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Age of Revenge: Turn Based RPG is an RPG game developed by Azur Interactive Games Limited. You play as the hero of the fallen Empire, who has to go on adventures around the world, fight monsters and help his people defeat the Forces of Darkness. The game is made in a retro style, has a simple gameplay and features a large number of activities. You can play both from mobile devices and from a computer. For communication between players, a convenient forum is provided with the ability to choose a clan to fight together with comrades.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Ways to upgrade a hero
  3. Hero Gear Guide
  4. Pet Guide
  5. Walkthrough Quests
  6. Dungeon Battle Secrets
  7. Scrolls, Blueprints, and the Tavern
  8. Completing Quests
  9. Arena Guide
  10. Conduct Incursions
  11. Participation in tournaments
  12. Clan Guide
  13. Battles for the Lands
  14. Odyssey Walkthrough
  15. Portal Battles
  16. Ruby Hunt
  17. VIP System
  18. Pros and cons of the game

Age of Revenge: Beginner’s Guide

The plot of the game. The harsh and beautiful world of Ul-Domhain is steadily plunging into darkness - ancient legends that have risen from the ashes find life in the thickets and dungeons. The free peoples of the Four Reaches need brave heroes - it’s time to light the purifying flame!

The main elements of the interface. At the very top is information about the level of the player (on the left) and an experience bar indicating how much more experience you need to gain in order to get a new level. Below is information about strength, protection, health. Below is a game resource, gold and silver, necessary for leveling a character and leveling clans. In the middle between locations, you can watch your character.

Where can you get silver? Silver can be obtained:

Where can you get gold? Gold can be obtained:

Quests. On the main screen, there is a quest in which you need to fight opponents. Victories over them are necessary to complete the game and complete the tasks of the chapters.

Dungeons. On the right side of the screen is a dungeon where you have to fight hordes of monsters. Rewards - in the form of gold, silver, equipment and experience.

Tavern. There are three Tavern characters that become available as you progress through the quest. For the complete completion of the tasks offered by each character, you are entitled to a chest in which a generous reward awaits you in the form of scrolls, blueprints, and dungeon tickets.

Tasks. The main menu has chapter quests and daily quests. Completing the tasks of the chapters, you can get gold and experience.

Arena. From the 5th level of the player, the arena becomes available. These are PvP battles (Player vs Player, Player vs Player). 5 players participate in one battle. Rewards: silver and keys (1-3 keys randomly drop out for killings).

The Bestiary is a collection of monsters you have killed in the Quest, Dungeon, Incursion and Portal. After killing the monster, a notification about a new entry in the Bestiary comes. For discovering a new monster, you are entitled to a small promotion from the Imperial Magi Guild (some monsters are rewarded in gold). By opening the Bestiary entries, you increase the rank of your hero. For each rank increase, you will receive a gold reward. There are 5 ranks in total:

The rank of the hero is also displayed in the profile. Open the Bestiary entries and learn more about the world of the Avengers.

Bag. The bag contains found items that can be disassembled or put on. In the equipment you can see all the things worn on the hero.

Dismantling things. You can disassemble any item in the bag, if its quality is not better than the item worn. Dismantling an item improves the same equipped item on the hero. For example, dismantling a rare helmet found in the Dungeon will upgrade the epic helmet you are wearing. The bag has the ability to sort things by quality (the button is displayed if there are at least 10 items of the same quality).

The increase in the level of your item, which happens after pressing the "Disassemble all unnecessary" or "Disassemble 10" button, counts as two times in daily tasks, not once.

Expansion of places in a bag. Players who have reached level 15 can expand the bag. The minimum number of places in the bag is 20, the maximum number is 100. To expand the bag, animal skins are required (costs 2 gold each). Each monster in the Dungeons drops 1 hide.

Pumping. In pumping, in particular, you can buy new equipment, train your hero, sharpen things, improve the hunter’s amulet, pump skills, purchase runes, strengthen rings. To level up an item, you may need many items of the same quality or lower.

The higher the level of a thing, the more difficult it is to pump it to the next level. Each item level gives +2 to each hero parameter. If the item being worn is upgraded to the maximum level, then an item of a higher quality is required, which can be bought in a store or, for example, obtained from portals.

