, some map scenes in the game appear unexpectedly, sometimes at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, when going through stories for the first time, you should remember the timing of the beginning of the story narrative. This is important to avoid ending up in the hands of monsters.

Remember, the speed of monsters from Chapter 1 increases significantly in Chapter 2. Their behavior towards players also changes. You need to be careful in the 2nd part of the story!

5. Don’t take advantage of game bugs! Yes, the game has a lot of bugs. For example, you can go outside the map or climb to the top of a building and see part of the location from above. But there are places from which you will not be able to return to the game. You will be alive, your enemies will not be able to reach you, but you will no longer be able to participate in the gameplay. You can search for errors in a single playthrough so as not to let other players down. We’ve talked about some funny mistakes that will help you along the way below.

6. Try to establish voice communication with other players. One of the important aspects of the game is communication with other group members. You can use chat for correspondence, but it is best to connect third-party programs suitable for negotiations. This will help you better coordinate actions in a team, tell newcomers the nuances of the game, or ask something from more experienced comrades yourself.

7. Come up with interesting quests to play with friends. Many horror games are designed to be played once and have a simple storyline. Therefore, some players simply end the adventure and delete the game. This project is good because it allows you to go through the story with several players, which makes it possible to experiment with quests. This is why the game is popular.

8. Complete chapters alone. If you are already familiar with the game’s maps, you can try to go through the game solo. Almost all tasks have no time limits, so you can safely complete all quests. This will give the story new colors, and you will be able to look at the gameplay differently, find secret errors, Easter eggs and other interesting moments.

Rainbow Friend: Guide for Beginners

You start the game with a map scene that will show you your starting adventures. You can play solo or with a team of other players. In total, up to 15 people can take part in the game. At the time of writing, there are 2 chapters. In principle, they are not interconnected in their passage. But if you don’t complete part 1 of the story, you won’t be able to start part 2. In the future you will be able to select chapters. For example, start the passage immediately from chapter 2.

The chapters themselves are divided into several rounds. Each round requires you to complete a specific task. Some quests can be completed for an unlimited amount of time. But there are time-limited rounds. The time limits for completing a task will be told to you by a stranger from Chapter 1 or a technician from Chapter 2. If the team does not have time to collect all the necessary items in the allotted period of time, then inevitable retribution awaits them.

Night is the game time during which players are required to complete the stranger’s task. In Chapter 2 of the story, the night turns into an hour. You should not waste time dealing with monsters or sorting out relationships with group members, since completing the task is the primary task of gamers. Even if there is no time limit set for completing the quest, delaying the search can lead to the loss of players.

Coins are the game currency that can be earned as you play. To do this, you need to stay alive as long as possible and collect the items required by the game characters. For each item you find and return, you are given 5 coins. For each completed round you will receive a certain amount of currency:

Coins are used to purchase skins that change your appearance. Also, money is needed to advance to the next round (nights). To buy an image, you need to go to the "Store" by clicking on the button of the same name on the left side of the screen. To purchase most goods you need to accumulate a certain number of coins. The Store also displays items that can be sold for diamonds.

Gems are the premium currency in Rainbow Friends. Unlike coins, which can be earned for free, gems can only be purchased with Robux in the in-game store. You can use gems to buy skins and box packs. You can also instantly return to the game after your death.

A disguise box is a special item that can be used to hide from certain monsters. By activating disguise, you turn into an ordinary box, monsters immediately lose interest in you. This way you can move around the map or wait out danger. At the start of the game, the box will be normal, just brown. In the future, you will be able to purchase skins in the store or from special packs (the probability of dropping a disguise box is 5%). For example, you can choose a look as shown in the picture above. To activate disguise, you can press the "B" key on your keyboard if you are playing on a computer. If you are using a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to pass, you should click on the button in the form of a box, which is located in the lower left corner of the screen.

By hiding in the box, you will be invulnerable to the Blue and Yellow friend. However, they will attack if they notice you before you hide in the box. Green and Purple can destroy you, even if you managed to disguise yourself before they appear. The blue monster may not touch you while you are in the box. Although a friend will approach you to carefully check the contents of the box. If you start moving at this moment, you will be killed.

