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Klondike WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Klondike Adventures - Android game with release date 04/03/2018 from the company VIZOR APPS. Game Genre: Simulation. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Guide for Beginners
  2. Home Station (Buildings, objects, animals)
  3. Expeditions
  4. Gaming Issues
  5. General Questions
  6. Lose the game
  7. How to play after the update?
  8. Klondike Frequently Asked Questions

Klondike: A Guide for Beginners

How to make animal feed? Where are the feeders and hay? Pet feeders and hay can be made in the Barn.

When the food is ready, it goes to the Shop in the tab "Animals - Food". Just drag the food from the Bench and place it closer to the animals.

From level 17, Sheep will be available to you: food for them is prepared from water and grass in the Barn. Once you reach level 21, the Eskimos will tell you where to buy geese : goose food is made from corn and sour cream, but these geese are very picky and eat only from goose feeders that can be made in the Barn! At level 23, the Shaman will show you where to buy the most profitable pets: pigs . They eat food made from goose eggs, brushwood and strawberries. These are all available animals in the game. Do not forget to feed them, and they will be happy to give you resources to fulfill orders.

My house is full. What should I do? You need to click on it to collect the eggs. Your hens have already filled all the empty space with them :)

How can I get energy from golden animal statues? Why candy? You get sweets from golden statues of chickens and geese, chocolate from statues of cows and sheep, and a golden pig statue gives you a delicious truffle. In the Shop you can buy a Cauldron and in it turn sweets falling from golden statues of animals into energy.

Why can’t I open a Research Center? In order to open a Research Center, you first need to remove the materials that were produced in it for the last time. Just click on the object near the center and remove it using energy. After that you can create new materials :)

Why do animals constantly disappear? Pets in the game are very loyal, so they never run away from home.Maybe you noticed golden statues in your home location? Pets do not disappear, but turn into golden statues full of gifts. The chicken has a life limit: 16 feedings, and the cow - 24 feedings. After the animal has turned into a golden statue, you can buy new ones. Animals bought for emeralds also turn into golden statues.

I have run out of quartz, clay, stones, ice, where can I get them? In the Shop from the 10th level, the Research Complex is available for purchase. It can create quartz, coal, iron ore, stones, ice, trees.

How to make energy? How does the stove and boiler work? Power engineers (apples, honey, etc.) can be converted into clean energy in Ovens at the Home Station. Sweets (caramels and chocolates) that fall from the golden statues of animals can be turned into energy in the Cauldron.

Where to find Quartz? At some locations in the expeditions (at all locations except the Home station) you can find deposits of quartz. But there is another proven way to get it: buy a Research complex in the Shop and create resources there.

How do I get more coins? Successful and enterprising people on the pages of the magazine "Financial Klondike" advise:

Why do I see a "buy coins" pop-up when planting crops? Two options are possible here: either you run out of coins during the planting process and you get this pop-up window to continue planting, or you accidentally touch the upper right corner of the screen during planting.

I do not know where to find the items. If you need to create, find, give or sell an item in the quest, but you don’t know where to look for it, click on the Show button or the "?" Icon. Both buttons will help you navigate.

Klondike: Home Station (Buildings, objects, animals)

Where to grow cotton, pumpkin, sugarcane, tomatoes and watermelons? These tender plants grow only in a greenhouse or greenhouse. You can buy a greenhouse in the shop (by going to the shop, click on the house icon and there you will find a greenhouse, accessible from level 12, you can buy for coins). There you can grow cotton, pumpkin, sugarcane, tomatoes and watermelons. You can also grow them in a greenhouse (which you can buy for emeralds, located in the shop after the greenhouse), which allows you to grow more plants twice as fast. All shamans grow plants for their potions there!

Where is the Forge located? An avalanche hit the Home Station and blocked access to some parts of the location. Continue exploring the Home Station and you will soon come across this building. At the Forge, you can create nails, pipes and chains.

How to find a marina? So, it’s time to meet Captain Klondike! The marina, from which his ship departs, is located near the water. Clear the home station and find it. Send a ship with goods, and in return receive a reward.

Where can I get water? A chapter in the Klondike Ancient Book states that there are several ways to obtain this valuable resource. Water can:

Where can I find nails? Make nails at the Forge or get them in exchange for an Eskimo Collection.