Invasion. During the Incursions, the heroes fight against an army of orcs. Those who survive will get a chance for a big reward. The invasion takes place three times a day at 7:30, 13:30 and 19:30 Moscow time (registration opens 15 minutes before the start, participation is up to 500 people).

Rating of the best. On the screen you can see the ratings of the best heroes, clans and the best warriors in the arena. At the bottom of the main screen are links to the forum and chat. Before you write something in a chat or on a forum, be sure to read the rules of communication.

What does a Premium account give? A premium account gives its owner very beneficial benefits:

Additional bonus, for those players who killed the Mechanical Golem (boss of the IX chapter of the quest):

Premium purchase cost: 90 gold for 24 hours; 200 gold for 3 days (25% discount); 350 gold for 7 days (44% discount). The maximum term is 60 days.

Holiday shop. The holiday shop is opened at the discretion of the administration on holidays. The event is that every day you are offered 5 goods that can be purchased with Trade Coins. In the goods you can find: silver, gold, pet tokens, pet cards, armor blueprints, amulet scrolls, rune scrolls, ore, Premium days, and Dungeon tickets.

The list of products is updated once a day. Trade coins drop from Tavern Quests (5 per quest), Tavern Chests (15 from each chest) and Daily Quests (10 per quest, x2 x3 x as usual).

Age of Revenge: Ways to upgrade a hero

Training. In training, you can train 3 parameters.

Each level of training gives +3 to the parameter.

Sharpening. Any thing worn can be sharpened in sharpening. The cost of sharpening increases with each new level of sharpening. Max level: 75. Sharpening is automatically transferred when disassembling things. Each level of enchanting gives +3 to each parameter of the hero.

Analysis of equipment. Dismantling unnecessary equipment increases the level of equipped items. Each level of equipment gives +2 to each parameter. When dismantling things by pressing the "Disassemble 10" or "Disassemble all unnecessary" button in the bag, 2 points out of 3 are counted for the daily task "Raise the hero’s parameters 3 times" for each item (if you increase the level of an item when parsing things one by one, + 1 to the above daily task). Parsing is done in a bag.

Hunter amulet upgrade. The hunter’s amulet increases the hero’s parameters, gives more silver and experience in dungeons. The cost of upgrading the amulet increases with each level. Maximum level: 50. During the current discount, the cost is reduced by 50%.

New equipment. The acquisition of better armor and weapons greatly increases the parameters of the hero. Equipment can be found by fighting in the Quest and Dungeon, as well as in the clan Portal. In addition, equipment can be purchased at the store.

Skills. Skills are available from level 10. They give the heroes unique abilities that can significantly affect the outcome of the battle. The ability to use the skill is given every two hits.

In the arena, 2 random skills are given to choose from. The energy of skills is filled with each hit and depends on the strength of the hit. The same skill can be used no more than once every 15 seconds.

Runes. Runes allow you to significantly increase the parameters of your hero. You can buy runes in the store. When buying, there is a 10% chance to get a rune of a higher quality.

Leveling in the clan. For each clan level, +1 to the stats is given. The presence of the Hall of Fame among the buildings of your clan enhances trophy bonuses, thereby increasing the parameters of the hero. In addition, the characteristics of a hero who received a bonus from the effect of a lit fireplace in time are temporarily raised. Additionally, the clan can temporarily get the Trident of Urd at its disposal - the highest achievement for winning the last Odyssey, which increases the power of each member of the clan.

Rings. After collecting the required number of parts of a certain ring, you can create a ring or increase the level of an already created ring. You can do this on the Rings page. Each ring grants a bonus to Attack, Defense, or Health. The bonus grows with each level of the ring.

Starting from level 5, to increase the level of rings, not only parts are required, but also rare metals, which are created in the Relic Forge. Later, special abilities will be added to each ring.

Pets. You can get to the page with pets by clicking on the card to the right of the character in your profile, as well as through the "Leveling" section on the main screen (available from character level 20). There are 2 rare pets available:

And also 2 epic ones:

The leveling of all pets is summarized in the hero’s parameters.

Other ways. Additional parameters (one-time) the hero can receive:

Age of Revenge: Hero Gear Guide

Equipment quality. Equipment can be of different quality. There are 7 quality levels in total. Each quality has 4-6 sets of equipment. Sets of equipment of the same quality differ only in appearance.