Safe places . There are several places in Chapter 1 where you can hide without the monsters chasing you:

  1. Entrance corridor - ventilation hole in the floor (if there is no water). You can also hide in the locker that is next to the blue arrow.
  2. Luggage storage - there are 4 lockers in the room, in which you can hide in a moment of danger.
  3. The main corridor of the theater is a hole in the wall next to the signal cones.
  4. Theater - you can hide behind multi-colored fuel barrels (located against the far wall). Green doesn’t approach them, and Orange doesn’t enter the theater at all.
  5. Farmer’s House (shown in the picture above) - you can hide in the house itself or behind the hay bales that are in the yard.
  6. Museum - here you can find a hole that leads to the lower tier of the room.
  7. Sublevel A is a room that can be accessed by crouching in the main corridor. Here you can find some items needed for quests.
  8. A shaft is a hole in a wall.

Locker locations:

Safe places chapter 2:

  1. Entrance to Blue’s castle - at the entrance there is a locker in which you can hide, but inside the castle itself it is not safe. There are also lockers in the hallway and throne room of the building.
  2. Castle Blue’s office - you can sit under the tables to avoid being discovered by monsters.
  3. Windmill area - locker. You can crouch under the base of the mill.
  4. Ferris wheel - a locker with balls.
  5. Bouncy castle - by "crouching" you can get inside where the monsters won’t reach you.
  6. Snow attraction - there are several places where you can "crawl". There is also an entrance to the sewer, which does not contain rainbow friends, but items may appear.
  7. Infirmary - there is a table and a locker.
  8. Attraction "Rainbow Racers" - there are several lockers on its territory. There are also places where you can sit (for example, a table). When you enter the territory of the attraction itself, the monsters lose sight of you.
  9. The entrance to Violet’s lair is a table.
Use the rides to get away from the monsters, as entering some of them makes you "invisible" to them. They immediately lose sight of you.

Scientist - many players call him Red. He is the main negative character in the game, although he does not appear as a monster seeking to destroy you. At the start of the game, a stranger changes signs along the bus route. This leads to unpleasant consequences. Throughout both parts, the Scientist will appear in cut scenes; from some videos you can learn about his plans.

Rainbow Friend: Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Plot story

Players, maximum number of 15 people, go to the Strange World amusement park. At this moment, the unknown person changes the direction of the sign, causing the bus to turn into the forest at the intersection. Here the transport gets into an accident, causing all passengers to lose consciousness. Next, the unknown person drags the players to an abandoned entertainment venue known as Hemlock Forest.

1 night. When you wake up after fainting, an unknown person will ask you to collect 24 letter cubes. They are scattered throughout the complex. The cubes must be placed on a special platform in the theater (it will be shown in the map scene). The first round of the game is not difficult, since you will only be chased by 1 monster - Blue.

You should carefully study the map you find yourself on in order to navigate on it in subsequent nights. Collecting all the blocks will not be difficult if you started the adventure with other players. It is important to note the location of cabinets, boxes and other possible hiding places. These objects will be very useful to you in the following nights. After collecting all the cubes, you will be able to rest until the next night.

Notice the counter on the right side of the screen. It shows the required number of items sought and already found. This way you can navigate through the stages of the game.

2nd night. An unknown person orders the players to collect 15 food bags that are scattered around the perimeter of the forest. There will already be 2 monsters hunting for you: Blue and Green. The unknown person advises you not to worry about Green, as he is blind. But you shouldn’t trust him too much, since a blind creature can end your adventure with a touch. After the packages are found, Orange will come out of his cave because he smelled food.

3 night. The unknown person will begin to assure you that this is the last night in the forest. And that after all the players approach his car, he will show you why you really ended up here. He will tell you that the ventilation holes have started to leak. You have to find 14 fuses to turn on the car in the theater.

This night you will be chased by 4 monsters: Blue, Green, Orange and Purple. The last two creatures are the most dangerous for you and are a significant threat that you should pay special attention to. After all the fuses are inserted into the machine, the unknown person turns it on. But the equipment begins to overload, which will lead to a power outage throughout the entire facility.

