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Hello Neighbor WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

HELLO NEIGHBOR is an Android game with a release date of 07/25/2018 from tinyBuild. Game genre: Adventure. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek site is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. What do newbies need to know?
  2. The Plot of the Game (Release - Full)
  3. How to get to the rooms in the Neighbor’s house?
  4. Act 1 Secrets
  5. How to get out of the house in Act 2?
  6. How to get to the basement in Act 3?
  7. Final Act, Neighbor Battle Strategy
  8. A Guide to Loot and Use Items

Hello Neighbor: What do newbies need to know?

Purpose of the game

The essence of the game is that you have to get into the house of the Neighbor and unlock the mysterious locked door to the basement with the inscription "Exit", and the Neighbor will interfere with you. He does not allow you to calmly walk around his house. If you catch the eye of the Neighbor, then he will begin to chase you and most likely catch you. You can hide from the Neighbor either in the closet, or under the bed, or in some other room, which, in your opinion, the Neighbor will not look into.

There are many items in the game that you can interact with. For example, you can turn on the radio, use your phone to call your Neighbor’s phone (Alpha 1 - Alpha 3), you can shine a flashlight, etc. Think over your tactics to get around the Neighbor. He has a "very advanced" artificial intelligence, so every time he catches you, he gets smarter in terms of securing access to his house. For example, if you went through the main passage, then the Neighbor can lock the doors the next time (up to Alpha 1).

If he noticed you at some place, then next time the Neighbor can put a trap or even CCTV cameras there, and with each loss the Neighbor will nail up the windows with boards. This is achieved by calculating the points on which the player most often walks. The developers talked about these points. After Alpha 3, the Neighbor rarely nails up the windows with boards, and after Alpha 4 it became impossible to remove them with a pry bar.

Key Features

When the Neighbor notices you, the chase theme suddenly begins and the Neighbor runs after you to catch and return you home (Pre-Alpha, Alpha 1, Alpha 3 - Release (Act 1 and Act 3), throw out of the house (Alpha 2), or return to the beginning of the basement, if you got there (after Alpha 4.) When the Neighbor found you, you can run away from him, or hide. The Neighbor runs a little faster than the player, so you need to run away from him as soon as possible.

After Alpha 4, fears appeared in the game (more precisely in Act 3), giving the player the abilities necessary to pass the basement and facilitate the gameplay (double jump, invisibility and the ability to fight off the Neighbor). In one of the Release versions, the Neighbor has a vacuum cleaner, with which he can pull the Protagonist to him from places where it is difficult for him to reach, which makes the gameplay more difficult.

Also at night, if you do not walk with the flashlight on or are not near a light source, then the Neighbor will detect the player at a very short distance. The Neighbor’s house has switches that can be turned on / off, thereby turning on / off the light in the room. Therefore, you can turn off the lights in the house and move around unnoticed.

Use Friendly Mode, which can be turned on / off at any time. This mode makes the Neighbor less fast, more lazy (he will watch more TV and sleep) and will stop setting traps and predicting the player’s tactics.

Hello Neighbor: The Plot of the Game (Release - Full)

Act 1. The little protagonist plays with a ball. After that, he notices how his neighbor is hiding someone in his basement. A curious boy comes to the window, and the Neighbor locks the basement door with a key. The neighbor sees the protagonist, attacks him and takes him to the house. The boy becomes curious about the Neighbor’s in the basement. He finds a red key and sneaks into the basement. The Neighbor finds the Protagonist and locks him up in the basement.

Act 2. Someone opens the door-exit from the basement and the GG gets out from there. The boy sees that the Neighbor has rebuilt a large house for himself and fenced off with such a large fence that it is impossible for the boy to get through it. The main character finds a crowbar, picks off the boards and runs away (or finds a red key and opens the gate, perhaps jumps onto a trampoline and flies over the fence). After this incident, GG began to be very much afraid of the Neighbor.

Act 3. The main character wakes up. He had another dream about escaping from the Neighbor. Each time it becomes more and more terrifying. Many years have passed, the main character has grown up and lives in the city. One day there is a knock on the door. An eviction letter flies into the letter slot. The main character gets very upset and remembers that he has another house. He packs up his things and sets off by car to his old house. Upon arrival, he sees the ruins of a neighboring house and remembers the Neighbor.

The main character becomes uncomfortable, and he returns home. After that, he lies down on the sofa and falls asleep. He has a dream where his last neighbor came back and again locked someone in the basement. He was able to open the basement, but he could not get through it. To do this, he needs to go through the orange doors, behind which are his childhood fears: school, supermarket, darkness. He goes through his fears, along the way, gaining some additional abilities.

Final Act. Having solved many puzzles, and opening the basement, he finds himself in a mysterious place where a huge Neighbor stands. The main character makes him bend over to get into the house, which the Neighbor holds on his back, after which the main character gets into a room with newspapers about the Lost Children. The hero walks through the door and finds himself in a large house, where he sees himself as a child and his main fear - the Fear of the Neighbor.

This fear was personified by Something. To overcome this fear, he needs to protect his little self from the Something. The longer the main character defended, the more he became. The main character defeated Something, walked through the door and woke up. After this dream, he overcame his fear of the Neighbor. The main character unloaded all the things into the house, and the game is over.

Hello Neighbor: How to get to the rooms in the Neighbor’s house?

General view of the houses of the Main Hero and the neighbor (Release). In each of the three acts, the houses of the Protagonist and the neighbor are different:

Hall. The hall is a fairly large room with blue-blue wallpaper, brown plank flooring and a high ceiling. There is a special yellow door that leads to the basement, which is blocked by a red lock. The hall has an armchair, table, sofa, TV and more. A neighbor comes here to watch TV, sleep or exercise. There is a broken bedside table at the main entrance, in which an object like a chocolate or milk can spawn, but not a key. In addition, there are shelves and a small window above the main entrance.

There are also two utility rooms near the entrance to the basement. In the left-hand utility room there is a shelf, as well as several boxes and a drawer. There is only a shelf in the right. There is also a lift, which has a bedside table, a sofa and a couple of cans. From this room you can get into the library (there is a possibility that this entrance will be closed by a grate), into the corridor of the 2nd floor (the left door can be sealed with a brick wall) and into the small hall (the door can be sealed).

Kitchen. This is a room in the Neighbor’s house. It is quite large and spacious. It has white and brown wallpaper, wood flooring and a high white ceiling. The room can be accessed through two windows: from the front large one or through the window on the other side. The room itself is unremarkable. It contains a large red table, several red chairs, a refrigerator, a gas stove and more. A neighbor comes here to wash his hands in the sink.

The kitchen in Act 2 is similar to the kitchen in Act 1. They differ in the pipes and the wrench in the refrigerator. In Act 3, the kitchen has a rectangular shape, turquoise floor and walls with beige wallpaper. A wide passage from the corridor and the storeroom leads into the room. Here you can find a refrigerator, cabinet, shelves, sink, plates, table, chairs, mugs, gas stove, bread, apples, milk, fertilizer bag, paintings, clock, carpet, etc.

Bathroom. The bathroom is present in the house of the Protagonist:

Bedroom. The bedroom in Act 1 is a fairly spacious and large room. The wallpaper is "divided" by a large arch into blue and pink and white, as in other rooms there is a wooden floor and a high white ceiling. It can be accessed either from the backyard through either of the two windows, or through the front of the house, through a large window, or through the hallway, through a door.

The room is also not particularly remarkable. In it, as expected, there is a bed on which the Neighbor sometimes sleeps. Also in the room there is a TV, oven, shelves with books, a chest of drawers and more. In addition to all this, there is an armchair on which the Neighbor can also sleep. In Act 3, the bedroom walls are bluish blue. In the center of the room is an oval rug. You can get here through three different doors. The Neighbor’s bed is in the corner, pictures are hanging next to it and there are dressers. There is a stove in the opposite corner of the room. There is an umbrella behind it.

Workshop - Act 1. The workshop has brick walls, a blue plank floor and a white ceiling with a flashing light. Also in this location there is a small structure with white wooden planks and a window through which you can watch the workshop. The location has a hospital bed, mop, watering can, buckets and a toolbox. At the same time, there are more useful things here, namely, a master key and a crowbar.

There is only one way to get to the location: through the door leading here. Unfortunately, the door is locked with a red lock, so there are two ways to act: get a red key or a lockpick. To get the master key, you need to go to the attic and pick up the car key from there. Then you need to go to the Neighbor’s car, open the trunk, pick up the electromagnet and go to the workshop window. Unfortunately, the main character in this act is a child, small in stature, and therefore he needs to make for himself a small "tower" of objects in order to reach the window and magnetize the master key, and then use it on the lock.

Basement. The basement is locked with a brass padlock and two planks. There is a sign "Exit" above the door. When the main character starts to knock off the boards, the Neighbor grabs him and buries him alive. What is inside the basement is unknown. To open the basement door, you need to take a copper key and a hammer behind the boxes from the kitchen table. The basement cannot be accessed as there is no doorway for the basement door in the model house.