You can see how the character will look in this or that clothes in the wardrobe.

Regular quality. Can be upgraded to level 5.

Unusual quality. Unlocked by killing Chapter I monster - Troll. Can be upgraded to level 10.

Rare quality. Unlocked by killing the Chapter II boss - Dark Guardian. Can be upgraded to level 20.

Epic quality. Unlocked by killing a Chapter III monster - Rotten. Can be upgraded to level 35.

Legendary quality. Unlocked by killing the Chapter IV boss - Volcanic Demon. Can be upgraded to level 50.

mythical quality. Unlocked by killing Chapter VI monster - Overlord Gorrgo. Can be upgraded to level 106.

Relic equipment

Relic quality. Can be upgraded to level 154. Relic equipment sets come in the following varieties:

Where can I get relic quality gear? Equipment is available for those who defeat the main boss of Chapter IX in the Quest - Mechanical Golem (Golem Stats: 500060008600). Heroes who defeat the Golem begin to receive three rare ores: Mithril, Adamantine and Meteorite. Ores are mined in various game modes. Ingots are created from ore in the new Leveling section - the Forge.

Ore mining:

Creation of relic ingots. To create relic ingots, you need:

Creation of relic items. To create a relic item, you need:

Age of Revenge: Pet Guide

How to see pets? You can get to the page with pets by clicking on the card to the right of the character in your profile, as well as through the "Leveling" section on the main screen. (available from level 20 character).

Types of pets. There are 2 rare pets available (Wolf, Lion) and 2 epic ones (Bear and Dragon). One of the pets can be activated. He will be displayed on the character’s profile, and in the future he will fight alongside the hero. Each pet can be given a name, name length: 4-15 characters. The name of the active pet is displayed on the profile.

The value of pets. Now pets give bonuses to stats (summed up across all pets). An update is being prepared in which pets will participate in battles (in the Quest, Tavern and Dungeons), strike and use their own skills.

How to create and upgrade pets? To create and upgrade pets, you need to collect pet cards that are in special chests (the "To chests" button at the bottom of the pets page and in the "Upgrading" section on the main screen). You can open chests for pet tokens (rare and epic), which are issued for the successful completion of tasks in the Tavern and in the chests of characters in the Tavern.

Rare tokens will also appear in Hunt prizes.

Pumping levels. Each pet has 75 upgrade levels. At levels 25 and 50, the pet changes its appearance. To upgrade pets, cards and silver are required.

Age of Revenge: Walkthrough Quests

Concept. The quest has 4 opponents and 1 boss in each chapter. The strength of opponents gradually increases as you progress. When killing any enemy in the quest, you can get gold, silver and items. The quality of things depends on the chapter. After killing the boss and completing all the tasks of the chapter, you will receive a trophy. Gold in the quest is limited to a daily limit. This limit increases as the player’s level increases.

Trophies. Trophies are a very valuable artifact in the game. They give an increase to the player’s parameters, increase the amount of experience and silver gained.

List of trophies. You can get the following trophies:

Age of Revenge: Dungeon Battle Secrets

About floors. Each dungeon consists of 5 floors. Each floor has 3 difficulty levels (skulls) and 3 chests. If you successfully complete the floor, you get a chest with gold, and the difficulty level increases. When all the chests are collected from the floor, it can be replayed to collect silver, equipment and gold from caches and monsters.

How to pass the floor? 1 dungeon ticket is required to enter a floor. At each stage, you need to kill all the monsters and find a way out. Scattered across the floor are healing potions that restore 50% of health. You can go to other pages and return back to the Dungeon at any time. The progress will be kept.

Where can I get Dungeons tickets? Every 3 hours, 1 daily ticket is issued. The limit of daily tickets is 10. That is, if you have not logged into the game for several days, then tickets will not accumulate more than 10. One ticket each is in the chest of Gregory (2nd character of the tavern) and Siyana (3rd character of the tavern), two tickets are in the chest of Mstislav (1 tavern character). They can be accumulated in excess of the daily limit (more than 10).

Caches. There are two types of caches: with coins and with scrolls, they look different in each dungeon.

In any cache there may be a trap, then when you open it, a monster will attack you.

