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Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds WiKi: Tips and tricks for passing the game

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is an RPG developed by Netmarble. Become the Chosen One to save the Nameless Kingdom from the Demon invasion. Choose your hero and start your journey through the fantasy world presented in anime style. In addition to battles and leveling up characters, you will get acquainted with familiars and pets, build your own farm, conduct PvP battles in the arena and be active as part of the Kingdom. The game is distinguished by rich and vivid art, memorable musical accompaniment and an interesting plot.


  1. How to create a character?
  2. Beginner’s Guide
  3. Guide to heroes and their leveling
  4. Ways to upgrade equipment
  5. Gear Crafting and Reforging Guide
  6. How to use stones in equipment?
  7. Black Magic Gear Upgrade
  8. How to make your familiars stronger?
  9. Secrets of Familiar Farm Management
  10. Familiar Forest
  11. Your vehicle
  12. Pet Rules
  13. How to get even more rewards?
  14. Passing Trials
  15. Episode Dungeons and Quests
  16. Dimensional Border
  17. Boss Battles
  18. Relic War Guide
  19. Duel Battles
  20. Familiar Arena Battles
  21. Kingdom Guide
  22. Kingdom Dungeon Walkthrough
  23. How to rule a kingdom?
  24. How to complete tasks?
  25. Wish Tree
  26. Your records
  27. Is it worth playing?

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: How to create a character?

How to create a character? You can create a unique character in each of the 5 classes. The account name can be selected during the game after character creation.

Character classes. Below are the class types and description:

swordsmanThe loyal swordsman is a reliable choice for any team. He can protect allies and help them survive the toughest battles.
WitchThe witch’s spear dances in the air, obeying the will of its owner. It’s beautiful and deadly. The Witch Spear is the perfect tool for many magical attacks.
DodgerWhen fighting against an insidious rogue, one must not lose vigilance. His movements are elusive and agile, and a powerful wave of attacks will knock anyone down.
crusherThe Crusher is capable of inflicting incomparable damage, as well as delivering powerful protection. Nothing can break his will, he is always at the forefront!
EngineerAn engineer from Listvyan is not just a profession, it is a real vocation. Not only does she have devastating firepower, but she can also heal allies using the latest technology.
After choosing a class, customize your character to give it your own unique style.

How to create a unique character? Express yourself - create a unique character using a whole palette of colors. You can change the character’s hairstyle, outfits, physique, and eye color.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Beginner’s Guide

Player profile. In your profile, you can leave a greeting to introduce yourself to other players. Also, your profile displays personal information (zodiac sign, and mood). You can make this information private if you don’t want to reveal it. Recordings can be used to communicate with friends and subscribers. Set up permissions to choose who can post (friends, followers, kingdom members, strangers).

Character information. Character Information is an overview of equipped items, companion familiars, stats, and class information.

your inventory. All classes (characters) on your account share the same inventory. You can expand your inventory with diamonds or items from sets. If there is no room in the inventory, new items will be sent to the post office.

Useful inventory functions, item filter. The filter and sort functions, as well as the "Unpack All" and "Sell All" buttons make inventory management much easier. You can filter and sort items by rank, element, HP, and purchase date. Use the filter to sort items by rank and element.

How to mass disassemble and sell items? The "Select All" function in the "Disassemble" menu allows you to quickly and easily dismantle equipment. Just select the rank, element, and type of item you want to dismantle. Items that are not equipment can be sold in batches using the "Sell All" feature.

When using these functions, be careful not to accidentally get rid of something you need!

World map. Take a bird’s eye view of the world of Ni no Kuni. The map for each area shows the recommended level for hunting and completing tasks. You can quickly and easily move to places you’ve already visited!

Progress report. The progress report provides detailed data on the weekly changes in your combat capability. In addition, it has a breakdown of combat capability in certain categories, such as character, equipment, familiars, notes, power-ups, and so on. Up to level 30 progress report is generated daily. Upon reaching level 31. and above, a progress report is generated every Monday at 6:00 am (UTC).

The statistics in the progress report are based on the average HP for your level.

Rating. The weekly ranking is updated every week. And the overall rating takes into account all in-game actions. The number on the screen displays the rating of players up to 200 places. If you rank lower in the ranking, it will be displayed as "Top%". If several players receive the same amount of HP and the same level rating, places are distributed according to the time they received these indicators.

When you enter the top ten for the first time, or if your place in the top ten changes, you can brag about it to your friends and kingdom comrades. The rating system becomes available after you select an account name.

Overall rating. A general rating system that records the history of passing the game. The overall rating compares the current rating with the previous day’s rating and displays the changes. Some general rankings show weekly changes.

Weekly rating. Rating based on the history of the passage of the game for the week. After a weekly update, characters who finish 1st in each category will be awarded special temporary titles. Temporary titles can be used until the next weekly update, starting from the day they were received. Weekly updates occur every Monday at 06:00(UTC) in the morning. Titles improve performance and make it easier to pass. To see the available titles, open Menu - Character - Titles.

The writing on the wall. Your wall is a special place where you can create your image using screenshots with captions. Share the story of your adventures with other travelers. When the number of entries reaches the maximum, the oldest entry will be deleted. The owner of the wall can set the settings to allow or prohibit commenting on the post. Visitors can like and comment on posts.

Posts with the most likes or comments are automatically added to the hot list on the server.

Your friends. In the "Friends" menu, you can see a list of existing friends and friend requests. You can also make new acquaintances using the "Recommended Friends" feature. If one player unfriends the other, they will both disappear from each other’s friends list. Only players with similar interests get into the list of recommended friends.

Shop for beginners. The Novice Shop is only available to Novices, i.e. players who created an account less than 20 days ago or have a maximum character level of 60 or less. If you meet these conditions, you can receive up to 100 Novice Coins every day for defeating monsters. Earned Novice Coins can be spent in the Novice Market to purchase items from the following categories: Power-Up, Equipment, Familiars, and Magic Tome.

1 day after you stop being a newbie, the newbie coins will disappear.

Call store. Use diamonds or special coupons to summon equipment, familiars, and costumes. If the inventory is full during the call, the results of the call will be sent to your mail. Click the "Summon Chances" button in the upper left corner to view the probabilities.

Token shop. Complete quests, fight on the duel ground, or defeat field bosses to earn tokens to purchase various items. There are daily and weekly purchase limits for each item. Restrictions are common to all characters on an account.

How to give gifts? To give a gift to a character, click the "Gift" button next to a character who can receive gifts. By giving gifts to characters, the soul lord can enlist their favor and receive gifts in return. Characters from the Culinary Competition Judge’s Disposition group can only receive a limited number of gifts. Each character has their own gift items. Among their number, there are certain subjects that they like more than others.

If you give a character their favorite item, you will receive more favor in return than with a regular gift. When a character’s disposition reaches a certain level, the disposition rank will be increased. The higher the location rank, the better the return gifts will be. The first time you reach the Favor rank, you will receive new rewards and unlock new opportunities. When a character receives his favorite item as a gift, he offers gifts in return.

Return gifts may differ depending on the character, and the higher the rank of the location, the better the gift can be.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Guide to heroes and their leveling

class rank. Raise your class rank to get powerful rechargeable skills and useful rewards. You can get 10 class ranks. When a character reaches a certain level, class rank rewards can be obtained.

Class skills. Class skills are the character’s default starting skills. Each class initially has three basic skills and a chargeable skill. When using basic attacks and skills, the charge scale is filled. When the gauge is full, tap the "Change Weapon" icon to use the chargeable skill.

Special skills. Special skills are a separate type of active skills. They are divided into general special skills and class special skills.

Types of special class skills. These include:

General passive skills. Equipped passive skills are permanent. Common passive skills can be equipped on a character of any class. Equipped skills increase the character’s basic stats: attack, health, and movement speed.

Some equipped skills also affect team members. If multiple team members have the same passive skill of different levels, the highest level skill is applied, regardless of class. All kinds of special passive skills are applied, which have the same effect.

The higher the skill level, the more effective you and your allies in combat.

Passive class skills. Class special passive skills can only be used by characters of a certain class. Equipped skills increase the stats that are most important for a particular class.

ClassPassive Skill Function
swordsmanStrengthening attack and defense.
WitchDecreased defense and increased attack speed.
DodgerIncreased movement speed and increased attack.
crusherDamage reduction, temporary reduction.
EngineerShield, healing.