Where can I find tools: hammers, saws, trowels? At the moment, the heroes are intensively engaged in the restoration of Klondike after a destructive avalanche, so there is a certain deficit of materials and tools. You can get saws, hammers and other tools as follows:

Sir Cheney rarely comes with orders, because he hates queues. But if you will fulfill orders from other heroes, then every 5th or 6th order will be from Sir Cheney. Moreover, you can refuse some orders - there is a possibility that instead of them there will be an order from Sir Cheney.

Where is the smelter located? Some paths at the Home Station were cut off by an avalanche. To find the Smelter, continue to explore the location, and you will soon find it. In it, you can smelting iron ore into iron ingots.

Where to get the fire? You will need fire in order not to freeze in the harsh northern conditions. It can be created in the Bonfire at the Home Station from coal, brushwood and ordinary logs. To do this, drag the above materials into the Bonfire and you will get 5 points of fire for each filled section. Fire will also be very useful for creating some materials and cooking.

Where can I find bricks? You can make bricks in the Pottery or exchange them for the Shaman collection.

Where to get fertilizers and how to use them? Everyone loves to eat, and your plants are no exception.Feed them - and they will thank you with instant growth. To do this, click on the bed with crops and then on the fertilizer icon to accelerate the growth of your crops. You can get fertilizers for some tasks, as well as in the Salt Crusher (you can win it at the Saltvik Mine location). The crusher will produce 100 packs of fertilizer and then disappear.

Where to create flour? Kate loves to cook, and in the Bakery at the Home Station, doing it is a pleasure! So do not worry that the Windmill Mill is already closed, you can grind flour in the Bakery at home.

Where to find gravel? Gravel is a pretty useful material that you can create in the Quarry at your Home Station:

How to pack Tomatoes / Watermelons in the Packaging? Deaf Echo has prepared a brief instruction on the packaging of goods:

  1. Plant seeds and harvest Tomato and Watermelon (use Greenhouses or Greenhouses);
  2. Make Wooden Crates in a Furniture Factory (use Veneers and Nails);
  3. Go to the Packing and select "Tomato Box" or "Box of Watermelons";
  4. Wait 1 hour;
  5. Tomatoes / Watermelons are packed.

How to load tomatoes and watermelons on a ship? The all-seeing and all-knowing captain Flint warns: in accordance with the rules of transportation, tomatoes and watermelons should be packed in wooden boxes. This can be done in the packaging. Let us comply with the law and take care of the quality of goods, as well as the reputation of the farm!

How to use hourglass? Huskies are in a hurry to share with you the secrets of using the Hourglass. Click on the animal and select the image of the clock. So you instantly get fresh produce. Remember, there must be enough feed at the Station to make the Hourglass trick work!

How to use coupons? No one knows what is so special about this small piece of paper, but in some unknown way it helps fill any slot in the Merchant Ship. Just click on the empty box and you will see a blue Upload button.And voila, you don’t have to part with such hard-made goods! All coupons are stored in the warehouse.

Where to get tool boxes? Did you know that some buildings, such as the Water Tower, Ice Cutter, Coal and Iron Mines, need to be set up from time to time? To do this, you will need special tool boxes. According to one of the Eskimos, they can only be obtained:

Sheep, Geese, Pigs

You can make pet food in the Barn.

When the food is ready, it goes to the Shop in the tab "Animals - Food". Just drag the food from the Bench and place it closer to the animals.



Sheep (available from level 17):

Geese (available from level 21):

Pigs (available from level 23):

You can also buy thoroughbred and breeding animals for emeralds: they will provide more resources, and they can be kept in unlimited quantities. Animals bought for emeralds also turn into golden statues.

Klondike: Expeditions

What are expeditions? The game starts at the Home Station, your main location, where your farm is located.The rest of the land contains many secrets and treasures and is called expeditionary. Follow the quests and with each new location you will be closer to revealing the secrets of the Klondike.

How to clear the location of the fog? The shaman cannot disperse the fog, because it is a fog that hides the secrets of the location. Cut down grass / stones / trees in the location to get rid of the fog and find treasures. With each new cut down object, the fog will dissipate, and you will move further along the location. And while clearing the location you get a lot of resources!

24 hours before closing the location. Can I come back later? After you have completed the main storyline at a location, you can move to the next. You will have 24 hours until the location is completely closed.After that, the location will become unavailable. Do not worry if you have not cleared the location 100%: in future updates there will certainly be new lands with new resources and recipes!

