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Criminal Case WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

CRIMINAL CASE is an Android game with a release date of September 14, 2016 from Pretty Simple. Game Genre: Adventure. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Elite Mode Benefits
  3. Ways to get currency in the game
  4. What are Boosters for?
  5. Police Pets
  6. Guide to the Stars
  7. Unobvious game settings
  8. Bugs in the game

Criminal Case: Beginner’s Guide

How do I open the next case? To proceed to the next case, you need:

  1. Complete all tasks from the list in the "Tablet" (the "Tablet" icon is in the left corner of the screen);
  2. When you have completed all the tests in the investigation (including an additional investigation), open the Tablet and click on "Open."
  3. You will need 3 reports to proceed to the next case.

There are 3 ways to get reports:

If you play on Facebook, refresh the page to make sure reports load correctly. If you play on a mobile device, make sure that you have a good Internet connection that will allow you to receive all reports sent by your friends. The request for sending reports expires 2 days after it was sent.

How can I open more crime scenes and advance in the Cause? To advance in business, you need to complete the tasks listed in the "Tablet". To see the list of tasks, click on the "Tablet" in the left corner of your screen. For some missions you will need stars (for example, for interrogating suspects or for mini-games with evidence). You can earn stars by playing crime scenes.

It takes time to complete other tasks, such as an autopsy or analysis. While you wait, you can continue the crime scene investigation to earn stars. If you do not want to wait, you can always urgently finish these tasks by purchasing rapid tests. When you complete the above tasks, you will open more crime scenes and you will advance in your investigation.

If you think you’re stuck, open the Tablet to see what tasks you have to complete.

Additional investigation. After you arrest the killer, you have to take care of the characters associated with the crime that you just uncovered. You may need to talk to them or help them to get more information from them. You must complete an additional investigation to open a new Case (except Case 1). To complete an additional investigation, you need to:

  1. After the killer’s arrest, open the Tablet to see the list of tasks, and also click on Open to get access to the add. investigation;
  2. Deal with all the tasks from the list.
Each time you finish helping a character, he will reward you with coins, a burger, or an item from the avatar store. When you complete the additional investigation, you will earn a silver medal.

What is energy, and how do I get it? Energy is used in the game to search crime scenes. You can get energy points in many ways:

How do I use items for energy? Once you have received energy items (orange juice, potato chips or a burger), you can use them to get energy at any time.

Click on the energy bar to open your inventory. if you already have energy items, click on "use" to get energy.

What are lucky cards? Lucky cards are gifts that you can exchange for experience points and boosters. You can get lucky cards in the following situations:

Once you have collected a complete collection of one suit, you can exchange it! The complete collection consists of 5 cards: ace, king, queen, jack and 10. If you have collected the collection, the message "new collection!" Will appear on the card screen. To exchange it, click on the "Exchange" button next to the collected collection. After the exchange, the gift will be automatically sent to your inventory.

Companions. Having a partner can have a positive impact on your success! They can help you in several cases:

  1. Crime scene assistance. Choose a partner before searching the crime scene. If he played 5 days in a row, he will have 5 tips available to help you earn more points! At the end of the search, you can send a happy card in gratitude. If you are chosen as a partner, then they can also send you a card.
  2. Preparation of reports. Companions can send you 3 reports to open the next case. To do this, you need to ask for reports from your friends.
  3. Sending energy. Companions can send you +2 energy points as a gift per day. You will also receive a +1 energy point when they receive energy from you. The more partners you have, the more energy you get!

What happens when you reach a new level? When you progress through the game, you will earn experience points. You can monitor the number of experience points in the blue bar at the top left. When you earn enough experience points, you reach a new level. For example, you go from level 1 to level 2. When you go, your energy line is filled up to 110. For example, if you had 70 energy points, you will earn 40 points (total 110 energy points). If at that moment you already had 110 points, you won’t lose them, but you won’t earn either.

Follow the line of experience and try to use all the energy before moving to a new level. Use strategically (or better not use!) Your energy items before moving to a new level.

Each time you go to a new level, you can share the juice with your friends on Facebook. The post will be posted on your friends’ Facebook news feed. They will need to click on the post to receive the reward! At the same time, they will be able to send you a lucky card. A win-win situation! If you play on mobile, you must be connected to Facebook and to the Internet.

You do not get orange juice when moving to a new level, only your friends can get it.

Each time you move to a new level (after the first 3 levels), new items for the avatar will open for you! They will be available at the avatar store where you can buy them. Sometimes when you reach a new level, you are promoted in rank (for example, a senior officer). When this happens, you can share with your friends not only orange juice, but also potato chips.