4 night. You have to find 9 batteries to turn on the backup generator and fix the lights. The unknown person will tell you that perhaps after this you will be allowed to leave. Players are given flashlights to help them see in the dark. Although the same monsters will be on the map as the previous night, the passage is complicated by the fact that you are searching in the dark. After all the batteries are collected, the device’s power will be restored, and the unknown person will allow you to leave, but will temptingly ask you to stay for the party.

5th night - fake party. This is the last night. The players appear in a new room and an unknown person offers everyone a piece of cake before leaving. To get to the treats, you need to go past the balloons. You cannot touch the balls, as they will explode. The loud sound will wake Blue. Once all participants reach the exit, 1 balloon will pop right before the doors open.

All players will have to quickly leave the room and avoid Blue’s pursuit. In the next room there is a ventilation hole through which you can leave the forest area. But it is littered with large cubes that need to be pushed aside to get to the exit. After successfully entering the ventilation shaft, you will encounter several obstacles. Therefore, you need to be careful.

At the end of the game, a kart stage will be launched. From it you will learn that the unknown person is the Red Monster Scientist, one of the Rainbow Friends. He’s relaxing. At the same time, you will hear him say that further events will be crazier than before.


Cubes (blocks) are mandatory objects that must be found on 1 night. You must navigate through the Rainbow Friends Entertainment theater and find 24 blocks to move on to the next night. They all have a white background with a colorful outline and different letters on each die. The blocks need to be stacked on the podium in the main hall.

Food packages are special items from Night 2 mission. Your team must reach the Rainbow Friends Theater to advance to 3am. Sometimes packages may be located in secluded places, so we advise you to carefully inspect each room.

Fuses are items that you need to collect at night 3. There are 14 of them in total. Fuses are used to activate a special machine - a scientist’s experiment. Once all fuses have been found and connected to the device, the electricity will turn off. This will be a signal to receive a new task from a stranger.

Batteries are items that need to be found on the 4th night. In total you need to collect 9 pieces. Batteries are needed to run the backup generator. This is the last quest from a stranger.

Rainbow Friend: Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Plot story

The chapter begins after the events of the previous story. You run to the "Strange World". As soon as you arrive at the fence of the amusement park, you meet a mysterious old man who is trying to cut the fence with pliers. He is surprised to see several people in such a deserted place. He will ask you what you are doing in the forest.

You are trying to warn a man about dangerous monsters living nearby. You also talk about adventures in an abandoned theater. The man doesn’t believe your story, but still advises you to collect some light bulbs. They will help give an SOS signal. At that moment, Red appears from behind the fence and lets Blue and Green out of the garage.

1 hour. You need to collect 25 light bulbs that are located in different places in the park to activate the life-saving signal. Three Rainbow Friends are hunting you: Blue, Green and Purple. If you survive the round and complete the task, the first hour will end.

Beware of bodies of water! Purple can be found not only in vents, but also in various other places where there is water. Contact with him will inevitably lead to the end of the game.

At the end of the hour you will be shown a small kart stage. The SOS signal is activated. Blue will appear, walking down the side corridor. The technician immediately recognizes the monster and concludes that visiting the park was a mistake. He then tells you that you can use the drill to get out of the "Weird World".

2 hours You need to collect 15 gas cylinders to power the drill. This, the technician hopes, will allow you to penetrate into the part of the park inaccessible to monsters and help you get out of the "Strange World". At this hour you will be pursued by a new monster - Yellow. You will also be hunted by already familiar friends: Blue, Green and Purple. After collecting all the canisters, the hour will end.

You’ll have to watch one more kart scene before 3 o’clock: a drill breaks through a closet door, causing 10 Overseers to fly out. The technician is confused, but an unexpected explosion knocks him off his feet. A man wakes up at the top of an amusement park tower, and Red threatens you with the death of his new comrade unless you gather the Watchers.

3 hours To get the main ending of this hour, you need to collect 10 Guardians who have scattered across the map. If approached, the Watchers can quickly roll, so be careful. To get the alternate ending, wait 10-15 minutes for the tower platform to reach the top. You will be hunted by the same 4 monsters as in the 2nd hour. If you survive the round or complete the challenge, the 3rd hour will end.

