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Deadstate: Zombie Survival RPG is an RPG from Frostgate Studio where you play as a survivor of a zombie apocalypse. Now it depends on you whether this world will be reborn. The game can be divided into parts: pumping the hero and equipment, passing combat modes and building a base. PvE and PvP activities are provided for you, as well as the possibility of joining clans and alliances. Distinctive features of the game: realistic drawing, detailed graphics, a large selection of characters and exciting gameplay.


  1. How to get new heroes?
  2. Faction Features
  3. Character Leveling Guide
  4. Outfit and Stores
  5. Building Guide
  6. Combat Game Modes
  7. Deadstate Walkthrough Campaign
  8. Arena Battle Guide
  9. Bunker Battles
  10. Participation in events

Deadstate: How to get new heroes?

Appeals. This mechanic allows you to get new Heroes under your command by summoning them from the Radio Tower building. The number of heroes under the control of the player is limited, but can be expanded with coins. There are several types of summons for heroes and the items and conditions required for the summons.

Where to get fragments of heroes? Every day in the base store you can get fragments of heroes absolutely free of charge, and purchase them there for coins. You can also get fragments of heroes:

Deadstate: Faction Features

What factions are in the game? Factions: Militia, Unity, Renegades, Corporation.

Which faction is the strongest? There is no single most powerful Faction in the game, but the factions interact with each other (see screenshot). Militia deals 50% more damage to Unity heroes who have a 50% attack bonus against Renegades. In turn, the damage from the Renegades against the Militia is 50% more.

Against a detachment of Militias, it is advantageous for Unity to resist in alliance with the Apostates, while it is better to repel an attack of white and red skulls with a detachment reinforced by Unity militants. This knowledge will minimize the loss of your squad and save the lives of your settlers. Heroes of the Corporation do not take part in the interaction of factions until nothing is known about their goals. Surveillance continues.

What is synergy? Synergy makes adjacent heroes of the same faction stronger. The Synergy level of the group depends on:

What are the roles in the game? The game has roles:

Deadstate: Character Leveling Guide

How many hero rarities are in the game? There are 11 hero rarity levels in the world of Deadstate. The higher the rarity, the higher the ’ceiling’ of the Hero’s leveling. Where a normal Hero will not rise above level 80, a rare Hero will get to level 220. Also, with increasing rarity, the basic characteristics of your hero increase.

What is the max level in the game? The level of pumping depends on the rarity of the hero:

What do you need to train heroes? To level up characters, you need ammo and food. Every 20 levels, your warriors will also need a vaccine. All this is mined in resource buildings - on a farm, a cartridge factory and in a laboratory. The higher the level of buildings, the more resources you get per hour. Therefore, it is important to immediately erect those buildings that will immediately begin to benefit the squad.

How to increase the rarity of a hero? Each character rarity has its own maximum level of pumping. When this leveling limit is reached, then in the Monument (opens at the end of Chapter 4 in the story) you can improve the hero by increasing its rarity. Please note that normal rarity characters cannot be upgraded. Depending on the chosen rarity, you combine either 2-3 completely identical heroes, or characters of the same faction and rarity.

Heroes selected for donation will be permanently destroyed. All equipment, experience and resources will be returned to you in full. Please note that in addition to the ability to raise the leveling limit, the enhancement gives an increase in the combat characteristics of the hero.

Why are the characters needed to power up the hero blocked? If some heroes in the monument are not available for strengthening, then they are involved in one or more active combat units. To unlock a hero for reinforcement, click on his icon: a window will appear with information about which groups the character is in and a proposal to remove him from these groups. After pressing the "Delete" button, you can successfully strengthen your hero.

Reset heroes. You can reset the hero training progress. The selected hero is reset to the first level, and all the resources that were spent on training him are returned to you. The rarity of the hero does not change. You can reset the progress of the hero for coins. The cost of this operation is the same for heroes of any level and rarity.

Exile of heroes. You can get rid of characters with normal rarity, thereby freeing up the places they occupy in your army. Each exiled hero brings a vaccine and shell casings. Shell casings can be exchanged for various useful items in the Exile Shop.