Ranks. Today there are 17 titles:

  1. Level 1: Officer.
  2. Level 5: Senior Officer;
  3. Level 12: Detective;
  4. Level 20: Corporal.
  5. Level 32: Sergeant.
  6. Level 45: Lieutenant.
  7. Level 60: Captain;
  8. Level 75: Major;
  9. Level 100: Inspector.
  10. Level 125: Chief Inspector;
  11. Level 150: Commander.
  12. Level 175: Deputy Chief;
  13. Level 200: Commissioner.
  14. Level 250: Sheriff;
  15. Level 300: Ranger.
  16. Level 350: Marshal.
  17. Level 400: Senior Paratrooper;
  18. Level 500: General.
  19. Level 600: Secret Agent.

What is a daily bonus? The daily bonus is a free gift that you can receive every day. To receive it, click on the icon in the form of a gift on the screen with a card. What you get depends on how many days in a row you played. You will receive either coins or energy:

If you continue to collect the daily bonus after 5 consecutive days, you will receive 50 energy points every day. If you stop playing for one day, you will be sent back to day 1 = 1000 coins. Every day, the deadline for receiving a bonus is 00:00 GMT. After 00:00 GMT, your bonus will be reset until day 1 if you have not received your bonus. Example:

The number of consecutive days you played also determines the number of tips that your teammates will be able to search crime scenes.

What are clues? If you are stuck in a search, you can use hints to help you find hidden objects. Tips are provided by the partner of your choice. the number of hints (from 1 to 5) is displayed on the partner selection screen and in the lower right corner during the search. To use the hint, click on the partner in the lower right corner. a hand will appear on the screen pointing to the item.

Use hints when you cannot find the last item or items to complete your search at the crime scene. If you used all the tips, the circle with the tips will start to fill again until 1 tooltip appears. Each unused hint will give you 20,000 extra points at the end of the search! Thus, you can get up to 100,000 extra points. Thanks to the "5 tips" booster, you can search with 5 tips, even if your partner only has 1 tip!

Why do some partners have less clues? The number of hints depends on the number of consecutive days your partner played in the Criminal case. If your partner will play 5 or more days in a row, he will have 5 tips! If he stops playing, the number of tips will drop to 1. Thus, if you play every day, you can provide more tips to your partners. If you have more tips, then your partners will choose you more often, which means you will receive lucky cards more often (unless your partner chooses not to send a card).

What is a message center? In the message center you can see requests and gifts from your partners. You can go to the message center by clicking on the envelope on the left of the map screen. If you play on mobile, then you need to connect to Facebook to receive messages. There are 4 types of messages: requests for partners, requests for reports, gift energy and gifts in gratitude.

Messages will be displayed by type. The number of messages you can receive depends on their type. When you reach maximum messages, additional incoming messages will be deleted. All messages are active for 3 days, and then are deleted automatically. Messages are displayed in the following order:

If you play on Facebook, the number of displayed messages is limited. When you accept all messages, you need to restart the message center in order to display more messages.

How can I change the appearance of an avatar? Change the appearance of your avatar with different hairstyles, outfits, faces and accessories! Change it as much as you want!

If you play on a mobile device, we advise you to increase the number of experience points (by searching the crime scene) after you change the avatar to save the changes (synchronization is based on the experience level).

How do I change the gender of an avatar? How to change the gender of an avatar:

  1. Click on the blue T-shirt on the map screen;
  2. Click on the "Change gender" button;
  3. You will see a message that asks you to confirm that you want to change the floor for 1500 coins - click on the "Confirm" button.
You will not receive items for the avatar equivalent to what you earned or bought during the game. But if you go back to the previous floor, you will receive all the items that you had. In other words, you can buy or reward items for both sexes, but they will only be available for the gender for which they were purchased.

Why can’t I play Pacific Bay or World Edition? Since the game has a linear history, you need to go through all the affairs in your current city in order to be able to open other cities. This means that when you open all affairs in Greensboro, history will lead you to Pacific Bay. And after Pacific Bay, you will investigate matters in a worldwide publication! Keep investigating and following the story - you will find many adventures!

What is "Should We Cool"? "We should cool down" is a three-second punishment for repeatedly and quickly tapping the screen out of place (when you click on the wrong objects or background). When this happens, Officer Jones will appear and say, "We should cool down," and you will be blocked for 3 seconds.

How do I get the cool down trophy? To earn the Cool Down trophy, you need to get the message "We should cool down" at least 5 times. To earn 5 trophies, you need to receive a message 50 times.

