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WiKi Knights and Princesses: Tips and Tricks for Walking the Game

Knights and Princesses is an online multiplayer game developed by Vizor Games. You have to go to the Middle Ages to become a noble knight or a beautiful princess. Win tournaments, collect resources, equip your own estate and complete quests in colonies. You can also find your soul mate in the game and have a wedding, get to know your estate neighbors and give gifts. And you will also find interesting activities as part of the alliance and temporary events.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Secrets of completing quests in locations
  3. Distant Lands & Colonies
  4. How to get the Dwarven Express?
  5. Completing Quests from the Adventure Book
  6. How to get into the Mysterious Labyrinths?
  7. Arena Fighting Guide
  8. All about the County de Charmelle
  9. Engagement and Wedding Guide
  10. Guide to Neighbors and Friends
  11. Reserve Secrets
  12. All About Alliances
  13. Cup and Title Rules
  14. A Guide for Donators
  15. Technical Questions

Knights and Princesses: Beginner’s Guide

Can I change my character (to become a knight instead of a princess or vice versa)? In the kingdom, after the start of the game, gender cannot be changed.

Energy: methods of extraction. There are many ways to get energy in the game:

Mail: limit and expiration date / missing points. In the game, letters have a limit of 200 units. and are stored for exactly 30 days, after which they are automatically deleted. Therefore, check your mailbox, as well as the archive as often as possible and do not hoard letters. If you’re not getting Fame Points, make sure you don’t exceed the limit and don’t archive too many emails you’ve already read.

How to use the ruby/energy safe? This special vault will drop rubies or energy for a limited time. Cut down objects on expeditions to accumulate more! When the safe is full, you can buy it at a discount.

How to get a portal to the Netherlands? The portal is given as a reward for quests. They can be found in the "Social" tab, there will be a golden key on the quest icon.

I don’t get experience stars. Perhaps you have already reached the maximum level in the game, so you have stopped earning experience points (at the moment, level 50 is the maximum, instead of experience points you are awarded coins).

I can’t find the resources to complete the quest. Each location has all the necessary resources to complete quests. Please make sure you clear the area completely (get rid of all clouds and find all chests). Also check the availability of the necessary resources in the home warehouse.

I opened a chest or a royal gift, but did not find its contents in the warehouse. Most likely, bandits are operating on your territory. Defeat them and get all the treasures from the opened chests.

Animals/birds are missing from the estate. Upon reaching the limit for manufactured products (milk, wool, eggs), the animal / bird turns into a golden statue filled with treasures. You may have already clicked on the golden cow/sheep statue, but you just didn’t notice it.

I can’t figure out how to win a game of Shish. All the rules of the game in Shish can be read by clicking on the "Rules" button in the upper right corner of the window of this mini-game.

Why spend rubies or restart the Caravan? The fact is that each task in the caravan must be completed strictly in the allotted time. If time runs out, you will need to pay rubies or start over. To avoid this situation from happening again, please check your caravan progress during each game session.

I can’t find my pet / I don’t know how to open the backpack. The pet can be found in the backpack. To open the backpack, simply click on your character.

How to join an alliance? If you want to join an alliance, you need to have an Alliance Tower. There, in the "Join" tab, you can see all open alliances, from the oldest to the newest. Select an alliance to see its motto and description. Click the "Apply" button and leave a cover letter.

The head of the alliance will be able to read it, and also see your name, level and home location. If your application is accepted, you will receive a letter and will be able to confirm your entry into the alliance. If you are denied, you will also receive a notification about this. You can also search for clans on the fan pages of the game and wait for an invitation from the chapters themselves.

Can this game be played on a mobile device? The game is not developed for mobile devices. Although you can run the game, the developers cannot guarantee that everything will work as it should. Best played on PC.

Is it possible to restart the game? Unfortunately, this is technically impossible. The game is directly linked to your social network account, there can only be one game on one account.