Deadstate: Outfit and Stores

Expedition Shop. Explore new areas in the Expedition and get batteries for it, which can be exchanged for fragments of heroes.

Equipment and roles Equipment is different for each role:

That is, the armor of an attack aircraft is not suitable for a sniper, and a warrior’s weapon is not suitable for a specialist. Each role needs its own equipment.

Pumping equipment. Please note that with the passage of the regions of the Campaign, your team will have access to more and more equipment rarities. Therefore, sometimes it is worth waiting for more advanced equipment before you start pumping it. The materials for pumping are special items - parts. Also, instead of parts, you can use other equipment. However, the equipment used as a material will be lost, as well as the part.

Where can you find equipment? Ways:

Equipment rarities and regions of Campania. From the first to the middle of the fourth region, you get equipment of normal rarity.

Shop (basic). Here they accept coins and provide a wide range of goods: a variety of fragments of Heroes, resources, equipment, parts (special items for upgrading equipment) and Arena tickets. The latter are needed to participate in the battles in the Arena.

Exile Shop. For expelling characters in the Polygon, you get shell casings. They can be exchanged for fractional fragments of Heroes.

Arena Shop. For successful battles in the Arena, as well as as a reward for completing daily tasks, you can get tokens. Having received them, we go to the Arena Shop, where nominal fragments of the Heroes, equipment and details are waiting for you.

Reid’s shop. Join Clans, then Bosses will open for you, for defeating which you will receive Clans coins. For this currency, you can purchase various resources in the Raid Store. Remember that every day you can get fragments of heroes absolutely free. And do not forget to check the sections of the store, maybe you will find something rare and interesting, because the goods in the store change periodically.

Deadstate: Building Guide

The value of buildings. In Deadstate Heroes, survivors need to build buildings to get resources. Buildings are of different types depending on the purpose. Farm, Cartridge, workshop, Laboratory - for production. Barn, Warehouse - for storage. There is also the Town Hall, the level of which determines the number of possible buildings and the degree of their pumping.

Construction rules. For optimal resource allocation, consider:

Why can’t I build buildings? Check if all the conditions for starting construction are met, and if another construction is running. You cannot run more than one construction site at the same time in the game.

City Hall. The restored building of the old city hall. The higher the level of the Town Hall, the more buildings you can build and pump them more strongly.

Farm. The farm produces food, which, together with ammo, is needed to increase the level of heroes. The higher the level of the farm, the more stocks of food per hour it produces. Surplus food is best stored in the Barn, as they can be stolen by other survivors during the Raids.

Cartridge shop. Produces ammo that is used to upgrade heroes. The levels of the ammo shop and the farm are best pumped evenly, since these resources are used together for the development of the hero.

Laboratory. Every 20 levels, the heroes require a vaccine, which is produced in the laboratory. The lack of a vaccine or any other resource can be replenished in the Store.

Factory. To build a building, you will need materials that are mined at the Factory. It is better to store an excess of materials in the Warehouse so as not to lose them during the Raids.

Stock. The Warehouse stores materials for construction. Everything that does not fit in the warehouse can be looted during the Raid.

Barn. Survivors store supplies of food in the Barns. If you do not save food in the Barn, it can be stolen during the Raid.

How to increase build speed? For coins, you can hire a builder for 48 hours in order to add an additional one to the standard building during this period. For example, in normal mode, you can only build or upgrade one building at a time, but with a hired builder, you can build two at once. You can also use construction accelerators, which shorten the construction process. They are received for participating in Events and completing Campaign chapters.

Demolition of buildings. The building can be demolished and replaced by another. When demolished, 50% of the resources spent on building and pumping will be returned to you.

Deadstate: Combat Game Modes

Campaign. A campaign is a chain of combat missions taking place in a certain region on the global map. The complexity of the battles gradually grows, increasing with each subsequent mission. Especially difficult are missions marked with a skull icon. Prepare well before taking them on. After completing a chain of missions in one region, you move on to the next. The further the Campaign stage, the longer the chains of missions in the regions. As you complete Campaign missions, you are rewarded with experience, resources, and equipment.