Can I reload the game from the very beginning? No, downloading the game from the very beginning is not possible. If you really want to start over, you can play through another Facebook account. If you play on a mobile and you are not connected to Facebook, you can uninstall and reinstall the application, but be aware that this action cannot be undone!

What happens if I exit the game during a search of a crime scene? If you play on the computer and you need to refresh the browser page while playing at the crime scene, you will be offered two options the next time you enter the game: leave the crime scene or continue at the crime scene. If you leave the crime scene:

If you continue at the crime scene:

If you play on a mobile device and close the game during a search at the crime scene (for example, the application was closed forcibly or your battery ran out):

If you were interrupted during a search of a crime scene (for example, a phone call or SMS):

Criminal Case: Elite Mode Benefits

What is Elite mode? In Elite mode, you can re-go through your favorite things and earn bronze, silver and gold rings. When you open Elite mode, crime scenes and mini-games will become more difficult and test your detective expert skills. Also, they will give you a chance to earn more points and thereby prove that you are the best in your field. Elite mode becomes available after you complete an additional investigation and earn 45 stars in the case.

You can play Cases in Elite mode and in normal mode at the same time, but you can simultaneously open a limited number of cases in Elite mode. If you can’t open the Elite mode, then you need to arrest more killers and earn extra bronze rings.

Elite mode is not only a test, but also an opportunity to be records! If you break the previous record, then you and your partners will see a special laurel of the Elite regime next to your name!

What are Elite rings for? When you play and do business in Elite mode, you will earn bronze, silver and gold rings. As in normal mode, you will earn a bronze ring for arresting a killer, a silver ring for completing an additional investigation, and a gold ring for earning all the stars. If you can get all three medals and all three rings in action, then congratulations, you really are the best of the best!

Gold rings also provide access to special outfits in the high-end avatar store. When an elite outfit is unlocked, you can buy it with coins and then put it on your character like the outfit from a classic store. The first outfit will open when you earn 2 gold rings. To access the high-end avatar store, open the avatar store, and then click on the "Elite" button in the right corner.

Criminal Case: Ways to get currency in the game

Coins Coins - this is the currency in the game, which allows you to get special attributes and advantages:

How to earn coins? There are several ways to earn coins:

What are bills for? Banknotes are available only in the computer version of the game and are the currency that allows you to quickly move around the game. You can use them in different cases:

How do I get bills? To buy bills:

  1. Click on the line with the bills at the top of the screen;
  2. Click "Buy" next to the set of notes you have chosen;
  3. A message will appear on the screen in which you can choose a payment method. fill in the information;
  4. Follow the payment instructions;
  5. If your bills do not appear immediately, please restart the game.
You cannot earn bills in the game. There are no bills in a mobile game. Instead, you can buy energy items, reports, rapid analyzes and pets directly.

Criminal Case: What are Boosters for?

What are boosters? Boosters are special boosters that help you find items faster or earn more points! They can be bought on the partner selection page before searching for a crime scene using coins.

Types of boosters. There are 3 boosters:

  1. Instant magnifier;
  2. 5 tips;
  3. Initial combo x6.

Boosters become available automatically when you reach level 5. You can use several different boosters at the same time. Boosters are designed for instant use. You cannot save them for later use.

If you play on a computer and you mistakenly bought a booster, close the game before clicking on "Play!". When you restart the game, coins will be returned to you.

Instant magnifier. It costs 500 coins. Instantly shows a preview of the subject at the crime scene when you hover over its name in the list. If you play on a mobile, just put your finger on the title and hold. This booster is not available for Spot the Difference.

Use the magnifier at the start of the search to find out where the items are.

5 tips. It costs 1,500 coins. Search the crime scene with 5 clues, regardless of the number of clues of your partner! If you don’t use all the tips in the search, you will get a greater bonus for the tips.

This booster is best used when your partner has few tips. If your partner already has 5 tips, the booster will not be subtracted from your inventory.

Initial combo x6. It costs 3000 coins. Start a crime scene search with a completed combo line. Use it to increase the score!

Criminal Case: Police Pets

Why do I need a pet? At the end of the search, pets can help you find objects (orange juice, energy, coins, lucky cards) that are called "Lucky find". A successful find depends on which pet you brought. For example, a German shepherd can find either 1000 coins or one lucky card, and the King Charles Spaniel will find either 15 experience points or one lucky card.

How to get a pet? Each district has a police pet store. Shops from your previous areas are also available. Pets stay with you even when you change areas, so you can use them in any business! To open a pet store, you will need gold medals. You can earn a gold medal by getting 45 out of 45 stars in the case.