The main ending will occur when all the Overseers have been collected. Red will allow the technician to descend from the tower. The man will assure you that he is fine. He will then assume the best way out is through a roller coaster. He advises you to move the Giant Caretaker by making a piece of cake.

An alternate ending will occur if you do not collect 10 Overseers within the time limit. In the kart scene, Red presses a button that should blow up the tower, and with it the prisoner tied up. But Blue interrupts Red, preventing the tower from exploding. Red then asks, "What are you looking at?"

4 hours This is the last round of the problem game. You need to collect 9 packets of sugar to bake a cake for the Giant Caretaker. You must survive and complete this task. You will be hunted by 5 monsters: Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow and Cyan. Once all the sugar packets are collected and transferred to the bowl, the 4th hour ends and a cutscene plays.

In front of the roller coaster, a technician tempts the Giant Caretaker with a freshly baked cake. After the Warden rolls away, the entrance to the attraction will be open. Everyone quickly needs to go through a small passage to a tunnel with trolleys.

5 o’clock - final. You get to the carts and can take any seats. After a few seconds, the carts begin to move, and several signs tell you that you can lean in any direction to control the cart’s movement. Since the trolleys travel separately from each other, you may lose some of your not-so-lucky teammates along the way. You should lean in the direction indicated on the signs so as not to end the adventure prematurely.

After a couple of seconds, Blue greets you. At first she looks at you for a few seconds, then becomes aggressive and opens her mouth to show sharp teeth. But the cart suddenly goes down, leaving the monster with nothing. During the trip, various monsters will be waiting for you, from which you need to evade. At a certain moment, the trolleys will move along different paths, but the Caretakers will ride in front of each, helping you survive and lean in the right direction from the path to the monsters in time.

After a short ride on the roller coaster, you will come to a cute grotto with the sign "Exit". At this point Blue will fall onto the mattress, falling on her back, she will be harmless for a while as she needs to roll over onto her feet. You need to run as quickly as possible towards the exit. Your path will lie through a simple labyrinth.

Beginners can get lost in the clutter of passages, vents and stairs. To prevent this from happening, you should first climb up the planks into the hole in the wall (after going through with the Overseers), rather than continue down the corridor. Then turn onto the stairs, after going up, turn left. In the room with various colorful objects, enter the passage behind the green decorations. After walking along the dark corridor, turn into a bright passage framed by light gray bricks.

Don’t linger anywhere, as Blue will chase you! At the last door, the monster will not be able to overcome the bars and will leave.


Light bulbs are the first items in Chapter 2. The technician instructs you to collect them within 1 hour to get the SOS signal working and move on to the next round. In total, you need to find 25 light bulbs: 16 blue and 9 yellow.

SOS Light is a machine that signals for help from the Strange World theme park. As the developers explained in one of their posts, the technician activates the machine to divert the attention of the park administration from hacking it. The man didn’t know if the machine would work. Although not mentioned in the game, the signal indicates that "Potty time!" He disappears immediately after the card scene. This is a comic insert from the developers.

Gasoline cans - you need to find them at 2 o’clock. They are needed to power the drill. To fully refill you need to find 15 cans.

The Drill is a machine located in Strange World. The drill was found by a technician in the park. But to start it you need fuel. Once you fill the tank, the technician will use the machine to break down the door. 10 Guardians flew out of the resulting hole towards the technician. The man faints from surprise. The car is no longer used in the game.

The Rangers are friendly monsters that you need to collect throughout the park within 3 hours. When you approach them to catch them, they will slowly roll away from you. They will constantly make sounds similar to humming or cooing. This quirk will help you find them in hiding. You can only hold 1 Overseer, if you try to take another one, the first one will fall out of your hands. If you transform into a box, the Caretaker will run away from you.

Please note: the Overseer’s speed is significantly reduced in water.

Sugar packets are the last items in the game that you need to collect as part of the task. With their help, you can prepare a treat for the Giant Caretaker. In total, you need to find 9 packages. The preparation of the cake will take place in a cart stage. At the same time, the man will omit the phrase: "He (the Giant Caretaker) will do anything for the sake of cake."