Artifacts. The first time you complete a floor, you get a piece of the Artifact. Artifacts increase the parameters of the hero. To collect the Artifact completely, you need to go through all 5 floors of the dungeon for at least 1 skull.

Autobypass. If the floor was completed by at least 1 skull, then you can send your hero to explore the floor on their own. The auto bypass lasts 20 minutes. You can’t go through the floor to a new skull and get a chest by auto-bypassing. You can only re-pass to the skull that already exists. To complete the autobypass, you need to spend 1 ticket of the dungeon.

Autoboy. If the floor has been completed by at least 1 skull, then it can be replayed by auto-battle to instantly collect silver, gold and equipment from monsters and caches. You can’t go through the floor to a new skull and get a chest by auto-battle. You can only re-pass to the skull that already exists.

To pass a floor by auto-battle, you need to spend 1 dungeon ticket and 1 auto-battle ticket. A free autoboy ticket can be obtained in the chest of Gregory (2nd character of the tavern) and Siyana (3rd character of the tavern). Premium account holders receive 1 autoboy ticket every day.

Safe. After each successful passage of the Dungeon (by any means), a bonus of 10% of the silver found is added to the Safe. The safe consists of 20 cells, after filling all the cells with silver, you can pick up the entire amount or double the amount for 50 gold and pick it up.

Age of Revenge: Scrolls, Blueprints, and the Tavern

Scrolls and drawings. In battles, you can drop Amulet scrolls, armor blueprints, or rune scrolls. Use them wisely to buy Amulet, equipment and runes. Important points:

Tavern. In the Tavern, you can take tasks from three characters. Characters are not available immediately, but open as you progress through the Quest. To open the corresponding taverns, you need to win the quest:

To complete many tasks, you need to fight several monsters. New tasks appear as you progress through the Quest. Tasks are selected randomly. They can be overwritten. As a reward for each task, you get experience and silver.

Tavern special chests. Each character has a chest with scrolls, which opens every day after completing a certain number of tasks. In particular, in addition to a different number of scrolls and blueprints, chests contain:

Be sure to collect the reward from the chests of the tavern before the end of the day. Otherwise, the next day, only one quest in the tavern will be available to you, after which you can pick up only the chest that you did not pick up on the previous day.

Age of Revenge: Completing Quests

Daily tasks. There are 8 daily quests in total, the completion of which is rewarded with gold and keys. If you complete 6 tasks, then the next day the reward for tasks will be doubled. If you complete 7 tasks, then the next day the reward will be tripled.

Chapter assignments. After completing all the tasks of the chapter, a trophy is given. Rewards for completing tasks: gold, keys and experience. At the moment there are 12 chapters of the Quest with many different tasks in each chapter.

Tasks of the first chapter:

Tasks of the second chapter:

Tasks of the third chapter:

Tasks of the fourth chapter:

Tasks of the fifth chapter:

Tasks of the sixth chapter:

Tasks of the seventh chapter:

Tasks of the eighth chapter:

Tasks of the ninth chapter:

Tasks of the tenth chapter:

Tasks of the eleventh chapter:

Tasks of the twelfth chapter:

Age of Revenge: Arena Guide

Arena battles. 5 people participate in one battle in the arena. Every man for himself, whoever survives wins. Arena leagues:

Rating change. The change in the rating in battle depends on the player’s activity (number of hits) and on how many he finished off opponents. The change in rating also depends on the rating of opponents: if you fought against weak opponents and won, then the rating increase will be small. If you fought against strong opponents and took 2nd or 3rd place, then the rating can increase significantly.

How much silver can you earn in the arena? You can earn silver in the arena. There is a limit on the amount of silver that can be obtained per day. The higher the league, the more silver per day you can get. Amount of silver in leagues:

There are also daily quests for the Arena, in which you can get additional gold.

Secrets of victory. To win these battles, follow the recommendations:

During the Ruby Hunt in particular, "lowering" has two benefits:

Age of Revenge: Conduct Incursions

Concept. During the Incursions, the heroes fight against an army of orcs. Those who survive will get a chance for a big reward. Fight shoulder to shoulder with a horde of orcs. The more players who participate, the more chances to win. Every warrior matters. The invasion takes place three times a day at 7:30, 13:30 and 19:30 Moscow time (recording opens 15 minutes before the start).