Gold medals are only valid in the city in which you earned them (for example, gold medals from Greensboro will not be valid in Pacific Bay). Most pets can be bought with coins, but elite pets are bought using bills (on Facebook) or directly (via mobile). When you have the right amount of gold medals, go to the map and click on the dog icon to open a pet store. Select your pet and click on "Tame".

How to bring a pet? When you take your pet with you, it means that he will accompany you when you search the crime scene until you decide to leave him. To take your pet with you or change your pet, open the map and click on the icon with a dog bowl. You will see your police pets. Click on the green arrow to select a pet, and then click on "Take with you."

How do I develop a pet? Developing a pet means improving his special skills! You can develop a pet by increasing his devotion. Your pet’s loyalty is displayed on the devotion line. You can increase your loyalty by feeding your pet. To do this, click on the icon with a bowl for a dog on the screen with a map and select the desired pet:

Once your pet has finished eating, you can feed him immediately!

Bones are the best food, you can often come back to feed your pet. It is best to give chicken wings before bedtime, your pet will finish eating them while you sleep. A pet can eat ham at the same time as another meal. Nothing will happen to your pet if you forget to feed him.

Reaching the pet a new level. When the line of devotion is filled, the pet will earn a level of devotion, and his abilities will improve. When your pets reach levels 3 and 5 of devotion, they will look different! The fifth level is final, after it you cannot improve special skills.

Criminal Case: Guide to the Stars

Why should I earn all the stars in business? There are two benefits:

To earn a gold medal, you need to do the following:

  1. Get a bronze medal by arresting a killer;
  2. Get a silver medal by completing an additional investigation;
  3. Get a gold medal, earning all 45 stars in action. That is 5 stars on each of the 9 crime scenes.
In case 1, only 15 stars, and in case 2, only 30 stars.

How to exchange stars for energy? In each case (except cases 1 and 2), you can earn 45 stars. You need 36 stars to complete all the tasks in business, which means you will need to earn another 9 additional ones. You can exchange them for energy! When you complete all the tasks in business, you can exchange stars in the tablet menu. When you earn enough stars, click on "Buy For" to get the energy item you want.

Can stars be used from one thing to another? No, stars cannot be transferred from one case to another. They need to be used in the business in which they were earned. But despite this, the stars are very useful! After completing an additional investigation, you can exchange stars for energy!

Criminal Case: Unobvious game settings

How do I connect to Facebook? To connect to the game through your Facebook account, click on the "Connect to Facebook" button when downloading the game.

If this is your first time connecting the game to Facebook and you have the Facebook application installed, make sure that you are connected to your account in it. Your game and all progress will be synchronized with your Facebook profile to which you are connected.

Why connect to Facebook? There are several benefits of connecting to Facebook:

I can not connect to Facebook. What should I do? First, check your internet connection. It is recommended to use Wi-Fi if you cannot connect to 3G / 4G. Still having difficulty? Perhaps you can help disconnecting from the account in the Facebook application. Open the Facebook application on your device and exit your profile, then force close the Criminal Case and try again.

How can I save progress in the game? The progress of your game on a mobile device is saved depending on whether you are connected to Facebook.

Can I play without an internet connection? Yes, you can play the Criminal Case without an internet connection. Despite this, when you start a new business, you will need to download new content through a stable Internet connection. Moreover, if you want to play with your friends on Facebook, make purchases or play on multiple devices, you will need an Internet connection. If you are connected to Facebook, but temporarily playing without the Internet, the game will re-sync with Facebook when you open the application the next time you connect to the Internet. Some features are only available when connected to the Internet.

What syncs between Facebook and my device? Your game progress and all your inventory (orange juice, burgers, lucky cards and avatar items) will be synchronized between your devices and Facebook. This means that you can change devices and continue the game from the moment you left off.

Only energy is not synchronized between your devices. This means that the purchase of pizza will be valid only on the device on which it was made. And despite the fact that your energy string is independent, you get 110 extra energy points to investigate! For example, you can play on your phone and use 110 energy points, and then go to your tablet or computer, where you will have 110 more points.

I want to disconnect from Facebook or change my account. Once you connect to Facebook, your game becomes forever tied to your account. If you disconnect from Facebook, your progress will be reset to case 1. You can restore progress by connecting to Facebook. To disconnect or switch to another account, follow this instruction:

  1. Make sure you are connected to the Internet (best of all, WiFi);
  2. Open the Criminal Case. On the map screen, click on the gear icon in the upper left corner;
  3. Click on "Disconnect from Facebook";
  4. The game will restart;
  5. If you want to connect to another Facebook account, make sure that it is connected in the official application;
  6. Click on "Connect to Facebook" on the download screen.