Where to get Mint? Mint can be obtained by cutting down bushes with mint:

How to take buildings or scenery from expeditions to the Home Station? Key buildings, like decor, remain at the location and cannot be taken away. But do not be upset: crafting recipes in key locations will be repeated later on at other locations. And some crafts can be made more profitably at the Home Station (flour or steaks) in buildings available at higher levels, and ropes can be made at the following locations.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to pick up cool jewelry from locations for technical reasons. The more objects you have in the game, the more space the application takes on your device, which can sometimes lead to freezes and crashes in the game. Therefore, developers have to sacrifice something for the proper operation of the application. But very soon more decorations will be added to the shop!

How to make steak? In severe northern conditions, the body needs additional energy. One of its sources may be a juicy meat steak. You can cook it on a bonfire from wild meat. Wild animals live in some locations, for example, on the Serpentine, the Snow Pass and so on.

How to get rid of wild animals? Find a wild animal, click on it. When you see the scope, click to scroll the drum and shoot:

In the golden statue you will find steak meat that can be cooked at the stake:

Where to find stones with yellow runes? Pretty weird objects. Is this an accidental creation of nature or a warning of ancient tribes? Who knows what awaits you behind them. Explore the location in search of such objects and find out:

Where can I find juicy berries? A professor of botany says finding berries is not easy. They can be found in some locations, and if you do not find them in one of the open locations now, then use other methods of energy extraction. You will definitely find berries later. And the professor searched the Klondike plant encyclopedia and found a picture:

Where is the lighthouse located? The shaman sent a photo of the area to make it easier to find the lighthouse. It is located near the pier. Click on the question mark in the quest to find out the direction, and then just continue to clear the path.

Where to find the White Light Cabin? The shaman gave a hint: to find the White Light Cabin, continue to clear the location in this direction:

Eagle’s Nest. Where to find bushes with fabric? The leader of the tribe made a map with the location of all the bushes. Now you will definitely find your way!

Snow pass. How to make a gun? Click on the table next to the Merchant and put together all 3 parts of the gun.

Where to find the last deer in the Temple of Light? The last deer is a master of hide and seek, but Eskimo hunting skills.

allowed them to quickly narrow their search radius:

Green lake. Where are the sheep? Sheeps are very freedom-loving and know how to hide, but the map of Green Lake can help you!

What do Strange Flowers look like? Where to find them? Strange - to say the least. But what the nerd deduced, it grows:

Continue to clear the location and you will definitely find them!

Where is the last ghost? Ghosts adore loneliness, therefore they hide in distant places, so do many magical creatures. You can find the latter near the old ship.

Secret Hall. How to get to the torch? Do not let the maze trap you! Move along the wall as shown on the map, and you will exit to the desired torch.

Forest trail. How to find the last animal? The last deer was the most cunning! There is a clue on the map where he hid.

Where can I find a fern in the location of the rising sun? To find ferns, you just need to carefully clean the location, trying not to miss anything. The fern looks like this:

Where to find the key in Arnica? You will find the treasured key near the greenhouse.

Where to find flax on Arnica? A professor of botany loves plants and knows where to find any of all existing ones. He gave advice: continue to clear the location and you will find flax:

Where can I find generators in Arnica? The simplest way to find what you need on a task is to click on the button with a question mark. How here:

They will show you the way, even if you have not yet calculated that part of the location. Generators look like this:

A solar generator is also nearby:

Where to find a broken wheel in Arnica? It can be found next to the Water Generator:

Where can I find circuits in Arnica? The professor from going to work began to go crazy and scattered all his drawings, which he regrets now. To find the circuit, follow the directions in these screenshots:

In principle, all that you need to do is to carefully calculate the area.

Where to find the Combustible Flower? A combustible flower can be obtained in the Professor’s greenhouse. He is somehow suspicious: why did he need all these strange, incomprehensible plants.

Walmond: How to get to the Doctor? To find a doctor, you need to go around the edge of the map:

Walmond: Where can I find the latest fuel barrels? To find the remaining barrels, you need to clear these areas:

Arkan. Where to find a merchant? The merchant loves privacy and avoids crowded places. Usually he hides behind large bushes or stones, but he still can’t hide!

