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MIGHT AND MAGIC ELEMENT GUARDS - Android game with release date 05/30/2018 from Ubisoft. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Fighting Right
  3. Walkthrough
  4. Creature and Symbol Guide
  5. Guild and Event Guide
  6. Proper game setup

Might and Magic Elemental Guardians: Beginner’s Guide

What is Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians? "Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians" is a dynamic role-playing game for mobile devices, which takes place in the familiar to many magic medieval universe Might & Magic.

What can be done in the game? Become a student of the Academy, creating your own hero sorcerer, and go on a journey through the worlds of Ashan. Collect unique magical creatures that you will meet along the way, and call them to battle in exciting battles. Train and upgrade your creatures to form an invincible team of champions.

What types of in-game currency are available in the game? There are 5 types of in-game currency:

What can you spend crystals on? Crystals are needed almost everywhere! They can be spent on the purchase of chests and additional items, or, for example, to improve the characters.

How to get crystals? Crystals are mined in a crystal mine, which periodically generates new reserves of this resource. In addition, crystals can be won in the daily lottery, obtained for completing daily tasks, or obtained in dungeons.

What are seals for? Seals are needed to buy soul stones that are used to summon powerful creatures!

How to get stamps? Seals appear in the Utopia of dragons. Check back regularly and collect them. Seals can also be found in dungeons, won in the daily lottery, or received for completing daily tasks.

What is energy for? Energy is needed to participate in battles. Each time you enter the battle, a certain amount of energy is spent, which depends on the type of dungeon.

How to get more energy? The energy reserve is replenished over time. In addition, it can be found in the dungeons or bought in a store.

What are instant tickets for? Where can I find them? With instant tickets, you can skip the battle in the dungeon and immediately receive a reward. This is only possible for those dungeons that you have already passed. In other words, you must first go through all the levels in the region. Find instant tickets in the chests, during daily tasks, in the dungeons and in the store.

What are daily assignments? This is a set of tests that you can take every day. Perform them daily to get more crystals, seals, experience, energy and instant tickets!

How to get chests? Chests can be won in the lottery or bought for crystals on the altar of summoning. In addition, every 8 hours a free chest appears on the altar!

What is a daily lottery? Try your luck in the lottery and win crystals, seals, chests and many other awards.Once a day, you can participate in the lottery for free, and then buy additional attempts by spending a few seals.

What are magic books for? Where to find them? Magical books are special items for improving creatures and their skills. Magical books can be found in chests, on the islands of Dragonmog, or obtained for completing achievements.

How to change the appearance of the hero? To open the hero’s appearance screen, click on the portrait of your hero in the upper left of the screen in the main menu of the Academy or go to the Academy building itself.Here you can change the name of the hero by clicking on the button in the form of a pencil and adjust the physical parameters of the character according to your preferences. At level 5, you can also choose the house of magic and determine the abilities of the hero, making a choice from a huge list of abilities and improvements.

What are tasks? Each mission is a special challenge. Go through them and get great rewards!

What is a mailbox for? The mailbox is designed to manage all communications within the game. Here you can find detailed information about current and upcoming events, find out community news and go to the pages dedicated to the game on social networks, forums and technical support sites. In addition, gifts and awards will be sent to your inbox that your friends will send you!

What is sold in the store? For printing, you can buy sets with one or another number of crystals, energy and instant tickets. In addition, for real money you can purchase stamps, special mining kits, energy and instant tickets.

What is the altar of call for? At the summoning altar, you can summon new creatures to replenish your squad. For this you need soul stones or fragments. Every day you get one free soul stone. The rest can be bought for printing. Fragments of soul stones can be found in the dungeons, obtained for completing daily tasks, completing achievements, and also winning the lottery. In addition, every 8 hours, a free small chest appears on the altar of summoning. More chests can be bought for crystals.

What is the Utopia of dragons for? Over time, the Dragon Utopia creates seals. Check back regularly to pick up new seals.

What is a crystal mine for? Over time, a crystal mine creates crystals. You need to collect them regularly!

Might and Magic Elemental Guardians: Fighting Right

What is the command selection menu for? In this menu you can choose creatures that will go with you into battle. You can collect up to 3 different team options.

I do not know which creatures to take into battle. What to do? In the team selection menu, your creatures are sorted by rank (number of stars). Choose the strongest creatures - their chances of victory are greatest. You can also experiment with other squad options and create different battle strategies.

What does the blue circle beneath my being mean? The blue circle that appears under the creature in battle means that it is his turn to act.

Where can I see the skills of my creatures? How to use them? The skills of your being appear in the lower right corner of the screen when it is his turn to walk. Each creature has 3 different skills.

Why can’t I use the skill? As a rule, the 2 strongest skills of a creature have a recovery period, that is, you cannot use them on each turn. If the skill is not available, it means that you have already used it relatively recently. Wait for the indicated number of moves, and the skill will be active again.

