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Mystery Matters WiKi: game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Mystery Matters is an adventure game developed by Playrix. In a small town, a string of kidnappings is taking place involving a mysterious masked man. You play as Elizabeth, who is investigating these incidents along with a detective partner. You have to repair an old mansion, solve crimes, find out city secrets and even develop romantic lines between characters. During the game you will complete Match-3 puzzles, Hidden Object scenes and mini-games. You can also participate in temporary events and compete with other players in the speed of completing game goals.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. How to complete the search scenes?
  3. Guide to Match-3 Games
  4. All About Match-3 Elements
  5. Hosting events and competitions
  6. Game progress
  7. Questions from Donators
  8. Pros and cons of the game

Mystery Matters: Beginner’s Guide

How to complete tasks? To progress through the story, you need to complete various tasks: restore furniture, clean or plant plants in the garden, solve puzzles and communicate with characters. To complete the game day, you need to complete a certain number of tasks.

How to earn stars? To complete tasks, you need a special resource - stars. They can be earned by completing Match 3 levels and finding items. The game also hosts events that allow you to get stars as a reward. Some tasks are puzzles and require certain actions on your part: if the task seems difficult, you can always use the hint by clicking on the icon with a question mark. For completing tasks and completing gaming days, you will receive valuable prizes.

You can track your progress, as well as view the current list of tasks in the tablet, which is located in the lower left corner of the screen.

How to move between different locations? As you progress through the game, you will be able to move from one place in the city to another in order to complete various tasks. Click on the button with the map, located in the lower left corner of the screen. On it you will see open and yet inaccessible locations. To go to the estate, police station or other place, you need to touch the corresponding area on the map. The character icon shows your current location.

The map is available after completing the "Take Evidence to the Station" quest.

How to change the appearance of installed objects? You always have the opportunity to equip a room or a plot in the garden to your liking by choosing one of the three proposed decor options. You can do this both during the task and after. Press and hold an item (chair, wardrobe, lamp, etc.) and then select the option you like best from the available options.

How do I change my name or the name of a pet in the game? You can change your or your pet’s name at any time:

  1. Go to game settings.
  2. Click the Profile button.
  3. Click on the top line with the avatar to change your name, or on the bottom line with the paw print to change the pet’s name.
  4. After entering a new name option, click OK.

Daily bonus. Once you reach level 8, you will be able to receive valuable gifts every day! As soon as this option becomes available to you, a tag with a surprise box will appear on the coin panel. To receive a bonus, go to the bank and click on the "Claim" button under the bonus icon. After that, a timer will appear on the plate, counting down the time until the next gift is received. As a daily prize, you can get tools and bonuses for Match 3 levels. Gifts are updated and changed every day.

Your device must have the correct time and date set. Bonuses from previous days are not saved and are not cumulative. The next bonus can be received no earlier than at midnight of the new day.

What is life? How can I restore them? Lives are the resource required to run levels. There may be five in total. If you lose, you lose one life, but if you successfully complete the level or exit it before starting any actions, no lives are consumed. This resource is replenished automatically - one life is restored in 30 minutes.

You can also buy 5 lives at once for 900 coins if they run out completely. You can also exchange lives with other players after connecting the game to the social network. The current number of lives can be viewed in the upper left corner of the main screen. Life is fully restored at the end of the game day.

Endless Lives. Infinite Lives is a special reward that is valid for a certain period of time. You do not lose a life on a loss while this bonus is active. Infinite lives can be obtained as a reward for returning to the game, as well as for participating in events and competitions. The time on the timer below the lives icon will indicate how long the bonus will be active.

The counter starts immediately after receiving the reward, and it cannot be stopped even by closing the game. We advise you to complete the levels as soon as you get infinite lives so that your bonus does not burn out.

Mystery Matters: How to complete the search scenes?

How to pass the search scene? In addition to Match 3 levels, search scenes are available to you in the game - you can start such a scene by pressing the button with a magnifying glass on the main screen. In the search scene, you need to find all the items that are listed on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. In order for an item to be marked as found, it must be touched.

The game has several search modes that differ in essence and level of difficulty. For example, in the "Silhouettes" mode, you need to identify objects by the silhouettes presented, and in the "Find the Differences" mode, you need to look for objects that are present only on one half of the image.

