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Dicast: Rules of Chaos - Dice Battle RPG is a board game from BSS COMPANY. You have to participate in a grandiose battle between races in order to put an end to conflicts and prevent a large-scale war. Your weapon is the ability to control the elements enclosed in dice. Fight monsters and other players, develop your own winning strategy and upgrade your hero. You can also take part in various events and fight giant monsters.


  1. How to fight?
  2. Hero and Base Features
  3. Map Guide
  4. Participation in events

Dicast Rules of Chaos: How to fight?

Blue base. This is your base and this is where your hero starts the match. Each time you return to it, the level of your hero is pumped.

Red base. This is your opponent’s base and this is where he starts the match. If your hero steps on it, he will end up in jail.

Attack block. The hero attacks the enemy as soon as he is on the attack block, dealing damage corresponding to the number of ability points and skills.

Bone-cards. Draw a card or double-tap the card to summon a bone. The bone you called will roll out, and the hero will move a number of blocks equal to the number of dots on the bone.

Victory. You win by depleting all of your opponent’s health. Upgrade your hero and never miss a chance to block an attack.

Tap and hold on a block to learn more about the block. Try to touch the bone cards and also the hero skill icons.

Chests of Victory. Victory Chest can be obtained by winning a battle. Victory chests have different classes. The higher the class, the more time it takes to open it, but also the more valuable the reward is in it. You can open the chest immediately with gems.

Key of victory. Victory Key Fragments can be obtained by winning a battle. Once you have collected all the key fragments, you can immediately use it and open one of the locked chests. If you are defeated in combat before you have collected all the key fragments, all the fragments you have collected will be lost.

Dicast Rules of Chaos: Hero and Base Features

Hero stats. Heroes have 3 characteristics: attack, health and gold. Collect hero shards and improve your heroes’ stats by leveling up and equipping!

Hero skills. Each hero has different abilities. Collect hero shards and upgrade him to unlock new skills.

Hero equipment. Each hero can be equipped with three unique types of equipment. Collect pieces of equipment and level up to make your hero even more powerful.

Basic skills. The base is needed to win. Collect base fragments and upgrade them to get more bonuses in the game. Each time your hero returns to the base, he will be pumped more and more, and the enemy will have to work harder to avoid prison!

Manufacturing. If you upgrade your base with collected base shards, you will be able to craft equipment for the hero.

Dicast Rules of Chaos: Map Guide

Bone-cards. Bone-cards cause bones. Your hero moves as many blocks as dots appear on the dice.

Special cards. Special cards allow your hero to perform special actions on your turn. They can also improve your hero’s stats or send the enemy to jail.

Special passive cards. Automatically used cards. They help your hero get out of difficult situations.

Special combos. Special combo cards "do not eat the move". You can combine them with other cards and use them multiple times in a row during the same turn.

Deck. A deck of cards consists of 18 random cards and 5 chosen ones. Random cards: random x4, odd x2, even x2,

senior x2, junior x2 and one of each denomination. Each card has its own price, and you can specify a deck within the allowed maximum amount.

Map creation. Craft a map using a fragment of everything and gold. A fragment of everything will be issued according to the category of the card. A fragment of everything can be obtained from royal / premium chests in the store and from legendary chests.

League. Earn Ranking Points for winning Ranked Matches and move up the league leaderboard. When you join a new league, new opportunities open up, giving you the opportunity to get more powerful cards. At the end of the season, the league rating is reset to zero, and you will receive a reward in accordance with your final league.

Dicast Rules of Chaos: Participation in events

Hero skill in event mode. These include:

Monster Jack. Team up with 4 heroes to defeat the giant monster. Collect the number required by the monster by adding the value of the cards to the attack. Dial the perfect number for Jack hit. Jack hit effect: activation of the hero’s skill. The effect of the same skills does not overlap.

Hero Jack. Cooperate with 4 heroes to defeat 4 players from the opposing team. The sum of all the points rolled on the dice rolled by the team that gets close to the required number wins and attacks. If you win the round, you can choose your opponent to attack by rolling the dice assigned to the opponents. The effect of Jack hit and Jack mouth is the same for Jack monster. If a move is made, the winning team in the next round will receive additional damage benefits. If you draw a Jack hit, the effects of the skills will be delayed until the next round.

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