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Hollywood Story WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

HOLLYWOOD STORY: FASHION STAR - game for android with release date Feb 2. 2016 from Nanobit.com. Game genre: Adventure. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Success Secrets
  2. A Beginner’s Guide
  3. How To Make Your Own Movie?
  4. How To Get Married?
  5. All About The Stars Club
  6. In-Game Friends, Advance Codes
  7. Technical Issues

Hollywood Story: Success Secrets

How do I find the items to collect? If you cannot find the item to complete the quest, try looking elsewhere (shops, trash cans, boxes, etc.). Keep looking and you should be able to find all the items you need. If you are level 10 or above, you can get the items you need by asking Sisi, the Harlem hairdresser.

This option is not available for wedding or casting build items. To buy a casting item, just open the casting poster and click on the button under the required item.

How can I improve my skills and what is the maximum level? Points for Creativity, Charisma and Drama can be earned in Queens, at the Drama Factory. Body Points can be earned in the Gym next to the Drama Factory by selecting certain exercises. Stunt, Comedy and Dance Skills can be earned at the Skills and Spectacle Building in London.

Where can I find a new person with whom I can date? You can find potential partners at the Karaoke Bar in Queens, and others you can meet and add to your contact list by hosting a Vegas Hotel Party. During a party, you can add characters to your contact list by talking to guests. You can later date them by selecting them from your contact list.

Organization of parties. You can organize parties by unlocking the Luxury Hotel in Las Vegas. Once in the main lobby, head to your suite and speak to the receptionist, rent the apartment, and speak to the Butler to start organizing your party.

If Las Vegas is still locked, just keep completing quests, making movies, working in a Harlem restaurant, looking for items, or meeting someone at a karaoke bar to gain experience and progress, move up to the next level. Las Vegas will be unlocked when you get to level 14.

How can I attract more fans? There are several ways to attract more fans to the game:

When and where can I play roulette for awesome rewards? Every day you have the opportunity to play roulette twice for free at the Las Vegas Casino, if you want to play again on the same day, then for diamonds you can purchase additional opportunities to play.

When can I audition for a TV show? You get the opportunity to go to new castings for TV shows at the SNN building in London every Wednesday. Each season of the show consists of 5 episodes. Once you choose a show, you have until Sunday to shoot all the episodes and finish the whole season. If you shoot less than three episodes by Sunday, your show won’t make it to the poster, so you won’t be able to compete for an award.

How can I earn diamonds in the game? There are many ways to get diamonds in the game, for example:

In addition, while filming films, leveling up skills or dating, you have the opportunity to receive gift diamonds using prompts for actions.

How can I earn internal money in the game? You can earn money in the game in several ways:

Hollywood Story: A Beginner’s Guide

Your status. Status is used to describe your rank, your position in the game. As you progress in the game, your status will increase, and you will have more and more fans. After that, you can shop for the best clothes, date different guys, and much more. You can view your current status by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner. In the beginning you will be a "Newbie", and by playing further, you can become a "Celebrity", "VIP", "Diva", "Star" and "Icon".

Status upgrade. You can improve your status by making films, progressing to the next levels and attracting more fans!

How do I get to new buildings and areas? To unlock new areas, you need more progress in the game. Just follow the storyline, complete more tasks, including from your friends, and then all locations will eventually become available to you! Be aware that some areas will only be unlocked when you reach a certain level. Besides completing quests, you can also make movies, work in a Harlem restaurant, collect items, or meet someone at a karaoke bar to gain experience and level up.

How do I get experience and move to the next level? You can complete quests, progress through the storyline, make movies, work in a Harlem restaurant, purchase clothes, look for items, or meet someone at a karaoke bar to gain experience and progress to the next levels.

What are Stories? By opening the Stories (you can find them by clicking on your icon in the lower right corner), you will see your progress in the game; stories you’ve already gone through; the current history and those stories that are waiting to be fulfilled.

