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Big 6 Hockey Manager WiKi: Tips and tricks for passing the game

Big 6: Hockey Manager is a sports game from BIG6 LIMITED where you have to build your dream hockey team. Sign famous champions, train them, develop your own stadium and hold high-profile tournaments to gather as many fans as possible and glorify your hockey club! The game is realistic, where only you decide in which direction your players and the club as a whole will develop. Tournaments can be held together with friends, or you can play with each other.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. How to improve the team?
  3. Matchmaking
  4. Development Issues

Big 6 Hockey Manager: Beginner’s Guide

What is the purpose of the game? The main tournament in the game is the league. The task of the team for the season is to take the highest possible position in their league, ideally to take first place and win the cup. The top 8 teams in the playoffs are promoted to the next level in the league the next season.

Where to begin? Train your team, buy players, play mini-tournaments, develop the Arena and other buildings.

What are tactics? Tactics in the game are of great importance. Choosing the right tactics for a match can increase your chances of winning by 20%. Of decisive importance is the ratio of your tactics and tactics of the opponent, which can be seen in the preview of the upcoming match (VS button).

How to defeat a stronger opponent? There are many tricks to defeat a strong but not very smart opponent. To name two: correct tactics before and during the match, as well as time management of fives. The rest, I’m sure, you will find yourself over time.

Where is the best place to buy players? Buy players in a transfer: at auction or in negotiations. In negotiations, players are sold by other managers and they can be bought cheaper, but there is a risk of buying a player who has reached the maximum of his potential - such a player will no longer be strengthened during training.

What do friends give in the game? With friends, you can exchange gifts daily. To receive gifts from friends, you must first send gifts yourself. To add a friend in the game, find him by the name of the team through the search.

How to earn tokens and money? The main source of money is tickets for matches, and tokens are prizes from mini-tournaments. By winning them, you will earn both. Also, tokens and currency bring contracts and tasks that can be found in the Administration building.

I bought a logo, where can I find it? In the Administration, with a swipe, go to the logo change tab. Click change and scroll through the logos until the purchased one appears. It can be painted in any colors.

Big 6 Hockey Manager: How to improve the team?

What to develop first? It is important to develop the team comprehensively: buildings, players, coaches, friends.

Why are players below level 30 not sold on the market? They are of no use to other users. If you want to get rid of a player, you can exclude him in the "Contract" tab of the player’s card, receiving 30% of his market value.

How else to strengthen the team? The Academy is very helpful for beginners.

How does the Academy work? The Academy educates juniors. Their level depends on your league. The training time depends on the level of your Academy: the higher the level, the faster the training. During training, you can assign a position to a player for 30 tokens, otherwise their position will be determined randomly. After completing the training, the junior will move to the main team if you pay 30 tokens, or leave the Academy after 10 days.

How do injuries, morale and energy affect the result? Injured, tired and low morale players play below their capabilities.

What does the Administration upgrade give? Higher level coaches and a sponsorship contract with a higher remuneration.

Why are some players highlighted in red when selecting them for training? They have run out of energy and can no longer train, or they have reached the limit of their development. It is also possible that the player is injured.

How to train legendary players? That’s why they are legends that everyone already knows how. They don’t need to be trained. But they automatically increase their level when you move to the next league at the end of the season.

I updated the transfer center, and the players at the Agent are at the same level. Why? The agent will help you find the best hockey players for the required position. The quality of offers and their level depends on the level of the league.

Why doesn’t the level of the team increase after training? Be patient. Team level is the average level of the players in your team. Each training increases certain skills of the player. Regular exercise helps you level up.

Big 6 Hockey Manager: Matchmaking

How is the winner of a match determined? Many factors affect the outcome of a match: the levels and skills of the players, their fatigue, injuries and morale, the timing of the fives, as well as the spectators, the coach and the balance of tactics between the two teams. The developers are trying to bring the game closer to real life, no randomizer.

What does the number in the puck mean during the match? During a puck match, you can see the strength of the team at the current moment. It depends on the composition, tactics, energy, motivation, coach, spectators, as well as on whether the team is in attack or defense and whether the match is at home or away.

Can my friends watch my match? To visit a friend’s match, click on the "Eye" icon in the friends list. She will appear there when a friend’s match starts. Invite your friends to watch your matches - the first five spectators will strengthen your team.

How to better understand the game? Play friendly matches, practice tactics: they do not take energy.

What is the number in the circle at the top left? League level. Many things depend on him: which players you will see in the transfer and negotiations, which juniors will leave the academy, and so on. Take a place in the TOP-8 at the end of the season and move to a higher league.

How to change the coach in the team? In the administration on the tab coaches. If you have raised the level of the building, then to see the new trainers, click "Update".

Why upgrade buildings? Upgrading each building has its own effect. For example, Arena upgrades increase match revenue, while Training Center upgrades increase the amount of training available and boosters produced. Click on the "i" in each building to find out why it needs to be upgraded.

Big 6 Hockey Manager: Development Issues

In what order should the buildings inside the arena be upgraded? The arena has six auxiliary buildings, each of which is responsible for its own arena improvement parameter. These parameters can be viewed by pressing "i" on each of the buildings. You can upgrade in any order.

I sold a player for one amount and got less. Why is that? When a player is sold, a tax is charged. The higher the level of the transfer center, the lower the tax.

How to determine the playing time of fives? The playing time of the fives can be adjusted as part of the team, in the "tactics" tab. There you can evenly distribute the time between the fives.

How to restore the energy of the players? Energy can be restored by clicking on the corresponding icon on the main screen. You can get energy packs by accepting gifts from friends, or by buying them in the store for tokens.

What game currency is used in the game and what is it for? There are two types of game currency in the game.

Why balance the game? For a comfortable game, it is necessary to maintain a balance in development. Level up all buildings evenly to get resources and game currency, regularly train players, increase their level and the level of the team as a whole, participate in mini-tournaments to farm game currency, acquire new players and improve buildings.

How can I save game progress? Game progress is saved automatically if the device is connected to the Internet, and will not be lost even if you reinstall the game. Progress can also be tied to a Facebook account.

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