Kingdom exclusive skills. These are skills that are used only during the defense of the kingdom. At the moment, only "Kingdom Assault" and "Kingdom Defense" are available. These skills can be equipped on the normal battlefield, but cannot be used. The effect of the skill is activated only during the defense of the kingdom.

Suits. Customize your characters with costumes. Costumes change the character’s appearance regardless of the armor equipped.

Some rare costumes unlock emoticons, moves, and poses.

Equipment decks. You can save various combat settings as presets. Use decks to easily change familiars, equipment, and skills to suit the situation. You can create up to 10 decks. Each deck can have unique potion usage and combat settings.

Titles. Collect various titles to create a unique and powerful character. Along with the title, you get bonuses to indicators that increase your combat capability. These bonuses apply whether the title is equipped or not. Temporary ranks disappear when they expire or if the requirements for their retention are not met.

Touch the magnifying glass icon in Menu - Character - Title to get tips on how to get each of the titles.

Heart stars. Choose indicators to improve from those available for this star of the heart. Depending on the level of the character, different parts of the heart star menu are unlocked. Radiant hearts, red, green, radiant and dark star auras, and the crescent moon aura are used for amplification.

Tetro puzzles. Each puzzle page can be unlocked at a certain level or when certain conditions are met. Use blocks to complete puzzles on pages. When a puzzle block is placed in place, the stats corresponding to that block improve. Use blocks to solve puzzles and get performance bonuses. If the block doesn’t fit, try rotating it!

Happy funyashi. The Four Leaf Clover can be obtained from Al Chemi’s Lucky Pot by upgrading equipment, combining toys, and other ways in the game. Gift a four-leaf clover to your Lucky Funyash to gain experience and level them up. The higher the level of happy funyash, the greater the increase in performance. The level of happy funyash is distributed among all characters on the account, and the increase in indicators is applied to all classes (characters).

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Ways to upgrade equipment

Equipment. Use different equipment to pass different tests. Some equipment can only be used by characters of certain classes. Tap the "Auto Equip" button to automatically equip the most effective equipment in your inventory.

Increasing the level of equipment. The higher the level of equipment, the higher its base indicators. To raise the level of equipment and improve its base indicators,

use items of the same type (weapon, armor) or equipment varnish (elemental weapon, armor). All equipment has a maximum level to which it can be upgraded. Use the auto select button to select multiple materials at the same time. Materials used to level up gear will disappear immediately, so choose wisely.

By using consumable equipment or lacquers of the same element, you gain more experience.

Equipment update. If the equipment level has reached the maximum, it can be upgraded. 5-Star Gear Level 30 can be upgraded with territe and upgrade stones of the corresponding element. Territe is required to upgrade 3 or more star equipment. Upgrading equipment has a 100% success rate. After the update, the equipment level will be reset to 1st.

Equipment information, including element, type, rarity, upgrades, configuration, and gems used, is retained.

How to improve equipment? The higher the level of improvement, the higher the base performance of the equipment. To improve, you need territory and improvement stones that correspond to the element and type of equipment. If successful, the upgrade level of the piece of equipment will increase by 1. If the upgrade fails, there is a chance that the item will take damage. Damaged items can be upgraded again after being repaired.

With the help of universal enhancement stones, you can improve weapons of any element.

Stages of improvement. The required materials and the chance of success depend on the level of improvement. The chance of success for each stage can be found by selecting the item to upgrade. Damaged items can be repaired with anvils. The type and number of anvils needed depends on the upgrade level.

Transferring equipment upgrades. The level of improvement can be transferred from one piece of equipment to another. The level of consumable equipment is transferred to upgraded equipment. The higher the level of improvement of consumable equipment, the higher the transfer cost. Transferring an upgrade has a 100% success rate. After the transfer is completed, the consumable equipment disappears.

Equipment awakening. You can increase the awakening level of equipment by using its identical elements. Equipment with an additional Awakening effect can receive a random Awakening buff,

if you use the same equipment as the material. For a 100% chance of awakening success at each level, certain materials are required.

If there are not enough materials, the chance of success is determined by the amount of materials used. After a successful awakening, the base indicators and additional effects of equipment awakening increase. At a certain awakening level, blocked awakening effects are unlocked.

Consumable items will disappear upon awakening! Carefully check what you spend and what you improve! To preview upgraded stats and additional awakening effects, click on the magnifying glass icon next to the equipment additional effect.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Gear Crafting and Reforging Guide

Equipment manufacturing. To craft equipment, collect recipes and equipment crystals. The rank is assigned to equipment randomly. After crafting a certain number of items of equipment, you will receive a blessing. It guarantees the production of equipment of a higher rank.

Accessories for making. Sealed Field Boss Accessories can be crafted using items such as Refined Field Boss Essence. Equipment can be crafted by talking to Tsumba in Evalania. Using certain items, you can get Sealed Field Boss Accessories with a guarantee. If you have enough materials, you can craft several items of equipment and accessories at once.

Crafting equipment requires a certain character level, and in addition, crafting requires items such as equipment and armor crystals and the refined essence of the field boss. After completing the crafting of the accessory, you will be able to receive the Sealed Field Boss Accessory. Open the sealed accessory and you will receive one of the field boss accessories from the list.

Reforging equipment. Once you’ve completed Rainbow Valley: The Dark Overlord Appears, you’ll be able to forge equipment. To do this, go to Menu - Equipment - Polish - Reforge. Reforging equipment increases performance.

Reforge gear that has Black Magic applied, or use Black Magic on gear that has already been reforged to increase the stat gain from reforging by 20%. Reforging requires equipment of the same type and stone as a material. When reforging equipment, three random indicators will be selected in accordance with the type and element of the equipment.

In order to create equipment with the help of reforging, which initially has 3 stars or more, it is necessary: ​​upgrade to 6 stars, lvl. 30 and upgrade +10.

Materials for reforging. You will need equipment of the appropriate type, element, and class. Such equipment must initially have 3 stars or more, and it must be upgraded to 6 stars. The equipment you use as material must be of the same type and element as the equipment you are reforging. Weapons of other classes cannot be used as a material for reforging.

The type of stone to be reforged must match the equipment (weapon, armor or trinket). If the effects of equipment reforging are improved to tier 5 or higher, stones will be required for further reforging. The level of reforging depends on the original rank of the equipment used as a material.

Initial equipment rankIncreasing the level of reforging
Initially 3 stars.Lv. +1-2.
Initially from 4 stars to rare with 4 stars.Lv. +3-5.

Max. reforging level. Reforging gear randomly changes or improves 1 of 3 stats. The reforging rate cannot be upgraded above the cap. If the limit value of a measure is reached, the other measure will be improved. The maximum level of reforging depends on the level of improvement of the equipment you are reforging.

Any reforging effect can be upgraded up to level 30. Thus, taking into account 3 indicators, reforged equipment can be upgraded to level 90.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: How to use stones in equipment?

Inserting stones. Use stones to become stronger! Stones can be inserted into any equipment with the appropriate slot. The indicators of the inserted stone will be added to the indicators of the equipment. Stones are divided into five types, depending on the shape. Stones can only be inserted into cells of the corresponding shape. The higher the rank of the equipment, the more stones can be equipped (maximum - 3 slots):

If you do not remove the old stone before inserting the new stone, the old stone will disappear. Be careful!

Increasing the level of stones. Use extra gems to level up the ones you need. Excess stones and gold are used to increase the level of stones. The level of stones can be increased to the 5th. The higher the level of stones, the higher their base indicators. You can spend any type of stones. Consumable stones will disappear.

Stone update. Stones that have reached the maximum level can be upgraded. Level 5 gems can be upgraded to a higher rank. The amount of gold required to upgrade stones depends on the rank of the stone. The level of upgraded gems will be reset to level 1.

Increasing the maximum level of stones. A 6-star gem can be maxed out by using another 6-star gem of the same type. As a result, the maximum level of the stone will increase by one unit. The level cap can be increased several times until it reaches 20. Remember that consumable stones will disappear!

Extraction of stones. Equipped stones can be removed and used. A special tool is used to extract stones. The number of tools needed to extract depends on the rank of the stone.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Black Magic Gear Upgrade

General information. Black magic is available for equipment with an enhancement level of +20 and above. Powerful effects of black magic allow you to increase the performance of equipment and stones. With the help of black magic, you can improve weapons, armor and accessories.