Knights and Princesses: Secrets of completing quests in locations

I can’t complete the domino quest in Monde Tierro. Here is a small instruction that will help you successfully complete the task with dominoes:

  1. Check all the dominoes in the warehouse. If there is an airship icon, then this is a decor - such domino bones are not suitable for a path.
  2. A domino in a row becomes glass as soon as its edge touches a repeating edge of another bone. You can’t immediately collect the entire game combination on the path - you won’t get prizes like that. Dominoes are checked only one at a time.
  3. If there is a suitable domino, put it close to the previous one (1 to 1, 2 to 2, 3 to 3, etc.) and click on it 2 times. If the domino turned into a piece of glass, only then we substitute the next one.

I can not complete the task with the search for Bigfoot on the location of the North Coast. Here is a small instruction that will help you successfully complete the task of finding Bigfoot:

  1. Craft a Bigfoot Detector from the Wandering Trader, move it from the backpack to the "Pet" slot.
  2. Make it with the Supreme Master Pugach.
  3. Find 10 hint signs at the location, Bigfoots are hiding in the area of ​​these signs.
  4. Slowly walk near them with the dog (Bigfoot Detector).
  5. If you have already completely cleared the location, and Bigfoot still does not appear, take any bomb and drive it around the location. Where it will be illuminated in red, Bigfoot is hiding. There is no need to spend the bomb, just remember this place and then go there with the dog.
If the above points did not help you, try clearing your browser’s cache, delete the game for 5 minutes and reinstall (nothing will happen to the game, the level and all achievements will be saved).

Palace intrigues and Datura-meadow (door code). Here is a small instruction for solving the puzzle:

  1. Three numbers give six possible codes. For example, if 1, 2, 3 are found in the warehouse, then the possible code options are: 123, 132, 231, 213, 312, 321.
  2. After each entry, you must click on the door to check the correctness.
Please note that the code must be typed on the middle row of numbers, and not on the bottom!

Parking sheets in Zimaletto. You should put the bunnies on the parking leaves. Pay attention to the yellow circles, then everything should work out. Hold down the Ctrl (or Command) key on your keyboard and roll your mouse wheel to zoom in on an object. It is also important to clear the area around the leaves. Each pebble can overlap the composition, so the bunny may not want to sit on the leaf.

Alchemical coal at the Magisterium Outskirts location. The location has enough Alchemical Coal to complete all tasks. Use the x-ray mode on the bottom bar for easy searching. Also, don’t forget that rune paths to cloud traps can be built in turn. The fact is that after using the Rune Absorber, the rune paths are destroyed, but then it becomes possible to collect psi-energy from them and create new paths, and then build a path to the next trap and turn it off.

Psi-energy is definitely enough to build paths to each trap and complete the quest.

Lacks bamboo, thorns, bonsai, coral, abstractite, oakwood, or algae. Check out the colony at the Lake of Sorrows. There is a special dungeon where you can find these valuable resources.

Where to find the dragon statue? (Dragon’s Path) The dragon is hiding under a large rock on the left side of the location. We need to break it and free the dragon!

How to make the Ether of Life/Sylvarium at Heather’s Edge? Mix Essence of Good, Spirit of the Forest, and Pure Magic to create the Ether of Life. The Sylvarium recipe is as follows: Aether of Life, Magic Candle and Spirit of the Forest!

Knights & Princesses: Distant Lands & Colonies

Why can’t I fly to a new location? There is a limitation: a player can have no more than 5 permanent locations open at the same time. In order to go to the next location, you need to establish a colony on one of the previous ones.

How to found a colony? If the location can be turned into a colony, in the main building or in the Warehouse of this location you will find all the requirements for founding a colony. For example, to turn the Lake of Sorrows into a colony, open the Fairy Tree and click on the "Found Colony" button.

Can’t found a colony even though there are no bandits on it. There are two possible reasons:

I cannot activate the pipeline and establish a colony at the Lava Craters location. The elements of the pipeline must be connected strictly at an angle of 180 degrees. Any 90 degree connections are pipe breaks.

I used the geosearch for rubies, but the deposits found are in an inaccessible place. It is impossible to put a geologist there! What to do? Don’t worry, just put the geologist as close to the desired point on the map as possible. You will receive the highest possible reward.