Where to read the skill description? To read a description of a skill, press and hold its icon. You can do this both during the battle and when viewing your collection.

How to attack the enemy? To attack the enemy, select the required skill and specify the target.

What do the scales above my being mean? The green bar indicates the stock of life. The blue bar indicates the order of progress. The progress bar is filled in according to the speed of your being. When the scale is full, the course of the corresponding creature begins.

What do the colored arrows above the enemies mean? These arrows indicate the elemental advantage or vulnerability of your being in relation to this or that enemy: fire> earth> air> water> fire.

How to use spells? Some time after the start of the battle, the hero can use spells. To do this, simply click on the spell icon when it appears on the screen.

What are the buttons in the lower left corner of the battle screen for? During the battle, 2 additional options are available to you. Firstly, you can set the desired battle speed. Secondly, you can turn on the automatic mode, in which your creatures will act without your intervention.

How to change the battle speed? Just click on the "x1" button located at the bottom left of the screen. 3 speed options are available: x1, x2 and x3. The indicator under the button shows the actual battle speed.

What is the "Auto" button for? Click on the "Autobot" button so that the creatures themselves choose which skills to use. Your participation is not required.

Remember: you are more experienced than your creatures, and therefore their independent decisions can often not be the most effective.

How to win a battle? To win the battle, defeat all the waves of enemy creatures, while maintaining at least one creature in your team. Remember: the hero is not able to win alone.

How to get out of the battle? To exit the battle, click on the "Settings" button in the upper right corner of the screen. Under the heading "Leave the battle" you will be available 2 of the following options:

Might and Magic Elemental Guardians: Walkthrough

How to open a map of the world? To open the world map, click on the "Battle" button at the bottom of the Academy menu.

How to open the next region on the map? To open another region, you must completely go through the previous one. The regions are distinguished by unique natural conditions. There you can meet and capture different creatures. In each region there are 7 dungeons that must be passed and opened one after another.

What are Dragonmist islands? Dragon Fog Islands are a special region where you can get symbols for your creatures and materials for evolution that are required to improve them. On the Islands you will find Symbol Dungeons and unique Elemental Dungeons:

What is the Test Tower? Get to the highest levels of the Test Tower and get unique rewards every month.

Warning: this is incredibly difficult!

How to get materials for evolution? Materials for evolution can be obtained in battles on the islands of Dragon Fog. In addition, sometimes they are found in chests.

How do dungeons work? You can enter any dungeon available on the world map, spending energy on it. Fight and get well-deserved rewards. Each dungeon has 3 difficulty levels. Complete the region completely to unlock the next difficulty level.

How to find out which creatures are available in the dungeon? Creatures that can be captured in this dungeon appear in the "Possible rewards" block on the right side of the screen when entering the dungeon.

What do the stars at the bottom of the map mean? Stars show difficulty level:

How to find out what kind of loot you can get in the dungeon? Before the start of the battle, you can check the list of possible rewards for any dungeon. In each of them you will find a unique combination of possible rewards. Get them all!

Might and Magic Elemental Guardians: Creature and Symbol Guide

How to get new creatures? There are two ways to get new creatures:

How to find soul stones? Every day, a free soul stone appears on the altar of summoning. To get extra gems, complete the corresponding achievements or buy them for stamps. Special sets are also available in the store, some of which come across soul stones.

How can I improve my creatures? Click on the Creatures button in the Academy’s main menu. At the bottom of the screen you will see a list of all your creatures. Click on a creature’s portrait to download more information about it. There are 4 different ways to improve a creature:

How to increase the level of being? To increase the level of a creature, click on the "Improve" button in the team management menu. Then click on the "New Level" button to open the corresponding menu. Potions gained in battles will help your creatures gain levels faster.

Why raise creature levels? The higher the level of the being, the stronger it is.

What does it mean to "upgrade a creature’s rank"? How to do it? Raising a creature’s rank gives him an extra star. The more stars a creature has, the higher level it can reach.

To increase the rank of your creature, click on the "Improve" button in the team management menu. Then click on the "New Rank" button to open the corresponding menu. To increase the rank, other creatures of the same rank are used. In the process of increasing you release them at will, so that in the end these creatures will disappear from your collection.

In addition, to increase the rank, the creature must reach the highest level possible at the moment.

How to improve creature skills? To improve a creature’s skill, click on the "Improve" button in the team management menu. Then click on the "New Skill" button to open the corresponding menu. Additionally, you will need 4 more creatures related to the same element. Also, in the process of improving the skill, a magic book is required.

Why improve creature skills? Improving a creature’s skill makes it stronger. Each skill can be improved several times.

How to improve a creature? To improve the creature will require various materials for evolution, which are associated with its element. In addition, it is important to which house of magic you belong: Matter, Spirit or Chimera. For example, to improve the ice griffin, water objects are required for evolution. Materials for evolution can be obtained in special dungeons on the islands of Dragon’s Mist.

Why upgrade creatures? An improved creature becomes stronger and changes its physical appearance.Upgrade creatures until they become epic!

How to see all my creatures and open the team management menu? To open the team management menu, click on the Creatures button in the main menu. A list of all your creatures will appear at the bottom of the screen, which you can freely view.

How to find out information about a creature? What does she mean? In the central part of the screen in the command control menu you will see the following information:

How to find out creature metrics? Full statistics for this or that creature is presented in the form of a list on the right side of the screen in the command control menu.

What do creature metrics mean? Each creature has indicators that determine its strength in battle. Basic indicators are displayed in white, and all bonuses to them are displayed in green.

How to compare the performance of two creatures? In the command management menu next to the "Improve" button, you will notice a button marked. Click on it to open a new menu in which the creature you have selected is displayed on the right side of the screen. In the center of the screen you will see a table, and on the left - free space. Select a creature to compare from the list below and click on it. A new arrow button will appear. It allows you to change the creature that you study and compare with others.

What are the symbols for? Each creature can simultaneously use up to 6 characters, increasing its performance. Depending on the type, the characters give a bonus to speed, attack, health, accuracy, stability and other characteristics of the creature.

How to assign a creature a symbol? Click on the Creatures button in the Academy’s main menu to open the team management menu. Select a creature and pay attention to 6 cells for characters. Click on one of the cells. A menu will open in which you can select the desired character. Unused characters are displayed on the left and are grouped by type and shape. Having chosen a free symbol, you can find out detailed information about it and assign it to a creature.

How to get characters? Symbols can be found in dungeons and chests.

How do I know which characters I have? When a creature is selected in the command menu, the symbols assigned to it are also displayed. Click on any character cell to open the list and view the available characters.

How many characters can I use at one time? For each of your creatures you can choose up to 6 characters.For each of the 3 shapes, 2 cells are available.

How to improve a character? Crystals are used to improve characters.

What are the kinds of characters? Below is a list of the types that you will meet in the game:

Assigning 3 characters of the same type to the creature, you will receive an additional bonus:

Might and Magic Elemental Guardians: Guild and Event Guide

What is an event section? In the events section you will find many different assignments for which excellent rewards rely. Remember to check this section regularly: sometimes a secret dungeon may appear there.

What is an arena for? In the arena, you can challenge players from all over the world. Win battles to break into the major leagues and get more rewards.

What are guilds? Guild - a group of people who came together to jointly perform complex tasks.

How to join a guild? You can join a guild in many ways. To get started, click on the guild building.

  1. You can create your own guild. To do this, click on the "Create" button. In the new guild, you will take the post of chapter.
  2. You can view the list of guilds that the game offers you, select one of them and send a request for entry. If it is an open guild, your request will be satisfied immediately. If the guild is closed, your request will be considered by the head of the guild and its assistants.
  3. You can find a specific guild by its name and send a request for entry. If it is an open guild, your request will be satisfied immediately. If the guild is closed, your request will be considered by the head of the guild and its assistants.

What can I do in my guild? The guild leader and his assistants can activate guild missions. A guild mission is an assignment that guild members carry out all together. Check out the list of missions and choose the one that suits you in complexity and rewards!

How to take part in the guild mission? First of all, you must be a member of the guild. Then the head of the guild or his assistants must activate the mission and offer it for purchase to members of the guild. If the purchase has taken place, the mission begins. All members of the guild can take part in it. Familiarize yourself with the mission that lies at the heart of the mission and decide if you should participate!

Might and Magic Elemental Guardians: Proper game setup

Can I play without connecting to the Internet? No, Internet connection is required. Game data "Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians" is stored on Ubisoft servers. This allows you to easily transfer your account to other devices on the same platform (Game Center or Google Play), automatically save game progress, be in touch with other players and remain part of an exciting and constantly changing game world.

Can I play anonymously and then log in to Game Center or Google Play? Yes, you can log in to Game Center or Google Play even after playing using an anonymous account. If you save the game to Game Center or Google Play, this data will replace your anonymous account.

How to enable and disable push notifications? To enable or disable notifications, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Academy main menu and go to the game settings.

Can I continue the game on another device? To access your Might & Magic: Elemental Guard saves on another iOS or Android device, simply log in to your Game Center or Google Play account. The saved data will appear on the new device instantly.

Remember that to access them you must always remain in this Game Center or Google Play account.

Where to contact if I have problems with the game? To send a question to the technical support service, click on the "Technical Support" button in the game. It is located in the news tab of your inbox. You can completely confidentially report any problems encountered during the game, be it errors, failures or dishonest actions of other players. Describe your situation in as much detail as possible - sometimes even the smallest detail may be useful to solve the problem.

I want to leave a review about the game or share thoughts on how it can be improved. How to do it? Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome. They help to constantly improve the game so that you like it even more! Post your thoughts on the official forums to discuss with other players. In addition, you can contact the developers on the official pages of "Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians" on Twitter and Facebook. Do not forget to subscribe to these pages to keep abreast of the latest news and game improvements!

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