Upgrading equipment with black magic. You can upgrade equipment using black magic in the Burning Desert with the Yavir brothers after completing the Forbidden Techniques reputation quest (it becomes available after successfully upgrading equipment from +19 to +20). Talk to the Yavir brothers, click on the black magic icon and choose which item of equipment (+20) you want to improve with it. To upgrade equipment with Black Magic, you will need Territe, Elemental Weapon Upgrade Stones, Black Magic Crystals, and Gold.

Stages of improvement. If successful, the equipment upgrade level will increase by 1. The equipment icon will change and the word "Cursed" will appear in front of the name. Equipment performance will also increase and black magic effects will be added. Unsuccessful improvement with the help of black magic will result in a penalty - the level of equipment improvement will decrease by 1.

Wonderful charm dolls. To prevent the imposition of a penalty for an unsuccessful improvement using black magic, you can use amulets. There are four types of charm dolls: general, weapon, armor, and accessory. When upgrading a piece of equipment, you must use a charm doll of the appropriate type (dolls of a general type can be used for any equipment).

Charm doll can be selected using the game interface after reaching the black magic enhancement level +21 or higher. The amulet doll will be spent regardless of whether the improvement with the help of black magic was successful or not. You can upgrade with black magic without using a charm doll, even if you have one.

Combining to create wonderful amulet dolls. In the Burning Desert at the Yavir Brothers, you can combine items to create Chests with Miraculous Charm Dolls and Chests with Miraculous Upgrades. You can create 10 chests with wonderful charm dolls per month. Monthly restrictions depend on the rank of the location of the Yavir brothers. Combine the following materials to create wonderful charm dolls:

Miraculous spheres of black magic can be obtained by beating the game and participating in events.

Sealed amulet dolls. There is a certain chance of getting Sealed Charm Dolls for defeating monsters in some regular and chaos fields. Chaos Gates and Field Bosses do not drop Sealed Charm Dolls. The drop chance of Sealed Charm Dolls is not affected by bonuses received from energy and sweet drinks, and bonuses received in overtime.

You can remove the seal from the sealed amulet dolls using the scrolls of removing the seal. Remove the seal and receive one of randomly selected rewards: Miraculous Weapon Charm Doll, Miraculous Armor Charm Doll, or Miraculous Accessory Charm Doll.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: How to make your familiars stronger?

Summon familiars. When you summon familiars, the base stats of all characters on the account increase. You can summon up to 3 familiars. All stats of summoned familiars are applied to the player’s stats.

Increasing the level of familiars. All familiars (from 1 star to 6 stars) can be leveled up to level 30. Leveling up familiars consumes familiars and gold. The more materials you use to level up, the more gold you will need.

The development of familiars. Familiars that have reached the maximum level can be upgraded through development. As familiars evolve, their base stats improve. For development, the material of the same element as the familiar is required. The number of slots for toys depends on the rank. After development, the level of the familiar is reset to 1st in the corresponding rank.

Improvement of familiars. Upgrade familiars to increase their base stats. To do this, use jam for attack, defense and health. You can use several jams at the same time!

Consume familiar upgrades. Consume one familiar’s stat upgrade level to transfer it to others. You can absorb one familiar’s stat upgrade level to transfer it to others. The consumable familiar will disappear after the enhancement level is consumed.

The transfer can be carried out until the improvement value of the indicator reaches 100. When the maximum value is reached, the extra treats for the familiar will be moved to inventory. If there is no space in the inventory, treats will be sent to the post office.

Awakening familiars. You can use repeating familiars of the same kind as material to awaken a familiar. Use a duplicate familiar of the same kind as awakening material to boost the familiar’s stats and skills according to the success rate.

For a 100% chance of awakening success at each level, certain materials are required. If there are not enough materials, the awakening success rate depends on the amount of materials used. The level of a successfully awakened familiar is displayed on its icon. To awaken a familiar, you cannot use:

Familiars you use as material will disappear upon awakening. Carefully check who you spend and who you improve!

Toy outfit. Gain stats and special effects for familiars by equipping toys. Depending on the familiar’s rank, up to 3 toys can be equipped. Toys increase the familiar’s stats (attack, defense, health). Some toys have special effects that are activated under certain conditions. For example, reducing damage taken while adventuring a familiar by 15%.

Association of toys. Combine unused toys to get new ones. Combine 3 toys with 5 stars or less. As a result of combining, you can get a toy of the same rank or higher. The chances of successfully combining toys:

Removal of familiars. To breed a new familiar, use a familiar egg and dream shards. Choose 3 out of 5 randomly drawn Wish Markers. The familiar’s type can only be known after hatching from the egg. You can hatch from 1 to 3 familiars at the same time, depending on the progress in the game.

Bulk withdrawal. If you have a sand of time, you can press the "Mass breeding" button to hatch familiars in batches. Wish markers can be placed during the breeding process, and the number of familiars can be chosen depending on the materials available.

Liberation of familiars. If you release a familiar that you are not using, you can get breeding funds, various jams, and other items. By releasing a rare familiar or a high-ranking familiar, more material can be obtained. The type and quantity of materials may vary depending on the familiar’s alignment and awakening level. For example, for the release of an ebony taurex (protection familiar), you can get dense jam. You can also get gold by releasing pod familiars.

If your familiar’s inventory is full, you can free up space by releasing multiple familiars.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Secrets of Familiar Farm Management

Concept. Soul lords can grow and harvest plants or fruits from their personal farm or familiar forest. Harvested crops can be used to prepare various dishes that can be consumed to gain power-ups or given to certain characters as gifts. Use your personal farm and cooking system to bring abundance to the familiar forest!

In the forest of familiars (on a personal farm), you can place objects such as fields and apple trees. When interacting with these installed objects, you will be able to harvest.

Field. Sow an empty field to grow plants. When the field is sown, you will be able to water it. Watering allows you to increase the chance of getting an additional crop. The watering action can be performed repeatedly, but its effect is applied only once per day for each of the soul lords. The more soul lords watering the fields, the higher the chance of getting additional crops.

Watering is optional and not required to produce a crop. If the soul lord waters the field several times, the chance of getting an additional crop increases only once. If the fields are watered by X soul lords, the chance of obtaining an additional crop increases by X times.

Apple tree. Plant apple trees, and when the fruits are ripe, hit the tree trunk to collect them. Please note: the fruits cannot be harvested if they are not on the tree. From the fields and apple trees you can get different types of crops. The harvested crop can be used in the fruit glasses shop.

Farm characters. On the farm in the forest of familiars, you can place characters who will help the lord of the soul in managing the farm. To place characters on a farm in the forest of familiars, you will need the "Exchange Badge". It can be obtained as location rewards from certain characters.

Characters can be placed on a farm in the Familiar Forest just like any other object.

Present. After receiving the gifts, the characters in the farm will be able to manage the farm automatically and will sow, water and harvest for the master of the soul. The number of farm management points a character receives depends on the type of gift. A character gains more farm management points when they receive their favorite gift.

Each character has their own approach to farm management. Whenever a character manages a farm, the number of farm management points is reduced by 1. The total number of farm management points differs depending on the character.

Cooking. The Soul Master can cook meals on his personal farm, which can be consumed to gain power-ups or given to certain characters as gifts. You will need a stove to cook meals. Dishes that can be given to Sims cannot be prepared from the royal restaurant.

To prepare dishes, you must complete the mini-game, it cannot be missed. After beating the mini-game and successfully preparing the dish, you will receive a culinary mastery.

Culinary skill. Depending on how the dish is prepared, there are five types of culinary skills. It is received for successful cooking. When the skill reaches a certain value set for each individual dish, the dish can be cooked automatically.

Auto-cooking allows the soul lord to skip a mini-game while cooking.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Familiar Forest

General information. You can meet familiars in the familiar forest. Communicate with your familiars directly in a variety of situations. In the forest, you can receive special gifts from your familiars. Gifts can only be received at certain times. A certain maximum number of gifts are available daily.

If there is no space in the gift vault, no new gifts will be placed there. Visit the familiar forest more often!

Familiar forest decoration. A variety of objects can be placed in the Familiar Forest, such as gardens and trees. Adventurers can place objects anywhere and decorate the forest to their liking. You can water the plants on your farm - this will increase the yield. Watering can be done multiple times, but the effect of it is manifested only once a day for each player.