There is a lot of fuel in the warehouse, but when I try to fly away, a sign "Not enough fuel" appears. In order to travel to distant lands, you need to fill the Airship with fuel that is in your warehouse. To do this, click on your vehicle. In the menu that opens, click on the green "Refill" button, then the tank will fill up and you will be able to travel.

You can also use the "Autofill" function. If you activate it, then each time before the flight, the presence of fuel in the tank will be automatically checked. If the tank is empty, it will immediately fill up before the flight!

Mysterious Sesame (colony). To create a colony, you must go through both storylines on the location. After completing one of the storylines, click on the Magic Lamp, after the "Again" button. Complete the first tasks, then the game will offer you two paths - choose the one that you have not yet walked.

Atlantis (colony). You can create a colony in Atlantis after completing the location and creating the Trident of Eternity. Be careful: the Trident of Eternity allows you to travel to the past and go through the location again. If it was activated, then you will have to go through the location again to create a colony. Replaying the location will allow you to get new scrolls of choice and create absolutely any reward in the Star Forge. In total, the location can be completed three times.

Is it possible to create a colony at the location "Magic Competitions"? The creation of a colony at this location is not provided, but it is not included in the limit of open locations.

I can’t activate the Story Portal at the Magic Contest location. The portal of stories at the location "Magic Competitions" becomes active only at a certain time. It will help you get to temporary locations during special updates related to the Alliances. If the Portal is currently unavailable, it means that at the moment there are no game events that require it.

Knights and Princesses: How to get the Dwarven Express?

Gnome Express: what is it and how to get it? The Dwarven Express is a real find that allows players to collect tribute from the colonies in a matter of seconds. To get it, you need to complete the "Gnome Express" quest chain, after which you need to place the express at your home location. Once everything is ready, go to the Old Lighthouse and find the Train Station. Select the station "Beautiful" and start building the Railroad.

A railroad can only be built in one colony at a time.

Where to get rails? (Railway) Each station has a Local Workshop where rail production is available. Please note that the rails for each colony are individual. Therefore, when moving to the next station, it will be impossible to use the rails made earlier on another colony.

How to build all three stations? In order to build a Dwarven Express station in a colony, you need to lay rails from the express to the train station building and check the result.

Don’t forget to pick up the reward chest and useful resources before moving on to the next station. When everything is collected, click on the station building and start new construction!

When will new stations appear? New stations are added to the game regularly. Follow the official page of the game, and you won’t miss them!

Knights and Princesses: Completing Quests from the Adventure Book

What is an Adventure Book? The Book of Adventures is a new format for quests in the game (daily and weekly), for the completion of which you can get tempting rewards. Available to players level 10 and above.

Follow the news in the official groups of the game to be aware of the release of all new chapters of the Book of Adventures!

How do I get rewards for Tome of Adventure quests? Complete daily and weekly tasks and get Winner Cards, which can be used to increase the level of your book. For reaching a new level, you get a reward. All rewards go to the home warehouse.

How do I get new quests in the Adventure Book? Daily tasks appear every day at 00:01 Moscow time in the corresponding tab of the book. Once completed, the task is deleted. Up to 5 tasks can be accumulated at the same time. If you have 5 unfinished tasks hanging, then a new one will not start.

It is enough to complete any one task for a new one to appear. Thus, the daily task can be performed for 5 days. Weekly jobs are run all at once for the current week. Each task can be completed from the moment the book appears until the end of the book timer.

How much time do I have to complete tasks? You have 5 days to complete the daily quest. Weekly quests can be completed until the end of the Adventure Book.

What is the Ruby Adventure Book? The Ruby Book of Adventures is an improved version of the Book of Adventures. After the purchase, you will receive additional unique rewards for the same number of tasks completed. There are no additional tasks in the book.

Rewards after purchase come in accordance with the level of the book you have reached. That is, if you are at level 6 of the book at the time of purchase, you will receive all rewards from 1 to 6 at a time. Rewards for subsequent levels gained will come at the same time: for both regular and ruby ​​books.