Waves. The battle is divided into 4 waves. In the last 4th wave, all heroes will have to fight a powerful demon. The warrior who finishes off the demon will receive a special reward.

Awards. All participants, depending on their success, receive awards:

All heroes who defeat the Mechanical Golem receive three rare ores for completing the waves:

How to register for an event? Players with a strength of 2000 and above can sign up for an invasion. The limit of the number of participants in the invasion is 500 people. You can only take part in one invasion per day.

Age of Revenge: Participation in tournaments

Vial of Soul Tournament. Every week, among all clans, a tournament is held to collect phials of souls. The results of the tournament are summed up every Sunday at 18:00 Moscow time. Vials of souls are given for completing clan tasks. If the clan task is completed within 10 hours, the x2 reward is doubled. In total, 40 hours are allotted to complete the clan task. Top 10 clans that collect the most phials receive:

The gold goes to the clan’s treasury. All clans participating in the tournament receive 2 gold to the clan treasury for each collected phial of souls.

Key Tournament. Every week, a key tournament is held among all players. The results of the tournament are summed up every Sunday at 18:00 Moscow time. The top 10 players who collect the most keys receive:

All those who do not get into the top 10 players, including the winners, receive 100 silver per key. Keys can be found in daily quests and chapter quests, keys are also randomly dropped in the Arena for killings (15 keys in total).

Age of Revenge: Clan Guide

Creation of a clan. Clan creation cost: 1000 gold. Clans provide an opportunity for players to unite and jointly overcome the difficulties of the world of the Avengers. The clan provides many different bonuses that help players develop faster.

Probation. Newcomers who have just joined the clan are given a trial period of 72 hours. During this period, they cannot participate in Clan Wars, complete Clan tasks, or go to Portals. After 48 hours from the moment of arrival in the clan, an opportunity opens up to replenish the clan’s treasury.

Tips for clan leaders. The clan’s forum is its face. Try to maintain cleanliness in the forum, publish interesting materials, games, and decorate topics in every possible way. Especially the guest part of the forum. Write about your forum in a guest topic, decorate it beautifully, and players will definitely reach out to you. Motivate players to level up, set clear limits on experience, contributions to the clan treasury.

Ranks. After 72 hours of probation, a Recruit can be promoted by the Clan Leadership.

IE (acting) leader. He is chosen by the Leader from the list of marshals from top to bottom. If the Leader goes offline, then a marshal is immediately selected as an AI from the list of deputies. The list of deputies is sorted by the clan experience of the players. If the Leader has not appointed the Leader’s IR and has been absent for a long time, the system will automatically select the IR from the list of marshals with the most experience online.

Leader change. A user who has the position of Marshal, IO Leader, has the right to apply to the developer with an application to change the Leader, provided that the leader himself has been absent from the game for 2 months or more. The Marshal to whom leadership will be transferred is determined by the Administrator, taking into account the time spent in the clan, the contribution of experience to the clan and the date of the last entry.

Clan bonuses. Being in a clan gives the following bonuses:

clan buildings. The clan has the following buildings:

Pumping clan buildings. The table below shows the cost of upgrading clan buildings, as well as the duration of improvements.

LevelPriceBuild time
11000 gold.24 hours.
2500,000 silver.36 hours.
35000 gold.48 hours.
45,000,000 silver.60 hours.
515000 gold.72 hours.
625000000 silver.84 hours.
725000 gold.96 hours.
850000000 silver.108 hours.
950000 gold.120 hours.
10120000000 silver.132 hours.

Cost of building portals:

Fireplace. If a fireplace is built in the clan, then the leader can kindle it for 1 hour by spending a certain number of Fire Stones. During this hour, any member of the clan can come to the fireplace and receive a bonus for 1 day. The bonus is to increase the stats and silver in the Quest and Dungeon. The bonus increases with each level of the Fireplace.

Available from lvl 15 clan. The Fireplace can be lit by the Leader or the AI ​​of the Leader using firestones. Firestones are given for participating in clan wars. A lit fireplace gives a bonus to each clan member:

Hall of Fame. Clan Glory can be earned in Battles for Lands. Fame limit in the clan: 5000. The Leader can distribute the Fame accumulated in the clan in the Hall of Fame. Glory is distributed among participants who have passed the probationary period. The minimum amount of Glory at which distribution can be carried out is equal to the number of participants who have passed the probationary period. Glory can be distributed no more than once every 3 days.