Harvest can be exchanged at the fruit glasses shop. Fruit glasses shop: Shop - Token exchange - Fruit glasses shop. You can buy objects to decorate your Familiar Forest at the Fruit Point Shop.

Guests in the forest of familiars. You can visit other adventurers’ familiars in the forests. There are 4 ways to do this.

Access settings. Familiar forest access settings:

If two players have the same number of likes, the one who got it first will be higher in the list.

conditions for exclusion. The adventurer has not logged into the game for 7 or more days. Your own characters are excluded from your recommendation list.

Changing the environment in the forest of familiars. Go to Familiar Forest - Change Environment to change the environment in the forest. You can choose from Elemental Forest, Nameless Island, and more. But you can only install the environment that you have. To get a new environment for your forest, you will need a Familiar Forest Invitation Card.

Invitation cards can be purchased at the fruit glasses shop. For the duration of the environment change, all guests will be expelled from the forest. It will also be possible to add new objects suitable for the selected environment. For example, if a garden is planted in the Elemental Forest, it will not move to the Nameless Isle. Objects placed in the Elemental Forest can only be visited in the Elemental Forest.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Your vehicle

Transport. Use vehicles to travel long distances or increase your movement speed. To summon a vehicle, collect enough Vehicle Summon Stones.

Effects. The selected vehicle’s stats are merged with the character’s stats. If the character is not using a vehicle, then only 30% of the vehicle stats apply.

Rank. Vehicle rank varies from 1 star to 6 stars.

Education. Learning can end in success, super success, or failure. For each rank, the maximum level of indicators is set. As the rank of the vehicle increases, the maximum level of indicators also increases.

Transport decoration. Each vehicle has 4 decoration slots. With the help of transport decorations, you can increase combat efficiency. Vehicle decorations are divided by rank into common and rare. Rare vehicle decorations with 6 stars have a special effect. A special effect can increase performance, for example, increase attack or defense by 5%.

The increase in performance is applied depending on the performance of the transport and the decorations used. You can only decorate vehicles that you already have. Decorations can only be equipped in slots of the corresponding type. The rank of the received decoration cannot be increased. Vehicle decorations can be equipped and removed without restrictions. Jewelry can be sold for gold.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Pet Rules

General information. Pets follow the character and provide certain benefits. For them, the main and additional cells are provided. Each can equip one pet. The same pets cannot be equipped. Pets are afraid of battles and appear only when everything is calm. When you engage in battle, enter the battlefield, or enter a dungeon, they hide. Even if the pet disappears, its effect will still apply.

Acquisition method. To buy Pet Call Tickets, go to the Medal Exchange - Asterite Shop. To summon pets, go to the Summon Shop - Pets.

Effects. The effects depend on the purpose of the pet:

If you have identical pets, the stats of one of them apply. If you no longer have a pet whose stats were previously applied, those stats will disappear. Pet passive skills are unlocked at 3-star+.

Merge pets. Merge pets of the same rank to get a pet of a higher rank. Fusion requires 3 pets of the same rank. If the merge is successful, you will receive a pet of a higher rank. If the merge fails, you will receive a random pet of the same rank.

Knowledge base on pets. Here you can see information about pets. Records of the collected pets will be automatically added to the database. For new entries in the knowledge base about pets, you can get a knowledge base reward. Rewards for each entry can only be received once per player account.

Repeated attempts to get pets. When you get a pet with 5 or more stars as a result of the fusion, you can use the retry, spending the received pet and currency to get another pet of the same rank. You can use retries up to 3 times. The number of retries is limited.

The pet must not be equipped or fused. The retry will be automatically confirmed if the pet is equipped or fused. After 72 hours (including time spent outside the game) after receipt, the pet in temporary storage will be automatically verified.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: How to get even more rewards?

Task "Nimble swift". You can complete up to 5 Quick Swift quests per day on one account. To take the task, talk to Bert. Among the benefits for beginners, you have access to "Nimble Swift" for new players with various rewards that will help you progress faster. A total of 40 orders are available to beginners.

Upon completion of these orders, new orders will not appear. The "Update Quests" and "Finish Now" buttons are not available for new players when completing "Swift Swift" quests. If you are no longer a new player while completing New Player Quests, any pending quests will be deleted.

Combat mission. Complete the "Magic Expedition - Defeat the Monsters" quest to unlock the combat menu. You can take up to 3 combat missions per day in Evalania from a character named Sanson. To get additional tasks, use the battle certificate. Battle Certificates can be obtained by defeating monsters or as rewards for quests.

The number of available combat missions is updated every day. Available tasks depend on the level of the character. Additional tasks for certificates are not updated. For completing combat missions, you can get gold, jam, beans, weapons or equipment upgrade stones, varnishes and many other rewards.

Among the benefits for newcomers, you have access to combat missions for new players with various rewards that will help you progress faster.

Award Keeper. Complete the reputation quest "Magical Expedition - King of Heart" to unlock the quest menu with rewards. Reward Keeper Quests can be obtained from Jackson in Evalania. You can accept and complete up to 5 of these quests per week, each week the quest counter resets. To find out which bosses to hunt, view the list. Field bosses appear at 06:00, 12:00, 18:00 and 24:00.

Completing these quests will reward you with Dominance Tokens, regular Accessory Upgrade Stones, Earrings, tradable items (such as Silverbeard’s Essence), and a host of other rewards. Among the benefits for beginners, you can access the tasks of the guardian of rewards for beginners. Beginners receive additional rewards for these tasks.

If you stop being a rookie, you will not receive additional rewards when completing the quest of the keeper of rewards.

Fusion pot. Throw 5 items into the pot to get lucky tickets and other items randomly. With the help of certain items, even more Lucky Tickets can be obtained and used when the Al-Khemy Lucky Pot appears. The temperature of the server fusion pot gradually rises with each use. When it reaches the maximum, Al-Khemi, a cauldron genie, will appear and the server event will start!

The number of rewards that can be obtained from the lucky pot depends on the rating. If rewards with a certain rating run out, they can no longer be received. And the rating changes according to the rules below. The odds are rounded to the nearest thousandth. Therefore, the total may not equal 100%. Calculation:

Pot of Al-Khemi. Al-Khemi will appear next to the fusion pot, after which you can approach him. To qualify for Lucky Pot rewards, you will need Lucky Fusion Pot tickets. Rewards with a rating of 1 to 5 will be distributed according to the chances of success. The Lucky Pot will disappear 30 minutes after calling Al-Khemi. Before leaving, Al-Khemi will leave lucky boxes around the pot.

Remove the penalty for death. Death penalties apply to chaotic players who die during an adventure or in PvP. To get rid of the penalty, you need to pay it in gold to a character who can remove penalties. Alignment buffs and debuffs cannot be removed. Only additional death penalties can be canceled (for example, blocking an equipment slot).

Purchases at the Monetograd agency. At the Monetograd agency, you can see what products are currently on sale and what will be coming soon. You can buy items with diamonds. Purchased items will be sent to your mailbox. The list of items for sale is determined by what other players have sold to the Coin City agency. After a while, these sold items appear in the agency and can be bought.

You cannot buy an item that is sold out. Be sure to check the sale time and the remaining quantity. Turn on notifications for items scheduled for sale to receive push notifications 5 minutes before they become available!

Sales at the Monetograd agency. Some items received in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds are marked with a trade icon. Items with a trade icon can be sold at the Coin City agency. You can purchase a fixed amount of certain types of goods from the agency.

Available purchases (type and quantity) are reset every day at 6:00 am (UTC). Items can only be sold after resetting item information (equipment level, upgrades, options, etc.). If you sell an item, you will receive a Coin City voucher that can be used to purchase items in the Coin City store.

Multiple copies of the same product, purchased at the same time, are sold in bulk. Example: You buy 100 units. potions and 50 pts. potions at the same time - 150 units. potions are sold in bulk.

Traveling merchant. This store spawns from time to time in random locations in the server world. Some items sold by the Traveling Trader have a purchase limit per server. The Traveling Merchant spawns at certain locations and sells goods for a limited time. After this time, the traveling merchant leaves to sell new goods elsewhere.

Open the world map to see where the traveling merchant is located.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Passing Trials

Why do you need to take tests? Each boost dungeon has one free entry per day per player (account). Additional attempts can be purchased for diamonds.

What is autoclean? Auto clear allows you to instantly receive rewards for a previously completed dungeon without going through it again. When using auto-clear, you will instantly receive rewards for the highest difficulty you successfully cleared. Auto-clearing consumes an attempt for the corresponding dungeon.