Knights and Princesses: How to get into the Mysterious Labyrinths?

What are Mysterious Labyrinths? These are labyrinths for those who love active rest in between locations. Look for a path through labyrinths, complete Goals and Tasks and get rewards. And you can also participate in the treasure hunter rating (prizes are guaranteed if you get the minimum number of points).

How to get to the Mysterious Labyrinths? To go to a new labyrinth, you need to find a secret chest with a map. The number of labyrinths is not limited, you can explore as many as you want. Labyrinths are waiting for adventure lovers from Monday to Wednesday. New mazes come out regularly. Follow the news on the official page of the game.

How to get into the labyrinths? Click on the labyrinth icon on the left side of the screen.

What are the Goals and Tasks? You have one big Goal and several smaller Tasks in front of you. To view them, click on the labyrinth icon on the left side of the screen. The goal must be completed - otherwise you will not get into the next maze. Goals also give out special rewards. Not all tasks can be completed, but they are given points for the rating of treasure seekers. Each labyrinth has a new Goal and Tasks.

Reward. For completing all the goals, and there are 15 of them, the player receives 25 rubies and the Celestial Constellation - a reward that gives gifts every 24 hours 5 times with each improvement. After reaching the limit, it will turn into a decoration.

How to participate in the ranking of treasure seekers? In the ranking you compete with other researchers. All players are divided into groups. Whoever has the most points in their group wins. To get points, complete Labyrinth Quests and collect Gems.

Knights and Princesses: Arena Fighting Guide

Receptions. There are only 5 techniques. In each of the combat rounds, you need to choose which of the five combat techniques you want to use: "Assault", "Attack", "Block", "Evil Eye" or "Heal". You must select a technique within 10 seconds after the start of the round, if you do not have time, Attack is automatically used. To use techniques, you need a sufficient amount of Rage.

Reception "Attack" - restores rage, other techniques consume it, and the Evil Eye can take away rage from the enemy. The outcome of each round is determined by the combination of techniques used by the opponents. Combinations are very diverse. Some techniques are advantageous against others, and disadvantageous against others.

Peculiarities. Features are the features of the development of your character. They can improve the work of techniques, or they can increase basic characteristics, damage or health. Features can affect:

Redistribution of features. Knowing all about the features, you can choose the best combination for yourself. For those who decide to change the current combination of features, there is a button "Redistribute for 30 rubies". The number of features depends on your level. At the moment, the maximum number of features that a player can use is 29 out of 33 available. If you have selected the "redistribute" option, you will see a sign:

After clicking on the "Yes" button, the feature selection plates will begin to appear on the screen. The difference between this option and the main game is that the plates appear one after another, and not with the opening of a new level.

Knights and Princesses: All about the County de Charmelle

County de Charmelle. Countess Belle de Charmelle has taken on a large-scale construction project and is calling you to be her assistant. In the County, your main task is to discover new styles, apply them to buildings and score points for the rating. The county is a permanent location in the airship. It is available to players from level 10. It does not count towards the limit of open locations.

How long can you go through the County? The county is a permanent location, but unlike other permanent locations, there are no regular quests or clearings. Instead, there are seasonal contests where the main goal is to beautifully furnish the County using styles from Belle. The standard duration of one contest is 14 days.

How to open a new style? For Season Points! To get them, cut down trees, stones, grass and other objects in temporary locations.

Are there additional rewards for Season Points? Yes, energy and bombs that can be collected from the Season Points bar (look for it under the energy bar). Season points also count towards the ranking of the Countess’ Assistants, for which separate prizes are awarded.

What are Decoration Zones for? You can put your decorations here. Unlock styles, get special keys to Decoration Zones and create themed corners in them from what you already have in stock. Guests will love it! Currently, only regular decorations (non-interactive) can be placed in Decoration Zones.

Can we visit each other? Yes! You just need to click on the neighbor icon and select the County. Don’t forget to give him a heart!

