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Mahjong City Tours WiKi: Tips and tricks for passing the game

Mahjong Jigsaw Puzzle Game is a board game from Jam City, Inc. Here you can play classic mahjong with some interesting innovations. You have to solve level puzzles, develop your own game strategies, travel to the best cities in the world, and look for treasures and souvenirs. Weekly tournaments with great prizes are held in the game, and you can play even when you do not have an Internet connection.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. All about chips
  3. What are chip packs?
  4. Mahjong City Tours Tournament Guide
  5. Player Questions

Mahjong City Tours: Beginner’s Guide

How to play? In Mahjong City Tours, the player looks for tiles with the same symbols and removes them from the field in pairs. The goal of the game is to remove all the pieces from the field. Usually a piece can be removed if there are no other pieces to the right or left of it (at least on one of the sides). When the player removes all the chips in pairs, the field is cleared and the level is considered passed.

game modes. There are other game modes in Mahjong City Tours where the conditions for winning are different:

In some levels, several modes are active at once. Then, to win, you need to fulfill the conditions of each of them!

Amplifiers. Boosters are special skills that increase your chances of winning! They can be activated in the game at any time. They are issued as rewards, as well as for coins:

Hearts. The heart in the game is a kind of "life". Hearts are needed to run and complete levels. Usually you will start the game with five hearts (their number is shown in the upper left corner of the main screen). If you can’t complete a level, you lose one heart. If there are no hearts left, you cannot start the level.

Over time, the hearts are restored, and this time is shown in the upper left corner of the main screen. You can get hearts in other ways - for example, by watching ads or by asking friends in the game for them. In addition, in the game you can get endless hearts for a while. Infinite hearts can be obtained during events (for example, for participating in tournaments), found in a set that is sold in the store, or bought for coins.

With infinite hearts, you can play as much as you like - there will be no fewer hearts from this. This bonus significantly extends the game. The effect of infinite hearts takes effect as soon as you get it and lasts for a certain time (it goes away even when you are not playing).

Winning streak. The winning streak gives you bonuses that are useful during the game. You can take advantage of the series of victories from Monday to Wednesday and from Friday to Sunday. On Thursdays, the winning streak does not work. To activate a win streak, complete levels in the current city (that is, the one you are currently exploring). With each win, the level of the winning streak increases:

At each new level of the winning streak, bonuses for its previous levels are saved. If you lose for any reason, the win streak is reset. After that, you need to go through the levels again to activate it.

Cities. With Mahjong City Tours you will travel around the world, while having fun playing mahjong along the way! There are several cities in Mahjong City Tours, and each one will meet its own, unique atmosphere for playing mahjong. Traveling through the cities, you will complete levels and collect souvenirs. For souvenirs you will receive tickets.

Each city has checkpoints - tickets are needed to let you pass through them. The player travels through the cities not just like that, but along the route. As soon as you collect enough souvenirs and get a ticket, you are let through. Each city has interesting sights. To open an attraction, you need stars (they are given for completing levels). When you earn enough stars, the attraction will unlock and you will receive bonus rewards!

Mahjong City Tours: All about chips

General. There are usually 144 tokens on each level of Mahjong City Tours. The order in which they lie can be very different. Symbols are drawn on most of the chips - such chips must be selected in pairs and removed from the field. Even at the levels, chips of colors and seasons are often found. There is no need to look for a pair with the same symbol for such chips. Any token of the season can be combined with another token of the season - and everything is exactly the same with flower tokens!

Dog chips. There may be dog chips on the level. They can also be selected in pairs and released like regular chips,

but first, the dog chips must be activated.

Unusual tokens. Over time, the rules will become more complicated, and the player will meet new unusual features:

Chip properties. Some chips have special useful properties:

To use the properties of these chips, it is not necessary to look for a pair for them. It is enough to release such a chip on one side!

Special tokens. In some game modes there are chips that are tied to victory in the level:

Mahjong City Tours: What are chip packs?

Chip set levels. After level 33, players can collect alternate sets of tiles. These are the same chips, but they look different, and it is more interesting to pass levels with them. Token sets are collected in parts - they are given for completing levels of token sets (look for these levels on the event screen). Up to three levels of sets of chips can be completed per day, one attempt is given for each level. You will receive a reward if you complete all three levels. You can always spend coins and get three more attempts.