Cradle of familiars

This is a dungeon where you have to protect familiar eggs from a tribe of boars. Defend familiar eggs from enemies for a given time or defeat a certain number of enemies to complete the dungeon. The higher your star rating, the more rewards you can receive (maximum 3 stars). One star is added for each successfully protected familiar egg.

Once you get 3 stars on the current difficulty, the next difficulty will unlock. After a successful passage (1 star or higher), the possibility of auto-clearing opens. You can enter the dungeon once a day per player (account). For diamonds, you can purchase three additional attempts per day.

Before entering the dungeon, you can view elemental details and rewards!

fire temple

Enhancement Dungeon, where you can get materials to create and enhance equipment. The higher your star rating, the more rewards you can receive (maximum 3 stars). Escape from Ardor and complete the dungeon by reaching the finish line within the allotted time. The faster you get to the finish line, the higher your star rating will be.

After a successful passage (1 star or higher), the possibility of auto-clearing opens. Once you get 3 stars on the current difficulty, the next difficulty will unlock. You can enter the dungeon once a day per player (account). For diamonds, you can purchase three additional attempts per day.

Goldenbeard’s ship

Take on Captain Goldenbeard and his crew in the Enhancement Dungeon. You can enter the dungeon once a day per player (account). The more damage you do to Captain Goldenbeard before the time runs out, the more gold you get. Defeat all members of his team to increase the time limit by 1 minute.

When Captain Goldenbeard’s health is reduced to zero, it is restored and the next phase automatically begins. As you progress through the phases, Captain Goldenbeard’s stats will increase, as well as the skills he uses will change. When time runs out or the player’s health drops to 0, the battle ends and the gold is distributed.

Chaos field

Defeat monsters on the field to get experience and rewards. There is no daily participation limit for the Chaos Field. You can come and go an unlimited number of times. The difficulty of the monsters will change depending on the type and floor of the Chaos Field. Some floors are open PvP zones where there are no penalties applied when entering combat with a player.

Check in advance which monsters will appear on the chaos field and which main items you can get!

At certain intervals, the boss of the field of chaos will appear. The AI ​​(artificial intelligence) mode can make hunting in the field of chaos easier. In this mode, you can automatically hunt while not in the game. When AI mode is activated, the game closes after 5 seconds. Characters will continue to auto-hunt in AI Mode until the AI ​​Mode timer ends. Items obtained in AI mode can be collected immediately after logging into the game.

Every day you have 4 hours of free time in AI mode. This limit resets at 6:00 AM (UTC).

dream maze

The Dream Labyrinth is a dungeon where players can show their strength by fighting powerful monsters of various elements and completing tasks that become more difficult as the level of the stage increases. Destroy all monsters within the allotted time to complete the stage. Complete all side missions to get the highest grade for the stage. The next stage will open when you pass the current one. Complete the stage to get the main reward.

Bonus rewards are given out based on the star rating you get for completing side quests. You can also receive chapter achievement rewards based on the total number of stars you have earned in the chapter. Stage progress is shared across all characters on the account, and if you complete all the tasks and get 3 stars, you cannot replay the stage. Stage rewards, including side quests and chapter achievements, can only be received once.

If you completed the side quests, but could not complete the stage, then you will not receive stars.

Familiar Adventure

Players can choose an activity (hunting or gathering) to explore the world of adventure. After choosing a target, you can assemble a squad using up to 5 of your familiars. Adventure Tickets can be used to send squads to selected areas. After the journey, the adventuring party will arrive at the destination and automatically begin battles with enemy familiars in that area. After winning, you can receive rewards depending on the goal.

The results of past battles and the rewards received can be viewed in the adventure log in the lower right corner. Use the replay feature to view past battles.

The collection will continue even when you are engaged in other activities. When it’s over, don’t forget to come back and claim your rewards!

Familiar adventure level. Gain adventure experience by successfully completing a hunt or gathering. As you gain adventure experience, you increase your adventure level. Earn Adventure Tickets and other rewards for reaching certain adventure levels. At higher adventure levels, familiar adventures unlock more benefits.

The level and benefits of adventures can be viewed using the details button in the lower right corner.

Single training

In solo training mode, you can get an idea of ​​your damage output by attacking training dummies for a limited time. This will allow you to evaluate your strength based on the damage dealt, and not just on your combat ability. To enter solo training mode, speak to the Legendary Fist in Evalania.

After entering solo training mode, you will be given a limited amount of time to attack the training dummy. The dummy will not attack back. When the time runs out, the training dummy will disappear and the total damage dealt will appear in the rating. The single learning mode can be used at any time. There are no daily entry limits. But rewards in this mode are not issued.

If you are using training mode, you can change the monster data and time limit, but information from training mode will not be displayed in the rating.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Episode Dungeons and Quests

General information. The episode dungeon can be played until the episode ends. The dungeon is divided into three difficulty levels: normal, hard, challenge. To enter the dungeon, you need the appropriate ticket. You can enter normal and difficult dungeons without a ticket, but then you will not receive a reward. You can’t enter the challenge mode dungeon without a ticket.

Episode dungeon rewards. The episode dungeon will end when one of the following conditions is met:

In addition, on Trial difficulty, the dungeon will end if you are incapacitated after using up all of the character’s HP.

Rewards will vary depending on the difficulty and stage of the dungeon. The higher the level and difficulty of the dungeon, the better the reward will be.

Episode assignments. Episode quests include reputation quests that can be completed during the Wishing Tree episode. Complete the missions of the episode and get Wish Tree Reputation Points and various rewards. Raise your reputation rank and get corresponding rewards.

Episode subscription. The episode subscription allows you to receive various rewards for completing the Wish Tree. Each time you level up an Episode Pass, different rewards become available. There are many ways to get the episode pass experience. For example, you can complete dungeons or complete episode quests listed on the Quests tab.

Earn a certain amount of experience to increase the level of the episode pass.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Dimensional Border

What do we have to do? Gather a team of 5 players for battle and complete tasks in the dungeon within the allotted time. Dimensional Frontier Tickets give you rewards for clearing the dungeon and depend on the type of boss and the difficulty of the dungeon. Every day the player can get one Dimensional Border Ticket for free. This ticket renews at 6:00 AM (UTC). Additional tickets can be purchased for diamonds. When you complete a dungeon on the current difficulty, the next one opens.

Check out the boss type and strategy details to prepare for battle!

Team recruitment. Use matchmaking to automatically team up with other players. Click the "Team" button to create a team with certain invitation conditions or join another player who is recruiting a team. If a team member leaves the dungeon during a battle when the boss has at least 80% health left, a new team member will automatically enter the dungeon and join the battle.

Passing through the boundary between dimensions. By passing through the dimensional boundary, you can receive various rewards, the value of which depends on your progress in reaching the dimensional boundary. Complete dimensional boundary dungeons and other activities to earn dimensional boundary experience. For the experience of passing through the border between dimensions, you receive rewards prepared at various levels. For each unlocked border between dimensions, a subscription is issued.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Boss Battles

Field bosses

How to fight? To challenge the field boss, go to Menu - Challenges - Field Boss. Field bosses spawn in certain locations every day at 03:00/09:00/15:00/21:00 (UTC). Before the boss spawns (10 min/5 min/1 min), a notification pops up in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on it to open the corresponding menu. Click on "Go" or on "Fast Travel" to go to the boss spawn location.

Awards. Depending on the degree of influence, you can receive prize chests or other rewards. Additional prizes are awarded for the first and last hit. Destruction rewards are based on your personal impact rating. All team members receive the same reward as the member with the highest impact rating. The team rating only applies to teams with an individual impact rating of 1 to 3.

To get an additional reward, before the battle with the field boss, get a task with a reward!

World bosses

How to fight? To challenge the world boss, go to Menu - Challenges - World Boss. World bosses appear every day at 02:30, 08:30 and 14:30, 20:30 (UTC). Up to 50 players can enter the world boss dungeon. Select the difficulty level (from 1 to 3). You will need a world boss ticket. World Boss Tickets are only consumed after claiming a kill bounty.

Awards. You can get different rewards depending on the impact rating, first/last successful hit, etc. Typically, the reward for defeating the world boss is accessories, exclusive materials for crafting accessories, stones, magic tomes, weapon/armor upgrade stones /accessories and other items. The reward depends on the type and difficulty of the world boss.

Destruction rewards are based on your personal impact rating. All team members receive the same reward as the member with the highest impact rating. Team Rating only applies to teams with individual Impact Ratings between 1 and 3. World Boss Tickets are only consumed once the kill reward has been received.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Relic War Guide

How to play? You can join the Relic Wars by going to Menu - Battlefield - Relic Wars while this mode lasts. Relic wars schedule: relic bets - prolongation of bets - prediction of results - entry into battle - battle - occupation.

List of relics. Below is a list of relics that can be won in the event and their effects:

Relic bets. In Relic Wars, you fight for relics with powerful effects. Each kingdom that wants to gain control of a relic must win the right to participate by bidding on the relics of interest. Bets are made on each relic individually, and the two maximum stakes are shown publicly. The kingdom can bet on a maximum of 3 relics at a time.

At the end of the auction, the two kingdoms that made the maximum bids will go to war for the relic. Even players (including members of the kingdom who failed to place a bet) who cannot take part in the battle have the right to participate in the prediction of the results and bet on the winner. Those whose prediction turns out to be correct will receive a reward.

If another kingdom outbids right before the end of the auction, the time for bidding is extended by 3 minutes.

Game process. Gain capture points by occupying territory. The first kingdom to gain the maximum number of capture points will win. If the two kingdoms have the same number of points by the time the Relic War ends, the kingdom with the higher bid will win.

Relic war battlefield. The Relic War battlefield has territories to capture that provide the necessary capture points to win, and portals that can be used strategically. There are also power-up towers and monsters that give temporary boosts to kingdom members, making them more powerful.

Awards. Kingdoms participating in Relic Wars receive Kingdom Rewards and Solo Rewards in addition to the Participation Reward. For the victory in the war of relics, the kingdom will receive a relic, and its effect will apply to all members of the kingdom.

Relic Boosts last until the start of the next relic bidding phase. In addition, kingdoms can sell relic boosts to other players. Kingdoms that own relics receive the amount received from the sale of power-ups as a reward. Players can purchase a maximum of 3 Relic Boosts per day.

Forecast of results. Players in the kingdom (except the academy of the kingdom) can take part in the prediction of the outcome of the wars of relics in the interval between the end of the bets and the start of the battle. After the end of the Relic Wars, players receive a reward according to the number of correctly guessed options. If the player does not claim the reward by the next prediction phase, the rewards are mailed.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Duel Battles

How to use. Fight other players on battlefields with special rules that change daily. Win and increase your duel rank to improve your character’s performance. To use the duel ground, you need training tickets.

Every day a player (account) can get three practice tickets for free. These tickets renew at 6:00. (UTC). If you have used all available training tickets, additional ones can be purchased for diamonds. Select an opponent from the "Character" menu in the lower right corner of the screen. When you’re ready, click the "Start Duel" button.

Duel rank and rewards. After winning, you will receive training points. By earning enough training points, you can increase your duel rank. As the duel rank increases, the character’s performance increases. In addition, there is a daily reward based on your rank and training points. When you reach a new rank for the first time, you will receive the first rank reward.

Reset time: 6:00 am (UTC) every day! Don’t forget to claim your rewards before the reset!

Battlefield. The battlefield for the duel ground changes daily. Each battlefield has its own special effect (2x health, faster cooldown of skills, silence effect, etc.). To win on each battlefield, you must use the right tactics. Click on the magnifying glass to learn about the special effect and daily rotation.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Familiar Arena Battles

General information. You can form a team of your familiars and fight against teams of other players. If you win, your seasonal rank will increase and you will receive rewards.

Participation. Familiar Arena requires a character of level 27 or higher and a Familiar Arena ticket to participate. You can accumulate up to 5 Familiar Arena Tickets. It takes 4 hours to recharge one ticket. If you have 5 Familiar Arena Tickets, you must spend at least one before the cooldown resumes.

Team settings. For the familiar arena, you need to create an attack team and a defense team. Your offensive team will fight against the enemy defense team. Defeat all of your opponent’s familiars within the time limit to win. Your defense team will fight against the enemy attack team. Defeat all of the enemy’s familiars or hold out until the time runs out to win.

A familiar arena team must have between one and five familiars. You can assemble up to five attack teams and one defense team (the same familiars cannot be added to the same team). Your defense team is partially hidden from the enemy. You can hide up to two familiars.

Notes about command settings. Your team must have at least one familiar. Familiars added to attack and defense teams cannot be set free or used as material (for example, to free, level up, or awaken).

Seasons. Every month, the Familiar Arena hosts a new season. When you first enter the Familiar Arena, you will take part in a series of five placement matches, the result of which will determine your ranking in the season. Placement matches are available once per account. When the next season starts, your rank will be adjusted based on your final result for the previous season.

Season rank and reward. Rewards are distributed based on your performance at the end of the season.

Rating. The players with the highest score on the server are displayed here. Up to 100 players are displayed in the ranking. If there are less than 100 players on the server, then all players who have scored points are displayed. If several players have the same number of points, then the player who first scored this number of points takes the higher rank.

If you have not played the arena at least 3 times in a week, your score will decrease. The number of lost points depends on the league and rank. The inactivity penalty will apply every Monday at 6:30 UTC. Depending on how many points you lose, this can lead to a rank drop.

Battle records. You can view up to 20 battle records from the last 7 days. You can also watch the fight using the replay feature. After the update, re-viewing of battle records that took place before the update will no longer be available.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Kingdom Guide

Entry into the kingdom. You can find the kingdom you want to join by going to Menu - Community - Kingdom Details, or apply by clicking on the kingdom invitation in the chat window. Up to 20 participants can join the kingdom per day. Join a kingdom to enjoy various benefits, including entry rewards and contributions.

Be sure to check the level and combat capability requirements and entry requirements!

Re-entry into the kingdom. After leaving one kingdom, players can immediately enter another. Re-entry is subject to a penalty. A number of kingdom functions will not be available until the penalty is removed.

How to create a kingdom? To create a kingdom, go to Menu - Community - Kingdom - Create a kingdom. The name of the kingdom can be from 2 to 12 letters. Choose the emblem of the kingdom and pay the fee in diamonds to complete the creation of the kingdom. The name of the kingdom cannot contain illegal words or special characters, and it cannot repeat the name of another kingdom.

Entrance registration board. Enter the kingdom to receive your reward. The more subjects who register entry into the kingdom, the better the reward.

Kingdom Academy. Players whose accounts do not yet belong to a kingdom will automatically join the kingdom’s academy during the main quest and reputation quests. The class (character) level is set based on the highest player (account) level. By fulfilling the level, contribution and entry requirements, various rewards can be obtained.

Graduation / exit from the academy. When a class (character) reaches the maximum level, a grace period begins for graduating from the academy. A graduation gift is sent immediately after graduation or graduation from the kingdom’s academy. If you join or create a new kingdom, you will automatically graduate from the kingdom academy. If you have not reached the maximum level, then after leaving the kingdom academy you will be able to return to it again. The completion gift is sent to the mailbox once per account.

During the grace period for the end of the kingdom academy functions are not available (except for chat).

Kingdom. General information. The kingdom’s holdings and its capabilities can be accessed through the kingdom details screen. In this menu you will find information such as the rating of the kingdom and the combat capability of its members. Kingdom managers can click the "Settings" button to set the conditions for joining and managing the kingdom. Records of the activities of the participants can be viewed in the archives of the kingdom.

Appointment of the ruler of the kingdom. If the ruler of the kingdom has not logged into the game for 7 or more days, a new ruler will be appointed, and the previous one will receive the status of an inactive participant. If the former ruler returns to the game, he will be automatically transferred to the "regular participant" category. If there are no suitable candidates, the kingdom will be left without a ruler. When automatically appointing a ruler, the following procedure is followed:

If the ruler of the kingdom has not entered the game for 7 or more days, and none of the participants can be appointed to his place, the line "Inactive kingdom" will appear in the description of the kingdom. In addition, if a kingdom has 10 or more inactive members, it will no longer appear in the recommendation list. The status of the kingdom will be changed to normal if a new member joins it or if an inactive member returns to the game and becomes the ruler.

members of the kingdom. Kingdoms can have up to 50 members, and no more than 20 can join in one day. Kingdom members are divided into ruler, administrators, elite members, ordinary and inactive. The player automatically goes into the category of inactive participants if he does not enter the game for 7 days. The rights to govern the kingdom are granted only to the ruler of the kingdom and the governor appointed by him.