Rainbow Friend: Guide to Rainbow Friends


The first monster you meet in the game. He looks like a stuffed animal and wears a golden crown on his head. Blue appears every night on sublevel "A" next to the barn and shower. His presence is indicated by loud stomping and giggling. To avoid close contact with him, you need to hide in a locker or some kind of box. Otherwise the monster will chase you. You can also run away from Blue the moment he looks at you. To do this, you will have only 2 - 3 seconds, after which the monster will begin its pursuit.

On the last night, Blue behaves differently. He can be seen sitting motionless on stage. He will start chasing you if you burst a balloon near him. But after a while he will get tired of the chase and return to his place. Once players have collected all the necessary items, a kart scene will appear on the screen in which someone pops the ball with a fork. After the cutscene, Blue will begin to chase everyone in the game. At the same time, we do not recommend hiding in ventilation shafts, since Blue will pass through them.


  1. If Blue sees you, alarming music will play, you need to hide from the monster’s sight or engage in battle with him (we do not recommend for inexperienced players). When you start attacking a character, a red exclamation mark will appear above your avatar and Blue will accept your challenge.
  2. If you are sure there are no other monsters nearby, you can simply run away from Blue since you are moving faster than the monster. He will stop chasing you as soon as you are out of sight.
  3. If you approach a door and hear Blue’s footsteps, we recommend blocking the door with available materials. You can do the same thing inside a small impenetrable room: barricade the entrance at the first sign of danger. Once the footsteps are no longer heard, you can leave the room.
  4. To get away from him, you should move out of his sight before quickly activating the cloaking box.
  5. In Chapter 1, Blue is quite slow - it is much easier to overtake him than in Chapter 2, where his speed becomes noticeably higher.
  6. In Chapter 2, Blue can spot you from a distance. While he reaches you, you can hide from him.
  7. Blue cannot see you if you are crouched in the fog in Violet’s Lair.
  8. Blue can climb stairs.
Pay attention to Blue’s speed: he is always slower than the players, only your mistake can lead you into the clutches of a clumsy monster.


The second monster that can be encountered on the 2nd night of the adventure. This is a tall plush monster with bulging eyes. Green appears next to Blue’s comrade. The main difference between these monsters is that the Green is blind and does not actively pursue gamers. He usually searches the premises. Experienced players have noticed that the monster stops for a few seconds at certain points on the map, then continues its search again.

In all likelihood, Green is not only a blind creature, but also a deaf creature, since he does not respond to various sounds. Thanks to this feature, he is easy to dodge. You can recognize the appearance of Green by the creaking sound that the monster makes while walking. Doesn’t react to sound, making it easier to avoid.

Be careful, as any touch you make to Green will result in a game over!


  1. Listen carefully to sounds in closed spaces, as Green may be searching them.
  2. If you hear Green’s footsteps in an adjacent or passage room, we do not recommend heading there.
  3. If you find yourself between Blue and Green, we recommend hiding in a closet or sitting in a nook close to the wall. If possible, do not move, as Blue can see and hear you perfectly.
  4. You can run under Green’s hand. But you should be careful, since the creature can lower its limb at any moment.
  5. He will never actively persecute anyone because of his blindness.
  6. We advise you to never be near Blue and Green at the same time. Moving will cause Blue to chase you, and not moving will increase the chances of you getting killed by Green.


The third comrade whom you will see on the 3rd day of the story. This is a small red creature with moving eyes. When Orange leaves the bay (located next to the cave), sirens will sound and his path will be marked with an orange line (as shown in the picture above). If you catch his eye, he will go out of his way and run after you. This is the fastest monster in the game. When Orange runs, you can hear the loud tapping sounds of his footsteps.

The orange one can be fed to prevent its appearance. There is a machine in his lair that dispenses food to him. It can be powered for the next 2-3 minutes after activating the device. Please note that interacting with the machine while the food has already been served will cause Orange to dance, become aggressive, and run away. But in this case, his path will not be illuminated, and the sirens will be silent.