What will happen to my County at the end of the season? The Countess will evaluate your work and take over the management of the County. Friends will still be able to visit and give you hearts. As soon as the countess has fresh ideas, the new season will begin, and you can redecorate the location.

Knights and Princesses: Engagement and Wedding Guide

Wedding locations: help points. You can use Assistance Points in Outer Lands to ask a couple for help. They can be obtained by breaking large objects in expeditions. The game has a limit on help per day - 10 pcs. When you cancel a request, Assistance Points burn out.

You cannot ask for help at sub-locations, wedding and clan locations.

Power of love. The power of love is one of the types of energy that you can collect through active interaction with your couple and then use it to restore new couple locations.

How to get the Power of Love? You can get the power of love in the following ways:

If you do not go to the carriage with a couple, you will not be able to receive the power of love for 24 hours.

The same goes for your partner.

The power of love cannot be accumulated. To get the Power of Love over the limit, you can buy elixirs in the store or open a chest with the Power of Love or a special gift from a couple.

How to arrange an engagement? The engagement is available to all players without exception. To arrange it, find the player you need on the neighbors panel and left-click on the avatar, then select the "Engagement" item. Buy a ring that suits you and click "Attach", then feel free to send a letter with a ring to your soulmate. That’s all, it remains only to wait for an answer!

How to break off an engagement? If suddenly you decide to break up with your soulmate and the engagement is no longer a joy for you, you can get a divorce in the game in just a couple of clicks. To do this, find the icon of your chosen one at the top of the screen next to the image of your character. Click on it, there you will find a button to break the engagement. You will have some time to cancel the decision.

Keep in mind that when breaking, all progress in paired locations is reset (Call of the Heart, House in the Mountains).

How to fight for the Cup of Passion? The Chalice of Passion is a new rating for couples, available from the opening of the Cabin in the Mountains location. Together you can fight other couples by investing resources in the Chalice in exchange for points. Each resource has its own cost in points (for example, one Bottle or one hundred Stones gives 1 point).

The points earned by you and your partner are summed up. Resources can be invested when the bowl is active (red). If the bowl turns blue, it means that the break has begun - check back later. Waiting can be skipped for rubies. The invested resources cannot be taken away.

Distribution of awards in the Chalice of Passion. Places from 1 to 20 will bring you guaranteed prizes. For a place in the top six, you will also receive Sparks of Passion, which can be used to buy useful chests from the Traveling Trader in the Mountain House. If you didn’t manage to get a high place, you can always try next week. A new week in the Chalice begins on Monday.

How to get to the Call of the Heart location? Call of the Heart is the first of a series of wedding locations. Couples will have to prove the strength of their feelings and receive the blessing of Aunt and Uncle. In the game, the location is available from the 1st level. However, do not rush to the wedding: settle down and get rich with gold and resources. This location is permanent. To start the passage of the location, you must be engaged and get the consent of the couple to pass the tests together.

Progress in paired locations. Each player in a pair goes through the location and tasks independently. You don’t have to wait or catch up with your mate.

Knights and Princesses: Guide to Neighbors and Friends

I sent a gift to a friend/playmate, but he didn’t receive it. Be aware of the limit on the amount of gifts that is introduced in the game. On the day you can receive gifts for a certain amount of coins. If a friend/neighbor has not received your gift, it means that at the time of sending your gift, he has already reached the limit for receiving gifts. At the beginning of the game, each player has standard gift limits:

The limit on gifts from fans can be increased by adding new fans, and when you receive VIP status, all limits increase.

How to add neighbors? Your social media friends who are also playing immediately appear in your game. You can also have neighbors - these are players with whom you are not friends on social networks, but whom you can add directly in the game. You can do this in the menu that opens by clicking the "Neighbors" button on the bottom panel.

You can add up to 300 neighbors in total. Remember that incoming and outgoing requests are also included in this amount, so it is recommended to periodically clean the tabs in the neighbors menu.

How to remove neighbors? To remove a neighbor, click on his profile picture and select "Remove from neighbors". You can remove neighbors who are your friends on a social network only by removing them from friends from there.

I can’t add neighbors. The limit for adding neighbors is up to 300 players. If you have reached the limit, new players can be added through friends on a social network. They will automatically appear in your game. Remember that incoming and outgoing requests are also included in this amount, so it is recommended to periodically clean the tabs in the neighbors menu.

The neighbors are gone. Sleepy neighbors may disappear from your game after a while. The point is the rules of social networks: if a player does not use the social network for more than 90 days, the permissions granted to it to access personal data expire, and the user ceases to be displayed in the lists of neighbors of other players. If the active neighbor still disappears or you are not displayed with the neighbors, check the permissions in the settings:

  1. Open the "Apps and websites" section;
  2. Make sure the game is in "Active" status;
  3. Click "Check" to view and update permissions. Make sure you have "Friends list" permission;
  4. Ask neighbors to check their settings.

Knights and Princesses: Reserve Secrets

Animals have disappeared from the Reserve. After a certain number of feedings, the animals go to the Royal Reserve, and you get golden paws for raising them. This happens right after the last feeding.

You can also send the beast to the Royal Reserve ahead of time, however, this will bring you fewer golden paws.

How to get rare eggs in the Reserve? (penguins, crocodiles, elephants) Eggs of some animals are really rare in the Kingdom. You can get them only as a gift during the passage of some temporary locations. Stay tuned for updates and you definitely won’t miss the opportunity to get them!

What are the benefits of Magic Nursery? Magic nurseries, unlike ordinary ones, you will need to breed rare species of animals.

  1. Place two ready-to-breed animals in the nursery, add some magic elixir, and after a while you will receive a basket with a rare egg!
  2. The basket will be sent to your warehouse. It needs to be put on location and opened.
  3. Place the egg in the incubator (this tab is found in a regular nursery) and prepare a place for the future pet in the aviary.
  4. Soon you will find a new rare baby in your reserve.

How to breed rare giraffes? Rare giraffes can be bred from magical eggs that are given as a reward in some temporary locations.

Knights & Princesses: All About Alliances

How to get into the alliance? There are 2 ways to get into the alliance:

Alliance tower. The Alliance Tower is the main building of the alliance. Here you can create your own alliance, manage it and visit the alliance store. The tower can be placed on the main location and in the Wastelands. While it can not be removed to the warehouse. Visually, the tower will correspond to the level of the alliance. When leaving the alliance, the building takes on its original form. When the player changes the alliance, the tower will take on the form corresponding to the level of the player’s new alliance.

Alliance tower upgrade. Together with members of your alliance, earn Influence and unlock new game features: upgraded alliance tower, more alliance members, new costumes and other privileges. After reaching the maximum level of the alliance, all collected Influence will be converted into coins.

Alliance invitation. Only the Head can invite to the alliance. You can invite through the feed of friends by clicking on the "to the alliance" crown icon. An offer to join the alliance comes to the mail of the invitee. If a member is already in an alliance, he cannot be invited to the same or another alliance. The player has the option to opt out of joining and cancel receiving emails with invitations.

Lists of members of each alliance can not be viewed, you can see the names of the alliances in the ranking. The rating is available in the alliance tower.

Alliance points. Players earn points with the whole alliance. The contribution of each is taken into account in the overall rating. The alliance menu shows how much each player has earned. When a player spends earned points in the store, the amount of points earned by him remains the same in the general menu. In the alliance store menu, the points earned by the player will decrease. Ways to earn points:

When leaving an alliance, a player can spend their points before joining a new alliance. After joining a new alliance, he will have 0 personal points, the location remains at the same level.

Withdrawal from the alliance and dissolution. Only the Head of the alliance can expel from the alliance. A member can leave the alliance independently or forcibly. Only the Head of the alliance has the right to dissolve the clan. An alliance that has expelled a member receives a 72-hour penalty for accepting new players. A member who decides to leave an alliance cannot join another alliance for 72 hours.

In battles on the map, the player who left the alliance must take out the warehouse and spend points before leaving.

Otherwise, all the good will burn, disappearing forever from the Magic radars. In normal competitions for a ticket to participate, the warehouse after leaving the alliance and the progress of the location is saved. When joining a new alliance, it will be possible to take out resources and continue passing from the place where the player stopped in the previous alliance. Such a player will no longer be able to participate in the construction of a new alliance.

Alliance Store. In the Shop for Alliance Points, you can purchase goods for yourself and your friends. You can only spend points earned for the alliance yourself. When changing an alliance, the Points earned with the previous alliance will be reset. The store will be available for some time after the end of the rating, keep an eye on the timer. Store level:

Alliance Chat. You can enter the chat from the alliance menu by clicking on the button with the chat icon. Storage of history in the chat - 2 days, new participants are shown the history. The limit of messages stored in the chat is 100. The maximum message size is 4 lines (about 200 characters).

The chat opens on the very first of the unread messages. After opening a chat, all messages are considered read, even if the pages were not scrolled, the messages were not viewed. By clicking on the avatar in the chat, you can go to visit a friend, give a sign of trust. Developers, the head of the clan can ban in the chat.

Alliance Rewards . As a reward for completing tasks, you can get a knock decor (each player receives separately, as in a regular expedition). As a reward for winning the alliance rating, players receive rubies, cups, which then become decorations. Cups are not named. The award in the ranking is provided for the first 100 places. The reward is distributed in proportion to the player’s contribution to the victory of the alliance.

Cups will be received by each player of the winning alliances (first 10 places). If a player is kicked out of the alliance, he will not receive anything. An incentive prize can be considered a prize for completing the tasks of the location of the alliance. Rewarding: a letter of congratulations will come, as in the ratings.

Knights and Princesses: Cup and Title Rules

How to get the title of marquis/marquise, duke/duchess, prince/princess? To get the title of Marquis / Marquise, you need to get into the top 100 in Glory 3 times. To become a duke/duchess, you need to be in the top 10 in Glory 3 times. The prince / princess will be the one who will be in the top 5 in Glory three times.

I earned fame, but it didn’t count towards the weekly rankings. The data on the servers is updated with a slight delay. Most often, this delay is significant on the last day of the week, when, in the pursuit of new titles, players produce a lot of materials and dedicate thousands of victories. Servers simply cannot process that much data instantly. However, the developers guarantee that by the end of the weekly competitions, all the data has time to be processed and the ratings are correct.

Didn’t get a top cup. In each of the tops, you can get the cup only 1 time. On subsequent wins, coins will be your reward.

I got to the top of fame, but I didn’t get a new title. To get a new title, you need to get into the top in fame three times. Perhaps you have only one victory behind you. Go ahead, and the new title will not keep you waiting.

Did not receive an award from the rating from the temporary location. All rewards are sent to in-game mail after the temporary location is closed. Perhaps you just need to wait a little longer. To get a reward in a marathon at a temporary location, you also need to score a minimum number of points. The reward will come only if you have collected it.

Knights and Princesses: A Guide for Donators

VIP levels. Each of the 9 VIP levels requires a certain number of points. You can see the amount of points that you will receive with the purchase right in the ruby ​​purchase window. Whenever you get the next VIP level, your previously earned levels are added together, so you don’t have to earn twice, for example, the Bronze VIP level.

The same works with your previously earned VIP points. If you make a purchase and earn 30 points, and you only need 25 points for the bronze level, the 5 remaining VIP points will go towards the next level. To see all the benefits of the VIP levels, open the ruby ​​bank in the upper left corner of your game screen, go to the VIP tab, then scroll to the right to see all the VIP levels.

When does my VIP status expire? VIP status is active 30 days after any purchase. After that, the status expires, and all bonuses become inactive (buildings and decorations purchased in the VIP store remain at your location, but stop generating bonuses). If you make a new payment within these 30 days, your VIP status will be renewed and the 30 days will be counted from the date of the last payment.

Even if your status expired when you make your next purchase (even a couple of months later), you won’t have to earn the level you already had. Your previously earned level will be counted.