How to get energy in the game? You can gain energy by gaining experience and progressing to the next levels by playing slot machines in the casino, watching advertisements, or exchanging items for energy in the pantry of your apartment. Having bought yourself a Hollywood mansion, you can go for a massage on the second floor - it also restores energy.

Where can I find dresses other players are wearing? There are several boutiques in the game where you can buy dresses and other clothing items. The clothes in the stores are constantly changing - so check them out regularly!

How do I save my outfit? Open the closet, get dressed and click on the camera icon in the lower left corner.

How do I remove the tattoos I bought? Just go to the tattoo parlor and deselect the tattoo you wish to remove, then click on "Finish". Note that you will need to pay for the tattoo again if you wish to return it later.

How do I add a picture to my portfolio? Click on the closet in your house, then on the camera icon in the lower left corner. This will save your chosen outfit and add it to your portfolio.

What are Silver Star Points used for? Star Points can be used to buy costumes from the Las Vegas store, at parties, and for special movies.

How do I get Silver Star Points? Silver Star Points can be earned by playing the Las Vegas Casino mini-game, completing the yacht requirements at the Las Vegas Yacht Marina, or earning them through daily gifts from your husband.

Where is the concert hall located? The concert hall is located in a PR agency in Manhattan. You can go there through the entrance on the right.

What is a fee and when does it come? A fee is an award that you receive after events in a PR agency. You need to wait 24 hours, after which you will receive your royalties and be able to enter the concert hall again.

Why can’t I enter the concert hall? After completing the task in the concert hall, you need to wait 24 hours, after which you will receive a fee.

Can I change my skin color? You can change the skin color of your character like this: go to the Store in Harlem, click on one of the icons, then switch to the "Face" tab at the top and change the skin color there.

How to adopt a foster child? You will be able to adopt a foster child when you buy a Chateau in Paris. You will be sent to the first floor of the castle, where a hint for action will appear above the children’s trampoline. You will see a phone icon there, and if you click on it, a pop-up window will appear, where it will be written: "Call for a foster child?". When you press the "Call" button, the call will start and you will have the opportunity to select the child of your preferred gender. After the call ends, you will need to wait 24 hours for this baby to be born.

How to get yourself a pet? You can get yourself a pet in the game when you buy a House in the Maldives!

Where can I see my achievements? You can see your achievements in your apartment by clicking on the trophy cup.

How do I share a GIF? After you create a photo in your bow portfolio and save it, a new window will appear where you can share your bow by clicking on the "Share" icon (a gift box from fans, next to the "OK" button). This feature will allow you to share a GIF file with your friends via email, Viber or WhatsApp, or simply in GIF format.

Alternatively, you can showcase your newest outfit by clicking on your portrait icon in the lower right corner of the screen and selecting "Invite". You can create a photo in your portfolio by clicking on the closet in your apartment and then on the camera icon in the lower left corner of the screen. You can view the taken photo by clicking on your portrait in the lower right corner of the screen and selecting "Portfolio".

Hollywood Story: How To Make Your Own Movie?

Casting. To make a movie, you need to do two things. The first is casting. You need to click on the poster in the Agency (in the trailer in Queens, and then in Manhattan) and you will see the skills and items that are required for this. You can get skills at the Drama Factory and at the Gym. Also, to attend the casting, you need to collect all the necessary items.

If you can’t find the item you need to complete the quest, try looking elsewhere (benches, trash cans, boxes, etc.). You have the ability to find all the items you need. Alternatively, you can use diamonds to immediately buy the items you want - just open the casting window and click on the button under the item you want.

Shooting a movie. After casting, you can shoot a film by going to the Set (the building where the bodyguard usually stands in Queens and then in Hollywood). Shoot all 4 scenes by performing actions with energy (marked in yellow), or skip them in exchange for diamonds (marked in blue). Release your movie and wait 5 minutes for tickets to sell.