Where to find the latest swamp ore in Hanbulat? Dumb Shadow advises checking these places, most likely you will find the latest swamp ore here:

Scalp Surroundings: Where to find the last treasure? Clear this area to find the last ancient treasure:

Rockville Where are the boxes? Boxes of equipment are scattered around the snowy terrain, but one experienced ranger willingly agreed to give you a hint.

Race. I can not find the last box. You need to cut down the blue bush and it will open the way to the box.

Race. What to do with the golden sleigh? As a gift for completing the first test, you get a gold sleigh. They engraved the time with which you finished the race. Once you have received the golden sled, you can proceed to the next stage of the race.

What does the timer at checkpoint mean? When you clear the ground during a race, you find this building and it stops you for a while, according to the timer. You have 2 options: wait or add wheels there, which reduce the time on the timer. When the time on the timer reaches zero, a new area becomes available, and you can continue to clear it. However, these control points begin to block your path only after you have passed the first location of the race.

Klondike: Gaming Issues

How to ship orders on a Merchant Ship? Starting at level 11, you can send orders on the Merchant Ship, which is located at the Home Station. The permanent owner of the ship is Captain Flint - a senior commander, he knows the sea like the back of his hand. Fulfilling orders, you get coins, energy, experience, tools and other valuable things.

  1. Check for ship orders;
  2. Create the items you need to order;
  3. Click on the box to load items;
  4. Repeat these steps to fill all the boxes.
  5. Then ship. It will be in transit for 5 hours, at which time you can create items for the following orders.
Please note that you only have 15 hours to manage to load all the goods on the ship. Immediately after sending the ship you will receive coins, experience, energy and tools.

What are collections and where can I exchange them? The collections consist of items that you can find in treasures during the expedition (all lands except the Home Station). They can be exchanged to get prizes. There are different places in the game where you can exchange collections. At the Home Station, they are available in a special building, which is initially located behind the board. In expeditionary lands, you have access to collections through a sled, ship, tent or balloon (depending on location). If you have a collection, the icon with three stars will light up (in this building you can see which collections you can collect and awards for them):

If you have collected a collection, then click "Exchange" and get a reward.

The rarest and most profitable collections are shamanistic and hunting collections, as well as a collection of stones. You will receive the best rewards for these collections.

What is an order board? Where to get tools, experience, coins? The Order Board is located at your Home Station near the sleigh. Through it you can receive orders from residents of Klondike. For the execution of orders you will receive coins, experience and tools. Almost every sixth order is an order from Sir Cheney, and tools are given as a reward for him. He is an infrequent guest, but approximately every fifth or sixth order comes from him. If you are having difficulty completing an order, be aware that it can be canceled. Just click on the bucket icon next to the delivery button. After a while, a new order will appear.

I don’t understand what to do on the quest! The silent shadow usually leaves hints: click on the help icon in the quest ("?"), And you will be prompted. She can also tell you by pointing to the object with an arrow:

How can I see what is behind a high obstacle? Click on the arrow:

Click on the Tree icon:

The largest objects will be hidden in hemp mode:

It can also help you better place your buildings. To return to the initial mode, click on the tree icon again.

How to cancel the production? Unfortunately, the abolition and re-production of plants is not provided.Workers spent so much time and effort to start work, and they will be very unhappy if their efforts are interrupted. But you can speed up production for emeralds, as well as buy new slots to make more products!

How to sell a building / decor / item? To sell an object standing at the station, you need to press and hold it until it is highlighted in green. Then select the "Wallet" icon in the new menu. To sell an object from a backpack, you need to click on the item, in a new window select the quantity to sell, click the "Sell" button. Keep in mind that some particularly valuable and unique buildings are prohibited for sale.

How do I hire more workers? You need workers to help you complete tasks. Click on the worker’s housing and you will see how many workers live in this place. Below you will see how many workers you have in general and how many of them are free. The more buildings you have, the more workers you need. If you hire workers, they produce certain goods in a certain building, and then leave (you cannot see these workers, but if you pay attention to the total number of workers at your disposal, you will notice that it has increased).

If you buy residential buildings for workers, they will remain forever. Just buy apartments for them in the market for coins, and they will always be there.

How to put to the warehouse? To put a decor or a building into a warehouse, you need to do the following:

  1. Click on the object and hold until it is highlighted in green;
  2. In the menu that appears, select the "Box" icon.

The object will appear in the Shop in the tab of the corresponding subject. But be aware that not all buildings can be put into storage.