Chests. In the Hall of Fame, any member of the clan can spend personal fame and open a chest of one of the 4 elements: Sun, Darkness, Moon, or the Other Side. Each chest contains parts of the rings of the corresponding element and gold.

clan wars

Clans that have reached level 15 take part in Wars. If your clan reaches level 15, then the leader will be able to apply for membership, but only during the Peace phase. On the clan page there is a "Clan Wars" button, by clicking on which you will see what phase the war is in now. There are three phases in total: Peace, Preparation and War.

The preparation phase lasts 24 hours. At the beginning of this phase, each clan will be assigned a rival. The enemy is selected by rating in Clan Wars. During the Preparation phase, each fighter of the clan with the rank of Sergeant and above chooses a position in one of three directions: Top, Middle, Bottom. Recruits do not take part in Clan Wars.

If less than 70% of the fighters in the clan have chosen a position, then at the end of the Preparation phase, automatic re-positioning will occur. At the beginning of the War phase, the exact time of the battle is assigned, the placement of fighters is fixed and cannot be changed. When it’s time to fight, any hero can watch the live broadcast.

The battle takes place automatically, while all the stats and skills of the fighters are taken into account. A wall-to-wall collision occurs in each of the three directions. The clan that wins first in both directions will win the battle. Recordings of battles can be viewed at any time before the next phase of preparation. As a reward, Fire Stones are added to the clan, with which you can light the clan fireplace.

Age of Revenge: Battles for the Lands

Registration for battles. Clans that meet the following requirements can sign up for participation in the Battles:

You can only sign up before the start of the season. To sign up, the leader or IO needs to go to the Battles page.

Soldiers. Training takes time and resources. Up to 20 soldiers can be queued for training. On the Soldiers page, you can see 3 types of troops that open as the Military School improves. There is a limit on the size of the army (in total in all lands). This limit increases with each level of the Military School.

New soldiers are placed in the capital. During the battle, the soldiers turn into units that fight on a par with the heroes. The stats of a unit are equal to the sum of the stats of its soldiers. There can be no more than 100 soldiers in one squad. An army of 299 soldiers will turn into 3 units: 100, 100, 99. After the battle, the size of the army decreases in proportion to the damage inflicted on the units. The army is not saved between seasons.

Heroes. As a result of battles, heroes can die or get injured. Dead heroes are placed in reserve for 5 hours for healing. Wounded heroes remain in the ranks. You can cure them by spending food on the Heroes page. The cost of healing depends on the base power of the hero (the sum of the stats without taking into account the spent health) and on how much health needs to be restored. Here’s how much food you need to heal 100% of heroes with different powers:

Power. Power is an estimated characteristic of soldiers and heroes, which is the sum of Attack, Defense and Health. Each land displays the power of the army (the total power of heroes and soldiers). If the power of one army is greater than the power of the other army, then this does not guarantee the victory of the first army.

The outcome of the battle is also affected by the number of fighters on each side and the skill level of the heroes. When calculating power, temporary and clan bonuses are taken into account. The power of armies in lands and heroes on the Heroes page takes into account the health spent.

Leagues and groups. Clans are divided into 4 leagues. In each league, clans are divided into groups of 20-40 members (the number of members in a group may vary). Leagues differ in resource income (the higher the league, the greater the increase in resources in the lands), as well as in rewards at the end of the season (the higher the league, the more Glory and gold at the end of the season). Transitions between leagues are carried out as follows: the top 25% of clans in points in the group move to the next league, the bottom 25% move to the previous league.

Land capture. Only Leaders, IOs, Marshals and Generals can control troops in the Battle for Lands in the test. Initially, the lands are owned by the Beasts - a neutral faction. The first land you capture will become your capital. To capture your first land:

Sending marches requires food: 1 per 10 soldiers, 5 per hero. For the "capital" march food is not required. When the march reaches its destination, the battle begins. The battle is not displayed in real time. When the battle ends, an entry will be added to the history (on the Battle for the Lands page).

Victory and defeat. There are two options for ending the Battle:

Departure of troops and heroes. If your clan already has a capital on the map, then new troops from the Military School will be placed in it. Heroes can be sent to any land from the Reserve (Reserve is a part of your army that is not located on the map). All soldiers from the Reserve are moved to the Capital when it is created. There is a limit on the number of lands that one clan can own.

