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Merge Manor Sunny House WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Merge Manor: Sunny House is a puzzle game from CookApps. You have to help a girl named Sunny restore and decorate her grandmother’s garden, meet new friends and even meet her lover. To do this, solve puzzles like Three in a row, grow flowers, create interior items and take part in events. The game will offer you to enjoy an exciting love story, try yourself as a real designer and have a great time playing fun puzzles.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Secrets of a successful game
  3. Flower Garden Guide
  4. Lemon Event
  5. City History Event
  6. Your Account, Troubleshooting

Merge Manor Sunny House: Beginner’s Guide

How to find the fusion chain of an item? Each item has an "i" icon that stands for "additional information". Be sure to check out this section to find out how and where to get certain items. An example of an information page is shown in the screenshot.

How to get energy? To get extra energy, watch ads. Remember that commercials are limited and take time to recharge. Energy can also be purchased with gems. Subscribe to the game’s fanpage so you don’t miss out on the free energy provided 4 times a week! Each link will give 25 energy. The link is available within 72 hours.

Missing game items. Developers do not take items, as they cannot interfere with your game. In case of loss, be sure to check the following cases:

If all 4 are incorrect, please contact support with the following information:

Random sale of items. You can restore a sold item by clicking the "Cancel" button that appears after the item is sold. There is no time limit for this option. However, it will disappear when you click on another item or icon in the game. If another item has taken the place of the sold item (for example, an anemone seed, butterfly, experiments), click "Cancel" and the item will return to the waiting list in the center (between the "inventory" and "shop" icon). Summarizing:

How to use the inventory in the game? An inventory is a storage for items that are not currently needed. Drag an item onto the "backpack" icon (located in the lower left corner) to move the item to your inventory. Items stored in the inventory can be moved back to the main board by clicking on the selected item.

Why can’t I create objects anymore? Items that create more objects have a refresh timer. Thus, it is highly recommended to refer to the current status of the timer. Also, don’t forget to check if there are free cells on the main board.

How to sell items? Items on the main board can be easily traded in the game. To do this, click on a specific item and click the "Sell" button that is displayed above. Please note that a sold item can be returned by clicking on the "Cancel" option that appears immediately after the sale. However, this option does not last long, and once the "cancel" option is gone, the sold item cannot be restored. As such, it is highly recommended to carefully select the item to sell and not select a high-level item.

What are experience points (XP) and how to level up? Leveling up occurs in accordance with the number of experience points (XP) accumulated. Each level requires a certain amount of XP, and you need to collect the required amount of XP to level up. They can be earned by completing quests or by combining level items, giving experience points as an added bonus. Note that experience points can also be combined, and the highest level will give you up to 50 XP!

Merge Manor Sunny House: Secrets of a successful game

How to make a "lemon bag"? A "lemon bag" can be obtained from thread! And thread can be obtained by combining two empty seed bags (level 3).

What is Bubble Pop and how to use it? Some items appear inside the bubble, and after a minute they turn into coins. Would you like to keep this item? Select an item inside the bubble and combine it with the Bubble Pop. Each of Bubble Pop is different depending on the level and power:

How to make a Statue? Here’s how to make a statue:

  1. Collect blocks from Lemon Event and Mystery Box.
  2. Keep merging blocks and get to the pond levels 6 and 7.
  3. Collect statue parts from the pond and combine them to the highest Statue level.

How to make a bench? Need to make a bench? Here’s a tip from Sunny:

  1. Get branches from trees with light bulbs!
  2. Then drain the branches down to the log.
  3. Touch the log to get logging.
  4. Keep connecting logging sites and the final item will be a gorgeous bench!

How to make Anemone? Here’s how to get "Anemone":

  1. Anemone seeds fall from vases.
  2. Vases are created from a terrarium.

How to open Grandma’s workshop? Reach level 21 in the Lemon Event and unlock Granny’s workshop! Focus on high-end lemon cosmetics as they generate rose-tinted glasses. Also, at the end of the event, you will receive money and blocks to collect the pond.

What is the "Event Board Extension" offer? This deal is the hottest Lemon Event deal ever! It provides: 200 energy, three lemon trees, two magic timers, seven extra spaces on the Lemon Event board. All this for only 500 gems! Again, they will stay with you forever!

How to get a compass in a city event? Create umbrellas or toilet water from masks. Combine them to a steak plate or higher. This will give you a compass that will show you the way.

Merge Manor Sunny House: Flower Garden Guide

What is a flower garden? Play Flower Garden and decorate your garden with gorgeous flowers! There will be 4 main items, working with which you can make fabulous flowers.

In addition, complete the required task above the board and get a "bag of unknown seeds"!