We advise you not to hesitate: the faster you find all the items, the more coins you will earn.

Using hint. Collect all the items that are easy for you to find, and in difficult situations, use the hint by clicking on the button with a question mark at the bottom right. She will point to one random item in the image. Completing search scenes does not count towards most events and competitions. After using a hint, you need to wait a while before using it again.

I believe there is a bug in the search scene. If you think there is a bug in the search scene, you should try the following:

If after all the steps the problem in the search scene still remains, contact technical support. Please include the following information in your message:

Search modes

1. Words. In this search mode, the task is represented by a list of words. You see 3 task words at the same time. The list on the panel is updated as you collect items. The scale above the panel will tell you how many items you have left to find.

2. One word at a time. In this search mode, you see only one word in the taskbar, and until you find this item, a new task word will not appear. The scale above the panel will tell you how many items are left to find.

Darts only pick up one item in this search mode.

3 pairs. In this search mode, you need to find a couple of items indicated on the taskbar. Please note that the objects in a pair do not necessarily look identical: it can be both the object itself and its conditional image. First, touch one item (it will be highlighted), then the second. If you miss at this point, the highlight from the first item will not disappear. But if you choose a different search item, you will activate a new pair.

4. Choice of three. In this search mode, you need to find any one of the three items indicated on the taskbar in 20 seconds. When you find an item, the next three items will appear. The scale above the panel will tell you how many of these triples are left. Please note that the timer in this mode is located at the bottom left. Darts is not available in this search mode.

5. Collector. In this mode, you have to find a certain number of identical objects, such as feathers, cobwebs or leaves. Be careful and manage to cope with the search in the allotted time! The counter on the panel will tell you how many items are left to find to complete the task.

You can use all tools and bonuses in this search mode.

6. Find differences. In this mode, you have to find a certain number of differences between the pictures. The screen is divided in half: in each half, objects are hidden that are not in the opposite. The counter on the panel will tell you how many differences are left to find to complete the task. You can also use search tools and bonuses in this mode. Zoom in and pan around to view scenes in their entirety and capture every detail.

7. Mosaic. In this mode, you need to restore the image by placing the hexagonal pieces of the puzzle in the right places. Touch first one fragment, then another to swap them with each other. As soon as all the puzzle pieces are in place, the level will be completed. The counter on the panel will tell you how many fragments are left to distribute to complete the task.

Some pieces of the mosaic may be upside down. They will take the correct position, being in their place. You can change the location of the puzzle pieces an unlimited number of times until they fall into place.

8. Choosing a silhouette. In this search mode, the task is represented by a trio of silhouettes. Have time to find and pick up any one of the three items in 20 seconds! After that, the next three will appear. The progress bar will tell you how many steps are left before victory. Please note that the timer in this mode is located at the bottom left. Darts is not available in this search mode.

Search Scene Secrets

Some scenes are really difficult to pass, but in fact it is absolutely real. The main thing is not to give up. Here are some general tips:

Mystery Matters: Guide to Match-3 Games

What are Match 3 levels? The goal of such levels is to cope with the task in the allotted number of moves. The level will be completed as soon as you complete all the tasks and collect the required number of items indicated on the left panel. Line up combinations of three or more chips of the same color to move forward. For complex combinations of four or more chips, you get bonuses that speed up the passage.

In the levels there are different types of obstacles that make it difficult to complete the task - in some cases you have to remove them. Try to complete the task in a limited number of moves using bonuses and tools. Remember that bonuses can be combined with each other to enhance their effect. Don’t forget: the more moves you save, the bigger the reward!

What combinations of instruments are there in the game? By combining tools for Match 3 levels, you get a more powerful effect from their action! To merge tools located in adjacent cells, simply drag one on the cell to another. Combinations work like this:

Is it possible to skip a level? It is impossible to skip a specific level: in order to go further, you need to cope with the task. The number of levels is calculated for each game day, and by skipping levels, you simply could not earn enough stars to complete the tasks.

Do not give up! It is possible to pass any level with due skill and attentiveness even without tools, your reward for super difficult levels is much greater than for ordinary ones. If you get stuck on a difficult level, try using the walkthrough tips to help you get through it.

Tools Match 3

Tools appear on the playing field if you make a combination of four or more chips. You can combine two instruments side by side and get a greater effect.