Attic. The location is on the second floor of the Neighbor’s house. Consists of two parts. Near the second part there is a door leading to the nursery. The path to this location is blocked by a fake wall. In the first part of the room, you can see a cage with a raven and several boxes on which a watering can and wheels from the Neighbor’s car are visible. It is in this room that an electromagnet is located, which is needed to obtain a master key.

The second part contains one dummy that is completely useless, fireworks that can be useful to distract the Neighbor (which was shown in the trailer with the fireworks gameplay) and various useless junk. If you turn on the generator in the backyard, pull the yellow switch and quickly run to the fake wall, then the main character will open a passage to this room (if the Neighbor runs after the player, he will not have time to get there). There is also another way to get here: you can climb using the stairs to the roof of the house and then break the window leading to this location.

Children’s. This location is quite large. It has a beige wallpaper and a wooden floor. You can only get here by sneaking through the roof (in Act 1). There are many items in this location that refer to the Neighbor’s children - Aaron and Mia. There is also a red key here, which is essential for opening the door to the basement (in Act 1). In Act 3, the location has a blue wallpaper, the window at the location is boarded up with boards, there are things related to the Neighbor’s son.

Swimming pool with Aculotron. A room filled with water, in which the Aculotron is located, so you should not step on the water. It can be drained using the tap located above the staircase under this room, but this requires a valve. The room has two doors. One leads to the room with the key, and the other to the hall. At the bottom of the pool is a rug with a shovel on it. Water from the pool can also be removed by placing any hot object (kettle, pry bar, bucket, watering can) in it. A neighbor can safely walk around the room without fear of the Aculotron.

Living room (Act 2). The room has a plain beige wallpaper, beige ceiling and brown plank floor. The location can be accessed through two passages, namely: through the pool with the Aculotron and the room with the key. It is impossible to get into the room with the key through this room, since the door leading to the room with the key is locked with a yellow padlock. In the room you can find a fireplace, a bearskin, a cabinet and bookshelves with books, two armchairs, many paintings, tables, mugs, a kettle, an alarm clock, a chest of drawers, a gramophone, a clock and a flashlight.

You can get to the location using a staircase with a wicket, if you open it with a wrench located in the kitchen. After that, you need to climb to the shark pool. Then you need to head towards the door and that’s it - you’re here!

Room with bars. The location has beige walls, blue plank flooring and a white ceiling. A staircase leads here from the first floor. The room is divided into two parts by iron bars. In order for the special grill to stop blocking the path, there is a yellow switch in this location that can be activated. There are two windows on the ceiling. This location has two bookshelves, one floor lamp, several boxes, a jar of glue, and many small paintings. On the other hand, there is a door that leads to a corridor with paintings. Also, on the other hand, you can see a staircase leading to a door locked with a blue key.

Starting with Alpha 4, a secret passage appeared in this location, which is hidden by a large painting. Now the wallpaper has been changed, the ceiling is black and the floor is made of dark brown planks. There are more items in this location. Now there is an umbrella which is very useful for progressing the game and one secret picture-lever that pushes a big picture, making the secret passage completely accessible.

It’s easy to get into this room. You just need to go through several corridors and climb the stairs. The main problem in this is the Neighbor, who often puts cameras here and himself often walks. Therefore, we must come up with ways to outwit him. You can get in here by breaking a window from the backyard. To find yourself in the second part of the location, you need to climb onto a wall lamp, and then, with the help of a good jump, it is easy to get to the other side.

Congratulatory room. It is a replacement for a room without a card. It contains a sign "Happy Birthday", a table with a cake and one piece of cake, one horn, four plates, four chairs and a gift on the ceiling with a gun inside. To open the gift, you need to bring three pieces of cakes and four mannequins.

Surveillance room. This is a small room, thanks to which the Neighbor monitors the player through the cameras. Introduced in Alpha 1. The ceiling in the room is black. The floor is paved with stone tiles. The walls have no wallpaper. The room is illuminated by one light bulb. There is only one door leading to the room. There is an unusual blue table in the room, on which there are a bunch of monitors of different sizes. Initially, some screens have interference, and some don’t even seem to be turned on.

There is also a large red button on the table that can turn off or turn on all cameras in the house. On the contrary, there is a button chair. On the right edge of the table is a master key that can open the lock from the basement door. In fact, the Neighbor does not go to this room to look at the screens. If the player is noticed by a working camera, the Neighbor will immediately know about it without a tracking room.

Depot. The depot is a room with yellow walls, an armchair, a table, a lamp, empty picture frames, paintings, a tram, a carpet and a map. Rails run through the room. The location is one of the three stops of the Subconscious Underground. Beta 3 has changed the floor and walls. In the Release, the distorted Russian words on the walls were changed to distorted English. To get into the room, you need to go to the second floor and find a door turned upside down in a room without a card. To get into this door, you need to build a ladder from the boxes.

A room with a lift. This room first appeared in Alpha 3, there is a descent into a room with a card and a lift, there is a door on top that is closed, and behind it there is a passage littered with various intolerable rubbish. There is also a sofa, a mannequin, a floor lamp, a bucket, an armchair, a wardrobe and boxes. In Alpha 4, a passage appeared in the room to the attic and to the room with wardrobes, from which you can get to the room with the chimney. The appearance of the lever has changed.

In Beta 1, after the Protagonist enters a special orange door, the Fear of the Supermarket is activated. Beta 3 has an electrical panel upstairs in which there is a mount, an umbrella on the couch and a fence in the grille that encloses the electrical panel. The wallpaper has been changed to the one in Alpha 3. The trolley cash register has been removed from the aisle in Supermarket Fear. The appearance of the lever has changed. Also, a mannequin was removed from this location. Now there is a pile of rubbish here with a ladder, thanks to which you can easily climb up to the left window.

A room with steps. A large room with various things (Boxes, Bedside tables, Wardrobes). A good way to get to the Elevator Room, Depot, and Broken Room. In one part of the room there is a solution to the Globe puzzle.

Room with water. The entrance to the room is blocked due to the fact that water presses on it. There are two doors: an iron one and a light orange one. In Alpha 4, there are rubble on the way to the iron door, so you can only approach it through the night door and the day door. A light orange door leads to the Fear of the Factory. In all versions of the game (starting with Alpha 4) you need to go through the night and day doors. To get inside, you need to pour out the water from the room by unscrewing the valve on the pipe. But there are other ways too:

Night room. The location first appeared in Alpha 4. The entrance to the location is accompanied by a special door that opens only at night. The location itself is completely empty. There is an umbrella at the entrance. The location has blue plank flooring, burgundy wallpaper and dark brown wood ceiling. There is also an orange rug with yellow stripes. Since Beta 1, the door leading to this room has been stretched a lot.

In Beta 3, the umbrella has been removed from the entrance. The doors began to work normally. In this location, the floor is now made of brown planks, the wallpaper has been changed to another blue color, and the ceiling is pale gray. In the Release, the room is supplemented with non-portable objects. A gramophone with a green record was also brought here. The floor has become more elaborate, the wallpaper has a bluer tint.

Day room. The day room is a room that can only be accessed during the day. The room has no windows, it does not carry gameplay or plot purpose. This room leads to a littered part of the nursery, which in turn leads to a littered passage to a water room that leads to the Fear of the Factory. To enter the day room, open the night door, then the day door. These two doors can be left open by placing a chair in the doorway.

A room with a hole and a staircase (Act 3). You can get into it only by reducing tomato bushes in Bad Company and going through the door, which became available after that. There is a square slide in the floor, closed by a grate, through which you can see a room with water. One dummy can be found in this room, which is needed to obtain a gun.

Mill. The room is located on the seventh floor of the Neighbor’s house and was first added in Alpha 3. The room is covered with a huge white cloth outside. From the inside, the room has textures and two floors: the ground floor and the ground floor. The real location from the outside can only be seen from below. The location has a wooden bottom, there is a door in the floor that leads down. There is no staircase to the lower floor, although the railing from it is present. In the location, you can find objects: several boxes and a chair. The slots of the location are fenced with boards on both sides.

In Alpha 4, the cloth has been removed and the location has become more refined. Now you can get to this location using the elevator shaft, which is fully operational in this version. The location has acquired different textures and yellow wood walls. The walls on the lower floor are now made of wood. At the same time, the wall, which is located on the side of the stairs, has no textures, as well as the floor and one of the parts of the first floor. A tram may come to the location to make a stop. There is a passage to the room with an electromagnet.

A Generator has appeared in this room. It is important in that it is responsible for the operation of the refrigerator in the Neighbor’s kitchen, and there is a key card in the refrigerator. In Beta 3, the appearance has changed and the generator has been removed. The location has become more refined in terms of textures. In the Release, the room is supplemented with non-portable items. Among them: sofas, table, bedside table, cabinet details, fireplace and some others.

Bad room. Located on the seventh floor of the Neighbor’s House. It looks like an ordinary room with two armchairs, a carpet and a cabinet. A railroad runs through the room. The room has a door that leads to a small room with a staircase. If you go down this staircase, you can get to another room. Starting in Beta 3, the door to a room with a staircase is fenced with bushes. At the moment, it is being replenished with various items. A mannequin can be found in the release.