Change sets of chips. Go to the map screen and look for a set of chips icon in the lower right corner. Click on it and the tile set menu will open. There you will see which sets of tiles are open, which ones are yet to be opened, and how many pieces you have collected for this. To change a set of chips, simply click on one of the open sets. After that, you will pass the levels with this set of tiles.

Mahjong City Tours Tournament Guide

Participation in tournaments. All players level 31 and above automatically participate in the weekly tournament. To participate, simply be in the game and complete the levels the moment the tournament starts. Points per level are counted as a tournament result (details depend on the conditions of the tournament). The more points you score, the higher your place in the tournament league will be.

Tournament table. Every week from Monday to Wednesday there is a star tournament. During the star tournament, you collect blue stars and get points for it. Blue stars are mined along with the usual ones, which are given for completing levels. But, unlike the usual ones, blue stars are visible on the map only while the tournament is in progress.

During the tournament, players can go through the levels again and get points for it. It does not matter how many attempts you made - the points are not summed up. It is considered only the best result of all. Please note that players from level 1 to level 30 cannot participate in the tournament.

Race for the golden ball. The race for the golden ball starts every week and runs from Friday to Sunday. To earn points, you need to complete the levels in the least number of attempts:

All attempts that the player spent on the level are taken into account (even those that happened before the start of the event). In the race for the golden ball, points are given only for new levels - it is pointless to go through levels that have already been completed.

League. The game has five categories of tournament leagues: wood, bronze, silver, gold and diamond. The league category can be both increased and lowered - it all depends on the rating. When a player receives the highest rating in his league, he moves to the next league category (if the lowest rating is received, the league category is downgraded). The changes will take effect from the next tournament. When the tournament ends, all participants receive rewards. The higher the league, the greater the reward for the final ranking.

Issuance of awards. When the event ends, the game sends out rewards by mail (find the envelope icon on the main screen and click on it). To claim your rewards, simply search your inbox for the letter with the reward. Tournament rewards are stored in the "Inbox" for no longer than 30 days.

Mahjong City Tours: Player Questions

Unable to complete the game. In Mahjong City Tours you travel around the cities. Each city has checkpoints - you need tickets to go through them. Tickets are given in exchange for souvenirs, and souvenirs you get during the game. To be more precise, the souvenirs are in gift boxes that are given for completing levels. If you have reached the checkpoint and you do not have enough souvenirs for a ticket, you will have to return to the levels already completed.

Try to go through them again and get the missing souvenirs. To understand which levels will give the missing souvenirs, click on the checkpoint. After passing the level, you can get two whole gift boxes - you just need to watch the video. This is beneficial, because this way you will have a better chance of getting a souvenir (and you can get more souvenirs themselves).

Gift boxes can be bought with coins. With each new purchase, there will be more and more rewards in gift boxes.

Recovery and transfer of a game account. Now you can restore or transfer a game account in only one case - if it is linked to a Facebook profile. To do this, launch the game on your device and log in to Facebook. The game should remember your progress and offer to continue. If something doesn’t work for you, contact support.

Money box. The piggy bank is a more profitable way to get coins (compared to coin sets in the game store). When the piggy bank is full, you get coins. And there will be more of them than for the same price in a set from the store. Coins fall into the piggy bank during the game. They are in addition to your regular rewards and in no way reduce their number. In any case, it is not necessary to redeem the contents of the piggy bank - the game can be completed in this way. And even if you do not redeem these coins, they will not disappear from the piggy bank.

Opening the piggy bank and picking up the contents is easy - select the piggy bank on the map or in the store, and then make a purchase through the App Store. Please note that for this, there must be at least 250 coins in the piggy bank. When the piggy bank is full, you can ’shake’ it and get some coins. To do this, you need to watch the commercial. This will empty the piggy bank, but you can refill it during the game.

Non-delivery of purchases. All purchases you make in the game from your device go through the App Store platform. At the same time, the App Store and the game server exchange information. During the purchase, a communication failure may occur, and then you can receive the goods, but not immediately.

If you bought an item and it didn’t appear in your game account - just wait a bit. If you wait and nothing happens, contact support and send them a screenshot with a receipt for the unissued purchase (the App Store will send it to you). If you would like a refund for an in-game purchase, please contact the App Store. They are the ones who process all payments.

Double pay. Sometimes the game charges players twice the cost of purchases. This happens due to a glitch in the App Store payment processing system. More often than not, the App Store automatically detects such cases and immediately refunds the money. But sometimes the refund does not go through. In such cases, the player needs to contact the App Store and initiate the refund process. Unfortunately, Jam City cannot influence this process.

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