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Asphalt Nitro WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

ASPHALT NITRO - Android game with release date 11/27/2015 from the company Gameloft. Game Genre: Racing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

How to advance in career mode? Just take part in races and earn credits and stars. To participate in some races you will need a certain number of stars, in others - a specific car (or both at the same time).

How to open races in Career mode? You can open the race by getting the required number of stars by buying a certain car or a car of a certain class or manufacturer (for example, Lamborghini Veneno).

How to open new cars? All cars in Asphalt Nitro are already open. You just need to earn enough Credits to purchase them.

How to improve your car? In the Garage or on the car selection screen, click on the TUNING icon at the bottom of the screen. The car’s specifications and available improvements will appear on the screen. The car can be improved in 4 categories: Acceleration, Max. Speed, Handling and Nitro. Click on the appropriate icon and buy a car upgrade in the desired category. Each category contains 7 levels of improvement. To complete the improvement you will need cards from special boxes and loans.

Can I immediately drive along any track on any car? In the Fast Race, you can drive in all locations on any car from your garage.

What is a "car rank" and what is its purpose? Vehicle rank is a parameter that includes Acceleration, Max.Speed, Handling and Nitro. In fact, this is an indicator of the power of your car, which helps to determine whether the car meets the conditions necessary for victory in the race. You can increase the rank of a car by upgrading it in the Garage, or just buy a car with a higher rank.

What are the rules of the game in Classic mode? In Classic mode, you need to finish in first, second or third place and get 3, 2 or 1 star for it, respectively. No more special conditions.

What are the rules of the duel game? In a Duel, you will face only one opponent that you need to overtake.No more special conditions.

What are the rules for Knockdown? In Knockdown mode, you will drive against one opponent and other cars. Your task is to ram more cars than the opponent, either for a given period of time, or a given number of them.

What are the rules of the game in Retirement? In the Retirement mode, the car that travels last receives a timer. When the timer reaches zero, this car leaves the race. After that, the timer is reset. Your task is to survive the race to the very end. In this case, you will get 3 stars. For 2nd and 3rd place you will receive the 2nd and 1st stars, respectively.

What are the rules of the game in Infection? In Infection mode, the car that travels last gets infected at regular intervals. A timer appears above the infected car, and the car itself turns green. When the timer reaches zero, the infected car explodes, loses time, and then reappears in the game. All infected cars have Nitro unlimited.Ram other cars to infect them and get extra time on the timer when infected. Your task is to cross the finish line first, second or third and get 3, 2 or 1 star, respectively.

What are the rules of the game in Slalom? In Slalom mode, gates will be placed on the track. You need to drift while passing them in order to score points. If you drift outside the gates or don’t drift at all, you won’t get points. Other than time, there are no other rivals. Your task is to score the required number of points and get at least 1 star. If you get more points, there will also be more stars.

What are the rules of the game in Escape mode? In Escape mode, you will need to reach the gate in a given time. The time saved at each such checkpoint will be added to the time in which it will be necessary to overcome the next section. For all races of this type the same time for their passage is set. If you do not meet this time limit, you will not receive stars for the race, with the exception of the 4th / 5th star for completing special tasks.

What are the rules of the game in Capture mode? In Capture mode, you will drive a police car, and your main task will be to eliminate a certain number of riders (varies depending on arrival). Amaze EMP rivals from a distance or ram them to reduce the health scale. Try not to run into mines left by rivals. They can damage the electronics and slow down your car.

How can I check my goals and objectives during the race? In Career mode, all tasks are displayed on the screen that appears before the race. Click on any flag with a race and get such additional information about the race, such as the conditions for obtaining the 4th and 5th stars. If you have already started the race, click on the Pause icon - the conditions for obtaining the 4th and 5th stars will appear on the screen.

Do I have a rearview mirror? No, during the races you still will not have time to look back.

How to change the camera angle? It can be changed during the race by clicking on the small camera icon in the upper right corner of the screen. In addition, the viewing angle can be changed by pausing, then Settings> Sound and display.

How to see the list of your achievements? In the main menu, click on your logo (upper left corner of the screen) and go to your profile. There you will see several tabs. Click on the ACHIEVEMENTS tab.

How to change the color of your car? In the Garage or on the car selection screen, click on the PAINT icon and select a new color for your car. Note that licensors provide different color sets for their cars.

Can I add decals? No, decals are not used in this game.

What are Barrels and U-turns? A barrel is such an air maneuver in Asphalt Nitro, in which a car describes the trajectory of a corkscrew in the air. The barrel is obtained when jumping from a twisted springboard at high speed. U-turn is another trick in Asphalt Nitro, in which the car turns around while in the air. It is obtained when jumping from a regular springboard in a drift. Both tricks bring the player nitro during the race. Experienced players can complete several barrels or turns in one jump, which is a great way to quickly fill the nitro scale.

Can I sell a car? Not.

What is amplification? Reinforcements are bonus items that, for a limited time, affect all races in which a player takes part. They can be bought for Credits, received as a Daily Reward, VIP Bonus or won in Network Rides.

How do amplifications work? The game has 4 types of power-ups. Reinforcing DOUBLE LOANS for a limited period of time doubles the number of credits you earn. The ADDITIONAL TANK for a while gives you an extra nitro scale. NITROSTARTER at the beginning of any race for some time fills the nitro scale. TUNING SET for a while increases the performance of all cars. This is almost the same as buying an improvement of each type.

How to activate amplifications? Before the start of each race, you will see a screen with STRENGTHS that you can immediately buy (they are automatically activated upon purchase). If you received amplifications as a gift or as a reward, they can be activated in the MESSAGES section of the Profile (or click the "Free" icon in the AMPLIFICATIONS tab). In addition, you can get to the screen with GAINS from the main menu by going to the Store and clicking on the GAINS tab. Some enhancements can also be selected by clicking the Re-icon on the screen with the results of the race.

How to find out how long the amplifications will be active? If amplification is activated, a timer will appear next to it in the AMPLIFICATIONS screen.

What happens if I activate the gain with the same gain? All power-ups can be purchased an unlimited number of times. The duration of each of these boosts will be added to the timer.

What are Quick Rides? Quick arrivals (or simply Arrivals) are races open for participation for a limited period of time. A race consists of 1 or more consecutive races. They are in the main menu. Just click on the corresponding icon (a gift that indicates the number of active races).

What can be won in Quick races? In Quick races you can win Credits and pick them up immediately after the race. In addition, you can win exclusive cars, bonuses and Credit sets, depending on the place in the Arrival Rating (prizes will be waiting for you in the MESSAGES section or in the GARAGE).

What are achievement sets? How can I get them? Achievements sets are such special rewards that bring a significant amount of Credits or various enhancements. To get them, you need to complete all the achievements in a single category; they can always be found on the ACHIEVEMENTS tab in the Profile. Once you have completed all the necessary achievements, go to the ACHIEVEMENTS tab and pick up your kit!

What are the cards for? Maps are needed to improve your cars, each type of improvement and each model of car needs its own set of maps. Cards can be of different rarity levels, you can get them in boxes with sets.

Why can’t I get the card I need? Cards are distributed by lottery system, so every time you get a random card.

How does inventory work? In the Garage or the auto selection menu, click the TUNING icon located at the bottom of the screen. In the INVENTORY section you will see all your cards. You can sort them using filters, increase the size of your inventory to place new cards there, or exchange unnecessary ones.

Can I exchange cards for anything I need? You can exchange cards for special sets. Just open the exchange menu located in the lower left part of the Inventory. Click once to add a card to the stack for sharing, or press and hold to quickly select a stack of such cards. Each added card fills in a special exchange scale. After reaching any milestone on the exchange scale, you will receive a set of the corresponding class. It remains to click on the arrow to select the appropriate set, and then click the Take Set icon.

How to get tokens? You can get tokens as a Daily Reward, for participating in fast races, certain achievements, or for watching promotional videos. Alternatively, you can buy them at the store. For tokens, you can buy premium items in Asphalt Nitro - bonuses, exclusive cars, boxes, additional fuel tanks, as well as open new seasons.

What are kits and how to get them? The boxes contain cards of various rarities, amplifications, and fuel. In order to get boxes, take part in fast races, special races in Career mode, reach the necessary VIP levels, receive Daily rewards or exchange unnecessary cards. In addition, you can buy them in the GET BOXES menu, where you can get from the Garage or the Store.

What is fuel and why is it needed? Fuel is the fee for participating in fast races. To participate in any race you need to spend a certain amount of fuel. Do not worry, the fuel will not run out - the fuel tank will automatically fill up over time! At some VIP levels, the number of additional fuel tanks and the speed of their filling increase. In addition, you can quickly fill the tanks for tokens.