Hanging container. The container hangs at the eighth floor level and acts as an entrance to the Fear of the Dark. Alpha 4 has a turquoise color. Beginning with Beta 3 it turned yellow. The second container room is locked to the Red Lock. Behind the door is the fear of the Dark. Nothing has changed in Beta 1-2, except that fear of the dark doesn’t work.

Family room. The location is the secret room in the game. It was first added in the Release. The location has a brown plank floor, a gray ceiling and a blue diamond patterned wallpaper. This location is useful in terms of the storyline. It contains items from two family members, Mia and Diana Petersons, and a photograph of the Neighbor’s family, indicating that Neighbor had a family in the past. There are many boxes in the location that hide behind a dollhouse, Mia Peterson’s doll and shoes, Diana Peterson’s bag and shoes. Also, this location has a mattress and a TV.

A room with an electromagnet. The room first appeared in Alpha 4. It is located on the eighth floor. This room can be accessed through a passageway upstairs blocked by boxes in the Mill, or through a window. Behind one of the walls is the Teleport Room. Divided into two parts. In one of them there is an electromagnet. This room contains:

There is an important item in the room - a green key, which is needed to open the green lock that blocks the passage to the Fear School. To take at least one metal object in this room, you have to break the windmill mechanism. Beta 3 has changed the wallpaper and floor. In the Release, the texture of the floor in the room changed, and after a few patches, a lot of different metal junk appeared in another part of the room with a passage blocked by boxes.

Hello Neighbor: Act 1 Secrets

Structure. Act 1 is the first act of four that exists in Hello Neighbor. It is from the first act that the game itself begins and the beginning of the plot unfolds. This occurs during Nick Roth’s childhood. This Act can be roughly divided into two parts:

First part. It all starts with the Protagonist playing with his favorite ball on the street. During the game, the protagonist suddenly heard strange sounds from a neighbor’s house. He immediately becomes curious, and he peeps through the Neighbor’s window. It becomes clear that the Neighbor pushed someone into his basement, and then locked them on a red padlock. The Neighbor left the key to the castle in the attic. The player’s goal is to get the key and enter the basement, finding out who the Neighbor locked.

The second part. Once in the basement, you can see the crib for the one who was locked here, but who exactly does not become clear. Next, the player will have to go through a difficult maze, solving the puzzle. Having found a door with an exit, the player will be caught by the Neighbor, driving him into a dead end. This is where Act 1 ends and the second begins.


1. First part (first option). In order to get the key, you need to get into the first room of the attic. This can be done by climbing up the shelves that the Neighbor left on the street by the porch of his house. Once after what has been done on the roof visor, you can break the window and enter the cherished room. There you can get the key to the trunk of the Neighbor’s car. There is a magnet in the trunk with which you can pull the pick through the window at the back of the house. She can open a door with a white lock, which contains a wrench. And already with a wrench, you can open the doors of the stairs to the roof, in which there will be a hole. Jumping there, the player will find himself in a room with the coveted orange key. Next, they just need to open the basement door.

2. First part (second option). First you need to take the bowling ball on the ground floor to the left of the door with the white lock. After you need to get into the first room of the attic. This can be done by climbing up the shelves that the Neighbor left on the street by the porch of his house. Once after what has been done on the roof visor, you can break the window and enter the cherished room. This room has a power off fan.

To turn on the fan, you need to climb into the room behind the hidden painting on the 2nd floor and turn on the lever. The fan can then be activated. Place the bowling ball on the shelf next to the fan and press the button on it. The ball will roll until it falls off the shelf and activates the lever. After turning on the fan, run to the lift and stand on it. When the lever is turned on with the bowling ball, the elevator will rise. Break the red window and find the orange key. Take it and open the basement door.

3. Second part. Going into the basement, you can find a secret passage behind the washing machine, going into which you can see a baby cot. Then you need to exit through any window. By clicking on the yellow switch, the grate will open and the passage further. Following straight along the corridor, get a flashlight, with which it will be better to see in the dark. There will be another grate nearby, which can also be opened with the nearest switch. After that, you can see the door with the "Exit" sign, which is closed by a grill. In order to open the grate, it is necessary to start the generator located behind the wall.

The way to it will open if you turn off the electricity in the basement. This can be done thanks to the electrical panel, which is located almost at the very beginning of the basement. By starting the generator, and pressing the switch, which is located in front of the door-exit, it will be possible to open it. It is worth considering that the Neighbor is walking around in this basement, and he will not let you pass so easily. Having entered the door-exit, the player will find himself in a long corridor, and the Neighbor will start chasing him. It is necessary to run to the end of the corridor, after which, in any case, the Neighbor must catch the protagonist.

Hello Neighbor: How to get out of the house in Act 2?

Structure. Act 2 is the second act of four existing in the Hello Neighbor game. In the second act, the game continues and the story of the plot is still in the childhood of the Main Character. This act, like the previous one, can be conditionally divided into two parts:

First part. The story continues. When the Neighbor caught the player in his basement, the protagonist, waking up, finds himself in a locked room with boarded up windows, a mattress and a closed door. There’s no way to get out, is it really the end? However, after a short time, someone frees the main character. Soon the player manages to find a way out through the ventilation and escape to freedom.

The second part. After getting out of the basement, the player exits the cellar located at the back of the Neighbor’s house. He immediately notices that the neighbor’s house has changed a lot. The fence became very high, with barbed wire on top. The house has received several new floors with new rooms and puzzles. And for some reason, all of a sudden, the entire neighbor’s house was surrounded by incomprehensible pipes. The main character will have to figure it all out and find ways to get out of here. When a player runs away from a neighbor’s plot to his territory, the Neighbor notices this and gets angry. We understand this by the sounds of broken dishes at the end of the chapter, when he lets go of the protagonist and closes the large gate behind him. This ends Act 2.


1. First part. Once in a locked room, you must try to open the closed door and wait a little. After a click sound, the door should open. Next, you need to go into the ventilation hatch, from which the red light comes, open it, and climb into the tunnel. Then, you can see the stairs leading to the white light. Climbing on it, the player will get out of the basement. On what has been achieved, the game will be saved.

2. Second part. In the second part, you have to get out of the Neighbor’s plot to freedom. It is not easy to do, the fence is very high, the high gate is locked with a key. In order to escape, you need to decide which of the three ways you can do this:

For each of these three different ways, you need to make the first identical moves. First you need to make a free passage to the stairs, which is fenced with a wicket. To do this, you need to unscrew the nuts using a wrench, which is located in the refrigerator in the kitchen in the Neighbor’s house. Then the pressure in the pipes should be increased. To do this, you need to activate three levers on the pipes. One of them is located in the hall in the Neighbor’s house, the other is behind the fence, where there is a gap, and the third is on a pipe that goes underground. Having done these actions, a valve will fall out on one tap of this pipeline on the street.

How to get out of the house?

1. A way to get out with the help of a trampoline. To jump over the fence on a trampoline, you need to open the grate in front of him. To do this, insert the valve into almost all pipes where this can be done, and then scroll it once. By scrolling, you can take it back. It should be borne in mind that it is necessary to turn on the gas boiler, to which you can only get through the window, you can also insert a valve next to it.

If the operation was successful, then you need to turn on the device, which is connected with a wire to the grate at the trampoline. If everything is done correctly, then splashes of water should begin to come out of the apparatus. The grate will open. Using the ladder opposite the trampoline, you can safely jump on it and jump over the fence. The act will be passed.

2. Other ways. First you need to empty the water from the swimming shark room. The valve should be inserted into the tap located under this very room, namely above the stairs, which can be opened with a wrench. After that, you need to turn the valve, and the water will begin to pour out. The valve can be taken by yourself. When the water pours out into the street, you can safely walk in that room. After that, you can get into the door, which is located on the edge of the former pool, and also take a shovel, which will lie on the floor in the center.

After examining the passages outside the door, you can come to the nursery, in which there is a dollhouse. It is closed, and in order to open it, you need to use the key from the dollhouse. Using a shovel, you can dig up the ground on the Neighbor’s site. There the player will find a coffin. This key with a bow will just lie in the coffin. By opening the dollhouse, you can open the locked doors in the Neighbor’s house.

The small house has two rooms with small doors that can be opened. By opening the small doors, the real doors in the Neighbor’s house, which were closed, will also open. One of these doors is the door leading to the bathroom on the first floor. The second door is a door leading to a room with an apparatus capable of freezing water in the room. Further, the passage will require different actions.

3. A way to get out with a pry bar. By following the step-by-step steps of the previous paragraph, you can get a mount. To do this, opening the bathroom, on the toilet, you can see a small figurine of a plumber with a crowbar in his hands. You cannot pick up the mount right away, you can pick up this figure itself. It needs to be placed in an early open dollhouse on the toilet. By doing this, the same plumber will appear in the bathroom, only increased in size. You won’t be able to take him, but you can have a crowbar in his hand. Having received scrap, you can tear off the boards on one side of the fence, nailed down. Having done this, you can finally escape. The act will be passed.