Arena. In the Arena, you need to confront the squads of other players. By winning battles, you increase your rating, gradually climbing up the ladder of leagues and divisions. Opponents for battles are selected automatically based on the league and rating.

Expedition. Expedition is a combat mode that allows you to explore areas in order to get trophies in battle. Among the rewards of the expedition you will find the in-game currency - batteries! The expedition is updated every 72 hours. Have time to clear all three districts and get valuable rewards.

Bunker. The bunker is a sequential passage of combat missions - floors. The complexity of the battles increases from floor to floor. Some floors require certain conditions to be met, such as passing by an incomplete group or having representatives of a particular faction or role in the group. For successfully completing a floor, you are rewarded with valuable resources, gold, and fragments of Heroes.

This mechanic provides one of the main ways to get the vaccine needed to train Heroes.

Clan bosses. After joining a clan, you will be able to attack clan bosses three times a day. You can only attack with different heroes, that is, after the battle, the heroes who participated in it are automatically removed from the attacking group. To open the ability to attack the Toxic Marco boss, you need to accumulate Clan activity points. Re-activation of Toxic Marco is available one day after the end of the timer.

Is it possible to change the composition of the squad in the Arena? You can select the desired heroes in the Party Composition window before each battle in the Arena.

Where can I get tickets for the Arena? Tickets to the Arena can be purchased for coins in the Settlement’s base shop, and they can also be obtained for completing daily tasks. Also, each Arena participant has several free attacks available daily.

Autoboy affects the outcome of the battle? The in-game combat system offers to apply strategic planning, where the outcome of the battle is based on the development, selection and placement of suitable heroes, in each individual case. Use your talent as a strategist!

Why is there less ammo in the mission than in supplies? The campaign shows the ammo received after completing the mission, and not the actual value in the Settlement’s supplies.

Why did my Arena League level decrease? This means that the next season of the League has ended, after the award for which all players start in the primary league. You can follow the season countdown right in the game.

How to start the game over? The progress of the game profile is tied to your Google account, so resetting this progress and starting the game again will not work. This is for the safety of the players.

How to resurrect the heroes who fell in the Expedition? Explore the area and find hospitals where you can resurrect one random hero. Also, for completing weekly quests and in the bank, you can get reanimators who will fully restore the health and energy of wounded and dead heroes.

Deadstate Walkthrough Campaign

Concept. Campaign is one of the combat modes along with arena, bunker and expedition. It is the first of all open to beginners. At the beginning of the game, participating in the Campaign helps to collect equipment for the heroes and understand the combat mechanics. In the future, heroes, fighting in the Campaign, will receive supplies, equipment and experience. In addition, each battle won is a step forward on the world map.

Campaign structure. At the moment, 15 large territories are available, with updates to the game their number will grow. Within each region, you need to move around the map and complete missions. For a victory, the player receives supplies and a step forward. Equipment drops only up to the 26th mission of the Corn Farm region, after that you can only get ammo and experience.

The higher the progress in the Campaign, the more ammo and experience drops out in case of victory. This helps to increase the levels of the hero and his equipment. Also, the successful completion of missions is necessary to complete the chapters, at the end of which bonus walkie-talkies, coins, supplies and equipment are issued.

Where are the heroes going? The heroes move towards the Laboratory Complex. It was there that a virus was developed that turned most of the population into the living dead. A group of survivors think that the secret lab contains not only the virus, but also a vaccine for it. She will help save the world. However, the plans of the heroes can be thwarted by the mysterious Corporation, which is not interested in ending the epidemic...

How to complete missions? The further you advance in the Campaign, the stronger the opposing enemies will be. If you can’t complete one of the missions, you need to pick up another combination of heroes or continue to train the existing team and improve their equipment.

Deadstate: Arena Battle Guide

Arena. Arena - combat mode. It is located in the same section next to Campaign, Bunker and Expedition. Unlike other combat activities, zombies do not participate in arena fights. Here the survivors fight each other. For participating in battles in the Arena, you get tokens that can be exchanged for goods. By winning battles, you increase your rating, gradually climbing up the ladder of leagues and divisions. Opponents for battles are selected automatically based on the league and rating.