1. Rocket. The rocket clears all cells vertically or horizontally depending on where it is directed. To get a Rocket, you need to make a combination of four chips in a row or column.

2. Dynamite. Dynamite clears a large number of cells around it. To get Dynamite, you need to make a combination of five or six pieces in the shape of L or T. Click or drag the dynamite to set off an explosion!

3. Fireworks. Fireworks remove one random element on the field: first of all, the goal of the level. Taking off, it also deals damage to adjacent cells. To get fireworks, you need to combine four chips of the same type in the shape of a square.

4. Rainbow ball. The rainbow ball removes all chips of the same type on the field. To apply a rainbow ball, drag it onto a chip of the desired color. If you simply touch this tool without combining it with a chip of a certain color, it will remove the chips from the field that are represented in the largest number on the field. You can get a ball by making a row of five chips.

You also have the option to use Rocket, Dynamite or Rainbow Ball before the level starts. These tools can be won in events or competitions, or bought with coins. Please note that you can only purchase three tools at a time and only if you run out of a certain tool.

Bonuses Match 3

Power-ups are special tools that make it easier to complete Match 3 levels. Each of them works differently. Bonuses can be won in events, competitions, as a daily prize, or bought with coins during the passage of the level. Please note that you can only purchase three bonuses at a time and only if you run out of a certain bonus. The following bonuses can be seen and applied during the passage of the level.

1. Hammer. The hammer releases one cell of the field from the chip, and causes damage to more durable obstacles. The hammer is available from level 6.

2. Brush. The brush allows you to remove a row of chips horizontally without spending a move. Available from level 9.

3. Rake. The rake allows you to remove a row of chips vertically without spending a turn. Rakes are available from level 13.

4. Fan. The fan randomly shuffles all free chips on the field. After application, the fan automatically makes 3 combinations. This bonus is available to you from level 15.

Tips for completing levels

Some levels are hard to pass, but you can do it! The main thing is to carefully consider the strategy of passing and not to give up. Here are our tips:

Mystery Matters: All About Match-3 Elements

Boxes. To remove a box, make combinations of chips next to it or blow up bonuses. Some of the boxes are sealed with tape and are a little more difficult to remove: you’ll need more combinations or explosions.

Newspapers. Newspapers block the cells on the field. Remove them by making combinations or activating bonuses and tools nearby!

Grass. On cells with grass chips, bonuses and other elements of the game can be placed. To spread the grass, you need to make a combination with at least one chip located on it. After that, the grass will fill the cells on which there are other chips from the combination. Use power-ups and tools to spread grass over a large area. As soon as the grass occupies the entire playing field, and all goals are completed, you move on to the next level.

Bonuses or tools spread grass only if they are on it at the time of use or are displaced from a grass cell.

Mailboxes. Make combinations and activate bonuses next to the mailbox to get letters out of it.

Keys. To get the key, you need to hold it to the very bottom of the playing field. Please note that the key must be in the cell marked with a down arrow - only then can you pick it up. Activate various bonuses to more effectively clear the way for the keys.

Board with photographs. To collect photos, you will need to follow a few steps. First, raise the curtain, making a combination next to the board, then take photos from it, continuing to combine chips. Activate power-ups and tools next to the element to complete the task faster! As soon as the board is empty, it will disappear from the field.

Flashlight. The lantern must be removed in two steps. First, light the lantern by making a combination or activating the bonus next to it. Then make another combination to get rid of the element.

Steam. Steam closes the elements on the field and can consist of several layers. To remove steam from the cells of the field, you need to make combinations or activate bonuses next to it.

Cookie. Make a combination or activate the tool next to the cookie to split it into two halves. Halves of cookies will scatter across the field, after which you will need to collect them using combinations and tools.

Film camera. The film blocks the rows on the playing field. Roll it up by making combinations and activating tools! The camera with the film will disappear from the field as soon as you complete the task.

Donut box. Open the box by making combinations or activating bonuses, and then remove the donuts by making combinations of chips of the corresponding color next to them. You can also collect donuts by activating power-ups or tools; the color of the affected donut will not matter.

Shelf with notebooks. Make combinations next to the shelf or activate bonuses. As soon as you open the shelf door, blue notebooks will scatter across the field, and the shelf itself will be empty. You can collect notebooks by activating bonuses or making combinations with them as with ordinary chips.