4. The way to get out with the key. On the same floor where the dollhouse is located, you can see a room that can be accessed by stairs. Many pipes converge into this room, the floor is deep, and there is a door high on the wall. The bottom of the room must be filled with water using a tap, into which the valve must be inserted and rotated. In a previously open room with the apparatus, it is necessary to freeze the poured water, turning it into ice. To do this, you need to activate the switch on it. When the water freezes, you can safely walk on it and make your way to the door that was on the wall. Once in the room behind the door, you can find a hook with an orange key. Now it remains to apply it on the Red Castle on the high gate. Having done this, you can finally escape. The act will be passed.

Hello Neighbor: How to get to the basement in Act 3?

Structure. Act 3 is the third act of four in the Hello Neighbor game. In it, events are already taking place in the adult life of the protagonist. Can be divided into three parts:

First part. The main character wakes up on his couch in the apartment. After some time, he receives a letter stating that he is being evicted. The main character recalls his childhood home and collects things. Arriving at his house, he sees the ruins left from the Neighbor’s house. When approaching him, the main character becomes ill, and he runs away to his house. Opening the door from the house, he turns his attention to his old photograph. The telephone rings in the house. The main character answers him and sees in the window something near the remains of the Neighbor’s house. The main character decides to sleep.

The second part. Nick Roth, while still asleep, hears eerie sounds such as hammering and baby screams. As a result, Nick gets out of bed and sees that on the other side of the road there is just a huge Neighbor’s house. He decides to go to the basement and overcome his fears, which is what happens in the end. As a result, Nick enters the basement.

The third part. Nick ends up in a tilted basement from Act 1, which is spookier with more items and objects. In one of the parts of the basement, you can find Something, from which Niku eventually manages to hide. Then Nick goes on and on. As a result, Nick makes his way to the corridor labyrinth, but suddenly the Main character tries to catch the Neighbor, but this does not work out and Nick goes to the Final.

How to get to the basement?

Removing the chair is no problem. However, in order to remove all the boards, you need a pry bar, which is not so easy to get. It is located on the third floor in a room with a lift, but to get it, you need to get into the third part of the room with a pipe and open the door to the right of the box. Next, you need to open the electrical panel from the room with the lift, and eventually get the mount. But there is one problem: it is heated to such a state that it cannot be held in hands. To do this, you need to take either a watering can, or try to often get caught by the Neighbor, or die from something.

The hardest thing to get is the key card. To get it, you need to turn off the generator, which is located in a closed cage. The main problem here is that the cell itself (or rather one of the grids) opens only when the Main character solves one of the most difficult puzzles in the game. She needs: Cap, Skateboard, Guitar, Pillow and Flashlight. They must be placed on the shelves and chest of drawers in the nursery in a "mirror" sequence from one of the special pictures in the game. The hardest part here is getting a guitar.

The guitar is in a room with water, behind a regular door. To get a guitar, you need to do the following: you need to enter the room with the levers (for this you need to go through the Fear of the Supermarket), or enter the board. Next, you need to turn the valve several times, and as a result, water will flow from the pipe from the room with water. As a result, there will be no more water in that room, and you can go into it. However, in order to enter a room with water, you must first go through unusual doors that open only during the day and only at night.

Further access to the room will be possible. For convenience, there is a lever near the rubble that moves the grate, which greatly simplifies the game. Next, you need to enter the second room of the room with water and that’s it, you have the guitar! After all these actions, you will have access to the generator in the cell, because one of the grids will open and you can use the generator. After you purchase the mount and the Keycard, you will need to do some easy steps - Remove all the boards from the door and activate the Electronic Lock.


To get through the Fear of the Dark, you need to get into the hanging container. There will be a door locked with a red padlock. Next, you will need to find the red key. To get it, you need to get a gun with the help of dummies and pieces of cake, and in the room with the pipe get it out of the mill mechanism. Next, you need to quickly shoot at objects. Then the grate with the lever will open, and all the others will close. Then you need to throw out the gun so that the grilles are unlocked, and as a result you will receive a red key. Then you need to get back into the hanging container, and as a result, you find yourself in Fear itself.

Next, you have to go through the Fear of the Dark, which is complicated by the fact that you have to do a lot of accurate and sometimes even quick actions in it. To pass it, you need to turn on the light in a dark and huge pantry. Next, you need to go through the Fear of the School. To do this, you need to be to the left of the elevator shaft. Behind a bunch of boxes and other junk you can see a door locked with a green padlock. Next, you will need to do the following: enter the "Mill", and then - into a strange hole above the stairs. Next, you can see that the green key is in the room with an electromagnet.

Make your way to the very top, to where the windmill is located, and open the hatch in which you can find the mechanism of the mill itself. Disable it. The electromagnet will stop working. Return to the room with the electromagnet, take the green key and return to the door with the green lock. Remove the lock and that’s it - you find yourself in the Fear of the School. The fear of the School is complicated by the fact that the dummies are very fast and move faster than the player. To escape from them, you need to hide in school lockers.

In this way, you need to get to the final door. As a result, the protagonist will be attacked by a dummy, from which you can get rid of. The fear will be gone. Next comes the Fear of the Supermarket. The easiest way to get into it. It is necessary to get into the room with the lift, and then stand on the lift itself and throw an object into the switch responsible for the lift. As a result, the main character will get to the orange door above. You just need to open the door and go into the room.

To go through the Fear of the Supermarket, you need to collect the products that the dummies have and put them in your cart. As a result, you need to reach the seller’s dummy. As a result, the dummy will let you pass if you have collected everything. Reach the final door and that’s it - Fear is over. After passing all the Fears, the main character will have access to the passage of the basement.

Hello Neighbor: Final Act, Neighbor Battle Strategy

Battle with the giant Neighbor. The main character, breaking the basement, appears in a room that contains speakers, a mattress (formerly a bed), a guitar, a cap, a basketball with a ring, a wardrobe with several shelves, and a cardboard boy. After some time, he is demolished by a giant Neighbor with a house on his back, after which the hero comes up with the idea of ??defeating the Neighbor and getting into his house. This battle is a huge white room with a bunch of giant items, towers from boxes and a giant Neighbor in the center.

Battle strategy. To climb up, the hero needs to jump into the toaster. The toaster can be opened using the switch on the top of the wall by throwing an object into it. Above, you can also see another switch that activates the lift leading to the room with another switch that opens the floor and ceiling, above which the umbrellas are located. After receiving the umbrella, the player can try to attack the Neighbor using items on the game map, but the Neighbor will dodge attacks until he is stunned. To stun the Neighbor, you need to activate the tram using the control panel, it will break through the wall of the house in which there is a cake with candles.

Candles are needed in order to light the fuse from the fireworks, which will stun the Neighbor. In addition, you can stun it with a giant gramophone, you just need to turn it on by turning the switch and accelerate the record, running on it, and also lower the needle, throwing it with a strong throw into the tonearm. After stunning the Neighbor, you can activate the feeding machine by throwing a baseball there; set fire to the rope that keeps the arrow from the bow; add menthos to the soda bottle. After all these procedures, you can fly into the house on the back of the Neighbor and open the door.

Dream. After entering the house on the back of the Neighbor, the protagonist finds himself in a dream, which is a large corridor with stacks of ads about missing children, some of which are hung on the walls. Also in this dream, you can notice the Unknown three times: looking at the grave, from the basement and watching the Neighbor crying next to the poster.

Battle with Something. After sleeping, the main character finds himself in a house and sees a little himself playing with two cars and an airplane. He runs to the window and sees Something approaching the house, after which he runs upstairs. Each time he stops at the windows and needs to be protected with his body. With each defense, the protagonist becomes larger, so it becomes more difficult to go further.

In the battle with Something, you must first run up the stairs. After the first hit, go through the hole in the wall to the left of the steps. After the second, run to the stairs, climb up, and then go further. After the third, they will bend down, take a couple of steps, jump and get to the next place. The final blow will occur at the top, so you need to go up on an evasive rise.

After the battle. The main character defeats the Something and finds himself in the void, where he sees a house similar to the one that was held on the back of the Neighbor. There are two rooms inside the house: in one, in front of the door to the other, there is Something. And in the second room with a wardrobe, a coat rack, a chair and a door boarded up by a pair of boards, there is a sad Neighbor. He looks out of the window at the Main character, and then walks away. There is a door at the end of the void.

Epilogue. The main character wakes up in his old house, looks out the window and sees that there are also debris in the place of the Neighbor’s house, and Something no longer appears. The hero leaves the house, waves his hand to a passing cyclist and begins to unload his things. Titles also appear.

Hello Neighbor: A Guide to Loot and Use Items

Classification of objects. Items can be:

Below we will look at where to get the most important items in the game.