How to change my bank card details? To make changes to your payment methods in social networks (add a new card or delete the data of the old card), you need to open your profile in the desired social network and go to Settings - Payments - Account settings - Payment methods.

I have a negative balance of rubies and / or a large amount of game currency has disappeared. Your payment was rejected by the payment system, or you disputed the payment in order to return the money. In both cases, a refund will be issued.

I lost some rubies. Rubies don’t just disappear. You could buy something in the game or missed the quest for rubies. There is also a possibility that the payment system rejected one of your payments after rubies were credited for this payment. If you suspect the latter option (if a significant amount of rubies is missing and you have recently made a payment), contact support.

Didn’t receive payment bonus. With each purchase of rubies, you get the opportunity to spin the roulette wheel and get one of the following bonuses:

After the purchase, the roulette opens automatically, so it is impossible to miss it.

I bought rubies, but they were not credited to the account in the game. And my money was debited. Most likely, you bought votes, but did not buy rubies for them. Check the accrual of votes: Profile - Settings - Payment services.

I lost some rubies. Rubies on their own couldn’t disappear. Most likely, you bought something in the game or missed the quest for rubies. Most often, rubies "disappear" due to an accidental click on a button - for example, in a workshop. You can check the latest ruby ​​spending yourself. To do this, in the "Warehouse" section, click the blue button in the upper right corner.

The purchase did not arrive. Go to Settings - Payments - Payment history and check if there is a payment receipt for which you did not receive items in the game. If there is no check, contact your bank. This means that the payment did not reach the payment system. If there is a check, send it to the support team and they will tell you what to do next.

Knights and Princesses: Technical Questions

Game won’t load / White screen. Do the following:

  1. Close the tab with the game and the browser, wait 5 minutes, open the browser and the game again.
  2. Clear the cache in your browser. It is better to do this regularly after each game update.
  3. Try downloading the game in a different browser.

The buttons in the game don’t work. If you click on the buttons in the game, but this does not lead to the transition to the desired page, you must disable the pop-up blocker.

Objects (buildings/decorations) disappeared from the home location. First, make sure that you have not moved this object and sold it. Check out the Sanctuary, Gnomecity, and the Hollowlands. Also look at the warehouse: you may find it missing there. Perhaps the graphics did not fully load. Clear your browser cache and restart the game.

I can’t see part of the game screen. Hold down the Ctrl (or Command) key on your keyboard and roll your mouse wheel.

The mouse doesn’t work. Open mouse settings, select "Advanced settings" and reduce the number of double clicks. If your mouse makes a lot of double clicks, it can cause game crashes.

How to transfer progress from the social network? If you are already playing Loyalty on the social network, then it is not necessary to start the game from scratch on the portal. Instead, you can transfer your game progress! For this:

  1. Create an account on the portal (click "Register");
  2. Click "Play". A window for transferring progress will appear;
  3. Select "Sign in with (specify social network)". You may need to enter your account name and password.
  4. If you need to select another account, click "Do you have another account?";
  5. Click "Transfer this progress".

Progress can only be transferred to the first entry into the game and only once. Make sure you are connecting with the correct account. You cannot transfer progress from a blocked account. There is no progress synchronization between the game on the portal and the game on the social network. These are two different versions of the game.

How to change the name? To change the profile name:

  1. Open "My Account" in the upper right corner;
  2. Click on the pencil next to the name;
  3. Enter a new name and click the "Save" checkbox.

How to change the avatar? To change your avatar:

  1. Go to "My Account" in the upper right corner;
  2. Click on the avatar.
  3. Select a new picture from the files on your computer.

How to change game profile? To switch to another gaming profile, click on your name in the upper right corner and select "Sign Out". Now you can log in with a different profile. Progress between different profiles is not synchronized.

How do I attach a screenshot for tech support? To take a screenshot in the game, find the gear icon and then click on the camera icon. You will see a screenshot of the game screen. Click "Attach" and fill out the support form. To submit another image, go back to the support menu and select "I have a different problem". Click the camera icon and attach a file from your computer.

Where can I find pictures from the Support Service? Check your mail. All letters from support, including those with images, go there.

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