To access the lever, you will have to go next to Orange and through special bells. Even though they don’t make any sounds, your presence in this area will cause the monster to raise its head. If you cannot quickly leave the bell area, a friend will temporarily go out to investigate. His behavior during reconnaissance is identical to a normal exit, but his movement time is reduced. His spontaneous foray is not sounded by an alarm, and the path is not illuminated.


  1. If you are a beginner, we advise you to hide when the sirens sound. You should also avoid the orange trail. This monster is very fast, so you shouldn’t catch his eye.
  2. If you are an experienced player, you can fight Orange in hand-to-hand combat. But you shouldn’t always fight him.
Avoid Orange’s tracks to maximize your chances of remaining undetected. And don’t forget that his other comrades may be nearby!


The fourth creature, like Orange, appears on the 3rd night. You will not be able to fully see this monster, but its eyes and hands will periodically appear in the ventilation where it lives. If he catches you, you will see a row of sharp predator teeth before you die. The presence of the creature is indicated by a rhythmic noise, and sometimes you can see its hands, which it sticks out into the ventilation holes. At this moment you should move away from them, as he may well grab you and drag you into the ventilation.

Even if Violet hides his hands, it is still unsafe for you to walk through the water flowing from the ventilation. The monster can quickly grab you and drag you into the hole. If you need to cross the water to another place, we recommend following a small path in the water marked with footprints. A metallic clattering indicates that Violet is changing his location. During the Chapter 1 ending, if you fall off the board into the hole in the vent, Purple will grab you or give you a big scare.

Watch the water! If there is Violet in the ventilation (you can recognize it by sounds and hands), then you need to get out of the water or follow the tracks. Otherwise the monster will pull you inside. If there is no Violet in the vent, the water is safe.

In Chapter 2, Violet is hiding in the fog inside his lair (shown in the picture above). If you enter the fog, after about a couple of seconds a water monster will appear in one of the far corners of the maze. When he starts chasing you, his opponent’s presence will be revealed by his hands visible through the clouds. Unlike other monsters, Purple always knows where you are, even if there are several obstacles between you.

The monster is able to find players hiding inside the camouflage box. Upon contact, you will immediately be grabbed by Violet’s arms, carrying you into the fog. Purple will never go beyond the fog. There are several ways to avoid contact with the monster:

  1. Stand on the rocks protruding from the fog so that the monster cannot reach you.
  2. Sit down in the fog. This action is classified in the game code as "hiding under an object". Although Violet cannot grab you in this position, he will continue to watch you closely.

The problem with moving in fog is that any change in your height, even when crouched, can cause the game to register you as having "left the safe zone". This makes climbing on rocks or even touching hedges quite dangerous. Sometimes Purple manages to grab crouched players right as they take their first step onto the rock. If you sit down in the fog, then you need to get out of it on a flat area.


Appears in the 4th hour of the 2nd chapter. This is the only female friend in the game. This monster’s behavior is reminiscent of Blue’s maneuvers. The blue one will actively hunt for you. With her appearance you need to be very careful: if you get into Blue’s field of view, she will begin to chase you throughout the park. Blue moves at the player’s speed. You can avoid an attack by hiding in a camouflage box or cabinet. You can also throw the monster off its scent by crouching behind any piece of furniture.

When Blue loses sight of you, she will run to where she last saw you. Not finding prey, the friend will stop to think. She will then continue wandering around the map. If you activate a cloaking box outside of her line of sight, even if she is actively pursuing you, Blue will not be able to find you.

Remember, if you try to deploy a camouflage box in front of Blue, she will definitely notice you and you will not be safe. A red exclamation mark will appear above your head, symbolizing the monster’s aggressive attitude towards you. Also, don’t hide in a locker or crouch in front of Blue!

If, while in the box, you begin to move around Blue, she will become curious. The friend will raise his head high and look straight at the box. 3 lightning bolts will appear above your head, indicating that you are being watched. The monster will quickly lose interest if you stop moving. But if for some reason you do not stop your movement, the monster will detect you.