Neighbor’s car. The Neighbor’s car first appeared in the Pre-Alpha and looked like a 60s Cadillac car. It is red with a white top and metal bumpers, headlights, mirrors, etc. The car has eight headlights. Has unique wheels with available tires in white and red colors. In the same version, there is another version of the car - a broken one. It differs from the usual one only in that his left wheel fell out. The main character cannot interact with the doors and trunk. But it can interact with the Neighbor’s car. The Neighbor has something to do - fixing the car.

In the Release, the trunk of the car is initially closed (In Act 1 and Act 3). To open it, you need to find a special key. In Act 2, a broken version of the car returned, but with major changes: now the front glass of the car is damaged from above, black pieces of metal are visible at the front of the hood, and the wheels are completely missing. In version 1.2, the car (normal and broken) acquired multi-materials. The car is now more orange than red.

A jar of glue. A jar of glue, falling to the ground, breaks, forming a puddle of glue. The neighbor often throws glue at the protagonist to slow down and catch up with him. The player can also throw glue at the Neighbor to slow him down. But he has a limited supply, unlike the Neighbor. Location:

If a jar of glue is smashed against the top of a flat, static object, the puddle of glue may freeze in the air. Sometimes a jar of glue can get stuck in the wall and break after a while. Sometimes a can of glue hangs in the air, but it is noticeable that it slowly falls. Then you can pick it up. Due to negligence, the protagonist can break the jar with his body or object. Sometimes, when a Neighbor throws a jar of glue, it may not break. Sometimes the jar of glue thrown by the Neighbor may freeze, but if the Neighbor throws another jar into it, it will start spinning.

Basketball. This is an orange basketball with black stripes. Beta 3 has become cartoonish. The stripes are thicker. Bounces well on various surfaces. Location:

Battery. First appeared in Hello Neighbor, is part of an electronic magnet. It looks like a parallelepiped-shaped yellow battery with a blue stripe in the middle. Hello Guest looks like a regular black and orange battery. There is a plus sign on the top and a minus sign on the bottom. The flashlights are now discharging. The batteries are used to recharge them. It is part of an electronic magnet, respectively, it is located in the same place as it is.

White key. It looks like all keys, namely: like a white key with two barbs and a round head and the same large round hole. The key can only be obtained after completing the Fear of the School. Can only be found after completing Fear of the School. It appeared in Act 3 as a more solid protection instead of a chair. It is right next to the castle and opens out onto the street through the backyard. The purpose of the key resembles a yellow key: it is also located next to the door and it is not difficult to pick it up. Also used for easy passage. This is the only new key to appear in release and only in Act 3.

Baseball ball. This is an ordinary small baseball with the depicted hand pulling the index finger over the thumb in an uneven red circle with indistinct contours. In the final battle (aka the Final Act in the Release), the baseball can be pushed into the funnel of the feeding machine, due to which the device will shoot the ball directly at the huge Neighbor. The ball has no more uses.

Binoculars. Looks like black curved binoculars. The item is present in all versions. Binoculars are needed in order to better view the necessary objects that are far from the player at a distance. In order to look through binoculars, you need to have it in your inventory. Then just press LMB. For the reverse action, everything is required the same. Location:

Big pipe. It is a large pipe with a lever, a red light and a sensor. Found in the pipe room. If you walk along the pipe from it, then it leads to the mechanism that connects the windmill and the electromagnet. In Beta 3, the trumpet has become more useful. After all, with the help of it, it was possible to easily deliver the gun to the room with the pipe, without passing the gun through the arch "The passage is closed for the character with the gun."

Objects hanging in the air fall out of this pipe. This happens if an object falls into a mechanism or a player with an object passes through it. This has been fixed in Beta 1.

Bucket. With the help of a bucket, you can break windows and neutralize traps. With the Pre-Alpha version, the Neighbor has the ability to use the bucket as a trap for the player. He put the bucket upside down on the open door. If the player tries to open the door, the bucket will fall and the water that was there will pour out on the player. At the same time, the screen becomes cloudy for a short time. There is actually no water in the bucket.

Beta 3 changed the color of the bucket to gray, and now also shows that it is iron. With Beta 3, Neighbor has become more likely to use the bucket trap to blind the player. The blur effect of the screen has changed to a more believable one. Now there will be some water in the bucket that the Neighbor put on the door. From this version of the game, the player was able to draw water into a bucket using a sink or bath. Location:

Fan. First appeared in the Act 1 Release. It looks like a fan with a turquoise base, white blades with a red tip. It is needed in order to blow off some objects, it is also needed in order to turn on the lever to raise the platform with the help of the objects blown off by it. Location: in the Neighbor’s house on the second floor on one of the shelves. The fan has two states: on (the fan is running and can blow off objects) and off (the fan is off and cannot blow off objects).

Rope. It looks like a sports rope, but has the property of stretching like a hair tie. With the help of a rope, you can fly into some places that are difficult to access under normal conditions. It also helps to survive a fall from a great height. If you pull the rope (or attach one end parallel to the other), you can knock the Guest down.

Location: Can sometimes be found in the Neighbor’s house. One rope can be found on a nest in a burned-down house. The second can be found on the water tower with binoculars, which is located near the burned down house. The third lies on a building with an elevator, which is located next to the burned down house. A rope can be in two states: normal (it is a normal object) and stretched (it is an interactive object).

If you attach one end of the rope to the wall, and hold the other in your hands and move a long distance, then by the force of stretching you will fly off to the wall. Thus, you can fly high into the sky, or die, or lose things (depending on which version).

Water gun. It looks like a water pistol with a blue handle and a yellow base. There is a meter on it that measures the amount of water. Half the height of the item is taken up by a blue water tank connected by a tube to the base. The player can draw water into it to extinguish the fire. The item is near the fire engine, but you cannot pick it up, as it is covered in fire. To extinguish it, you need to cover the pistol with a ram.

Knitted basket. Looks like a regular knitted basket for mushrooms and berries. Has the same function as a wardrobe - to store items. Only unlike the cabinet, the basket can be moved. The basket cannot be found, but it can be made from two ropes in the crafting machine. The basket can hold an unlimited number of items. Despite the fact that some items are larger than this basket, they can still fit in it.

Lawn mower. It looks like a red rectangle on castors with a handle and a cut bag. It stands in front of a neighbor’s house, and if you turn it on, it will go forward. Usage: you can break windows, you can neutralize traps.

Wrench. The item first appeared in Alpha 2 and looked like a regular open end wrench. It is gray in color. In Alpha 3, the item was removed from the game. In Beta 3, the item was returned, but with changes. It is now cartoonish and blue. In this version, the item is useless, since there are no nuts that could block anything. In the Release, he changed again. In the first two acts of the game, it is yellow. Turned red in Act 3. In Alpha 2 and Release, it is needed in order to unscrew the nuts. Location (Release):

Generator. The generator appeared in Alpha 1, but was used in Alpha 2. It could be used to open the wall that blocked the way to the attic. Any generator should have a wire that leads to something. The generator looks like a generator on two wheels with a red casing with gray inserts. The object bears the sign "Danger of electric shock". If nothing happened after activating / deactivating the generator, then it is worth checking the operation of electricity in the electrical panel, it is also worth knowing what will activate the generator.

In Alpha 3, the generator has changed its appearance. The item now has a more cartoonish style. It has a blue and white body and two large bulbs shining red and green. The generator has a large red round button that is responsible for the operation of the generator. The item now has a small part that emits smoke. It has two small buttons to the left of the red round button and large knobs with black inserts.

In Release 1.2, the generator changed the texture. Now the wheels are just gray, the upper part of the body has changed from white to gray. The buttons and nuts have also become black. In general, the detailing has been simplified. Hello Guest has given it a lot of functionality. Now it can be moved and placed. Location (Release):

Guitar. It looks like an orange electric guitar, made in an aggressive rock style. In Acts 1 and 2, the guitar is useless. In Beta 3 and Act 3, it is needed to solve the puzzle. Location:

The globe. This is a miniature model of the globe. Initially positioned without a stand. In the game, you can find a stand perfect for a globe. The globe is needed in the game in order to freeze the water in the last room, which is reached by the elevator stairs. To turn water into ice, it is necessary to freeze the globe itself in the refrigerator (the generator responsible for the operation of the refrigerator must be turned on). Then simply place the globe in the ice block on the stand. The globe is lying on the floor in the attic behind bars in the Neighbor’s house. The globe stand can be seen in the broken-off room. She is also on the floor.

Gramophone. The gramophone looks like an old disproportionate gramophone with a golden horn. If, with a golden apple in hand, you come close to a gramophone sticking out of the ground, an unusual secret cut-scene will occur. It is as if the player will be dragged into a gramophone with a characteristic sound. He finds himself in a room with a broken gramophone lying on the floor, near which there is a broken record.

Outside the window, which is in the wall, you can see Something running fast. Further, from the Neighbor’s face, his hands cover the screen. The cut-scene ends here. The player again finds himself at the gramophone sticking out from the ground, but without the golden apple. Beta 3 has added two new gramophones, one with a green record and the other with a red one. Unlike normal, they play music and can be carried. They also affect the growth of tomatoes.

The gramophone is used in the Final Act to stun a large Neighbor. First you need to fly to the gramophone with an umbrella and throw some object into the tonearm (needle holder) with all your might so that it falls on the record. After that, you need to increase the volume by pressing the switch and run in the direction of rotation of the plate. Thanks to this, the record will spin and make an unpleasant sound, because of which the giant Neighbor will be stunned. Location:

Dart. The dart is the main item for passing the Fear of the Dark. Despite the large size of the items in the huge pantry, darts can still be picked up. When thrown into a wall, the dart is attached to it. Thus, you can create a kind of steps from darts and make your way along them, passing difficult moments. Location:

Yellow key. It looks like a yellow key with two barbs. Required to open a door with a yellow lock hanging on it. In Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1, the appearance has been changed. Location:

Green key. The green key is one of the important items in the Hello Neighbor game. Required to open a door with a green lock hanging on it. First appears in Alpha 4. It looks like a light green double-barbed key. The key is not so easy to get because it opens up access to an important location - the Fear of the School. Without going through this stage, it will be incredibly difficult to get through the basement, and in the release of the basement it will be impossible. Initially, the item lies on the floor in a room with an electromagnet. The key cannot be picked up until the large magnet is turned off.

Golden Apple. This is an apple shape made of solid gold. Has the sound of a heavy metal object when hitting a surface. The golden apple is needed in order to get into the part of the gramophone in the Neighbor’s yard. After the actions taken, a cut-scene from the Neighbor’s face will begin: Something passes through the window, then the Neighbor closes his eyes with his hands and begins to cry.

You can also find references to the golden apple, for example, a picture with a golden apple, a supermarket before the Release, a golden apple as one of the prizes in a dash, a golden apple under the letter A in the children’s alphabet, a drawing with a pig and a tree with a golden apple, a refrigerator with a painted chicken and a golden apple, the cashier’s table in Fear of the Supermarket, and above the table itself there are three eggs, where the third is broken, but instead of the yolk there is a golden apple. Beta 3 has a new look.

To get a golden apple, you need to grow it on an unusual tree. You need to get the seed in the room behind the large painting on the top floor in the box. In Release, it is located on a platform that resembles a tower. The seed must be planted on loosened soil near the fence. Watering the ground with water from a watering can only once, a tree with red foliage will begin to grow at a very slow rate. After 2-3 hours, a golden apple will appear on one of the tree branches. It can be knocked down by throwing any object at it.

Umbrella. It comes in different colors (for example, polka dots), but the handle of the umbrellas is always black. With the help of an umbrella, you can smoothly descend from a height. Thus, during a slow fall, you can fly further with an umbrella than with a normal jump. In Alpha 4 and later, if dropped from a great height, the player will crash and die, so the umbrella is very useful in the game. Location:

Toy man. Looks like a toy man in the form of a builder. He wears a helmet on his head. He holds a pry bar in his right hand. It has two versions: small and large. If you put it on the toilet in a dollhouse in the nursery, then a larger version of it will appear in the bathroom, from which you can take a mount.

Pan. It looks like a polka-dot saucepan with a turquoise bottom and wooden handles. You can pick up. Serves as protection from the projectiles of weapons and objects thrown by players. After hitting a player with a pan, the pan breaks. It appears in different places of the Neighbor’s house. Most often found in the bathroom. The saucepan will not help the child to protect himself from the Neighbor, because from the Neighbor’s side it is a headdress. But on the other hand, it protects the child from falling objects on him (in this case, the pan will break, and it will be useless).

Videcam. The camera initially looks like a standard camera with a black body on the inside and white on the outside. There is a small black light bulb in the lower left corner. There is also an inscription on the right "Video Surveillance System". The lens is cylindrical and black in color. The stand for the camera itself is gray and has a hinge. In Alpha 3, the look has changed - the body is completely gray and the lens is white. The light is on top and has become larger.

The camera picks up the main character, making sounds that the Neighbor goes to. A neighbor can place cameras where he noticed or caught the player earlier. Cameras do not work if the electricity is turned off. You can also break the camera by throwing something into it (does not work with non-portable cameras in Pre-Alpha). A neighbor can fix broken cameras. You can also take it as a regular item and thus neutralize it. If you throw something into the camera, it will sparkle with blue flashes.

Canister. It looks like a small canister with a black handle and a curved tube with a hole. It also depicts a fire sign and a small "transparent" place with marks. The color of the canister depends on whether it is empty or full. With a full canister, you can refuel items that run on fuel. An empty canister is completely useless, however it can be refilled with gasoline by taking it from an item that already has fuel.

Trap. If the player repeatedly walks in the same place, and the Neighbor guesses about this, then he will put a trap in that place. The item acts as a trap. Stepping on a trap, it slams, thereby delaying the player. The sound of the trap slamming will attract the Neighbor’s attention if he is nearby. Also, the Neighbor himself can step on it, this stops him for a while. The trap could be neutralized by taking it open before Alpha 2. However, this attracts the Neighbor and forces him to immediately hide from the place of neutralization.

In early versions, the Neighbor threw traps at the player, thereby delaying him. To delay the player in newer versions, Neighbor uses glue (Glue has been used since Alpha 3) or tomato (Tomato has been used since Release). With Alpha 2, the Neighbor sets traps in front of a recently crashed window. Starting with Alpha 3, a hint has appeared that tells the player that it is possible to get out of the trap. In the Release, since the Aculotron has a completely cartoon style of drawing, its jaw (aka the Trap) also became cartoon, and it looks like a cartoon trap with uneven teeth and has a simpler texture.

Cap. It looks like an orange cap with blue stripes, a visor and a rectangle in the front. Can be found in the nursery and in the Final Battle. Needed to complete the puzzle. Act 1 has the same cap, only in white.

Crafting machine. It is a device with two pipes, small screens and two bulbs. It is needed to create various items. To do this, you need to place the necessary items in the pipe and press the lever. After that, the created item will drop out of the second pipe. If the items cannot participate in the creation, they will be returned back. For the machine to work, one generator and two wires are needed. Install the generator and connect the wires to the car. Some items that can be crafted have no function or no one knows how to use them. It is possible to break the car using certain combinations of items (for example, battery + battery).

Dollhouse. The item first appeared in the Release. You can find it only in Act 2 and Act 3. It looks like a three-story house with brick and metal pipes, stairs to the balcony. The house itself is made of blue planks, white and brown wood and dark tiles. Inside the house, on the first floor there is a mattress and a heat generator, and on the second floor there is a toilet. Since version 1.2, the house has received multi-materials, like most of the items in the game. Now the golden part of the castle has turned yellow, and the wallpaper in the house itself has become, interestingly, realistic. The door turned white. The brick pipe has become metal.

The house is needed for the passage of Act 2 in two ways. But to do this, you first need to open it with a key, which is located in a buried coffin in the backyard of the Neighbor. Inside the house, you can interact with doors. If you open the door of the house, in front of which there is a small toilet bowl, then the door leading to the bathroom on the first floor will open in the neighbor’s real house. And if you open a small door, next to which there is a generator in a dollhouse, then the door to a heat generator in a neighbor’s real house will open. A bathroom and a room with a heat generator are needed to complete the game. On a small toilet, you can put a toy man, which by mistake turned out to be on a real toilet.

Car key. A small key with a red base (to match the color of the Neighbor’s car). There are two indentations on the thread. This is the key that opens the trunk of the Neighbor’s car in which the magnet is located. For the first time, the item appears in the Release, it is in this version of the game for the first time that the trunk of a car is used as a storage for items, and can also be locked. The trunk of the protagonist’s car does not have a key for itself. In Secret Neighbor, the key appeared in version There it is part of the activation of the secret and it can only open the trunk of the car of the Man in the Hat, because the trunk of the Neighbor’s car is unlocked initially. Location:

Despite the fact that the part that is inserted into the key hole is metal, you cannot use any magnet to pull the key. The adult protagonist holds the key in reverse (for the metal part). This can be fixed by putting the code and animations from Kid to Default.

Key card. It looks like a white card with blue lines and a key image in the same color as the stripes. An electronic lock hangs by the door leading to the Neighbor’s basement. If the lock is not unlocked, the door cannot be opened. To unlock the electronic lock, you need a key card. If, with the key card in hand, press the LMB on the electronic lock, then a green light will light up. This means that the lock is open. Location:

Key to the dollhouse. Looks like a gold colored key with a bow and a single tooth. Appeared in the Release. Needed to open the dollhouse, which is needed to complete Act 2 (more precisely, for two of the three ways of passing). Lies in a coffin in the backyard, in front of the exit from the basement. To get it, you need a shovel to dig a grave.

Bell. It looks like a regular small orange bell. Apparently made of bronze. The bell appeared in Alpha 1. It is needed to get the teacher’s dummy. Located in the shark pool on the second floor and in the bathroom on the same floor. In Alpha 4, the item can be found in Fear of the Dark. It is on one of the shelves. You can’t interact with him in any way.