If an error message appears on the screen, make sure you are connected to the Internet and try again. If you use 3G / 4G, but you cannot disconnect, it is recommended to use Wi-Fi so that your progress is accurately saved.

How can I change the language of the game? The Criminal Case will automatically detect the language of your device and use it. If you want to change the language of the game, you need to change the language of your device in its settings. As soon as you reopen the game, you will see your chosen language. The game is available in 10 languages (English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish and Russian).

Can I change the name in the game? If you are playing with a Facebook connection, your character’s name will match your Facebook name. If you change the name on Facebook, it will change in the game. Before you decide to change your name, check out Facebook name standards. If you play without connecting to Facebook, you will be prompted to enter your name after you graduate. It is not possible today to change a name after you have entered it.

Criminal Case: Bugs in the game

My game crashed. What should I do? Follow these steps:

If after the above actions the game still frequently crashes, contact support.

I can not download the following case. In the mobile version of the application you need to download a new case before you start playing. To do this, you need a stable Internet connection (it is recommended to use Wi-Fi if you are having problems with 3G / 4G). If you have trouble downloading the next case, check your Internet connection again and try again.

If this does not work, then you may not have enough free space. You can delete old things in the game settings. To do this, click on the "Gear" in the left corner of the screen with a map and select "Configure Storage" to free up space. Try to force close and open the application, this may also help.

Android: I can’t download a new case, despite the fact that I have a lot of free space on the SD card. Due to the requirements of the Android operating system, you need free space on the local drive of your device for the Criminal Case to work correctly. The minimum amount of this space depends on the device. Even if the Criminal Case is installed on the SD card, all new information is downloaded and installed on the local drive. If you cannot download a new case, free up space on your device by moving other files or applications to the SD card. After installation, things take up a minimal amount of space.

My daily bonus icon is gray. The daily bonus is a free gift that you can receive daily. To receive your daily bonus, click on the gift icon on the map screen. If the daily bonus icon is gray, check your connection and try again. If you have an unstable 3G or 4G connection, it is recommended to use Wi-Fi. Every day, the deadline for receiving the bonus is 00:00 GMT. If you have already received your daily bonus on a computer or other device, you will not be able to receive it again until the next period.

My game is connected to Facebook, but I can not send or receive reports or gifts. How can I fix this? First, check your internet connection. A stable connection is necessary for sending and receiving messages (reports, gift, etc.). Use Wi-Fi if you are unable to send messages via a 3G / 4G connection. If everything is OK with the connection, but you are having trouble, then maybe you need to reconnect to Facebook. You can turn off in the game settings, which are located in the upper left corner (gear). To reconnect, simply click on "Connect to Facebook" on the download screen.

My game is connected to Facebook, but I do not see partners. Why? If you have a weak Internet connection, you won’t be able to send energy to your partners or see their score in the ranking after a search of the crime scenes. To resolve this issue, check your Internet connection and try again! If you are having difficulty with 3G / 4G, try connecting to Wi-Fi. Also, you can try to force close and then open the application.

Why can’t I see Banknotes on my mobile device? As you may have noticed, there is a slight difference between the mobile and Facebook versions of the game. One of them is the lack of virtual "bills" in the mobile application. You won’t need them on a mobile device, because you can buy energy, reports, express tests and pets directly. If you play through Facebook on your computer, you can use the virtual "Banknotes".

Android: Why can’t I get a daily reward on the Criminal Case fans page? Due to the current limitations of the Facebook Android application, Android users cannot receive rewards on the Criminal Case Facebook fan page. But you can get these rewards through the Facebook version of the game on your computer or laptop.

iOS: There is no sound or music in my game. Why? Perhaps because your device is in silent mode. When this mode is turned on, all sounds and music in the game will be blocked, even if the volume in the game is turned on. Depending on the settings and model of the device, you can turn on the sound by moving the lever on its side or by swiping up from the bottom of the screen (to open the Control Panel) and turning off the silent mode.

After that, the sound in the game should appear instantly. If this does not help, it is recommended to check the application settings by clicking on the gear in the upper left corner of the game. You will see it on the screen with a map. In the settings you can turn on or off the music and sounds separately.

I’m having problems syncing with Facebook. When you are connected to Facebook, the progress of the game should be automatically synchronized every time you open the application. However, the game can only sync with Facebook and various devices when you have a stable Internet connection and you open and close the application. If you are having difficulty, check your connection.

If the connection to 3G / 4G is poor, it is recommended to use Wi-Fi. You can force synchronization if you close the application and then open it again with a good Internet connection. The progress of the game, which will be synchronized, is based on your level of experience (and not on progress in business). Therefore, you may lose progress on one of the devices if you play on the other device without synchronizing it.

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