The limit is the same for all clans in the group. The limit may change between seasons. When the limit is reached, the clan can still send marches to neighboring lands. In case of victory, the march from land A to land B returns to the land from which it was sent (A), land B is transferred to the neutrals, and neutral troops are stationed in it. Such a march is called a raid.

Leaving the lands. You can leave the land under the following conditions:

In addition, neutrals do not respawn in a cage after a raid.

Resources. Each land brings some resource and Control Points. Resources are added to the land regularly until the limit (50) is reached. At the same time, the rate of growth of resources and Control Points depends on the rarity of the land, the type of resources, and also on which league the clan is in.

Any member of the clan (who has passed a trial period of three days) can collect resources from the earth once every 3 hours. A clan can build a Windmill that generates a stable food income even if the clan has no land. You can collect resources from the Mill on the Lands page. Resources are saved between seasons.

Victory and awards. At the end of the season, all clans in the group receive Glory, but the best clans (in terms of Control Points) receive more. The top 10 clans receive gold rewards at the end of the season. If the clan wins the battle for the land, then he also receives Glory. The more enemy heroes died and the stronger they were, the more glory will be awarded.

In the Hall of Fame, no more than 1 time in 3 days, the Leader (acting Leader) can distribute glory equally among clan members who have passed the probationary period of three days. For more flexible accrual of fame, the Leader can also issue up to 3 tokens to his players, which can be obtained for killing players of other clans after successfully completed battles (token limit: 3 x the number of players in the clan). The fame limit in the clan is 5,000.

With the Glory earned, each hero in the clan can open chests in the Hall of Fame. The chests contain parts of the Rings and some gold.

Age of Revenge: Odyssey Walkthrough

Concept. Odyssey is an inter-clan competition in which clan members earn points by completing various tasks.

The terms of participation. To participate in the Odyssey, the clan must have at least 4 active players (activity is taken into account for the last 2 days in a position higher than a recruit). If there are less than 4 active players, then participation is possible for the leader’s personal gold (500 gold). The best clans receive a special artifact - Urd’s Trident.

Grouping. Before the start of the competition, the clans are divided into groups depending on the place taken in the last Odyssey. Competition and distribution of awards takes place only within the group.

Slots with tasks. At the beginning of the competition, all clans within the group have the same number of task slots (minimum 7, in the future it will depend on the league). The leader/IO can buy additional slots with tasks for gold from the clan treasury. The maximum number of slots is 25.

Task actions. You can do the following with tasks:

Tasks. There are 6 types of tasks in total. Within each type, many options for tasks are possible, differing in complexity, duration and number of points. Job types:

Personal awards. For the collected steering wheels, players are given the opportunity to receive gold or silver as a reward, and after defeating the Mechanical Golem - ore. The number of bonuses increases in each subsequent chest. The amount of silver in the opened chests is also affected by the leveling of training.

Clan rewards. Clans receive rewards at the end of the Odyssey, depending on the place taken within the group. Heroes are not rewarded if the hero did not take part in the voyage and did not take the helms.

If there are more than 5 clans in the group, then the subsequent rewards are the same as for the 5th place. In addition, the clan that takes first place within the group will receive Urd’s Trident - an artifact that gives + 50% to the stats of Trophies for all clan members (adjusted for the increase in parameters from the Hall of Fame clan building). Its action ends an hour before the new Odyssey.

Age of Revenge: Portal Battles

General. After building the portal, the clan leader gets the opportunity to open the passage to the treasuries of the Titans. The portal has 4 levels, with each level a new treasure becomes available.

Portal opening. Only the leader of the clan or the leader’s AI can open the portal. To open the portal, you need to spend vials of souls. Vials of Souls can be obtained by completing clan tasks. Each treasury can be opened no more than once in a certain number of days. The number of days increases with the level of the treasure. Cost and reopenings:

Reward for victory. In case of victory, the clan and the heroes who took part in the battle receive valuable rewards. A large amount of gold, silver and experience is credited to the clan treasury. Each hero who has entered the battle at least once receives gold, experience and a piece of equipment. The amount of gold and experience is proportional to the number of entries into the battle.