Safe. Gold bars are stored in the safe! Remove the valve and open the door, activating the power-ups and tools next to the safe. After that, get the ingots with the help of bonuses or tools, and the empty safe will disappear from the playing field.

Roll of grass. Grass can be rolled up and tied with rope. Untie the roll by making combinations next to it or activating bonuses. Once unpacked, the grass will immediately spread horizontally and vertically and you can spread it across the field as usual.

Curtain. The curtain covers part of the playing field. To raise it, make combinations of chips of the right color. The counter on the curtain will indicate the number and color of chips that you need to remove.

Power-ups and tools do not directly affect the curtain, but they help you remove the tiles of the desired color and complete the task.

Telephone. Make combinations to return the handset to its place: with each of your actions, the telephone wire will be reduced. The bonus or tool will push the tube further than the combination of chips. You can make combinations and use tools on either side of the handset - the main thing is that they affect it.

Dog treat. The delicacy is wrapped in several wrappers, each of which is smaller than the previous one. Unwrap the pack with combinations and power-ups until you get to the treat! The dog treat moves to a new location on the field with each removal of the wrapper.

Test tube. Fill the test tube, making combinations and activating power-ups next to it, until its contents begin to foam. Then make another combination, and the test tube will explode, destroying chips and elements around it.

Cassette. Activate the power-ups next to the voice recorder twice to open it. After that, several cassettes will scatter across the field. Collect them using power-ups or tools, or by making combinations of chips of the corresponding color.

Combinations of chips do not affect the recorder itself, however, they allow you to collect the dropped cassettes.

Portal. The portal connects different parts of the field with each other. Getting to the entry point of the portal, chips and other elements are moved to another part of the field. Portals are often blocked by obstacles. To allow chips and elements to get to another part of the field, you must first clear the path to the portal.

Alchemist set. There is one of the chips in the round flask, and the number indicates how many of these chips you need to collect. Remove chips with combinations and bonuses! As soon as the task is completed, the alchemist’s set will disappear, causing damage to every cell on the field.

Bonuses and tools do not directly affect the flask, but they help you remove the chips or elements indicated on it.

Color box. Make combinations of chips of the right color next to such boxes to remove them from the field. You will need several combinations to get the job done. Colored boxes can also be destroyed with power-ups and tools.

Case. Rings are stored in cases! Open cases by making combinations or activating bonuses next to them. Then make a combination next to the open case to get the ring out of it.

Only some of the cases contain rings - open the case to see if it’s empty or not.

Housekeeper. The key holder can contain up to three keys. Make combinations of chips next to the key holder to open it, and then swipe the keys that appear to the bottom of the field. Using power-ups next to an element will speed up the process.

Stone figurine. To create a figurine, apply any bonus or tool to the stone three times. After exposure for the fourth time, the stone figure will disappear from the field.

bomb in the ground. Clear the ground around the bomb by making combinations or activating bonuses next to it. After clearing at least one bomb, you will find all the bombs nearby.

Boer. The drill is located on the edge of the field horizontally or vertically. The number on the counter indicates the number of chips that you need to remove to activate the element. Charge the drill, making combinations of chips of the right color. As soon as the counter reaches zero, the drill will destroy all obstacles in a row or column.

Crystal in stone. Break the Stones with the help of power-ups, and then make a combination nearby to collect the Crystals!

Mystery Matters: Hosting events and competitions

Event "Best Detective"

Compete with other players for the title of the best detective by completing levels and earning tokens. For completing the level on the first try, you get the most valuable, golden token, equivalent to 100 event points. Winning the second time will bring you a silver token (70 event points), the third - a bronze one (50 event points).

If it took you 4 attempts or more to complete the level, you will receive a regular token as a reward, which is equal to 30 event points. The competition is limited in time and lasts 4 days. At the end of the competition, the top three players will be awarded valuable prizes. If you didn’t make it into the top three, don’t worry, you’ll still get a reward for participating.

During the event, personal rewards are also available to you. Having collected the required number of tokens, you open a chest with a gift! You can track your progress by clicking on the event icon on the left side of the screen. To take part in the competition, you need to qualify and win the level on the first try. The competition is available to players who have reached level 25.