How do I know how many workers I have? To find out the exact number of workers, click on any house where they live. In the window that appears, you will be shown their total number and the number of free workers at the moment.

How to find out the name of an object? It’s simple: press and hold an object to find out what it is.

I found mounted dynamite. Do I need to blow it to go further? In almost every location you can find pre-installed bundles of dynamite. Their number depends on the size of the island. Preset dynamite will quickly clear part of the location and move forward. It can only be blown up for emeralds. Such dynamite cannot be moved or taken with you. If you do not want to spend emeralds on dynamite, you can move forward on your own without activating it.

How to play a mini-game in the Patisserie? Confectionery is available for purchase in the shop from the 7th level. Put it on your Home location and play a mini-game every 6 hours. Move items left-right-up-down. Merging, identical objects cease to be objects of the next level. The higher the level, the greater the prize.

Why did the energy stop recovering?Energy is restored by 1 point every 90 seconds only if the amount of energy is less than 60 (this is the maximum amount at level 32). Once you have gained 60 units of energy, automatic recovery stops. If you have more than 60 units of energy, you can increase its amount yourself in the digester or other special buildings. If you are sure that the energy is not restored, even when its value is less than 60, inform the support service, and they will check everything.

Dry ice and nutrient solution - where to get them? You can use Dry Ice to instantly cool overheated factories, and Nutrient Solution will accelerate the creation of materials in the Research Complex. Both of them can be received as a reward for participating in temporary events and completing tasks, as well as purchased at the Bank.

Objects do not count towards contracts. Klondike lands are rich in a variety of resources. You can always find what you need. Just cut down the objects shown in the picture or use the prompt:

Klondike: General Questions

How can I play on two devices at once or transfer a game from one device to another? To play on multiple devices, you need to log into the same Game Center account on all devices. This can be done right in the game. Click on the gear button in the upper right corner of the screen, then go to the second tab ("Community") and log in to your Game Center account. Now your progress will be saved in the cloud.

Save your farm with Game Center! Keep your game progress by connecting your farm to Game Center.

Game Center on your iOS device will save your game progress. To connect:

  1. Find your device’s settings and scroll down until you see Game Center;
  2. Click on Apple ID;
  3. If you already have an account, log in. If you do not have an account, create your own Apple ID;
  4. Return to the home screen and launch Klondike.
Game Center will only support one game for each account, which means that you can only have one farm on one device.

Save your farm with Google Play Games! Keep your game progress by connecting your farm to Google Play Games. Google Play Games on your Android device will save your game progress. To connect:

  1. Log in to your Google Play Games account;
  2. Return to the home screen and launch Klondike.
Google Play Games can only support one game per account, which means that you can only have one farm on one device.

You can also connect Klondike to your account in Google Play Games in the game settings:

  1. Go to the game settings (click the button in the form of a gear) and open the Community tab;
  2. Click the green "Sign In" button and link the game to your Google Account.

Can I play on 2 devices? You can play the game on several devices if they have the same operating system (Android or iOS). You get access to game servers through your account on Google Play and Game Room. If one of your devices is on iOS and the other on Android, then you will have different game states.

Can I upload my game progress from social. networks? Klondike is a completely new game and does not repeat the version of the game Klondike: Lost Expedition from the Social. networks. Therefore, you cannot transfer your progress to your mobile device from VK or OK.

How to change username? Changing the name in the game takes only a few seconds. Open Settings and select the pen icon. Please note that the name can only consist of letters of the Latin alphabet and / or Arabic numerals. Unfortunately, the system does not accept all names, so be prepared to come up with another outstanding name if necessary.

How can I play on two devices at once or transfer a game from one device to another? To play on multiple devices, you need to log into the same Google Play account on all devices. This can be done right in the game. Click on the gear button in the upper right corner of the screen, then go to the second tab ("Community") and log in to your Google Play account. Now your progress will be saved in the cloud.

How can I turn off or turn on alerts? Everything is very simple: go to the settings of your device and select Applications - Klondike - disable / enable alerts.

Klondike: Lose the game

I have lost coins / emeralds. Coins and emeralds, like other objects in the game, are monitored by the valiant Sheriff in his personal database and just do not disappear anywhere. Let the support team know the date and time of the incident, and they will ask the Sheriff to raise information and find the missing one. Don’t worry, he can find everything.

