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Merchants WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

MERCHANTS - a client game on the computer from the company Gamelearn. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

How to start the game after viewing the instructions? When will the instructions stop showing up? At the beginning of the game, a series of instructions are displayed at the top of the screen. You will see an arrow indicating where to click to learn how to move between scenarios and interact with characters. Instructions will guide you to the first level so you know what to do next. They will also have tips on how to start the first negotiations. Gradually, instructions will be displayed less and less so that you make decisions yourself.

How to add variables? At the beginning of the negotiations, you need to specify a value in the "Main variable" field. Then you can add one by one the variables that come to your mind by clicking the "Add Variable" button. If you specified a suitable variable, the system will offer several options from which you should choose the most successful one.

If in doubt, reexamine the interests and concerns of the other side. To do this, click the Notepad button in the upper right corner. If no information is displayed, it means that you talked a little with the other side and did not reveal its interests. Remember that you can display all the variables by carefully reading the case description. To do this, press the "Menu" button, then "Case Details".

How to start negotiating and concluding deals? At the beginning of the course, you will see a notification that you need to meet with the Mentor. You will listen to the lesson, and then take a look at the Mentor’s library to select reading materials. Then you will see a notice indicating where you should go in order to close the first deal: "Theo is waiting for you at the marina." Click the character icon and you will find yourself on the pier.

Is there a list from which I can select variables? To think of variables, rely on your creative thinking. At the same time, take into account the features of the case and exchange information with the character. In other words, the more questions you ask, the more information you get and the more accurately you can determine the interests of the other side. You can buy hints and even variables. To do this, during negotiations, press the "Menu" button and select "Buy Prompt" or "Buy Variable".

Why does the program not recognize the variable that I specify? Merchants has a dictionary of synonyms. Specify specific words in the text box to help you formulate a sentence. If the program does not recognize the word, perhaps it is not related to your interests or those of the other side.

For example, if you enter the word "loan," "loan," or "financing," the program will suggest options for one of these words, as they will help you deal with your financial difficulties. Avoid common concepts such as "sales," "agreement." Remember that you can display all the variables by carefully reading the case description.

What if I cannot define the variables? Make the first deal, even on unfavorable conditions for you. After that, you can listen to the mentor’s advice, use the prompt and negotiate again. Also, you will have access to the functions "Buy a hint", "Buy a variable", "View acquired hints" to help you determine the necessary variables, but remember that a fine is imposed for using these functions.

Why does the game show that I managed to close the deal, but then in the feedback I see that the deal has not been counted? This happens when the character with whom you negotiated accepted the offer, but in reality you did not complete the task because you did not take your interests into account. Read the description of the case again and take care of all your interests using the exact variables.

How many times can I repeat the sentence? You can improve your offer at any time.

I am negotiating with a character, but he refuses to accept my offer. Can I put this matter aside and move on to the next? No. So that you get the full amount of knowledge, the simulator does not allow you to go to the next level until you have concluded a deal that satisfies both parties.

Can I go to the "Proposal" stage without filling out the scale of interests and the scale of confidence? You can proceed to the "Offer" phase at any time, regardless of whether the scale of interests and the scale of trust are filled. However, it is recommended to fill out at least a scale of interests, since it is extremely important to know the interests of the other party in order to make an acceptable offer and successfully conclude a deal.

How to find out objective criteria? Objective criteria are important information about the state of the market in that era. This does not mean that without them you can’t conclude deals, but they will help you come to an agreement on the best conditions. To find out objective criteria, talk with the characters and read the materials that appear at different points in the game (announcements, books, contracts, etc.). You will have to apply objective criteria only starting from the third transaction.

What will happen if I do not mark the objective criteria in the second stage? Objective criteria reinforce your offer and help you close a deal on more favorable terms. You may be able to conclude a deal without objective criteria, but based on the feedback you will have to repeat the offer in order to achieve a better result.

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