Quests in the Flower Garden. The "Objectives" section in the Flower Garden consists of quests, for which you can receive additional rewards in the form of XP and coins or packages of flower seeds. There is also a special reward for completing a certain number of orders. This event lasts 4 days, the next one will be available in 72 hours.

How to use flower beds? Move the highest level flowers to the "Flowerbeds" icon in the lower left corner of the flower board. Click on the "Flowerbeds" icon and arrange the flowers to your liking. Check the results and change the sequence to suit your style.

There is a white flower pot icon in the garden. If a garden has a white flower pot icon, it means that you can plant flowers in that part of the garden. Hard click on the icon and you will see a list of flowers that you can plant. Choose the one you like best, click and see how the flower looks in the garden.

If you change the color selection, the previous colors will be replaced by the new ones and cannot be restored.

My flowers withered... What happened? Start planting flowers again! Over time, the flowers wither. Sunny will let you know inside the game when it’s time to replant the flowers. Also in the "Quests" section, tasks for clearing withered flowers will be available. For completing these tasks, you will receive a certain number of packets of unknown seeds, so do not be discouraged!

Merge Manor Sunny House: Lemon Event

What is the Lemon Event and how to play it? The Lemon Event is an event that lasts 3 days. The player can only participate in one event at a time: "Lemon Event" or "City Story". Complete the task required to participate in the event (the first one is the lemon sack). Merge lemon items, complete customer orders and earn money. Get rewards by the end of the event!

Currency of the Lemon Event and what is it? The currency of the Lemon Event is a reward received for completing customer orders. The amount earned will be stored in the cashier and in the future may be useful for completing tasks / quests. At the end of the event, the accumulated amount will be automatically saved. You will see the amount:

I see pink crystals! They display progress in the Lemon Event. The event has levels for which you will receive certain rewards. Don’t know your level? Click on the crystal icon in the lower right corner.

Merge Manor Sunny House: City History Event

Event "Urban history". City History - An event that shows the backstory of the Sunny’s arrival at the manor. Combine the elements required above or in the chat and get many rewards. The event lasts for three days, and you can get gold, gems, and points by completing tasks in the game. Finally, you will meet a new beautiful character. Can be played many times (similar to "Lemon Event"). A player can only participate in one event at a time.

My event disappeared and I can’t find it. If you have already completed the event in one round within 3 days, the next "City Event" will be available after the restoration of the Guest House. The task to unlock it will appear immediately after the Guest House quests are fully completed.

Merge Manor Sunny House: Your Account, Troubleshooting

How to save game progress and link it to Facebook/Apple ID? Your game progress is saved automatically and can be restored if the device is connected to Facebook or Apple ID (in case of IOS devices). To connect your account to Facebook or Apple ID (for iOS devices), follow the instructions below:

  1. Launch the application and go to the main page.
  2. Find the "Settings" option.
  3. Connecting to Facebook / Apple ID is under the "Sounds" options.

If you uninstalled and reinstalled the app on the same device and want to restore your previous account and progress, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the app you just reinstalled.
  2. Select ’Cloud Data’ rather than ’Start from Scratch’ (choosing ’Start from Scratch’ will reset your progress).
  3. Connect your account to either your Apple ID or Facebook and your recent progress will be retrieved.
If you select "Start from Scratch" and connect your account to an Apple ID or Facebook, your previous account and progress will not be restored. If you have not connected your account to the above platforms, your latest progress will be restored via cloud data.

What is a UID number? The UID number is the user’s identification number. This is a specially generated number with which you can track the recordings and gameplay data. To find out the UID number, open the application and go to the main page. Click the Settings icon and the UID number will appear under the ’Language’ section.

How to start the game again? Here’s how you can restart the game and help Sunny:

  1. Delete the game and reinstall it on your device.
  2. As soon as you enter the game, two windows will appear: "Cloud storage" and "Start from scratch".
  3. Select "Start from Scratch" and enjoy!

How to transfer game progress and play on multiple devices? Transferring game progress to another device is possible if the previous account was associated with Facebook or Apple ID. If yes, download the game on a new device and sign in with the Facebook or Apple ID you used before. It is recommended to link the game with Facebook / Apple ID.

How to turn off notifications? You can turn off and customize app notifications in your device’s settings.

How can I update the game? For iOS devices:

  1. Launch the App Store app on your device.
  2. On the bottom bar, click the Updates button.
  3. If a new update is available for the game, it will appear in the list. Click Update next to the description of the update to download it.

For Android devices:

  1. Launch the Play Store app on your device.
  2. Click on the menu icon in the top left corner - My apps & games.
  3. Find the game in the list and click on it.
  4. On the game page, click Update.
You can also set up automatic downloads of updates for apps installed on your device.

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