Treasure Hunt Event

The Treasure Hunt event consists of a number of stages. To advance, collect the items marked with the bell and match the bell tokens in Match 3 levels. To move to a new stage, you need to collect the number of bells indicated on the scale. Depending on the difficulty of the level, the number of collected bells is multiplied by 3 or 5 times.

With the completion of the final stage, you get the main, most valuable prize. The timer under the scale at the top of the screen will indicate the time until the end of the event, and the counter will indicate the number of bells needed to move to the next stage. You can see your progress, the number of stages and rewards for them by clicking on the event scale. The event is available to players who have reached level 22.

prize festival

This event gives you the opportunity to receive valuable prizes. Complete levels by earning points and unlocking rewards. The number of points earned depends on the difficulty of the level. The harder the level, the more points you get for winning. There are 35 stages to complete during the festival: once you collect enough points, you will have access to the rewards for the current stage and unlock the next one.

The Prize Festival has two lines of rewards - free and premium, which will become available after purchasing a Golden Ticket. The ticket will also allow you to receive rewards from the Safe again and again after you complete all the stages of the event. The duration of the Prize Festival is 28 days. The event is available to players who have reached level 22.

You get from 1 to 3 points for completing Match 3 levels, however, the reward for the search scenes is always 1 event point. Some of the rewards are available to all players, and the purchase of a Golden Ticket provides an exclusive opportunity to receive additional prizes. If you have opened, but did not take some rewards, you will receive them after the end of the Festival.

golden ticket

The Golden Ticket is a special offer that allows you to get nice bonuses during the Prize Festival. After purchasing a ticket, you will have access to:

You can purchase a Golden Ticket in the event window. The Golden Ticket is only valid for the duration of the respective event (28 days). Extra Turn tokens are applied on the first loss. You cannot choose between buying a level extension and using tokens - you can either use the bonus or leave the level. When the Prize Festival ends, the temporary bonuses received with the Ticket cease to be valid.

Event "Bonus for the winner"

In this event, the passage will be facilitated by free tools: when you win the Match-3 level on the first try, they appear in each subsequent task. Play undefeated, and a series of victories will bring you more rewards! At the last stage of the event, 3 free tools will become available to you immediately. Wins and losses in the search scenes do not affect the progress in the event.

The event is available to players who have reached level 20. Tools available during the event appear and are forced to fire. They cannot be accumulated, turned off or postponed for later. You can also use your own, purchased or won tools and bonuses - the event does not restrict you from using them.

Try to complete the level the first time: if you lose, the progress in the event will be lost and you will have to start over.

Air Race Event

During the Air Race event, you have the opportunity to compete with other players for the championship. To win the race, you need to get to the specified level in the game as quickly as possible. Compete with other participants, come to the finish line the fastest and get prizes. You will enter the event after confirming your readiness and clicking on "Fly".

Five people participate in each race. The goal of the event is to pass the required number of levels before rivals. After completing a race, you can either immediately take part in the next one, or not enter the next cycle without pressing the start button. During the event (3 days) you can complete an unlimited number of races.

The time until the end of the Air Race can be seen on the timer under the icon. The event is available to players who have passed level 24. Wins and losses in the search scenes do not affect the progress in the event. A stable internet connection is required to participate in the Air Race. The race ends as soon as your rivals take all the prizes.

League of Winners

The game continues even when it runs out of levels. Compete for the title of the best of the best in the "League of Winners" competition. The goal of the competition is to take one of 10 prizes in order to receive valuable rewards. To do this, you need to pass levels, earning gold cups.

You also get prizes by collecting a certain number of cups and achieving personal goals in the competition. You can see the number of cups earned and see your progress in the list of League participants. Players who have completed all available levels can take part in the competition. Stars are not awarded for completing levels in the League - they can only be obtained as rewards for achieving personal goals.

If your Internet connection is lost during the passage of the level, the cups you have collected will not be lost. But to access the player rating table, you need an internet connection. The duration of the competition is 7 days. After the end of the "League of Winners", all collected cups are canceled, and the next competition starts again.

Mystery Matters: Game progress

Is it possible to restart the game? If you would like to restart the game on your current device, please contact support through the game settings:

  1. Open Settings and click "Help".
  2. Select the desired article in the "Game Progress" category.
  3. Under the article you will see the question: "Did this information help you?" Click "No" and then "Contact Us" to start the conversation.
  4. Describe your request, click "Submit" and select the desired category of request in the dialogue with the chatbot. Support can either reset your progress or delete all of your personal data.