How to get fuel? Can I exceed his limit? The fuel tank fills up over time, but the limit cannot be exceeded.You can recover spent fuel for tokens or watching videos. This icon appears only when the fuel tank is incomplete, and fills all fuel tanks. In addition, you can get fuel for performing some actions, and exceed the limit in this way.For example, you will receive fuel for each open set. The amount of fuel that exceeded the limit is not restored.

What are VIP levels and VIP coins? The VIP system provides users with bonuses in case of making purchases for real money. Having made a purchase for real money, you can get VIP coins as a bonus. When you have enough VIP coins, the next VIP level opens. All higher levels contain bonuses for the previous ones. The VIP level cannot go down, but only go up for VIP coins.

What bonuses will I receive at VIP levels? With each new VIP level you will receive more bonuses. For example, improved rewards for various modes and races, additional inventory cells, fuel tanks and accelerated fuel recovery, exclusive fast races and promotions, special daily rewards and much more! To find out more, click the VIP icon in the top menu.

Which cars have an electric motor? Only two cars in the game have an electric motor - Mercedes-Benz Silver Lightning and Mercedes-Benz Biome.

Will my progress in the Daily Rewards continue if I miss a day? Yes, it will.

What rules apply in Rivals mode? Rivals is a weekly race. Terms of participation - a car of a certain class and an entrance fee. You are competing with the ghost of another player with the same characteristics and machine as the player. If you win, you switch places with your opponent in the ranking. Other players can also compete with your ghost.

How to save game progress? Progress is saved to the cloud automatically every 24 hours, or when logging into Facebook, as well as after any in-game purchase.

How to remove your game progress? You cannot delete your game progress in Asphalt Nitro. However, you can delete the game, then delete the contents of the "GloftAGMP" folder stored in the gameloft> data directory on your device. Then reinstall and start playing with the new profile.

How to synchronize your game progress on different devices? Please note that if you install the game on another device and log in to Facebook with the same account, you will need to restore your progress from the cloud!

How to change the name of your profile? You cannot change your name in the game. If you change the name on Facebook, the name of the game profile will also change.

Do I need to connect to the Internet to play this game? No, this is not necessary. However, in this case, you will not be able to play with friends in the Network game, get into the global leaderboards or take part in network races. In addition, some Daily Rewards and VIP Bonuses will not be available.

How to change the language settings of the game? In the main menu, click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner next to the Gameloft icon. Then click on the LANGUAGE icon and select the appropriate flag.

How to change the unit of speed? In the SETTINGS section, which is accessible from the main menu, select SOUND AND DISPLAY. At the bottom of the screen you will see Units.

How to change the volume of Music, Effects and Engine? In the SETTINGS section, which is accessible from the main menu, select SOUND AND DISPLAY. There you will see several sliders for adjusting the required volume.

How to change management settings? I want to set my own control scheme, as it was in previous games of the Asphalt line. Go to the SETTINGS section from the main menu or by clicking on Pause and select the control circuit you want to change, with the exception of the ACCELEROMETER. Once the circuit is selected, click on the CUSTOMIZE icon that appears at the bottom and change the control circuit.

The game is slow on my Android device. How to fix it? To play the game at maximum performance, turn off the power saving mode and unnecessary background programs on your device.

How to buy loans? In the main menu, click on the large "+" icon next to your number of credits and open the Store.

How to earn credits? You will earn Credits if you participate in races in Career mode, in Arrivals and Network races. In addition, they can be obtained as a daily reward. Please note that the number of Credits received per race depends on the place taken and on the number of stars earned in Career mode. But in the Fast Race mode, all locations and game modes will be open, but here you will not be able to earn Credits.

How to earn stars? Stars indicate your progress in Career mode. It contains 121 races, 5 stars each. That is, only 605 stars. The first 3 stars are usually awarded for position / time / score in Career mode. 4 and 5 stars can be obtained for completing two specific tasks of the race. These tasks appear on the screen before the race and in the Pause menu.

What are the stars for? How can I buy them? Stars open up new Seasons. In addition, certain races in each Season only open for stars. Each Career Season can be accessed instantly by purchasing a Season Pass on the Seasons page. You can also buy All seasons and thereby open all Seasons at once. The stars themselves, however, cannot be bought.

How to add a friend from the lobby of the network game? Unfortunately, you cannot add a friend from the lobby of the network game, but you can click on any rider automatically selected by the game and replace him with a friend from Facebook who was invited to the game (or who invited you, or already plays the game).

How to see friend stats? Click on your logo (upper left corner of the screen) and go to Profile. There are several tabs. Click on the TALK tab. If you are already logged into Facebook from the game, you will see a list of your friends. Click on their avatars to view statistics.

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