Reward for defeat. In case of defeat, a small amount of silver and experience is added to the clan treasury. Each hero who has entered the battle at least once receives silver and experience. The amount of silver and experience is proportional to the number of entries into the battle.

Battle. The portal opens for 3 hours. Only heroes who have been in the clan for at least 3 days can participate in the battle with the Titan. Each treasure has a limit on the parameters of the hero. Heroes can enter battle alone or in a group. A group of heroes has more chances to win, so there is a clan chat on the battle entry page to coordinate actions. Opponents begin to attack the hero only after he strikes the first blow.

Minions. Each Titan has 4 minions. Minions are much weaker than Titan, but when a minion is killed, a new one takes its place. For this reason, the clan must act clearly and coordinated.

Victory. Victory comes if the Titan is killed, even if his minions are alive.

Defeat. The defeat occurs if the heroes do not have time to kill the Titan before the portal closes.

Reinforced Titan. If the clan has already defeated a Titan at this level of the Portal, then when you open the third treasury, you will meet a strengthened Titan. (Exception: at the first three openings of the portal, the reinforced Titan will be at the 4th opening). The parameters of the enhanced Titan and his minions are 50% higher than those of a regular Titan. Along with this, gold, silver and experience in case of victory or defeat also increase by 50%.

Skills. Heroes can use skills in the battle with the Titan (except for Dodge). But the Titans themselves, as well as their minions, have different skills.

Resurrection. If the hero was killed, then he needs 60 minutes to recover and return to battle. This time can be reduced for gold, but only 3 times per battle, while the cost of each subsequent acceleration increases (25, 50 and 100 gold respectively, the cost decreases over time). So use boosts wisely.

Age of Revenge: Ruby Hunt

Hunting for Rubies. This is a special competition in which you have to collect Rubies in all game modes. Hunting is launched by the Administration at an indefinite time, as well as on special occasions (holidays). All heroes who have reached level 10 will be divided into groups. Each participant will be able to pick up rewards in the process of collecting rubies.

Where to collect Rubies? Ways:

Other awards. At the end of the event, the best players in the group will receive rewards:

Hunt rules may change, check the rules on the Hunt page after the start. The last reward of the hunt varies depending on the degree of leveling of the character and the equipment worn (for example, without equipment, you can see the armor blueprints reward, and in it - amulet scrolls that collect ore can get it, etc.).

Age of Revenge: VIP System

VIP bonuses. VIP bonuses are awarded for the purchase of chests and increase the VIP level. The number of VIP points awarded can be seen next to each chest on the "Gold" page. You can see your VIP level on the "Gold" page. When you click, you can see a detailed description of bonuses and levels.

VIP level value. Each VIP level provides additional benefits to the player. For example, additional silver and experience in the Dungeons, a decrease in the waiting time in the Quest and Tavern, an increase in the player’s stats.

VIP bonuses in Dungeons:

VIP bonuses in Quests:

VIP bonuses in the Tavern. Decreased waiting time (percentage). For example, if it was 30 minutes, and the bonus was -10%, then the result will be 30 - 30 x 0.10 = 27 minutes.

VIP bonuses when buying Chests. Additional tickets for the dungeon when buying chests (auto-passing and for entering). The bonus is activated at a certain level and the number of additional tickets does not change at the next levels.

Additional meteorite ore when buying chests. The bonus is activated at a certain level and at the following levels the amount of additional ore does not change. Ore is given if it is available to the player (after defeating a certain monster):

VIP bonuses for Equipment. When disassembling items, additional experience is given (percentage)

VIP bonuses for player stats. If the player has the "Premium account" mode active and has trophies, then stats are added to each trophy. As a result, the player has more stats.

Age of Revenge: Pros and cons of the game

This is a classic RPG that will be of interest to both longtime fans of this genre and new players. Due to the user-friendly interface and built-in tips in the game, you can quickly get used to it and start developing. If you have questions, the forum and chats will come to the rescue. The clan system helps to participate in a wide variety of activities and make new friends. Also, you will meet a lot of monsters here and run into quests that you will have to think about completing. Pros of the game:

Some disadvantages noted by the players: there is an imbalance in the selection of players in the arena, silver and gold are quickly running out, crafting materials are accumulating for a long time.

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