You can also restart the game on a different device. If your current game is connected to a social network or Google, it is important not to connect the game to the same account in order to avoid synchronization of game progress between two devices.

How do I know if my game progress has been saved? Game progress is saved automatically if the device is connected to the Internet, and will not be lost even if you reinstall the game. You can also save your progress by connecting the game to your social network or Google accounts. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Settings and click on the "Save progress" button.
  2. Select your preferred option and log in.
  3. You can connect the game to several accounts at the same time and unlink any of the accounts at any time.

When resetting the device to factory settings, as well as its breakdown or loss, progress can only be restored if the game was connected to one of the above accounts. If you did not connect the game to the services before losing progress, achievements may be lost forever.

How to transfer progress to a new device? You can transfer your game progress from your old device to your new one by connecting your new game to the same social or Google account you used on your old device. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Install the game from the app store on your new device and launch it.
  2. View the splash screen, go to Settings and connect the new game to your old social network or Google account.
  3. In the window that appears, select the progress on the server and enter "Confirm". Game progress will be transferred and you can continue playing on the new device.

It is also possible to transfer progress using the Play Games service. All you need to do is connect the game to your account by clicking on the appropriate button in the settings.

How to play on multiple devices at the same time? You can play on multiple devices by linking the game to the same account on a social network or Google. To sync achievements using either of these methods, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings and click on the "Save" button.
  2. Select your preferred option and log in.
  3. Install the game from the app store on the second device and launch it.
  4. View the splash screen, go to Settings and connect the downloaded game to your previous social network or Google account.
  5. In the window that appears, select the progress from the server and enter "Confirm".

It is also possible to transfer progress using the Play Games service. All you need to do is connect the game to your account by clicking on the appropriate button in the settings.

Can I have multiple accounts on the same device? For Mystery Matters to work properly, it is highly recommended to have one account on one device. If you try to create another account (for example, for a family member) by connecting to another page on the social network or Google account, then the original game progress may be completely lost and cannot be restored. This action can also cause your progress to be mixed up with that of a family member. To avoid such problems, we advise you and your friends or relatives to play Mystery Matters each on their own device.

How to continue the game on a new device without connecting to a social network? You can sync progress across multiple devices using a single Google account. All you need to do is connect the game to the same account on all devices. If your game is not connected to the social network or you are having difficulty transferring achievements, technical support will be able to synchronize progress manually, provided that you have access to the old device. To do this, send a message from the game installed on each device to specialists and wait for a response.

My game progress is gone. If your game progress has been lost, try:

If progress has not been restored after these steps, contact support.

Mystery Matters: Questions from Donators

Promotion "Gold Reserve". Along with coins for completing levels, you get additional bonus coins. They are accumulated in a special safe, which can be viewed by clicking on the button on the right side of the screen. As soon as 3000 coins are accumulated in the safe, they can be bought at a bargain price.

The bonus coins will not affect the regular level rewards: you will receive the normal amount with and without the piggy bank. You can buy coins immediately, as soon as you accumulate the required number, or you can continue to save and buy them later - then the purchase will be even more profitable. It is impossible to turn off the piggy bank, but you can simply ignore the safe and not use it.

Is it possible to complete the game without making purchases? Certainly! Mystery Matters is free for all users and any level can be completed without spending real money. If you wish, you can purchase tools or resources to facilitate the passage, but this is not required.

How can I pay for a purchase? Purchases are made through the application store of your device and paid for using one of the methods available in this store. The following payment methods are available for the Google Play Store:

Available payment methods may vary by country. Please refer to the app store support pages for more information.

My purchase did not appear in the game. The first thing to do is to check your internet connection. To add a purchase to the game, it must be stable enough. If the connection was interrupted during or immediately after the purchase, restart the device, enter the game again and check if the purchase has arrived. If the purchase still does not appear, contact technical support.

Mystery Matters: Pros and cons of the game

The new exciting game from Playrix is ​​a real detective "series" divided into days of investigation. You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of secrets and mysteries that reigns around the ancient estate of a small town, and find out who is behind the mystical abductions of city dwellers. The game will appeal to both lovers of puzzles and fans of adventure quests. The main advantages of the game:

The main cons of the game:

Article author: