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FOG Battle Royale WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

FOG - MOBA Battle Royale Game is a battle royale action game from PLAYNETA LIMITED. You have to go to the mysterious lands and survive there at any cost. Fight opponents, get equipment and useful items, use potions and don’t forget about monsters - they will definitely want to feast on you. Your main goal is to have time to solve all the tasks and destroy all obstacles in your path. Otherwise, you will become part of the magical fog and disappear forever.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Secrets of Successful Battles
  3. Class Skill Overview
  4. Loot (item) guide
  5. Armor Guide

FOG Battle Royale: Beginner’s Guide

What is the purpose of the match? The goal of each match is to survive as long as possible. Become the last survivor to win.

World. Kill monsters, break boxes and beware of the Dead Zone. Bosses and airdrops with valuable loot appear as the match progresses.

Awards. Each match gives Lootpoints. 100 Lootpoints are exchanged for a chest with rewards. Depending on the location, the match also gives or takes Glory, which determines progress.

Role system. The character is described by such characteristics as Health, Skill Strength and Speed. The meaning of each stat can be read by clicking on it on the Character Stats screen.

Dead zone. Avoid the Death Zone - stay in the Safe Zone when the fog rolls in. Over time, the Safe Zone shrinks.

Skills, weapons and consumables. Kill monsters and other players with Skills and Weapons. Apart from weapons, you can also find useful consumables like healing potions.

Equipment quality . The background of an item’s icon indicates its quality. The color chain is as follows: white - green - blue - gold - red.

FOG Battle Royale: Secrets of Successful Battles

Luthing. First of all, look for weapons. Items of the best quality are selected automatically. Click the loot icons to pick up loot faster. Don’t leave free consumables for your enemies! Use your consumable and pick up a new one. The best loot drops from bosses and airdrops.

Fragi. Consider the combination and sequence of applying your skills. Sometimes it’s better to lie low and wait while the enemies kill each other. Do not chase the fleeing for a long time - looting is more profitable.

Equipment. Higher quality items are always better. Items from the same set go well together. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your build.

Pumping. Lootpoints have a daily limit. Take high places to earn Fame and develop. Strategy, luck and equipment are the keys to numerous victories.

FOG Battle Royale: Class Skill Overview




Time Keeper:

Elemental Master:

Head hunter:


The Punisher:




FOG Battle Royale: Loot (item) guide

Treatment. Healing potion restores health. Healing dew heals.

Move. To move, use a potion of acceleration. Invisibility during an action or attack provides a potion of invisibility.

Damage. The trap deals damage. Blessing of Strength increases damage.

Raincoats. Raincoats are:

Wings. Wings are:

Rings. Rings are:

Melee weapon. It includes:

Weapon. It includes:

FOG Battle Royale: Armor Guide

Rogue Armor. Compound:

Warrior armor. Compound:

Elemental Armor. Compound:

Demon armor. Compound:

Cyber ??armor. Compound:

Wanderer Armor. Compound:

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