Red key. The red key first appeared in Alpha 1 and it was a large metal key with two edge ridges on the bit and a wide red keyhole. In Alpha 3, the red key has been removed. However, it was returned to Alpha 4 and now looks like a cartoon red key. Has an uneven hole and two barbs. Required to open a door with a red lock hanging on it. The key has the same model as the blue, yellow, green and white keys. Location:

Armchair. The chair has the same function as the chair - it can support doors. In Alpha 1, the door support has been improved. In Alpha 2, the chair has been drastically redesigned. Now it has become cartoonish and red. Made of fabric, has green rivets and a seat. The back became very elongated, on which the fabric with a diamond pattern began to hang. Has 4 small wooden legs. In Alpha 2, in addition to a cartoon armchair, a realistic armchair under a blanket also appeared. It differs from the usual only in that it is covered with a white veil and cannot be carried.

Alpha 4 has a new small, symmetrical armchair. It is also fabric and brown-yellow in color. In the Release, the appearance of the new chair was changed. It has become more curved and not symmetrical. In Release 1.2, the new chair brought back the model from Alpha 4. In addition, the chair received multi-materials (current and new), which gave the new chair a new pattern. In Hello Neighbor, starting in Alpha 2, the Neighbor can sleep on a chair for a while. This gives the player an advantage because The neighbor is in one room and does not pay attention to what is happening in the other rooms.

Bed. In Pre-Alpha and Alpha 1, this is a regular bed, with one leg at each corner. You can hide under it. There are three pillows on the bed. Starting with Alpha 2, the bed has changed significantly: now its colors are more vibrant. The wood of the bed is painted blue. She herself now stands on high legs with wheels. One leg is broken and rests on a stack of books. In Alpha 3, the old bed can be found in the Protagonist’s House.

A new type of bed has been added in Alpha 4. In Beta 3, a different bed model was added that can only be found in the Final Battle. Unlike the others, you can’t hide under it. In the Release, two new beds were added, one for the Protagonist’s house and one for the Neighbor’s house. You cannot hide under the first one, because it is used as decoration. The second only occurs in Act 1 and Act 2.

Bulb. With the help of a light bulb, you can illuminate the room, or vice versa, make it dark by removing all the bulbs from the lamps. In Alpha 3 and Alpha 2, the twisted light bulb continues to shine, so the twisted light bulb can be used as a mobile light source. Location:

Watering can. Looks like a small pink plastic watering can. A handle is attached at the back. There is a hole at the top through which the watering can is filled with water. There is a special tube with a strainer on the front. From here water is poured for irrigation. In Alpha 2, the appearance of the watering can has changed. It became strongly narrowed upward. The handle and the strainer tube have become more disproportionate.

A neighbor knows how to use a watering can in Pre-Alpha. Sometimes he takes it and goes to water his flowers. He rarely does this. Used in Alpha 1, but if he chases after a player, the watering can will stay with him until the player is caught. In Alpha 4, the player has the ability to fill a watering can with water through a sink or bathtub. You can also pour out the water. Location:

Stairs. An element of gameplay required to pass certain rooms in the Neighbor’s house. The first model of stairs to appear in the game was metal. This is not a very long staircase with two main red bowstrings. White beams are connected between them at a certain distance. The new stair model is similar to the previous one. The beams are now made of wood and the metal bowstrings have changed their color to gray. The player can go up and down the stairs.

Code sheet. It looks like an ordinary curved sheet with illegible text, on top of which the code is written in multi-colored numbers. With its help, you can find out the code from the safe, namely 137. It can be found in a special filing cabinet with a red box in the office building.

Shovel. A bayonet shovel is a metal blade mounted on a wooden handle with a handle attached to the end. Alpha 1: to get a shovel, you need to hang the bell on an iron rod sticking out of the ground next to the coffin in the room with the grave, after which a wall container with a shovel will open. The item can be simply taken out of the compartment. With the help of the subject, you can get the Teacher’s Dummy by taking it out of the buried coffin in the room with the grave.

To do this, you just need to get into this room, and by clicking on the pile of earth opposite the wooden cross, you will dig up the first layer of soil. When this happens, a wooden coffin will immediately catch your eye. It remains only to open it and get the Teacher’s Dummy from there. Release: Item has been redesigned with a cartoonish style. If you dig up the coffin in Act 2, you will find the key to the dollhouse. The handle is now more uneven. The handle has become more uneven, and the metal blade has become more uneven and crooked. Location:

Dummy. The dummy was first added to Alpha 1 and looked like a humanoid object that has a torso, outside of which white tissue is visible. He also has arms made of wood, a head and a low stance that replaces legs. In Alpha 1, among the rubble leading to the third floor, you can find an armless dummy. In Alpha 2, the mannequin model is used like a child due to its human proportions and realistic appearance. In Alpha 3, mannequins have no arms.

The dummy has changed a lot since Alpha 4. Now it is slightly taller than the Protagonist and the Neighbor. He appears to be a tall object with very long arms made of metal and wood, and a body made of wire, which can be seen from below. The dummy, unlike the previous one, has wheels, but they do not affect physics in any way. The head has become smaller and narrower, sewn up in front, and the body has a patch. There is also another pose for mannequins. Also, starting with Alpha 4, mannequins come to life in Fears. They begin to move, fulfill their role and can interfere with the main character.

Mentos. It is a weapon element for the Final Battle. If you add it to a bottle of soda, you can harm the Neighbor. Located in the Final Battle, on one of the shelves, on a broken wall, opposite the switch.

Crowbar. This is an item designed to pick nails from nailed boards. It is one of the items needed to open the basement door. Starting with Alpha 4, the scrap is initially red-hot. If you pick it up, the item will fall out of the player’s hands with a characteristic hissing sound. To cool it, you need to fill the watering can with water from under the bath or sink and start pouring the scrap, or put it there with the help of a magnet.

After a few seconds of watering, the bar will cool down. Now it can be picked up and used. An alternative option is to wait for it to cool, or get caught by the Neighbor, and then return to the subject several times. Starting with Beta 3, only the top of the mount is cooled, and then the mount itself. It also happens more naturally. Location (release):

Fire extinguisher. First appears in Hello Neighbor Alpha 1 files. Looks like a regular red fire extinguisher with a red trigger and bell. It also has instructions on it. When a fire extinguisher is used for more than 10 seconds, the hose with a bell begins to twitch, because of which all the "foam" begins to fly in different directions. It is used by a guest to extinguish fires in the Neighbor’s house and to get the player from high places. A fire extinguisher can be used to extinguish vandal fires or stove fires. You can also fly it.

Window. If the doors are inaccessible to the player or there is simply a Neighbor behind them, and another way is needed, then windows will help in this matter. The player can break the window with almost any object and crawl through it, so he will have a new passage. The sound of a breaking window will attract the Neighbor’s attention, and he will definitely come to the window to find out what happened and then fix this window. Alpha 2 introduces a useful automatic window climbing feature.

With Pre-Alpha, after breaking the window, the Neighbor will run up to him, look into it from the inside of the house, making sure that the player is not nearby, place an open trap under him and leave to look for the protagonist further. A neighbor can board up the window with boards so that the player cannot climb over it. In Pre-Alpha and Alpha 1, this depended on how many times the player climbed through the window, in other versions, on the frequency of the player breaking the window. In Pre-Alpha, Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Alpha 3 and Alpha 4, the boards from the windows could be torn off with a pry bar or hammer. The neighbor also knows how to break windows, but usually he does it as a last resort, for example, when meeting a player. To break glass, the antagonist does not need objects, he just flies into the glass and breaks it.

Lockpick. A lock pick is a specialized tool used to open locks without using a key. This is a small flat metal master key. The item contains an important element that the keys have. Before Alpha 3, any lock could be opened with a master key, except for the electronic lock and the lock for the nursery. In Alpha 3 and 4, the pick is not as important as it was in previous versions of the game. Here it can be called a secret item.

In Pre-Alpha and Alpha 1, the pick had the same function as the copper key. In Beta 3, the lockpick has changed along with the icon. Now it looks simpler. She got a small hole in the bottom. In Alpha 2 and Act 1 of the Release, the lockpick was more useful. Only she could open the lock on the door from the barn (Alpha 2) and the door from the workshop, closed with a metal lock (Release, Act 1). In Release (Act 1), the lockpick is in the workshop, on one of the shelves. Can be magnetised through a hole in the backyard.

Lift. The item first appeared in Alpha 2 and looks like a lattice platform lift. The platform can be lifted up using a switch. Starting with Alpha 3, it looks a little different. It has become taller and more detailed. The lift platform has turned black. In Alpha 4, he was added to Fear of the Dark. In Beta 3, the object has become cartoonish. The construction is gray and made of metal. The platform consists of wooden planks. In the Release, the lift in Fear of the Dark has become cartoonish. Location:

The wire. It looks like a simple black wire. Found in all versions except Pre-Alpha. It plays the role of a decoration and is often connected to something that gives the player an opinion about what this wire is connected to and where it leads. In the Release, a new type of wire was added, but the old one was left. In Hello Guest, the wire was given a function: now it can be taken and plugged into sockets to operate various things from the generators.