Organization of the premiere. You can organize the premiere of any film that you have recorded. To do this, you need to go to the Golden Club in Manhattan. Once inside, you will see an empty poster space between the two doors where it says "Organize". Click on it and you can stage the premiere.

How can I change the title of my movie? At the end of the fourth scene, click on the arrow icon next to the movie name and you can change it.

Why can’t I organize the premiere? You can organize the premiere of every movie you have shot. To do this, however, you need to unlock the Golden Club in Manhattan. If this location is not yet available to you, do not worry, just follow the storyline, complete tasks and move on to the next levels - this way one day you can get into this club.

Hollywood Story: How To Get Married?

How to fill the progress bar in love? You need to meet people at the Karaoke Bar and complete the progress bar below. Alternatively, you can find new characters and add them to your contact list by hosting a party at the Las Vegas Deluxe Room. During the party, you can start chatting with other Sims, and at the end of the conversation, the Sim will be added to your contact list. Then you can start dating this person by selecting him in your contact list.

How to get married? To get married, you first need to meet someone. You can find potential partners at the Karaoke Bar in Queens, or you can host a party at a Luxury Vegas hotel, meet new characters there and add them to your contact list. You can later start dating them by choosing them from your contact list.

You need to fill out the progress bar three times in order to get engaged to your partner (this is shown in the form of a wedding ring next to your progress bar), and the fourth time - so that he proposes to you. After that, you need to wait 24 hours before heading to the wedding chapel ceremony at the Vegas hotel.

To be able to get married, you must be at least level 15, to the point in the main story where this option becomes possible (you must unlock the story "Ready for your big day?").

How can I divorce my husband / wife? Once a day, you and your husband will have a conversation at home. If you respond "badly" to your spouse, your relationship score begins to decline. If you reduce this amount to a minimum, your husband will automatically divorce you and leave your home, which will be shown on the first page of Celebrity Divorces.

You can also get a divorce by increasing your love progress with someone else before proposing to get married. Before the wedding, you will be asked if you would like to divorce your current partner. If you want to remain single, you can say no at the Chapel when you marry again.

Hollywood Story: All About The Stars Club

How do I join the Star Club? The Stars Club can only be accessed by purchasing a subscription. However, joining the Star Club is optional, and if this quest remains open, it will not affect the main storyline. Opening the menu (this can be done by clicking on the "plus" button next to the line where your diamonds / money are indicated), you will see a third tab labeled "Club", where you can get a membership.

How can I cancel my membership in the Stars Club? You can cancel your membership at any time by logging into your Google Play / iTunes account (depending on the platform you are using). If you need any further assistance on this matter, please contact the appropriate technical support directly. For Android users:

  1. Launch the Google Play Store app;
  2. Go to the menu, open the "Subscriptions" tab and click on the application you want to unsubscribe from;
  3. Click "Cancel" and "Yes" to confirm the cancellation.

For iOS users:

  1. Go to the "Settings" of your device;
  2. Scroll down and click on "iTunes Store and AppStore";
  3. Click on your e-mail and Apple ID, then - "View Apple ID", and enter your password;
  4. Now click on "Subscriptions", "Manage" and select;
  5. Disable the auto-renewal option and click "Finish".

Hollywood Story: In-Game Friends, Advance Codes

Why can I no longer accept invitations from my friend on TV shows? Only one guest can attend someone’s show per episode, so you can only come to the show while the slot is open. Chances are, you were unable to accept the invitation to the TV show because another friend of this person has already accepted the invitation. Try to check for new invitations as often as possible so that you don’t miss the show, or be patient and wait for another opportunity - you can still participate in the end.