Box for contributions to the treasury of the kingdom. Contribute in one of three currencies (gold, obsidian or prisms) to gain kingdom experience, exposure and guilders.

Kingdom dominions. The domain of the kingdom contains buildings for various functions and functions of the kingdom, as well as defensive structures used in the defense of the kingdom.

Kingdom management. The kingdom management menu can only be used by the ruler and appointed rulers. In the kingdom management menu, you can change the description of the kingdom, its coat of arms, reception management, entry settings to the kingdom, invitation settings and other information related to the kingdom.

Kingdom Defense

1. Participation. To start the "Kingdom Defense", the ruler of the kingdom must select its difficulty in the Menu - Community - Kingdom Information - Kingdom Defense. The Kingdom can participate in this event once a week. This limit resets on Monday at 06:00 (UTC).

There are 5 levels of difficulty in Kingdom Defense. The first stage opens when the kingdom reaches level 7. Beat the previous difficulty to unlock the next stage. The element of the dungeon monsters changes every week. Use the recommended equipment and defense towers for an easy victory.

building nameElementDescription
artillery towerFireThrows a powerful bomb at nearby enemies, dealing heavy damage.
Ice towerWaterTargets hit by ice projectiles take damage and have their movement speed reduced for a certain amount of time.
LighthouseLightA bright light erupts from the yellow orb, reducing the accuracy of nearby targets that are hit.
support stationEarthWith their incendiary performance, funyashi temporarily increase the movement speed of nearby allies.
Cursed MonolithDarkA purple orb filled with a dark aura fires a projectile that binds the affected target.
As the level of the kingdom increases, the number and level of defense towers that you can build increases.

2. Game process. At certain intervals, the kingdom’s possessions will be attacked by a wave of monsters. Once all the monsters of the current wave are defeated, the next wave begins. Win by protecting the heart of the kingdom from monster attacks. Buildings destroyed during the defense will be automatically restored after the end of the defense.

3. Awards. At the end of the battles, the participants will receive a reward for the results of the defense. Members of the kingdom who have made a great contribution to the defense will receive additional rewards. Deal more damage to monsters to increase your contribution!

Kingdom War

1. Participation. You can join the Kingdom War by going to Menu - Community - Kingdom - Kingdom Details - Kingdom War. After the declaration of war, 24 hours are given to prepare, after which the war begins. If the kingdom does not want to go to war, it can surrender during the preparation period.

2. Declaration of war. To declare war on an enemy kingdom, your kingdom must meet the following conditions: at least kingdom level 9, at least 20 members. You can declare war up to 15 times, but you cannot declare war against the same kingdom more than once.

3. Game process. During the war of the kingdoms, members of the enemy kingdom can be attacked even in peaceful mode, and the color of their names changes. The location of the nearest members of the enemy kingdom is shown on the map. You will not receive an alignment penalty if you kill a member of an enemy kingdom during a war! During the war, you can view the number of destructions / deaths for your kingdom and the kingdom of the enemy.

The top 5 players with the most kills in each kingdom are shown. Detailed records indicate the purpose, place and time of death. The Kingdom War lasts 48 hours. If you dissolve a kingdom during a war, the war will end immediately. The total destruction and death rates of the members of the kingdom are saved even if they leave the kingdom during the war.

4. Surrender and rewards. If you want to surrender before the start of the war, you can spend the currency of the kingdom on this during the preparation period. When you surrender, you get protection from the enemy kingdom for 48 hours. Only the ruler, steward or elite member of the kingdom can declare surrender.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Kingdom Dungeon Walkthrough

Kingdom Dungeon. In the dungeon, you, along with other members of the kingdom, can fight huge boss monsters. Create a dungeon for kingdom members and win together.

Create a kingdom dungeon. Dungeons can be created starting at the 3rd level of the kingdom. In the kingdom of the 3rd level. or higher, the ruler or manager can create a dungeon in the section: Menu - Community - Possessions - Kingdom Dungeon.

Entry conditions. To enter the dungeon, you must be a member of the kingdom. In addition, you need to complete the corresponding reputation quest "Abandoned Ancient Sanctuary".

Entrance to the dungeon. No currency is charged for entering the dungeon. Up to 50 players can enter the dungeon at the same time. Members of other kingdoms can also enter the dungeon - this depends on the entry settings set by the ruler or steward. You can enter the dungeons of other kingdoms up to 3 times a week.

Login is not available. Even if you have met all the conditions for entering the kingdom dungeon, it may not be available for the following reasons:

Dungeon update. Once a dungeon is completely cleared, it can be upgraded and replayed. The dungeon can be updated by the ruler or steward of the kingdom once a week.

Awards. For clearing dungeons, you can get kingdom experience and stones. The higher the level of the dungeon, the better the rewards. After clearing the dungeon of the kingdom, individual participants are given additional rewards depending on the place of influence. But participants in other kingdoms will receive only an exclusive reward for non-participants.

Impact. Impact Rewards are individual rewards for players ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in impact. The place of impact is determined in accordance with the damage inflicted to the boss. Depending on the place taken by influence, participants can receive additional gold or guilders. The higher the level, the better the rewards.

The impact of members of other kingdoms is not displayed in the results. Unlike field boss rewards, kingdom dungeon rewards are individual, even if you are on a team. For example, if one of the players in the team ranked 1st in impact, only that player will receive the 1st place reward.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: How to rule a kingdom?

Ownership settings. Rulers can use gold and realm prisms to buy certain objects for their realm or change their appearance. The higher the level of the kingdom, the more territories and objects you can customize. You can move to your realm immediately after purchasing an upgrade for the kingdom. All changes are saved even during the defense of the kingdom.

Defense tower control. Defense towers can be moved, replaced and upgraded. Upgrade defense towers to increase their base stats and skill effects. Improved effects will disappear after the first conquest of the kingdom or the first defense.

Laboratory. After fulfilling all the conditions for acquiring a temporary buff from the laboratory, the ruler can buy and equip it. The effect of equipped temporary buffs will be received by all subjects of the kingdom. Kingdom Lab effects are categorized as follows:

Workshop. Here you can make and place robots that can be used on the battlefield. You can place up to 2 robots. The types of robots that can be placed depend on the type of battlefield. Be careful while making!

During the battle, you can not put new and replace already placed robots.

Fortress. Citizens of the kingdom can complete fortress tasks and receive fortress achievements. Each player (account) can attempt to complete three stronghold missions per week. The maximum number of attempts and the variety of available tasks increases with the level of the kingdom. You can update the list of tasks for gold!

Fortress Achievements. Depending on the level of the kingdom, the number of fortress achievements available each week will increase. Complete the Achievement stage and click the Claim Reward button to claim your reward. Kingdom rewards based on the overall progress of achievements are registered at the auction in the kingdom’s holdings. Stronghold achievements are reset every Monday at 06:00 (UTC).

Theater. Use the guilders earned by completing various activities in the kingdom to buy temporary boosts. The higher the level of the kingdom, the better the available power-ups. Level up temporary buffs using Kingdom Gold to make them even more powerful.

Restaurant. Use the kingdom’s currency to learn cooking recipes and prepare ingredients to prepare meals for yourself or treats for a group. When you prepare a treat (food that can be shared), you can set who can come to eat with you (everyone, only friends or members of the kingdom).

Shop. Get guilders for performing various activities in the kingdom and make purchases. There are daily and weekly purchase limits for each item. Restrictions are common to all characters on an account.

The ruler of the kingdom can spend the gold of the kingdom in the ruler’s store and in the item store. Items purchased from the ruler’s shop are registered at the auction in the royal domain. Items that give experience points are not visible to characters level 101+.

Auction. Rewards won in various kingdom events are sent to the auction. After registering an item, you can bid using guilders within 12 hours. After the end of the auction, the winner will receive the goods. If your bid at the Royal Auction has not played out and you have not received the item, the bid will be returned to you in full. Regular items will be added to the auction depending on the level of the kingdom and the day of the week!

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: How to complete tasks?

Daily tasks. For completing daily tasks, you get points. Score enough points to reach the next stage to unlock rewards. Touch the reward icon to place it in your inventory. When the inventory runs out of space, the rewards are sent to your mail. Daily tasks can be completed once a day from one account. Quests are updated every day at 06:00 (UTC) in the morning and can be completed again.

The update also applies to collected points and unclaimed rewards. Don’t forget to collect rewards before the update.

Weekly assignments. Weekly tasks can be completed during the week. Quests are updated every Monday at 06:00 (UTC) in the morning, and they can be completed again. The update also applies to collected points and unclaimed rewards. Don’t forget to collect rewards before the update.

Reputation quests. Complete the main quest "An Audience with the King" to receive reputation quests from the characters in the game in each area. Go to Menu - Quests - Reputation Quests and tap the quest icon to go to the corresponding character and take the quest. Complete quests to get reputation points in each area and numerous rewards. Increasing your reputation unlocks completion rewards and titles.

Some of the main quests require a certain level of reputation in the area. Therefore, it is recommended to complete territorial tasks for reputation.

Recurring reputation quests. Repeatable reputation quests become available in the Allegra Highlands. You can complete up to three quests per day for each faction.

Handbook "Knights of Evalania" ("Equipment Fundamentals"). Complete the tasks of the guide one by one and get rewards. In total, it contains 20 consecutive tasks to strengthen equipment. To complete the next task, you must first complete the previous one. Click on a task to see the conditions and rewards.

All characters on an account can complete quests in the Gear Basics chapter, and rewards can only be received once per account.

"Fundamentals of familiarity". Complete the tasks of the guide one by one and get rewards. In total, it contains 20 consecutive tasks to strengthen familiars. To complete the next task, you must first complete the previous one. Click on a task to see the conditions and rewards. All characters on an account can complete quests in the Basics of Familiar Studies chapter, and rewards can only be received once per account.

Reference books. There are two types of guides: introductory and intermediate. Click on the guide and a pop-up window will open with tasks that need to be completed.

Handbook "Knights of Evalania" ("Fundamentals of the Kingdom"). Complete the tasks of the guide one by one and get rewards. In total, it contains 20 consecutive tasks related to actions in the kingdom. To complete the next task, you must first complete the previous one. Click on a task to see the conditions and rewards. All characters on the account can complete the tasks of the chapter "Foundations of the Kingdom", and rewards can only be received once per account.

Intermediate reference (personal farm). Complete the tasks of the guide one by one and get rewards. To complete the next task, you must first complete the previous one. Click on a task to see the conditions and rewards. Quest completion status is valid for all characters on an account, and rewards for each quest can only be received once per account.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Wish Tree

General information. After completing the mandatory quest of the episode "Wishing Tree", you can start growing your personal wishing tree in the Familiar Forest. To open the cultivation menu, click on the "Grow" button next to the wish tree. For the wish tree, you will need items to grow. After using cultivation items and filling the experience bar of the wish tree, the level of the tree will increase, and the appearance will change.

Wish tree decorations. You can decorate the wish tree to get performance bonuses. Each decoration has special indicators depending on its type and rank. Decorations are divided into 3 ranks. Stat bonuses only apply if the decoration is equipped on the tree.

As the level of the wish tree increases, the number of decoration slots will increase, in which you can place decorations of a higher rank. Decoration slots have restrictions on the color and rank of the decorations that can be equipped. Only decorations of the same color can be equipped in a cell. Decorations cannot be equipped in slots with a lower rank.

Combining jewelry. You can combine 3 decorations of the same rank. When combining decorations, there is a chance to get a decoration of a higher rank. When combining 3 decorations of the same color, the chance to get a decoration of the same color increases.

Holiday events. Take part in a variety of festive events of the Wishing Tree episode.

  1. Wishing Tree: Complete the episode’s storyline and associated quests.
  2. Episode Dungeon: Challenge Cocatraco at the hot spring on Normal, Hard, and Challenge Mode.
  3. Your Wish Tree: Grow and decorate your own Wish Tree in the Familiar Forest.
  4. Shared Wish Tree: Grow the Shared Wish Tree in Evalania with other players on the server.
  5. Episode Pass: Complete the Wishing Tree episode to earn various rewards.

Universal tree of desires. Universal Tree of Desires - a tree of desires in Evalania, which is jointly grown by all server players. You can grow the universal tree of desires in Evalania using items obtained during the episode "The Tree of Wishes". The rewards you receive depend on the size of your contributions. Universal Wish Tree Rewards are given out every day starting at 6:00 AM (UTC). Daily rewards improve as the tree levels up or your impact rating increases.

At certain intervals, a funyash-snowman appears at the universal tree of desires. Funyash the snowman walks around Evalania, leaving gift boxes here and there. Players can open gift boxes and receive various rewards. Funyash snowman rewards improve along with the level of the universal tree of desires.

After reaching the maximum level, the tree stops growing, but it can still be fertilized.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Your records

Achievements. For achievements you get points and rewards. Collect achievement points to increase the rank of achievements and get additional bonus indicators. All characters on the account have access to achievements.

Knowledge base. Received familiars, skills, costumes, emotions and equipment will be automatically added to the database. For making new entries, you can receive knowledge base rewards. Rewards for entries of each rank can only be received once per account.

Equipment knowledge base. Records about the equipment you have collected (weapons, armor or accessories) will be automatically entered into the database. For new entries in the equipment knowledge base, you can get a knowledge base reward. Rewards for entries of each rank can only be received once per account.

Familiar knowledge base. Records of collected familiars will be automatically added to the database. For new entries in the knowledge base about familiars, you can get a knowledge base reward. Rewards for entries of each rank can only be received once per account.

Knowledge base about skills. Records of the special active and passive skills you have received will be automatically entered into the database. For new entries in the skill knowledge base, you can get a knowledge base reward. Rewards for entries of each rank can only be received once per account.

Costume knowledge base. Records of the outfits you received, hair accessories and appearance will be automatically entered into the database. For new entries in the knowledge base about costumes, you can get a knowledge base reward. Rewards for entries of each rank can only be received once per account.

Knowledge base about emotions. Records of the emoticons you received, movements and poses of each class will be automatically entered into the database. For new entries in the knowledge base about emotions, you can get a knowledge base reward. Account-shared emotes and class moves and poses can only be earned once per account.

Equipment collection. Collect equipment and upgrade it to increase your performance. Each time you first obtain or upgrade a suitable piece of equipment, your class stats increase. Bonus stats will apply to all classes and can only be claimed once per account. Items registered in the equipment collection do not disappear.

Collection of familiars. Collect familiars and upgrade them to increase your performance. Each time you first obtain or upgrade a suitable familiar, your class scores increase. Bonus stats will apply to all classes and can only be claimed once per account. Increase your performance by collecting or upgrading suitable familiars!

Collection of skills. Gather skills to increase performance. Each time you first acquire or upgrade a suitable skill, your class stats increase. Bonus stats will apply to all classes and can only be claimed once per account.

Adventure Log (Monster Soul Stones). Defeat certain monsters in each area to receive random monster soul gems. Register monster soul gems in the adventure log. Unlock access to increase indicators and get rewards depending on the step you pass. Bonus stats will apply to all classes, and rewards can only be claimed once per account.

Using the "Register All" feature, you can easily register monster soul gems!

Adventure Log (special items). Register the special items collected in each area in the adventure log. Unlock access to increase indicators and get rewards depending on the step you pass. Bonus stats will apply to all classes, and rewards can only be claimed once per account.

Adventure Log (lookouts). Complete your Adventure Log to increase your stats. Look for vantage points in each area to earn rewards and increase your stats. Found lookouts will be registered in the adventure log. Bonus stats will apply to all classes, and rewards can only be claimed once per account.

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Is it worth playing?

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is a new MMORPG where you will roam the open world and play characters in anime style. The main plot objective of the game is to save the native Kingdom from demons. Of course, it is up to you to complete this difficult mission. In addition to colorful gameplay, high-quality musical accompaniment and a variety of pumping methods, you will find exciting events, quests on the map, a large collection of familiars, activities within the Kingdom, and even your own farm.

As for the minuses of the game, they are standard: an imbalance towards donators, the need to devote a lot of time to the game for successful development, the monotony of constant daily events and difficulties with pumping in the later stages of the game. Along with this, it should be noted good optimization, translation of the game into many languages, high-quality text layout and availability of the game for different device models.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is definitely worth playing for fans of the genre who are looking for something new. Also, the game will certainly appeal to fans of anime and interesting game plots. Here you are sure to find your favorite characters, travel through the vast world of the Nameless Kingdom, make new friends and have a great time in the gaming community.

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