Seasons. Battles in the Arena are divided into seasons, where participants accumulate a rating. The more victories, the higher the rating and the stronger the opponents. With the start of a new season, the rating of all participants is equalized to a single value, and the player receives a seasonal reward.

Arena Leagues. By fighting in the Arena, the survivor receives points that increase the rating. Upon reaching the threshold level, there is a transition to a new League. Types of Leagues: Wooden, Iron, Silver, Gold, Platinum and three divisions of the Major League. Each of them has three divisions, between which there are 100 points. To move to a new league, you need more rating points: 200,300 and 400 - depending on the level. That is, the higher the league, the more points are required to move to the next one.

What gives participation? Regular battles in the Arena bring income:

  1. Tokens that can be exchanged for goods in the Arena Store;
  2. Event points for participating in events;
  3. Gold and tokens for rating increase;
  4. Division and League promotion rewards.

Battles in the Arena help you complete daily and weekly tasks for which the survivor receives good rewards. The results of the events are regularly summed up. Nicknames of the winners are published in the social networks of Deadstate: Heroes.

How are the battles in the Arena? On the first screen of the Arena, you can see a group of heroes who fought in past fights, the current league, the number of points earned and the progress in promotion in the league. There you can also see the history of battles, awards and ratings of participants.

The "Challenge" button opens a list of opponents. It can be updated if the level of opponents is significantly higher than yours. Participation in duels may be free or require payment with Arena Tickets. A participant receives several free tickets for completing daily tasks, the rest can be purchased in the Store.

To win, it is important to take into account not only the overall level of the heroes, but also their synergy: members of the same faction help each other more effectively. Therefore, it is important to evaluate their interaction in advance.

Deadstate: Bunker Battles

Concept. Bunker is one of the combat modes along with Campaign, Arena and Expedition. A group of heroes explores a mysterious object floor by floor and receives rewards for successful completion. There are 600 floors in the Bunker, their number will increase as the game is updated.

Bunker floors. Conventionally, the floors of the Bunker can be divided into light and complex. Easy ones require the participation of a group of 4 survivors, and difficult ones add conditions, for example, only a Specialist and a Sniper or a representative of the Militia faction can pass a floor. The number of rewards depends on the level - difficult floors involve obtaining fragments of a rare hero, and simple ones - an unusual hero. You can also replenish the supply of vaccines in the Bunker.

What to do if you can’t pass a floor? If you can pass the floor with only one hero, choose the one who works best at clearing large groups of enemies. The hero needs to be pumped until he becomes equal in strength to a group of opponents. This may take some time, so be patient. For such floors, the survivor will receive a corresponding reward.

Passage history. Pay attention to the logic by which the history of passing floors is built. When you view walkthrough records against a floor, it shows the last players who visited the bunker, not the team that cleared the selected floor. These are general statistics.

Deadstate: Participation in events

How to move to the next league of the event? If you complete all 10 stages of tasks in the event, then move on to the next league. The transition is carried out at the start of the next similar event, and not immediately.

What does the event league promotion give? When you move to a new league, you receive a reward. With the level of the league, the reward for the transition also increases. Also, with the increase in the league, the reward within the event also grows. At the same time, of course, the complexity of completing the stages of the event also increases.

Can I drop out of the event league? You cannot downgrade the League under any circumstances. Having reached the maximum league, you will also not be able to leave it.

How are points awarded in Training? Points in the "Training" event bring each strengthening of the hero in the Monument. Distribution of points according to the received rarity:

How are points awarded in the Big Construction Site? The player receives construction points for:

Why do I need daily quest points? Daily quest points (emblems with stars near the portraits of players in the clan) are obtained for completing daily activities, for every 20 points you are given a reward, and a certain amount of them gives you access to the Toxic Marco raid in the clan menu. At the moment, the player accumulates the points needed to attack the boss before joining the clan.

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