Searchlight. Looks like a real tracking light, only in cartoon form. You can turn it on using the generator and the wire connected to it. The spotlight has three states: On (the spotlight is static and working), Off (the spotlight is static and off), and Portable (in the form of a box that can be thrown). Function: illuminates the area.

Remote controller. The item first appeared in the Presentation and looked like a regular rectangular TV remote control. The remote has six white buttons, like the body itself, and one red on / off button for the TV. In Alpha 1, the remote control body is black and with smoother corners. The remote has nine light gray buttons with white numbers. Also, the remote has a red on / off button for the TV in red with a white special image and two green oval buttons with white triangles, which are responsible for switching channels. Also on the case there is an inscription "TV power".

The remote control is needed to turn on the TV from a distance. And the TV itself is important in that it is able to distract the Neighbor with its noise. To activate the remote control, you need to press LMB. The item has a different appearance since Alpha 3. The item now has an uneven, angular shape. A red light appeared on the remote control, and a TV on / off button. The buttons have changed the same and look like curved rectangular buttons that don’t even have images. The body is still black and the buttons are white.

CCTV display. Normal video surveillance display - controls the usual (in an unlimited number) cameras that were in the hands of the player. The HN2 Alpha 1 can control a maximum of four cameras. Drone CCTV Display - Controls the drone.

Radio. Function: attraction of the Neighbor by sound. The item was first added to Pre-Alpha and looked like a regular brown radio. In the Release, the developers added yellow-colored radios to the game. They do not play exactly what other radios usually play, they are in the first 3 Acts. In Act 1, it can be found in the Protagonist’s house, in the hall. In Act 2, he is in the Neighbor’s house, in the attic (second floor), among boxes and crates. In Act 3, the same place as in Act 1, but here he is nothing interesting.

Sink. Function: water source. The shell first appeared in Pre-Alpha. It is a base, usually attached to the wall. Two curved black tubes extend from it below. The sink has a long, disproportionate tap facing the bottom of the sink with one small tap.

Starting with Alpha 4, the player is able to turn on the pressure of the water in the sink on their own by hovering over it and pressing the "E" key. The player can also turn off the water. It has two uses - filling a watering can, a bucket and a kettle with water. It can also be used to cool the mount. The Sink can be used by a Neighbor to wash their hands. This action has its own animation and characteristic sounds.

Toy gun. The shotgun first appeared in Alpha 1. It looks like a toy shotgun with a blue barrel and a wooden stock. Also has the inscription "Bang! Bang!" on both sides of the butt. The function of the gun is simple - shoot bullets. This will greatly facilitate the passage of the game. A shot from a gun can break a window, disarm a trap or camera, activate a switch at a distance, or slow down a Neighbor (in Hide & Seek - Aaron). The number of bullets in a gun is endless.

Candle. First appears in Alpha 2. Looks like a regular candlestick with a stand. A portable version has been added in Beta 3. In Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1.5, it has a different model. Prior to Beta 3, the candle only had a lighting function. With Beta 3, it got the function of activating two types of weapons in the Endgame: Fireworks and Bow. Location:

Seed. This item is needed to grow a tree and get a golden apple. Location:

Sonar. Function: helps the Neighbor track children and close the bars. The item first appeared in secret Neighbor Pre-Alpha 1 and looks like a small brown device with an antenna, lever and buttons. He also has a handle so that the object can be held. The item is made in a cartoon style of drawing. In the Secret Neighbor Beta, sonar has been removed from the game and replaced with a button in the Neighbor’s room. It shows all the players and all the grids on the game map. Peculiarities:

Skateboard. It looks like a skateboard made of a bright wooden board with wheels. Needed to solve the puzzle. Location:

Blue key. Looks like a blue key. First appeared in Alpha 1. Needed to open the passage to the storeroom. In Alpha 2, the key is used to unlock the door to the house bought by the protagonist. In Alpha 3, I changed my texture. Used to open a room with a lift. The game cannot be completed without it. In the next versions it performs the same function. In the Release, in Act 3, during the move, it is needed to open the house of the Protagonist, and then the same as in all versions starting with Alpha 3. In Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1, the texture was changed, and is needed to open the barn near the Neighbor’s house , which contains a hat with a propeller. Location:

Chair. The chair is needed to prop up the doors. Starting with Alpha 3, you can find a cartoonish, angular version of a chair from the test house. Also, in addition to this, the school chair appeared in Alpha 3. Its seat and back are made of old, pale green wood, and the beams are made of metal. Alpha 4 adds angular dark brown wood chairs with a red fabric seat. Since Beta 3, there are chairs with a unique coloring for the greeting room:

In the Release, they decided to add a new type of chairs for the house of the Main Hero. Their modern appearance was very different from their predecessors. They have turquoise legs and top beams, a base with a metal base and a yellow plaid fabric with a frame of the same color. Version 1.2 chairs got multi-materials like other items, so the other skins were gone. For example, in Act 1, there was a white chair in a neighbor’s bedroom.

Television. The TV first appears in the Prototype, and it was the most common CRT TV in the 70s and 80s. It is quite large and has the shape of a parallelepiped. The body is made of brown wood. It has two switches. One is responsible for the volume, the other for switching TV channels (Judging by the numbers, there are only 12 channels). There is also a speaker under the switches, where the sound comes from (if you close it with any objects, the volume will be the same). The TV is working, although it is not even connected to any outlet, and by itself it does not have any wires. TV function: attracting the attention of the Neighbor. Location:

Telephone. Looks like an old-style blue home phone. A call will go to him if you use the phone of the Protagonist. Thus, you can call the Neighbor to his home phone. From this phone, on the contrary, you can call the phone of the Main character. But in the Release, he can’t do that.

Thermos. It looks like a yellow thermos with a black, outstretched handle and a tea mug pattern. If you drink it, it will improve your heart rate by 30 units.

Cake. Introduced in Beta 3. Looks like a small birthday cake with a candle. The cake itself cannot be carried, but pieces of it can. The cake is an equally important item. After all, when collecting all its parts, you can get a gun. To get a gun, you also need to collect all four dummies. After that, the long-awaited gun will fall from the gift located on the ceiling. The cake itself can be found in the greeting room, along with a piece. The rest can be found:

Iron. Looks like an antique cast iron iron with a small handle. In real life, such irons were heated using fire, so in the game it can be heated and thrown into the lake, just like a tire iron. The iron only appears in Stage 3.

Torch. Necessary for lighting dark rooms. This is a medium sized flashlight with a yellow body. There is a black switch on the side. The LED is located in front. Black baffle and reflector. There are two thin black stripes on the back. Beta has changed the look.

Now the switch looks like a red elongated button, the body is black. There are silver elements only in front and at the end of the handle. The baffle and reflector are now more disproportionate in black. The flashlight can be turned on while it is in the player’s inventory. A ray of light will quickly come out from it with a characteristic click. It turns off in the same way. Location:

Bowling ball. The object has a spherical shape with three holes located opposite each other. The ball is colored purple. It features a drawing with stars and pins. This item is needed in order to turn on the lever with a fan. Location (Release):

Closet. The closet is an important item. It is a wooden structure with a large space for furniture inside. The cabinet has doors, thanks to which you will not immediately see what is inside. The structure itself rests on small legs or casters. The closet is necessary in order to hide in it from the Neighbor. If the player hides in the closet from the Neighbor, then with a high probability he will lose him. It helps a lot in the game.

A neighbor can look into the closet to make sure that you are not there. He does this only when he saw himself that you ran there. There are a lot of wardrobes in the Neighbor’s house. They can be found several times in the corridor, the item can be found in the Neighbor’s bedroom, in the hall and other rooms. Wardrobes are present on almost every floor in the house and where the Neighbor is often. Finding a closet won’t be a problem.

A hat with a propeller. It looks like a red propeller attached to a white cone and flattened cube. First appears in Hello Guest Alpha 1. You can fly with this hat. Also, with the help of it, you can land softly from a great height.

Magnetic shotgun. It looks like a red C-shaped magnet with gray tips wrapped in copper wire. Also, a small structure is built into this magnet, which has a parallelepiped-shaped battery, tape attached to it and a button that is responsible for attracting objects.

A magnetic gun is needed in order to attract metal objects to itself at a distance. You can pull to yourself: any key, binoculars, master key, pry bar, alarm clock, trash can, etc. This can be useful if you attract an object necessary for passing the game, which cannot be reached through a small window. Location:

Electrical panel. The electrical panel is one of the important items in the Hello Neighbor game. With its help, you can turn on or off the electricity in the whole house at once and attract the Neighbor. The neighbor comes to the switchboard, turns it on, and, after examining the territory, goes to his home. The electrical panel affects the work:

Can be found on the side wall of the Neighbor’s House and in the Painting Room.

Griffin egg. It looks like a white egg with green dots drawn with a pencil or felt-tip pen. With its help, you can distract the griffin once and for all, you just need to take the egg from the nest. The item can be found in a nest at the top of the mountain, which is to the left of the player’s appearance.

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