This is one of the Chapter 2 monsters that you will encounter in the 2nd hour of the adventure. This monster strongly resembles a pterosaur. Yellow, like the Blue and Cyan monsters, will actively hunt you. He typically wanders around the amusement park making distorted screams and muttering noises. If you find yourself in his field of vision, he will start running after you, waving his arms. The yellow friend runs at the same speed as the players. Just like Blue, Yellow will be interested in moving boxes and will not be confused by your attempts to hide in a closet or sit down.

Unlike other Rainbow Friends, it will not instantly kill you when it catches you. He will move the prey to an open area that resembles a helicopter landing site. Yellow will then throw you to the ground, grab you with his legs, and fly up. The first time this happens, the technician will ask you to find a safe place.

Even though you can’t jump in the game, you do have the option to jump out of his clutches when he takes off. Yellow’s flight always follows the same route. You can escape by jumping while the monster flies over the bouncy castle located next to the Ferris wheel. If you break out anywhere else, you will hit the ground hard and die. As soon as Yellow brings you to his nest, he will destroy you.


  1. When falling from Yellow’s flight height, do not forget that other monsters may notice you.
  2. Be careful and try not to land on the edge of the bouncy castle. There is a chance that you will get stuck outside the map.
  3. If you are surrounded by other Rainbow Friends, run to Yellow - he will lead you safely away from the dangerous place. Also, with its help you can carefully examine the park from under the clouds.
  4. You can touch any other object while Yellow is carrying you. It won’t kill you.
  5. It is recommended to disable "gear shift lock" in the game settings because when Yellow catches you, he changes the camera manually. Blocking prevents this and causes your downfall.

Rainbow Friend: Tips for game errors

Chapter 1

Awaken the monster if necessary. Orange can be awakened by filling his food bowl 3 times when it is full. It is worth remembering that there will be no notification about the monster’s release. This action can be performed to quickly complete the gameplay, or to enhance the action. We recommend doing this when playing solo to avoid harm to other players.

Use mistakes for the benefit of the team. There is a texture bug at the end of Chapter 1 that may extend gameplay time. If you can lure Blue to the exit door with balloons and then trigger a cutscene while he’s near it, the monster will get stuck in the opening, leaving the door open. Next Blue will disappear. If you enter the door at the moment of error, then after the disappearance the monster will hunt for you. For example, an experienced player will give time for newcomers to leave the theater.

When a monster switches to the selected player, if that person enters an open door, they will be locked. If you approach the door or the right wall, Blue will walk towards you, completely ignoring the other party members. After the monster exits the trigger, it will head back to the vent.

If you do this trick several times, you can significantly delay the end of the game. Although you can’t go through the exit door, Blue can. At the time of writing, the only way to fix the bug is to let Blue catch you.

Studying the mistakes will help you play the game more interestingly. At the end of Chapter 1, after successfully surviving the chase, you can crawl back into the vent you came out of in the final cutscene. Returning to the vent, you can see the monster, but it is no longer dangerous. You can even touch it without getting hurt.

Chapter 2

Lure the monster at the right moment. If you enter Green’s Leaning Tower attraction, you will immediately be captured by Yellow. In this case, your friend will lift you into the air along with the building. Until Yellow lets you go or kills you, the tower will be with you. If you are killed or run away, the building will remain in the position in which you left it. This is not only a fun sight, but also an opportunity to get rid of the tower. Once back at the attraction, you can teleport to the tower, wherever it is located. This trick can only be used at 2 and 4 o’clock, but can be repeated as many times as you like.

Take a break from the game and take advantage of graphical errors. By using "Shift Lock" while flying with Yellow (if you’re playing on PC), you can change your character’s rotation, making it appear as if Yellow isn’t holding you down. This error is purely visual and does not affect gameplay.

Distract your friends, giving your team a chance to survive. By luring Yellow to the Race Track portion of the map and letting him grab you near the road exit, he can get stuck with you. This glitch locks the grabbed player until the other team members finish the hour.

Check the ping of your network connection so as not to spoil the end of the chapter. If you use the downhill during the game with a weak internet connection, you may be disembarked from the cart before you reach the Orange Rollercoaster. It is very unpleasant to be caught due to a network failure.