I have lost the building / decoration / facility from the Home Station. Most often, nothing disappears without a trace, because the Eskimos see everything. Most likely you sold this object or moved. If you checked everything and are sure that you did not sell anything, contact support. You will need to indicate the date of the loss and the name of the object, and specialists will check everything.

I have lost items from the warehouse. Do not worry, nothing disappears without a trace in the game. Eskimos cherish all the accumulated good: who knows what is useful on the farm! Therefore, in order to disassemble their rubble as quickly as possible and find the necessary things, tell the support service the date and time when you noticed the loss. Northern people know every centimeter of their warehouses, so they will quickly find your items.

Confirmation of the spending of emeralds. For many years, the rule has been passed from generation to generation in the families of the most influential businessmen of Klondike. It is quite simple, and they decided to share it with you: In order not to make random purchases for emeralds, check the box and every time you spend emeralds you will see a confirmation window:

Klondike: How to play after the update?

Profile and achievement icons. "Your profile" has appeared in Klondike. Go into it and experiment with avatars (the availability of avatars depends on the game level). Now you can choose a cute cat, a happy hamster, a ferocious bear or other characters to express your mood. In the "Icons" tab, press and hold any icon to see the task. After successful completion of the task, the corresponding achievement icon will be added to your piggy bank. The most valuable icons can be placed in the Profile under the avatar. Want to fit more icons? Just buy extra slots for emeralds.

Types of territories. Temporary locations. From time to time, temporary locations are created in the game: they do not belong to the main storyline, but appear before the festive events in the world of Klondike. Temporary locations are a kind of challenge, since the time spent exploring them is limited (you can see how much time you have left to explore right under the location icon on the map). Develop your personal game strategy to explore permanent and temporary locations at the same time, but make sure that you can cope with the tasks in the main locations and with the search for jewels in temporary locations, as they will later become inaccessible for visiting.

Why are updates for Android coming out earlier than for iOS? Developers release updates simultaneously for all players, however, the time when the update becomes available may differ depending on the platform. The fact is that the platforms themselves (Android, IOS) usually take some time to approve the update and publish it. But do not worry! All players, regardless of platform, receive all updates and the same time to explore new locations.

Why should I update the game? Timely updating the game is extremely important, as this is the only way to gain access to new temporary and plot locations, as well as to new functions. With each update, developers also make minor corrections to the application, which were created in order to improve its performance.

Klondike Frequently Asked Questions

How to get more energy? Where to find energy? Energy can be obtained:

How can I add neighbors? Can I play with friends? So far, the passages to the villages and farms of the neighbors are blocked up due to constant snow avalanches, but the Eskimos are working hard to clear them as soon as possible. But no time to get bored! Grow your farm, complete quests and complete various orders to be ready for guests!

How to expand the Home Station? At the moment, it is impossible to expand the Home Station, because a river flows nearby and there are mountains. In addition, avalanches often go down in Klondike, and the Eskimos spend all their free time clearing the roads. But someday they will definitely get to expanding the Home Station! Right now, you can simply try to distribute all the buildings in the most efficient way so that everything you need to complete the quests is at hand.

When will clothing (clothing store) open? The shamans were about to open it, but the Eskimos suspected something was wrong there. They say there is no clothes there, and the sign "gone for lunch" hangs all the time ... The sheriff is already conducting surveillance. What will be there and how the case will end, you can find out in the next updates!

How to get more emeralds? The most talented and wealthy entrepreneur Klondike shared several secrets of emerald mining. According to him, green pebbles can be obtained:

How to get dynamite? Since this is a very destructive and dangerous thing, dynamite is imported in small batches through secret channels. You can get it as follows:

The most fearless will also find it in some treasures on expeditions (all locations except the Home Station). And in some locations you can stumble upon dynamite, set by other treasure hunters, but you can only activate it for emeralds.

Where to find a merchant? You can find a dealer in almost every game location, however, sometimes you have to try (this guy doesn’t really like the company, so most often he can be found in some wilderness). When you meet a merchant, just click on him to see his offers. You can exchange some materials or treasures for coins by clicking on the appropriate button. Having completed all the orders of the merchant, you will receive a bonus in the form of experience and energy.

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