How do advance codes work? Advance codes are introduced by new players only and only in the first 24 hours of the game. If you can enter a referral code, then you will see a line for it in the advances tab (located in the "Messages" menu), under your own code. Here’s an example of how the referral code works:

  1. You are sending your referral code to a friend who has never played this game;
  2. Once your friend installs the game and completes the tutorial, they are prompted to enter a referral code. At this moment, he enters your referral code;
  3. You will be rewarded with an Advance Point for each player who enters your code after completing the tutorial. When you have collected enough Advance Points, you can exchange them for a reward from the Advances menu.

How can I find and add new friends? There are several ways to find and add friends. If you know your friend’s Nanobit ID, you can add it by simply entering this number in your friends list (to go there, click on the icon in the lower left corner, then on the "Friends" tab). When you come to someone for the premiere, you will see other guests - these are the guests of the premiere organizer.

In addition, you may accidentally meet other players’ characters on the street. If you want to add one of them to your friends list, just click on this person - and after a short conversation you can send him a request to add as a friend. You can also add new friends from the star list. Go to someone from this list and click on the "Add" icon at the bottom of the screen.

What is the maximum possible number of friends? Now you can have a maximum of 150 friends.

Why isn’t Amber responding to my messages? The main purpose of the messaging system is to communicate with other players. Although you can write to Amber (who is not a character of any player), she will not respond directly to your messages. Sometimes, however, you will receive messages from her, but in reality they are sent automatically - this is something like in-game notifications.

How can I write to other people / friends? You can send the first message by going to a friend and clicking on the chat icon at the bottom of the screen. After that, you can continue the conversation with your friend by clicking on the button in the lower left corner, and then on the "Messages" tab.

How can I attend my friends premieres? You should automatically receive an invitation to a premiere hosted by your friend. When you enter the Golden Club, you will see 3 posters at the end of the hallway on the right. Friends invitations will appear there, and if you have an invitation awaiting your response, you can attend the premiere by clicking on the "Accept" button.

Why haven’t the friends I’ve added yet appeared on my list? When you click on the "Add Friend" button in the list of stars, in another player’s house, or after talking to a character on the street, a friend request will be sent to the other player. In order for him to appear in your friends list, he must manually accept your request, and until then the request will wait for a response.

The other player may not have played the game or checked their friends list since you submitted your request. But don’t worry, the player will definitely respond to your invitation sooner or later. Plus, you can always try adding new friends to expand your list.

Hollywood Story: Technical Issues

How do I start a new game? If you uninstall and reinstall the game, you will be asked if you want to start a new game or load a saved one. Please note that if you start a new game, your progress will be lost.

Can I play without an internet connection? Unfortunately, you cannot. Due to the real-time mode and the nature of the game, it is technically possible to play only online.

Why aren’t the Social, Friends, and Community tabs loading? To download these tabs, you need to be connected to the internet. You cannot start playing without an internet connection. If you have a slow internet connection, the game will load, but the Social, Friends and Community tabs will not. This is because these game features require a more stable internet connection. Wait for these tabs to load, or connect to a faster internet connection and try restarting the game.

Why does the game crash? The most common reason for a game crashing is an outdated device that does not have modern technical equipment and, possibly, a sufficient amount of random access memory (RAM). To minimize the risk of crashes, try closing all applications running in the background and then try launching the game.

I deleted Hollywood Story from my device - can I get the app back and still keep the same status in the game? Yes you can! To do this, it is very important to follow these steps: download the game from the App Store / Google Play, install it on your device and play with the Internet turned on. It is very important to open the game with a stable internet connection, as the game will check the files stored on the servers using the internet connection. When the saved files are found, you will be prompted to restore them and continue the game from where you left off!

Where can I find my Nanobit ID? You can find your Nanobit ID by clicking on the clapperboard icon in the lower left corner of the screen and choosing the "Friends" tab in the menu: you will see your number above the line under which you can invite a friend to the game.

What is the difference between Nanobit ID and username? Your Nanobit ID is unique - that is, only you have such a number. The username does not have to be unique, and you can always change it by clicking on the "Career" icon in the lower right corner and then on the blue pencil icon in the upper right corner.

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