Correct game flaws wisely. If you are holding the Watcher when the 3rd hour ends, the creature will disappear at the beginning of the next round, but your hands will retain the holding animation. This bug can be corrected by simply transforming into a box and then exiting it. It’s just a visual effect, but sometimes it gets in the way.

How to leave the map?

Often newbies on forums ask the question of how to go beyond the gaming world. Sometimes it’s interesting to know how the map is structured and what new things the developers have added. From the outside, you can consider some of the features of the locations and think through travel options in advance. Off-world, you can explore restricted areas, get early access to some parts of the cart escape segment, and look for some remaining development items.

There are several ways to go beyond the map:

  1. If you were grabbed by Yellow in Chapter 2, you can jump onto the bouncy castle at the right time and be thrown out of bounds by the ricochet. But by landing perfectly on the castle and using the jump acceleration from the landing, you can go very high, thereby overcoming the invisible barriers of the map.
  2. By walking against the iceberg that is located on the left side of the sewer entrance at the beginning of the map in Chapter 2, you can slowly climb up it. From here you can cross the barriers of the location and go beyond its boundaries.
  3. When you grab a rope to rappel, you can get stuck on it for a few seconds and then end up anywhere in the amusement park or beyond. This error most often occurs for players with a weak internet connection.
  4. If you died and are watching the players at the beginning of the 5th hour, you will be able to notice at some point how the camera "broke". After recovery, you will be able to observe the room you are in.
  5. If you go to a new tab during a roller coaster ride (playing on a computer) and then return to the game, it is possible that the blackout will not occur before the final descent.
  6. Using the dance emote in the lobby, you can climb through the chain-link fence (located next to the building) and get to the Ferris wheel part of the map.

Rainbow Friend: Secrets of notable places on maps

Blue’s Castle is a massive turquoise-colored structure. It is located between Orange’s cave and the storage room (shown in the picture above). There is an exit inside; there is nothing in the castle itself, except for some inscriptions on the wall. Items needed for the search will appear around the castle, but never inside it. Rainbow friends also do not enter the building, but they can run after you if they are in a state of pursuit.

Blue’s castle in Chapter 2 is significantly larger than in the 1st part of the game. It has a richer blue color compared to the one located in the theater. In it you will find the owner’s throne, a hall and 2 exits. Items will appear inside it, and rainbow friends will often enter the building. Near one of the exits there is a sign that says "Blue’s Castle."

Blue’s Ferris Wheel is a huge ride in the center of the amusement park in Chapter 2. In the center is a huge replica of Blue’s head. This is one of the safe places in the location. You can climb up in the cart to hide. The wheel also allows you to examine some places on the map in more detail.

Use the Ferris wheel to explore the location!

Green Tower is a vertical jumping attraction in an amusement park. You can use the tower for fun: when you get inside, a hidden mechanism will fire and you will fly up the pipe. You can use the building at any time except for 3 hours, as there will be a technician stationed on the tower.

Monsters do not come here and items do not appear here. But you can use the ride to go off-map or to get a bird’s-eye view of the park. One of the funniest bugs in the game is associated with the tower (we talked about it above).

Violet’s Lair is a small hedge maze where Violet crawls through the fog, trying to catch you. Any rainbow monster (except Green) can roam the maze. If you successfully made it to the end of the lair, you will find yourself at the stairs. It leads to the top of the Rainbow Coaster. The lair has several secrets that you can use to survive:

  1. If another monster wanders into the lair, it is almost impossible to survive, as they (along with Violet) can drive you into a corner. So find places to retreat in advance.
  2. If Yellow enters the lair, you can let him catch you and take you upstairs. This way you will avoid contact with monsters in the maze.
  3. The greatest danger in the lair (except for Violet) is Blue, since she is faster and smarter than other creatures.
  4. Green in Chapter 2 is more friendly to players than in Chapter 1, as he sometimes leaves clues about the trajectory of his movement. But he cannot enter the lair.
  5. If you crouch in the fog, then Purple cannot kill you. However, there is a small chance that he will be able to get you. "Crouching" will help you hide from any other monster in the lair. They won’t see you in the fog.

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