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Acies Battle Runes WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Acies: Battle Runes - strategy from Saint Joy Korea. In this game, you will fight enemies with the help of unit cards that have different types of spells. Several combat modes are provided for you, including 1v1 duels and team competitions. Players independently think over the tactics of battles and selections of combat units, which makes the gameplay exciting and unpredictable. Well, if you get tired of fighting, then play mini-games or collect collectibles.


  1. Tier List
  2. Beginner’s Guide
  3. How to get progress rewards?

Acies Battle Runes: Tier List

In the Tier-list, the heroes of the game are divided into several levels, where the S-level is the most promising and strong heroes, and the D-level is the weakest heroes.

LevelHero names
S TierDemon, Gargoyle, Temptation, Walker, Orc Rider, Kamikaze.
A TierHealer, Ice Tower, Berserker, Knight, Batwing, Lightning, Gunner, Smoke Screen, Flyer, Poison, Electric Tower, Sniper, Gnoll, Fighter, Blizzard, Pyromancer, Orc Warrior.
B-TierPriest, Voodoo Sorcerer, Golem, Paladin, Fireball, Hound, Ranger, Agility, Undine, Spearman, Goblin Scientist, Courage, Cryomag, Watchtower.
C TierElf, Catapult, Goblin Ninja, Skeleton, Viking, Archer, Swordsman.
D TierNecromancer, Gates of Hell, Pushkar.

Acies Battle Runes: Beginner’s Guide

Detachments. Choose the units you need and create squads with them. You can select multiple units at once using the All or Screen button.

Double tapping on a unit will allow you to select all units of that type on the screen.

Gathering place. Troops can be assembled at the selected point using the Gather button.

Why are owls needed? Owls find opponents on the battlefield.

Why is transport needed? Vehicles can move ground units.

The use of spells. Up to two spell cards can be added to a deck.

Team messages. Click on the Magnifier icon on the Minimap to send a message to your teammates.

Erection of buildings. Click on the Build button, select a building object and drag its icon onto the field.

How to activate unit skills? Unit skill activation:

  1. Choose a unit with a skill;
  2. Select a skill and tap the target.

Some skills are activated by touching the icon.

Attack button. The attack moves troops to the nearest enemy castle.

"Surrender" button. Surrender - the retreat of troops to your nearest castle.

Acies Battle Runes: How to get progress rewards?

Awards. Click on the avatar in the upper left corner and select the "Achievements" tab to view your game progress and collect rewards - various decorations, profile design options, etc. To get an achievement, you must complete a certain task the required number of times. The achievements themselves are divided into 3 sections: activity, battle and honor.

Achievements "Activity":

Achievements "Battle":

Honor Achievements:

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